Lethal Weapon (2016) s03e08 Episode Script

What the Puck

1 Will, another martini? Three olives, right? I'll be right back.
How are my lovebirds? Everybody good? All right.
Good deal.
Let me get that chair.
Angela, that's a hell of a dress.
Dessert's on me.
Come on, eat up.
I didn't know you were coming in tonight.
I'd like my corner booth.
As you can see, I've seated people there already, but you're welcome to sit at the bar.
First round's on the house.
Next time, have my table ready.
Don't ever disrespect me again.
Hey, baby.
Doing okay, Jill? - I'll see you in a minute.
- What? Looking out for you, Tony.
Hey-o, Elliot.
Appreciate the help with Stavos tonight.
You're a good man.
You okay? You look a little rare.
Just a long day's night, Mr.
- You have a good one.
- You, too.
Oh, hey, what are you doing? Hold up.
I work here! We-we ran out of space in the lot.
It's on the hook, pal.
Too late, you know? What's done is done.
I don't care whether it's What is that? - I don't know.
It's your car.
- No, no.
What is that? What? Get away from the car.
Get away from the car.
Run, run! Cole, what is it? You have been blowing up my phone.
True, but only 'cause I was hoping we could talk.
Uh, yeah, I got that from the six missed calls.
Cole, I'm at work.
What is the emergency? Well, we kissed.
Yeah, I was there.
It was pretty great, right? It was nice, but we cannot talk about this right now.
Because you're at work? Right, and honestly because I don't know what to say.
It's just a little messy, you know? The kiss? I mean, I can adjust my approach.
No, not You know I have a boyfriend.
How did Andrew take the bad news? No, Cole, I didn't tell him.
So you're saying Wait, what are you saying? I don't, I don't know.
I don't know what I'm saying.
I'm confused.
Well, we could fix that.
How about you and I meet? You know, we can talk it all out, - face to face.
- Hey.
Got the tickets.
Who's that? Oh, uh, it's just some idiot - trying to sell me something.
- Is that Andrew? Tickets? Tickets to what? I'm almost done.
No problem.
I'm excited for tomorrow.
It's gonna be a big night.
Big night? No, no, no.
Listen, Natalie, I have to see you tonight, okay? Half hour, please.
Okay, okay, tonight, but now I have to go.
Natalie, if Andrew asks you anything before then, just don't Uh-oh.
Come on, man.
You okay? No.
I literally just got my car fixed, just pulled off the lot.
I can't believe this happened.
Don't blame yourself.
I don't.
I blame you.
Were you just on your phone? - While driving? - Uh-huh.
Erica? Honey? Did you just get into an accident? Um, Mom, I'm fine.
I will call you back.
Sounds like we were both on our phones, Erica.
Hands-free, speaker.
Little different.
Who is that? You want me to talk to him? Hi, Erica's mom.
Your daughter's fine.
- Little judgy, maybe.
- Okay, Mom, hang up, I'll call you back.
- You, license, insurance, now.
- Does it make a difference that I was on the phone reconnecting - with the love of my life? - Aw.
- I'll get my wallet.
- Okay.
So, Roger, Riana is out of the house tonight, Harper is at my mom's, so what are your plans tonight? For you, baby, I can be home and showered and ready to "uh, uh, uh" by 7:00.
- That sounds so good.
- Mm-hmm.
But I have girls' night tonight.
And I'm hosting.
Didn't you just host a girls' night, like, a week ago? A month ago, and I cancelled because you demanded we watch Top Chef finale together.
- It was worth every minute.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, make yourself scarce from 7:00 to 12:00.
Five hours? You're gonna talk about baking the potato - for five hours? - What? - Hiding the turtle.
- What? Taming the monkey.
- You mean sex? - Yes.
Okay, honey, this may come as a shock, but we talk about more than sex.
- Yeah, right.
- We do! That Shana keeps giving me the stanky eye like she knows things about me, erotic things.
