Les Miserables (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 His name is Jean Valjean.
He stole from a child and never paid for his crime.
What are you doing in Paris? I've identified a dangerous criminal.
He's now posing as the Mayor of Montreuil.
You're mistaken.
- Maman! - She has a bastard child she abandoned at Montfermeil! No! I send 15 francs per month.
You lied to me! You're dismissed.
Are you selling, dear? I've been a sinner.
But when I have my Cosette with me, it will mean God has forgiven me.
She must be rolling in it! I don't think you've been asking for enough! She stinks of degradation.
Fantine! I was wrong.
Let me try to make amends.
I'll find your child so that you can be together.
I promise.
The real Valjean has been found.
He's about to stand trial in Arras.
It's over for him.
The child should be fetched without delay.
Yes, I understand, Sister! I need you to go to Montfermeil and fetch her little girl.
There's somewhere else I have to be.
Where's Monsieur Madeleine? Monsieur le Maire's gone to Montfermeil.
He's gone to fetch Cosette.
That's what it is.
He's gone to fetch my little girl.
Prisoner at the bar.
You stand accused of the theft of property, to wit, nine apples from the Pierron orchard, which you claim you found on the ground outside the orchard walls.
It is for the jury to decide whether your version of events is true.
And in making their decision, they will no doubt take into account the fact that four witnesses - three of your fellow former prisoners and a former guard of the prison, Inspector Javert - have identified you as the convicted felon and fugitive Jean Valjean, wanted for the theft of 40 sous from a child named Petit-Gervais and for fleeing justice ever since.
Stand up.
Are you the felon, Jean Valjean? My name is Champmathieu.
I come from Paris.
I used to be a wheelwright there for Monsieur Baloup, 20 years - you can ask him, he'll tell you.
Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to locate this Monsieur Baloup.
Have you anything to say to the court that may help your defence? You're very wicked, you are! Twisting everything! I never stole anything! You know, I'm a man that doesn't eat every day.
I was coming from Ailly, looking for work, I nearly starved.
Next thing, I'm in jail.
I never was in any prison before.
I've never heard of Jean Valjean.
Speak up, man! Your confusion will condemn you.
Ask Monsieur Baloup! He'll tell you who I am! Brevet? That's jean Valjean, all right.
I did nine years alongside him.
Chenildieu? Yeah, that's him.
We were chained together for five years, sir.
Cochepaille? Jean Valjean, there he is.
We used to call him Jean-le-Cric, he was so strong.
Silence! Silence! Silence! Silence! I now call on the jury to consider the evidence and strongly advise a guilty verdict.
Enough!! Enough of these lies! Monsieur Madeleine, are you quite well? Call the doctor.
I am Jean Valjean.
Brevet! Chenildieu! Cochepaille! Brevet! Chenildieu! Cochepaille! I hope you were paid well for these lies.
Don't you remember me? Brevet, you've still got those red knitted braces you wore in the prison hulks? - Yes.
Chenildieu, your whole shoulder is burnt where you lay on a chafing dish.
Show the court! Cochepaille, you have a tattoo on the inside of your left elbow.
It says March 1st, 1815 - the day the Emperor landed at Cannes.
Well, pull up your sleeve! And now, Inspector javert, you may wish to revise your testimony.
Indeed, I fear I was mistaken.
This man is jean Valjean.
And now, before the court I confess to the robbery of this 40 sous from the child known as Petit-Gervais.
Monsieur le Maire, will you surrender yourself to the custody of Inspector Javert? - Willingly.
- Cuffs! Follow me.
Merci, Monsieur, merci.
Will my Cosette be here today? I feel sure of it.
When she comes Can she sleep in a little bed beside me? She can.
Don't tire yourself now.
Just a quick stop, prisoner 24601.
Now the people of this town can see you for what you really are.
- Take him to the cells.
- Yes, sir.
Did you fetch the child? Where's the child?! Seize him! You, come with me! - Yes, sir.
Père Madeleine, your hands! - Let me see her.
- She is very weak! Where is the child? Where is Cosette? You did bring her? I want to see her now! She's here, my dear, but the doctor said that you cannot be with her while you still have the fever.
But I am well.
I'm well! And you will see her very soon.
Open up! How is she, Monsieur le Maire? How is she? Did they treat her well in Montfermeil? Oh, a very touching scene! Inspector javert, please Sister, this man is a criminal, a liar and a thief! He has been convicted in Arras and he is just as bad as her! They are the scum of the Earth! - Please! You promised to bring my little girl from Montfermeil Monsieur le Maire.
There's no Monsieur le Maire here! He hasn't been to Montfermeil to fetch your little girl.
