Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

El Gringo Loco

1 Previously on Lethal Weapon I'm an open book.
What would you like to discuss? How about your wife? (woman cries) Next question.
Your wife's death wasn't an accident.
RIGGS: Who ordered the hit? Who's responsible for killing my wife? Flores.
Tito Flores.
If you go and kill Flores in cold blood, then what's left for you? What's left for me now? MURTAUGH: I went by his trailer this morning.
He was gone.
- (chokes) - Where did he go?! Mexico.
There's something I got to do.
TRISH: Remember our one rule: make sure you come back to me.
(rapping in Spanish) How I could just kill a man MURTAUGH: Oh, I found him.
TRISH: Who? Riggs? No, Tito Flores, head of the cartel.
If he's here, Riggs is not far off.
I followed his mistress to a hotel.
He just showed up.
Clearly the man's not being satisfied at home.
That makes two of us.
Roger, you have been in Mexico for two weeks and still haven't found Riggs.
When are you coming home? I'm sorry.
If I'd known I was gonna be here this long, I would've brought my supplies.
My head oils, lotions, and exfoliator.
I don't even have my electric toothbrush.
This is a disaster.
Mm, yeah, I'm sure you're roughing it.
I've seen the credit card bills.
The Four Seasons, Roger? I'm tailing Tito Flores.
The man has expensive taste.
Trust me, this has not been no picnic for - (knocks on glass) - Lobster tacos, extra guacamole, señor? (whispers): Yeah.
Put them on top of the hood.
- Okay.
- Is that Dad? Does he have another family down there? Oh, yeah, tell him to bring us something back from Mexico.
Like tequila.
Very funny.
And this is not a vacation.
He is there on legitimate police business, right, honey? The LAPD is aware that you're down there.
Yeah, well, well, technically I'm using vacation days.
(muffled): But I'm definitely gonna work that out when I get back down there.
Roger, Riggs is a grown man.
He can make his own decisions.
- Ha.
If only that were true.
- (gunfire in distance) You know how many messages I've left for him? - Texts? Totally unresponsive.
- (gunfire, glass breaking) You think it would kill him just to reach out to me? Hmm? See how I'm doing? (car alarm blaring) (women screaming, others clamoring) Hey, Trish, I'm gonna have to call you back.
I think I found Riggs.
I mean, I knew you as a cold-blooded killer, Tito.
But I'm seeing you in a whole new light.
I mean, this right here, this is some kinky stuff.
You're gonna have to elaborate, Tito.
Are you begging for your life or, uh, you want me to spank you? Anything.
I'll give you anything you want.
Don't you remember? You took away everything I ever wanted when you killed my wife.
(elevator bell dings) (panting): Gringo loco.
You will never make it out of this hotel.
My men will kill you.
That's the plan, Tito.
See, you and I are going out together.
(clears throat loudly) Good news is, I'm dying with my pants on.
(Tito groans, Riggs clears throat) Now this is something that Miranda never had.
It's the moment that you know, without a doubt - (gun cocks) - that you are gonna die.
You ready? No.
No! (whispers): Good.
Riggs, lower that weapon.
Lower it? Is that okay? Come on, you know what I'm saying, man.
This is not a joke.
Come on, don't don't, don't do this.
Hey, Rog, you might want to, uh, step back.
This is a .
It's gonna be a mess.
Look, look, look, we can do this the right way.
We (stammers) we take him in.
And he stands trial.
He will pay for what he did.
This feels like justice to me, Roger.
Hey, Riggs, you pull that trigger and your life is over.
Might want to get out of here.
They're gonna ask you why you didn't shoot me.
I'm not leaving.
Okay? You want to do this? Then you know what? Fine.
Both of our lives are over.
So be it.
MURTAUGH: Riggs, please don't.
Please, please.
RIGGS: No! I'm going to do it! Then get out! Riggs, I love you, man! Did you just say you love me? Yeah.
I-I guess I got, I got caught up in-in the moment.
So, hey, maybe there-there's something that you want to express to me.
In return.
Come on, man, I just opened up and exposed myself emotionally to you, and-and you don't have nothing? Nothing to say in return? Yeah.
