Leverage s02e10 Episode Script

The Runway Job

I'll handle this.
She O.
'd on vitamins? High dose supplements.
They give them out at the factory.
They work 15-hour days.
So they give them vitamins to keep their energy up.
Also instead of meal breaks.
The owners of the factory, the Pans, helped her come to the States six months ago.
Um, I wanna ask you something.
Is, is Florence here And you can just tell me.
It's Is she here illegally? No, the Pans are very careful.
They provide work papers, keep everything just on this side of legal.
But once the women are here, they make them work off the cost of their passage.
Which takes years because, my guess is, they pay them well below minimum wage.
And they know because of the language barrier no one's going to complain.
She's afraid if she causes trouble she'll lose her job.
All she wants is to earn enough money to bring her parents over.
Now, what about your office? What do you guys do? How come you can't fix this? We're an immigrant advocacy network.
We can provide counsel but, without a formal complaint, - we can't do anything.
- OK, well, we can.
Now, does sh You, you understand, right? Thank you, Mr.
Of course.
It's gonna be all right.
- Oh, she's not here, so - Hey.
So, what do we have planned for Florence Ong? Uh, we're gonna, uh, get her enough money to take care of her and get her parents to America.
That's not a very big payoff.
I wanna give you an easy one to start.
Why are you here? Sophie said you always meet the clients with her, so I thought Yes, that's something I do with Sophie.
The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
He says he's cool with her, but you know how he is.
The way she introduced herself.
That was a smooth con.
But it didn't exactly build trust.
Look, we didn't get along when we first started.
And Eliot, how long did it take before you trusted me? Hm? Eliot, you do trust me, don't you? That's not the point, Sophie.
If Nate doesn't like this chick, then it's not gonna work.
Which is why you've gotta get him on board.
Look, you need a grifter.
The last time one of you tried to grift, you wound up kidnapped by Russians.
- This brother right here.
- Hardison.
We still can't let that go? Listen to me.
Tara Cole is the best.
I wouldn't have sent her if I didn't trust her.
I know you're gonna love her.
So, just give her a chance.
She is hot.
- She's very hot.
- Hot.
Warm? Cold? Why are we staring? Yeah, I'm not saying you should throw her at him.
I'm just saying get him on board.
He doesn't know what's good for him.
Even if he does, he doesn't do anything about it.
He just lets it walk straight out the door and Like all the way to Europe? Just do it for me, huh? So I don't have to worry about you.
- That's not what I meant.
- Hey.
- I'd rather not talk about it.
- Hang up.
I just miss you.
- OK, run it.
- Gloria and Russell Pan.
Self-made millionaires.
They built their fortune off a company that produces cheap knock-offs of the latest fashions.
The bargain bin has been very good to the Pans.
They got nice car, big house in Brookline.
Gloria, here, she works the factory floor.
She designs all the clothes.
Russell, he handles all the accounting and works with the partners in China.
Gloria designs the clothes.
She have any training? She did a correspondence course with a fashion school.
And she subscribes to all the magazines: Vogue, Style, Fashion and Style.
She, uh, she submitted to Project Runway.
- Last year? - Last three years.
That's our way in.
We're gonna sell Gloria Pan Her dream.
I get it.
I mean the word con comes from confidence, right? We gotta build her confidence.
Make her thinks she's the greatest designer in the world.
- There you go.
- How? How? We need a Caprina.
What is that? So, he just says things and then walks away? Yeah.
You're gonna have to get used to that.
Come on, Russell, lets go.
Hottest designer in the world.
" Fabulous look.
Over here! Over here! - What line? - This? Don't you love it? It's by Caprina.
This? Don't you love it? It's by Caprina.
Fabulous look.
- What line? - This? Don't you love it? It's by Caprina.
So there you have it.
Like everyone else, we can't wait to see what surprises Caprina has in store for her highly-anticipated fashion show at New England's Fashion Week.
Here's Caprina's sketchbook.
No designer would be without it.
Tell me about Fashion Week.
The big designers use it to launch their new collections, but it's mainly showcases for rising stars.
The investors are looking for the next big thing.
Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Andre V.
They all got their start at Fashion Week.
