Letterkenny (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Finding Stormy a Stud

You're having thirsty Thursday with your pals the other day.
It was my cousin's sixth birthday party yesterday.
- Which cousin? - Samuel.
I fuckin' hate Samuel.
Well, Samuel likes you.
Fuckin' hate Samuel so much.
Well, Samuel's not so bad.
I seen Samuel in the laundry room with the cat one time.
You just know that little fucker's gonna put him in the dryer.
That's a hasty conclusion.
Not if you seen Samuel trying to put himself in there 15 minutes earlier.
I seen Samuel snort a line of Fun Dip on his fifth birthday.
Well, it's reason fuckin' five million I didn't go to his sixth birthday party.
He was doing a Fun Dip dry rip.
A what? Or rippsin' a Fun Dip dry one.
Well, what's that? Well, in schneef terms, if you do a line of schneef before you've ingested any booze to alter your judgment, it's called doing a dry rip.
Or rippsin' a dry one.
Doin' dry rips is a pretty good indication you got a schneef problem.
You got yourselves a schneef issue.
Well, yous ever done a dry rip? - Well, back in the day.
- In the glory days.
- Yeah, I done a dry rip.
- I'd a rips a dry one.
Not sure if rippin' a Fun dip dry rip would have the same effect, but doin' it is still a pretty good indication you got some sort of problem.
Well, hoopin' Fun Dip definitely wouldn't have the same effects, but it's definitely an indication you got yourselves a problem.
Well, what's hoopin'? Well, that's instead of taking the drugs orally's or intranasally's, you take 'em anally's.
What the fuck you talking about now? Well, instead of down the hatch or up the nose, you take 'em in the pooper.
Wait, you put drugs up your pooper? That's the fastest way to absorbs 'em into your systems.
Do you mean like you take the drugs with your hand Well, then you put 'em up your pooper? Correct.
But you don't poop 'em out? No, your pooper absorbs 'em.
Well, isn't that curious.
Hoopin' Fun Dip definitely wouldn't have the same effect as hoopin' schneef.
But doing it is still probably a pretty good indication you got some sort of a problem.
I guess a Fun Dip dick dinger wouldn't be the ends of the world.
You wanna know what? I heard my friends J.
and J.
talk about Fun Dip dick dingers one time.
Well, whose dick was gettin' dinged? Well, I thought it was a bit intrusive to ask whose dick was gettin' dinged.
As long as they're both consentin' adults, it really doesn't matter whose dick's gettin' dinged.
Well, I really hope the Fun Dip candy stick isn't going to waste in all this.
Do you wanna know what? I pulled my first all-nighter with my friend Chad in grade eight playing Pokemans and eating Fun Dip.
Oh, waits.
If If Samuel's already been takin' Fun Dips orally's and intranasally's Yeah, we should probably go check on Samuel.
I fuckin' hate Samuel so much.
Subtitle by peritta You got any dates lined up this week, good buddy? Nah, I'm gonna put that bullshit on the back burner for a bit, bud.
Soft, literally.
Parks 'er behind the barn for a bits? - Ten-ply.
- No.
Gotta find Stormy a stud.
That's a priority.
She's a beautiful dog.
Oh, she's a real beauty.
No, she's a gorgeous dog.
She just tries to kill her studs, is the thing.
Well, that's my girl.
Maybe you should takes her in for a fingers in the bum.
Are you fuckin' preoccupied? That's only the answer sometimes.
Squirrelly Dan working' Squirrelly OT.
Not all the time.
- Just to checks.
- Sometimes.
Are you fuckin' preoccupied? Doesn't matter what you takes her in for.
As sure as a bush is gonna break your fall, Stormy's gonna get some fingers in the bum.
- How deep? - Fuck's sake.
- What do ya means, how deep? - How many knuckles? Like how many knuckles deep? Yeah, are we talking about a one-knuckler or a two-knuckler? Oh, be at least a three-knuckler to gets to the bottom of this.
- Oh, see, now, that's too many.
- Is not.
Well, a person's got two knuckles so you're saying that the vet would have to fire a three-knuckler up Stormy's bum to get to the bottom of it? A person has three knuckles.