You got a grenade? Well, yeah.
I mean, I had it at the house.
I was like, "When am I ever gonna get a chance to use it again?" - So I brought it.
- May I? Yeah, sure.
One, two, three.
Your time will come, amigo.
This is a lot of damage.
We got to go.
I had all this under control.
You didn't have to come down here.
No, now it's under control.
We have Tito.
We take him back to L.
, we book him, resume our lives.
Not a scratch on us.
Now that's how I roll.
(yells) IA AGENT: State your name for the record.
Captain Brooks Avery.
Captain Avery, are you aware this panel has convened to discuss the international incident involving Detectives Murtaugh and Riggs? Yes, I am aware.
And you understand it would look very bad for the LAPD if we had two officers running around Mexico wreaking havoc on a mission for vigilante justice? Absolutely.
And I am prepared to cooperate fully.
What are Riggs and Murtaugh doing in Mexico? My understanding is fishing.
- Fishing? - Yes, fishing.
They really like spending time together.
Sometimes you-you pair people up and they just they, they click.
(Murtaugh groans) We're wasting time, Rog.
We have someone that we need to be taking to jail.
After we reattach my finger.
(groans) (exhaling, phone vibrating) Ooh.
Now she's calling my phone, all right? - Just let me talk to Trish to - No.
I need time to come up with a plausible story.
I've got loads - of plausible stories.
- You put the phone away.
Haven't you done enough? (whimpering) You forgetting something? Oh, it's pointing at me.
Oh, I need something for the pain! Don't worry.
We'll take care of you.
MURTAUGH: I need morphine.
Sure you don't want me to come back there - and hold your good hand? - No.
Keep him away from me.
Family only, sir.
Well, he did tell me that he loved me.
I didn't mean it, Riggs.
It was a distraction tactic, you hear me? I didn't mean it.
IA AGENT: When did you know you were dealing with loose cannons? Well, I mean, there was, there was the Grand Prix.
And then they-they blew up the fireworks factory.
And the pharmaceutical company.
No, no, they just jumped out of the window of the pharm No, they blew that one up, too.
- What was the question? - (taps on glass) Sorry to interrupt.
It's urgent.
Is this for real? I think so.
Will you excuse me? We have some excellent news, and I feel like you're about to learn what I already know: that Riggs and Murtaugh are consummate professionals.
You're back! I was worried.
(high-pitched): Avery.
(grunts) Come here, Captain.
- Mmm.
You smell like cucumber.
- Morphine.
Why is he on morphine? Had his finger reattached.
What the hell happened in Mex? You know what? I don't want to know.
But you do have Tito, right? Of course we have Tito.
We're industry professionals.
Well, that's a stretch.
Where is he? What did you guys do? (normal voice): We didn't do that, right? No, Rog, we didn't.
WOMAN: You expect me to believe that you have no idea how Tito Flores ended up dead in your trunk? That's not what I said.
I said I'm not a forensic scientist, but my guess would be the bullet to the head scrambled his brains.
Who would have the motive to kill Tito Flores? Uh, I don't know.
Uh, he's the head of one of the biggest cartels in Mexico, so I'm guessing it's a long list.
Would you put yourself on that list? Did you not go down to Mexico with the intent to kill Mr.
Flores? MURTAUGH (chuckles): I think you're overstating that.
Uh, he went we went down there to arrest Tito Flores, which we did successfully.
Here's a voice mail lifted from Tito's phone.
(phone beeps) RIGGS (on voice mail): Tito.
Hola, amigo.
You know, when I woke up this morning and I thought the sun is shining, what a great day to put a bullet in your head.
Right between your eyes.
Don't lump me in there with him.
I was down there as the voice of reason.
It's true.
The only reason I did not kill Tito was because he told me he loved me.
I'd like that stricken from the record.
- This isn't a trial.
- Okay, well, I want my lawyer present because my brain is still a little foggy.
It's a residual effect of pain medication.
So I am not responsible for the things I might've said.
Well, I'm an open book.
So ask away.
Why were you hunting Tito Flores, Detective Riggs? Because he killed my wife.
Next question.
Effective immediately, you're both on administrative leave.
We'll need your badges and guns.
