Leverage s02e13 Episode Script

The Future Job

He's telling me something.
- I don't know what this means.
- What? What is it? I'm getting a "B" sounding name.
"Bruce" maybe? - "Brute?" - Oh, my God.
That's our dog.
Whenever we would come home, Brutus would always run to me first and Mike would say, "Et tu, Brute?" We're getting very close now.
Seven months.
Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Do you think, could we? Could you ask Mike what we should name him? I don't have to ask him.
Jodie, he hears you.
He always hears you.
His energy's gone.
I I've lost the connection.
No, wait.
Just ask him Perhaps we could try again next week? He's always with you, you know? I want you to know that.
Thank you.
Good job on the dog.
She had her photos up on her Facebook page.
It wasn't hard to find.
Her most recent bank statement According to this, she's got about $8000 left in her joint savings account Well, it's formerly joint.
So we could probably squeeze another five sessions out of her, tops, before she balks.
She's still got the house, right? - Mmm-hmm.
- She can sell that.
Never leave money on the table, Wilson.
- Hmm.
- All right, who's next? It's been five months since the accident.
I don't know how to describe it.
It's like she's a zombie walking around in a trance.
Everyone grieves in their own way.
She's not dealing with it, Mr.
He's not letting her.
She thinks he's channeling Mike.
And all the All the guy's doing is taking her for a ride.
He ran a credit check on her.
Who does that? People who want your money.
I assume you've, uh, shown this to her.
I've tried.
She won't listen to me anymore.
It's like she's been brainwashed or something.
Yeah, belief perseverance.
People cling even tighter to their beliefs - after they've been shown evidence contradicting them.
- What am I supposed to do? This guy has taken every penny from Mike's life insurance policy.
Now Jodie's talking about putting her house up on the market next week.
Her house.
And the baby's due in two months.
- If this keeps up - All right, don't worry.
This guy, Rand, is gonna pay.
We're gonna make sure of that.
I'm not here asking for money, Mr.
I just want my sister back.
The rich and powerful, they take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
Welcome to the show.
OK, go right ahead.
So this is where he shoots his show, huh? Surrounded by warehouses and storage lockers? Well, it's, uh, local cable access.
He's, uh, self financing.
They're probably trying to score a bigger payday.
Network or something.
Yeah, you're right about that.
I've hacked Rand's website, stole his passwords and used 'em to access his e-mail.
You know, this man has his computer hooked up to the city's free Wi-Fi? - My nana could hack this thing.
- Hardison.
Looks like there's gonna be a network scout from WMN in the audience today.
Sounds like he's tryin' to go prime time.
TV show means a control room.
I'll see what I can find.
Who are you hoping comes through today? Nothing.
What, uh, nobody.
I don't wanna talk to anybody.
What's wrong? I just don't like psychics, OK? They freak me out.
OK, just relax.
All right? We're just here to see what tricks Rand has up his sleeve.
That's all.
Just Thank you all for coming.
I'd like to just jump right in here because I'm I'm feeling an energy.
It's coming from someone over here.
Uh, an M Mmm I'm Monica.
I'm getting an L name that connects with you.
Uh, Lucky.
- Lucille? - It's a maternal energy.
Your grandmother, is that right? You should know she's very proud of you.
- Oh.
- Hey! - This is not the bathroom? - All right.
- What's goin' on? - You're not authorized to be in here.
You're like the wizard, huh? Look at that.
- You gotta go.
- What is this, like the guy behind the? - All right.
- I said get out.
All right, man.
Go play with your computers.
I got it wrong.
And we're in.
Now we see what they see.
What is that smell? What smell? I just washed this thing.
- You could eat off the floor.
- No, there's a smell.
Someone else is coming through right now.
It's, uh Is it is it Fred? Or Or Frank? I got a gecko named Frank.
He's alive, though.
I mean at least he was this morning when I left.
You tryin' to tell me something about It's, uh It's not a gecko.
You've shut yourself off to the energies that are around us.
But, your friend here, she's a little more receptive.
In fact, I think I'm getting an energy right now.
It's definitely family.
Is it your father? No No, it's a sibling.
You were both very young.
It was an accident.
I see a road.
I see a car.
But your brother's not in the car.
He's in the street.
I see wheels.