What? Is that, is that mascara? Dude, you got on guy-liner, man.
And the leather pants.
What? This is Listen, this is fashion-y.
If you're Steven Seagal.
Don't! Not everybody can rock the scarf.
I was gonna say Stephen Tyler, but Seagal works.
It's a bold choice, man.
I respect it.
Tell me this looks eggplant to you.
No, I like the purple.
But I need something that will hold up to rouching.
Something, uh This works.
Did you invite Marcel to the show? You know how touchy he gets.
Excuse me, is this your? Grazie.
My designs, my dreams.
For a designer, this is sacred.
Oh, I know.
Ah, you are artiste, too, uh? Yes.
Yes I am.
I'm Gloria Pan.
And can I say, I'm a great admirer.
So kind.
I'm sure your work is wonderful too.
May I? Really? Please.
So lovely.
Such bold use of buckles, huh? I call it Pilgrim Chic.
Who are you with? Gucci? Dior? I'm a independent.
Caprina, we must go.
We We must talk more.
Come to the run-through for my show.
I insist.
Julian tick tock.
- You mean Fashion Week? - Of course.
That is why I am in town.
That is why all the designers are in town.
And bring your sketches.
Hmm? There are people you must meet.
Ciao bella.
OK, she's on the hook.
Let's go steal a fashion show.
Steal a fashion Does he always talk like that? You're on comms.
You do know I can hear you.
OK, the designer's having a meltdown, Kerry.
The delivery truck's here.
Kerry, which one is ready? Ten minutes.
Am I all clear? Twelve channels, 120 assistants.
My logic filter's telling me the traffic's being directed by somebody named Kerry.
Oh, yeah, Kerry, this is Leon from parking.
It seems there's a George Armani here who's very upset because his parking space is misspelled.
What? Oh! Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh! OK, Parker, you're up.
Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
The models are out of menthol and the Green Room water is cold, not room temperature.
And that's my problem how? Were you at the morning update? Because I think Kerry would be very, very interested in who was and was not at that mandatory meeting.
Kerry? Mm.
Mandatory? This morning? Yeah.
Accessing printer.
Tell me you have a new guest list? Kerry printed it out in the meeting.
I didn't even see this.
Listen Maybe Kerry doesn't have to know about this? Hm? Uh, yeah, see, uh Just this once.
Thank you.
Passes please.
For Caprina? How you doing? Fine.
All right.
- Right here.
- Oh.
- Preenie, Preenie.
- Caprina.
You've outdone yourself once again.
The fall line is gonna be fantastic.
Not the hair.
Not up.
Not up.
Loose in curls.
Up it looks like someone is squeezing your forehead for juice.
Give us the exclusive.
Look, 12 pages, September issue.
How does that sound? - It sounds like you.
- I want to talk No.
Jacques, you know I don't like to talk money.
But you know I do.
Ah, Glenda! Come, come, come.
- Gloria.
Gloria Pan.
- Yeah, of course.
This is Nigel Marshall Thorn, editor of Fashion and Style Magazine.
And this crass little capitalist is Jacques Bouvier, my sponsor.
Glenda here is quite the artiste herself.
Show Nigel your sketchbook.
Uh, no, no, no, no.
What is wrong? What? What? Oh, my young designer, who was going to be at the newcomer showcase - Yes.
at Fashion Week? - Arrested.
- Drugs in the car? - No.
Hooker in the hotel.
- Oh.
He was to be my great discovery.
Oh! - Oh.
There, there.
- I don't know what to do.
You know, what that boy could do with a buckle.
You know Ms.
Pan's designs are not bad.
I'm gonna have to cancel the TV crews.
I do have experience in the business.
And the reality program was going to come and do it as well.
Stop babbling for a second and listen to Nigel.
Huh? You could introduce her at the showcase.
Her? Uh, you must be joking.
Look, look, look.
Think of what a coup it would be.
Huh? Out of the ashes of scandal, Jacques Bouvier discovers a diamond in the rough.
But she's so old.
Tragically so, but Gloria Vanderbilt didn't sell her first pair of jeans until she was 40.
But people eat these stories.
They eat 'em up.
I know.
Look, the publicity yeah, would be worth millions.