Okay, honey, we talk about everything.
And deep conversation with friends can go on for hours.
It's like you lose track of time.
You should try it.
You trying to say I don't have any close friends? I'm saying don't walk through that door before midnight.
That's all.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
Nah, sorry, buddy, I got plans.
I'm meeting Natalie.
I got a needle to thread.
Why don't you thread it tomorrow? Can't.
My window's closing.
Andrew told Natalie tomorrow's gonna be a "big night.
" You know, uh if you want to do a deep dive on this, you just let me know.
- Deep dive? - Yeah, you know, talk it out.
Have a boys' night.
Lose track of time.
Roger, were you even listening? Natalie.
- Ask Scorsese.
- Huh? Ask me what? Hit me.
I've got all the time in the world.
Yeah, mm, speaking of time, don't we have a conference call with the new deputy DA? Yeah, Avery had me walk him through how to call the DA's office.
You know, as an older millennial, I have a lot of things to say that people generally want to hear, so Hey, Captain.
Why don't, uh, me and you grab a beer today? I got, I got plans.
Ask Scorsese.
Hey, Cap, is that a new tie? You must really want to impress the new deputy DA.
Her mother is Senator Donna Malick, which makes this call very important to the political career I almost had and may, God willing, still have in the future, so Counselor Malick.
- Good morning.
- Oh, crap.
This is Detective Murtaugh and Where'd he I-I just met her.
Not in a good way.
Uh, you were saying, Captain? You, Detective Murtaugh and? - And-and my partner, somewhere around.
- Yes.
- He's here.
- Ah, well, running behind myself.
Fender bender.
Some moron hit my car.
Moron? I am so sorry to hear that.
She stopped short.
I'm sorry, is someone else in the office with you? I'm-I'm hearing another voice.
- Difficulties.
- Echo.
Well, I am building a case against Tony Corsetti.
Big fish.
Yeah, my big fish.
So you want us to bring him in, give him a once-over? The opposite.
You are to go nowhere near Corsetti.
I just want you to babysit my witness.
Elliot Nunziata.
Maître d' at one of Tony's restaurants.
Last night, Tony tried to blow him up.
He must've heard that he was gonna testify against his boss.
So when do we start? Tonight.
Pick him up at holding, and bring him to the Beverly Regency.
No can do.
Tonight is no good.
Oh, no.
- Please tell me you're not - His partner.
Yeah, and tonight I have plans.
Oh, plans.
Oh, why didn't you say so? Never mind then.
Is she being sarcastic? Listen carefully.
Until I get a warrant and Tony Corsetti is in custody, you two cannot leave my witness's side.
Take Elliot to the hotel and stay with him.
Oh, and another thing Detective Murtaugh drives.
When did America stop serving real food? Look at this: avocado toast, quinoa pancakes.
I'm gonna call down there, ask them if they'll whip me up a shrimp cocktail.
You want? - I'm good.
- What about your partner? They said you were bringing a date.
He'll be here soon.
He's been having car trouble.
I'm being guarded by two of L.
's finest.
What the hell is taking you so long? Ask him if he wants the shrimp.
- The shrimp.
- Yeah, I'm not coming.
Cole, the deputy DA put us both on babysitting duty until she executes the warrant for Tony.
And that could take all night.
Tony just opened up a tab at Elliot's restaurant.
I figured I'd swing by there, - wrap this baby up.
- Yeah.
Just in time to have dinner with Natalie.
Huh? Yeah, I guess I could make that.
Hadn't even crossed my mind.
And what am I supposed to do with Mr.
Shrimp Cocktail over here? You said you wanted a boys' night out, so now you got it.
Cole, I think you need to Hello? Cole? Cole? Damn it.
You know, forgive me for overstepping, but I don't care for his behavior.
Hanging up on you? It's disrespectful.
It's disrespectful.
Let me guess, the man is so wrapped up in his own needs, he doesn't care about yours.
