Legend of the Seeker s01e07 Episode Script


This is terrible.
What do you see, Shota? The future.
In three days' time, the Seeker will die.
The saddles would be arriving in the next shipment.
But I've made special arrangements to have the boots delivered tomorrow.
Anything to help the D'Haran cause.
Excellent service, - as always.
- Well, you know how much I appreciate all the business you send my way, Commander.
Ready the horses.
Just a little something to say thanks.
You're too kind.
We'll drink it in celebration of your son's wedding.
Thank the Spirits.
I thought you were dead.
I almost was.
A few times.
Looks like business has been good.
A little too good, I'm afraid.
I have more customers now than ever.
- Unfortunately, they're all D'Harans.
- Imagine their surprise if they found out all the money gave you was being funneled - right back into the resistance.
- Well, some of it finds its way back - into Commander Morcant's pockets.
- You pay him for information? The bribes simply ensure repeat business.
- His big mouth does the rest.
- Hopefully your investment will pay off.
We need some of that information.
We've learned from an informant that Darken Rahl is massing troops at a place not far from here.
It's called Kelabra.
Most only speak that name in a whisper, if they speak it at all.
It was once the most opulent city in the Midlands.
Until an invading army lay siege to it.
Rather than surrender, the Kelabran people killed themselves.
Their last dying act was to curse anyone that entered the city walls.
One year to the day, Mount Mariah erupted, burying the invaders beneath in a rain of molten rock, and destroyed all trace of that once glorious city.
- What would the D'Harans want with it? - I dunno.
It's a forsaken wasteland.
Tomorrow I'll pay Commander Morcant a visit.
If I know the commander, he won't be able to keep his mouth shut about it.
Gryff, thiis Kahlan and her friends Zedd and Richard.
The first true Seeker in a thousand years.
It's an honor.
The Sword of Truth.
So it is true about the nick on the hilt.
The last true Seeker, Kieran, got it in the Battle of Barrier Peaks.
I always wondered where it came from.
can read, he's been quite the student of Seeker lore.
So, what brings you to town? I can't imagine you're here for the wedding.
Yes, indeed.
My son's getting married.
Congratulations, Gryff.
Of all the magic in the world, none is more powerful than love.
Dont tell me you learn to fight like this from your Seeker books.
My father had me trained by the best swordsmen in the area.
Maybe I could come with you.
Help you fight the D'Harans.
What would your bride think about that? Bronwyn? Couldn't really tell you.
I barely know her.
- How's that? - It's an arranged marriage.
Bronwyn's family has their name, but not much else.
The union will restore her family's wealth and my father will have her family's influence to strengthen the resistance.
But I'd rather be fighting Darken Rahl than marrying a girl I hardly know.
You know, part of me envies you.
You get to settle down, get married, raise a family.
That's something I may never get to do.
But you have Kahlan, don't you? But - we're not - I thought maybe you were.
Don't you need to be getting ready for your wedding? Bronwyn's a lucky girl.
And you'll make a fine husband.
You must not go to Kelabra.
- How did you know? - In two days' time, the Seeker will die at Kelabra.
This I have seen in a vision.
- A vision? - Of one possible future.
One you can change if you stay away from that dreaded place.
Who are you? That matters not.
You will know what I say is true when you set eyes upon the eagle.
Whatever they have planned at Kelabra, it's big.
They've been shipping in barrels of Dragon's Breath, a highly explosive ore.
- They must be arming for an attack.
- But on what? - They already control the region.
- I couldn't find out exactly what they've been planning, but Darken Rahl's appointed someone to oversee the operation.
A man called Nass.
Demmin Nass? - You know him? - Only by reputation.
Nass is Darken Rahl's most trusted commander.
He's a butcher.
A ruthless enforcer.
If he's dispatching his right-hand man to Kelabra, I hate to think what Rahl is plotting.
Maybe this is the chance we've been waiting for.
I mean, we can never find Darken Rahl because he's always changing his location.
But if this Demmin Nass is his most trusted commander, wouldn't he know where he is? If we can infiltrate the encampment at Kelabra and get close to Demmin Nass I could confess him.
And we'd have one of Rahl's inner circle as our ally.
And if we can find Rahl, we can kill him.
My men are to deliver provisions to the D'Harans.
But if you take my supply wagon and make the delivery, you can get inside the encampment.
I managed to steal it while Morcant wasn't looking.
