Lessons in Chemistry (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Primitive Instinct

It'll be bottom of the
fourth inning by now.
Could've watched the whole
game and been back already.
Maybe there's a radio
around here somewhere.
God forbid we enjoy ourselves.
This whole waiting ordeal is barbaric.
Found the break room.
And there's some very
nice candy stripers.
- [PERSON 1] Good man.
- [CHUCKLES] Here you go. [SIGHS]
- [PERSON 1, PERSON 2] Cheers.
- Cheers.
You'd think the hospital would
invest in some thicker drywall.
Would you like anesthesia?
How much is it?
It depends on how many units we use,
but typically somewhere
in the $45 range.
If I knew it would cost that much,
I would've just made it myself.
All right, my dear.
- It's time. Oh, yes.
- No, I can't.
- No, no, no, no.
- Ladies.
- [NURSE 1] Yes, you can.
- I can't. I can't. [SOBS]
I can't. [PANTS]
I found a little extra of
the happy stuff. On the house.
[CALVIN] Elizabeth?
[GASPS] Calvin?
It's okay. I'm here. Eyes on me.
[SHUSHES] We'll do this
together. I promise.
I'm so glad that you're here.
I need you. I thought that you left.
[CALVIN] No, I'm not going anywhere.
[BREATHING SHAKILY] But But you did.
I'm right here.
[CALVIN] Eyes on me.
All right, here we go.
Your daughter is just fine.
You drugged me.
You're welcome. Do you need to urinate?
No, I do not.
For the next few weeks,
it will likely feel like the fire
of a thousand suns each time you go,
but that will fade.
And then you'll likely notice
some urinary incontinence,
but that usually resolves
itself after a year or so.
Now, why don't I go get your baby girl?
- By the way, what's her name?
- Hadn't thought about it.
I always tell new mothers
not to overthink it.
A name is a name.
Or if you're really stuck, just
go with what you feel right now.
- Mad.
- Oh, lovely.
I have a niece named Maddie.
No. Just "Mad."
[CLICKS TONGUE] Aw, isn't she perfect?
Word to the wise, the doctors will tell
you to stay off your feet for a week,
but they've never given birth.
I'd try to stay as long as possible.
My husband is currently camping.
How long have you been here?
Going on two weeks.
Oh, no. No. I can't afford that,
and I need to get back to my work.
[CHUCKLES] Your work?
[CLICKS TONGUE] She's your job now.
Who are you going to be?
- [SIGHING] Please.
Tell me. [SIGHS] What is it?
Just tell me. Just tell me.
Please. Do you just not like me?
Come on. Mad.
[SIGHS] Please.
Mad, succumb to primitive instinct.
- Come on. Come on. Come on.
Well, nothing's working. [SIGHS]
Please, Mad. I'm begging
you. Tell me what you need.
Fine. Cry as much as you want.
Cry until next month for all I care.
- I don't care. Please.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's okay. [SHUSHING]
[ANNOUNCER] A naval carrier arrived in
San Francisco Bay from Pusan today,
returning over 300 brave
heroes from our shores.
Hundreds of family members and
onlookers lined the docks to cheer
- and embrace these brave servicemen
as they return home
from a six-month tour at sea.
One hero comes back to meet his
young son for the first time.
- Look! It's Daddy. I see Daddy.
- While others include wives
No, baby, that's not Daddy.
Daddy has to stay a little longer
to take care of his patients,
help them get home.
Also seen docking were the two transport
ships carrying hundreds of our brave
Well, it's almost 8:00
p.m., which means
- I wanna do it.
- Okay.
[CHILD 1] One, two
three, four, five, six,
- seven, eight.
- [CHILD 2] Ten weeks?
No, eight weeks until Daddy's home.
- How many days is that, Mommy?
- Too many.
It's okay. Okay. Okay.
Okay, okay. [SIGHS]
We're okay. Okay.
All right. All right. All right.
Are you hungry? Is that the problem?
- [HARRIET] Junior! Let's go inside
thank you.
- Gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.
What is the number one
rule of all outdoor games?
[JUNIOR] Do not track
mud into the house.
[HARRIET] Right.
Linda, we're having dinner!
- Hi.
She won't eat.
My doctor suggested formula
but there's a study out of
Columbia that suggests that
breast milk is the singular conduit
for antibodies from mother to infant.