I understand.
But, uh - I don't know.
It's - Ooh.
Look, look.
Do you have more? Yes, yes the rest are on my computer at work.
If you'd like to come to my office? I mean, I must be out of my mind but I must get something up on this designer's showcase.
Well, let's see what Gloria Pan-derbilt has to offer.
Go, go, go.
- It's a good line.
- Yeah.
I like very much, lines that, uh, crossover into the, uh - It gives a flow.
- Yeah.
Come give me a hug.
You know why? Because you are going to be the feature designer at the Newcomer Showcase.
The models are already booked.
So they wouldn't be a problem.
I'm a little concerned.
We're gonna have to rush the garment creation which is very expensive, you know.
What's going on? These people are going to put on my first show - at Fashion Week.
- They're what? I don't think your designs are ready for that.
Whatever? He doesn't know what that is.
Can we discuss this first? So who do you think will be there? Oh, everyone will be there.
Yeah, um I don't, uh Well, I can guarantee you all the top houses will be there.
And I guarantee you'll have a deal before the end of the show.
Do you realize what this means? Your designs will be in magazines, on TV shows, at the Oscars.
I'm gonna have to talk to my funding partners, you know, about all this.
And I'm a little worried because they may take a long time deciding.
And, you know, we have such little time.
So, how much do you need? - Fifty thousand.
- Two hundred thousand.
Yeah, I think what Caprina means is that eventually it will be but right now, 50's fine.
But, of course, having funds all at once will make things go smoother.
Uh, 50, cherie, let us not get ahead of ourselves.
It's just too exciting.
- Are you crazy? - Shut up, Russell.
You don't even know these people.
You'll have to forgive Russell.
He doesn't understand the artistic process.
Few people do.
This is from the business account.
What are our partners gonna say? How should I know? That's your area.
Why don't you go check on the floor? Tick tock.
Yeah, tick tock.
Yeah, Julian, sweetheart, yeah.
Let me move some funds around, I'll call you later and then get you the other You won't regret this.
- Ciao.
- OK.
Let's Goodbye.
All right.
What the hell was that? I just got you a bigger payout, that's what.
But her husband's about to pop.
We should've slow-played her.
On this team, you gotta follow my lead.
Well maybe if you communicated with actual sentences instead of slogans and code.
I'm quitting.
I don't need this crap.
You're not quitting, Tara.
At least Eliot's a professional.
Hardison's, you know, warming up.
Even Parker seems OK with me.
Parker showed feelings? A feeling.
Seemed like a human one, but it's hard to tell.
- Look, where are you? - Uzbekistan.
Oh, I love Tashkent.
I know, right? Especially in the springtime.
Oh, Tara, you have to ask Nate about that time on the Russian border when OK, let me tell you something, Nate Ford is arrogant, he's condescending, he just doesn't listen.
Nate's having trouble communicating? I'm shocked.
I really, really do not need this.
Just give it some time, Tara.
You owe me.
All right, fine.
If he pulls this man-of-mystery crap again, I'm gonna kick his ass.
And the whole, I'm-sexy-because-I'm-broken thing, only goes so far.
- I know, right? Wait.
What? - I gotta go.
What do you mean sexy? Oh, there you are.
Yes, just where you left me, since I couldn't join in any reindeer games.
Did you get a call from Gloria? No, why? Oh, I did.
How would they even keep score? - The reindeer.
- Play it, Hardison.
Hello, Mr, Bouvier? I have the rest of the money for you.
Please meet me at the "Meet me at" Only two places make sense.
Her house or the factory.
Eliot, I need you to go to the Pans' factory.
Eliot? Right now? Look, I gotta be honest with you, man.
I think she's gonna come back to Fashion Week.
OK? I got a sense about these things.
Oh, yeah.
Nice try, Eliot.
The factory.
Hardison, check and see if she moved those funds.
Also, check her car's GPS.
Parker and I are gonna take the house.
Where you going? Gloria's gonna expect me.
Right now, you're an unknown.
I don't need another one in the field.
Thank you.
I mean, I guess they could make marks in the snow, but what kind of math would they use? On task, Parker.
Move! OK.