Yeah! You got all that from a phone call? I'm in hospitality.
Reading people is kind of my raison d'etre.
Raison d'etre.
Oh, great.
You know, in this light, your bumper doesn't look so bad.
Aren't you supposed to be watching my witness? Yeah.
Two cops to watch one guy, it seemed - like a poor use of resources.
- Why are you here? Oh.
It isn't to arrest Tony, because you agreed to wait for a warrant, and I know you don't have the warrant because I do.
- Oh, you think I'm here on the case? - Yeah.
No, I'm here for the lasagna.
I heard it's epic.
But now that I'm here, you know, maybe I could help you.
I don't need your help.
And I'm here to give you the help that you didn't even know you needed.
Ugh! Just, please, go back to the hotel.
Don't screw this up for me.
Why do you assume I'm gonna screw it up? We just met.
Call it a hunch, huh? - Stay here.
- Okay.
The guy is back there! He shot Lee! Whoa! Don't shoot! He went that way.
Give me your keys.
Give me your keys.
What? What happened? What? Someone shot your big fish.
Give me your keys now.
- Okay, well, I'm coming with.
- No, you're not.
No, no.
Let's go.
- I said no.
- Okay, let's go.
And I swear to God, if you put one more scratch on my car, we are going to have a very big problem.
No, no, no, no Oh! - Okay, are you trying to get us killed? - Yeah.
I am, Erica.
Why? Is that a problem? Hold on, hold on.
What do you mean, you don't like hockey? Well, I'm more of a basketball, baseball, football, anything but hockey kind of guy.
You've just never seen it live.
I was a Ranger fan up until '92.
What happened in '92? I sat next to Wayne Gretzky on a flight from Dubuque.
We got to chatting.
Very, very nice guy.
I got him a room upgrade at the Peninsula.
Next thing I know, I got season tickets to the Kings for life.
What? Never looked back.
You know what? You and me, we should go sometime.
- We interrupt this broadcast - Oh, no.
Oh, no.
They're gonna preempt the game because of some moron in a convertible? is driving erratically through the busy streets Hey, that's not some moron.
That's my moron.
- You good? - Yep.
Hey, Roger.
Cole, what are the odds that you're in a high-speed chase on TV right now? Pretty good, buddy.
Hey, how do I look? Like a dead man driving.
You know, when the deputy DA finds out about this, she's gonna be pissed.
Oh, she is.
Long story, Roger.
But, uh, Tony's dead.
Killer's up ahead in the black sedan.
No, no.
What's he doing? San Pedro is a disaster.
Elliot says to stay on 4th.
Okay, kid, I got a shortcut.
But you keep this between us.
I don't want this puppy getting out.
Any time, Elliot.
Okay, now stay on Alameda.
Make a left now.
- And then a right on Anderson.
- Anderson! - I would've never thought of that.
- See? We got him.
Bada-bing, bada-boo-ba-bing.
Oh, God Okay, look I know you wanted to catch your big fish, but we caught a bunch of small ones.
So, am I free to go? 'Cause you can't exactly testify against a headstone.
Oh, ho, you are not going anywhere.
So either tell me what you know, or I'm booking you for obstruction.
Me? What did I do? Hey, hey, don't you think you're being a bit harsh? - I mean, Elliot means well.
- Yeah.
Means well? What, are you friends now? Guys, I got a great idea in the shower.
Ugh, oh, my God.
Did I smell that bad when I came in? Why didn't you let me - shower first? - Because I have a date.
And I needed it.
Now you need it.
Okay, enough.
All right.
Someone tried to kill you.
And they got Tony.
Why? Who wants you both dead? If you know something, Elliot, now's the time.
Okay, I may have heard and you didn't hear this from me that Tony and another guy maybe pulled a little heist a week ago.
How little? Two million.
Armored truck, down in Long Beach.
Who was with Tony? Oh.
I need to know I'm protected.
You have my word.
What do you think, Rog? I would take the deal.
