Leverage s01e11 Episode Script

The Juror #6 Job

Come to bed.
It's 4:00 am and you have to be at work in three hours.
I know, I'm almost finished.
You said that two hours ago.
Five more minutes.
I'm counting.
Enough studying.
Gloria, Gloria! Oh, my God, Ernesto! Ernesto! No! No! You told me to get us into the penthouse.
Yeah, by following my plan, Parker.
What? By getting us all in safely.
Did the elevator decapitate you? Did it decapitate you? Actually, from this angle it looks pretty close on the decapitation.
Hey, Ford, you need to go talk to her.
It's not the first time she's gone loco.
I'm serious.
Parker? Parker? I think what everyone's feeling is that if you want to take insane risks on your own time, then go ahead.
But when we're on a job, you have to consider the rest of us.
- Excuse me.
- This isn't for me.
It's addressed to somebody named Alice White.
You are Alice White.
It's one of the aliases I made for you.
Vegetarian, bookkeeper.
She had a pretty wild time at her sister's wedding in Phoenix.
You should check out her Facebook page.
Alice White has jury duty.
Damn, I am good.
Alice thanks you for getting her out of it.
Jury duty, a place where you have to follow instructions.
Where you have to consider other people's point of view.
There's going to be normal people there.
No, no, no.
You're not getting out of this.
Alice White is reporting for jury duty.
Ernesto Vargas was a husband, a father of two daughters, a warehouse manager and he went to night school.
He needed more energy.
So he bought this.
Fast Life.
It's an all-natural energy supplement that was produced by that man, William Quint.
We'll show that Fast Life caused Ernesto Vargas' fatal heart attack.
And that Mr.
Quint knew the dangers that his product posed when he put it on the market.
All Ernesto wanted was more time.
And that's the only thing we can't give him.
I hope the rest of this case is this good.
What did you have for breakfast? You smell like gravy.
Lewis, are you ready to make your opening statement? Yes, Your Honor.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Do it just like we rehearsed, Henry.
It's been tailor made for this jury.
We all want to believe that future tragedies can be prevented if we hold someone, anyone, accountable.
Maintain eye contact, you're losing juror number four.
But common sense will tell you that not all tragedies can be prevented.
And when you rush to judgment, lives are ruined and an honest businessman can have his life's work destroyed.
Who is she? What is she looking at? Alice White, bookkeeper.
She's been zoning in and out all morning.
Could be confused.
Nothing's more dangerous than the confused when they think they know something.
So, my video wall, plus live TV and full Sunday action in HD.
It's incredible.
What do you think? Great.
Right? Right? Yeah.
I think it's funny.
You know, it reminds me a bit of rugby, except, well, you Americans, you wear the helmets and the pads and everything, so you don't get hurt.
Oh, you didn't.
What? Ah, Parker, how is juror number six today? Good, okay, here it is Oh, fumble.
I think there's something dirty going on with this trial.
And that the woman who lost her husband is going to get hurt even worse, and that we should, you know, get involved.
Involved? What are you Could you No, no, no.
You don't understand.
They had hidden cameras, and the lawyers had coms, like our com.
First, move.
Second, nobody has our coms.
Parker, listen, there is not some evil conspiracy lurking behind the curtain of every routine civic activity.
I make our com.
Me, I make them.
Ain't nobody got our com, do what I do.
Now, what's happening is you're on a boring jury trial, okay? Now, could you Parker! Just All right.
You know, she's never done that before.
What, stormed out? Come on.
No, asked for our help.
What? Listen, there's a reason we put her in a jury trial.
You know what, man? When I was a I was a kid, I was like eight years old, I had a foster mom who was Jehovah's Witness.
She used to dress me up in a suit and a bow tie and take me door to door to spread the word.
Black neighborhoods, white neighborhoods, it didn't matter.
I would kick, I'd scream or whatever, but she would say, "Alec, you need to learn how to talk to people.
" See, everything I learned about people I learned ringing doorbells and in a bow tie.
Parker never had that.
I mean, jumping from a skyscraper? She's cool.
But making small talk, it's like pure terror.
Just cut her some slack.
How about them, boys? Come on.
- What'd I miss? - Nothing.
Eliot, going to need you to go with Parker to check something out.
All right.
