LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

The Embersteel Blade

[music] We need more Kyber crystals to power the Death Star.
Did you search every system in the Outer Rim? Yes, sir.
- What about? - Nothing, sir.
Nothing there either.
[beep] Nothing.
Already said no.
And nothing.
Commander, [music] if you say "nothing" one more time, it will be the last time you say anything at all.
[gulps] Understood, Lord Vader.
[beep] The opposite of everything? [choking] Both: Ah! [screaming] There must be more.
We need to find more! [hologram bubbles] Vader! How's it going? Is that new Death Star coming along? The Death Star will be completed on schedule, Master.
- Absolutely.
- Zero problems.
We're doing great That's what I like to hear! Keep up the good work.
I can't wait to get back to blowing up planets! Of course, Master.
[hologram bubbles] You may resume your cowardly panicking.
- Ah! - Ah! [all yelling] [dramatic fanfare] 2x04 - "The Embersteel Blade" So, where do we start? We're going to need something really big and strong for the Arrowhead's blade.
- Embersteel is what you want.
- Embersteel! Nice! Zander, we start by grabbing some Embersteel.
Eh, slow down.
Embersteel's very rare and very expensive.
- You'll have a heck of a time finding - [beep] Found it! Okay, then.
There's an auction of rare luxury ships on Mygeeto.
- Uh-huh, I like where this is going.
- Including! A mint condition Cygnus Theta-class H-2 executive star shuttle with - get this Embersteel wings! - My like is becoming love! But there's kinda, sorta, maybe one problem.
The auction is being held by the Empire.
[all groan] "An Imperial auction of ships - confiscated from Rebel sympathizers.
" - Confiscated? More like stolen! But we need those wings to make the blade! Couldn't we just buy it? Rowan, they're expecting that ship to sell for 75,000 credits! We don't have that kind of money just laying around! [gasps] We don't but I know who does.
[sputters] You need how much? Seventy-five thousand.
Give or take.
Kordi, you know we have limited resources.
The Rebellion cannot afford to take a risk of this magnitude! General Hera, Admiral Ackbar, [music] you want a ship that will turn the tide of the war? This is how we get it! Plus, there's no risk.
I've got an airtight plan.
All right.
You have our trust.
- And our credits.
- Yes! But return empty-handed, and you'll be paying the Rebellion back - one piece of scrap at a time.
- Understood, Admiral.
Let's travel light.
Separating now.
[dramatic music] Those Embersteel wings are as good as ours! Aren't we forgetting something? This auction is for the fanciest high rollers in the galaxy.
Not to worry.
I've got every last detail figured out.
[engine whirs] [music] [indistinct chatter] Ready, Kordi? [gasps] I mean, Princess? I'm royally ready.
Let's do this! - Ooh-wah! [grunts] - Uh, I'm no expert, but I don't think princesses should trip - on their own dresses.
- I don't want to hear it.
[music] [hat squeaks] Hey, careful not to scratch the finish, okay, pal? Princess Alo Kortessi of Zolan.
One moment, Your Highness.
You don't look like your official Imperial profile Princess.
I decided not to wear that old face today.
You do know I'm a Clawdite shape shifter, yes? Oh! No problem, Princess.
If you could just shift your shape - to match your original - Excuse me?! Do you realize how offensive that is?! - Well, I - I am not some trained massiff, here to do tricks for your entertainment! I am a Clawdite princess! I-I understand, Your Highness, but You clearly don't understand! Maybe my close personal friend the Emperor can explain it to you.
Let me just get him on the line.
My apologies, Your Highness.
Please, enter.
[music] Yes! [indistinct chatter] - Princess Kortessi of Zolan.
- Nice try.
- Trooper, arrest this impostor.
- Yes, sir.
What? [screams] That Clawdite princess scam was pretty clever, Kordi.
I knew my plan would work.
Here we are, mingling with the wealthiest high rollers in all the galaxy.