What do we know? - Someone targeted the Pans.
- Yeah, I'm with you on that.
The silver sedan that pulled out right before the explosion? It belonged to the Pans.
I recognized it.
So Either they got away, or the people who did this got away in the Pans' car and the Pans didn't.
- Uh, Hardison.
- Already on it.
The Pans' car just got on I-95 heading south.
I need to see who's in the car.
Can you get me a visual? A visual? Do I look like I have a helicopter? Yeah, a simple yes or no.
Well, I might, might be able to get you a photo off a traffic camera.
But I would have to time it just right based on the car's rate of speed.
Listen to me, a car is driving 80 miles an hour.
How long does it take to get to a camera a mile away? That's seventh grade algebra, Hardison.
Listen, the husband said that they had partners.
- Forty-five seconds.
- What? - That's the answer, 45 seconds.
- Oh.
I got bank statements listing Sunbright Holdings as a joint account holder with the Pans.
Show me that.
What's she doing there? Tell Nate I know this corporate ID prefix.
- It's from Shanghai.
- They pick up.
- You don't have to yell.
- Just tell him! I'm looking at the footage our camera caught of the Pans' house right before the explosion.
Sending now.
Who's planting that bomb? Eliot.
Get outta there! - What? - We gotta go.
- What? - We gotta go.
Nate, I got three guys here.
Armed with cleavers.
That's the signature of the Triad.
We're a minute away.
The Chinese Triads.
They control the global counterfeit clothing market.
It's worth billions to them.
Even more than narcotics.
So we didn't take money from the Pans.
We took money from the Triads.
The last person holding their cash was Eliot.
This way.
All right, cleavers.
I haven't done that in a while.
All right, listen, these rows are narrow.
OK? They're gonna have to come at me one at a time.
- Just stay close.
- You're telling me what to do? Yeah.
Wait, what did you Tara.
I don't wanna die.
Nate, I just got a shot of the Pans' car.
Gloria is traveling solo.
I guess Russell didn't make it out.
Poor bastard got blown to bits.
All right.
Russell Pan handles the finances.
Did we do a full background check on Russell Pan? You stay here in case this goes south.
You're the getaway car.
Of course we did.
Driver's license, birth certificate, hospital records, business records, he's Russell Pan.
Yeah, but did we make sure that Russell Pan isn't anybody else as well? Ah, hell.
Admit it.
You kinda like me now.
I just got a hit on an Interpol database.
Russell Pan's face matches a one Nicholas Chow, Chinese national.
Works for the Sun Yee On triad.
Counterfeit clothing, black market, he's known for burying his enemies alive.
This is a bad dude.
You gotta be kidding me.
And there's something else.
I don't think Russell's dead.
He was there when they were planting that bomb.
No kidding.
Si vous plait.
Jacques Bouvier.
Good to see you again, yeah.
Yeah, uh The last time I saw you we were here for a business meeting with your wife.
Yeah, this is all a big misunderstanding.
That cow of a wife gave you something of mine.
Fifty thousand dollars US.
Yes, this was for a show.
This was business.
For 20 years, I carried her.
I brought over the cheap labor from China.
I supplied the Asian markets.
All she had to do was copy the fashions.
But no, you sold the woman on a ridiculous dream.
So I had to get rid of her.
Now, I'm responsible to my superiors for that money.
Where is it? Guys.
Sit tight.
Tell Chow or Pan, Pot, Skillet, whatever his name is that his money's on the way.
It'll be there in 15 minutes.
Where is it? Uh We don't have the money.
Yeah, the money's gone.
We spent it on the vendors for Gloria's show, yeah.
Did, did you not hear what I just said? - I'm on my way with the money.
- Yeah.
And there's no reason to do anything or go anywhere because the money's gone.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait.
Now, wait, listen to me one second before you What if I was able to give you something worth much more than the $50,000? What if I was able to give you the designs for next fall's collections, today? That's right.
You could get your factories churning out the knock-offs way before the competition.
This would be worth millions to you in additional revenue.
And how are you going to do this? We have access to the Fashion Week shows.
I mean I can get Julian to steal a major designer's designs.
So, I let you go.
You run to the police.
And I get nothing? - No deal.