Yeah, now.
Right now? Yeah, right now.
- Right now? - Yeah.
You just go get Parker and Thanks for the beer.
I'll tell you what, this is not happening, Bubba.
You ain't taking my beer.
I'm outside.
You're late.
I just spent eight hours sitting in a plastic chair while some ambulance chaser called me a killer.
I paid for that chair.
If you don't like it, go home and suck back some incense.
Always a pleasure, Miss Earnshaw.
Who's Earnshaw? - Hardison? - I'm on it.
I think maybe I should settle this case and be done with it.
It's not up to you anymore.
You want to buy my company, buy it.
You don't, don't.
But it's my tuchas that's on the line here.
The only thing you have on the line is your penny ante granola company.
I could lose everything.
Winning is the only option.
You go behind my back and try to settle this case, I will bury you.
Are we clear? That kind of jury profiling costs a fortune.
At the trial they said Quint's company was tiny.
Now we see what they see.
They hacked the courtroom security feed and planted their own cameras.
That's what I would have done.
They got there first.
All right, we have a new client.
Apparently there is an evil conspiracy lurking behind the curtain of every routine, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
Gloria Vargas is suing William Quint over the wrongful death of her husband.
Now it should be a simple, low stakes wrongful death suit But Quint has help.
Tobey Earnshaw of Earnshaw Pharmaceutical.
Her father founded the company and he's still CEO.
Why does a drug heiress care about a lawsuit against a tiny supplements company? 'Cause without telling Daddy or the executive board, Earnshaw sank 20 million into R&D for Fast Life, in anticipation of buying the company.
Now if Live Herbally loses this trial, then thousands of other lawsuits just like it will fall out of the sky.
The buyout falls through.
Yeah, and Earnshaw's out on her ass.
To protect an investment she knows kills people, Earnshaw is going to destroy this young widow.
Well, then we have to win the court case for Gloria.
We can't.
No, guys, we got into this way too late.
I mean, the best we can hope for is to con Quint into a settlement.
No, Earnshaw took settlement off the table.
So, then, you know, we try to convince him to put it back up.
Earnshaw ran a credit check on Alice White.
Who's Alice White? You are.
Whoa! She's going to buy the jury.
Not if we steal it first.
Who plays chess? I play.
Yeah, of course you do.
All right, a chess game has three stages, right? I mean, you got your opening, you have middle and end game.
In the opening you want to take control of the board and you want to line up your attack and you want to protect the king, which, ironically, is the weakest piece you have.
You know this is a trial, right? Earnshaw has already overpowered the Vargas defense.
And she's buying a juror.
Now that is a fast, aggressive opening gambit.
Really, so we need to break her momentum here.
This is what we do, so, Parker, what I need you to do is I need you to, we need to stall the trial.
So you're going to get all of those jurors to trust you.
How? Conversation, compliments.
Saying You're going to be fine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
And this is Emily, she's the eldest.
And her sister Anne and little Charlotte.
She's the baby of the family.
Oh, that one's really cute.
What's wrong with that one? It looks like a dog in a baby suit.
Figure out what her line of attack is.
Go digging.
Figure out who her pawn on the jury is.
I've got financial traces on all the jurors' accounts.
Maybe it shows up as cash in a suitcase? Go digging.
It's your turn to be in the dumpster.
No, man, no, I I have peanut allergies.
What if somebody threw in some extra crunchy Skippy? Then, you know, it's just All up in my vocal area.
Do you want to give me mouth to mouth? No, none of us want that, hell no.
Heads up.
Sophie, go after our king.
Olivia Smythe Pattel.
Chief marketing officer of Mumbai International Limited.
Mumbai? Indian.
British father, Indian mother.
I'm very spiritual.
Your reputation precedes you.
Well, I have a Zen garden.
Mumbai is looking to branch out from prescription medications into the herbal supplement market.
We were thinking an acquisition would be the best play.
You want to buy my company? I'm sorry, I already have another offer.
No, what you have is a joke.
Now you have an offer.
I retain stock options? Control of the company? That's Much, much better than Earnshaw is offering you.
Quint, every CEO of every company that Earnshaw has bought has been forced into early retirement.
As soon as she buys you out, she kicks you out.
We prefer to keep the man that built this company, honor the spirit that built this house.
