Legacies (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

Let's Just Finish the Dance

1 - Previously on Legacies - HOPE: He's been wondering about his mother his whole life.
You're my son, all right.
HOPE: He finally meets her and then she dies? ALARIC: Literal pit of doom.
That consumes creatures and wipes their existence from the collective conscience.
What do you think she's like? ALARIC: Are you sure you want to keep all this from Landon? If I can keep him from knowing what that feels like, then it's my secret to keep.
LIZZIE: What did I ever do to make you hate me so much? It's about how you treat Josie.
She spends all of her energy taking care of you.
But she won't ever burn your world down.
So I will do it for her.
Just tell me what happened.
MG: He didn't want me anymore.
I'm a vampire.
You're a demon.
MG: He was right to be afraid of me.
Not after what I did.
Uh you got to see this.
ALARIC: We've been wondering if he's supernatural.
We have our answer.
You ever heard of the legend of the Phoenix? So we're clear, then.
You'll bring me what I want by any means necessary.
I need some indication that you agree.
Or else I withdraw my very generous offer and I toss you in right now.
Will you do it? I need an unmarked vehicle with an armed plainclothes driver to transport an asset.
It's high priority.
: Copy that, Agent Clarke.
Destination? Mystic Falls, Virginia.
The Salvatore School.
Hope, wake up.
- Hope, wake up.
- [YELLS.]
Oh, my God.
Landon, are you okay? [COUGHS.]
Well, I was recently dead, so I think I'll mend.
What happened? You were having a nightmare.
And then you screamed and some magical wave thing hit me, and now I have art supplies where no man should.
Hey, Dr.
Saltzman, uh, can we talk? Yeah, of course.
I was just doing some Phoenix research.
Please sit down.
Um, yeah, well, I mean, obviously I'm dying to know m-more, uh, pard-pardon the pun.
- Uh, but actually, I wanted to talk to you about MG? Is he still acting weird? Look, once Emma's done with her therapy intensive with Raf, she'll work with MG And she'll work with you, too, if you want to deal with the fallout of him, you know killing you.
Saltzman, I'm honestly just glad to know what I am.
And that I belong at the school.
You, uh got a little Yeah, that was actually what I wanted to talk to you about.
Paint? Hope.
So, what's wrong with you? Nothing, I'm fine.
Landon told me about your little incident.
Isn't boyfriend confidentiality a thing? It should be.
He's just worried about you, that's all.
He doesn't need to be.
Are you sure? It seems like you're manifesting a little stress and anxiety.
My guess is, you're still dealing with the trauma of seeing Landon dead.
I've been through worse.
I mean, with your family history, I just want - to make sure - I said I'm fine! - [GROANS.]
- Okay.
I-I could stand to blow off some steam.
I'm gonna go check the woods to see if I can wolf out.
Daddy, I need you.
They won't unload the trucks without your signature.
What? Tables, chairs, flowers, and a helium tank? Who ordered all this? You did.
A few months ago.
Why? [GASPS.]
ALARIC: I have some news.
Many of you, like me, have forgotten that we are hosting this year's Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.
- Trust me, I know.
But the rotation is set in stone.
So, let's take the opportunity to maintain our image as a normal school for the rich and awful.
As usual, anything remotely magical, enchanted, vampire, wolf or witch-related must be kept tucked away, hidden, and under lock and key.
Now with your chore assignments.
Okay, so we'll split into teams.
Hey, Hope.
You have any idea where these guys go? Yeah, anywhere but with the birds.
The ravens and the finches are fine, but the rats drive the owls crazy.
So I've been thinking about why you've been acting so weird.
Suddenly everyone's got a psychology degree around here.
No, I just, I just think you have cold feet.
About what? Us.
You know, we're good.
We're finally in a solid relationship based on honesty and openness and I'm indestructible.
You're relatively indestructible.
We finally have a long, clear road ahead of us, you know, with no obstacles.
