Lethal Weapon (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

There Goes the Neighborhood

1 Uh! One! Two! Come on, get down! All right, man Ah, sit still before you get cut and have all that kale salad come oozing out your head.
- Oh, man, here we go.
- (laughter) Hey, hey, hey, do they even let you eat meat out there in Sherman Oaks? ART: Oh, hell no.
You got to be a vegetarian to move out there.
And then you have to sign up for them, uh, Pilate classes.
Hey, don't knock Pilates.
You can never be too flexible.
(laughter) EARL: That's why he come out here every week.
Ain't no black folks out in Sherman Oaks.
Only those bougie-ass African-Americans.
Our blackness is in question, RJ.
Back me up.
Wait, what's that? I was listening to an NPR podcast.
I couldn't hear you.
(laughter) Oh, he's funny like y'all now.
I like NPR.
Very informative.
(Art laughs) Hey, youngster.
What you got today? What's going on? Y'all know I got that Central Intelligence.
That Independence Day.
One for $10, two for $16.
Marcus? Yo, it's RJ.
Man, I haven't seen you since, like, the fourth grade.
What's up, man? Yo, what's up, man? I'm chillin'! What a trip! Yo, your mama used to make the best brownies Wait, hold on.
Is your daddy still a, uh A cop? Yeah.
You selling bootleg DVDs? I'm disappointed.
Mainly in your collection.
What you got, Surf Ninjas? Soul Plane? I ought to arrest you for bad taste.
(laughter) Tell your mama I said hi.
And get yourself a real job, boy.
(laughter) Morning.
Come on.
Let's go.
Are you homeless? Hey.
No, I got a trailer up a ways.
Not a lot of people, which is great, but no washing machine.
- You surf here a lot? - Yeah, my whole life.
You ever heard of a Laundromat? Aw, come on.
Can't beat this view.
You might want to consider fluff n fold.
Could help your look.
There's nothing wrong with my look.
Hey, I don't look homeless! Man, this cut is all wrong.
I want the Mohawk with the fade on the side.
Mohawks are only appropriate for Native Americans and Mr.
Why do we have to go to Art's anyway? It's a 45-minute drive, and all they do is make fun of us.
Boy, we don't go to Art's for the cut.
We go to connect with our community, - our roots.
- (phone chimes) Marcus just texted me.
We traded info.
He wants to hang.
You boys should hang out.
It'd be good for you to spend a little time in the old hood, too.
If you miss it so much, why'd we leave? Your mother wanted a better school district.
So we moved here.
Instead of community, we have landscaping.
And a safer house, safer streets.
(knocking) - (laughs): Hey, Martin.
- Hi.
Nice to see you.
Good to see you.
Roger will be back any minute.
All right, can you say hi to Martin? Yes.
- Uh, Trish? - Hmm? - Can I ask you a question? - Uh-huh.
Do I look homeless to you? What? Of course not.
I mean, sometimes you're a little scruffy, but that's that's part of your charm.
Part of my charm.
Oh, gosh.
Could you feed her for a second? Oh, um, I've never fed anything.
I mean, pigs, I had some pigs and a dog once, - but it died.
I - Martin, spoon in, spoon out.
(sighs) Okay.
You want to try something? Yeah.
Yeah, it doesn't look that It does look bad, doesn't it? Looks like glue.
Yeah, look, watch.
That's really good.
She didn't want any.
Right? (laughing) DISPATCHER: We have a 459 on the 1600 block of Sylmar Avenue.
That's a break-in six blocks back.
Four-king-ten, I'm in the area.
Copy that.
Are you serious? We're two blocks from the house; walking builds character, and hopefully some calf muscles.
Man, this is child endangerment.
Go on.
MURTAUGH: Suspects located.
Two black males.
One's five-ten, the other's just over six feet and half as wide.
Backup is three minutes away.
- (door opens) - Copy that.
Whoo! Easy, buddy.
Your death wish was two seconds from coming true.
What are you even doing here? I was at your place when I heard the call.
That is one big human being.
MURTAUGH: Yes, it is.
Backup's on the way.
- Backup's already here.
