Lethal Weapon (2016) s02e21 Episode Script

Family Ties

1 - (KNOCKING) - Hello! Anybody home? Trish? NATHAN: The lamps were flying and glass was shattering everywhere.
He got one tiny piece of glass in his face and he started bawling like a baby.
- (LAUGHING) - (LAUGHING): He's still like that.
NATHAN: Like, "Dad, Dad, take me to a doctor.
" Oh, but, you know, Martin was a good-looking kid, though, when he was little, except when he cried.
He was a, he was an ugly crier.
- No.
What the hell are you doing here? Well, I'm just making myself at home, son.
They're like your family, right? Well, that makes them mine, too.
I'll tell you what.
Huh? Come down here.
We were just about to watch TV.
You remember this? - TRISH: Oh.
- NATHAN: Oh, this was a fun day.
TRISH: Yeah? NATHAN: That's my boy's bat.
- I love that bat.
- Yeah.
Oh, that's gonna leave a mark.
- Ooh.
Popcorn's ready.
Trish, be a doll.
- TRISH: I got it, I got it.
- Rog.
(DISTORTED LAUGHTER) Well, that's a nice couple.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, son.
It's all over.
You can't save 'em.
Trish! (SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) CAHILL: Okay, Riggs, what do you think the dream means? RIGGS: Well, that's an easy one, Doc.
I invited a monster into my world and now he's gonna blow it up.
Don't have to be Freud to figure that one out.
Your father's been here how long? Six weeks, three days, and nine hours.
40 miles down the road.
Have you been to see him yet? Only in my dreams.
You know the worst part about it? They're always at the Murtaughs.
You don't have to be Freud.
I knew it was a mistake bringing him out here.
(CLUCKS TONGUE) I did it anyway.
Your father had been stabbed.
Riggs, do you really think you had a choice? Could've left his ass in Texas.
Where he would've been killed.
Why do I care? He's family.
Some messes you sign up for simply by showing up.
One, two, get down Paid the cost to be the boss Paid the cost to be the boss I paid the cost to be the boss That's a bold move.
Look at me Talking about the tie? No.
The James Brown.
- (MUSIC STOPS) - Listen.
The captain sets the tone for the office, Bailey.
That's a fact.
And don't you steal none of my dance moves at the police ball.
Right, okay.
James Brown is the tone.
Got it.
Hey, look, I know what they're saying out there.
That I'm only here because the LAPD charter requires an interim captain while Avery is out.
And that a mannequin could do your job.
They're that's who said that? Look, I'm just reporting what everyone else was saying, not me.
You know what? Fine.
You know what? Maybe I can't hire or fire anyone.
You definitely can't, no.
But I do have some authority.
I can requisition the hell out of stuff.
Look at this.
The catalog.
All the gear that only a captain can order.
Motocross bikes, K-9 unit.
Right here.
LAPD Ferrari.
O-Okay, Murtaugh, this really seems like a bad idea.
What? Bailey, are you here to undermine me? You want me to play "The Big Payback"? Is that what it is? No, I'm here to deliver a message that the commissioners are requesting the captain on the executive floor.
The executive floor? I've never been invited to the exec I heard they have an omelet bar up there.
I'll bring you back some cheese.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) It's gonna be a long week.
Oh, fiber, fiber, fiber.
Let's see.
We have hot cross buns and a prune strudel.
Here's the situation, Interim Captain Murtaugh.
Please, just call me Captain.
Why waste time with extra syllables? You know? (CHUCKLES) Do you know the Conlon family? Conlon family.
Of course.
An hour ago, Mark Conlon's wife, Lisa, was abducted from their Holmby Hills estate.
We got lucky.
Neighborhood kid accidentally filmed the whole thing on a toy drone.
(WHISTLES) Not good.
(OVERLAPPING SHOUTING) RIGGS: All right, Rog, where's this omelet bar? You know? Hey, I was thinking of getting maybe like a, like a little scramble or something, maybe with some onions and some jalapeños.