When you set eyes upon the eagle The eagle.
This woman told you the Seeker will die at Kelabra? This mission is already risky enough without a vision of the Seeker's death.
We need to find out how she knows we're going to Kelabra, otherwise we could be walking into a trap.
You better hurry.
According to Morcant, Nass will be at the encampment for only one day.
If we try to find this woman, we could miss our only chance at Nass.
We don't even know if there's any truth to this woman's warning.
We can't lose this opportunity.
Fool! What troubles you, Shota? My warning has gone unheed.
Who are you? Someone who can give you what you truly want.
- What are you talking about? - You want a life of adventure.
You don't wanna be married.
There's nothing anyone can do to change that.
Change? There is much I can change.
I can change you into the Seeker.
When others look on you, they'll see Richard Cypher.
And when they look on Cypher, they will see you.
How can you do that? It's already done.
What are you doing? Put down Richard's sword, Gryff.
The Sword of Truth is not a toy.
What's going on? How did Gryff get his hands on your sword, Richard? No harm done, but the Sword of Truth belongs in the hands of the Seeker.
This is insane.
It's me, Richard.
Bronwyn is a very lucky girl.
And you'll make a fine husband.
I think we should get moving.
- Time to get married, son.
- What? I'm not your son.
I'm not Gryff.
a horse.
I need to get to Zedd and Kahlan now, do you understand? I understand perfectly.
I felt the same way on the day I married your mother.
It's natural to feel nervous on your wedding day.
- There is nothing natural - That's enough! You are getting married, so get your saddle on straight.
Your new in-laws are here.
- A fine day for a wedding.
- Yes, indeed.
And no one's more excited than Gryff.
Where is he? You would dishonor my sister by leaving her at the wedding altar? - There's been a mistake.
- The mistake is yours.
You have insulted Bronwyn and you have insulted our family name.
I'm not who The only thing I wanna hear out of your mouth are wedding vows.
This marriage will go ahead.
My family has too much at stake for you ruin it.
I know your father's little secret.
So either you come back with us now and marry our sister, or I'll tell the D'Harans your father's been helping the resistance.
So, what's it going to be? Above you are the stars.
Below you are the stones.
As time shall pass, remember, like a stone should your love be strong, like a star should your love be constant.
Bronwyn do you bind your soul, your mind and your body with this man? And Gryff, do you bind your soul, your mind and your body with this woman? Then as the Spirits' witness, you are bonded in blood.
For eternity, you are now one.
Now the Seeker is trapped.
You've done it, Shota.
You've changed the future.
Assemble your men.
We must make sure that the Seeker does not try to rejoin his friends on their doomed mission.
I'll drive the supply wagon up to the encampment.
The D'Harans will take the crates to the command tent.
Only there won't be provisions inside the crates, there'll be you two.
I'll need to get Nass alone if I'm going to confess him.
It won't be easy with all those soldiers.
Any ideas, Seeker? We should never do that which your enemy will do for you.
What did you say? It's just something the Seeker of the Third Era used to say.
He was a shrewd tactician.
I know, I'm just surprised you did.
I read about it in the book Gryff gave me.
It has all the history of Seekers past.
I'm glad to see you're learning from those who came before you.
What would the Seeker of the Third Era suggest? A diversion? Good idea.
We could ignite their stockpile of Dragon's Breath.
That would distract the soldiers, and following D'Haran military protocol, they would take Demmin Nass to the safety of the command tent Where Richard and I would be waiting to confess him.
Let the D'Harans do our work for us.
Perhaps one day future Seekers will be quoting you.
To my son Gryff, and his lovely bride, Bronwyn.
To Gryff and Bronwyn.
If these things aren't comfortable, we can take them off.
What's wrong with you? You know tradition doesn't allow it.
It stays on until morning.
After we've spent our first night together as man and wife? I too would like to offer my congratulations to the bride and groom.
It is so wonderful to see a union of two souls.
A union that, I have no doubt, will honor Darken Rahl and all he so nobly fights for.
Join me in raising a glass in tribute.
To Lord Rahl.
I'm afraid there's some pressing business that I must attend to.
There are a lot of things I want to say, but first let me start by wishing my little sister and her new husband many, many children.
We should get started on that right away.
- I didn't realize you were so eager.
- I am.
Believe me.
Shall we? I know this is gonna be really hard for you to believe, but I'm not who you think I am.