Jimmy Doherty.
They call him Blinky.
He's an explosives expert.
And a great tipper, too, by the way.
I want to know exactly where he is.
Okay, but he's a little jumpy, so I wouldn't sneak up on him.
Consider that a warning.
What, I'm-I'm not with Elliot no more? The city's done paying for your guys' night.
Cole will babysit, and you're on Mr.
Only two reasons for a guy to check his phone that much.
A wager or a girl.
And you don't strike me as being the gambler type.
So, is she your ex, or your next? Ex.
Possible next.
I don't know.
We were supposed to talk about it tonight.
And I take it this can't wait until tomorrow? No, I think her boyfriend's gonna propose tomorrow.
Oh, well, then, let's get her over here tonight.
Come on, kid.
Step up.
Relationships are about timing.
And there's no better time than right now.
No offense, Elliot, but I don't really want to win her back with you in the room.
No, not here.
They got a beautiful bar.
Music, wine.
You set the mood, you open your heart.
I love this.
- I like that.
- Yeah? Okay.
"Beverly Regency.
"Lobby bar.
How about now?" This, to the woman you love? Come on.
Bleed a little.
Open a vein.
- Yeah.
- Show it to me.
You got this, you got this.
"I can't stop thinking about the kiss.
" That's more like a paper cut, but it's okay for now.
- Elliot, thank you for the advice.
- You're very welcome.
I'm gonna need you to stay right here.
Well, how do you plan on doing that? Show me your hands.
Well, here we are.
Just two old friends walking and talking.
Just like old times.
Look, the only reason I'm out here is because Cole was busy and you needed backup.
And I want Erica to tell her mom I did a really good job.
What do you think that means? Fire in the hole! You're supposed to say that before the explosion! Who the hell are you? LAPD.
Thought you were here to kill me.
Come on in, I guess.
Stay on the path.
If it looks like a landmine, probably is.
As you can see, I had an accident myself.
- So the name "Blinky" is - Tony's idea of a joke.
Cracked him up.
Even more reason for you to kill him.
You think I killed Tony? No way.
We know about the heist.
Two million.
That's pretty good motive.
Kill him, keep it all to yourself? You don't know what you're talking about, Detective.
We have a witness who ties you to the robbery.
Let's not add homicide to the equation.
Even if I did pull the heist, which I do not admit to, I know Tony stashed the money at a neutral spot.
And then it went missing.
All two million.
What neutral spot? The restaurant.
What's it called? Miceli's.
That's the place.
Tony called me the other day, we had words.
I've been hiding up here since.
Who else could've taken the money? Only guy with keys to the kingdom.
The maître d'.
Elliot Nunziata.
Oh, man.
Hey, Cole, anything yet? Elliot, she's not here.
Maybe she changed her mind.
Give her time.
She's coming.
I don't know.
I'm sweating bullets here.
Hey, I got to put you on hold.
One second.
Hey, Roger.
Cole, are you still with Elliot? - Essentially.
- That means no.
- Okay, look.
Elliot is - Uh What the hell are you doing here? Police work.
Elliot lied.
He stole the money from Tony.
- He played us.
- Just relax.
Okay? I got Elliot on video conference.
Elliot's gone.
Son of a bitch.
Had to run.
Good luck.
Hope you get the girl.
" I don't think he's talking about you.
You're here.
I've been thinking about the case, and I think that I know who helped Elliot escape.
Jill Brown.
The waitress at his restaurant, and she was at At the hotel.
I know.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
Here, she walks right past you while you're eating a breadstick.
Wow, the resolution on these surveillance cameras.
It's amazing.
Now you turn, almost see her, and then you put the breadstick back.
In my defense, the breadsticks were super dry.
Well, the breadsticks cost us the case.
And Elliot and Jill are probably halfway to Tahiti by now.
This is not your fault.
Does it matter? That's what people will think, the same way they think I'm only here because of my mother.
I don't think that.
