Les Miserables (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Let's have a look here.
Who won the battle? Erm, English.
Worse luck.
So it's all over.
In my pocket, you'll find a watch and a purse.
- Oh.
- Take them, they're yours.
Much obliged.
There's nothing there.
I must have been robbed.
I'm sorry.
GUNSHOTS NEAR They're coming.
I'm off.
You saved my life.
Who are you? A Frenchman, like you, monsieur, and if they catch me, I'll be shot.
Your name and rank? Thenardier, sir.
I will remember you.
and you remember me.
Colonel Pontmercy.
And if we both survive, you can call on me, I swear it.
Sh, sh, sh.
DISTANT SHOUTS I'll get him! Over there.
There he goes.
GUNSHOTS LIVELY CHATTER Colonel Baron Pontmercy for Monsieur Gillenormand.
Pontmercy? Is he still alive? I thought he died at Waterloo! I'll see him all right.
I'll see him off with a flea in his ear.
You dare to come here? Good day, Father-in-law.
Don't you bring that up with me, sir! I rue the day my poor daughter ever set eyes on you.
And now the poor girl is dead, I thank God I need never see you again.
And yet here you are! I was hoping, sir, that we could make up our differences.
Were you? I marvel at your insolence.
Make up our differences? You gave up all hope of that when you allied your fortunes with that Corsican brigand Bonaparte! I fought for France, sir.
Napoleon was a great man.
He still has my allegiance.
Better not say that too loud, young man.
France has a king again, thank God.
It's your lot they're stringing up from lamp posts now.
How do you like that, now the boot's on the other foot? Huh? Bonapartist scum.
- You're a traitor to your class! - Sir.
Will you at least let me spend some time with my little boy? Never! You will never set eyes on him.
And I promise you this, if you break my prohibition, I'll disinherit him.
Sir, I beg you, for Marius's sake, if not for mine.
Never! He will be brought up to curse your very name, Pontmercy.
Now leave my house.
Go on.
Get out.
Get out! Monsieur! I take the child to church every Sunday at ten.
You can see him there.
Thank you.
Which-which church? St Sulpice.
St Sulpice.
Thank you.
Please, Favorite! You won't have to look after me, I can take care of myself.
Go on! Bonjour, monsieur.
Bonjour, mademoiselle.
Please! No, Fantine, you're too young, we won't let you.
But I'm old enough to work with you.
Come on, just let her come.
So what do you say? Well I suppose.
Oh! Thank you! - BELL TOLLS - She'll be fine.
You can look after her if she's not.
You'll have to do what we say, all right? - Don't show me up, Fantine.
- I promise I'll be good.
CREAKING LOW LAUGHTER CHAINS RATTLE DOOR OPENS Eh! Debout les charognes! MEN AND GUARDS SHOU WHIPPING Get back in line! Back in line, scum! Eyes forward, I said! Keep on moving! Move it! Move it! WHIPPING, GROANS Get back to work! You heard me! Pick them up I said! Come on! Pick up those buckets! Filthy dog! What are you looking at? HE COUGHS HE CRIES OU Well, get him out from under there! Yes, sir, Monsieur Javert! CRUSHED SOLDIER: Help me! Use the ropes to get him out from under that rock! GROANS AND SCREAMING Come on, there's four of you! And get that lot back to work! Use the ropes! SHOUTS IN FRENCH GROANS AND SCREAMING CONTINUE All right, let him in.
He's going to have a go.
HE GRUNTS Allez! Reprenez le travaille! Qu'est que vous regardez? Reprenez le travaille! DISTANT SHOUTS Unshackle 24601 and Put him in the Guard Room.
IN FRENCH:24601! Well, now, 24601.
What was all that about today? You saving that guard's life.
Why? If you were trying to get yourself an earlier release, you tried in vain.
There's no hope of that.
No hope at all.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Is that what you hoped to achieve by it? Your strong man act.
What for? Make a fool of me? I'm right, aren't I? Let me tell you something that might surprise you.
I could have been a criminal.
I was born in prison.
My parents were criminals.
Men like us have only two choices - to prey upon society, or to guard it.
You chose the former.
I chose the latter.
And I can tell you, if I had chosen to be a criminal, I would have been a hell of a lot better one than you've turned out to be.
19 years for a loaf of bread! You've got 12 months left to serve.
My guess, you'll be back in here before another year's gone by.
And next time it'll be for life.
Whatever you think you can never win.
Guard! Take him back.
Rich boys on the hunt.
Just like us! Look at Blondie over there, in the blue.
He looks as if he wants to eat you, Fantine.
I think he looks nice.
Oh, Blondie, it's your lucky night tonight! What do you say, then, gentlemen? Will they do? I'd say they're ripe for the plucking.
One or two of them have been plucked before, I'd say.