How much money are we talking? You serious? I flew 14,000 kilometers to give you that number.
That's a very long trip.
That's a very long number.
Quint's on the hook.
He went to Mumbai International Limited's website to check out Sophie.
It's a real company? Cover story's better that way.
Just changed this to this.
Anything in the garbage? Well, juror number one, that's the jury foreman, there's nothing hinky in his finances, but in his garbage I found an envelope for a passport, a receipt for two tickets to Fiji, luggage, these.
Yeah, wrappers for US cash, yeah.
Somebody came into cash and just had to count it.
They paid off the jury foreman.
Okay, today did not go well, but that's all right.
You know, we learn when we fail.
We're gonna go back to basics and we're gonna do a little role-play.
We're going to start with persuasion techniques.
So Eliot has an apple.
Alice has an orange.
I love apples.
Apples are my favorite fruit.
Good for you, Sparky.
I don't have to sit here and take this.
Come on, just do it for me.
You have an orange, all right? Now convince me that I want the orange, not the apple.
I'm gonna take a bite.
You I put a razor blade in that apple.
Are you serious? Maybe.
But do you know what doesn't have a razor blade in it? This orange.
Don't you want it? You fell for that? Thanks.
The foreman's the pawn? Make him go away, Parker.
Sorry, excuse me.
That's okay.
Can I help you? Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Oh, sure.
Hey, you got the time? Mmm-hmm.
Excuse me, has anyone seen my watch? It was a gift from my grandfather.
My locket, someone stole my locket.
Somebody Oh, my Hold on, I I have no idea where that came from.
He stole all of our stuff.
I didn't do that.
Sorry, excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Did somebody else lose a watch? Yeah.
There you go.
Hey, I know who our new foreman should be.
Yeah, yeah! Here's to the new foreman.
To Alice.
The jury foreman? I know.
You said it was in the bag.
Quint, I am who I am today because I know how to turn every failure into a success.
I work every angle, I anticipate every contingency.
- Hello? - Mr.
I'd love to talk to you about some exciting retirement opportunities.
Where's the Vargas lawyer? No, I have no idea.
The bailiff just said he didn't show up.
You heard? What happens if the Vargas' lawyer just disappears? Mistrial.
But Earnshaw needed a win.
Close enough.
Mistrial means they'll have to start all over again.
Gloria Vargas can't afford any more lawyers, she'll have to drop the suit.
We take a pawn, Earnshaw takes a knight.
And lucky for us, we have more than one.
All rise, court is now in session.
The Honorable Judge Durham presiding.
Be seated.
Vargas, do you have any idea where your attorney is? Mrs.
Vargas, I may have no choice but to declare a mistrial.
Forgive my tardiness, Your Honor.
I'll be acting as attorney for the plaintiff.
I don't understand.
I'm Joseph Miller, I'm your new court-appointed attorney.
They have court-appointed attorneys for civil lawsuits? Do you trust your government, Miss Vargas? Why, yes, of course.
Then let me handle this.
He's never going to win this case.
No, he's just, uh May I approach the bench, Your Honor?stalling for time.
Long enough for Quint to take your offer.
Come on up.
Your Honor, I don't like to trash talk.
But my predecessor was not as thorough as he could have been when presenting this case.
For example, I would like to add some witnesses to the witness list.
Is that a high school yearbook? Yes it is.
You see, my intent is to show that Ernesto Vargas led an active and very vibrant life.
And these 430 people will testify that he did so even as a youth.
Motion denied.
Oh, okay.
You know, I have photos that I would like to introduce, from a vacation, the opposing counsel waterskiing.
It's all from his website, very public.
I object.
As well you should.
You shouldn't be doing that.
I mean, you don't have the body.
Counselor, anything else? Actually, I have quite a few more things.
I just feel like he went on and on forever this morning.
I'm starving.
Me, too.
I could kill for a steak.
Wait, I thought you were a vegetarian.
Oh, yeah, I meant a bean steak.
A steak made out of beans, held together with soy glue.
Alice, we all cheat a little.
I mean, I'm a nutritionist and I spend all day teaching people to eat healthy.
But if I have a bad day, I go home and plow into a tub of ice cream.
Wait a second.
That was a secret.
You just told me a secret, right? That's something friends do.