Unless otherwise notified, you are not to go anywhere near this case.
Wait a minute, what's the matter with you, man? You got us suspended.
I don't know why you're upset, I just told the truth.
Plus, bonus vacation days.
Yeah, well, you know, I was thinking, while I was doped up, I might've told the nurse that Tito was in the trunk.
I say we start with her.
Uh, we're on leave, sir.
Yeah, they always say that and then we never listen.
It's kind of our move.
Not anymore.
I am done.
What do you mean, you're done? You want to find out who killed Tito? I mean, look, obviously, it should've been me.
But I'll tell you what: you find him, and I'll buy him a shot.
So that's it wait, wait.
No more being a cop? Wh-What are you gonna do? You're gonna go back to your trailer and drink yourself into oblivion? That, Roger Mayfield Murtaugh, is the best idea you've had all day.
Come on Uh Come on Uh (exhales) Hello? I'm home.
(indistinct chatter) Who are you? All right, the party is over.
- Over! - Dad.
It's wireless.
(laughs) Daddy.
Hey, Pops, welcome home.
Don't "welcome home, Pops," me.
What's going on here? I leave town for a couple of days and you guys decide to throw an unsupervised party? Oh, wait till your mother finds out about this.
TRISH: Roger! (laughing): Oh, my God.
Welcome back, baby.
I missed you.
Oh, are these for me? This is so sweet, thank you.
Trish, wh-what is all this? Well, the kids wanted to throw a post-graduation party, and I'd rather them throw it here, where I can see them.
Who is manning my barbecue? You? You do not have a license to operate her.
That is not a toy.
I'm going to college in a few weeks, Rog.
I can manage a grill.
You picked a school without me? Oh, yeah.
Baby, isn't that a decision that we should make together as a family? Why wasn't I consulted? Really? I tried calling and calling you, Roger.
One time you were at a mariachi bar, one time you were at a spa.
And the oth you know what? When you went down to Mexico, I supported you; I didn't ask any questions.
And I'm asking you to do the same for me now, okay? You're right.
Maybe I came in a little hot.
You know, it was a long day.
I'm just happy to see my family and what the hell is that? Oh, a belly button ring.
Cool, right? No, not cool.
The only girls that wear belly button rings are the ones that get paid to show it.
Daddy! Roger! I'm saying, you know your family keloids TRISH: Really, that is not okay.
Okay, can you guys please take it upstairs? Okay? This is social suicide.
I know what's wrong, you're just mad because I went to Mexico for a couple of weeks.
I'm mad because you came back acting like a horse's ass.
(whispering): A horse Roger, what is that? Oh, it's nothing, I-I lost a piece of my finger.
They found it, put it back, everything is fine.
And you didn't think to call me when a part of your body goes missing? Really?! Can we start over? (gull squawking) (blows) (sips) (knocking on door) CAHILL: Are you decent? Nope.
Let me rephrase.
Do you have pants on? Yes.
This is not as bad as I expected.
You must have extremely low expectations.
Came by to check on you.
I'm not sure if you remember, but you sent me this note before you left.
That is a thank you note.
Not to get all shrink on you, but it read to me like a suicide note.
So you're done, huh? No more being a cop.
Well, you know, they accused me of killing Tito Flores, if you can believe that.
But you didn't kill him.
How do you feel about that? Well, I think the world's a better place without him in it.
So I'll take one for the team.
What about your partner? He followed you to Mexico to save your life.
Sounds like you may have ruined his career to do it.
(clears throat) Well, I didn't ask for his help, so (clicks tongue) that's on him.
You didn't have to.
That's what it means to care about someone.
He wanted you alive more than you did.
Well I for one am glad you're back.
The world's a better place with you in it.
(door opens, closes) Hi.
I was in earlier about a missing finger.
I know who you are, we're closed.
You need to leave.
It's okay, I'm a cop.
I need to know if I said anything on that medication, anything unusual.
You kidnapped Tito Flores and then you killed him.
- I saw the news.
- No.
I already hit the alarm.
Cops are on their way.
Real cops.
Honey, I am a real cop.
DENISE: Let me see your badge, then.
(brakes squeaking) (guns clicking) MURTAUGH: Oh, okay Denise.