A skateboard.
No, a bicycle.
Was he riding a bicycle when he was struck? He's been gone a long time from you now.
He's sorry that he had to leave you.
He knows that you feel responsible, but he wants you to know it was an accident.
You taught him to ride that bike, didn't you? That's all right.
Sometimes people aren't ready to hear what the spirits have to say.
- Damn.
- Damn.
- He is good.
- He should be shot.
Parker? There's no way he coulda known that stuff.
I've never told anyone.
No one.
But, Parker, he didn't know anything.
He No, Nate.
You said we'd find a trick up his sleeve.
You said we'd find a trick.
Well, we didn't find a trick, did we? He knew things.
He's really psychic.
He's not a psychic, Parker.
He's just a con man.
He just did a cold read on you.
That's all.
He asked questions and used your answers to guide him.
But I didn't say anything.
You didn't have to.
Can I show you something? Right, right there.
Do you remember when he asked you, "Is this energy that I'm getting, does it have anything to do with your father?" Do you remember? Well, you furrowed your eyebrow.
You might as well have told him, "No.
" And then, when he keyed in on your brother, right here.
Your eyes widened just slightly.
He knew he was on the right track.
Then he just guessed, Parker.
He got a hit when he said that you were both very young and he just went with the odds.
An accident of some kind.
- But he knew about the bicycle.
- No, he didn't.
'Cause what happened was he said "wheels," and then he moved on.
He said "skateboard.
" You told him about the bicycle.
No, I didn't say anything.
You had a certain tell, Parker.
Your mouth opened just a little bit.
Enough for him to register your surprise.
Then, well, he just guessed.
He used all these things during the reading.
How your breathing changed, if your shoulders were raised or slouched, how you were holding your hands, if your lips were pursed.
What about the other people? He knew names and relationships.
Yeah, the hot read.
What he does is he researches before the show, gets himself armed with as much information as possible to help him with the readings.
It's not really that much different than what we do.
He doesn't know who's gonna be in the audience ahead of time.
Well, no.
No, he doesn't.
He doesn't know until they're there.
He's got cameras all over the place hoping to pick up something, hear something that's gonna help him in the readings.
He has a plant.
He's got an assistant who stands in line and pretends to be part of the audience.
I can't explain it, but sometimes it feels like he's still around.
Oh, I know what you mean.
My mom died a few months ago, heart attack.
I'm just hoping Mr.
Rand can make contact with her.
Find out if she hears me.
That person feeds him the information about the readings in his ear using ear buds just like we do.
All right, first one up is Monica.
She's here to speak to her grandmother, Lucille.
She's sitting on your left.
Your other left.
someone over here.
Now, there's, like, a dozen hidden cameras, and the bug that Eliot planted in the control room.
I got audio feeds off of that were taped to the chairs in the audience.
I got names, people they wanted to contact, dates.
And that is what Rand has hidden up his sleeve.
- So what do we do now? - Cut off his arms.
And his head.
I wanna kill him.
Can we make that happen? Yeah.
I can I mean, I could Or we could give him exactly what he wants.
And then make the world think that he's the greatest psychic that ever lived.
And then, in front of the network and his audience we destroy him.
- How do we do that? - We go and steal the future.
Of course, we'll expand the studio, even move to LA, if you want.
Rand, I don't doubt your gift.
But it's nothing we haven't seen before on television.
And I got an email from the network this morning.
The audience for psychic shows is leveling off.
I can't justify picking you up unless I see something truly unbelievable.
Let me set up a special taping to show you exactly what I'm capable of.
Although going deeper into the void is a little dangerous, I'm willing to do it if you are.
Rand, I gotta talk to you.
About what? That show? It was a disaster.
I need more.
More things on more people.
Real facts.
Things that only the dead would know.
I've replaced the equipment.
I've upgraded our microphones.
I could put more plants in the audience, but if their questions get more explicit, they could give us away.
I had to cold read half that audience in there.
You're always saying how you never get to practice cold reads.
Not live.
Not in front of network suits, you idiot.
No, but sir, you You were amazing.
I mean, the way you used that rainbow ruse, the Russian doll.
You had them eating out of your hand.
I've never seen anything like it.
You wanna know what the trick is? - Yeah.
- It's confidence.