Riggs, what are you doing up here? The executive floor is for captains and above.
We invited Detective Riggs.
What? Why would you? Gentlemen, take a look.
We got two distinct leads from the drone video.
The first is this van.
Note the mismatched panels.
And the second is our perp's tattoo clearly identifying him as Aryan Fraternity of Texas.
Since Detective Riggs has a family relationship with a ranking A.
member currently incarcerated right here in the state of California.
TED: We're counting on you being able to get a line in with these guys.
Well, if you're counting on me, Ted, then we're all screwed.
Sorry, guys.
I'm family in name only.
is his family, not me.
He'll never help.
We think he will.
Why? Conlons carry a lot of weight in this city.
In exchange for information leading to Lisa Conlon's return, the State is prepared to release your father from prison.
Conlon, we're monitoring your phone for ransom demands.
Trust me, we are aggressively pursuing all leads.
I appreciate it, Captain.
This whole thing, it's, it's terrifying.
(WHISPERING): Yes, yes.
Well, these detectives will not rest until Lisa is back.
Aye, aye, Cap'n! (LEO LAUGHS) Mazel tov.
There he is.
The LAPD's newest captain.
"Mazel tov" is just Jewish - for "Right on.
" - MURTAUGH: Uh, Leo, I'm in the middle of escorting Mr (LAUGHING): Conlon Pharmaceuticals.
Look at you.
Hobnobbing with the power players on day one.
That's a baller move.
Conlon's wife was abducted.
Day one? Officially.
But emotionally, I've been captain for years now.
And we're definitely gonna get your wife back.
Kidnapping within the first couple hours.
The memoir writes itself.
Leo, why are you here? I am here to celebrate you.
And to get a great big hug.
You know why? 'Cause there is nothing, nothing better in the world than friends working together.
We're not friends and we're not working together, and put your shoes on 'cause it smells like corn chips.
Such a stickler.
Yes, we are working together.
You know why? I happen to be handling a huge class action lawsuit with dozens of Angelenos who have suffered collateral damage from debacles caused by two of the most - debacle-prone detectives - Which two? Oh.
Is-Isn't that cute? Isn't that cute? But you you are in the unique position now to disavow yourself from yourself by writing a generous check.
Get out.
(LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) NATHAN: Well, this woman they grabbed must have some juice, seeing you in here with an offer like that.
RIGGS: Yeah, prominent family.
Donated a lot of money to the city.
So, there's quite a few people who'd like to see her get home safe.
Oh, that's nice.
Wouldn't it be great if you had a whole city that gives a crap about you? I'm not gonna do this.
You got, what? 13 months left on this armed robbery bid? No, it's aiding and abetting.
All I did was plan it.
The trigger-happy idiots All right, listen, when I walk out this door, the offer walks with me.
So, yes or no? Your people will honor the deal? Because let me tell you something.
These boys are gonna know who talked.
And protective custody or not, you can bet your ass they're gonna get to me.
(SIGHS) If the information you provide helps get her home safely then you're a free man.
Free man? There's a truck stop off 14 and Palmdale.
Bartender named Travis.
He hears everything.
Tell him I sent you.
And you better get a move on, son.
These guys don't mess around.
And the odds are, as soon as these guys get whatever they want, they're gonna kill that girl.
(LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) A bartender in Palmdale.
I have my second and third best detectives following up.
That's, uh, Detective Riggs? So I should expect to hear Palmdale is burning any second now? I've read his file.
Captain, I want live minute-by-minute reports from Palmdale.
Yeah, well, that's not my leadership style.
I'm more into empowering people, giving them the tools and the encouragement, - the freedom, you know.
- Mm-hmm.
(STAMMERS) Open line to Riggs.
(PHONE RINGS) Murtaugh.
You feeling left out? I need an update on Riggs.
What level of damage has he caused? Okay.