Is that your name? Okay, Denise, there are some very bad men out there with automatic weapons coming to kill you.
Why? Wh-Who did you tell about Tito? I called my brother, he's a Border Patrol agent.
Open this door.
Open the door! (keys jingling) Okay.
(panting) I need you stay in here until I return, got it? Uh-huh.
I need a weapon.
Do you have anything? Uh, uh nurse, scalpel.
(whispers): Scalpel I always wanted to say that.
I'll be right back, all right? - Okay.
- Don't worry.
Industry professional.
(shoes squeak) Let's go.
(shouting) (gunshots, grunting) (shell casing clatters) Hey, Rog, you dead in there? Yes! Lucky bastard.
(groans) What's going on? Who were those men? Probably members of Tito Flores' cartel.
Now, you said you told your brother we had Tito in the trunk? Yeah.
Gordon works for Border Patrol.
I didn't know you guys were cops.
I figured he'd know what to do.
MURTAUGH: Hey, Bailey.
Murtaugh? Thank God.
Do you have any idea how dead this place is without you? Listen, for a concerned citizen, could you put out a BOLO for one Gordon Barnes, born 7/30/79.
Who is he? He's a person of interest in the Tito Flores killing.
Since we're on suspension, we have to do this under the radar.
- Got him.
- You looked him up? No, he's standing right in front of me.
Sir, can I help you? Yeah.
I'm here to confess.
I killed Tito Flores.
Okay, Bailey, don't ask me how I know, but I think he might know something about Tito's murder.
Murtaugh, I'm-a have to call you back.
Bailey, don't She hung up on me? (car horn honking, siren wailing) GORDON: I've been a border agent for 15 years.
I had a front row seat to the death, carnage, lives ruined by drug lords like Flores.
If he went to trial, he would've walked.
I knew what I had to do.
He did it.
Rewind that back, that's a confession.
I don't need to rewind it, I've watched it a dozen times.
I'll present this to the IA panel, you should be reinstated by tomorrow.
Got my finger back, got my job back.
Now I got to get my family back, so I can forget this nightmare ever happened.
What about your partner? Before you left, you said you wanted a new one.
Do you? The answer to that will always be yes.
(chuckles) But it's not up to me.
He says he's walking away.
You believe him? Any questions you got, I answered.
Your people have been grilling me all day.
Just one.
What was it like to kill Tito Flores? You want to know how it went down? - I told them already.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
How did it feel? Look, I'm asking because I wanted to be the guy.
You know, look into his eyes, hear his last breath.
And I had this idea in my mind of how it would feel.
And thanks to you, I'm never gonna know for sure, so if you could indulge me.
Oh, well, I don't know.
It happened quick.
All right, well, you got to give me more than that, I mean was it like some inner peace, like a weight lifted? I don't know.
Coldness? Come on, lunatic to lunatic.
I felt like Tito needed to die and so he did.
(taps table) I mean, I would hope Tito's killer would've been a little more verbal, but all right.
Good luck in prison.
100 days, 100 nights MURTAUGH: You're looking at a deeply apologetic man.
Now, I scoured the city to find everybody's favorite meal, every teriyaki burger, soup dumpling, sashimi, sweet mashed potatoes.
(giggles) Mm.
It's just a small token of the appreciation I have for this beautiful family that I love.
Hmm, so you think getting some sushi is gonna make up for your behavior.
No, no.
This is just the beginning of what will be a-a Mm-hmm.
a month-long grovel.
Deal? TRISH: Roger.
Next time you come back after being away, we like this version of you.
- Deal? - Absolutely.
Oh, wait, I have a demand.
Hey, don't you press your Treat you good All the time But there's something Sure, son, what is it? I would like for you to come with me to see Claremont College this weekend.
Book it.
- And, Riana - Mm-hmm? I respect the fact that it is your body and if you want to bejewel your navel region, um, I, uh I will support that.
Thank you, Daddy.
Does that mean I can get a tattoo? - Hey, come on, don't - (Trish clears throat) And a little more That's a conversation that your mother and I will have together as a unit.
And speaking of your mother, my angel, I have not been a good partner to you.
