LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Showdown on Hoth

[music] Can't we just enjoy some family time together without Naare and her gang dropping in? We knew they'd come.
It's the last crystal.
And our last chance to stop Naare from rebuilding the Kyber Saber.
We're only talking about the fate of the galaxy here, but you know, no pressure.
No pressure at all! Just another sunny day for the Freemakers.
Um, actually not so sunny.
We've got major storm conditions down on Hoth.
Ooh! Those are the conditions I like! What are you doing? - We can't see! - Neither can they.
My scanners can't pick up a thing in this storm.
The limitations of technology.
- You said they couldn't see us! - It was a lucky shot.
Oh! We've lost the port stabilizer! ALL: Whoa! Another lucky shot? What can I say? Naare's on a roll.
Just like us.
[title music] 1x11 - Showdown on Hoth I can't stop it! We're out of control! Especially me! [music] [grunting] - Yes! - Way to use the Force, little brother! We're not out of this yet.
I'm still flying blind.
I can't see a thing! Like that mountain! Pull up! Whoo-hoo! The Force is with us today.
- Look out! - Waah! [crashing] [all grunting] - Imbeciles! - That wasn't so bad.
Ooh! But that is! KORDI: Look at all that sweet junk down there.
Sure we can't salvage just a few things? And then what? We can't go back to our shop and sell them.
Not while Naare's out there.
I'm the reason she's after us.
- I should do this alone.
- Don't even think it.
Freemakers fly together or they don't fly at all.
KORDI: That's right.
We're close.
I feel it.
- The crystal is below us.
- Then below we go.
ALL: Whoa! ZANDER: Another smooth landing for Zander Freemaker.
Why couldn't the last crystal be hidden on a nice, warm, tropical planet? Uh, guys, my hydraulics are freezing up.
Okay, Roger.
Then stay with the ship and keep it warm.
Roger, roger! You guys stay too.
I can do this alone.
No way! The Freemakers freeze together or they don't freeze at all.
I'd prefer sticking together without freezing.
- But Zander's right.
- Okay.
This way then.
KORDI [shivering]: You couldn't have landed any closer? ZANDER: Hey, you're lucky I was able to land at all.
Cheap on-board heaters.
It's barely above frosty in here.
Hmm, maybe if I power up the sub-light engines just a little.
[beeps] Roger, you are a genius.
Abandon ship! Gaah! Oh! [gasps, panting] Now I'm not feeling like such a genius.
[grunts] Getting closer.
Closer, maybe, but we sure aren't getting any warmer.
[screeching] Did you hear that? No, my teeth are chattering too loud to hear anything.
[snarling] [gasping] Far be it for me to tell you how to do your job.
- Good choice.
- But, I mean, if you were asking.
Here it comes.
I mean, can't you use the Force to find the kid? That's how it works, right? You just hmm then you can tell where he is? I can't sense him.
All I can sense is fear.
Oh, oh, that's me.
Yeah, I'm loaded with anxieties.
I got anxieties like nobody's business.
It's not you.
[sighs] The Freemakers are in danger.
Run! I'll hold this thing off as long as I can.
[squawking] Um or He'll hold me? [mewing] KORDI, ROWAN: Aww! - He thinks you're his mother! - Ha-ha.
But what happens when his real mother turns up? - You can exchange parenting tips.
- Come on! The crystal's close.
- Whoa.
- Ah! [music] ROWAN: One of those is the Kyber Saber crystal.
- But which one? - Yeah.
It's too bad you can't call the crystals like they call to you.
Never thought of that.
[grunting] - I - Yes! I did it! I got the last Kyber Saber crystal! - Yeah! [chuckling] - Great! Now we can [gasps] Really? I don't even get to finish the sentence? KORDI: Hurry! ZANDER: We're not gonna make it! Aaah! - Everybody okay? - A little snow in my parka, but I'm good.
Feels like I've got a whole glacier in mine.
[groans] Oh! No, wait.
It's just this guy.
Eek! For a thing covered in fur, he's sure got cold feet.
Let's get back to the ship and blast off this snowball.
[loud thumping] [roars] [sniffing] [roars, sniffing] Um, where's our ship? I see our droid, but no StarScavenger.
Odds are those two facts are very related.
Roger? Roger? Roger! Where's our ship? Gen-i-us.
- "Genius"? - Genius.
Ah, great.
His language circuits are frozen solid.
His vocalizers are stuck, so he's just going to say - Genius! - until they thaw.
- Well, that's just - Genius! Guys, I think I found the ship.
We're standing on it.
[groans] It'll take hours, maybe days to get it out of there! We'll freeze if we don't find shelter fast.
We could hole up in one of those wrecked walkers, but they're ice cold too.
ROWAN: Is somebody in that abandoned base? I don't care.
If they've got heat, I'd be happy to see the Emperor himself.
"Join the Empire and see exotic planets before we destroy them.
" [sighs] I'd very much like to do that.
Please! I'd rather see a soft cot and a hot cup of caf.
You know, I thought we were doomed after the Emperor's museum debacle, but this assignment is top notch.
Ensign Durpin, we'll never see action here.
Exactly, Sub-Ensign Plumestriker.
We'll never see anyone here.
Certainly not any Rebels.
[alarm blaring] Huh? What is it? A Rebel snowspeeder! [spits] [music] Hyah! Hyah! Move, tauntauns! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! - Freeze, Rebel scum! - ZANDER: Whoa! Um, we're not Rebels.
