Les Miserables (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Your father was one of Napoleon's bravest colonels.
I never knew him because of you! Get out! I never want to see you again! I've seen nothing of the world yet I want to see for myself.
I want to be a citizen of the Republic, not a subject of the King.
We'll all be fighting to the death about that.
What side will you be on, my friend? What's your name? Cosette.
You could find out where they live.
The old man and the girl.
The girl you're sweet on? Depends.
What do I get? I am convinced that he is still alive and here in Paris.
You wouldn't want no harm to come to your pretty daughter now You dare to threaten my Cosette? Now do your worst! Shame you missed the real prize, Inspector.
Papa! I shall never be at peace until he is back in chains.
Liberte! Liberte! I want more men on the street, Rivette.
Now that we know he's here, it's imperative that we find him and get him into custody! Coat! Sir, if I might suggest Suggest what? Speak out, man! Surely, sir, it's more important to respond to these intelligence reports.
We've got workers' groups openly discussing violent revolution.
Three illegal arms factories unearthed this week.
He is here, Rivette.
He has been in Paris all this time, laughing at us.
Well, this time he will not get away.
With respect, sir, we're facing severe problems of public order.
Surely our focus should be on these larger issues.
There is no larger issue, man! Mark my words, wherever you find unrest, he will be at the very heart of it.
So what orders am I to give the men, sir? I want that man found, arrested, and brought to justice.
And as for that scoundrel Thenardier go and arrange for his transfer to the prison hulks.
You should never have gone back there.
Those people there - they are evil.
But I had to.
I had to go back.
I hope I never see them again.
Step back from the gate! Back! Corday! Famigasse! That's me! Jondrette, Azelma! Jondrette, Eponine! Come on, girls, come on.
Not you.
Jondrette Rosalie! Check your list! Have a look at it! Assaulting a police officer with intent to murder? I don't think so! Get back or you get this! You two, out! You can't take my daughters from me.
You can't take my daughters from me! They're saying General Lamarque is dying.
He won't last more than a couple of weeks.
One old soldier on his last legs? I mean, what difference does that make? Lamarque was one of the last heroes who stood up for the common man.
He fought in the Revolution and he's been on our side ever since.
There's bound to be a huge demonstration at his funeral.
That'll be where it starts.
Workers are coming out all over Paris.
And they are ready for new leaders.
This is where we can take our place in history.
We have arms, and we have ammunition.
If we can provoke the army to attack, the people will rise up in anger.
Found you! Found you! I've been looking everywhere for you.
I've got to say, you're a bit of a sorry sight.
You've got straw in your hair.
And I was trying to look nice for you.
You don't look very pleased to see me.
I could make you happy if I wanted to.
Remember you promised me anything I wanted, if I found you a certain address? Well, I've got it.
What? The address of that young lady.
Give it to me now.
I could take you there.
Swear to me you won't tell your father where they live.
You don't have to worry about him, he's locked up in jail.
All the same, swear it! All right! I swear! Good.
Take me there now.
Ooh, you're keen, ain't you? Remember what you promised me.
Anything I wanted.
Where's the prisoner? Didn't you hear? He snuffed it.
Cholera, we think.
It's been spreading like wildfire.
Come on.
Quick! He was fine the last time I saw him.
Come on! Cosette.
I have to go away for a couple of days.
Will you take me with you? It wouldn't be safe.
Don't worry - the Thenardiers are all in jail, and no-one else knows we're here.
But are you well enough? Yes.
Don't leave the house until I'm back.
When do you leave? This evening.
Don't worry.
Toussaint will look after you.
This is really it? You're sure? I'm sure.
Thank you.
! It's all I have on me.
I'm sorry.
I don't want your money! Don't you understand anything? Oh, come on! I'm really very grateful! Warder! So you just let him walk out of here? I thought he was dead, sir.
Rivette? I'm very sorry, sir.
He got away.
You are dismissed.
Yes, sir.
When we capture Jean Valjean, there can be no mistakes! The master escapologist! The man they couldn't hold! With one bound, he was free! Here in my subterranean kingdom, I rule! I challenge! Oh, shut your hole! You nearly got us all done.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I'm going to get my own back on that old sod who stole my stepdaughter.