And I want you to know that all these fires on the home front, it's not your fault.
Excuse me, what fires aren't my fault? Did I say "fire"? - You said "fire.
" - You said "fire.
" - Why'd you make me say "fire"? - No, he didn't make you say "fire.
" You said "fire.
" Roger, are your kids healthy? Yes, ma'am.
Are they homeless? No, ma'am.
Do they have all their fingers and toes? Mm-hmm, which is more than I can say about you.
Yeah But one day Look, can we back up? Um, something is happening to my apology.
You keep talking.
Okay, well, I just want things to go back to the way they were before I left.
- Hmm.
- (knock on door) Wow, looks like you just got your wish.
- (chuckles) Come here.
- How are you, Trish? Welcome back.
Hope I'm not intruding.
Not at all.
Roger was just asking for a redo of his redo.
Sounds about right.
So, uh, how's the new job going? Wait, um, he just asked me about my life.
Very thoughtful.
Nice belly button ring.
Oh, thanks.
I want to get a tattoo.
I've got a great guy down on Sunset.
- Let me know when you're ready.
- Ah Nice.
MURTAUGH: Ah, out, out, out, out, out.
TRISH: There goes family dinner.
Hey, now is not a good time.
If you got something to say to me, wait till tomorrow, okay? Or, hey, why don't you pick up a phone like a normal person? Sure thing.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Since you're here, what? Well, I had a conversation with one Gordon Barnes and, uh, I don't think he did it.
And what is it that makes you think he didn't do it, Riggs? Did he recant? - No.
I looked at his face.
- His face.
That's not a face of a man who wanted to kill Tito Flores.
This is the face of a man who wants to kill Tito Flores.
And what am I supposed to do with that, Riggs? Huh? If he didn't do it, I'm still suspended.
Well, if I was your partner, I'd tell you to go find the real killer.
If I was your friend tell you go back inside and be with your family.
Well, are you? Your partner? No.
My friend.
I probably wouldn't be here if I wasn't.
(car door opens and closes) (engine starts) (vehicle departs) (sighs) Doghouse.
This is what we in the robbery/homicide business call an airtight case.
Signed confession.
Mexico's largest cartel is now leaderless.
Now, yes, Murtaugh and Riggs should be reinstated, but I'm thinking bigger.
I'm thinking commendation.
IA AGENT: Raul Mendez, Tito's second in command and attack dog.
Within hours of Tito's death, he'd assumed control.
So, the Flores Cartel is business as usual.
Why don't we start with reinstatement and go from there? (knock on door) Please.
What do you mean he didn't do it? Riggs said he looked Barnes in the eyes and he didn't do it.
The eyes? I was this close to getting you reinstated.
Now you want me to go back in there and tell them we don't have a suspect? Technically speaking, Murtaugh and Riggs - are the suspects.
- I don't want to say it again.
We did not kill Tito Flores.
Honestly, at this point, it'd be easier if you had.
BARNES: We've been over it a hundred times.
I-I know, I know.
Just-just tell him what you, uh, what you told me.
I picked the trunk lock.
I shot Tito.
I walked away.
I got chills.
It's as if I was there.
One shot.
Total pro.
I'd have hosed his ass down, Sonny Corleone style.
Because I'm a nervous guy.
You know, I-I-I wouldn't be able to control myself.
Yeah, well, one shot was plenty.
You know, funny we found two bullets in Tito's skull.
I have a thought.
Hmm? May I pitch? Oh, please, please, please.
Another killer showed up after you left and shot Tito in the exact same spot with the exact same caliber bullet and then he leaves.
I maybe-maybe I shot twice.
I don't, I don't remember.
It happened so fast.
See, I don't buy that.
Right? If I killed Tito Flores, I'd have played it over and over and over in my head like my favorite country ballad.
I killed Tito Flores! Not a bad name for your song.
I shot Tito Flores Shot him in the head I don't know how many times - Dead - But I know that he's dead.
- I got to write this down.
- Yeah, I like it.
Well, let's fill out the paperwork first - and get him released.
That'll be - Wait.
(sighs) If I admit I'm innocent, will you promise not to let me out? Now, this is a story that I'd like to hear.