You believe what you're saying and they'll believe it, too.
Doesn't matter how many misses, 'cause it's the hits that they'll remember.
- Yes, sir.
- All right.
So what do we have scheduled for the rest of the day? That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
We've actually had some cancellations.
Cancellations? They give a reason? The same reason, actually.
- Here he comes.
- Just incredible.
Let me give you something for all you've given me.
Please, you know I can't accept that.
I always thought you guys were, you know, fakes.
And I saw this one guy the other night and - That's not why I do this.
- You sure? How may the spirits serve you today? Maybe you can explain why you keep poaching my clients.
I must apologize, Mr.
It's true I've had more visitors lately, but I had no idea it was at your expense.
I'm Bethany, Bethany Noble.
The, uh, outfit is a little on the nose, but, uh, other than that, I gotta say I find your shtick amusing.
I'm sorry? Working out of a coffee shop? No neon lights.
No tarot cards or Ouija boards.
So what's your story? You got me curious.
Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.
The doctors removed it, but ever since I guess you could say I was twice blessed.
With renewed life, and with this gift.
You're serious.
Feel the scar? All right, then.
Tell me something that only the spirits would know.
Tell me about my father.
How he died.
Don't worry.
I got you, girl.
- We didn't give her that scar, did we? - No.
We did not.
Well, I could channel your father, Mr.
Rand, but that might be difficult, seeing how he's still alive.
Indiana, isn't it? Do you still have the prayer book he gave you? What's wrong? I just felt something.
Nate had me rig the table with a mild electrical current.
You electrocuted him? Yes, I did.
It helped sell the bit.
- I approve.
- Thanks, Parker.
Her agreein' with you is not a good thing.
You saw through a trick question.
Doesn't mean anything.
I'm a known commodity in this city.
You could've looked me up.
The spirits are all around us.
Watching us.
Guiding us.
I don't need to look people up.
The spirits tell me all I need to know.
You're clairvoyant.
They're clairvoyant.
I just listen.
- What do they say about me? - You want to know your future? They're calling you by a different name.
- Do you know the way, Jose? - What? They're saying Jose doesn't pay his tickets.
And it'll burn him.
Don't ask the officer for help, he has his own problems.
But don't worry.
You're the life of the party, so celebrate.
And bring extra cash because you won't have enough.
A day late, a dollar short, and if you don't look both ways, you'll never live to see tomorrow.
OK, listen.
I think I've heard enough.
Lady, I love your act.
I really do.
And I wish you all the best with it.
This is my turf.
Stay off it.
I've got a misto here for Jose.
They're calling you by a different name.
Do you know the way, Jose? Uh, I think that's supposed to be mine.
Hey, hey! I paid all my tickets! Hey! They're saying Jose doesn't pay his tickets.
Ahh! Mr.
Rand, your twelve o'clock's here.
It's a new client.
- I think he's, uh - Uh, I'll handle it.
How can I help you today? Actually, this is, uh, this is kind of embarrassing.
The guys would kill me if they knew I was here.
Don't ask the officer for help.
He has his own problems.
You're You're a police officer.
Yeah, how did you know that? Oh, right, because you're Yeah.
You're the life of the party, so celebrate.
And bring extra cash, because you won't have enough.
And if you don't look both ways you'll never live to see tomorrow.
You been here all night? Bethany, it happened.
All of it happened just like you said it would.
How do you do it? I'm just a conduit.
I don't do anything.
I simply speak what's on their minds.
You gotta come to work for me.
My gift is just that.
It's a gift.
It's meant to be shared, not bought and sold.
You're a charlatan, Mr.
I can't be part of that.
Oh, no, no.
See, I did my homework.
You need me just as much as I need you.
You're in debt up to your ears.
You got no steady stream of income.
You will never pay off those hospital bills.
How did you get my credit report? It doesn't matter.
What matters is, you and I, we can help people.
You wanna use my gift to make you famous.
How is that helping people? Come on.
It's just for a little while.
'Til you get back on your feet.
- It would only be temporary.
- Absolutely.
Only You gotta tell me something.
How do you do it? Honestly.
Hey! I paid all my tickets! I paid 'em! The truth is, I have a lot of help.
Oh, Mr.
I thought you said no one else was allowed in here.
Change of plans, Wilson.