He has been confessing his crimes in court! And now he's going back to the prison hulks, where he belongs! Cosette! You killed that woman! You killed that woman! Enough! She's dead, and you're my prisoner.
I advise you to stay away from me for a moment! Fantine! Fantine! Forgive me.
Forgive me.
I swear, I swear I'll find her.
I'll find her.
I'll pay my life for her happiness.
I swear.
Merci Dieu! I can't hear you working! Get on with it, you idle beast! Feast your eyes on my beautiful handmade dolls, ladies and gentleman, each one unique, every single one with real human hair! What a Christmas present that would be for a dearly loved little girl! Or if it's wigs you want, or a new set of teeth, I've got them all! I've got the lot! I'm buying and I'm selling, I'm selling and I'm buying! What do you think you're doing, you idle little beast? You gawping at dolls when we've got customers waiting? Get those buckets inside this minute! Or I'll really give you something to cry about! Don't you fall off darlings, all right? Come on! I'm buying and I'm selling tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, there she is, the wanderer returned, gawping at dollies at the fair, if you please! Fill that pot and get out of my way, Mademoiselle Toad! And don't you dare spill none! Not a drop! Oi, you done that on purpose, just to vex me! You'd better run, girl! Here we go, here we go! Come here, you! Nothing like a bit of exercise, brings out the colour in your cheeks, Madame! Right, enough of your sauce! Madame! My horse hasn't been watered! Oh! Toad! Two more buckets! Quick about it! Rar! Don't be afraid, little one.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Let me give you a hand with that.
What's your name? Cosette.
I'll carry your buckets tonight.
You show me the way.
Oi! See to them horses! Evening, Madame.
Evening, Madame.
Who are you? What do you want? I want a bed for the night, a bottle of wine and something to eat.
We're fully booked.
You can put me anywhere.
Put me in the stable, if you like.
I'll pay the price of your best room.
40 sous.
Ag reed.
Let's see it, then.
40 for the room.
20 for the meal.
20 for whatever else.
Oi! Get him some wine! And what would Monsieur like for his supper? Bread and cheese.
Bread and cheese? He's a fine gentleman, and no mistake! There's nothing wrong with a bit of bread and cheese.
Oi! Clear that up! Come on! All right, darlings? Yeah.
Hello! What we having for our supper? Oh, are they liking it? - Yeah.
That's nice.
Cosette? Do you have a doll, too? That one? She's got to work for her keep! All the same, a child should be able to play now and then.
Especially at Christmas.
Oh, and some people should learn to mind their own business! I'll be back.
A strange one, isn't he? Oi, little toad! Come here! Where did you find him? What did he want with you? What did he say to you? What did he want with you?! You dirty little toad! I'll give you a smack, I'll give you something to cry about! Here, Cosette.
It's for you.
I have a wish to see the child playing.
And who's going to serve you your supper? - You, Madame.
I'll buy the child's time for the rest of the evening.
Name your price.
Five francs.
Oi! Go on.
Now bring me my supper, woman! Now bring me my supper, woman! You mustn't mind the wife, Monsieur.
She's got a sharp tongue but a heart of gold.
Oh! Here we are.
The best room in the house - the bridal chamber itself! What's that? That, Monsieur, is my wife Rosalie's bridal head-dress.
No doubt you know, sir, I was one of the heroes at Waterloo.
No, I didn't.
Carried the Colonel on my back through a hail of bullets.
Is that so? Were you at Waterloo, Monsieur? No.
I was unavoidably detained.
Would you like the little girl in here with you, Monsieur, for a small consideration? No need for the wife to know.
She has a bed of her own, has she not? Yeah, of course, just like one of my own.
Then I'll say goodnight.
Same to you, sir.
See you in the morning.
Oh, look at the state of the place! What have you been doing? You idle scrap! Come on, you should have had this done by now! Oh, bonjour, Monsieur.
You're up early.
There's your bill, if you please.
I paid last night.
23 francs? We have a lot of expenses.
And that child there costs us the Earth.
Cosette! Alouette, as they call her in the village.
Mind you, she's more like a bat than a lark.
What if I was to take her off your hands? What? You want to take the child? Yes, I do.
Thenardier! - Yeah? Thenardier! - What? He wants to take the child.
Didn't I say that's how it would be? Come on.
Now, you leave me and the gentleman alone together.
Go on! Come on, come with me! Ah! Now, Monsieur.
This is all very irregular.
Please, please.
I'm not making any aspersions.
It takes all sorts to make a world, but this is beyond anything I've done so far.
I mean, to sell a child in my care to a stranger.