I know Tito's number two, Raul Mendez.
Sometimes I'd take some cash from him at the border, let a truck through.
It was harmless stuff.
When my sister called me to tell me that Tito's body was in a trunk on this side of the border, I figured I could get on Raul's good side.
But Raul didn't want him back.
Raul killed Tito.
And then he went after my sister and he told me that if I didn't confess, he was gonna kill her, too.
MURTAUGH: So, what, you go to jail and he pinky swears that he's not gonna kill your sister? You're a very trusting man.
I have an insurance policy.
Proof that he did it.
I recorded the phone call with Raul.
MURTAUGH: So, that's your plan, huh? You're just gonna blow up Raul.
Since you tossed my last grenade, I got to stock up.
Hey, Monty, you got any RPGs? For you or Murtaugh? RIGGS: You honestly think I'd trust this man with a rocket launcher? Third aisle, third shelf, confiscated from a meth dealer in Hawthorne.
My man.
So, you're going down to Mexico and you're gonna start a war? No, I'm gonna finish one.
This is not an RPG.
It's an M-72.
Okay, let's say you go down there and you're successful in this little suicide mission.
You take Raul out.
Someone else is just gonna step up and take his place.
Then I'll take him out.
You can't because you just went on a suicide mission, or do you not understand the meaning of those words? That's a really good point.
Then you'll have to kill him.
Deal? Pinky swear.
Look, Riggs, the only way to do this is to take out the entire cartel.
Oh, what a great idea.
- Why didn't I think of that? - I'm serious.
We take out the whole operation, but we do it the right way.
And how do you plan on doing that, Roger? Well, we're gonna need a lot more grenades.
All right.
You've got my attention.
(man speaking Spanish) Oh.
I'm sorry.
Am I late? I'm late, aren't I? I knew it.
In fairness, though, there's, like, 20 churches in this town, first of all, so you can see how one can get turned whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, guys, look, let's not lose our heads here.
I mean, unless you have to shoot, in which case, then, we all will.
Lose our heads, that is.
(concerned whispering) But, hey, at least we're in the right place, right? Okay, I'm gonna use this opportunity, uh, for all those not involved in the cartel game to take their leave.
There we go.
Okay first, I'd like to say a few words.
Oh To the man, the murderer, drug lord all-around human filth.
Yes, Tito Flores killed a lot of people destroyed many families.
Mine included.
I'll never forget you for that.
Truth be told, I wanted to be the one that pulled the trigger.
But someone beat me to it.
And that someone is here today.
Honey, I'd love to talk, but I can't right now.
Roger, I got your message.
So you're in Mexico with Riggs again? Yes.
I am at Tito Flores's funeral.
And from now on, no more unilateral decisions.
I'm gonna tell you everything.
(gun cocks) And in the spirit of sharing, someone's here to kill me right now.
- I got to go.
I love you.
- Ro Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Raul! Come on, Raul, stand up.
Take a bow.
All right.
My-My Spanish is a little rusty.
Um, it sounds like you're denying all this.
Raul, take credit.
Believe me, I would have loved to have been the one to do it.
- Mm - Maybe I should just kill you right now.
(whispering): That's a really good idea.
Why don't you do it like you did Tito? Bang-bang.
Two shots to the head.
(grunting) Come on, let's go.
Whoo! Let's do it, Raul! Together! (chuckling) You see these people? - Ah - They would die for me! Because I am their patrón.
They will never believe you.
Oh, no, I never expected them to believe me.
That would be silly.
They can hear it directly from you.
Hey, Rog, play that tape.
(grunting) Whenever you're ready, Rog, go for it, buddy.
(Murtaugh panting) We seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties.
Let me summarize what he said to the border patrol agent.
(imitating Raul): "You gonna tell everybody that you're the one that killed Tito, and" RAUL (over speaker): and anyone finds out that it was me, I'll kill your sister, and I'll make you watch.
(tape rewinding) You are going to tell everybody that you are the one that killed Tito.
- And if anyone finds out - RIGGS: See what I mean? I can never get the tone right.
It sounds so much better coming from him.
Ooh, it seems as if the tides have turned, Raul.
LAPD cutbacks You got to get me out, man.