He's been in the bar for about ten minutes, so I would say maybe DEFCON 5.
DEFCON 5?! Holy crap! No, five's the best.
One is the worst.
It goes backwards.
- Goes backwards.
- It goes backwards.
- Well, that's counterintuitive.
- Not really.
I mean, there's a lot of angry parents out there that want to know why you're serving their children alcohol.
I told you.
I don't serve minors.
How would you know? You don't check IDs, which is becoming a really big problem.
I wouldn't do that.
See, I haven't shot a dumb-ass all day and I got quotas to meet.
As a matter of fact, when I come back in here, I'm gonna be checking everyone's IDs.
And lay 'em here on the table, and no Canadian ones.
All right? I'm looking at you.
Get your ass outside! Hey, I got kids of my own.
I wouldn't dare do anything like that.
Hey, hey, here.
That'll cover the damages.
All right? Lisa Conlon.
She was kidnapped this morning.
What have you heard? Who says I heard anything? Nathan Riggs sent me.
He's my dad.
You're Nathan Riggs' kid.
I should have recognized the crazy in your eyes.
You got one hell of a family.
Look, I need to find Lisa.
So, whatever you know, start talking fast.
Local A.
, they got this unbreakable pipeline that's running through Mexico, pulling meth, and The pipeline broke.
I heard they panicked, grabbed a girl Raise some cash, buy their way out of trouble.
I need a name, Travis.
- Yeah, I don't have one for you.
- Travis I need a nickname, an address something.
- Turn around.
- What? Turn around.
There's something.
RIGGS: Hey! This your van? Um no, it's my friend's.
He said I could borrow it.
Do some errands.
It's good-looking.
I been thinking about getting myself one.
I was curious how much storage they had in the back.
Hey, Riggs! Yeah? MAN: Why you talking to that cop? Gun! (GUNFIRE) RIGGS: Go, go, go, go! Bailey, move! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go Is this about the van? What you need to think about is what didn't blow up.
Right? Like the bar.
Or the gas station.
Or the palm trees.
Well, one palm tree.
No, this is about me saying I'm sorry.
You finally seeing the whole temporary captain thing for what it really is? I mean, you know they went alphabetically until someone finally said yes, and, I mean Riggs, I'm sorry that I didn't go with you to Helendale to see your dad.
Come on, Rog, you know I wouldn't let that happen.
- What you got, Bailey? - Well, I found something, but it doesn't really make any sense.
The explosion destroyed almost all the evidence in the van.
Almost? Well, CSIs found a thermos with some DNA on it, and I ran it through the DNA database, and, um our perp has a 50% match to Nathan Riggs.
That's impossible.
He's been in prison for four years.
I know, but the match indicates that he's a child of Nathan Riggs.
Yeah, but that's You mean there might be two of them? (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) So, what's his name? Garrett.
Garrett Riggs.
- He's 19.
- His mother? She's out of the picture.
Got her own set of problems.
Now, listen to me, son, he's not like you.
He needs looking out for.
Oh, yeah? And is that some of the looking after that you gave me? 'Cause, boy, that's some tough love right there.
I learned from my mistakes, all right I've done right by Garrett.
Tried to keep him out of this whole A.
thing, you know.
Even from jail.
Ain't that sweet.
Where is he? He's with a friend that was supposed to make sure to keep him out of this crap.
Does your good friend got a name? Son, you got to listen to me.
Garrett's not part of this.
You got to promise me to watch out for him.
Llewyn Cooke.
So, where is she? (SHUDDERING) You didn't get her any clothes.
There was no time.
We had to split because you let that dumb-ass Garrett get rid of the van.
Then all of these cops are Oh! Oh Get the girl a blanket.
I need her to record a message to the husband.
It'd be nice if she could speak.
Now, do you have any more complaints? (LISA SHUDDERING) Mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi.
This is Monty.
Is that is that short for Montgomery? - Monty Jenkins.
