Leverage s02e15 Episode Script

The Maltese Falcon Job

Reports of an explosion at the Belbridge Port Authority.
Both Homeland Security and the FBI assure us this is not a terrorist act.
Be on the lookout for a black Town Car, the suspects are considered armed and dangerous.
The Mayor's a federal witness? Federal? Every badge in a hundred miles is lookin' for us.
Guys, they are ripping through Nate and Tara's cover stories.
All their financials are blown.
So look until I know what they know, no credit cards, no debit cards, no ATMs, nothing that can be traced back to us.
OK? Cash in hand only.
- Keeps getting better and better.
- The Mayor's not innocent.
He cut a deal with the Feds because he's guilty.
And he's got somebody working on the outside.
Back at the warehouse he admitted he has an accomplice.
- Do we scatter or stay? - No, we scatter.
We give the Mayor and his partner time to cover their tracks to, uh, get away with murder.
We can't get anything done out here on the street.
We need a hiding place.
Guys, look when I contacted to the FBI team leader, I put a worm in the operating system on the SIM card in her phone.
Hardison Geek spiral.
We can listen to what they say.
No, not a safe house.
Interpol wants Culpepper someplace off our system.
We're taking him to the Governor Hotel.
OK, that's it.
That's where we're gonna hole up.
- The Governor Hotel? - Yeah.
- The hotel crawling with FBI? - FBI and Interpol.
Yeah, you know, it's the one place in Boston they won't be lookin' for us.
Come on, we just gotta get there first.
Room service.
All right.
Three, maybe four empty rooms on this floor.
I steal that master key, he's gonna notice it's missing pretty fast.
All right, Parker, I need you to do a lift.
- She just said she - Not the key.
Just a towel.
- Excuse me.
- Hmm? Oh, thank God! I just stepped out to get the paper and then my door closed behind me and I tried to find a house phone, but you guys don't have those anymore.
Uh Mm-hm.
Did I, uh miss something? She was naked.
In-room checkout.
OK, look, this means that I have access to the hotel's billing computers.
It's a big ol' backdoor in every hotel room in America.
As of right now, we've been here for a week, and our reservations are good for another week, courtesy of this man's platinum card, Mr.
Ogden Shields, who has spent a lot of time in the adult section of pay-per-view.
I mean, did he even leave the room? In-de-panties Day? Hardison, I need background on all the Mayor's business partners, and all his little shell companies.
- You want background checks? On this? A TV? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'll have Super Mario and Dig Dug get right on that.
Anything having to do with guns.
All right, I'm gonna go get some keys made.
I'm goin' to the gym.
Make sure I can charge stuff on the room.
I gotcha.
Wow, she really wants that car clean.
That's enough of that.
- Oh! Excuse me.
- That's all right.
I was down at the gym Ah, the fitness spa.
Isn't the zen steam garden divine? Yeah.
Listen, I was down in the gym and I went back up to my room and, uh, my key didn't work.
Oh, no problem.
Do you have any ID? Who carries their ID to the gym, bro? - True.
- Listen, Ogden Shields, room 1104 Here you go, Mr.
Let me reformat that card for ya.
Parker, Eliot meet me outside.
Tara, Hardison, stay in your room.
Door closed.
Why? Sterling.
Sterling? Yes, like the machine gun, not the engine.
You've been a very bad boy today.
I did everything I was supposed to.
Please, Agent Nevins, tell him.
The Mayor's been a cooperating witness.
A snitch? World loves a snitch.
I will not have you talking to my witness like that.
Before you finish that thought, let's review, shall we? You allowed multiple suspects to escape from a warehouse completely surrounded by FBI agents before they got away with $250,000 of FBI bribe money.
And they got away in your car.
You sure he's safe here? You wanna tell me why that's any of your business? Because during the course of my first investigation for Interpol, the city of Belbridge drifted into my vision.
Your little operation came up.
Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw Nathan Ford in the FBI case files.
Nathan? No.
His name's Lionel Gitt.
That's adorable.
Tell you what.
I'll have my people give you everything you need to know about Nathan Ford and his crew, and you give me everything you have on a man named Tony Kadjic.
All right, guys, this is Tony Kadjic.
He started out as a smuggler in Albania.
He left a lot of competitors in shallow graves.
He's been indicted for murder eight times in four different countries with zero convictions.
His shipping company looks semi-legit.
He's tied to governments in the 'Stans, Central America.
He's got a batch of big government contracts including some for US security forces.
Why do we care about him? 'Cause he's big on the surplus weapons market.
That's just a polite way of saying arms dealer.
His specialty's buying cheap guns from Third World countries and reselling 'em.
OK, well, you know, I mean, this tracks.
Uh So the mayor grifts the 911 money that's meant to improve security at the ports.
That, along with crooked cops, makes the Belbridge Ports a perfect place for Tony Kadjic to run his guns in and out of the country.
Interpol must be chasing down the gunrunning.
Don't worry about Sterling.
Did you just say, "Don't worry about Sterling?" Yeah, don't worry about Sterling.