I like a girl who knows her way around a man.
Then I stake my claim to the little brunette.
She's ravishing.
And what if she prefers one of us? To me? Impossible.
No, no, I'm serious, gentlemen.
Keep off the grass.
She's mine.
- Don't be shy.
- Don't be shy! Men! You could wait forever.
Come on, Fantine.
No, no, no.
I'm afraid we cannot permit you to dance without partners.
Thought you'd never ask, monsieur.
May I ask your name, mademoiselle? SHE CLEARS HER THROA Fantine, monsieur.
BAND MUSIC AND VOICES FADE OU So, are we going again next week? As long as it's understood they pay for everything, and bring us there and home again.
Why not? Fantine? Oh, yes! Of course! Look at her.
She's in love already.
No, I'm not.
Come here, pet.
You have to remember they're not serious, these types.
They're just amusing themselves.
They come to Paris to learn how to be fine gentlemen, and then they go home and marry the girl their father chose for them.
- Maybe it's not always like that.
- Yes, it is, it's always like that.
We're not like them.
We're not ladies, we're grisettes.
The ground we walk on, it's not solid ground, Fantine.
We could fall through at any time.
We could be down in the gutter and no-one would care.
Plenty more where we come from.
But why should it always be like that? Because it is.
This won't do.
The seam's crooked.
Unpick it and do it again.
Slow and steady wins the race! Come on, Felix, put your back in to it, man! Fantine, keep up! Come on, Felix, we're getting left behind.
I don't care.
I just want to look at you.
Do I look very nice, then? You look like an angel.
Favorite says I shouldn't believe a single word you say.
Of course.
She wants to protect you, she's a good friend.
But you know she has no need to worry, Fantine.
You are the one with all the power in this situation.
I'm utterly at your mercy.
I don't believe you.
Let me prove it.
How are you going to prove it? You'll see.
Before I met you, I sought nothing but my own selfish pleasures.
Now I want to dedicate my life to you.
You see, I'm I'm a poet.
And I hope to be famous one day.
And you will be my muse.
SHE LAUGHS I wonder if you know how I'm suffering.
Are you going to be merciful, Fantine? Will you take pity on me? I don't want you to be sad.
Then? You promise you'll be good to me, Felix? On my life.
All right, then.
GUARDS SHOUT, WHIPPING Move! What did he do? He struck me, sir! All right, pull him out.
On your knees, scum! All of you, get down! Don't look at me! On your knees and stay there! Discipline must be maintained.
Otherwise, civilisation would collapse.
Firing squad! Present arms! Take aim.
TRIGGERS CLICK Fire! To order restored now everyone knows their place again.
- The King.
- The King! Good boy.
Napoleon was a scoundrel.
- What was he? - Scoundrel.
And your papa, I'm sorry to say, is a scoundrel, too.
Don't look at me like that, I speak the truth.
A traitor to his class.
And that is why he will never be welcome at this table.
He should be rotting in prison, or in exile, like his master.
Good boy! You know, Marius, it gives me no pleasure to speak of your father in these terms.
A boy should be able to respect his father.
Never mind, your grandpapa is here to show you the right path in life.
All done? Good boy.
Take him away, Nicolette.
And no more of those sullen looks, or you'll feel the back of my hand! Come on, Marius.
Wait, wait.
Give your Grandpapa a kiss.
Good boy.
Sleep tight.
Mind the fleas don't bite.
You'll be taking him to church in the morning? Yes, monsieur.
Yes, good, off you go.
There you are.
Thank you.
Take off your things.
Trousers, shirt, jacket, cap, shoes.
Put them on.
What about my savings? 171 francs.
I kept a record in my head.
A common error.
The prisoner's calculated the sum from the number of days of imprisonment, not the number of working days.
After deductions of days not worked, that is to say Sundays, public holidays, and contributions for the annual Christmas dinner, the sum comes to 109 francs.
Spend it wisely.
Here's your passport.
You are required to show this to authorities in every town and village you pass through.
You have your name back, Monsieur 24601.
I wonder if you can remember what it is.
Jean Valjean.
Are you sure about that? Jean Valjean! Jean Valjean! Monsieur, good evening.
She will be happy to see you, in your magnificent trousers.
HE SIGHS What is it, Felix? Oh, you know me.
I get these silly fancies.
What sort of fancies? That one day I'll come round and you'll tell me it's all over, you've found a new lover.
I love you, silly.
But you're far too beautiful.
Are you fishing for compliments? Well, we've had our fun, haven't we? I wouldn't harbour any grudges if you abandoned me now for a younger lover.
I'll never abandon you.
You're the love of my life.
Youth must have its day.
I wish you'd stop talking like that.
I don't like it.
All right.
Change of subject.
My friends and I have arranged a surprise for you and your friends.