You're out.
Noble will be taking over from here.
I, uh, I I don't understand.
I need you outside.
Go work the line.
This doesn't feel right.
I should go.
Because of Wilson? Bethany, the Wilsons of the world, they serve their purpose, but you and I, we are special.
We're gonna do something great.
So, what do you want me to do? OK.
This microphone connects to my earpiece.
Now, you look in the audience, tell me who to talk to.
Use your gift.
When I connect with their loved ones, you want me to tell you what they say? Mmm-hmm.
You tell me.
I communicate to them.
See, that's, uh, that's my gift.
It's just a trial run.
If you do well, in a little while we'll perform live for the network.
OK, you ready? You do realize what you're asking me to do is impossible, right? Here ya go.
And my gummy frogs.
I need my gummy frogs.
- You serious? - Yeah.
OK, Parker, how's the harvest? Excuse me.
There's no food or drink in the auditorium, miss.
- Oh.
I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
Uh, I can only get one wallet at a time because someone is making me return them.
I still don't get why we're not just making this guy dead.
Yeah, well that's why you're on wallet detail.
OK, guys, show's about to begin.
Tara, it's on you.
Got it.
The people that we've lost, they are not gone to us.
They're on the other side and they're trying to make contact with us, to guide us, to console us.
And all of us here have, at one point or another, wanted to talk to them one more time.
Tonight, we're gonna do just that.
I feel a presence.
Third row aisle.
Yellow dress.
Third row on the aisle.
The woman in the yellow dress.
- Got her.
- Yeah.
Right there.
Sandra Kimmel.
Uh, credit score's really low, 580.
Last posted statement, paint store, truck rental.
I got a 17-year-old Cutlass.
There's a breast cancer ribbon on the rearview mirror.
A bunch of financial magazines in the back.
This presence, it's someone that you loved very much.
It's - Her mother.
- Your mother.
Breast cancer.
She died last year.
She was taken from you Just last year.
Breast cancer.
Yes, that's that's right.
Tell her her mother doesn't blame her for the salon going under.
Your mother She knows how much you wanted your business to succeed.
It was a salon, wasn't it? - Yes.
- Her mother also knows how hard she worked on the painting and the construction.
Your mother says that your whole life, you never asked for help.
She knows that you built that salon with your own two hands and she's proud of you, no matter what happens.
I'm feeling another presence.
It's It's a man this time.
I got a truck, Michigan plates, covered in mud, two suitcases in back.
He drove all night to get here.
Didn't even check into his hotel.
Well, big floral arrangement posted to his credit card a week ago.
He canceled a fly fishin' trip the same day.
- Do you know what you're touching? Do you know? - OK.
His father died last week.
He got a call from the National Transportation Safety Board.
It was a private plane.
It went down.
Your father died in a plane crash last week.
That's right.
How'd you know? He knows that you two had your differences and he loves you.
But he wants you to be safe.
Driving ten straight hours from Michigan to get here That's not safe.
That's my dad.
Whoo! Margaret Kusen.
Both parents deceased over 20 years ago.
She hired a private investigator last month.
She's not here to talk to anyone.
She wants answers.
About her husband.
The spirits are telling me one thing.
Your husband is hiding something.
I'm sorry.
That's all I'm getting.
It's OK.
That's what I wanted to know.
And we'll be right back.
She is amazing.
Is she for real? Who cares? Look at these people.
They're eating it up.
She is gonna make me a star.
I'm sorry I couldn't give you more.
More? Are you kidding me? Save it for the pay-per-view event.
I'm tellin' you, I'm starting to rethink this network deal.
They'll still come to the show, right? Yes, they will come.
Are you kidding? - After what you did in there - Tara, you got company.
they are gonna back up the money truck for you.
I can just see it.
Hey! Come on! - You OK? - Yeah.
Any theories? Maybe somebody didn't like their psychic reading.
- Or maybe someone liked it too much.
- What do you mean? Rand told me it was the best show he ever did.
Everyone was there at the show to talk to the dead, except that woman at the end.
Why was she there? Her husband.
She thinks he's cheating on her.
How'd you know that? All I said was she hired a private investigator.
Married woman in her 40s? She's not looking for the Maltese Falcon.
What do we know about this husband? Uh, there's the guy she came in with.