Well, I guess so.
I mean, you're the nicest one here.
Really? I mean, thanks.
Who is this guy? I want every frame of this footage analyzed.
I want the analysts working overnight.
I need to ask you something.
Lunch is almost over, get back to the trial.
Joseph Miller, Georgetown Pre-Law, Harvard Law with honors? This can't be right.
This guy's hourly rate has to be more than what our grieving widow makes in a month.
Ma'am, it all checks out.
Unless Gloria Vargas found some guy who created a CIA level cover story and fake identity.
What's my position after the sale? I know, after the sale, I have stock.
But what am I doing in the company? Making pottery in New Mexico.
Whatever you'd like to do with your free time, Mr.
But what if I want to stay? I have invested millions into Live Herbally.
I have invested millions into this trial.
Whatever you want is irrelevant.
Why did you offer me that much money? Getting nervous about your trial? It's twice what my company's worth.
Wait, who's that? The guy talking to the Vargas lawyer? No, her.
Raid Quint's computer, his calendar, his emails, pull out the call logs and the GPS records from his phone.
I want to know who that is.
India's a very exciting place right now, Mr.
Millions of locals working outsourced American jobs, telemarketers, customer service, almost exclusively working graveyard shift.
Millions of people who desperately need to stay awake.
Fast Life would be a sensation in India.
How many sales are we talking? India has a billion people.
All I need is for you to settle your current legal matters.
We can't go into business with you with bad press.
Earnshaw says if we settle, we open ourselves up to other lawsuits.
We don't care about more lawsuits.
With a billion people in the workforce, a few deaths won't raise an eyebrow.
Government won't crack down? Mr.
Quint, it takes five years to get a parking permit.
This trial's got me pinned down.
I need to see your operations.
Of course.
Well, I could I could arrange a video conference call with our home office.
Of course, Mumbai is so it'll have to be around midnight tonight.
Shall I send a car to pick you up? Inches away.
I cannot stall any longer.
Now listen, this is the middle game.
This is where we trade pieces, we look for weaknesses.
You have to buy Sophie a little more time to maneuver.
I literally cannot make this slower or any more boring.
Okay, you know why they say Justice wears a blindfold? So you can't see that Justice is asleep.
I am sure there's whole reservoirs of boring you have yet to plum.
Slide 162.
This is good stuff.
Gold, for a pie, can you tell us how the chemicals work their way into the neurotransmitters? Is this going anywhere, Counselor? Oh, I assure you, Your Honor, the next 100 slides are essential.
Mumbai International Limited already has a presence in the urban centers.
With Fast Life, we believe we can expand across the entire continent.
I have to say I'm impressed.
As we are with you.
It's not every day we can do business with someone so enlightened.
Well, it's not every day I get an offer from someone like Miss Smythe Pattel.
Sir, they are waiting for you.
I think you'll find us a nurturing corporation to grow with.
You'll pardon me, I'm running late.
Yes, thank you for your time.
Thank you, Avi.
So? I need to sleep on it.
I'm afraid I can't give you much more time.
Settle your lawsuit, Mr.
Then I'm sure we can do business together.
Hey, good.
He's good, huh? What did I tell you? Thank you for coming in on such short notice, Donnie.
Do not fuss yourself, laddie.
What are friends for? Exactly.
Beer's on me.
Oh, you remember that? He's very good.
What did I tell you? Hey, is this something Alice would wear? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, relax.
You know what? Quint is going to call us and settle before we even get to court.
I guess Alice wasn't so bad.
Her shoes are more comfortable than mine.
That's because they're your shoes.
She likes rainy days.
Guys, take a look at this.
- Are you kidding? - Wow.
I can't believe this.
Earnshaw bought Mumbai.
She's protecting her investment, eliminating the competition.
We are so screwed.
She just spent millions of dollars on a company I don't really work for.
Sign here.
Do you have any idea what is happening here? Just sign the papers.
How did she even know we were talking a deal? They're not just watching the jury room, they're watching Quint.
Reading his emails, tracing his phone.
They probably got a few guys on him.
What are we supposed to do now? We win the trial.
Well, I'm sorry, the impossible trial? The trial that can't be won? Yep, that one.
No, no, no, no, look.