Look, I'm gonna I'm gonna get back to this, okay? - Yeah.
- Okay.
To girls' night! - Girls' night! - Yes, we love it.
Honest talk! Okay, okay, your turn, Trish.
Give us the dirt on Roger.
- Oh, gosh.
- Got to be something.
What can I say? He's my best friend.
I love the big guy, as you all know.
But, um sometimes I wish Roger Hello? Someone there? Hello? Oh, hey.
Good evening, ladies.
- Shana.
- Roger.
You're home.
Well, don't you let me interrupt you.
I'll be upstairs, quiet as a little church mouse.
- Okay, now, I know I told - Uh, b-but, uh wh-while I'm here, why don't you go ahead and finish saying what you was, uh, just about to say? Roger.
Why don't we talk about this later? You know, "sometimes I wish Roger" Oh! You wish he shaved his goatee.
You said that once.
I didn't.
- Uh, but no.
Can we not do that now? - Didn't you say it was funny for a grown man to spend so much time in a tub? You told Shana - about tub time? - Okay, baby.
- Maybe we should table this.
- No.
I want to know.
I want to know right now.
Tell me.
What were you going to say? Come on.
You want to do that now? - Right here and now? - Right here, yes.
- Right now.
Sometimes Roger - Oh, okay, Roger.
Sometimes I wish you would give me some space! Uh Okay.
Honey listen, baby.
You know I love spending time with you.
It's just that maybe it would be nice for the both of us if you expanded your world a bit.
- That's - I see.
You need your space.
Well, baby, now is a good time to start.
Roger And, Marcy It's a Van Dyke.
And it looks spectacular.
- Can I come in? - Yeah.
You know, when you didn't show up at the hotel, I thought you got cold feet.
Do you want a beer? No, Cole.
I'm not staying.
- Is everything okay? - No.
What is wrong with you? "I can't stop thinking about the kiss"? I thought you'd appreciate a little romance.
Yeah, well, Andrew didn't.
He saw the text.
And he walked out.
Said it's over.
I didn't know where else to go.
You said before that you were confused.
Have things become more clear? Yeah.
Never been more clear.
Andrew is who I want.
And because of you, he's gone.
Nat, I get it.
You're upset.
- But you kissed me.
- I know.
I know I did.
And it was a mistake.
You know, you were in trouble and it was just like it used to be.
And I got caught up in a moment.
But it wasn't real.
It felt real to me.
Cole, we have a daughter, and a past.
But Andrew was my future.
He was real.
And you did what you always do, and you blew everything up.
Roger, phone! I knew you were in a bath.
A call for you.
- And - I don't know, like, maybe I shouldn't have sent that text.
I had to put myself out there, right? Why is Cole sipping chardonnay with your friends? Well, he came by looking for a "deep dive" with you.
- But he found them.
- Sweetie, you did nothing wrong.
She kissed you.
So him you don't need space from? Okay.
Apparently, things did not go well with Natalie.
And I think a female perspective has been very cathartic.
Now answer your phone.
- Yeah? - Murtaugh.
I've been thinking about you and I realize I never got to say a proper good-bye.
Elliot? Where are you? Hey, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
It's Elliot.
Eh, who can say? All island paradises are more or less the same.
But listen, I want to apologize.
I never intended to get you boys in trouble.
Oh, just like you didn't intend to steal $2 million.
Cole! Hey, how'd it go with the girl? Not good, Elliot.
Not good at all.
The text you had me send sucked.
Hey, why'd you take the money, Elliot? Crime of opportunity.
I overheard Jimmy and Tony one night.
How they held up this armored car full of cash, which belonged to Stavos the Greek.
They stuffed the loot in the restaurant.
What was I to do? Well, for starters, not take the money.
And not kill Tony.
Hey, that wasn't me.
I might be a thief and a liar, but I am not a killer.
Then turn yourself in.
gridlocked the 101 south from Hollywood Boulevard to Listen, I got to roll.