Who is that? Um That is Roman.
My ex-boyfriend.
All right, thank you.
I didn't expect to see you again so soon.
- Well, I'm here to discuss my son.
- Oh, great.
Uh, well, uh, as I told you when I called, we have a good handle on MG's therapy.
We have an excellent counselor.
He killed a fellow classmate.
Who, thankfully, resurrected and harbors no ill will.
When you recruited Milton, you didn't mention anything about monsters, much less him having a Phoenix as a classmate.
It's, uh, a recent development.
But I assure you, we remain committed to MG's care.
He's such a good kid with a big heart.
I know this.
I raised him.
But when he left my home, he was not a murderer.
Saltzman's been a little overwhelmed, so, uh, I've been doing a little recruiting recon for him lately.
But he asked me to come in today and lend a hand.
Oh, uh, this is Landon.
Her boyfriend.
And a Phoenix.
By the way, which is so cool.
I better go find Dr.
That was a little alpha male of you.
I mean, is that the 90-year-old vampire ex you may have mentioned murdered your mom? It is.
Though I don't hold him responsible for what happened anymore.
I'm gonna go hide more rats.
How about we blow this popsicle stand and go to my room for a little binge-watch and chill? You and I only make out when magical slugs invade our brains.
I actually want to talk to you about the letter I wrote.
Which I'm guessing you haven't read yet.
Been dealing with the pageant, Penelope.
Yeah, I can see that.
See, this is me offering you a viable option out.
This pageant is misogynistic and archaic.
Stop enabling it.
I can't.
I'm a contestant.
You know, I wish I was drinking something right now so I could do a spit take.
You know my mom was Miss Mystic Falls? Lizzie's been dreaming of this day since she was little.
Things have been rocky between us recently, so if me throwing a few events helps her win the title, I'm all for it.
You agreed to help Lizzie win? I'm supporting my sister.
It's her crown and I'm fine with that.
HOPE: I need another task.
Something more strenuous if you have it.
Does this have anything to do with the return of Roman Sienna? Because I can think of something real strenuous.
It's not about Roman.
I just need a release.
With all these humans coming to campus, I can't wolf out.
Okay, I'll make you a list.
The judges are here.
Excuse me.
It is such a pleasure to see you again.
I have your tea waiting for you in the Great Room.
Earl Grey, milk, two sugars.
I was so sad to hear about Muffin.
She was a fine dog.
WOMAN: Lizzie Saltzman? Vera Lilien.
Dana's mom.
Oh My dearest Dana told me so much about you before she passed.
All good things, I hope.
Not remotely.
I am withdrawing from Miss Mystic Falls.
Effective immediately.
I thought you had something important to tell us.
Come for the underwhelming announcement, stay for the epic meltdown.
Okay, wait, why are you quitting? A personal issue with one of the judges.
A direct result of that bitch Dana's sabotage.
She's dead, Lizzie.
Correction: that dead bitch Dana's sabotage.
Costing me the crown from beyond the grave.
The head judge is her mother.
The town pharmacist.
There is always next year for me.
But that does not mean that we here at the Salvatore School shouldn't bring home the title and stick it to those townies.
So, I have studied all of the stats and advanced metrics, and I have chosen a replacement.
Hope Mikaelson.
I'm gonna regret this, aren't I? Regret it? You are the perfect candidate.
You are pageant-pretty, reasonably well-spoken, and not to mention you have the added bonus of being an orphan.
Classic charity case.
Plus, you wanted strenuous.
This is the fiercest competition in the land.
: Okay My mother's research.
She used it to prepare for Miss Mystic Falls the year that she won.
It's effective, but her methods? Quaint at best.
This is my research.
I have studied every answer given, why every winner has won, and why every loser has lost.
No one from the Salvatore School has ever come close.
Until today.
What's up, killer? [SOFT THUD.]
Visiting contestants' changing rooms are down that way.
Do you like comics? The Green Lantern? He's only my favorite.