- Just Monty? Okay, 'cause I know there were civil rights atrocities in Montgomery, and I'm woke.
What the hell is this? Oh, Captain, won't you join us? This is perfect timing because I'm just deposing Montgomery in the class action lawsuit.
The lawsuit against me and Riggs? No, actually, correction.
The lawsuit is against Detective Murtaugh, not Captain Murtaugh, so you're fine.
And, uh, Monty here was just telling me about the grenades that you borrowed from Property.
- That was Riggs.
- Mm-hmm.
I don't remember it like that.
LEO: Oh, by the way, I'm also adding Mark Conlon to the class action suit.
Leo, please tell me you are not harassing a guy whose wife was just abducted.
First of all, we don't say we don't say "harassment" anymore.
'Cause that means touching stuff.
But, no, I've just been starting a dialogue with him, trying to mostly I'm just following him around.
But I tell you, he's not happy.
And you can see it in his posture.
Like yours.
Shut up, Monty.
Actually, we followed Conlon to three different pawnshops, and he was very brusque with the owners.
That is not a happy man.
Pawnshops? What was he doing? Mostly just selling art, but now he's got a great big duffel bag full of cash.
We know what that means.
The duffel bag of litigiousness.
Show me that cheddar.
He's making a ransom drop.
What were the pawnshops? Ooh, um, Casa Empeña? - Write 'em down.
- Okay.
(CAR HORN HONKING) Are my feelings hurt? A little.
You were supposed to get in touch with me - if the kidnappers called.
- You can't be here.
So, that's a yes, they were in touch? They e-mailed a video of Lisa.
Told me to bring $600,000 in small bills, and they didn't want to see a single cop.
They say anything about, like, two cops? 'Cause we could have a loophole.
(PHONE RINGING) I guess that would be for you.
MAN (ON PHONE): Get on the bus.
Now, Conlon.
(COINS CLINKING) You stay with Conlon.
Uh, excuse me.
Shh, shh.
DRIVER: Sir, you need to step behind the line.
It's the cops.
Get out of here, go! (TIRES SCREECHING) Yeah, excuse me, I-I need you to follow that car.
Sir, that car is not on my route.
And this bus is not going anywhere until you step behind the line.
I am a police captain.
I don't care if you're a general, you step behind the line! I'm behind the line.
Follow the car.
Okay, I'm calling the police.
RIGGS: Garrett! Hey! WOMAN: Hey.
MAN: Watch out, man.
- MAN 2: Easy, man.
- Garrett! Hey, Garrett! WOMAN 2: Hey! Garrett! Hey! WOMAN 3: Somebody call the cops! DRIVER: He says he is the police.
We've been commandeered, people.
(PANICKED SHOUTING) MURTAUGH: Hey, no cause for alarm.
This is being handled by a LAPD captain.
Who's never driven a bus before.
Not gonna make it.
Whoa! Oh! MAN: Yo, you crazy, man! DRIVER: Everybody, get off the bus! Get off the bus.
- Are you all right? - Look at this Oh, my God.
(CLEARS THROAT) DRIVER: He said his name was Murtaugh.
Captain Murtaugh.
- Don't call him.
- Captain Murtaugh! Murtaugh, people.
Murtaugh! - It's Murtaugh.
So, not I didn't hit nothing over there.
RIGGS: Hey! Garrett! Hey! Garrett.
I didn't want to do it.
They-they made me do it.
Look, I just want to talk to you.
I didn't have a choice.
(TIRES SCREECHING) (GROANS) The fallout has been monsoon-like.
The kidnappers remain unidentified.
Except for the one in a coma.
And Lisa Conlon? Still missing.
Her husband is raising hell with everyone, and the governor himself is now involved.
If-if I might.
Debra, Ted guy with glasses, the world is an imperfect place.
Were mistakes made? Perhaps.
But to save Mrs.
Conlon, we had to be able to act at a moment's notice.
And I think we can all agree, that as captain, I improvised a solid plan.