Well, a person has two knuckles.
- Figure it out.
- A person has three knuckles.
You figure it out.
A person's got two knuckles, okay? - One, two.
- Three.
You forgots about the little knuckles underneath the fingernails.
Well, see now, that's not a knuckle, though, Dan.
To be a knuckle, you gotta be able to punch somebody with it.
You can't punch somebody with the knuckle underneath the findernail, can you? Can too.
Well, you'll be looking pretty fuckin' silly.
First knuckle, one knuckler.
Second knuckle, two-knuckler.
Third knuckle, three-knuckler.
So then by your logic the vet would have to fire a full finger up Stormy's bum - to get to the bottom of it.
- Correct.
See, I'm just not so goddamn sure I can stand by and watch the vet give Stormy a three-knuckler up the bum.
No, I don't think Stormy would need a three-knuckler up the bum.
Well, thank you, Dary, because then you'd think the vet's a bit funny, would you not? Mmm, a person has three knuckles, though.
Thank you, Dary.
Fuck's sake, go ahead and have a fuckin' fight with your first knuckle then.
You'll be lookin' pretty fuckin' silly.
Yeah, but when we're talkin' about a two-knuckler, we're talking about horizontal knuckles.
I'm gonna stop you there.
By your logic, a six-knuckler can be dealt with using these two fingers? - Correct.
- Incorrect.
No such thing as a six-knuckler.
A six-knuckler existed, I'd know about it.
- How are ya now, Gail? - Good, and you? - Not so bad.
- Got a stud for Stormy.
Comes from the Baumgartner breeders.
Name's Ken.
- Ken Baumgartner? - Yeah.
You're not exposed to give dogs human names.
- Can do what I want.
- Well, sure you can, I'm just sayin' you're not exposed to.
Baumgartner's been breeding German Shepherds out in Chemmy for six years.
Champion bloodlines.
Raw food diet.
- You got him in the truck? - Yeah.
Well, pull around back.
See if they'll have a go.
Hey, Dan.
Do you wanna know how I know about a six-knuckler? Okay.
You guys been gettin' a lot of ice time? Well, actually I'm just kiddin'.
I don't give a fuck.
I stepped down from your old junior team.
Turns out the senior team needed a new bench boss.
Real work to be done here.
Real men.
Turns out you guys have been havin' a bit of a cake walk up here, huh? Is that right, Reilly? Eh, a little angel cake? A little angel food cake with a top glaze? Huh? Have your mom mix up the egg whites and the vanilla? Huh? Have your mom cut it with a knife or a small spatula through the batter releasing air bubbles and bake? Light as air? Huh? Virtually fat-free? Fuck you, pheasant! - Come on, man - Oh, Jonesy's got something to say.
What kind of cake are you walkin', huh? A little Lady Baltimore? Huh? A little date and walnut loaf? A little Napoleonshatte? - Coach, it's not that we're - Cake walk's over, all right, Johnny Cheechoo and Chuck Huddy? Gonna have the boys tossing up sueys up the middle all night, just tossing up hot suey sauce? You know why? 'Cause you've been skipped leg day? You think you can skirt legs and crack the Czech Extraliga? Huh? You couldn't even crack the HockeyAllsvenska, let alone the Deutsche Eishockey Liga! Fuck! You plugs are gonna learn some jam.
It is fuckin' embarrassing! I'm sick of playing' hurt, buddy.
Are you hurt or are you injured, buddy? This time it's different.
My feelings are hurt.
No, feelings are injured, bro.
I wanna dust on praccy.
No praccy means no game, buddy.
I know.
I wanna dust on praccy, too.
What do we do? Crush a couple sandos? I don't think I could crush a sando right now.
But you love crushin' sandos, bro.
I know.
I'm fuckin' terrified.
Me too.
It's okay.
Thanks, buddy.
I'm here for a normal reason.
- Okay, but sure it's this? - Yeah, it's all cued up.
- And this is their best song? - It is.
Well, it's the one he knows.
- If it fails, it's on you.