Not to mention that
breastfeeding releases oxytocin,
but I don't think that oxytocin is gonna
help us when she dies of starvation.
And I have so much to do,
and I can't do a to-do list
because then it's one more thing to do.
Okay. I'm exhausted
just listening to you.
- Come on.
- Oh, God. I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
- I'm not myself. I can leave.
I am making tea in the kitchen
anyway. Does anybody need anything?
- No, thanks.
- No, I'm fine.
[STAMMERS] I can go. I'm I'm fine.
Yeah, you seem great.
I've tried to get her on a schedule.
I've been meticulous about timing.
I've been monitoring every
cry, every bowel movement.
I've been trying various positions
and angles, light levels
- What at all is funny about this?
[SIGHS] You are so much like him.
So incredibly smart and so, so stupid.
Excuse me?
She's a baby. [CHUCKLES]
She's not a controlled
science experiment.
No, I just don't think that you
understand. I didn't want this.
And now I don't think I'm feeling
the way that I'm supposed to be feeling.
Oh, you mean that the way her
smile cures your swollen abdomen
and the excruciating
pain in your nipples,
because you weren't even a whole
person until you met her, right?
- Yeah, that.
- Yeah, that's bullshit.
Complete fiction.
No. Moms love their children.
It's in their biology.
It's just, my biology is making me
have terrible thoughts in my head.
What kind of thoughts?
You can say it.
[SIGHS] Like, what if
I just gave her away?
How many times did you think about
giving Bailey up when he was brand new?
[CHUCKLES] Why? Is somebody offering?
[CHUCKLES] Purely for research purposes.
- The answer is twice. A day. [CHUCKLES]
point with Linda? Day six.
So, you're saying at some point
Mad and I will have a relationship
built on mutual love and respect?
Mad? As in Madeline?
Is that a family name?
Um, no. The nurse just told
me to name her what I felt.
[LAUGHS] You're kidding.
I should have named my
kids Scared and Exhausted.
I will say, it's very nice
to talk to another adult
instead of just hearing
bloodcurdling screams.
Aw, let me take a look at this baby.
- [GASPS] Hello, Mad.
Aw, you're so good,
aren't you? Yes, you are.
You'd be surprised how much you can
learn about a baby at this stage.
They're constantly revealing their
future selves in the smallest of ways.
And this one, she can read a room.
- Yes, you can.
Aw, that's our girl.
Who can tell me what
a family tree is, hmm?
A family tree is a way to
learn where you came from.
Duane, hands to yourself, please.
Your mommy goes in here,
and your daddy goes in here.
Your parents can help you do this.
They'll have all the answers.
- No.
- No?
You can't take out a second mortgage
if you don't have a job to pay it off.
Yes, well, I need to get back
to my research. Once I publish
Nope, no, no.
That is theoretical. We're
a bank. We deal in certainty.
You should be grateful your husband
put you on the deed before he died.
That is quite the feat,
using "grateful" and
"died" in the same sentence.
As soon as your child is old
enough, get her in school.
Then find a job that actually pays,
or marry rich.
I could certainly rob a bank.
Please schedule a time with our
security guard on your way out.
[ELIZABETH] I have come up
with an appropriate hourly rate
based on your yearly salary with markup,
because you will be submitting this work
as if you're the only
person that touched it.
And what will that hourly rate be?
Eight dollars.
An hour? [SCOFFS]
You're joking. [CHUCKLES]
I agree. You're paid shockingly well.
Fine. [SIGHS]
What's the issue with my experiment?
You have two problems.
One, the temperature
is too high on this.
You need to lower it by 15 degrees.
Okay. And the other?
Please don't tell the
other chemists I was here.
Of course not.
See ya. [SIGHS]
- Hmm. There's a baby.
- I'm sorry.
[ELIZABETH] Don't touch that.
[ELIZABETH] Eight dollars, please.
- [CHEMIST] This stays between us, right?
- [ELIZABETH] Naturally.
Good Ooh, ooh, ooh. Okay.
Got my bag and got my reservation ♪
Spent each penny I could afford ♪
Like a child in wild anticipation ♪
I'd like to hear that "All aboard!" ♪
[SIGHS] Thanks again.
It's always nice to get
a second pair of eyes.
Just in case, you know.
Ah. This was all my wife wanted when she
got back from the hospital. [CHUCKLES]
I'm surprised I haven't seen Boryweitz.
I figured he'd be first in line.