- You can keep me as collateral.
Wait, no, no.
This is not necessary.
No, no.
We're not going to go to the police or anything like that.
We have no evidence.
I mean, you're gonna hunt us down anyway.
We'll keep the woman.
You bring us the designs or we'll kill her.
You have one hour.
I'm telling you, get him what he wants, huh? It's just 50 grand.
That's what this is about, Five-oh.
Capiche? Five-oh.
Yeah, OK.
Julian, come.
Come on.
We go.
You could've just given Russell the money.
If we'd given them the money, we would've gone back to the client with nothing.
Because that's what it's about.
A chance to run a con on the Triads on the fly.
You put Tara's life in danger to take down a bigger target.
Listen, it's one thing for Florence and those other women to owe money to some local sweatshop.
You want them in debt to the Triads the rest of their lives? - You wouldn't have left Sophie.
- I know what I'm doing.
I've got it under control.
We got less than an hour.
We need some designer's plans? We gotta get Hold Hold I got OK, there's one show left today.
Andre V.
has a hip-hop couture line.
Go get those plans.
What are we doing? We are gonna make Gloria Pan's dreams come true.
Maybe I wanted to meet Andre V.
Did nobody think of that? Selfish.
Here ya go.
Thank you.
- Three minutes 'til the show.
- I know.
- Three minutes.
- I've got it.
Kerry, I've got it.
OK? I need you to re-freaking-lax.
IDs please.
How am I supposed to find soy candles on such a short notice? Farmers Market.
I need to double-check your IDs.
You know what? Kerry sent us, OK? There was a security breach earlier.
No exceptions.
The only thing that gets in are models and clothes.
- I left my ID at the desk.
- I'll help you get it.
Thank you.
"The only thing getting in are models and clothes.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- No! - How about this? It's a shirt, Parker.
I know, but at least you can move in it.
These clothes are totally impractical.
OK? There's no range of motion, limited concealment options, and this reflective material would set off a motion detector a mile away.
It's a fashion show.
It's not Thieves-R-Us.
How about this? The A-line drape of the empire waist is nice but the neckline's a little weak if you ask me.
What? I date a lot of models.
Lot of private fashion shows, if you know what I mean.
Though most of the dresses ended up on the ground.
I get it.
You're a guy.
Means they were naked.
OK, seriously? Yeah.
I'm just saying.
How ya doing? What is that? What is this monstrosity on my model? I don't know who did this but it totally was not me.
This is not my dress.
This is not an Andre V dress.
I do not design Halloween costumes.
And what is with this makeup, sweetie.
You are lovely but baby you look like you just came from clown school.
I asked for blue.
You gave me red.
This is It's terrible.
What do I have to do to get the correct color? And you.
You're incomplete.
- You are incomplete.
- What? Boys and girls, incomplete model on deck.
Incomplete model on deck.
This is an emergency.
Sit down.
Sit, sit.
Incomplete model on deck.
- Um - Nose.
Come, come.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
The cheekbones.
Oh, wonderful.
OK, let's go.
- Go.
- What? Go faster.
And graceful, please.
You're not running a marathon.
Don't even think of coming back here.
Find your face.
Find your face.
Whoa! Oh my heavens.
My show.
How we doing, Parker? All clear.
Grab the drive.
Oh my show.
Models, everyone, the show must go on in the spirit of fashion.
The show must go on.
You, models, get out there.
Look pretty.
Get out there.
This always happens to me.
You must trust in your friends.
Although, they don't seem worthy of such devotion.
Especially the one in charge, Bouvier.
I agree.
I don't trust him.
And neither should you.
Why not? Cause he's not who he says he is.
His name is Nathan Ford.
And he's a con man.
He's a thief.
He's gonna try and play you.
Why are you telling me this? Look, you and I both know when he gets back here with the designs, you're just gonna kill us, right? OK, but what if I told you I had a better way to fix your problems? OK.
They're all there.
Courtesy of Andre V.
Yes they are.
Thank you, Andre V.
The files are compressed.
They're easy to email.
Oh, uh, Nate.
All right.
Hey, this thing starts coming off the rails, don't wait.
Call us in.
Chow is primed.
