Legacies (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Since When Do You Speak Japanese?

1 Previously on Legacies You don't want me to point out that you've been consumed by Malivore? That the big bad lived to see another day and all your friends have forgotten you ever existed? I have absolutely no idea what to do next.
Why have you stopped using your magic? Tenebris lapsus.
I hurt someone.
I think I wanted to.
I'm hunting bigger game this year.
That Sebastian dude you're crushing on? He doesn't know anything about me.
Raf has been stuck in wolf form ever since you've been gone.
Look, I-I know you don't remember me, but I can help you.
I thought you were gone.
Who was that girl? Hey, man.
Are you okay? - Whoa, buddy.
- Hey! Hope Marshall to the principal's office.
system? It's a little dramatic, don't you think? Not as dramatic as the message Landon left me, saying he had something urgent to discuss.
- Anything you want to share? - Only that I'm pretty sure the monsters are after him this time.
And you didn't think that that's something I should know? More like I was afraid of what you were gonna say after that.
You need to go back to the Salvatore School.
That was it.
Not for your sake.
For theirs.
Maybe Landon isn't that important to you.
But if Malivore wants him, we need to want him more.
Look, I will take care of it, but from a distance.
Okay, what am I missing here, Hope? Hmm? You told me the truth, and everything worked out fine.
Not the whole truth.
Landon and I we were in love.
Like, real love.
Epic love, if that even exists.
I can assure you it does.
Now he's with Josie, and they don't know what we were to each other.
And I'm just afraid that if I tell them, she's gonna hate me forever or he's gonna hate me or I'm gonna hate myself because I made us all miserable.
So I can't tell them.
Not yet.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- No, it's okay.
I was just leaving.
I will see you at the pep rally.
See you there.
I hope you consider the transfer.
I can put in a good word for you at the Salvatore School.
Actually, you're no longer allowed within a hundred feet of its grounds.
What? "Notice of Court Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order"? I'm not feeling well, sorry.
I'm sorry to hear you're unwell.
You shouldn't be surprised.
You gave me that black magic spell, and because of it, I broke that kid's arm, and mine's not doing so hot either.
What did your father have to say about this? I-I haven't had the chance to ask him yet.
That's understandable.
He was busy starting brawls.
I'm pretty sure that was your fault, too.
I may have something that can help that rash of yours.
I've had enough of your help.
I cast that spell, and I'm gonna deal with the consequences.
But I'm never doing black magic again.
I would urge you not to limit yourself.
Black magic has its place in our craft.
My dad always said the exact opposite.
Of course.
I cannot think of a single reason why he would want to limit your exceptional abilities.
If you ever have need to talk my door is always open.
I said Renaissance era, not Renaissance festival.
I can't look like a cosplayer in front of Sebastian.
We could take in the sleeve like this.
Just fix it.
I spent a lot of time bettering myself over the summer, and I need you all to rise to my level.
How's it going? Terrible.
I mean, I'm great, but everyone else, terrible.
Except for you.
You really tried to help me with Sebastian.
Yeah, um, about that.
Actually, um, I know you're all in with this guy, uh, but I think it might be best for you to keep your relationship status on the DL for a while.
Why would I do that? It's all so new.
I'm worried you might be seeing things.
Through rose-colored glasses, I mean.
MG, I am in the best emotional shape of my life.
I need to carpe the diem.
Seize the lay.
- Oh, wow.
- Besides, friends should support each other.
If I'm happy, you're happy.
Don't overthink it.
You sure we should be doing this? If Dr.
Saltzman thinks he can ignore my calls like we don't live in the same town, he's got another think coming.
Namely monsters, because if they're back and after me now, I must've done something to screw up the night the Malivore pit went dry.
And if I can't remember any of it, we need his help to figure out what changed and how to fix it, or we're all in danger.
Are you even listening to me? Yeah, I'm always listening.
Well, do you speak anymore? I mean, ever since you got back to school, your sentences have averaged three words each.
That's not true.
That's three words.
Hey, man, watch what you Look, I know you say you're fine, but you were stuck - as a wolf for a pretty long time.
- Yeah, and I'm back now.
So it's all good.
Thanks to Hope.
Yeah, she was pretty incredible.
So that is why you came with me.
- What? - You just want to see Hope again? No.
I, um, want to stop these monsters from getting to you.
And if we see Hope, I mean, that's-that's cool, too.
Yeah, it would be cool, too.
Hey, are you okay? Raf? Raf? Raf? Slow down! Dude, I'm gonna find someone who can understand you, but I need to know - you're not gonna go stabbing - Konichiwa.
Since when do you speak Japanese? Since Lizzie's old therapist was next to a Japanese language school.
Uh What's he saying? He's crazed? Kurutta.
Oh, I think that's his name.