Let's go.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're not gonna get your cowboy on here.
- My cowboy? - Yeah.
I am a police officer responding to a call, sir.
MURTAUGH: You're a stick of dynamite with a mustache.
RIGGS: Why does the mustache got to be relevant? - (engine starts) - Look, this is my neighborhood, okay? My family carpools on this street.
Somebody just got out of carpool duty.
- Son of a - (siren wailing) Welcome to the Cam Rellim chronicles Looking out my monocle, I'm dodging obstacles I gamble like the Bellagio, you cockroach Go, go, go, go, go! 'Cause everything I talk is dope, type to leave it clean And shiny, word to Mop & Glo, tryin' to get a mansion Ain't nobody here gonna find my room Come on, come on, come on, come on.
I guarantee you that my socks stay blue So press play, I start from scratch Hey, whoa, whoa, don't slow down! The next day, these losers (screams) Oh, my God! - Sorry, Mrs.
Choi! - Sorry! Pen game is something these have never seen All-City champion Um uh, Rog, you're-you're going the wrong way.
We're gonna cut him off.
Testify, for the best is I Best is I, and anybody in my way Gonna be left to die, I'm-a feed The world, you can put it on my tab Run until my legs go numb, I don't plan on looking (gun clicks) (automatic gunfire) Yeah, yeah And this is Blue Slide Park.
(grunts) Well, there goes the neighborhood.
They shot at me in my own neighborhood! I want to know who these punks are, who they hang out with, where they live.
It was a precise in-and-out hit while the homeowner was at a boutique opening.
Got over 200 grand in jewelry and electronics.
This crew, they must case They're predators! The whole point of moving to Sherman Oaks is so stuff like this doesn't happen! We're taking the case.
Roger, look, I understand you're taking this personally, but what you have to Yes, it is personal.
You wouldn't understand.
You don't live in any kind of community.
You're a sand hobo.
A sand hobo? As opposed to what, like, an, uh like a regular hobo who rides the rails? Your neighbors are seals.
These guys had fake uniforms, custom vans.
They're professionals.
Hey, Bailey, why don't you run a search on all burglaries in L.
County, see if any similarities pop up.
On it.
And, Murtaugh, don't be all in my grill.
It's gonna take me a couple days to get all these files from around the city.
Or I could get them in an hour.
Gang Unit has contacts in all stations.
I'll hook you up.
AVERY: Team, I'm sure you remember Detective Cruz.
Remarkably, after working with Riggs and Murtaugh on our last cartel case, he put in to be transferred over to us full-time.
MURTAUGH: Good to have you, Cruz.
We're going after some grade "A" miscreants here.
Okay, then.
I'm sure you'll all make him feel right at home.
Oh, yeah.
Unless home is a trailer near some easily-maligned seals.
You got a description on the suspects? No, we were too busy almost getting killed to see their faces.
But one of them looked like the black Hulk.
RIGGS: So I'm guessing this Bigfoot-sized footprint is from my boy? And a guy that size shouldn't be hard to find.
I'll call my C.
, see what I can get.
Got something.
MURTAUGH: That looks like him.
How did you do that? Yeah, baby! Come on! Did an online search for "Black Hulk.
" That's how we do here in Robbery-Homicide.
RIGGS: Whoa, whoa.
Easy, kids.
We're all cops here.
Not seals or hobos.
There's a lot about that man that is hobo-like.
A lot.
Comin' to you live from the mosh pit Born from the belly of the darkness That video was shot right here in this gym.
Have you seen any enormous black guys with arms the size of my thighs in here? All we got is enormous black guys.
(grunting) You got a problem? If someone were gonna buy you a pair of moccasins, what size would they be looking for? And I know what you're thinking, but you're wrong.
Everyone looks great in moccasins.
What do you got? Regular men's shoe sizes are, what, 10½? 11? Except Gigantor over there probably wears a size 12.
This is a 16.
Same size as the footprint at the crime scene.
And the exact same shoe that Hulk wore in his video.
(water running) (exhales) Excuse me, Mr.
, uh, Hulk.
Will you kindly put some shorts on or something and come with us? We'd greatly appreciate that.