Oh, no. They transferred him to DNA.
Yep. He and Donatti are holed
up in-in there in, uh uh,
in Evans's old lab actually.
Elizabeth? Oh
[DONATTI] Miss Zott.
Oh, and this must be
Madeline. How precious is she?
[SIGHS] You've stolen our work.
[BORYWEITZ] Elizabeth, we can explain.
W-What exactly are we
being accused of here?
You have protocol that I
wrote taped on this wall.
You are referencing our
lab notebooks, our paper.
Did you think I wouldn't
recognize my own work?
Congratulations, Miss Zott.
We received the Remsen.
We even We put your name
here in the acknowledgments.
You do not know what any of this means.
You do not know the implications
or what it means for the field
or our understanding of the world.
So, I will be furthering our research.
Our research!
And I will make it greater,
and I will do it faster
and more successfully,
because I am a scientist,
and you are a thief!
And you are a fraud.
We take nothing from no one.
Why are you wearing boy shoes?
They're just shoes.
Then why are they the
same color as Jimmy's?
I'm gonna tell Jimmy
you have the same shoes.
- I have girl shoes. At home.
- [BULLY] Jimmy!
Elizabeth. I swear to God.
I've been the handyman in my
house for over three years now.
It was either learn
on the job or have to
ask for help anytime the toilet leaked.
- Thank you.
[SIGHS] Yeah, I'm just trying to
keep the peace in the neighborhood.
All right, let there
be light. [CHUCKLES]
All right, there we are.
[SIGHS] Now for the best
part of home improvements.
What have you got to drink around here?
Oh, I have five synthetic
blends of formula. [CHUCKLES]
- Oh, and this.
Oh, perfect.
- That I can't teach you. [CHUCKLES]
It's been six hours.
That is by far the longest that
Mad has slept uninterrupted.
While I'm doing construction, of course.
Mom's getting the hang of it.
Can I ask you a potentially
invasive question?
We'll find out.
I've been thinking about our
conversation the other day.
Did you not plan to get pregnant?
Uh, I was finishing law
school when I found out.
And Charlie was starting
his residency, so I waited.
And then Junior came
along, and I waited again.
And then Charlie got deployed and
You see the pattern. [SCOFFS]
Do you regret it?
If I could go back
knowing what I know now,
I'd change some things.
But I do know that the
woman sitting here today,
who raised two kids mostly on her own,
is far more resilient for it.
There's been a lot of pain but, uh,
what I didn't see coming was
that my capacity to experience joy
would grow along with it.
I don't regret having my
kids. But I do have regrets.
I'm mostly too tired to think about it.
I know you said it's normal
to feel doubt and guilt,
but I'm still not having
those magical moments.
[SIGHS] They'll come.
Not that, uh, this is my area of
expertise but, um [CHUCKLES]
well, say you do get this crazy
pseudo-lab kitchen up and running
without exploding the whole
neighborhood. Then what?
Well [SIGHS]
Calvin and I did not get
the grant that we were chasing,
so my plan is to finish our research.
And if I can publish on my own,
I can get into any lab I want.
But don't you need chemicals
and [STAMMERS] equipment
for chemical experiments?
"Hi. Hi. I-It's It's Fran Frask."
"Hey Hey, toots."
[GROANS] Not that.
"Hi. Hi."
Hi there. It's Fran Frask from Hastings.
So, I am calling because I
I wanted to place an irregular
order for our new satellite lab.
It'll It Yep.
L-Laboratory vacuum?
[STAMMERS] We need another one.
Bunsen burners, graduated
cylinders, beakers
So, what's this lab do?
not at liberty to say.
To protect, uh, mucosal
membranes from noxious fumes?
Here you go.
I never told you about my brother.
You told me a little bit.
I knew him better than
anybody in the world.
It was almost like there
was an imprint of him on me.
I could feel him so clearly
in every interaction,
in every room that I entered.
I know exactly what he would
say if he was here right now.
But I can't do that with you
because there's so much more
that I don't know than I do know.
What do you wanna know?
I didn't have anyone either.
I wanna know everything.
I wanna know what you
were like as a boy.
I wanna know what kind
of father you would be.
I know I didn't tell you, but
you know that I loved you, right?
What are you doing,
showing up here like this?
Your plane doesn't land
for another two nights.
A seat opened up on a C-124 out
of Landstuhl, and I snagged it.
know what any of that means.