You talk of selling her? Well, if we were to part with her, if we were to endure that heartbreak - I'm not saying we're prepared to make that sacrifice - of course, we'd want some compensation.
I mean, what if the child's mother should turn up saying, "Where's my child, what have you done with her?" How much? No, no, I can't do it.
It'd break the wife's heart, Monsieur.
No deal.
How much? Ah! It's no good.
I won't lie to you, sir, you've got me over a barrel.
You see, I've got debts.
How much? 1,500 francs.
Now bring me the child.
Rosalie! Bring the child! Come on! You're going to go with that gentleman.
Only if she wishes to.
Do you? Can I bring my doll? Yeah, of course you can.
You go and put these on, as quick as you can, then we'll be on our way.
Go on.
What about the 23 francs? Here.
There's 30.
And he paid up, just like that! Oh! Oh! Oh! I could have got more off him.
I'll go after him.
Take your pistol.
He had a dangerous look about him.
Yeah? Yeah, lovely.
Are you tired? Catherine's a bit tired.
Catherine? Is that her name? What are you doing here? Oh! Can't let her go, Monsieur.
You already have.
Not for 1,500 francs.
That's more than you deserve.
Her mother paid you well, and you treated her like an animal.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Now leave us alone before I knock you down.
Give me 3,000 or I take the girl back.
You want to be careful of this thing.
People could get hurt.
Now, you get home before I change my mind and blow your head off.
Off with you! Has Catherine had enough of a rest? She says yes.
Off we go, then.
Madame! J'arrive Is it true? Are we in Paris? Yes, we are.
Do I have to sweep? No, you don't have to sweep or go to the wood to fetch water.
You don't have to do anything except eat and sleep and play.
Perhaps a little learning.
We don't have to go back there? No, we don't.
And you're my papa now? If you want me to be.
Do you? Yes, I think so.
I've never been anyone's papa before.
Perhaps you'd better ask Catherine, see what she thinks.
Should we let him be my papa? She says yes, if you don't beat us.
You tell her I won't beat either of you.
It's all right.
She heard you.
Goodnight, Papa.
Goodnight, little one.
Sleep well.
Goodnight, Papa.
Sleep tight.
Are you happy, Cosette? Of course I am.
Don't you think you should you know, go to school like other children? Why? You teach me everything.
What, don't you long for friends? Someone to play with? I have you.
And Catherine.
I came to see if everything was all right.
It is, as you see, madame.
It's my duty, you know, as the principal tenant.
Bonjou r, ma petite.
Bonjour, madame.
She's very thin.
I could do some cooking for you if you like, monsieur.
Not necessary, thank you, madame.
And she's your granddaughter? Not much of a family resemblance, is there? Well, she takes after her mother's side.
Oh I see.
Well I will be getting along, then.
Au revoir, monsieur.
Au revoir, ma petite.
Nosy old bitch.
Now, now.
You think so, too.
But we don't say these things.
Go on, eat up.
Incident reports from last night on my desk now.
Yes, sir.
They are ready, sir.
Here's a curious one.
Innkeeper in Montfermeil says his daughter was kidnapped by some ruffian with a gun.
Montfermeil, you say? Let me see it.
Am I to go there, sir? Stepdaughter, it says, not daughter.
I think I'll go myself, Rivette.
And you, I want you to look into the prison hulks at Toulon.
Any recent deaths, suspicious disappearances.
See what you can turn up.
L What about that bit there? You've missed a bit.
Bonjour, monsieur.
Can I help you with anything? Are you looking for a room? - Coffee.
And I want to interview your husband.
Oh, and you want to interview him? And who are you, if I may make so bold? Inspector Javert of the Paris police.
Oh, Lord.
Well, he's still in bed.
He hasn't got up yet.
Go and get him a coffee! Inspector? Mai You filed a complaint regarding the abduction of a minor.
Oh, right.
Thank you for coming all this way, Inspector.
Don't sit.
This child, not yours? No.
We A young woman who was passing through just left her with us, said she was coming back, never did.
But you could tell that she was no better than she should be, if you take my meaning.
- Do you know where she went, the mother? She said she was going to Montreuil.
I see.
And she sent you money for the child's board and lodging? Never.
Not a penny.
We looked after that child out of the goodness of our hearts.
We loved her like she was one of our own, Inspector.
Very touching.
Yeah, well, I was one of the heroes of Waterloo, you know.
Carried the Colonel on my back Come to the abduction.
Well, this fellow, great big hulking brute he was, he turns up one night, wants to stay in the best room, drink the best wine.
Then, in the morning, he holds us up at gunpoint and goes off with the takings and the little girl! A strong man, would you say? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Strong as an ox.
He handled two buckets of water like they were thimbles.