I can handle him.
I'm not talking about him.
She's a pro.
She knows what to do.
Ah, yeah.
Here are the designs.
There you are.
- Mm.
Andre V.
- Yeah.
- The real deal.
- Oh yeah, the real deal, yeah.
Our factories will be working off of these by tomorrow.
Yes and you will become very, very wealthy.
Yeah, uh, so, we're done, yeah? We're done, yes? No.
The police are looking for someone who broke into Andre V's computer.
They're on their way here now.
I'm sorry, but, uh, how would they know this? Because I called them and I told them a con man named Nathan Ford just tried to sell me a bunch of stolen designs.
What if I told you I had a better way to fix your problems? OK.
Tell me.
You tell the cops he showed up just before someone tried to kill your wife.
A grifter who comes into her life just before he takes your money and your house explodes? You get the designs, he takes the heat.
No bodies to clean up.
Nate's the fall guy and you walk away clean.
Well, I knew I couldn't trust you.
You've done nothing to earn my trust.
I made you a member of my team.
Your team? Oh, please.
You get off putting everybody's lives in danger so the great Nate Ford can come in and save the day.
That's your rush.
Well, they'll never believe your story.
No? You're in my factory.
You're pretending to be someone you're not.
Besides, your prints are all over the drive.
This, this is the man I called you about.
- They're in his jacket pocket.
- Hands on your head, please.
Sir, are you Russell Pan? Yes.
Yes I am.
AKA Nicholas Chow? From Interpol's Most Wanted list? So, you blew up your house to kill your wife.
All right.
Get him outta here.
Come on.
Lets go.
I got a couple questions for you too.
- Check my inside pocket.
- What? I've been working Fashion Week.
Been undercover for six months.
You can take Chow.
You've got enough for attempted murder, conspiracy, arson, whatever.
Just, here, make it look good.
- Walk me out.
- All right.
Make it look real.
- You got it.
- Yeah.
All right, you guys, clear the door.
Yes, sir.
We might wanna destroy this.
Russell didn't actually transmit the designs to the Triad factories, right? Designs? Yes.
But probably not the ones they wanted.
Our factories will be working off of these by tomorrow.
It was a simple switch.
You just put an auto-run instruction file on the drive to show a set of designs for the startup and a different set for the email.
Yeah, well too bad Gloria had to retire before her collection was released, huh? I have a feeling she might find a way to stay involved in the clothing business.
Here's more clothes, Mrs.
Keep up.
OK, no earpiece.
How did you tell Nate you were gonna run the cop scam? It's just 50 grand.
That's what this is about, Five-oh.
Capiche? Five-oh.
For the cops.
That's all it took? Some people just know how to communicate.
I just finally learned how to speak his language.
Cryptic clues, slogans and code.
Here's $50,000.
That should be enough to get your parents to the States.
And when they get here, they'll have decent jobs waiting for them.
She wants to know how you're able to do all this.
Well, you know, once the Pans dropped out of the picture, the factory went into receivership.
We were able to convince the courts to keep it running under the guidance of a legally-appointed administrator.
Speaking of which, how's it going there, Madame Administrator? It's been very good.
Everyone's realizing they now get a say in setting their conditions and hours.
But I think they're adapting to the new rules pretty quickly.
Thank you all so much.
Thank you.
Well Oh There.
That's your cut.
And, uh I'll give you, uh, your earbud back.
And, listen, you know, I'll try, because Sophie sent you.
Try to communicate better.
Thank you.
And for what it's worth, Sophie was right.
You guys are the best I've ever seen.
I know.
But no one in the world is as good as you think you are.
Rough day? Uh, we got through it OK.
From what I heard.
Oh, well.
Listen, Nate, I sent her, so So even if you don't trust her, you should trust me by now.
She was never in any real danger, so.
Really? So you would have made the same play if it were me? Yeah, probably.
Nate, what are you doing? What am I doing? I'm doing my job, Sophie.
The one that you talked me back into doing when I was sitting right here on this couch.
The same one you walked out on.
So don't call me from London, or Paris, or wherever you are and start telling me, you know, how to run my crew.
I'm sorry, but it's just if you Sophie!
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