- [LINDA] Daddy!
- [MOANS] My baby girl. [LAUGHS]
[SIGHS] How tall are you? 6'?
I'm 48".
Hey there, bubba. It's okay.
You know, your mom told me how brave
you've been since I've been gone.
- I thought you might like this.
Do you wanna give your daddy a hug?
Maybe after some ice cream?
- Ice cream.
- [CHUCKLES] There it is.
[GROANS] I've dreamt about this hug.
[CHUCKLES] You can just
put it right in the kitchen.
- Ray, you better play this one first.
- Mmm. Okay. All right.
Ooh. You look like trouble.
- [SIGHS] Mmm.
- Hello.
- You tried Agnes's corn bread?
- [HARRIET] Mmm. She made sure of it.
- [CHARLIE] Hey. Hello.
- Oh. [CHUCKLES] Hey.
- Get over here.
Charlie, this is Elizabeth Zott.
[SIGHS] I'm so sorry for your loss.
Is that molasses on the ribs?
That's impressive.
It's Kansas City style, the
way my dad used to make it.
- What do we have here?
- Uh, blackberry pie.
How good we talking? I won't
be shown up in my own home.
- Mmm. Then you might not wanna serve it.
Come on.
Jodie, Rhoda, Agnes.
You remember Elizabeth?
- How you doing?
- [BOTH] Hi.
Hi. It is really nice
to see you at a time
when norepinephrine isn't
coursing through my body,
triggered by an acute
flight-or-fight response.
I don't know the science,
but I do remember the feeling.
- Oh. We're dancing now.
- Hey.
- [AGNES] Yes.
- [JODIE] All right.
- [AGNES] Whoo!
- [JODIE] Come on.
- [HARRIET] That's right. [LAUGHING]
Hello there, little one.
Harriet mentioned this
unbelievable blackberry pie.
I'm Curtis Wakely.
Elizabeth Zott. How do
you know the Sloanes?
[WAKELY] I just met them.
I'm taking over for my father
as reverend at First Baptist.
If you ever need a
reverend or a taste tester,
I'd be more than happy to oblige.
[CHUCKLES] Well, you're
happy to taste test anytime.
Not so much for church?
My father was a preacher, so I have
a complicated relationship with faith.
- [WAKELY] Mm-hmm.
- Plus, I'm a scientist,
so I have a complicated
relationship with faith.
I welcome the debate.
There's just not much of a debate
when one side has proof
and the other has guilt.
- I'm so It was lovely to meet you.
- You as well.
What you guys got there?
It's a spinning top.
Spinning top? Do you see that? Ooh.
I miss seeing you at that
sink, Chief Surgeon Sloane.
Was today too much too soon?
Yes, probably.
But it was also great
to see everyone again.
Yeah. I saw you and
Sanford in cahoots again.
How's he doing?
He's good.
He's still at Kaiser Sunset.
Said they're looking for a new
chief resident in General Surgery.
You haven't even been back a week.
The money is good, Harr.
It's really, really good.
Yeah? How about the hours?
The hours will be the hours.
- This is a huge opportunity.
- For you.
I feel like I've been putting
myself on hold for a long time now.
What does that mean?
I signed up to take the
bar exam in the spring.
Eugene offered me a position
as junior associate if I pass.
- When were you gonna tell me?
- Now.
- And
- There's an "and"?
And I've been asked to chair
the Adams Washington Committee
to keep this neighborhood from
turning into a freeway on-ramp.
Did I become Mr. Harriet
Sloane when I was gone?
It's a lot to carry for the both of us.
- We'll make it work.
And how in the
world are we gonna do that?
Our kids need us both.
I'm not worried.
Yeah? Why not?
Because it's you and me.
- Dr. Mason?
- Miss Zott, how are things?
- Good.
- Not to make this about me,
but I had the most
god-awful row this morning.
Oh, wow.
It's messy, I know.
Haven't heard from you in a
while and thought I'd check in.
[SIGHS] You look tired.
What about help? You have someone?
My neighbor drops by.
Excellent. Proximity is critical.
And you're taking care
of yourself? Erging?
W-When I can find the time.
I know I said a year, but our
two-seat fractured his leg,
so I need you as soon as
possible. Next week at the latest.
- What? No. I'm
- Tired? Busy?
Probably going to argue
you don't have time.
- Because I don't.
- Who does?