I'm Nia.
If you want, I could show you around the school.
: Yeah? Okay, solid.
Uh, welcome to Salvatore School.
They call it rehearsal, but make no mistake: the competition starts now.
What are you doing here? Isn't your presence alone a huge win for the patriarchy? Mm, not if I'm your escort.
MG is my escort.
Well, I might have convinced him to sit this one out.
And why would you do that? If you read the letter, you'd know.
Time for rehearsal.
Honor your partner.
Right hand around.
Flirt with your eyes.
Left hand around.
Both hands.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry.
With the time you spent not doing your hair, you could've at least practiced the dance a little.
This is the death of feminism.
It's tradition.
Don't be a hater.
- I'm gonna trip now.
- What? Ooh! Very nice.
But there's no touching during this part.
It's all about the simple intimacy of the near-touch.
Don't ruin this for me.
For you or for Lizzie? For both of us.
There's a plan.
That plan now involves helping Hope.
I already told you I don't want to win.
But did you mean it? Or would following in your mother's footsteps be cooler than you could ever imagine? Would winning Miss Mystic Falls bring your family history full-circle in a way that Lizzie would never appreciate? Why would you say that? Let's just finish the dance.
NIA: Like there's a question? John Stewart is the best Green Lantern by a mile.
Not even close.
But that Hal Jordan story is for real, though.
I mean, dude kills his friends and still redeems himself.
If he can make good on that, then there's hope for all of us, right? That's deep.
You kind of caught me at a deep moment.
So, this is the third time we've been through this room and you still haven't introduced me to anyone else around here, like your friends.
But maybe later, I'll introduce you to my mom? Young lady, do you have something else to do? Yeah, I guess I do.
I'm sorry.
Milton, we have to talk.
I can't believe you were so nice to him.
After everything you told me he did to you and to your family, - you can act like nothing happened? - It's complicated.
He spent half of his life desiccated in a cave.
And then he was brainwashed by his mother, who was a literal Nazi.
And he's spent the last two years doing really good work for the school.
Your mother is still dead.
How does any of that exonerate him? It doesn't.
But it's in the past.
Leave it.
LANDON: I suffered through how much torture because I stole a knife, and this guy has a hand in the death of your Landon, stop.
Come with me.
You, stay here.
Do nothing.
VERONICA: I don't think this school is a very good fit for you anymore.
What? They're taking good care of me here.
Plus, it's not like you're willing to take me home.
There are other schools overseas for people like you I don't want any other school.
And I honestly don't need you judging this one, either.
At least here they see me for who I am, ugly parts and all.
So maybe you should go home and leave me be.
- Lizzie, where are we going? - You are a ticking time bomb.
I'm gonna show you how to take care of it before you hurt someone, or worse, cost us the pageant.
I'm fine.
Okay? I just needed some air You are far from fine.
You are one small moment away from a meltdown, trust me.
I know the signs.
You know that feeling inside, like a balloon constantly filling up, always on the verge of popping? Maybe.
Well, let it pop.
Scream as loud as you can.
: You know? I actually feel a lot better.
But I think I need to go back up to my room.
I need to call it a day.
No, you are not dropping out on me.
If I'm right, which I am, our win probability is still at 87%.
Even after that abysmal rehearsal.
So buckle up, we're in this till the bitter end.
In a situation like this, which one of us is supposed to apologize? When it comes to jealousy? Always the guy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm so sorry, I was totally insensitive, and I just, I Where did this statue come from? Uh, I-I don't know, somebody probably moved it up here when they were cleaning? Looks like one of the statues from the basement.
Call me crazy, but doesn't this look like MG's mom? I think it is MG's mom.
MG: Who would do this to my mom? Well, not just who would Who could? It could be a bad spell translation, - a potion mishap? - Or a monster.
There's no reason a monster would be here.
Unless this sentient jar of artisanal mayonnaise activated a new artifact.