He was the one that almost got us done, if you remember! He's got a big house round here.
All secret and tucked away.
We've seen it.
We followed him after he jumped out of your window.
Well, we'll do his house then we'll do him.
Yeah? Toussaint? Are you careful to bar the shutters at night? Oh, you needn't worry, Mademoiselle.
No-one can get in.
And if they did, you'd be killed before you knew anything about it.
Toussaint! Just saying- "Does she still come to the Luxembourg Gardens? "What a terrible thing, "for a man not to know the address of his soul.
"I live in darkness now.
"There is someone who went away, taking the sky with her.
"Oh, to lie in that same tomb, holding hands, "and gently to caress each other's fingers in the shadows, "that would satisfy me for all eternity" It's him! He's found me! Forgive me, forgive me.
Did you read my letter? Yes.
Do you remember? The Luxembourg Gardens, when we spoke? Yes.
Of course.
What's the matter? I can't feel Oh, Cosette.
Thieving little brats! Go on! Scum! Here! Come here.
What's the matter? Please, sir, we're lost.
We've got nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep.
And you go begging in a barber's shop? What did you think you'll get? A free haircut?! You'd better come along with me.
Come on.
Bonjour, monsieur! No begging here.
We're paying customers, my good man! Five centime's worth of bread for my young friends and me, if you would be so good.
Merci, monsieur! Au revoir! Remember.
If you're begging for food, it's the baker, not the barber.
Au revoir, mes petites! The General Lamarque is dead.
Everyone will be coming onto the streets for his funeral.
They are ready in Les Halles, they are ready in St-jacques.
We have promises that half the army will be with us.
Another revolution? Is it really going to happen? Don't take my word for it.
Hear it from the workers.
Despiat? Is it going to happen? Well, it's happening already, my friend, and if you're not with us, then you're part of the enemy, so make up your minds.
You rich students can go back to your families in the country, but the poor, we have to live here.
We've been squeezed so hard, we have nothing to lose.
I am ready to die in this fight.
Are you? Is it really going to come to all that? Go home, Grantaire.
This isn't a game.
You can count on me.
And Marius Pontmercy? Oh, no.
He's in his own world.
He's found his angel.
He's been staying with me and speaks of nothing else.
I don't see him on the barricade.
Well, we have no need of his sort.
All we need now is a spark to set off the powder keg, and all Paris could go up in flames! And the government will be torn to bits! I'm with you! Truly? To the death.
To the death.
Lamarque is dead.
Good riddance to him! The last hope of the left! To think, they expected him to be buried with full military honours, in the Pantheon, no less! He can rot in hell for all I care.
Along with the idle scum who follow him! Come on, Gillenormand.
What do you say? Oh, absolutely.
Ag reed, agreed! Poor fellow.
He's not the man he was.
Welcome home, monsieur.
Thank you, Toussaint.
Is everything all right? Yes.
And Cosette? Oh, fine.
Thank you.
I can get you, Monsieur? No, thank you.
Thank you, Toussaint.
Welcome home, Papa! My Cosette! You're safe.
Come on, I have something important to tell you.
So that's how you do it.
This is the house.
This is the house.
Ha! Not bad! Do you know if they've got a cab? A what? A guard dog.
Has he got one? Well, I don't know! I've got some meatballs soaked in sleepy juice, just in case.
And a knife for the old man's throat.
It's an old door.
We'll soon be through that No, you won't! The dog'll have your throats out! Jesus Christ, who's that?! Your daughter.
So you got out of jail, did you? Straight back into trouble.
Give it up! He's got guns! He'll blow your heads off your shoulders! He won't know we're there till it's too late.
Help! Monsieur! You go in.
I'll stay out here with the girl.
If she makes a sound, she gets this.
Yeah, well, it's all the same to me.
You'd let him slit my throat? Your own daughter? Fine father you are! Oh! Now look what you've gone and done! I don't fancy this.
I'm out.
Come on, lads.
What d'you say? There's always tomorrow night.
Right, let's just go, all right? This is all down to you, this is! Yeah, all right! Tomorrow night! And you! Keep your beak out of it! I'm not scared of you.
My darling! Papa's back, and he told me to make ready.
We're going away soon.
Going where? To England.