My name is Richard Cypher.
I'm the Seeker.
- Right, I'm the Confessor.
- I'm telling you the truth.
I don't know if it's a spell or some enchantment, when people look at me, they think I'm Gryff.
Maybe that's because you are Gryff.
No, I'm the Seeker.
Now, it seems that you don't have a love for Darken Rahl, so will you please help me get out of here so I can get to Kelabra - and help fight the D'Harans? - I can't believe this.
Do you actually think I wanted to marry you? Then why did you? This was all my brothers' idea.
After our parents died, they expect this marriage to save the family's future, even if it means ruing mine.
I didn't know.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? I thought getting married would at least mean I'd get out of my brother's house.
That was before I knew I'd be locked to an insane person.
God Can't sleep? I'm worrying about tomorrow.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
How can anything happen to me? I have the Sword of Truth.
And I have you.
I'm afraid that might not be enough.
What is it? To commemorate the victory at Illya, the Seeker of the Third Era commissioned a magnificent dome to be built at Aydindril.
After 40 years of carefully placing the stones, all that remained was moving the last wouldn't support.
Would all their work crumble to the ground, or would it float among the clouds? The dome at Aydindril has stood for thousands of years.
I think the lesson is: if you want something to stand, you have to risk letting it fall.
What would the Seeker of the Third Era say about Confessors that worry too much? I'm not too sure what he'd say.
But this Seeker would tell you that he'd die for you.
Richard, no.
- You shouldn't say that.
- I can't help it.
It's how I feel.
I can't.
We can't.
- Kahlan, wait.
- This can never happen.
I'm sorry.
Bronwyn, you were right.
I shouldn't have pretended to be somebody else.
But neither of us wants this.
What choice do we have now? We're stuck with each other.
Maybe not.
You said you wanted to see the world, right? Then, let's go.
Right now.
When we're far enough away from here, we'll get this thing off and we can go our separate ways.
This is solid gold.
You can take it and sell it for enough money to start whatever life you want.
How? Out that window.
How long it'll take them to realize we're not there? I'm not sure.
But we'll be long gone by then.
You're not going anywhere.
It's okay.
Just don't hurt the girl.
Drop it, Seeker.
Or the girl dies.
Are you all right? That man, he called you "Seeker.
" You were telling the truth before.
You really are him! Take this.
Now, will you be all right to get through the forest on your own? I'm coming with you.
It's too dangerous.
My friends are about to attack the D'haran camp with someone who's not the Seeker.
- I have to move quickly.
- Then you need me.
I know a shortcut to Kelabra.
Through the caves.
If your friends really are in danger, then the fastest way to reach them is for me to take you.
These caves lead to the catacombs at Kelabra.
Never thought this is where I'd spend my honeymoon.
Well, you and I aren't exactly married.
I know, but this is the first time in my life I feel like I'm doing something important, which is a lot better than being the wife of a merchant's son.
Well, you don't know the real Gryff.
You should give him a chance.
He's more than you think.
I would rather go fight the D'Harans than marry someone I have nothing in common with.
Funny, Gryff said the same thing about you.
What is it? Nothing.
I don't have to be a Confessor to know you're not telling the truth.
Richard almost kissed me last night.
This is exactly what I feared would happen.
You cannot put off telling Richard the truth any longer.
I know.
I'm just worried about the mission.
I don't want this to be a distraction.
Clearly it's already a distraction.
Kahlan, I want to apologize for last night.
I should be the one apologizing.
It's okay if you don't feel the same way about me.
No, that's not it.
There's something I should have told you a long time ago.
A Confessor's power is always present.
We have to hold it in at all times.
Is that difficult? Especially, if I were with someone I love.
Then the power couldn't be controlled.
In a moment of ecstasy, it would be unleashed.
My lover's soul would be taken.
Then he would become a slave.
That's why we can never be together.
You wouldn't be yourself anymore.
And you couldn't fulfill your destiny.
I'm sorry, Richard.
General Nass, it's a pleasure to have you with us.
Pleasure isn't why I'm here.
Of course.
You'll be happy to know our plans are ahead of schedule.
Then Lord Rahl will have his victory sooner than expected.
The excavations are progressing well, commander.
We believe the royal vault is just beyond the wall.
What was that? We need to get out of here before the cave collapses! Come on! Jump! You know these people? He's the son of a local merchant.