These piñas won't colada themselves.
I'm glad I met you boys.
In another life, we might've been friends.
Did you hear that? Yeah, the piña colada joke.
It's pretty funny.
No, the TV in the background.
Talking about traffic on the 101.
On his island paradise? - Elliot's still in town.
- Yeah.
So, Elliot hasn't left town yet? Traffic cam caught him entering a motel in downtown.
Next to the Staples Center.
We have round-the-clock surveillance airports, train stations.
Solid work, Captain.
- Remember that if your mom asks.
- She won't.
Elliot said the $2 million was stolen from a guy named "Stavos the Greek.
" Fabrizio Stavos? So, that was his money - in the armored car? - You know him? My office has been after him for years.
Drug trafficking, money laundering.
The guy has his fingers in every criminal pot in town.
But no one's been able to pin him.
Sounds like this guy's an even bigger fish than Tony Corsetti.
Stavos makes Tony look like smelt.
Smelt are very small fish.
- Why didn't you say minnow? - Koi.
- Goldfish.
- Tadpole.
- Tadpole's not a fish.
- It's a frog.
Well, no, but it's-it's not a frog yet.
It's a frog.
It's always a frog.
It turns into a frog.
- Is it always a frog? - Yeah.
Regardless, we better hope that he's not onto Elliot yet because a guy like Fabrizio Stavos does not mess around.
Come on.
The guy's name's Fabrizio.
How dangerous could he be? Fabrizio.
I appreciate you bailing me out and all, but is-is this really necessary? I don't Who took my money, Jimmy? Don't know.
But if I did, I'd strangle them myself.
Think about it.
Elliot has it.
You know, Tony's guy at Miceli's.
You're telling me the mook that wouldn't even sit me at my table has my $2 million? Mm-hmm.
Where is Elliot now? Hey, Cole, I should warn you.
There's a guy prowling the halls looking for you and he's pissed.
- There he is.
- That's him.
- Do you want me to? - The big man himself.
Andrew, why don't we go someplace more private? Was this your plan all along? You play nice with Maya, and then you swoop in for the kill? You got every right to be angry.
I don't know what Natalie sees in you.
Is it your charm? What, your muscles? That tattoo? What even what even is that, Cole? - Andrew, I screwed up.
- Stop agreeing with me! If you want to hit me, go ahead.
I deserve it.
I'm not gonna hit you, Cole.
It's not who I am.
Do you want to know the worst part about this whole situation? I was gonna take her to the Kings playoff game tonight and propose.
That's where we had our first date.
But now You're right.
I did want her back.
Nat's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
She's so smart, great mom but she loves you.
Not me.
How do I know that's the truth? Because she told me.
Don't throw away what you have for a mistake.
Take it from someone who spoke up 12 years too late.
Don't wait.
Uh, Cole? Camera on the whole time? Yep.
And, for the record, he totally should've hit you.
- Noted.
- Hey.
You did the right thing.
You know that, right? Doesn't feel like it.
Well, at least it wasn't a total wash.
Now we know where Elliot's going to be.
Wait, what? Yeah.
Didn't you guys say he was a huge Kings fan? The arena is right next to the motel where Elliot was last spotted.
Playoff game tonight.
What kind of criminal stays in town for a hockey game? You're an idiot! I mean, we could be on a plane right now, sipping mimosas, but no, I had to fall in love with a puckhead.
We had time to kill.
And, Jill, this might be the last game I'll ever see.
And it's a playoff game.
Why do I put up with you? Well, I think the two million we have - stashed in your car helps.
- Well Look, baby, you're getting cranky.
You're hungry.
I want you to get something to eat.
Get us some hot dogs.
- I'm gonna get the seats.
- Okay.
- Mwah.
I love you.
- I love you.
This place is packed.
Should we start in section "A" and work our way across? No, he's gonna be sitting center ice.
Kings side.
Baby, you're missing the warm-up.