- What did you touch? - Everything.
We cleaned the school from top to bottom, remember? But if we're just gonna throw out wild theories, here's one: what if the person who did this showed up today, out of nowhere, acting all buddy-buddy, manipulating romantic feelings to get someone's guard down? Do you seriously suspect Roman? Yeah, we all should.
The timing is too convenient.
I thought you were sorry for acting jealous.
I was sorry, but now I'm vindicated.
All right, Lizzie, Hope, you keep an eye on the contestants.
MG, we're gonna search the campus.
- Landon - I'm gonna go ask Roman some questions.
Yeah, super helpful.
Ask a vampire how he turned a woman to stone.
All right, everyone stay alert and be careful out there.
LANDON: So this has got to be weird for you.
Lot of emotions coming up, been a while since you've seen Hope.
I thought we were supposed to be looking for the boulder bandit.
Yeah, about that.
Are you sure I'm not looking at him? [SCOFFS.]
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, you solved the case, Sherlock.
I'm gonna turn the entire school to stone, steal a horse from the stable, and Hope and I are gonna ride off into the sunset.
Stop beating around the bush.
Ask me what you really want to know.
Do I still have feelings for Hope? Yes, of course I do, and I always will, but she would never get back with me.
And, look, you don't have to trust me on this, but you should definitely trust her.
HOPE: "Though I still struggle daily with a profound sense of l-loss" Lizzie, um, why are all the answers that you've prepared for me about death and grief? The Q and A portion of Miss Mystic Falls isn't just about A-ing the Qs, Hope.
You and Dana's mom have a lot in common.
She lost Dana, you lost your mom, your dad, Landon almost.
I'm not I'm not struggling anymore.
I've dealt with it and moved on.
This was my mother's.
We can alter it to fit you.
It's gorgeous.
- How'd the interview portion go? - Great.
Totally blew it.
Hey, hey.
I think we should talk about how you really feel about this.
Okay, sure.
Or maybe I could just write it all down with this.
I was wondering how you quoted my exact thoughts on Miss Mystic Falls, word for word.
Then I remembered I wrote it all in my diary, using one of the pens you gave everyone for Christmas.
You spelled it.
You're using it to spy.
I siphoned one.
There's enough magic in it to levitate an elephant.
You caught me.
Yeah, I've been reading your journal.
I've been reading everyone's journal, but I am only using the information for good, like convincing you to win Miss Mystic Falls.
Even if I hadn't already tanked it, I don't want to win, because then I'd be beating Hope, and Lizzie wants Hope to win.
So all of your selfish, obnoxious and evil meddling was for nothing.
If it's a monster, my guess is it's a Gorgon.
What's that? You ever hear of Medusa? She's the most famous one.
They're supposed to be incredibly beautiful with snakes for hair, turn men into stone.
If Dorian were here, he could tell you more about it, but he's not.
Uh wh-what if she was doing it off of instinct? You know, Gorgons gonna Gorgon.
Maybe it was a mistake.
Maybe she's actually super smart and-and-and chill and she's just scared or confused or something.
What do you know? Where is Landon Kirby? I won't hurt you or anyone else if you just take me to Landon Kirby.
I'm not giving up any of my friends, but I'm definitely not giving up Landon.
Why aren't you stone? I don't know.
Maybe because I'm a vampire? You're a vamp? That's dope.
Two things: Stewart is the best.
And? And I'm sorry.
It's not bad.
I don't think you've ever spoken to me before.
You've never had free booze before.
Makes sense.
So, what sorrows are we drowning? I came back from the dead in a, in a burst of flames.
And you'd think that would earn a guy a couple days of feeling special, but the irony about this place is that special is just normal.
All it takes is one good-looking vampire, and then I might as well be back at Mystic Falls High.
Maybe I should just tell Hope how jealous I am of Vampire Captain America.
I should put it all out there, right? And just say it.
If I've learned anything from Hope, it's that honesty is the best policy.