Greatly appreciate it.
If you want me, come and get me.
Well, the good news is he's not packing.
Rog, if that's not packing, your standards are extremely high.
Well, look, we just take him off his center, that's all.
You go low, I'll go high.
You go low.
You go low.
I'm not going low.
You go (shouts) Get him! Tase him! What those ladies tell us, get shot down (screaming) (grunting) Girls are scantily clad and showin' body A chick walks by you, wish you could sex her But you're standing on the wall like you was Poindexter Next day's function, high-class luncheon Food is served and you're stone-cold munchin' Music comes on, people start to dance (shouts) A girl starts walking, guys start gawking Sits down next to you and starts talking Can I get a little help over here?! Rog! Let me go! Help me out! Oh! Yeah, just bust a move (grunts) (shouts) Just bust a move RIGGS: Tase him again! Just bust a move (grunts) Come on and just bust a move.
(grunts) (groaning) (Taser crackling) (groaning) (groaning) (panting) Man, his situation was, like, all up in your Yes! Yes, it was.
(sighs): Oh.
- Now it's personal.
- Yeah, yeah.
RIGGS: Rajon Phillips.
(clears throat) Two counts of attempted murder on a police officer.
Assault and battery of said police officer, resisting arrest, destruction of property.
That doesn't even include the two dozen counts of burglary that we have linked to you and your crew.
Also known as: life without parole.
Unless you give us names and details.
Come on, Rajon.
Rahjon? Rajon? Ra-John? - Roll.
Roll the Rs.
- Rowjohn? Rojon? Rrrrr.
MURTAUGH: Look, every person on a crew has a role.
I'm guessing yours is breaking things, moving heavy objects, maybe grunting from time to time? RIGGS (laughs): He does a lot of grunting.
My point is, it's obvious that you were not the brains behind the operation.
Well, as that tends to require - actual brains, so - Yes.
RIGGS: And, I mean, come on, let's be honest.
That's why you're in here and they're out there.
MURTAUGH: And that's not fair, is it? It's not fair.
At all.
(grunts) I ran the crew.
I called the shots.
For all the jobs.
Makes you wonder who a guy like that would be scared enough of to do hard time for.
Well, scared of or connected to.
Family, friends, his community.
So let me get this straight.
You just keep a perfectly-pressed outfit here at the station, what, like, in your locker? Yeah.
- Five of 'em.
- Five of 'em.
Because I do laundry like civilized people.
You should try it.
Captain, I want to take another crack at this guy.
So do you keep extra clothes here at the station? Of course I do.
(sighs) Hey, Rajon, good news.
We're transferring you to County before your arraignment.
Just got to fill out a little paperwork here.
Any family we should notify? Hmm? Gang affiliations we should know about, for your own safety? What about medical conditions? Look like you had some knee surgery.
You play football? Basketball, then.
What were you, like, a Compton Cougar? Yeah, they play rough.
(scoffs) Hawthorne Roman.
Yeah, the Romans, yeah.
They suck.
They suck now.
Won the conference when I was there, bitch! Get him out of here.
(sighs): Oh.
(crowd cheering) MURTAUGH: See that? It's good to be back in the old hood.
See, this is what sports is all about, the feeling of the whole community rallying behind you.
Might be a foreign concept to you.
Well, you remember I'm from Texas, right? Sports is more of a religion down there.
(crowd cheering) Nice work, Darielle.
Your D was tight all game.
That's Marshawn Wyley, Rajon's high school basketball coach.
He ought to know who Rajon was tight with.
I'm-a start calling you Michael Cooper.
Coop! defensive player of the year for the Showtime Lakers.
Oh, yeah.
I'm surprised these kids even know who he is.
Oh, they do if they want to play on my team.
Come on, come on.
Here we go! How can I help you? Want to talk to you about a player you coached - at Hawthorne High.
Rajon Phillips? - Mm-hmm.
MURTAUGH: We're trying to locate some of his associates.
You have any idea who he was tight with on that team? Sure, there was Mike Carter and, uh, Andre Ellis.
But I think those two are still locked up.
You know, I tried to keep those kids on the straight path, but guess I just wasn't up to it.