Next Sunday.
A special outing, all day.
All day? Oh, you're so good to us! Show me your papers.
Come on.
Need another man? Yeah, all right.
You look strong enough.
Get to it.
HE GRUNTS HE GRUNTS - They got more.
- That's enough for you.
BELL CHIMES THE HOUR DOG BARKS LOUDLY SEVERAL DOGS BARK STICK TAPS What are you doing there, my friend? Trying to sleep, what does it look like? Why don't you go to an inn? I did.
Wouldn't take me.
No-one would take me.
They shut their doors against me.
Have you tried knocking on that door? Which one? The house with the light in the window.
Knock there.
Have you heard what people are saying, Monseigneur? All the town's talking about it.
About what? The bad man that's roaming the town.
They said he was a desperado with a terrible face.
Well, I dare say a man can't help his face.
DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES FOOTSTEPS APPROACH SHE GASPS What can we do for you, my son? I want something to eat, and a bed for the night.
I've got money.
I can pay.
A woman told me to knock on your door.
Then you've come to the right place.
We have a bed for you, and we were just about to eat.
Would you set another place at the table, Madame Magloire? HE SLURPS It's good? Yeah, it's good.
You were very hungry, I think.
Let me pour you some more wine.
You're a funny sort of priest.
We had priests in prison.
Not like you.
You say I don't have to pay for any of this? What is mine is yours, monsieur.
I've got money.
109 francs, and five sou.
And how long did it take you to earn that? 19 years.
19 years.
19 years of hard labour.
Well, the five sou I earned today.
It should have been seven, but he cheated me.
Yellow passport.
People take advantage.
You have suffered a great deal, my friend.
Chained and shackled night and day, beaten for a word, beaten for a look, beaten for nothing! For 19 years.
And now the yellow passport, so they've still got me.
But this is, er Hm.
This is like I'm dreaming.
Is this a trick? Monsieur, the bishop treats everyone the same.
Yes, God tells us to love our fellow men.
How can I love my fellow man when he treats me worse than a dog? It's easy for you.
You can afford to be kind and gentle.
You can afford to share your food and wine.
Am I right? Yes, of course you're right.
Absolutely right.
It is easy for me.
But consider this.
Even if the world has done you a great injustice, does it really serve you to have a heart full of bitterness and hatred? How could I not have a heart full of bitterness and hatred? I'd like to see you for 19 years in the hulks! So don't preach to me about God and love.
I beg your pardon.
Forgive me.
I should have considered your feelings.
But you don't think it possible, that kindness and love can change a man? HE LAUGHS No.
This is my bedroom here.
And this is where you'll sleep.
Tomorrow morning, you'll have a cup of warm milk, straight from our very own goat.
You give me a bed right next to yours? Are you crazy? How do you know I'm not a murderer? Well, that's the Good Lord's business, not mine.
Or, to put it another way, I'll take my chance with you, my friend.
Go to bed now, and sleep well.
SLOW, DEEP BREATHING METAL CLINKS Monseigneur! Monseigneur! What is it? The silverware basket! It's gone! No, no, no, it's here! - Look, over there.
- Oh! What about the silverware? Ah.
Now, there, I can't help you, I'm afraid.
It's been stolen! Lord save us! That man who was here last night, he must have taken it! Oh ungrateful beast! After all your kindness! Well, when you think about it, was all that silver really ours in the first place? Yes, it was! Of course it was! And, more to the point, what are we to eat with now? And, really, do we need even a wooden fork or spoon to dip a piece of bread into a bowl of milk? But to think what might have happened last night! Letting a wild beast like that into your house, we're lucky all he did was steal! KNOCK ON DOOR Come in.
This man was arrested ten miles away with a quantity of silverware in his knapsack, which I believe to be the property of the church.
Ah, thank you, Sergeant, for bringing him back to me.
Welcome back, I'm glad to see you.
You forgot to take the candlesticks, didn't you? What? Well, didn't he tell you that I said he could have the silverware? He refused to answer when questioned, Monseigneur.
Well, that was his right.
But no harm done.
Of course you were doing your duty.
So all is well, you can go now.
Let him go free? That's right.
And thank you for your trouble.
You may go now.
If you say so, Monseigneur.
I do.
Good day to you.
METAL RATTLES Here you are.
Put them in your knapsack.
Monseigneur, what does this man want with our candlesticks? I assume he's going to sell them for as much as he can get.
Don't forget, don't ever forget, you promised to use the proceeds to become an honest man.
I don't remember that.
Nevertheless, it's what you want, isn't it? To lead a good life? No.
I don't know.
Jean Valjean, my brother, you do not belong to evil any more.
You belong to good.
I have bought your soul with that silverware and these candlesticks.
- METAL CLANKS - No! Nothing to be done about it, I'm afraid.