Also, another word for "crazed.
" He's a demon hunter? Looking for an Oni, which is like a demon- ghost-monster kind of a thing.
Sounds like that's our next Malivore monster.
Then the Oni's probably wherever Landon is.
Uh, he said he followed his sword here, and it glows around Jintsu-riki? Oh, oh, supernaturals.
Makes sense why he wound up here.
But I've never seen one of those.
He said that we wouldn't know if the Oni was here or not.
It possesses people, and it could be anywhere.
In anyone.
Watch yourself, bro.
Go fail chemistry.
I shouldn't have asked you to come with me.
We can go.
Raf? Raf.
How are you always in the right place at the right time? That's funny.
I was just thinking the exact opposite thing.
There you are.
I need you.
So you can apologize for this? Are you seriously using black magic again? Allow me to remind you that whenever you do, whatever happens to you happens to me, too.
And I'm so sorry.
It won't happen again.
Well, you're just lucky that Sebastian appreciates the old-fashioned look.
Um Who the hell is that? - Long story.
- Short version? He is a samurai/demon hunter who lost his Oni and the only way we can kill it is with his demon-banishing sword before it carries off Landon into Malivore.
Can you come? Well, I suppose if I reschedule my date, it would give this rash some time to clear up.
Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you.
He's talking about me, isn't he? - He's calling me crazy.
- No.
No, he's talking about the Oni.
It possesses people, makes them act crazy.
Well, then I retract my offer.
My mental health is the most precious thing that I have, Jo.
A rash I can deal with, but I cannot risk crazy.
I'm sorry.
Thanks for letting me stay.
Last time I asked Maya what was going on in her life, she called me a narc.
Well, I guess that means you're doing something right.
Here we are About that restraining order I was just doing my job.
But off the record, can I be honest? I wish more people would be.
That headmaster is a dick.
I'm sorry.
Will you give me a moment? Let's go, Wolves! Ad somnum.
What were you two even doing here? Looking for answers.
And, I guess you.
- Dad? - Josie.
What the hell's going on? He said, "We came to protect the bonsai-headed boy.
" I think.
That's Japanese for, "What the hell is she doing here?" This is not what I signed up for.
Sorry, brotato.
AV club members get equipment priority.
You're the only one in the AV club, Wes.
- It's Wade.
- Whatever.
Look, I need to help a friend with a project.
An important one.
This might be the only way I could get her to see the truth.
Cinema verité.
I can dig it.
All this time travel's been hard on the camera, Bon.
There it is.
Yay! - This tape is used.
- Who cares? Just record over it.
Just because she's supernatural doesn't mean we can trust her.
I mean, she shouldn't be here.
Look, I will take all the help I can get.
Even from him.
So ask him to tell us everything we should know.
Dropped on his head as a baby.
Samurai school to learn discipline.
He learned to slay Oni demons, which is what we're chasing.
He was a hero.
All the women begged to Kurutta-san, I don't even know that word, but it cannot be relevant.
Josie, the point.
Let's get to it.
Kurutta spent months tracking down an Oni that possessed people, moving from person to person by touch.
He was just about to kill it when it found its way into the body of a child and escaped him yet again.
He gave chase and caught the demon.
But he could not bring himself to harm an innocent child.
So, instead, he made an impossible choice and he took the Oni into himself.
But it was then that he realized, unlike everyone else who had been possessed and remembered nothing, he was still partly in control of his faculties.
He thinks the Oni found it harder to possess his broken mind.
His words, not mine.
He tried to stab himself with his sword, and the Oni wouldn't let him.
So he decided to never touch a person again So that it could never possess anyone else.
And then Malivore, eternity of nothingness deep psychological torment.
He came through an ana.
I think he's talking about a portal.
- Portal? Uh, where? - Uh, sorry, the ancient samurai isn't an expert on Mystic Falls geography.
How do we kill the the demon? Uh, with his sword.
It's spelled with a special kind of magic, so if we can just find the Oni Not a problem.
Wait, no, no, no, no! Motus.
He said that could've gone better.
I wonder if Raf already touched someone.
Yeah, just look for anyone acting strange or erratic.
Timberwolves! Timberwolves! Timberwolves! Timberwolves! You mean besides the football team? There's a student that needs your help.
Raf? Hope, wait.
Don't touch him.
Raf? Hey.
Oh, yeah, that's you, isn't it? Yeah.
Um I wasn't in control back there.
It's okay.
I-I can help you.
I-I just need to know if there's anyone that you've touched or who might've touched you.
Um - I don't remember any of it.
- Okay.
Barrier spell.
Means that no one can get in or out without me saying so.
Including you.
Is this about Hope? Guess she's not the only one that gets to save your life today.
- So you're welcome.
- Josie, you know I'm a phoenix, right? I'm not a sitting duck.