I'll talk.
I'll give you names, shipping routes, anything you want.
I don't know, sounds like a lot of paperwork.
Keep me alive, and I will give you everything you need to take out the cartel.
You drive a hard bargain, but all right.
(tires screech) Coming in! (engine revs) (dialing) (phone chiming) Roger.
Hey, babe.
Yeah, it's me again.
No, we're fine.
We got our man and we're heading back home.
(screaming) Roger, what was that? Oh, that's nothing.
We're good.
R-Riggs just shot off a rocket launcher.
Okay, baby, I think that's enough sharing.
So, Raul, what did it feel like to kill Tito Flores? "Erratic.
" Just a few of the descriptors the police commission used in their report.
What about "unhinged"? "Loose cannons.
" - We get that one a lot.
- Although, we did solve the murder.
And Raul's testimony will take down most of the cartel's management structure.
And that with barely a scratch.
No, you misunderstood.
That was their description of me.
See, I spent so much time covering for you two, they thought I was the unstable one.
No, you you idiots you get a pass.
The police commission has officially approved your reinstatement.
That is, if you want it.
Yeah, well, I have some expenses.
- Who do I send invoices to? - Oh, no.
Hell no.
Yeah, I do.
(elevator bell dings) It was more like a dream Heard you guys blew up the cartel.
Nah, just their cars.
Thought it was a dream While he was here with me I see you're wearing your badge again.
Well, you know, it's really, uh, more of a fashion statement, you know.
When he was gone, it was too much Well, I'm glad you're back.
I like having you around.
Well, I mean, you know.
this isn't it, right? We can, uh, meet in the break room.
Cheese Puffs on me.
I was thinking tomorrow, my office, 8:00 a.
And another Well, what would we talk about? IA's orders.
Back on the force means back on the couch, Riggs.
Yeah, but Tito's dead, so, I mean, I'm cured.
If you really believe that, you are crazier than I thought.
Hey, little girl, is your daddy home? Did he go and leave you all alone? Ah, I've Got a bad desire Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire I know I should have came by sooner.
I, uh You wouldn't have been proud of the man that I've become, and I guess I just didn't want you to see me that way.
I mean, truth be told, I thought I was gonna be with you by now.
You know, that was the plan.
Ooh I guess nothing turned out like we planned, did it? (clears throat) So, I've got this new partner.
Well, he's not new, but new to you.
And don't get jealous, but he told me the other day that he loves me.
The guy's way too emotional.
(sighs) The worst part he won't let me die.
So you'd love him.
Edgy and dull And cut a six-inch valley Through the middle of my soul At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet And a freight train running through the middle of my head And you cool my desire Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire I'm never going to stop missing you.
Oh, oh, oh, I'm on fire I love you.
Oh, oh, oh I'm on fire.
(lively music playing inside) MURTAUGH: Más carnitas, anyone? It looks really good, honey.
Yeah, that's a little marinade that I picked up - south of the border.
- Ah.
(Chuckles) It's like we're there.
Yeah, good, because, uh, I'm out of vacation days.
So this is the closest we're gonna get for a while.
- I'm just happy you're home.
- Me, too, baby.
You have no idea what I went through.
- Mm-hmm.
- This guy had me dead to rights, and I took a cable from a speaker wire, and I just started to choke him out.
- Baby - Hmm? In a relationship, a little mystery goes a long way.
Okay, uh, what did we talk about? Okay, no embarrassing stuff.
Kissing counts.
- (chuckles) - (doorbell rings) That's Riggs.
The embarrassing stuff's just about to start.
(chuckles) I brought tequila.
Ooh, something smells good.
Riggs, this is a kids' party.
- I brought two bottles.
- (chuckles) I'm surprised you even showed up.
I mean, parties are not really your scene.
Well, Trish invited me, and I didn't want to be rude.
And that's the only reason? It's not because you, uh Didn't want to drink alone at home? No.
Because you feel something.
Feel? I understand, Riggs.
The "L" word scares you.
No, doesn't scare me.
I-I love guns.
- I love my truck.
- Ooh - I love tequila.
- Yeah, don't forget, a little mystery goes a long way in relationships.