You belong to God now, Jean Valjean.
Go in peace.
God be with you.
HE SHOUTS Well, that's that.
I've done all I can.
It's up to Jean Valjean now.
THEY LAUGH Amor me llama - A little higher, please! Toda mi alma es en mi ojos Porque ensenas THEY LAUGH AND SHRIEK - No cheating! Come on! - Go on! - Run! Faster, faster, faster! - Run! - Faster, faster, faster! - Come on! We have a winner! We have a winner! You said there would be a surprise! The surprise comes later! So do you love me, Favorite? Of course I do, Blachevelle, darling! I adore you! So what would you do if I stopped loving you? Oh, no, don't say that, even as a joke! I'd run after you and scratch your eyes out.
LIQUID TRICKLES THEY LAUGH What you said just then about Blachevelle, you don't really mean it, do you? I detest him.
He's too full of himself.
And he's stingy.
SHE SIGHS There's a boy down my street that I'm in love with.
Thing is, he only makes 20 sou a day, so what are you going to do? Don't look at me like that, Fantine! I know you love your Felix.
And he's not stingy, I will give you that, setting you up in your own place.
All done? LAUGHTER HORN BLOWS THEY LAUGH Waiter! Waiter! - Waiter, another bottle, please! - Two! - Two! - Two more! - Two! - Two more! - Toast, toast! Ladies and gentlemen! - A little decorum, if you please! - Decorum! - LAUGHTER - Shh! Let's bring some dignity to the banquet.
- Oh, leave us alone, Felix! - Down with the tyrant! Bombarda, Bombance, and Bamboche! Friends, I appeal to you! There must be a limit, even to a meal such as this one has been! LAUGHTER Gluttony punishes the glutton.
And remember, all our passions, even love, can die through over-indulgence.
Moderation is the watchword.
- Moderation in all things.
Yes! - Hear, hear! Hear, hear! Good speech.
Now sit down and shut up.
I haven't finished, I haven't finished! A toast to merriment! - To merriment.
- ALL: To merriment! Life is good! Everything is beautiful! I'm surrounded by beauty! Awww! LAUGHTER HE MUTTERS That's better.
Now come and sit down, and be sensible, please.
- No.
- Please.
The moment has come.
It's time for the surprise! GASPS Surprise! Gentlemen.
The surprise.
THUMP ON TABLE Don't be long! Make it a good one.
This is the surprise! GIGGLING Shh! Shh! At last, the surprise! What's it going to be? I don't know, but I hope it's pretty.
Gold necklaces! No.
What's that? Where are the gentlemen? The gentlemen have left a letter for you.
Give it here.
It says, "This is the surprise.
" Well, go on, then.
Open it! Good job one of us can read.
Right, here we go.
"O loving mistresses! "At last it is time to remind you that we have parents.
"We have estates far away in the country, "and we have duties to perform.
"Our fathers are calling their prodigal sons home, "and killing fatted calves for us.
"By the time you read this, "three galloping horses will be carrying us home "to our mamas and papas.
"We are leaving.
"We have left.
"Lament us briefly, "and replace us rapidly.
"Signed, Felix, Blachevelle and Fameuil.
"PS, the meal is paid for.
" PAPER RUSTLES SILVER CLINKS BELLS CHIME FAINTLY IN DISTANCE BELLS GET LOUDER FOLIAGE RUSTLES DISTANT SINGING APPROACHES Que direz-vous d'Cadet Rousselle? Ah! Ah! Ah! Oui, vraiment Cadet Rousselle est bon enfant Cadet Rousselle a trois maisons Cadet Rousselle a trois maisons Qui n'ont ni poutres ni chevrons Qui n'ont ni poutres ni chevrons C'est pour loger les hirondelles Que direz-vous d'Cadet Rousselle? Ah! Ah! Ah! Oui, vraiment Cadet Rousselle est bon enfant Cadet Rousselle a trois maisons Qui n'ont ni poutres ni chevrons Cadet Rousselle a trois maisons Qui n'ont ni poutres ni chevrons Cadet Rousselle a trois maisons.
COIN CLINKS Did you see my 40 sou, monsieur? No.
Will you move your foot, monsieur? What's your name? Petit-Gervais.
Will you move your foot now? Go on, get out of here.
Get lost! Go on! You've got it, haven't you? You've got my money! You're a dirty thief! A curse on you! PETIT-GERVAIS SOBS BELL CHIMES IN DISTANCE Petit-Gervais! Petit-Gervais! Petit-Gervais! Here's Maman! Was she a good girl? Good as gold.
BABY GURGLES I hope you were, too, mademoiselle! Aren't I always? BABY FUSSES FANTINE SOBS SHE SNIFFS BABY CRIES Shhh, shhh.