- You can only do so much, right? - Yeah.
Is that why you quit coaching there? Yeah, but I still do what I can.
You know, hire local kids, sponsor these league games.
MURTAUGH: Valley Star Cable.
Is that one of your sponsors? Yeah.
They have a service center in the area.
A lot of these people here they worked there at one time or another.
Thanks for your help.
- His shoulder.
- Mm-hmm.
MURTAUGH: Ain't that about where you shot our burglar? (crowd cheering) (grunting) (groaning) El Paso High.
Strong safety.
Go Wildcats.
(panting) Go 'head, go 'head If she wanna come through, I tell her Hey, girl.
What's up? You need a ride? Nice whip, but I don't know you.
I'm Marcus.
Now you know me.
Who's your friend? He's cute.
(chuckles) Yo.
Why aren't we going after those girls? Man, sometimes you just need to stunt on these girls, all right? I got to get me one of these cars.
Hey, let's go see my boy at work.
He got all types of rides.
I know you want to drive.
You know I want to drive.
Let's go.
Porsche, bro.
There is no substitute.
(laughs) Uh, uh (siren wailing) Oh, damn.
All right, all right, slow down.
Slow down.
Just be cool, man.
All right, don't say anything first, and don't reach for anything.
(indistinct police radio chatter) (sighs) Yo, what are you doing, man? Stop moving! Hands where I can see 'em.
Evening, Officer.
My dad's a detective with the LAPD.
Here's his card with his badge number.
Employee I.
says Roger Murtaugh.
(indistinct police radio chatter) That's a nice ride you got.
Stay safe.
Thank you, Officer.
(police car door opens, closes) (engine starts) (exhales) Yo you got another one of them cards? No, but take my dad's digits.
You ever get in trouble, give him a call.
(engine starts) Yeah, I got to get back to work, man.
Are you serious? Yeah.
Bro, I was, I was just having fun though.
You got to bounce, bro.
- Where - Now, yo! Yo, how am I supposed to get back home, then? (tires screech) (sighs) This upstanding citizen is John Baker, aka Boogie.
He used to work for Valley Star Cable, which is how he managed to steal a van and use it for his break-in crew.
Yo, Detective, I'm-a need a pat down, real up close and personal - Now, shut your damn mouth.
- (grunts) I can take care of myself.
I never said you couldn't.
I mean, I-I just figured that Just what? Parachute your way into Robbery-Homicide after hot-dogging one drug case? Took me four long years.
Why don't you book Romeo here.
(grunts) I'm just saying what you thinking.
(phone vibrating) Who's calling you, Boogie? (phone ringing) Bailey, what's up? Cruz found an address text to Boogie's phone, and a 911 call just came in on that same location robbery.
That's our crew.
What's the address? 2604 South Gramercy.
But there's more.
The woman who called it in is in the house.
911 has her on the line.
- All right, patch us through.
- (siren wailing) (phone beeps) (quietly): Hello? Hey, this is Detective Riggs.
Is it safe for you to talk? I think so, yes.
What's your name? Haley.
All right, Haley.
Where are you in the house right now? In the hallway closet.
- I can see out a little.
- (men chattering) Okay, how many men do you see in the house? HALEY: I think four, wearing masks.
They're going through all the rooms.
They're gonna find me.
No, they're not.
Listen, we're almost there, okay? They went away.
I can see the front door.
It's so close.
No, Haley.
You stay where you are in that closet.
Are you listening to me? I think I can make it.
Haley, no.
Haley? Haley! Haley? (gunshot) Drive.
(engine revving, siren wailing) This case is now our top priority.
A young woman is dead, shot with a .
380, no fingerprints found at the scene.
This crew only hits when no one is home.
Haley surprised them.
By the look of things, she was asleep.
Probably didn't hear them until they were already in the house.
Where are we on I.
'ing Rajon and Boogie's associates? I checked the gang database and my CIs, but nothing.
M-Maybe there's something I-I could pull from the robberies that I I checked all the vics.
None of them have the same security companies, gardeners, housekeepers.
I even checked the truck delivery routes.
But this one does not fit the profile of the other robberies.