Who could ever suspect I'm really just little old Kordi Freemaker? Ignacio Warton of the Core World Wartons.
Wick Cooper, intergalactic bon vivant.
[chuckles] [clears throat] Graballa the Hutt.
I'm on the list.
Look under "G.
" [music] A FreiTek E-wing escort fighter? [gasps] A Koro-2 all-environment air speeder with original propulsion system? Oh, my! It's like someone reached into my head and scooped out all my dreams! There it is! The H-2 executive star shuttle.
Step aside, underlings.
Leave this one to your princess.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
This way to the luxury suite.
Oh, I don't need luxury.
I'm just gonna buy that ship.
[chuckles] Princess, nobles don't venture onto the bidding floor.
They don't? I-I mean, we don't? Oh, no, no, no, send your underlings to do your bidding literally.
- [whispering] Help! - [whispering] Don't worry! Your underling's got this! Ooh-hoo-hoo! Look at all these hoity-toities.
This is the perfect place to find investors for my resort! Yeppity-yep-yep.
All right, nitwits.
You're not needed here.
Go hit the buffet.
- It's like he read my mind.
- Yeah, mine too.
Which is weird 'cause he's not a big reader.
Hey, pal.
Hey! Which way to the luxury terrace? The luxury terrace is for nobles only.
I know, right? You got to get me away from all this riff-raff.
Yuck! I mean, look at that guy.
What's he wearing? Second head? Ta-ha-cky! Okay, we bid on the H-2.
We win.
- We save the galaxy.
- Right.
Excuse me! Princess coming through.
Oh-ho! Hello! Hi! [music] [unit beeps] Hello! [munching loudly] [feedback] Our first item up for auction tonight: an ETA-2 Jedi starfighter.
[gasps] - It's so pretty - Uh-oh.
We'll start the bidding at 30.
Thirty credits? That's a steal! But we need to save our credits for the H-2 star shuttle, remember? This ship could really help the Rebellion too.
- Simple! Remember simple? - Thirty? Thirty.
Who can give me 30? Thirty from the young man in the purple jacket! - Aw, come on! - Zander! You laser brain! - Ow! - That's the wrong ship! [gasps] These canap├ęs are substandard, and I shan't ingest them.
[gasps] Iggy Warton! I mean, honestly, why anyone would choose to be poor - is beyond me.
- [gasps] Wick Cooper? [unit beeps] [grunts] So, a princess? Is that what you're supposed to be? [gasps] Graballa the Hutt! 'Cause you sure look like that Freemaker girl to me!!! [music] Freemaker? Freemaker? Is that who I got this face from? I picked it up in a repair shop on some space station.
- The "Wheel," was it? - The you picked up what? Yes, I'm a Clawdite.
You know, a shape shifter.
- A wha shape shifter? - I remember the girl now.
She had intelligent eyes and marvelous cheek bones.
- Don't you agree? - Uh, yep.
Yeah yes.
I-I guess? Anyway, it's been lovely, Mr.
Not so fast, Princess!!! [gulps] Imagine lounging on sapphire sands, [music] an iced Jawa juice in your hand, and then [gasps] Uh-oh, who's this? Come in, please.
Why, it's our own Besalisk masseuse! Not too hard on the shoulders! All this and more await you at Graballa's Beachside Resort and Buffet! Sixty-five, folks.
That's 65.
Going once, going twice, and sold to the young man in the purple blazer! - Yes! - No! Relax, Rowan! Look, 65 measly credits doesn't even make a dent in our budget.
We've got plenty left for the H-2.
That will be 65,000 credits, payable now.
Sixty-five t-t-thousand? [music] All sales are final.
[growls] And for the low down payment of 100,000 credits, you can have your own private suite! No bay views, blackout dates apply.
So, Your Highness, what do you think? I think I have to go to the little princesses' room! [music] - She ain't coming back, is she? - Nope.
Countess! Countess! Imagine lounging on sapphire sands! You know you'd look good on that! Host guy, see, I've made a big mistake.