What you don't think I can beat Sterling? In the last six months, Nate, I've heard you talk about beating the Triads, beating the Russians.
All right? Maggie's boyfriend.
Huh? How'd that work out? We all said that meet was a bad idea, right? But you got a taste for taking down this Mayor and you can't resist.
- You wanna walk away? Walk away.
- I'm not walkin' away.
It's not my job.
My job is to get your back.
And, Nate, I'm gonna do it.
All the way down.
But I need you to do your job.
- And what's that? - Be Nathan Ford.
Be the person we came back for.
Listen, guys, I'm trying to figure out why a group of very rich, very powerful men are tryin' to take out a good, decent cop.
Now, are you gonna stick with me on this? Is that enough? Yeah.
Us too.
Tony Kadjic is the one who pulled the trigger.
I wanna know exactly what he's up to, and where he is.
And how do you propose we do that? Let's go steal a mayor.
That's still bugging me, man.
You guys on the move? Both headin' out now.
And the mayor? According to the room service charges, looks like the mayor's taking the edge off captivity with many, many tiny bottles of vodka.
- Ooh, sorry, ma'am? - Ooh! But, uh, I have mini-bar.
- Gimme.
- Ooh! Oh, great.
Look who's back.
This is Sterling.
I'm on my way up.
Target secured.
You help Tara and Parker.
I'm gonna stall Sterling.
- How? - I'm thinking.
OK Agent Nevins says you're to have full access.
All right.
Name's Bob, right? Yes, sir.
You been here the whole time, Bob? Yes, sir.
And nobody's gone in or out of here, Bob? No, sir.
Then would you mind explaining where the hell the Mayor is? Uh Housekeeping! Ow.
That's Stop.
Hey, I got this.
I don't need help.
Clearly you do.
- I got this.
I got this.
- Yeah.
I'll go.
Eliot Spencer.
There! That's it.
The trunk.
The mayor's in the trunk.
Find it.
I'm running down the taxi license.
Have the state troopers set up road blocks on every highway in and out of the city.
You got it.
Thanks for making it interesting, Nate.
Where's luggage going? - Nashua, New Hampshire.
- OK.
Just like the picture.
Make sure it looks exactly like his room.
Huh? Your Honor? Chair.
Where are the agents? Where are the agents? There should be two FBI agents standing at the door.
Did you have to? She saw our faces.
Yeah, put her in the tub with the others.
Joshua, get to work.
We don't have much time.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please, please don't kill me.
What did you think? Huh? A guy that throws around the kinda money I do - that I'm not connected? - I didn't know that What? What? That you could just throw me to the Feds? Look, I I had to.
It was It was nothing personal.
I had to protect What? The guns, the guns, the guns! Look, I'll cut you in, OK? It's a sweet deal.
The cops are in on the payroll.
And the Feds, they just turn their heads.
- It's foolproof.
- How, huh? How do the Feds look the other way? I wear a wire.
OK? I help the FBI get other mayors and congressmen and they they don't bother with Tony's shipping business.
OK? So, Tony said to give 'em you.
OK? To give you to the Feds.
OK? And then, then the heat would be off, Mr.
Gitt? It was, it was just business.
OK? Yeah, just business.
I'd like to meet Tony.
Well, we I don't I don't know where he is.
OK? I'll get him on the phone.
I can get him on the phone for you.
If you'd like me to get him on the phone, I can do that OK.
All right! All right! All right, he's here.
- OK? - Where is he? Where is he? He's down at the docks! OK? He's on the boat.
We just got a shipment in.
And we got some buyers who are inspecting the guns.
Thank you very much.
See that wasn't so difficult was it? OK.
No! No, no! All right, FBI's cleared the building.
So we kidnapped a mayor.
I hope you realize that even if we pull this off, we're gonna get out of the city with nothing but the clothes on our backs.
So, uh, Kadjic has a shipment at the docks.
Uh, Hardison, stash the Mayor somewhere else and, uh See what you can dig up.
If I can access the security cameras at the port, maybe the facial recognition can find Kadjic.
Eliot, Parker, Tara, do a physical sweep of the docks.
Where are you going? Where's he goin'? This is Tara.
Listen, I need a favor.
I need you to get me in touch with someone.
Yeah, I wanna make a deal.
With Tony Kadjic.
Oh, Nate.
You're not like them.
You couldn't take the risk that you'd never come back here.
Not without picking up a few things.
You're Nate.
Where's my witness? Do you know why you screwed up, Nate? You forgot who you are.
It was always only a matter of time before this Robin Hood fantasy of yours brought you here.
To this end.
You're gonna lecture me on who the good guys and bad guys are? The FBI here is protecting a corrupt mayor, and the guy you want, Tony Kadjic? Giving him a free pass.
- Is this true, Agent Nevins? - As far as we can tell, Mr.
Kadjic hasn't broken any American laws, and as a favor to a protected witness, we do not harass his business associate.
Kadjic shot up a state policeman.
- You have proof of that? - Oh, please.