Not only was someone home, but they didn't have much.
There's a link that we're not seeing.
NAOMI: My sister wasn't supposed to be at my house.
I didn't even know she was in town.
And-and what did I have to even steal? They killed her for for some cheap jewelry and $70 in the kitchen drawer? Look, we're gonna find the people that did this, I promise you.
(sighs) They said you were on the phone with her, when she was hiding.
I was.
(exhales) She must have been so scared.
Actually, she was very brave.
Yeah? Yeah.
Um did anyone know about your plans to be out tonight? Anyone have access to your home? We lost our parents when we were young.
Haley was my best friend.
The only family I have.
And now she's gone.
Just like that.
(phone ringing) - What? - ROGER JR.
: Riggs.
I-I'm glad you picked up.
It's RJ.
I-I need help.
RJ? RJ who? Roger Junior.
Your partner's son.
Oh, RJ! Hey, buddy, what's up? Okay, well, um, I snuck out to meet this girl and I got stranded in, like, not really the best neighborhood.
And I-I know it's a huge ask, but can you come get me? RJ, you got to call your dad, buddy.
I Look, he just left the station.
Did you not hear what I said? I snuck out.
Riggs, please, I'm begging you.
All right, where are you? (engine starts) (car alarm chirps) Ms.
Hate to bother you with more questions, but when you went out tonight, did you take your car or did you leave that at home? I drove.
I would, too.
I mean, it's a nice Tesla.
I work for the dealership.
One of the perks is getting to drive an $80,000 car.
I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.
Well, you drive safely.
: It's like cracking a case.
What's like cracking a case? Figuring out what a girl wants to hear so they let you you know, g-get with them.
You know, this was like a a serious, X-rated-type situation.
She was like, "Mmm," and then I was like, "Mmm," and then she was like, "I love you, RJ.
" Okay, so you you weren't with an actual girl.
I mean, that much is clear.
All right, look, but wherever you were, you're gonna have to tell your parents.
What? No, no, no.
See, that's the whole reason I called you.
Mom and Dad treat me like I'm a damn child or something You are a child, RJ.
And you always will be.
(sighs) You want to be treated like an adult? Then start by being straight up with them, and try to learn from whatever their reaction is.
Okay? I got it.
Are you kidding? I don't have a desk.
I figured I'd crash here.
Well, you can set up camp in the break room - or on the floor.
- MURTAUGH: The burglaries.
Where were the owners when their homes got hit? All over.
Concerts, dinners, games, gallery openings.
All places that use valets.
That's the link.
The crew is not casing homes, they're casing cars.
Valet sees that they have nice rides, figure they probably have nice stuff back home.
And that's how they messed up on this last hit.
Because the owner had a sleek car, but they didn't have much stuff.
BAILEY: And they know where to hit because most people have their home addresses on the car registration.
Or their GPS.
So then Valet tells the break-in crew.
So, get the names of the valet companies that our vics use.
We find the valets, we find the crew.
Detective Murtaugh.
Sergeant Collins.
Had some paperwork to file downstairs, thought I'd come up and introduce myself.
So, what can I do for you? I pulled over your son tonight.
He and a buddy were in a Porsche, doing 80 on Alameda.
(chuckles): That's not my son.
No? His name was Roger Jr.
He gave me your badge number and card.
I just thought you'd want to know.
I'm with him right now.
Tell him I came to you and told you everything, like an adult.
No, I don't think we should send him to military school.
Yes, he was just getting to the part where he got stranded - after hanging out with Marcus.
- MURTAUGH: Marcus? They got pulled over by the police.
Did RJ mention that? He did.
He said he didn't want to get in trouble, but didn't want us to worry.
(laughs): Which is why he called Riggs for a ride home.
Riggs? What? He called Riggs? Yes, Martin dropped him off Call you back.
- Riggs.
- Yo! Hey, I thought you went home.
Nah, I came back.
I cracked the case.
What'd you figure out? What've you been doing? Oh, I just had to run an errand.
An errand.
Like going to pick up my son after he got pulled over by LAPD? (sighs) Look, Roger, he RJ called me and said he went to go meet a girl I don't care what he said.