- What? Hey, we got, uh We got Digable Planets all cued up for you, Stewart.
I'm more into Shabazz Palaces right now.
Uh, we don't have them.
What about Busdriver? Milo? Open Mike Eagle? You love those guys.
Hmm? Have any Freddie Gibbs? Vince Staples? It's darker.
Young Thug? Don't act like anyone knows what he's saying, Devon.
I've got an idea.
Danny Brown.
Cue it up.
Cue it up.
Cue it up.
Cue it up.
This gets worse before it gets better, cowboy.
Did she Stormy tried to kill Ken Baumgartner.
Well, that's my girl.
The Baumgartners aren't gonna be too jazzed about this.
Guess we could try his brother Nolan.
- Nolan Baumgartner? - Yeah.
- Okay.
- No more Baumgartners.
It's not the Baumgartners.
It's Stormy.
- Fuckin' shithead! - Gail She's a shithead and I'll fuckin' say it to her face.
I'll say it to fuckin' your face.
Fuckin' rip open her face, take out her eye sockets, get right in there and tell it to her fuckin' frontal lobe.
Fuck! Fuck! It's too nice a day to get cross.
You should try a sedative.
What? Are you kiddin' me? God.
Oh, my.
Oh, this is what we were talkin' about in my women's studies class right here.
Let's have a fuckin' field day with this bullshit, that's for goddamn sure.
Fuckin' patriarchy.
Professor Tricia would literally shit a brick! - What's wrong with you? - I'm very upset.
Sort yourself out.
Gail just said she wants to roofie Stormy.
- No, I didn't.
- Doesn't sound like she did.
If you want to give Stormy drugs to the point of impairments so that Ken Baumgartners can have his filthy sex with her, - well, then, that is - Don't say it.
We get it.
What about Nolan Baumgartner? Okay, you think I wanna carpet Stormy? Yeah.
Sounds to me like you wants to rope her.
What the actual fuck are you two talkin' about? Carpet and rope are slang for roofies.
Every drug has, like, a million different words.
- Name one.
- Marijuana.
- Dutch.
- Keef.
- Dank.
- Assassin of youth.
- K.
- Name another.
- Cocaine.
- Uptown.
- Nose beers.
- Booger sugar.
- Stripper salt.
- Outstanding.
- Name another.
- No, I get it.
And don't say Molly.
- Who's that? - Bombers.
- Hug drug.
- Mmm, little fellows.
E-Baums world.
- Zoomers.
- Boomers.
Cracker stackers.
Simple Simon.
Better not call me Simple Simon, I'll tell you where to go.
Fuck, yeah.
I've got another stud for Stormy.
Fuck you.
Give me half hour.
Well, I'll go run 'er.
Might help.
Little exercise.
Discipline and affection in that order.
Hey, Dan, do you know another name for Ecstasy is Dancin' Shoes? 'Cause it makes me wanna dance.
Makes me wanna hug.
I get real huggy when I'm on the ecstasy's.
Ecstasy bear.
Somethin' about that drug, you know.
You just wanna reach around and enjoy the tactile sensations that make up this fabulous world.
Wide worldy bear.
Yeah, just Just wanna hold people.
Okay, how can I help? - Rock bottom, boys.
- Rock bottom, Ferda.
Boys, do you know I think that there is a reason why you found me.
Well, yeah, I mean, you were waiting for us.
Kinda right by the door.
Okay, I think there's a reason that y'all found me, okay? You found me because you need guidance.
You're You're lost.
Nowhere to turn.
And do you know what I say to those who need guidance? Do you know what I say to those who are lost? Who have nowhere to turn? I say turn to him.
- Turn to who? - God.
Can't we just talk to you, buddy? Yeah.
Talk to God.
Why do we have to talk to God? Why can't we just talk to you? - You're right here.
- Well, I I understand but we're all saying the same thing.
I'm here, I'm the one.
I'm a conduit.
I'm the one that I'm the messenger that Talk to me.
I'm your spiritual counselor, okay? - You can talk to me.
- Thanks, buddy.
- Sick, buddy.
- All right.