Being an adult is
overrated, don't you think?
Just as you solve one
problem, ten more pull up.
But a chilly splash of water to the face
off starboard, just before dawn?
It fixes things.
off to the hospital.
I'll see you next week, two-seat.
I love you.
I know.
[SIGHS] I was just
thinking about your dad.
He used to say that jazz
taught him how to think.
How to sit and let the ideas
carry him where they may.
He had a lot of notions.
And dance moves.
Wait, do you think
that's funny? [CHUCKLES]
Sloane residence.
Listen to this. [CHUCKLES]
- Come on, Mad.
Uh, w-what exactly am I
supposed to be hearing?
She was She was just
laughing. [CHUCKLES]
Is that even normal for a child her age?
[SIGHS] I think she might be
quite advanced, unsurprisingly.
I just hope she gets her
parents' characteristic humility.
What's wrong?
[SHAKILY] I can't make my family tree.
It's okay. I can't do mine either.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hey, honey.
- Hi, Mom.
[MAD] Hey, Six Thirty.
So, tell me, how was school?
I don't think Mrs. Mudford likes me.
Highly improbable.
Every time I ask a question,
her mouth goes like this.
Mmm? That is a scowl. Or a grimace.
What's the difference
between a scowl and a grimace?
There isn't. They're synonyms.
Oh, I see.
Did you like your lunch today?
Yes. It was very delicious.
Did you like the pumpkin muffins
I made? I tried a new recipe.
Oh, I loved them.
Madeline Zott,
I did not make pumpkin muffins.
I made peanut butter brownies.
You are not eating your lunch,
and worse, you are lying to me.
So, we will not be leaving
this spot until you tell me why.
[ELDER] Now, when I
was a girl [SIGHS]
the war made it impossible
for my mother to find stockings.
So, she would knit stockings herself,
but without the waistband.
So, they were just socks.
Our numbers are more
flaccid than my dick.
Older women love her.
They find her comforting.
No, Walter, they find her boring.
And besides, we need men to watch,
because men have money to
buy things from our sponsors,
so I have money to buy things.
This is Gerta's last day and possibly
her last breaths on this earth.
Phil, at least let
her do a goodbye show.
The crone is out. Fill the slot.
Someone young but elegant.
Someone maternal but fuckable.
Maternal and fuckable. Got it.
[ELIZABETH] Ma'am, I am
here to see Walter Pine.
[SECRETARY] He's not available.
Ah. Mr. Pine.
Uh, nurse auditions are
downstairs to your left.
No, I am here to discuss the matter
concerning my daughter's
lunches with you.
- Lunch?
- Correct.
Can I go get a snack?
Yeah. Uh, sure, honey.
Go Go see Sharon.
I'm sorry, who are you, and why
are you in my office right now?
I am Elizabeth Zott,
Madeline Zott's mother.
[STAMMERS] Have a seat.
No, this is not a seated
kind of conversation.
Your daughter has been taking my
daughter's lunch every day for months.
Which really just leads me to wonder,
is she not having nutritious meals
provided to her by her provider?
daughter's extremely well-fed.
I'm aware, because I'm the
one that's been feeding her.
- [SIGHING] Mr. Pine.
I do wish that I had the time or the
resources to feed both our daughters,
but as it stands, I have two jobs.
Well, three if you consider
being a parent, which I do.
And as a parent, I will
not compromise on good food.
Good food is a primary catalyst
from which my daughter will grow.
Good food is not a hobby. It
It is community, it is
family, and it is essential.
Out of concern for your daughter,
I brought my chicken pot pie recipe.
Along with a sample so that you
can taste the crumble of the crust
and the viscosity of the filling.
I also have oatmeal
cookies or No. Mm-mmm.
I'm going to keep these on principle.
Well, I'll leave one, for Amanda.
Do not split that
cookie with your father.
He wasn't very busy.
What? Oh. Oh.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Have you lost your mind?
- Sorry.
I'm a television producer,
and I believe that you are poised
to become a force in afternoon TV.
Which is why I would
like to offer you a job
as the new host of RBLA TV's
latest cooking show. [SIGHS]
Are you concussed?
[STAMMERS] Uh, n-no.
Mr. Pine, I am a scientist. A scientist
who does not watch television.
[STAMMERS] Please, just
just think about it.
And I did. I've considered
it. Please move your feet.
I was raising my hand, but
she wasn't looking at me.
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