For how long? I don't know.
I think he meant for good.
I won't let us be parted.
I couldn't live without you anyway.
I'll find some way for us to be together, here or in England.
Now listen.
I have to go.
There's something I've got to do.
But tomorrow, at the stroke of five, I'll be here, in the garden.
But what's your plan? How are we to be together? We will.
We will somehow.
Oh, Cosette.
Until tomorrow, my love.
Psst, Monsieur.
What are you doing here? How did you get in? Anyone can get in, you've got a wonky railing.
I've come to warn you, a gang's coming to rob you tomorrow night.
So you better move, and sharpish.
Why should I believe you? You better.
My dad's in the gang.
Bye-bye, Mister.
Will you receive Monsieur Marius? He's here.
He wants to talk to you.
Well, didn't I always say he'd be back? He wouldn't forget his old grandfather! Show him in, show him in! The rascal! Monsieur Marius.
Have you come to ask my forgiveness, eh? Have you come to your senses and realised you were in the wrong? Is that it? Come on, boy.
Spit it out.
What is it? Monsieur.
I've come to ask your permission to marry.
To marry? Well! Who's the girl? Her name is Mademoiselle Fauchelevent.
Never heard of her.
But, er She's, er rich? Penniless.
So! You want to plunge into misery with a woman round your neck, do you? And you need my money, no doubt.
Well, sit down.
Tell me all about it.
You rogue.
You've got her in trouble, haven't you? No! I've had affairs like that, my boy, and plenty of them! Well, the young must live, and the old must die, that's the way of it.
Here's 2,000 francs.
You can set her up in a nice little love nest, if you're so fond of her.
But you don't want to marry her! Make her your mistress, you silly boy! That's the way it's done! Monsieur, the last time we were together, you insulted my father.
Today, you insult my wife.
I shall never ask anything from you ever again.
What's the matter with him? What have I said? Marius! Marius, come back! Let's discuss this like men! Marius! Don't leave me! He's gone.
He's gone.
Just mind your heads Get ready, Marius.
For what? It's General Lamarque's funeral procession today.
Are you coming, or not? Aren't you supposed to be a Napoleonist democrat? Lamarque fought for Napoleon.
He should be buried in the Pantheon as a hero! But instead, they're treating him like dirt.
What would your father want you to do, Marius? Are you with us or not? I can't.
Leave him.
We don't need any romantic daydreamers, or lovesick schoolboys.
We are going to force the army to strike.
This isn't for the likes of you.
There might be some rough stuff.
Come on, lads.
What's wrong? We must move today.
We can't stay in this house any more.
To England? Already? That'll take time.
It's not safe to travel.
We're moving to a secret address, here in Paris.
But how would anyone know how to find us? Is there someone you wish to be found by? No.
No! Make yourself ready.
We leave in an hour.
We will take only the essentials.
Be ready as soon as you can.
Of course, Monsieur, right away.
Toussaint? Do you know the address of where we're going to? Papa did tell me, but it's slipped my mind.
Rue de I'Homme-Arme, number 7.
Don't worry my dear, all will be well.
"My beloved Marius.
"We go to Rue de I'Homme-Arme, number 7.
"Please come, or send word tonight.
"I love you.
"I love you, I love you.
" Not the finest view in the world, but it's not so bad, this place.
What is it, Cosette? What's the matter? Nothing, really, it's nothing.
They'll try to trap us in Bastille.
They won't.
This is it.
Lamarque to the Pantheon! Lamarque to the Pantheon! Get out! Get back! Get out of our way! Go no further! Lamarque to the Pantheon! Charge! Somebody help me! Citizens! Citizens! Your hand, your hand! Hold that.
Citizens! Citizens! Citizens, now is the time to make our stand! We must build a barricade! Our fellow fighters will be doing the same across the city.
We must divide the focus of the military, and make this city ungovernable! And defend this barricade to the death! It's very handy that it's right next to a pub! Welcome, Despiat.
This is the perfect place.
There's only one line of attack.
Gather everything you can and start building! Come on, comrades! Well done, Matelote.
Come here.
I embrace you as a comrade.
Get off me, you ape! Sir, the army has lost control of the city.
The streets are in chaos.
It's more than likely that Valjean has fled Paris by now.