Did he say what he wanted the girl for? No, but we're men of the world, Inspector.
Not hard to guess.
Doesn't bear imagining.
Y All right.
That's all.
- That's all? But look here - What? What are you going to do for me? Nothing.
You should think yourself lucky that I don't charge you.
- Charge me?! It's perfectly clear to me that you sold that girl to a passing stranger.
Your neighbours tell me you were flush with money for weeks after she went.
You're a scoundrel, Thenardier.
This ruffian.
I don't suppose he said where he was going? Erm, no, but it looked like he was heading Paris way.
Yeah I dare say he was.
What did he say about finding the girl? - What? - Is he going to help us? You should have got more money for her.
Well, he said he'd He said he'd do his best, but you know how it is.
Go on.
Make his jawline more prognathous.
You see here? And he'd probably have a beard to disguise himself.
Just one escape from Toulon reported, Inspector javert, but the prisoner drowned.
Did they recover the body? No.
It's assumed it must have been trapped under the pilings.
It was prisoner number What do you think, Rivette? Well, I never saw the man, but he certainly looks like a regular villain.
There is nothing regular about this villain.
Merci, monsieur.
All on your own, little one? Papa won't be long.
Papa? He looks after you well, does he, your papa? Yes.
So what happened to your maman? She died.
That man, he's not really your papa, is he? Yes, he is.
And I'll tell him you were in here, nosing round.
I am the principal tenant.
I have a perfect right.
But I won't disturb you any longer.
Good day to you, little miss.
Come on, lads, bring it all out.
What's all this about? It's non-payment of debts.
I'm taking possession of this property, Thenardier, and everything in it but the tools of your trade.
- You can't do that! I've been instructed by Inspector javert! Thenardier, what have you done? Look, look, look.
Just, erm Maman.
Leave some of the chairs.
Go on, lads.
What about the dog? Tied him up.
We don't need another mouth to feed.
And the nipper? I told him to wait round the back.
Someone'll look after him.
Maman! Maman! Oh Gavroche, my darling child! To think you nearly got left behind.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, then! Rivette.
Yes, sir.
Any sightings? Nothing, sir.
There's a woman outside asking for you, sir.
She says she has information for you about him.
"The crow was too high up for the fox to reach him "so theso the" Cunning.
"cunning fox began tell him how shiny" Sh, sh, sh.
Quick, get your clothes on.
We're going to go for a quick walk in the moonlight.
Quick as you can.
Here you go.
Come on.
What about Catherine? Open up! Police! Open up! Break it down.
He's outside! Down here.
He just left the Gorbeau tenements with a little girl.
Have you seen him? No, sir.
All right, you two, block off the exit at Rue de la Mairie.
You, back to Rue Picpus.
We're going to flush him out.
- Yes, sir.
Quick! Papa, my feet are hurting.
Are all the avenues closed off? Every one, sir.
WHISTLE Papa, I'm cold.
They went that way, sir.
Now we have him.
Where, is he? Can't find him, sir.
Back! Back to Rue Picpus! Hurry! At the double.
Go! Go! Come on, let's go! We're safe for the moment.
Cosette! Oh, God, what have I done? You must leave, sir.
No man may enter I'll go, I'll go, but I beg you, care for this girl.
Pere Madeleine? Sister Simplice.
She's Fantine's child.
Reverend Mother, this is a good, kind man.
Cosette I'm an escaped convict, wanted by the police.
Even now they're searching the streets for me.
Police! Open up in the name of the law or by God we'll batter this door down! Take the child.
Police! Open up in the name of the law! Tell me your name and your business here, sir.
My name is Inspector javert of the Paris police.
We have reason to believe there's an escaped criminal here.
I demand to search the premises.
This is a house of holy women.
No man can enter.
We answer to God here, sir, not to the Paris police.
Sister I must search this building.
No, Inspector.
No man has set foot in this convent for many years.
Nor will do.
If you should become aware of any attempt by this man You shall be informed, Inspector.
Please, sit.
Well, Monsieur Madeleine, what are we to do with you? My name is Jean Valjean.
You should turn me away, but I beg you look after Cosette.
That can be done easily enough.
We have a school here and, as soon as she is well enough, she can attend with the other girls.
But will you be happy to part with her? It would break my heart, I think.
You are a thief, are you not? I was a thief.
But that is long in the past.
So I can trust you, can I? If you take care of Cosette, I would do anything for you.
I believe you.
We do need some work to be done in the grounds.
You may have this room and stay here as our gardener.
And you will be able to see the child every day.
Thank you, Reverend Mother.
Thank you.
Sorry he got away, sir.
He will never get away! Search everywhere! He will be found!