I'm sorry.
Did you just put "Hope" and "honesty" in the same sentence? You are all so blind to the hypocrisy of this place.
You know what? Let me tell you how honest your girl is.
I hate it when dudes try to chase me Miss Sasha Stoteraux, escorted by Bartholomew Fell Jr.
'Cause I'm just a lady I love it when we play 1950 You are like a lingering cough.
MG's M.
You're stuck with me.
Riddle me this.
How does you losing everything help Hope win? I'm the fall girl.
I had to make it into contention to this point, the final event, so I could take a literal fall and take out Hope's closest competitor.
For real? Josie, you are so much better than that.
I know Lizzie doesn't think that you can win, but I do.
: Go down swinging.
You deserve to walk down those steps with your head held high, like your mom did.
For you VERA: Miss Josette Saltzman, escorted by Miss Penelope Park.
For you I'll pray I will keep on waiting for your love Your love, for your love, for your love For you For you I'll pray I will keep on waiting for your [ALL GASP.]
: Oh, my God.
WOMAN 2: What? WOMAN 3: Did you see that? What are you gonna do when I'm not here to fight for you anymore? What's that supposed to mean? You want to know? Read the letter.
VERA: Miss Renée Ford, escorted by James Stephens.
Where have you been? You okay? Why do you smell like a bar? Penelope Park told me that you are keeping a secret about my mom.
She says that we met her and that I don't remember it but you do.
She's lying, right? Just tell me she's lying, Hope.
You know, I wasn't always the most honest person, but you were the one that taught me the value in being truthful.
And the truth I can't be here right now.
- Landon, Landon.
- MAN: Hope, you're next.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't.
Just five more minutes.
Get through this and it'll all be over.
Hope, if that's you, I [GASPS.]
Landon, right? I don't want to hurt you, but I will.
So please just come with me.
Who are you? Please don't say Medusa.
Sorry about this.
Just doing what I have to do.
How did you know the bell thing would work? I read everything I could on Gorgons, and there was one line in one book that said three tolls from a bronze bell would disrupt their power.
It was all myth, but the only other option was straight-up decapitation and I didn't feel like I should take the whole murder route, considering what's happened lately.
Are we cool? We're even.
You doing okay? Fine.
Let's just get through this like you said.
Is it too late to pick the pieces up? Too soon to let them go? Do you feel damaged just like I do? They're about to announce the winners.
Where have you been? I was getting the note that Penelope wrote me.
She's leaving the school.
Oh, yeah, I knew that.
I overheard Dad talking to her parents.
And you didn't think to tell me? The devil's exorcising herself from our lives.
That's good news.
Why are you acting all annoyed? I can't believe this.
She's been telling me all along, but I could never hear it.
You never consider anybody's feelings but your own.
- What? That isn't fair.
- Isn't it? It's bad enough that you didn't think I'd want to enter, but not a single part of you thought that I could even win.
Jo, I'm not a mind reader, okay? If you wanted to win Of course I wanted to win.
But the second you dropped out, you gifted your entire plan to Hope.
Because of science.
Lizzie, listen to yourself.
Science? What about your sister's feelings? What are they fighting about? Who knows? It's always something with those girls.
I know you can hear them.
Tell me.
JOSIE: Do you know how good it would feel to actually be competing? In Mom's dress? I guess I should get used Did you even consider how Hope would feel wearing it? She looks fantastic.
She should feel amazing.
Will she still feel amazing when she learns where it came from? It's silly.
Sibling rivalry stuff, about the dress you're wearing.
What about it? So tell me what's the difference What do you mean, where it came from? It was a gift from some guy who used to crush on Mom.
Feel like drowning? From Klaus Mikaelson, Lizzie.
Hope's dad.
You're in my head Always, always - What? - [STAMMERS.]
Tell me.
Your father gave it to her.
My dad chose this dress? Apparently.
Are you okay? [LOW RUMBLING.]