You know why RJ called you? Because you're the fun uncle who likes to smokes weed, and tell him and his sister Okay that it's okay to drink because you don't give a damn! You need to calm down.
Two black teenagers, one of them my son, pulled over by a uni I don't know! Do you have any idea how bad that could've gone? No.
Because you have nothing to love in this world, but yourself.
And you wonder why your kids won't talk to you.
Don't ever get involved with my family again.
Is that clear? Crystal.
What?! Get back to work.
MURTAUGH: What's wrong with you, boy? Why didn't you call me or your mother? Because you just called me "boy.
" Oh, because you're a man? Is that it? A man doesn't go for a joy ride, then wave his daddy's card around to get out of trouble.
And you better pray that that car wasn't stolen.
It wasn't.
It it belonged to Marcus's friend at work.
And Riggs didn't know.
He was just trying to help Don't talk to me about Riggs! What Inglewood teenager has friends with rides like that? As far as I know, the only job Marcus has is selling bootleg DVDs.
He also valets for some fancy restaurant in West Hollywood.
He's a valet? Give me his number.
(sighs) Hey.
What's up? I got more addresses if you need it.
'Cause that last one you gave us didn't work out.
We got people waiting on us to deliver, so you're gonna help them make it right.
(phone ringing) MARCUS: What the? "Detective"? You talk to the cops? It's not like that, bro, all right? My Let's go for a ride.
(engine starts) Okay.
I might have something, but I hit a roadblock.
Mind taking a look? All right.
What you got? A girl I know works at the city finance office.
She says all the valet stands we're looking at are owned by a Showtime Industries, owned by William Sharman.
But I can't find any record of him.
That's because that name is bogus.
Bill Sharman was the general manager of the Showtime era Lakers.
Come on.
Responsible for Kareem? Magic? I'm a Galaxy guy.
(sighs) Course you are.
All right, well, let's find out who William Sharman really is.
(tires screech) Man, that detective that called, that was just my friend's dad.
Okay? It's nothing.
You got to believe me.
We do believe you.
That's why you're coming on this job.
On a job? Why? I wouldn't know what to do.
All I been doing is pulling addresses from cars, like you asked me.
You've just been promoted.
Son, I need to know when exactly Marcus left here.
I told you, I don't know.
What are you doing here? Cruz and Bailey followed your lead on the valet stands.
Turns out they're all owned by one individual: Marshawn Wyley.
The coach? Yeah.
I had to put a BOLO out on him.
These kids are too scared to talk.
RJ's friend Marcus works this stand.
He might be caught up in this.
I keep calling his phone, but (sighs) nothing.
Or maybe he already told you that when, uh, you guys took your little ride together.
Mm, Roger, honestly.
(line ringing) I already said I was sorry.
Sorry? I didn't hear sorry.
Oh, maybe 'cause you're just too busy punching me in the jaw.
(phone ringing) You hear that? Yeah.
They got Marcus.
All right, so we know you been feeding addresses to your boss.
Now, the first one of you who tells us where Wyley is right now gets a free pass.
All right.
Take them in.
Hold up just a second.
You know, it's Friday.
So that means your pals you guys are gonna be in County the whole weekend.
Fresh meat, baby face they're gonna like you.
- Big chest.
- That's true.
You do you do have a big chest.
You do work out a lot.
- They love that.
You need to - Yeah.
make sure you choose your partner though.
- Right.
- Don't let them choose you.
- That's when it gets scary.
- All right, all right.
The a couple pulled up in a nice ride.
I heard them say they were celebrating, so I gave their address to Mr.
Wyley when he took Marcus.
They're taking him on a job.
Let's go.
Go, man.
Come on, let's go.
Do exactly as I tell you, and there won't be any trouble.
Come on, come on, let's go, let's go.
Put it all in there.
(keys jingle, lock clicks) (man and woman laughing) Shh.
Definitely a good idea to Uber home.
I think I had three too many.
(grunts) (screaming) (siren wailing) MURTAUGH: Send backup to 622 Nicada Drive.
Suspects armed and dangerous.
MARCUS: Kill them? Why? No reason.