Now, did my detectives hit a few speed bumps? You were one of the detectives.
You destroyed a city bus and half a dozen vehicles.
Yes, but as detective, I am heartbroken that I let my captain down.
- But next time, I - DEBRA: Oh, no! No.
There will be no next time.
- The FBI is taking over.
- (MOUTHING) So, Interim Captain Murtaugh, Detective Murtaugh, any other Murtaughs that might be in RHD are to stand down.
Is that clear? Say the words.
"Stand down" or "it's clear"? (LOCK BUZZES, LATCH CLICKS) Did you find him? (CLEARS THROAT) What happened? What'd you do? What did I do? It was a ransom drop-off.
And he was right in the middle of it.
No, I don't believe that.
He was holding the money bag.
Well, where is he? Did you arrest him? He ran out into the street.
(GROANS) Never saw the car coming.
How bad? Doctors don't know.
He still ain't woke up yet.
I want to see him now.
- You can't.
- The hell I can't.
The agreement was: I help you, and you get me out.
Now, I held up my end of the bargain, Martin.
You messed it up, and then you got my boy run over! You're not gonna blame this on me.
(CHUCKLES) Oh, man.
This is like Christmas morning for you, isn't it? You've been lying in wait for a chance to get back at me for such a long time.
How does it feel? I'm sorry about your son.
You're sorry about my son? Well, how about me, Martin? You think the A.
guys haven't figured out who's talking? It's on you! (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) (MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY) MURTAUGH: Hey.
I heard you were still here.
Trying to figure out what you used to look like without the mustache? Just wanted to see if there was any change.
So? Any change? No.
Doctor said maybe a few weeks before he wakes up.
Hey, Riggs, you know, he put himself here, right? Anyway, the executive floor took us off the kidnapping.
It's just the FBI now.
And are we gonna stand for that? Sure.
Why not? Because we never stand for that.
Look, I know this deal with your dad got complicated.
It's not complicated.
Like you said, Rog, the kid had it coming.
I'm fine with that.
Okay, maybe you are.
But the point is, I'm still captain.
So if you're interested, we can ignore the executive floor, and bring Lisa Conlon in ourselves.
You know? Give you a shot at holding up your end of the deal with your dad.
I'm not interested.
Thanks, though, Rog.
What are you doing in here? Oh, I got up early.
So I started pulling names of Llewyn Cooke's associates, - anyone with local A.
T - No, what are you doing out here? Oh.
(QUIETLY): Kind of felt out of the action.
You know, it's a gilded cage in there.
I'm gonna take your office.
You got a couch in there.
I can go take a nap.
Yeah, it was getting crowded in there.
Also, I, uh, ran out of wall space.
Hey, Riggs, you wouldn't believe what I can requisition.
Avery's been holding out on us.
Look at this: battering ram.
- A - BAILEY: $31,000 in small bills.
- What? - Mark Conlon's duffel bag can't hold more than $31,000.
That's impossible.
He said the kidnappers demanded $600,000.
Need to talk to Conlon.
BAILEY: Uh, wait.
I thought they said we're off the case.
Yeah, but he's captain, so we can do whatever we want.
You acknowledge I'm captain.
- As long as I can do whatever I want.
- Yeah, but I'm captain, though.
I really just want to do whatever I want.
The captain will let you do - whatever you want.
- Okay, yeah, bye, I'm walking.
(TRUCK BEEPING IN DISTANCE) Sean? Sean! Sean Banks? Sean Banks.
Leo Getz, attorney at law.
Today is your lucky day, 'cause I'm about to make you a bunch of money.
Yeah, I'm not interested, all right? Well, were you, were you on a city bus yesterday that was negligently commandeered by the LAPD? - You've got the wrong guy.
- No, I don't think I do, lucky for you, because, actually, I got a shot of you here from the bus' security camera.
And, uh, my friend at the NSA can use that What the hell do you want, huh? I've got a class action lawsuit with all the passengers.