- We have other options here.
- Okay.
Name one.
Malivore sent the Oni for me.
So I say we let the demon possess me, and then you kill me with this sword.
Demon gets vanquished, I resurrect, we win.
If it works, Landon.
I'm not handing you to some demon to find out.
This is exactly what I wanted to talk to your dad about.
Forcing everyone else to put themselves in danger to stop whatever monster's coming after me next is an unsustainable solution.
No, landfills are an unsustainable solution.
Keeping you alive is not.
End of discussion.
What is it? What's wrong? It's spelled with black magic.
A lot of it.
Another reason we are not doing this.
W-Wait, where are you going? To get backup.
I bet you'd stab me if I was possessed.
- Did you find Raf? - Yeah.
We sent him back to campus.
The Oni wasn't in him, - so it could be anywhere.
- I'll find it.
As long as you convince Landon not to sacrifice himself - to stop this thing.
- No.
Uh, no, he-he can't do that.
I mean, we can't give the monster what it wants.
Especially when what it wants is my boyfriend.
Who's only doing this because he thinks that it's all his fault.
Boyfriend? Why don't I try to talk some sense into him.
Okay? I have so enjoyed our time together.
Though I feel that we are not as close as we could be.
And I wish for us to be skin to skin.
I have but one question to ask.
- Do you have access to - No, I am not a virgin.
a moderate-to-large supply of human blood? Oh.
I know how this looks.
Like you're a freaking stalker? Leave now, before Sebastian - kicks your ass.
- Lizzie.
I don't think that's gonna be a problem.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
- Look, just - Get this thing out of my face.
Just watch it.
No, I'm not a virgin.
What the hell is this? Sebastian was right next to me.
I'm really sorry.
But this was the only way I could think of to get you to see what everyone else is gonna see.
Sebastian's not real.
Shut up.
Just shut up.
You and me we're not friends.
We never were, and we never will be.
So see this: you don't exist to me.
Josie dropped the barrier spell so I could get in.
There's a demon loose inside the school somewhere.
We have to get you to somewhere safe.
- There is nowhere safe.
- Okay, well, somewhere safer than here.
If this is the one thing that can kill an Oni, what if it's the one thing that can kill a phoenix, too? Josie told me that you think the monsters being back is your fault.
But it isn't.
What do you know about it? Too much.
Trust me, Landon, even though you might have the best intentions, not every sacrifice is worth it.
No matter how much you think it is.
You said this isn't my fault? It isn't.
Then whose is it? That doesn't matter.
We need to It matters to me.
It's my fault.
I'm the one that went into the pit.
I thought it was the only way to save you.
Why would you want to save me? Because we were we were friends.
Come on, there had to be more to it than that.
Tell me.
You're gonna hate me if I do.
Let me make that decision for myself.
We were in love.
Yeah, I know that you don't remember.
I know that it doesn't make any sense.
But I can't let you risk your life because I tried to give up mine to save it.
So, uh, we have to find another solution.
One that doesn't involve you being possessed.
It's too late.
What happened? Where's Landon? Josie, just give her a second.
But you said you were gonna help.
- Were you possessed? - No.
- Landon was.
- That's impossible.
How? Uh, we thought Raf was gonna pass the Oni on to somebody at the pep rally.
Kurutta must've been possessed after Raf attacked him.
The Oni waited to be alone with Landon, took control of him and Sayonara, samurai.
Okay, well, where would he have gone? I mean, my guess is the portal.
Well, we don't even know where that is.
Do you have something of Landon's? 'Cause you both could do a locator spell right now.
Yeah, but that's not mine.
The sheriff must have left this.
Love note? That's not for you.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Of course he isn't real.
No real guy ever likes you, 'cause you're messed up inside.
And everybody knows it.
Everyone except you.
Because you are a stupid, crazy person who talks to herself.
Why was he holding her hand When he's supposed to be mine Why are you carrying a sword? And I'll cry if I want to Cry if I want to, cry if I want to Landon! You would cry, too If it happened to you.
I'm guessing you're possessed by an insanity demon.
Welcome to the club.
Dress rehearsal.
Please come to our full historical reenactment performance on Commonwealth Day.
I thought I was losing my mind.
Thanks for finding my bag.
I was honest with you.
The least you can do is be honest with me.
This is a huge misunderstanding.
Then why don't you drop the act? Whatever you want, you talk to me.
And you leave my girls out of this, or we're gonna have a problem.
I only looked at your files because I wanted to see if you were a good guy.
And then I looked into your girls 'cause I wanted to see if you were a good dad.
So, sorry for wanting to ask you out.
It won't happen again.
Landon! Lizzie, are you okay? No.
I am super crazy.
But at least there's a reason this time.
The demon's in me.