Huge! Catastrophic! I didn't mean to buy that ship! - Both: Ah! - Not my concern.
Tell me you did not just blow our budget on the wrong ship! Well, you want me to lie too? 'Cause that just seems like I'd just be making things worse.
For the record, I told him not to.
- You've let a lot of air into my airtight plan.
- Yeah, yeah, but you can't breathe without air, so maybe this is a good thing! You're gonna want to stand back.
Another step.
Two steps more.
That's it.
[screams] - What was that? - Eh, it's nothing.
Random screaming.
Don't worry about it.
Seventy-three to the Rodian in the third row.
Do I hear 74? Seventy-four? Seventy-four! Finally, someplace that knows how to make a decent Mygeeto burrito.
Yeah, go figure it'd be on Mygeeto, huh? Seventy-five! Seventy-five! Who will give me 75 for this classic Embersteel beauty? Without a doubt, this is the best Mygeeto burrito ever! Sold! To the fellow laden with unhealthy food snacks.
Oh, you are kidding me! Jabba: And you bought this very expensive heap of junk - why? - It's a nice ship? We also got you a Kornmino dog, so.
Do I look like I need a Kornmino dog? - I do! Yeah! - Oh! Dengar's here, everybody.
Nice to see you awake.
Where were you when these brick heads bought that ship? You pay me to be a bounty hunter, not a babysitter.
Oh, really? Well, I'm not paying you to be a freeloader either, but you don't let that hold you back! I'm going to straighten this out.
- How? - I'm not gonna tell you.
Why? Because you don't deserve to know! - Yeah, I guess I deserve that.
- Yep.
I got no investors, and I'm 75,000 credits in the hole.
- Great night! - Yoo-hoo! Mr.
Hutt? I'm just dying to hear more about your resort, and [gasps] Oh! Nice ship! I've been looking for one just like it! My underlings picked me up a state-of-the-art Jedi starfighter.
Like I need one of those.
I'd much rather have your H-2 star shuttle.
Say would you be willing to trade? - I - If you were, I could convince my fabulously wealthy, totally real royal parents to invest in your resort.
"Fabulously" wealthy? 'Cause that's a big word.
How wealthy we talking about? We've got a moon made of Corusca gems.
- In that case, change of plans! - Hey! I'm sure your parents will make a hefty investment in exchange for your safe return.
[gasps] [whispering] Rowan! [thud] [music] Queen! [engine whirs] Wait, that wasn't our plan, right? - Nope.
- Yeah, I'm just checking.
So it is true I am the bravest battle droid that ever was manufactured.
I am still humbled, Mon Mopma, that you would ask me to lead the Rebel Alliance.
- The wisdom of your - Roger! Fire up the converter! [whimpering] We will continue this later.
They've got Kordi! We've got to go save her! Get us in the sky, fast! So the ridiculous plan didn't work out? What an unrefreshing non-change of pace.
- Wait.
Where's Zander? - Follow me! Oh.
That's new.
Hang on, Kordi.
We're coming.
Welcome to the Clawdite Royal Family customer service line.
For Basic, say or press "one.
" Che Hutta, settah mo rundee "dopa.
" Representative.
For official matters and territory disputes, say or press "one.
" Woman voice: For questions and suggestions, say or press "two.
" I said "representative"! To ransom a member of the royal family - say or press "three.
" - Three! It looks like you want to ransom a member of the royal family.
Is this correct? [growls] Yes! I'm sorry.
I didn't get that.
[scoffs] Representative! Please stay on the line, and our next available customer service representative will assist you.
["Cantina Band" playing] [groans] - I hate this song.
- You'll never get them that way.
No one ever checks that thing.
Do you have a better suggestion? - I can't even - Uh, boss? I'll be Jabba's errand boy forever.
What about what Graballa wants? - What about Graballa's dreams? - Boss! Does this mean nothing to anyone but me?! - Boss.
- What?! - You're gonna want to see this.
- Can you please show a little initiative, Dengar, and take care of it yourself? Maybe you should try working for a living.