So, I think to get to the root of your problem we need to figure out here, together, where did it begin? - Sick, buddy.
- Sick.
- Boys, where did it all begin? - What? - Oh, do you mean when? - No.
Yes, actually.
- Thanks.
- Surprise.
When, when did the problem start? Oh, um When - When we lost - She we do not speak of.
- Ooh, Katy? - No.
Just, we do not speak of her.
Then, yes, but, buddy, we're talking about her right now so We're speaking of her to try to make it so she isn't "she we do not speak about" anymore.
Yeah, I know, but is that even okay, buddy? Oh, my God.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I want you to think about this.
I want you to hear this and I want you to think about it.
I want you to think about how many fish there are in the sea, 'cause there's a lot of them.
A lot of fish in the sea and there's a lot of fish on menus and most often good restaurants have a lot of fish on them.
And I want you to think, "Look at this menu.
Have I tried all this fish? Have I thought, do I want fish? Oh, what's this? Oh, this is a shellfish.
That looks like calamari, I wanna try that.
" Oh, you mean like our big city slams? I guess we could call up our big city slams, bro.
I didn't I didn't mean that at all, but fine.
Do whatever you want.
- Big city slams, Ferda.
- Ferda! Hey, it's never gonna make sense to me.
Where are you going? He has the car.
See? I told you.
It's his Worth it.
I gagged.
- Gail, how are ya now? - Good, and you? Not so bad.
You gotta rich inner life.
Boy, howdy.
Got another stud for Stormy.
Comes from the Buchburger breeders.
Name's Kelly.
- Kelly Buchburger? - Yeah.
The Buchburgers have been breedin' German Shepherds out in Arva for 16 years.
They're outgoin'.
And heavy-boned.
- So he's in the truck? - Yeah.
Well, pull around back, we'll see if they'll have a go.
Gotta say, Wayne, if it doesn't work out with Kelly Buchburger, you're approaching the bottom of the well.
Oh, bother.
I was sure you had a winner in Ken Baumgartner.
You could always use his brother, Nolan Baumgartner.
If you don't want to sedate I've had just abouts enough of that talks, Gail.
If you're past a knuckle or two up the bum.
It'd take three knuckles to gets to the bottom of this.
I'd say Stormy's just not fit for breedin'.
But she's a beautiful dog.
- She's such a beautiful dog.
- A real beauty.
She's a gorgeous dog.
Yeah, but she keeps on tryin' to kill her studs.
Well Pitter-Patter.
My Instagram is just blowing up.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh! Yes, Katy.
To be clear, I wanna sign you.
So you're gonna call me, right, even if it's just to talk? I am gonna lay everything out for you.
All your pretty options.
We're gonna start with a tour of the office.
Maybe a low-cal lunch.
But you have to come to the city.
I really can't do anything here in Letterkenny.
So you're gonna call me, right? - Yes.
- Awesome.
- Talk soon.
Okay? - Okay.
Hey, Katy-Kat? Hey, Katy? Big city slams, boys.
Big city slams, boys.
- Gail, how are ya now? - Good, and you? Not so bad.
Got the perfect stud for Stormy.
My cousin up in Tobermory will be here with him later.
This dog is different.
Strong, silent type.
Hard worker.
No bullshit.
- Fuck, I'd do him.
- Sounds like a good guy.
Sounds like a real good guy.
Probably a real good guy.
- This is the one, cowboy.
- Okay.
You can trust this old goat.
So your cousin's coming up later with the stud? Yeah.
What are we gonna do till then? Ah, you're fuckin' lookin' at it, super chief.
Well, you know, back in the day Back in the glory days.
We'd hoover some schneef.
You wanna know what? I feel like yous been working your way towards this for about six weeks.
It's been a long, long time since I've hoovered some schneef.
'Cause you were a fuckin' degen when you did, Dan.
- I was skinny.
- And here's another thing.
You shouldn't call it "schneef" anymore.
I think you should call it "schniff.
" - Why? - 'Cause it's funnier.
I think.
It's kinda like that word "queef.
" See, you can have a lot of fun with that word queef.