And all I want to do is make you a $40,000 to $50,000 cash settlement.
I said I'm not interested.
- Okay.
- Don't make me say it again.
- Okay? - Check.
That-that is you, though.
Hey, Sean, if you change your mind (ENGINE STARTS) LLEWYN: When I leave here, my first call will be to the mayor, the governor, and the police commissioner.
Then, that's three calls.
- (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Hey, hey.
- Let me out of here.
- Hey.
There was way less than $600,000 in that bag.
So, either you were lying, or you thought these guys just couldn't count.
Which one? BAILEY: Or you expect us to believe they threw her in a van at gunpoint for 31 grand? MURTAUGH: What did they want? What was in that bag? A truck route.
The route, departure time, the ID number for one of my trucks.
Conlon Pharma makes a decongestant that contains a compound That makes meth.
Riggs said the A.
pipeline just shut down.
And they want to hijack your truck so they can make their own.
- What truck? - No.
You can't.
They said they'd let go of Lisa once they have it.
Conlon, if you want to get Lisa back, then you have to tell us what truck it is.
(PHONE RINGS) Leo? This better not be about your lawsuit.
LEO: Murtaugh, I found the 19th bus passenger for my lawsuit.
Okay, I'm hanging up.
No, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Conlon Pharmaceuticals beach bag.
What? He's got a Conlon Pharmaceuticals beach bag in his car.
I'm following him right now.
A fairly unpleasant man named Sean Banks.
He must've been on the bus monitoring the ransom drop.
Okay, Leo? I'm gonna regret saying this keep following that car.
Does this mean you're officially deputizing me? No.
Uh, does it mean I can get a bubble light for the car? No.
If I have a bubble light, can I use it? (PHONE BEEPS) Hello? Hello, hello? BAILEY: You sure you need all of this? Mm, about to find out.
Got the grenades, too.
Do you even know what you're doing? So, two things.
You requisitioned the LAPD Ferrari? I thought you were making that up.
LAPD has a Ferrari? - Yes, it does.
- Second, the commission is dumbstruck and furious, because you brought Mark Conlon in.
And it's a good thing we did.
Because now we know why his wife was kidnapped.
They're going after his truck.
- So we need to get out - Stop.
Tell me you understand what "The FBI is taking over" means.
MURTAUGH: Listen, you sent Riggs to find out what his father knows.
Well, here's what he found out: these people, they don't mess around.
Once they know the truck is clear, they're gonna make that one phone call, and she will be dead.
So if you want Lisa back alive, let us do what we do.
Where are you now? Okay, I followed him into the Citrus Grove Motel on Evans Road.
There is a tiny bit of citrus, and a very diminutive grove.
He's stopping the car.
Leo, we're ten minutes away.
Sit tight.
Remember what you're driving? (ENGINE ROARS) (SIREN WAILING) LLEWYN: The truck is mine.
As soon as I tell you I'm in the clear, take care of the girl.
(PHONE BEEPS) MURTAUGH (ON PHONE): Leo, you still there? I'm gonna follow him, okay? No, Leo, get back in your car.
Shelter in place.
Don't you worry about me.
Leo Getz is a chameleon.
I move like the night.
And he's talking to somebody.
Maybe he's heading into a room.
- But I can't see what - (GUN COCKS) Move and you're dead.
Is this where the Mendelbaum bris is? I'm looking for the bris.
I'm so Okay.
Okay, guy.
LEO: Easy, easy.
Easy, easy.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey.
- Get up.
Get in there.
- (SCREAMS) This is as fast as I can go.
- Don't move.
- It's cool, it's cool.
(PHONE BEEPS) All good.
All good.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Look, I don't know, okay? It-It's some lawyer.
LLEWYN: You let a lawyer follow you from Glendale? Who'd he call, the cops? SEAN: Look, who knows, okay? All I know is I'm not sticking around here to find out, so what do you want me to do with them? I want you to take the both of them - out the back - Hi! Hey, I didn't hear what you said.