VERA: May I have your attention, please? [ECHOING.]
: Without further ado, it is my honor to announce our very own Miss Mystic Falls.
From the Salvatore School, Miss Hope Mikaelson.
It's okay.
Just let it out.
The real way.
Always The way you've needed to all along.
Always Oh [CRYING.]
Always Always, always.
I was basically off the grid.
Just me and my family.
No neighbors, no friends.
We only went to town for the necessities.
Then one day, men from some place called Triad Industries showed up.
They had guns.
They said they would kill me and, like, erase me from memory if I didn't come here and do what they asked.
I understand why you had to do it, but what about my mom? I saw the way she talked to you.
Honestly, she deserved it.
I am in so much trouble, aren't I? Listen, Nia, here, it's not about how bad you mess up, it's about if you make up for it.
You can start by undoing the damage you've caused.
I need to go find Landon.
Just give him a minute to breathe.
Boys need some space before they come crawling back.
I thought I could keep it all together.
I've worked so hard to move on from all the things that have happened to me in my life.
But everyone was right.
Everyone's been right.
I needed to, like, let it all out.
How did you know what to say? How'd you know what to do? It's just what Josie's done for me a thousand times.
She's really mad at me.
I don't think I've ever seen her so angry.
: Landon's pretty mad at me, too.
Then let's make a deal.
You help me get Josie back, and I'll help you get Landon.
Did you know? After the day I've had, I'm gonna need you to be a little more specific, Landon.
I was a lawn ornament until about ten minutes ago.
Did you know that Hope remembered meeting my mom? Did you know that she was lying to me about it? Yeah, I did.
So you're a liar, too.
If you're looking for someone to blame, go ahead, you can blame me.
I can take it.
But just cut Hope a little slack, okay? She just wanted to protect you.
: Protect me? I can't deal with this right now.
MG: How you feeling? Much lighter, thank you.
Look, Ma, I'm sorry for snapping at you earlier.
You didn't raise me to talk to grown folks like that.
But you did raise me to be my own man and to make my own choices.
I have friends here.
Uh, Dr.
Saltzman has my back.
This is the only place that would give me a second chance - after doing what I did.
- Milton I don't like being called that.
And the only way I am leaving this place is dead, with a stake in my heart.
Or when I graduate.
Hopefully, it's when I graduate.
JOSIE: You weren't gonna say goodbye? Wrap your arms and hold me still I did, in my letter.
I don't want to think about what I will Which I'm guessing you finally read.
Speak in tones that I can't hear Belgium? My mom got a job.
And there's a great witch-only school, so I don't have to deal with wolves or vamps or Lizzie.
Don't leave.
You know, for weeks, I have been hoping that you would give me one reason to stay.
Instead, you gave me a thousand reasons to go.
Losing on purpose, always putting yourself second.
I thought you wanted what I want My heart can't take it.
And I will not wait around and watch what happens to you next.
What are you talking about? If I'm not here to love you, what am I here for? You know the pens I was using to spy? This I didn't know where to begin records all of it.
It's basically a log of everything written down at the Salvatore School.
The sequined And I want you to read what your dad wrote about something called the Merge.
That I adored I don't understand.
The way that I felt Well, you will.
One day, you will understand why I did everything I did.
'Cause I thought we were so much more I thought you wanted what I want So completely I did fall If I'm not here to love you, what am I here for? Is it any wonder I cry? [EXHALES.]
'Cause I thought we were so much more I love you, Jo-Jo.
I thought you wanted I love you with all of my obnoxious, selfish, evil heart.
So completely I did fall If I'm not here to love you, what am I here for? Landon, right? Hi.
I was mortified when I heard what MG put you through.
Uh, we worked it out.
It's cool.
Let me give you a ride somewhere.
Thanks, I'm just getting some much-needed air.
It wasn't a question.
VERONICA: Agent Clarke.
Your asset failed her retrieval mission.
I cleaned up her mess.