Wait, what are you talking, come on? You told me all I had to do was stall.
I can't win a real jury trial.
Why not? I'm not a real lawyer.
I'm a pretend lawyer.
I'm a fake.
This is fake.
Oh, come on, you don't think that so-called real lawyers aren't just pretending and trying to be in daddy's shoes? Come on.
By the way, the guy you're going up against is getting lines fed to him from someone in a warehouse.
Nate, I already rested my case, okay? All I have left is my cross-examination of the expert and my closing.
The jury is 12 people.
Just talk to them.
You've been doing it your whole life, just put on your bow tie and ring the doorbell.
I can't do it.
I can't convince a whole jury.
We worked on persuasion tactics all week.
You did really well.
Yeah, with you guys.
But the people on this jury are normal.
There isn't a single normal person on this jury.
The old lady who knits potholders at lunch isn't normal? The one who keeps showing you pictures of her grandchildren? Have you noticed anything unusual about the photographs? No.
Well, she hasn't seen those grandchildren in years.
She's lying to everyone that they're still one big happy family.
You don't know that.
Parker, I read people for a living, that's my thing.
Okay, Charlie, the messenger guy.
You know, the one with five kids? Gay? Bulimic.
Trevor, the frat boy, however, yeah, super gay.
What about Peggy? Actually, Peggy is disgustingly normal.
But the rest of them, they all have their own Alice White.
You just You just happened to give yours a name.
Okay, we don't have court today, but we do have some work to do.
Am I going to like this work? Not the first part.
We're following Quint now.
Come on.
Hey, where'd this guy come from? You all right? Man! I planted the device in Quint's engine, took care of the guys that Earnshaw sent after Quint, and you should have him in three, two, one.
Problem? Where the hell are you? I'm close to resting my case.
My car just died.
I'll get there when I can.
Are you sure you know what you're doing? Are you kidding? I've been off the grid for years.
Don't get me wrong.
Electric car's a good way to start, but you can make fuel from your own bodily waste.
Do you compost? The feeling when you close a digestive to an internal combustion cycle Look, I called AAA.
You don't have to do this.
No, it's It's okay.
Here's your problem right here.
Where? It's just right here.
That? If you just look at that you'll see where your problem is.
I'm looking, but I don't know much about cars.
I can't.
I can't see anything at all.
What is this? Mr.
Vargas had an enlarged aorta, possibly the result of rheumatic fever as a child.
This is what caused his heart attack.
So, in your medical opinion, what role did Fast Life play in Mr.
Vargas' death? It played no role whatsoever.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Your witness, Mr.
I'm sorry.
For what? Me.
You deserve better.
You're the best lawyer we ever had.
Thank you so much.
We're waiting, Mr.
Right away, Your Honor.
Potemkin, this is not your first time testifying as an expert, is it? No, it is not.
No, no, in fact, you've testified all across the country.
Houston, Chicago, St.
Louis, is that correct? Yes.
That is until last year.
For the last 12 months you've testified only in the state of California? That sounds right.
Relevance? It goes to his qualifications, Your Honor.
Now for this last year, you only testified in trials that you could drive to.
I wouldn't characterize it like that.
But is that because you're on the US Government's No Fly, or as it's more commonly known, the Terrorist Watch List? I'm on the list, but I'm not a terrorist.
The US Government seems to think so.
Why else would they put you on a list with such people as Osama bin Laden? Sheikh Khalid Muhammad? Look, yes.
I'm on the No Fly Terrorist, terrorist.
No Fly List.
But it has nothing to do with terrorism.
There was an incident Oh, incident, okay.
Would that happen to be the incident on Flight 732 out of St.
Louis where you fondled a flight attendant's buttocks? Or would that happen to be the incident on Flight 1433 out of Chicago, where you drank you took your pants off, you stood up on the drink cart, and you sang, quote, "I'm a sexy monkey.
" I have no recollection of that.
I'm not surprised.
Because it was not one, it wasn't two, but it was 22 incidents of drunk and belligerent, grab-ass-behavior that landed you on that list, am I right? - Objection.
- Counselor.
Now, you know what, Your Honor, the US Government has determined that this man is not qualified to ride on an airplane, like Osama bin Laden.
How is this jury supposed to rely on him to render a sound, medical opinion? It doesn't No further questions.