Now there is.
If they live, they can I.
us, send you away for life.
So, it's either you or them.
Or you and them.
Your choice.
(muffled grunting) (muffled groaning) Marcus, come back here.
(grunting) A .
380? - You the one that killed Haley? - Who? Put that gun down, Marcus! Look, I didn't want any of this, all right? They made me do it! I believe you.
I do.
You think I'm stupid?! Second I put this gun down, the only thing that comes next for me is jail.
I'm not going to jail! I've known you since, what?! First grade.
Now, you can trust me, Marcus.
And I can trust you.
I know I can.
Now, there's a way out of this.
You make a deal.
I vouch for you.
And you can still have a life, son.
Just put that weapon down.
Just put that weapon down, son.
Rog! (grunts) (grunts) Get your ass down! (groans) I was dropping the gun.
You saw me.
I saw, Marcus, I saw.
(sirens approaching) It's okay.
(monitor beeping steadily) He wanted to see his friend.
He lost a lot of blood, but he's stable now.
Doctors said he'll pull through fine.
Dad, um look, I I know I messed up, but I want you and Mom to know that's-that's not the man I'm trying to be.
(sighs) One inch to the left, and he would've been dead.
I can't stop thinking that that very easily could've been RJ.
I'm always on him about the old neighborhood.
It's because of me he was with Marcus.
Bad things happen in every neighborhood.
We've got good kids.
They've got good parents.
(elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) So, congratulations on taking down the home invasion crew, solving a murder and stopping what could have been two more.
You know, as much as I enjoy you both sitting there with your mouths shut, you two need to bury the hatchet and I can't believe I'm saying this get back to being your usual pain-in-the-ass selves.
Riggs, apologize to Murtaugh for not telling him about RJ calling you.
- I already did.
- Barely.
Murtaugh, tell Riggs you're sorry for clocking him.
You know what, then? New assignment.
You're gonna hate it.
Who wants to start? Okay.
I'll start.
You're both not the easiest of individuals - to get along with.
- Both? Both? What? I never said that I was easy.
He's crazier than a sack of cats.
Did you say I was crazier than a sack of cats? Funky, feral and confused that's you.
CAHILL: I think what Roger is trying to say is that your behavior since you two started working together has been erratic - and impulsive.
- Yes.
How about this? He punched me in the face and cracked two teeth.
How's that for erratic and impulsive? And what Martin is trying to say is that he was genuinely hurt by you.
I really cracked two teeth? Guess I don't know my own strength.
These here are some lethal I should've called you right after RJ called me.
All right? So, I'm sorry.
I am.
I know you're the only guy around here who has my back and I appreciate that.
And I appreciate that.
And you.
That's a great first step.
Martin, is there something you could do to help nurture this relationship? Uh This is not easy for one man to say to another but your head is wonderfully round.
Bald is beautiful.
Sometimes at sunset or when it's slightly dark out, your mustache almost looks not ridiculous.
- Thank you.
- Sometimes.
Out, both of you, now.
- All right.
- See you later.
("Back in Love Again" by L.
playing) Hook him up, Art.
Oh, I can work magic, but not miracles.
What kind of look was you going for? Mid-'80s Selleck.
I was thinking of mid-'70s porn.
RIGGS: Or we can just skip the cut entirely.
Look, I came down here in search of a decent meal.
This guys wants to eat tofu burgers - and quinoa salads all day long.
- Oh.
(laughter) Now, now, you know, you can take the boy out of Sherman Oaks, but you can't take Sherman Oaks out the boy.
(laughter) Hey, look, I had a heart attack, people.
Just cut his damn hair.
And give him my discount.
Oh, you want me to overcharge him? (laughter) Come on, Art, don't embarrass me, man.
He's-he's like family.
Hey, did Rog tell you guys he's on a juice cleanse? ART: What? I mean, look, you can't be in the vehicle longer than five minutes with the fella, but look at him.
He looks good, doesn't he? Got a glow to his skin.
Hey, did he tell you about the situation he had up in his face? We're not talking about the situation with civilians, all right? Every time I move, I lose When I look, I'm in Every time I turn around I'm back in love.