Let's see what the facial recognition says about Oh, hello.
Nickolas Kusen, age 44.
He did time in Riverview a few years back for armed robbery.
One of the thugs who tried to grab her had a prison tattoo.
So Kusen has a secret and he's gonna kill Rand so he doesn't reveal it? - That'd be good.
- You wanna kill someone you don't get out and throw 'em in a van.
You don't get out of your seat.
Kusen needs Rand for his "psychic" abilities.
That's why he was being secretive around his wife.
Let me get this straight, we did such a good job of convincing people Rand was really a psychic, - that we got him kidnapped? - Which means that we have to find him, rescue him and then, you know, take him down.
Let's go to work.
I tracked the van using the city's CCTV traffic cams.
They made a right on Willoughby and a left on Dunsmire.
It looks like they're headed east.
Give me some good news on the financials.
They're all over the place.
Hard to get a clear picture.
Must be a cash-heavy operation, probably import/export.
You know that body shop Kusen pays property taxes on? Let me guess, not a body shop? - It's a parking lot.
- Hey, guys.
I managed to track 'em as far Tremont before I lost 'em, but they're somewhere in the North End.
If I had to guess, I would say they were Union Wharf? And I can do you one better.
I've got an address.
All right, I'm gonna be right outside.
Be there in seconds if you need me.
Let's hope I don't.
Excuse me? Are you gonna keep him long? Because we have a show later.
- And who are you? - She's with me.
She and I, we work together.
How'd you find me? The spirits told me.
They said you needed my help.
Ah, so you're a psychic, too.
Join us.
Join us.
Get the lady a chair.
As I was, uh, just explaining to Mr.
Rand I have a bit of a problem.
Several years ago I was involved in a short-term business venture with a very high rate of return.
An associate and I had gone into this endeavor together, but before we could split the profits from our enterprise, an unfortunate misunderstanding forced me to spend a few years in Upstate New York.
Have you ever been there? It's beautiful this time of year.
Yeah, it's It is beautiful.
Anyway, when I returned to claim what was mine, Mr.
Brancato wasn't particularly forthcoming with the information.
He passed away without revealing its location.
- And now you see my dilemma.
- You robbed a bank and you want us to help you find where your partner hid the money.
My wife is such a big fan of yours, Mr.
She seems to think you have a knack for this sort of thing.
So, I hope that's true.
Because, uh, this is only gonna go down two ways.
Uh you don't find the money, and I kill you.
Or you find the money, and I might consider not killing you.
So what do you say? Uh At least he's not cheating on his wife.
OK, I found his ex-partner.
Cesar Brancato.
Now, his name was on the lease for the body shop that Kusen supposedly owned.
This guy wants a bag of money.
Let's get him a bag of money.
Everybody listen up.
There was a problem before the robbery.
You, uh You had issues with him.
You didn't trust him.
I don't need to be psychoanalyzed, Mr.
I can get that at home.
Where the hell's my money? I'm seeing something.
It's a car.
An old car.
I'm walking around it now.
The license plate's missing.
It's a Chevrolet.
A Chevrolet Malibu.
That's what he drove.
A '78 Malibu.
If we follow the car, it'll lead us to the money.
What do you say we go for a ride? Huh? Uh It's in this direction.
Over here.
Buy me ten seconds.
- Oh.
- Whoa.
You all right? I'm sorry.
Sometimes the visions are a little overwhelming.
- Good to go.
- This way.
Well, I'll be damned.
Search it.
May I hold it? Do you see anything? What does it open? I see a storage unit.
Someone's making a deposit on it.
He has a beard and glasses.
That's him! That's Brancato.
I only need the, uh, unit for a week.
Uh are you attached to those overalls, Phil? Come on.
Oh, I know this place.
We're, uh Shh.
I need to concentrate.
Which unit does this open? Guys, we're not ready.
We gotta stall.
We gotta stall.
No, I'm sorry.
I've lost my connection to the spirit world.
It It's like a car battery.
I just need to recharge.
I've waited long enough.
Come on.
Try this one right here.
Feels good.
Go get it.
What's goin' on? What the heck you doin' over here? I need to see your records.
Just a few more minutes, Nate.
Keep 'em busy.
Are you guys cops? Yeah.