- But we've got the freezing part down.
- ROGER: Genius.
- [gasps] You three! - And you! Hey, buddy, long time no see! How've you been? [gasps] You three! - We've already been through that.
- Can we come in now? Yes! You are under arrest in the name of the Empire! What are you doing? Leave them out there to freeze! Sir, this is your chance to climb back up the Imperial chain of command.
This is Hoth Base One.
We've captured I don't want that chance! You don't know what you're saying, sir.
I know exactly what I'm saying.
For instance, I just said, "I know exactly what I'm saying!" You see? - I get it.
- Genius.
- Actually, quite the opposite.
- You three, get out of here! Go back to where you came from.
Out, out, out! [blowing raspberry] [grunts] I'm doing this for your own good, sir! Not on my watch, you're not! - Whoa! - Careful with that thing! [bites] Ow! - Ow! - High command! We've apprehended three dangerous criminals at Hoth Base One! Please send backup! I repeat, three dangerous criminals and a rusty Clone Wars-era battle droid! - Request backup! - That's the Freemakers.
They're at the abandoned Rebel base! Get it off, and I won't demote you! Get it off! You can't demote me any lower than sub-ensign, sir.
Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! - Get it off! - Hey! Plumestriker, get it off! Get it off! Aaah! [whines] [jabbering] [roars] O-ho, dear.
[roaring] [babbling, shouting] [gasps, shouts] [whimpering] They grow up so fast, then they just leave without even saying good-bye.
- Genius.
- We're not out of this yet.
You can bet Naare and Graballa intercepted Plumestriker's call.
Which means they're coming for the crystal, and we need to get ready for a fight.
[music] Yeah, they're coming, all right.
All of them.
So let them come.
We've got tools, and, Rowan, you have the Force.
Maybe we can whip up a few surprises.
[music] [roaring, screaming] Yeah! - Genius.
- Thanks, Roger! Wait, was that Never mind.
I'm taking the compliment either way.
[computer chiming] Hmm.
Rowan's Force skills are improving.
- Light 'em up! - Genius! Their shooting skills aren't too shabby either.
Welcome to Freemaker Base.
[music] Oh! We're going down! Wait! Where's the safe - Does this thing have safety cushions? - Nope.
Look! The StarScavenger! You've got company.
- Ready tow cable.
- Ready.
ZANDER: Now! [gasps] Whoa! - ROWAN: Yahoo! - KORDI: Nice roping, Rowan! I've gotta get a snowspeeder.
This thing is a rush to fly! Whoa! I can't hold it! We're going down! [alarm beeping] I've been waiting a long time for this.
Targeting! Maximum firepower! [all cheering] Yeah! - So therapeutic.
- Genius! We're not done! [music] - We need to move! - Genius! Aaah! - No! - Kordi! [groans] I'm okay, but we need to go before Before I grace you with my presence? Mmm, too late.
Nowhere to run.
Nowhere to hide.
- Give me the crystal.
- Never! Oh, Rowan, you poor deluded child.
- You know you can't beat - Aaah! [screaming] [growls] I don't think she saw us.
[comlink buzzing] - Of course I saw you.
- Blast! Come out, Rowan.
You can't stay in there forever.
And you can't beat me in a fight.
[sighs] I have a generous offer for you.
Give me the last crystal, and you and your siblings may walk away.
What a pile of poodoo.
We can fight our way out of this.
- We can't.
- We can! Even if, then what? Naare's never going to give up.
If we took her offer, we could go home again.
Back to the Wheel.
Isn't that what we really want? Rowan, if Naare gets that saber, nobody's home will be safe.
She can kiss a Sarlacc.
Guys, I know what I have to do.
Could we hurry this up? I mean, I know I look good in this, but this ensemble features fashion over function, you know what I mean? - I'm freezing my tail off out here! - Patience.
We will soon have the last crystal.
I thought so.
Just checkin'.
You win.
Take it.
[gasps] At last.
Finally! [laughs] My mission is complete! Ah, I can feel the power flowing through me.
That is something.
Behold the awesome might of the Kyber Sa Eh Oh, is it supposed to do that? If so, you need to rethink how you use the word "awesome.
" Yeah, you're robbing it of its meaning through overuse.
The crystal.
It was Ha! Ice.
The kid duped you.
[screaming] Nooo! [laughs] Pretty slick, Rowan.
I just wish I could've seen Naare's face.
Genius! And I really mean that this time.
My language processor finally thawed out.
We won.
But what now? We can never go home.
As long as we're together, that's our home.
ZANDER: Exactly.
Pick a star, any star, and we'll go there.
You guys pick.
I'm gonna take Roger into the back and check his circuits.
I wouldn't say no to a hot oil bath.
- How about Kamino? - Hmm, too moist.
- Tatooine? - Too dry.
[chiming] The cargo bay doors are opening.
Is that Rowan? Zander.
The crystals called to me, not you guys.
It's my duty to keep them safe.
Rowan Freemaker, you fly that Ugly right back here this instant! I can't, Kordi.
If the Freemakers keep flying together, we're not going to fly at all.
- ZANDER: What are you saying? - Rowan, don't do this.
I'm sorry.
You guys have been the best brother and sister a kid could ever have.
I love you, but I have to go.
BOTH: Rowan! [music] [sighs] So, what are we doing exactly? We're keeping them safe, Roger.
We're keeping everyone safe.