I'm in recovery.
We are done.
You may step down, Dr.
Sophie, give me an update.
I've hit three out of five.
Okay, wrap it up.
Hardison's about to give his closing statement.
Miller? You know, a week ago you were all strangers and then the same thing happened to all of you.
You got that envelope, you know the one, comes in the mail, that says, "County of Los Angeles" on the top, you open it like this, "Oh, God," you know? A week passes, you watch the witnesses parade through.
You listen to the lawyers argue.
And suddenly you're not strangers anymore.
Some of you have even made friends.
It's not as bad as you thought, right? But then the judge asks you to deliberate and then you have a moment of doubt.
I'm not a doctor, I'm not a scientist, how can I tell if Ernesto Vargas died from using Fast Life? How can I be sure? But that envelope entrusted you with the most important obligation of citizenship.
And that is to find the truth.
It's so important that we dare not give it to one person, but to 12 strangers.
Now all I ask is that you go into that room and you work together and you find the truth.
I have faith that you'll reach a just decision.
Take it as a compliment.
How's Parker doing? Let's find out.
It's the end game.
All on her now.
It's odd.
What? We take a juror and our juror gets removed.
We take their lawyer, another lawyer shows up.
A company tries to take Quint, I take the company.
It's almost It's ridiculous.
Okay, those are my arguments why I think we should decide, you know.
Now I'm just one of you guys, but that's how I feel.
Why don't we take a poll to see where everyone stands? Who here finds in favor of the defendant Live Herbally? It's ours.
Quint's on his way over, you can tell him the good news.
We are not going to tell Mr.
Quint anything.
Do you know why he didn't show up in court today? He called me on his cell, said his car broke down.
I've been tracking Quint via his phone's GPS.
He told you his car was dead.
But we've pinged him visiting several local offices of my top competitors.
He was out there searching for a better offer.
Time to teach Mr.
Quint about karma.
Any news? Not yet.
Let's talk business.
Now? Before the verdict? I thought we were going to wait until after we'd won.
This trial has given me new perspective.
Now I know that your company does not just have one price, it has three.
If you win the trial, your company is worth this much.
That's a lot of money.
Assuming, of course, you can find someone willing to pay it.
And that's not going to be Mumbai International Limited, is it? If you lose the trial, your company is worth this much.
But if you sell to me right now, your company is worth this much.
I'm the one taking the risk here.
Now, Mr.
Quint, I know that you are a spiritual man.
Just how much do you trust fate? You've made a good decision.
Hello? Jury's back.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
Madam Foreman, please read the verdict.
In the matter of Gloria Vargas et al.
Live Herbally Incorporated, the jury finds in favor of the plaintiff.
Oh, my God! In the amount of five million dollars.
What! Thank you so much.
This is unbelievable.
What the hell just happened? Who here finds in favor of the defendant Live Herbally? Who wants pizza for lunch? Who here finds in favor of the defendant Live Herbally? Who here finds in favor of the defendant Live Herbally? It's ours.
You! This is your fault.
What are you talking about? You went looking for a better offer.
We tracked you on your cell phone when you had your men beat up my security detail.
Men? What men? I don't have men.
I wear sandals.
And I haven't been anywhere.
Sophie, give me an update.
I've hit three out of five.
Do you have an appointment, Miss? No.
But I was just leaving.
Remember me? Looks like you should have settled.
Oh, sweet mercy, cooked flesh.
Can we have fast food every time we make the bad guys go away? Do you realize what you just did? What you did, you won a jury trial without cheating.
Without I had to hack the government No Fly List and used it to humiliate a witness.
Cheating excessively, that's what I meant.
But I mean, think about it, I mean, if you applied yourself, Hardison, you could be anything you want.
You know what? I could, I could.
You know, next week I think I'm going to be an astronaut.
Well, that's not really what I meant.
I meant if you studied, you Yeah, yeah, If I do need to study No, I'm going to be a surgeon.
A surgeon.
A surgeon.
Hey, it's Peggy from the trial.
She wants to have coffee next week.
Alice made a friend.
I'm going to tell you one more time.
You made a friend.
Not Alice.
Oh, cool, well.
Do you think she'll want to steal a painting with me? Start small, Parker.
Try coffee.

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