The K-9 unit.
The dog ate my badge.
- Which unit does this key open? - Uh, right, um Let's I'm gonna have to check my records.
- Let's look at your records.
- OK.
We're gonna check the records.
- We need more boxes.
- And a lot of luck.
Yeah, well, I think we used all our luck on finding this place.
Wait, hold, hold You know what? It ain't luck, OK? Finding the perfect place to end the treasure hunt is a testimony to my intellectual prowess.
What? It's baby clothes.
- It says "books," man.
- Does it? Not that.
You gotta line up the right, uh Nate, we're all clear.
code with the thing there.
And, uh, I think there yeah! There we go.
It's, uh That'd be unit number, uh, 398.
Go, come on.
You better hope they find the money.
Come on, come on.
What's in there? Keep goin'.
Open that box.
What's your crystal ball say now? Uh, I don't know.
You better go into a trance or something, whatever it is you do, because I'm fresh out of patience! I'm not psychic.
I can't, I can't communicate with the dead.
It's all fake.
I think you're holding out on me.
You know where the money is.
You just want it for yourself.
It's not Listen to me.
My studio is wired up with microphones and cameras.
And I I make it look like I'm a psychic, but I'm not.
You know, I I cold read people.
Yeah, I ask 'em questions, I look at their reactions.
It's It's all I do.
It's a scam.
OK? I've been runnin' it for years.
I have to say, guys.
I totally saw this one coming.
How'd you know I was hidin' something from my wife? I didn't.
She did.
I cold read people.
Yeah, I I ask 'em questions, I look at their reactions.
It's all I do.
It's a scam.
OK? I've been runnin' it for years.
I'm not done piggybacking the signal from the unit cameras to the live studio feed.
We're not ready yet.
You gotta stall.
You gotta stall.
- It's all fake.
- You creep.
- Liar.
- He's a fake.
You just want it for yourself.
It's not Listen to me.
My studio is wired up with microphones and cameras.
And I I make it look like I'm a psychic, but I'm not.
You know, I I cold read people.
Yeah, I ask 'em questions, I look at their reactions.
It's all I do.
It's It's a scam.
There he is.
That's him.
You're under arrest.
Hey, you know what? He's the bad guy.
When we were in there he had a gun on me and he robbed a bank.
Yeah, right.
Like I'm gonna believe anything you say.
- Get him out of here.
- Wait, no! Come on.
Not jail.
and cameras.
And I I make it look like I'm a psychic, but I'm not.
You know, I'm getting' a bad feeling about this.
No, really.
Watch your head.
He who sells miracles will have the devil knockin' at his door.
- What is that, a proverb? - Fortune cookie.
- What? - What? It started with "He who.
" They do make a cute pair, don't they? Let's see, we got, uh, we got assault, kidnapping and burglary for our friend, Kusen, and garden variety fraud for our psychic friend, Dalton Rand.
Any way we can get them in the same prison? - That could be arranged.
- Hey, let's go, man.
Let's go.
So, all the people who thought he could talk to their loved ones on the other side, what's to stop them from falling for the next Dalton Rand? Not a thing.
Then why do it? It's OK, Jodie.
I'm sorry.
I'm just so embarrassed.
No, no, don't be.
Dalton Rand is a con artist.
He took advantage of hundreds of people.
Maybe thousands.
But now that he's headin' to jail, he can't do it to anyone else.
A part of me knew it wasn't real, but I didn't care.
I missed Mike so much.
I wanted to see him again so bad.
You will see him again.
Maybe it'll be a look.
Maybe it'll be a gesture.
Maybe it'll be the way he spreads peanut butter on a slice of bread.
But when you see it, you'll know and you'll say "That's Mike.
" And you know what? That's a miracle no one could ever sell you.
Thank you, Mr.
Now I see why you do it.
Before you go, this is for your sister and the baby.
What is this? It's the money Rand took from your sister.
All of it.
I don't know what to say.
Wait a sec.
I thought you said all of Rand's money went into paying for his show.
I thought you said he was broke.
- It did.
He was.
- Where'd the money come from? Did you guys find the stolen money? Hmm? Did you find Kusen's loot? Without Unbelievable.
Hmm? He who looks for hidden money shall find it, if he is also a thief.

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