- So you thought I was a lunatic? - Oh, yeah.
I mean, jury's still out, by the way.
I'm sorry.
I've got trust issues.
It's not your fault.
I have a long history of bad luck when it comes to relationships.
It's not fair to put that on you.
Some detective, huh? That's okay.
I've got one of those long histories, too.
Oh, I know.
Read your file.
Remember? And yet, here I am, flirting with you.
- Is that what we're doing? - Mm-hmm.
Really screwed this up, didn't we? Oh Well, at least it was a team effort.
Uh, tell you what.
I'll be at the Mystic Tap later tonight, if you want to get a drink.
And a clean slate.
Oh, sorry, that is embarrassing.
We haven't met yet, have we? I'm Lizzie.
I don't understand.
If the Oni is in you, then how are you talking? I don't know, but I-I can feel it in my head, trying to take over.
I don't know how much longer I Never mind.
It's gone.
You can untie me.
I didn't say that.
It did, okay? Still in me, so don't Listen to me.
I'm fine.
We should probably get out of here before we Okay.
You have got to stop me.
Otherwise, this thing is gonna win.
She's fighting the demon somehow, like Kurutta did.
I already know I'm crazy, okay? You don't have to rub it in.
Kurutta was not crazy and neither are you.
Where's Dad? I just want Dad.
Kurutta fought the Oni for years, okay? If you can just give us a little bit of time, then we can No.
I can't live like this anymore.
Sebastian isn't real.
This whole time, I thought I was better, but I have just been seeing things, and hearing things and feeling things that no one else does.
And it's scary.
Scarier than any demon in my head.
Although that sucks, too.
Lizzie, it's okay, okay? - We're gonna fix you.
- No.
There's no fixing me, Jo.
I am just shattered.
The pieces are too small to put back together.
Tell Dad that I love him.
But you have to end this.
What? With that sword.
I know that we just met, but there's no way that we are gonna let that happen.
You have no choice.
This will not stop until you give me the boy.
Lizzie? Lizzie, you got to fight this thing.
Fighting is useless.
Malivore still lives, and his control over us is stronger than ever.
Soon, the likes of me will be the least of your concerns.
Distracted during a monologue.
Classic villain mistake.
Jo, you got to do this.
For me.
Okay? It's only a matter of time before you kick my ass in the Merge, anyway.
And this is better than the Merge, because this way you won't have to live with some messed-up part of me in your brain forever, driving you as crazy I am.
We weren't gonna talk about that until we had real solutions.
Well, maybe this is it.
Josie, it's coming back.
You got to do it.
If Josie won't do this, then you have to.
There's so much black magic in it, it hurts to hold.
Probably won't feel much better getting stabbed by it.
I can pull the magic out of this, I may be able to get the Oni out of you.
You did it.
I love you.
You better.
- It was you.
- Uh, yeah, that moved you here? Yeah.
Didn't really want you bursting into flames in the middle of town square.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Why do I see you every time I die? You should get back to Josie.
What's wrong? I did black magic.
Not on purpose this time.
After this morning's declaration, I can only assume it was absolutely necessary.
I feel really sick.
You said you had something that could help.
This is a mora miserium, a tool used by certain sects of witches to withhold the ill effects of using such magic.
For how long? Indefinitely.
So long as it doesn't shatter.
Simply place your hands on the glass, and all will be as it should be.
I feel better.
I think it's working.
It is.
Here's your stupid camera back.
Done with your project already? No longer associated.
Creative differences.
Didn't see you.
What did you say to Elizabeth? I am now no longer able to reach her.
Sebastian? - But you can't - Yo.
Who you talking to, man? Oh, yes.
No, he can't see me.
You're not even real.
No, I'm very real.
And I need your help.
I should have been there tonight.
With you and the girls.
I got distracted from what matters most.
Thank you.
I don't know what would have happened to Lizzie or Josie if you hadn't have been there.
They're stronger than you think.
They didn't need my help.
And what about Landon? For the last time, I'm not going back.
Hope, you told me that you and Landon shared an epic love.
So what's really holding you back? I mean, what if I tell him everything, and he still wants to be with Josie? I don't know.
But are you really gonna live the rest of your life without finding out? What I found was the portal to Malivore.
And what I'm gonna do is finish what I started at the pit.
But this time, I'm gonna get it right.
It's beautiful.
Couldn't find you when you got back.
Are you okay? I'm good.
I'm worried about Lizzie.
I kind of blasted her with enough black magic to exorcise an army out of her head.
You did black magic? For the powers of good.
What? You saved my life today.
Well, technically, Lizzie did.
But I totally got the assist, so Either way, it's super sexy.
It is.
Not yet.
But soon.
Keep the change.
We did not wait ten years to become friends with you Hope Mikaelson.
Hope Andrea Mikaelson.