Wha ah, blah, blah, blah! What do you know about it? You were born a rich princess, but me? I bleed for every credit.
Oh, you think just because I'm rich, I don't understand business? Let me run a workplace assessment.
I bet I can find a way to make your dream resort a reality.
Dengar: All right, boys.
Let's show some initiative! Here we go.
[engines whirring] [music] [targeting system trills] First off, installing energy-efficient light emitters is gonna save you a fortune.
And turn down your thermostat! Feels like Tatooine in here.
Hey! That's my little brother you're shooting at! Oh I love how this thing handles.
[music] Look at your overhead! Dengar's retainer? - Cut it in half.
- You think? This isn't Boba Fett we're talking about.
Oy, you can say that again.
Raam and Baash? [both gasp] You can name them as dependents or liabilities.
They did just purchase a starship I don't even need! Look, in general, you're carrying way too large a staff.
This is an interesting point you make, Princess.
All: Huh? [all yell] - Are they shooting people at us? - [thug yells] Maybe? Hey! And now I don't have to feed 'em! Double savings! Whoo! You are good! [ships squeaking and whirring] [music] See? With just a few basic cost-cutting measures, you'll have the money for your resort - in just 50 short years.
- Fi-fifty years? Five zero? That's nothing for a Hutt! You know what, Your Highness? You're okay.
What say we go into business together? With your money-saving savvy and my mind for quasi-legitimate business ventures, we'd be an unstoppable team! I'll think about it on one condition.
You want the Star Shuttle? Take it! I never wanted that stupid thing anyway! [music] Kordi! We're here to rescue you! - Obviously.
- Get away from our sister, slug! I don't need rescuing! [chuckles] And! She only looks like your sister! [footsteps rustling] She's actually a sha - I can't believe I fell for that.
- Same here! Get 'em! [music] - Where's everybody else? - You threw them out the airlock, boss.
Ah! Another item for my extremely large regret pile.
Whatever! Still! Get 'em! [music] [grunts] Both: Oof! Let's get these ships in the air! Kordi, you take the star shuttle, Rowan, you've got the "StarScavenger," and I'll take the [yells] Nooo! Hey, I did something right.
Bonus? Not the time, Dengar! Kordi, forget the Star Shuttle! It's time to go! No! I got the credits from Ackbar, I got us into the auction, and I even had the ship we needed, until you two messed it up! [grunts] [music] She's got this.
Go! [instruments beeping] [music] Whoo-hoo! This thing's got pep! Freemakers! Why aren't you chasing them? In light of the recent cutbacks, we're not doing anything until we discuss compensation packages.
We feel and we talked about this a lot that our talents are not fully appreciated.
Yeah, and, at times, this can feel like a very hostile work environment.
[chuckles, sighs] [music] [uncertain music] The moment of truth.
Do the honors, Kordi.
[music] See? The Arrowhead's coming together.
So, sorry I messed up your airtight plan, Kordi.
Ah, it's fine, Zander.
No harm done.
Though if I could mess it up, it wasn't really airtight, was it? I mean, it's either airtight or it's You should hop off this train of thought right now.
Yep, okay.
You got it.
- Huh.
No investors.
- Nope.
- No royal ransom.
- Nope.
Not even a piece of junk ship to show for it! - I shouldn't even try! - Yep.
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Hi chuba da naga wee preema? You know, Jabba, it hasn't been my day, to be honest.
Il gee hek poonoo ka tinka.
A what? A business opportunity, you say? [clears throat] Go on.
Eh? [ominous music] Graballa the Hutt, I have need of your mining expertise.
Ha! Of course, Lord Vader, sir, Lord.
Whatever you need.
What's mined is yours.
Just a little mining humor there.
I thought you'd did you like it? It's hard to tell with that mask.
Enough! Jabba: I like your chest buttons.
Are those new? Very nice.
No, a lot of people couldn't pull those off, but you and the cape, it all works.
It ties together.