I doubt that.
He'll be in the midst of them.
And that's where I'll find him.
I beg you, sir, this is too dangerous.
Send someone else.
I wouldn't trust anyone else.
Monsieur! You don't want to be outdoors today! Oh, I think I do, my boy.
Be careful with the gunpowder.
Pass this on.
20 bullets per man, no more.
Use them wisely.
Good work, citizens.
Monsieur, best go home.
No, I don't think I will.
Time to do my bit.
Good work.
Is a man named Jean Valjean with us? Not that I know of.
He'll be in the thick of it, mark my words.
Cosette? Cosette! No! Let me go! I can't let you go! It's not safe! Listen! Listen! There's fighting all over Paris! You can't keep me shut up here forever! Cosette! Where will you go? Let me go! Cosette! Let me go! I hate you! Cosette! Monsieur Marius? Eponine.
There's no point waiting around here.
She's gone.
And your pals are over at the barricade on Rue de la Chanvrerie.
It's just me and you.
I've lost everything.
My life is over.
Ah, come on, Monsieur Marius, don't be like that.
Rue de la Chanvrerie, you say? That's it.
That's as good a place to die as anywhere.
You don't have to get yourself killed, Monsieur Marius.
Keep your head down, and live to fight another day.
What's the point in living, if I've lost Cosette? Monsieur Marius Just leave me alone! Vive la Revolution! Looking good, comrades.
Good to see you too, comrade.
I thought you'd given up on us.
Not me.
M He's a copper.
Seize that man.
Get off me! Where is he?! Your leader! Jean Valjean.
I've never heard of him.
Inspector Javert.
There are no leaders here.
That's where you're mistaken, my friend.
You've all been led astray.
Can I shoot him? We're not assassins.
He can stay where he is.
He can tell us what he knows about the army's plans.
They're coming! Quickly! All right, boys, this is it.
Company, halt! Present arms! Get down! Fire! Wait for my signal! Present arms! Fire! Fixed bayonets! Stop! Hold your powder! Get down! Wait for them to advance! Save your bullets! Charge! Hold! Hold! Fire! Retreat! They're pulling back! Tend to the wounded! Oui! Tout suite! Tout suite! Re-load the arms.
Yes, comrade.
Let's get that flag back up! I can do that.
No, no.
That's no job for an old man.
I said I'll do it! Long live the revolution! Vive la Revolution! Long live the Republic! Monsieur Mabeuf! Grantaire.
Monsieur? Monsieur? Take him inside.
Come on! We need more weapons! More weapons! Give me that torch! Move! Move back, or I'll blow up the barricade! Oh, yes? And yourself with it? Myself too! You don't believe me? My God, man.
You're crazy! Move! Move! He's crazy! Get back, get back! Move! Well done.
I didn't know you had it in you.
It's easy enough when you don't care about your life.
Watch out! You see, some of us still value your life, Pontmercy even if you don't.
At your feet.
What are you doing here? The soldier was shooting at you.
I tried to stop him.
Don't move me.
Stay with me, please.
I don't want to deceive you.
I got a letter for you.
I didn't want you to get it, but now Have you got it? Yes.
Will you promise me to kiss me on the forehead when I'm dead? I will feel it.
Don't be sad.
We're all going to die.
Oh It's coming back.
I can't breathe.
I really did love you.
"My beloved Marius.
"We go to Rue de I'Homme-Arme, number 7.
"Please come or send word tonight.
I love you.
"I love you.
"I love you.
" She's gone.
In her heart, she's gone.
Bonsoir, Monsieur.
Got a letter for number seven.
Give it here.
This is for a young lady.
Mademoiselle Cosette? That's the one.
Where have you come from? The barricade.
Rue de la Chanvrerie.
Lot of dead men there, comrade.
Not the one who wrote that letter? Still alive when I last saw him.
Was he? Hey! Hi - Hop it! All right, keep your hair on! I'm off! "My darling, I hastened to you.
But you were no longer there.
"I thought I'd lost you forever.
"I am now on the barricades with my friends.
"If I die, I die loving you.
"But if I live, "I will find you and we'll be together for eternity.
"When you read this, "my soul will be nearer to you and you'll smile.
"I love you.