Very loyal to the D'Haran cause.
Or they're spies.
Lock them up! I'll find out who they really are.
You're supposed to be on your honeymoon, Gryff.
What could possibly have made you want to come here? I'd think you should be more concerned with how my father will react to you treating me this way.
He's always been loyal to you.
Nass is determined to question you.
There's nothing I can do.
Then I guess there's nothing I can do, either.
When Nass questions me, I'm going to tell him all about the bribes my father has been paying you.
Keep your voice down.
There is nothing I can do.
You can help me escape.
I think we'd agree, it'd be best if I wasn't here.
Infantry, halt! Special provisions for Commander Morcant.
That had to be delievered to the commander tent.
- What are you looking for? - There has to be something here that will tell us what Nass is doing at Kelabra.
What does it say? I - I can't read this.
- Of course you can.
I don't even know what language this is.
You've read it before.
It's the same as the Book of Counted Shadows.
Who are you? - The fuse is lit.
- We can't go through with this.
- What are you talking about? - He's not the Seeker.
He's Gryff.
I think that old woman have done it to try to save Richard, to prevent her vision of the Seeker's death from coming true.
The Seeker's death? That's why the old woman did this? I'm supposed to die in his place? We've to abandon the mission.
We're under attack! It's a little late for that.
Get General Nass to the command tent.
Now! - I've to get out of here.
- You can't! - Nass is on his way.
- But I'm not the Seeker! That won't matter to Demmin Nass.
The Seeker.
No, I'm not him.
Get up! You okay? The mines are collapsing! Where's the commander? Commander! The tunnels are collapsing.
We have to move now.
Come on.
It appears the old woman's spell lasted just long enough to revert her vision of your death.
It's been a long time since I've seen magic that powerful.
Listen, what you told me last night, I know it was meant for Richard, but After worrying all this time, I told the wrong person.
You should tell Richard.
This is for you.
It tells the history of Seekers past.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry for going along with the old woman's plans.
I know there's more to being the Seeker than wielding a magic sword.
I guess I just wanted to make a difference.
You don't have to be the Seeker to do that.
I heard you got married.
It was a lovely ceremony.
I just had to do what I had to get back to you and Zedd.
I'm glad you did.
Are you all right? I'm fine.
It appears the resistance has grown by two.
Would've been three if we were able to confess Demmin Nass.
The important thing is we kept Gryff from harm, and and averted the vision of the Seeker's death.
We did more than that.
We found this.
Maybe it can tell us what he wanted at Kelabra.
It's a record of the day Kelabra fell.
"With the walls crumbling, "the Kelabrans killed themselves to protect the city's greatest secret.
" And what is the secret? The final resting place of their greatest treasure.
"A Box of Orden.
" What is it? There are three boxes of orden.
Each one contains unimaginably powerful magic.
Whoever gains possession of all three boxes would be unstoppable.
Darken Rahl would enslave the entire world.
He would be invincible.
General Nass.
The Seeker and the others have escaped into the forest.
We have what we came for.
We must bring Lord Rahl his prize.
Prepare your men.
We leave for the People's Palace immediately.
Soon Lord Rahl will have all three boxes, and the Seeker will be finished.
It's good to see you alive, Seeker.
You have my vision to thank for that.
Your vision is the reason Demmin Nass got away with the Box of Orden.
Shota! I feared it was you behind such diabolical magic.
Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander.
The years have not been kind.
Zedd, you know her? Once, when I was a foolish young Wizard and ventured into that seductress' lair.
- Few have ever complained.
- Few have ever lived long enough to.
I should've killed you when I had the chance.
- Who is she? - A powerful sorceress who rules Agaden Reach, using her twisted magic to shape events in her favor.
And she's no friend of the Seeker! Nor am I a friend of Darken Rahl.
If he gains dominion over this world, I'll be enslaved by his magic.
I must help the Seeker, for the Prophecy says only he can defeat Darken Rahl.
- Then why play these games? - Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander would accept no help from me.
With good reason.
I suggest we get as far away from this witch as we possibly can.
You can run from me, but you cannot run away from the prophecy.
What are you talking about? I lived.
We averted your prophecy.
That was a vision.
A momentary glimpse of a possible future.
Something written in the halls of prophecy cannot be changed.
And what is this prophecy? It is written that the Seeker will be betrayed by the one closest to him.
You will be betrayed by the one in white.