Babe, we have a problem.
You have my money.
I want it back.
Concourse three, ten minutes.
Are these seats taken? - Thank God you're here.
- What's wrong? You think you could do a favor for an old friend? What the hell was I thinking? Look, don't worry.
We're gonna get Jill back.
We make the drop, they let her go.
- Where is the last place you saw Jill? - Right over there.
I sent her to get hot dogs.
I'll go find her.
Okay, where's the money? It's in her car.
Let's go.
Come on, damn it.
- Hey, I'm going - This was $150.
There he is.
Let's go.
Rog, watch out! Hey.
Get the hell off me.
Go, go, go! Drop it.
You took a bullet for me.
Ain't that what friends are for? Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to section "C" for a special moment with two of our fans.
There they are, Andrew Simon and Natalie Flynn.
Jill! Run.
- Stand up, stand up.
- Huh? - Stand up.
- What? Um Natalie Flynn will you make me the happiest man ever? Is this really happening? What do you say? Say yes! Yes.
There they are, the happy couple.
Congratulations to Natalie and Andrew.
Are you okay? Didn't expect it to hurt this much.
You're such an idiot.
You just had to go to the game.
I'm glad it was with you, bud.
Give me a kiss.
Come on.
I'd appreciate anything you could do.
She's a good kid.
I owe you.
You took that bullet.
You'd have done it for me.
Eh, I w I wou you know, I w-would have definitely thought about it.
Want to leave you with a little token of my affection.
It's my season tickets.
Two seats, every game.
Bring a friend.
Now I got to find a friend.
There you go.
Thanks, Rog.
I want to shake your hand, but it's Yeah, I uh, next time.
Brought you a congratulatory cigar.
I don't smoke.
Me, neither.
I don't light it.
But it does make me feel important.
So you finally caught your big fish.
My boss even stood in my doorway and nodded, so, yeah.
Huge win.
And I couldn't have done it without you.
Does that mean we're even on this car thing? Nice try.
And I'm sorry to hear things didn't work out with the ex.
But I may have someone for you.
You do? My mom.
She saw you on the news.
Thinks you're dreamy.
I think we'd make a cute couple.
Ah, let me try this.
- No.
- No, sorry.
Got creepy.
Didn't like that.
Thanks again, Cole, and I will be seeing you around.
Well, if it isn't the future Mrs.
Doctor Andrew.
You saw.
So did every hockey fan in Southern California.
Thank you, Cole.
Uh, Andrew told me what you said and Don't mention it.
I just want you to be happy.
I want that for you, too.
I don't know.
I'd probably just go and blow everything up.
That's what I do, right? Sometimes.
But occasionally, you actually put things back together.
Okay, I got to go.
You want the room? B-Because I can leave.
Give you your space.
Honey, how long am I gonna have to hear that one? I don't know.
I'll reassess at Harper's wedding.
Look ladies night is a safe place.
And sometimes, I try things out just to see how they sound.
- Things? - Yes.
What else does Shana know about our marriage that I don't? Okay, Roger, when there is something that you need to hear, you better believe I'm gonna tell you.
Now, why don't we go upstairs and, um, Bake a potato? Mm.
- That sounds so nice.
- Yeah, it does.
Yeah, but I can't.
It's boys' night.
Boys' night.
So what will you be discussing at boys' night? Oh, I think you can guess.
Uh How many times a week are we talking? Mm, used to be three, four, five times a week.
Now once or twice, maybe, on a good week.
Well, that's still way more than me.
I've gone months.
Months? I know.
What's your whole thing, man? How you going months? I don't know, but have you seen my bathroom? It's not really ideal for tub time.
Yeah, well, I'm-I'm a tub guy.
You know? It take me back to the womb.
- Y-You just miss things in the shower.
- Yeah.
You know what I mean? In the tub, you're sitting there, and you get a chance to really kind of see what you're made of.
Thanks for the talk.
Thanks for the deep dive.
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