I just want to take a moment to tell you that this is your last chance to join into an amazing class action lawsuit.
Okay? That is, I guarantee, going to make you more than you're making right now.
(ENGINE REVVING, TIRES SCREECHING) (GRUNTS) - Lisa Conlon, are you okay? - LISA: I think so.
BAILEY: All right, the EMTs are on their way.
I got your back, Murtaugh.
Hey! Don't point it at me.
I found it fair and square.
Conlon, you are a really amazing, amazing hostage.
If you got to be a hostage with somebody, boom, this lady.
Hostage numero uno.
I'm gonna get you a cash settlement, or at least, maybe, a couple nights here at the hotel, (SCOFFS) whatever whatever works out.
Okay, thank you, Leo.
Are you okay? (GROANS) (SPITS) So what do we do now, Martin? We got a car coming for you.
Yeah, it's like an Uber, only with handcuffs, so You just sit there and be quiet.
You know he's a dead man, right? Your dad.
In jail, out of jail, it doesn't matter, someone will get close to him.
As soon as I'm booked, that's the first call I make.
You see, the thing is, Martin, doesn't have to be that way.
You let me go, I guarantee nobody touches him.
Old Nathan gets to live a long, long life.
Maybe you don't want him hanging around, huh? Is that it? I mean, who could blame you? Like I said, I heard the stories.
Oh, he was quite a piece of work.
You must carry a lot of anger.
Do you ever get rid of that? I don't think that car's coming after all.
No? No.
Good luck.
DEBRA: Well, for the record, I voted no.
That this committee would offer you the actual, for-real captain job is (LAUGHS) Even you must admit that that is insane.
Captain Murtaugh, can you at least please look at me while you gloat? No? Wait, did I hear correctly? The commission is offering me the captain position? Avery's job? Yup.
Avery's continuing education was actually him taking two days off to interview campaign managers.
Wait, Avery's stepping down to To run for office.
And the plan was to use his absence to quietly test drive his replacement, and there were so, so many better candidates.
But you brought Lisa Conlon back.
And results are what matters around here, so whatever.
When does he get out? Uh right about now.
- (DOOR BUZZING) - CAHILL: You okay with it? RIGGS: If nothing else, the man has survival instincts.
Trust me, he won't stick around.
But on the other hand, he's family.
And family has a way of surprising you.
Don't know what we should do There she is.
Baby, you wouldn't believe - the day I had.
- You and me both.
I just want to crawl into bed.
They offered me the captain's job.
BOTH: What? - No, no, no.
- Wait a minute, no, hold You first, you first.
They offered Avery is leaving to run for office, and the commission wants me as RHD captain.
Not interim, permanent.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
- Honey, that's huge.
- I know.
What did you say? I didn't say nothing yet.
I wanted to talk to Riggs and Avery and, of course, I wanted to talk to you.
I want to hear about this whole captain thing, baby, come on! Like, who made the offer? Are you thinking about it, baby? - Tell me.
- I think I'm thinking about it.
You should.
I mean, it would be a big change.
- Yeah.
- But maybe I'm ready for that.
- And there's also the whole - Oh.
The people calling you "Captain.
" Yeah, that thing, you know what I'm saying.
(LAUGHS) - I do.
- Of course, you and the kids will not have to call me that.
Except maybe, uh, on the weekdays when it would be official.
(LAUGHS) Not a chance.
See, see how good that sounds? (LAUGHS) I do.
I'm so proud of you.
You, uh You didn't want to come in? Looks like you got everything under control in there.
Well, in case you're worried, the doctors say he's out of the woods.
Give this one a chance, okay? Look, son, I appreciate everything you done for me.
You went over and above.
Getting me out of prison, taking care of Llewyn Cooke.
It couldn't have gone better if I'd planned it.
Did you? I'll be seeing you, son.