But what's funnier, well, I think, is the word "quiff.
" I could hoover a bit of schneef.
- You ever hoovered backseat schneef? - Schniff! I've hoovered schneef off of the headrest of a Pontiac Tracer traveling to SARSfest.
Ever hoovered backstage schneef? I've hoovered schneef off of Jann Arden's charcuterie board.
I'd have a beer.
You ever hoovered boat schneef? Schniff! I've hoovered schneef off of Theodore Tugboat's baseball cap.
I got the NES out for you.
What happened to the 64? Six hours Mario Kart.
Six hours Diddy Kong Racing.
Have I been sleeping that long? He did melatonin dry rips.
You did melatonin dry rips? - Did you play GoldenEye? - Pointless.
Everyone has the multi-player maps memorized.
- What's on NES? - We beat Mario 1.
Almost done Mario 3.
What about Mario 2? - That's it? - Desist? You are amiss.
Super Mario Brothers 2? What kind of dismantled, bemused, lugubrious motherfucker wants to play that, Stewart? - I'm sad, Devon.
- I know.
Do what you must.
I will.
We will.
- You will? - Mmm-hmm.
We need you back at one hundred.
One hunnid.
Zero to one hunnid? Real quick.
So? We will get her back.
Roald? That better be the duck hunter gun in your pocket.
It's called an NES zapper.
But, no.
I miss Katy, buddy.
I miss Katy-Kat in a big way, buddy.
Where have you been for the past four and a half minutes, boys? - Gettin' blowies.
- I just got a squeezer, but still.
- Ferda.
- Okay, boys.
If I'm Katy, I don't wanna date you.
- Bro.
- Bro.
Just saying.
And if I'm Wayne I don't I don't want you dating my sister.
I think I know what he means, buddy.
- But ya don't.
- I think I get it, bro.
You definitely don't.
We need to go through Wayne to get to Katy.
Okay, I can work with that.
Maybe we're on to something.
We need to beat the shit out of Wayne to get to Katy? Okay, you don't.
You lost me again.
Beat the shit outta Wayne, Ferda Katy-Kat.
Ferda Katy-Kat.
And None of it, none of it makes sense.
Lord, I tried.
I tried.
Lord knows I tried! Ah, there will be no peace in Letterkenny.
No, sir.
Satan has secured his estate.
Thousands below the asking price.
Our Father, who art in heaven.
Hallowed by Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not unto temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever.
You ever hoovered police station schneef? I've hoovered schneef off a sergeant constable's nightstick.
You should call it schniff.
Ever hoovered airport schneef? I've hoovered schneef off a Drakkar Noir display at the hors taxes.
Well, suit yourselves.
My cousin should be here any minute.
It's fuckin' tilly time, boys! Go time! Go grab a rake and tidy that gravel you've upset.
Are you fuckin' deaf, hick? Let's have a donnybrook! That tone's unhelpful.
- Tarps off? - Sheddin' the tarp.
Now, as I recall, that's your ritual before a fight, and my patience is wearing thin, so I'll ask.
Are you fuckin' high? - No.
- No.
We want Katy back.
We'll go through you to get her.
Unnecessary as of five minutes ago but as of right this second, you should make sure your shoelaces are tight.
Bye, Katy.
What does that have to do with anything? What? Air! Ramped! Fire! I've come to reclaim the Lady Katy.
Fuck you, pheasant! We've been waitin' a long time to fight you, pheasy? We're ready to defend.
So there's a line? If so I'm budgin'.
We should breakdance fight.
It's safer.
And I'll win.
Too much talkin'.
Shall we? Oh, shit, I actually do need to tie my shoelaces.
What the fuck? Let's get at it! Wayne, this is my cousin.
What's your cousin's name, Gail? - Rosie.
- Rosie, how are now? - Good, and you? - I'm not so bad.
Should I pull around back and see if they'll have a go? Couldn't have said it better myself.
- Wayne? - Yeah? - I want you back.
- Oh.
- Wayne.
- Yeah? - I'm pregnant.
- Oh.
Oh, fuck.
Subtitle by peritta
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