Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017) s01e08 Episode Script


[theme music playing] [Ashwing roars] Help! Someone! Yes.
[Cronan] Wait! I will honor our deal.
[growls] [Cronan] I promise! As soon as you get me the amulet, I will open your portal to Earth.
[gasps] No! [roars] [screams] I accept.
[laughs] [exhales] Now, unless you'd like to be a dragon's dinner, I suggest you tell me where that amulet is.
[grunts, sighs] [groans] [squeaks] [yells] [laughs, yelps] [laughs] [Naida gasps] [sighs] [growling] [squeaks] [groans] Let's kick some butt! Just in case, I know guys perfect for a backup! [goblins chattering] [pipe music playing] [babbling] Uh I thought you said those guys would help us.
They just need a little convincing.
And magic.
Ros? [potion bubbles] Time to test Aira's Super Sprayerizer Mystifyer Potion Pack! By Aira.
Okay, seriously.
We have to work on those names.
[laughs] [all gasp] That potion breaks the Goblin King's mind control over them.
At least for a little while.
That's all we need.
[plays high note] We're marching to the Goblin King's fortress to defeat His Royal Yuckiness and to save my sister.
Who's with me? [babbling and cheering] Yeah! [Farran] Yeah! [Aira] Yeah! Whoo-hoo! [growls] Now! Watch out, I'm packing heat! [growls] [groans] [roars] [grunts] [roars] [groans] [roars] [babbling and cheering] [babbling and laughing] That'll keep them busy! Let's go! [Farran panting] [gasps] Good news: no guards blocking our shortcut! Bad news: that is.
[roars] [gasps] [Rosalyn] Ashwing! You're alive! Cronan's magic has driven her mad.
[roars loudly] Uh, yeah.
Maybe you two can hug it out later? Like when she's not going to eat us.
Her mind is too broken for my potion to heal.
I will distract Ashwing.
Go! Ashwing! Remember who you are! [roars loudly] Run! Rosalyn! [grunts] [gasps] Go! And tell Cronan I forgive him! [snarls] [yelps] [grunts] [roars] [roars] [all panting] [Rosalyn screams] [gasps] [gasps] Rosalyn sacrificed herself for us.
We will honor her memory by completing our quest! Come on! Now that was a good speech.
Emily! Look out! The Goblin King is right here.
[all gasp] Naida, my sweet.
I take it your return means you've brought me the Earth amulet? I told you before, all I can offer you is my friendship.
Which I gladly give.
[gasps] Hey, we all do.
Trust me, using dark magic to fix your problems is only going to make things way worse.
You can't get over losing someone you love by hurting other people! Oh, really? And what do you know about loss? We were there when Ashwing attacked Rosalyn.
Her last words were to say she forgives you.
Rosalyn? Oh, no Is she So just let my sister go, okay? Haven't you caused enough pain? [gasps] No! Behind you! [creature growls] [screams] [yells] [struggles] [screams] [creature laughs] Our bargain is complete.
Do it! All right.
I'll do it.
Sophie! [yells] [Cronan laughs] At last! [continues laughing] [creature laughs] Patience, creature! [grunts] I'll save you, Mother! [yelps] [grunting] [straining] [all groan] [yells] Mother? Mother! Thank you for all you have done to try to bring me back, my son.
They told me I couldn't! But I knew they were wrong! Oh, shh.
Now, you must let me go.
Mother, why? Your quest for power is not the right path.
It destroyed me, and it will do the same to you.
But I opened the portal to Earth! We can rule it together! I only live in your memory now, Cronan.
And if you allow evil to fill you, even that memory will disappear.
[cries] Mother! [sighs] I understand, Mother.
[yelling] No! [lightning bolts sizzle] [babbling] [cries] [gasps] [gasps] Cronan, look out! Betrayer! [Emily screams] [screams] [creature roars] [yelling] [screams] Emily! [Farran] Rosalyn! [roars] You're alive! Yes! Rosalyn! I'm your biggest fan! I'll get the amulet! [straining] Ashwing! Yes! [creature yelling] Betrayer! [screaming] [sighs] [all sigh] Sis! You did well, Soph.
Grandma would have been proud.
I'm sorry I called you "bossy.
" Now I get it.
You've just been trying to protect me.
All of us.
[chuckles] And I'm sorry for not realizing sooner that I can always count on you to be there when I need it.
I guess watching out for each other is a sister thing, huh? Yeah.
And from now on, so is Elvendale.
[cheering] Cronan, are you okay? [groans] I feel like I just woke up from a terrible nightmare.
I never realized how much the dark power in my amulet changed me.
Thank you for trying to reach past the evil.
Thank you for proving I was right to try.
[Rosalyn] Cronan? Rosalyn? Whoa.
Tension alert.
I totally ship them.
This kingdom is rightfully yours, Your Majesty.
And I am sorry, from the depths of my heart.
My thanks, Cronan, but I have already forgiven you.
If only that was enough to heal the evil I brought to your forest.
- Your mother has taken care of that.
- What? How? It was her final gift.
[gasps] Exploding the portal must have destroyed Quartzine's dark amulet! And the magic stored inside was freed to heal the forest again! Is that what cured Ashwing, too? No.
I combined one of my potions with Naida's.
It seems they were stronger together.
[goblins babbling] [goblins cheering] [babbling] I'm not your king anymore.
You can do whatever you want.
[babbling continues] [laughs] Hmm, I guess they like you, evil or not.
[low rumbling] Whoa.
I know I'm hungry, but that's loud, even for me.
Uh I don't think it's your stomach, unless you've got a dragon in there.
[roars] Yes! The dragons are back! And Sapphire as well! Yes! We don't have to walk back to Elvendale! [sighs] Are you sure? Thank you.
[Cronan clears throat] I feel like we started off wrong.
Care to fly with us? Okay, but I'm steering! [Farran yells] [laughing] Welcome to the world of little sisters! [Sophie laughing] [Cronan screams]