The mayor's brought us a dozen good cases.
I made the right call.
Well, it's out of your hands now.
I have plenty of proof against Tony Kadjic.
Shipping manifests, forged customs documents.
And against you, Nate.
Photos of you setting the bribe with the Mayor, tape of you talking about the bribe, photos of your team in their adorable little costumes, all sitting in a secure FBI locker, awaiting my next irrevocable phone call.
What are you waiting for? The only thing I don't have is Tony Kadjic himself.
That must be very disappointing.
So, I'm gonna make you a deal.
You find Kadjic, tie him to the guns I'll give you a free pass.
Just this once, you get to walk away with your record wiped clean.
My team? They go down.
Every last one of 'em.
They deserve to go down.
They're criminals, Nate.
So that's the deal.
You bring me Kadjic and the guns, and I cut you and you alone loose.
Because at the end of the day you're always right.
You're not a thief.
This is your second chance.
This is hopeless.
And it smells.
How many ships left on the list? Only a hundred.
- Sweet.
- Yeah.
- This is hopeless.
- And it smells.
Like old clown shoes.
Briny despair.
Well, maybe Hardison Hey.
What? He's Italian.
Huh? Bonanno's Italian.
So, now he's walking off? Yep.
Sparky, slow down.
Nate? Nate? Sophie, it's me.
I I screwed up.
Uh Nate? Nate? Is that you? I I can't hear you! Yeah.
I I, uh Listen, I need you to come back.
Um I need you.
Uh, I need you.
No, no, no.
Speak up.
I'm traveling and Not the team.
For me.
Not for a con.
I just Listen, I I don't know who I am anymore, Sophie.
And And when, when I was chasing you and everything and we were doing cons, I knew who I was, but not anymore.
As crazy as this sounds, I need you to tell me Tell me when I'm goin' too far.
I mean, it just It gets out of control and I just don't know who I am and and you've always been my compass.
And, you know, I care about you more than you'll you'll ever know, because I lo I lo I can't hear you! What a rubbish signal.
Soph? Hey.
Hey! Hardison.
It's safe.
It's all clear in my apartment.
I want you to stash the mayor in a closet and get the team over here.
You got a plan? Yes, I do.
One that's gonna take care of everybody.
Is it possible? I'll need Eliot, and to buy some new supplies, and maybe five hours, plus I need to hack into the cargo shipping system at the docks.
What about the money? It's on short notice, but Use my accounts.
That'll clean you out.
Use 'em.
And what about you guys on your end? I don't think we can make it in through the main entrance, so I think we need to go up, and then make it down through from the roof.
But you can do it.
Sure, it's not our part of the scam that's impossible.
No, it's everything else.
Yeah, definitely that.
But our part, no.
All right, well, I'm gonna set up the meet with Kadjic.
I said I knew where the weapons were.
I don't know if Kadjic's gonna be there.
Then we're gonna have to lure Kadjic to the weapons.
I mean, the whole plan depends on our ability to confirm Kadjic and the weapons being in the same place at the same time.
Everybody ready? Yeah, but remember, once you're on that ship, all that metal's gonna mess with reception.
I won't be able to reach you once you're below decks.
We're all set.
How do you know which one? Liberian registry, Italian ship.
- Bonanno's Italian.
- Exactly.
Il Falcone Maltese.
I'm sorry, ladies, you can't go through here - Where ya goin', ma'am? - I'm just taking my sister to the insurance company on the tenth floor.
All right, right through there.
Oh, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Ding-dong, we're home.
Don't move! - Hold it! - Stay right where you are.
Why don't you tell Tony Kadjic that the guy he sold to the Feds is here to have a little chat with him? What are you doing? Countin' all the guys with guns.
How many? A lot.
There's no chance of just goin' in and trusting the fake IDs, huh? Don't worry.
No one's ever died going in through an air duct.
Oh, this is comforting.
Worst case, you slip and fall.
Break your legs.
Lay there for days, scratching on the metal.
It's like a long, metal coffin with wind.
Let's go! Oi.
Now, you said you'd call Kadjic, if we ask nicely? That's just what you're goin' to do.
But when you call, I need you to be scared for your life.
Can you be scared, boyo? Yes.
Yes, I I can scared.
I can be scared.
Thank you very much.
I will be with you momentarily.
Please, after you.
Follow this gentleman.
Look, man, we got Kadjic, all right? Let's just call No.
Not enough.
We need Kadjic and the guns.
- Well, Mr.
- Oh, you know my name.
Well, I think we're past pretending otherwise.
Hmm? What is this for? Well, it's an apology.
- What for? - For what's about to happen.
Call Kadjic.
- Hello? - Tony! Tony! Do whatever they say, please? They killed my FBI handlers.
They murdered them and they cut them into pieces and put 'em in a bathtub.
Into a hotel bathtub! Is this true? To be fair, he did most the cutting.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
You work hard.
Please! That's what we do to people who lie to us.
You just killed my partner.
You need new partners.
Ow! God! You're lucky.
I was going to leave tonight.
Some of my buyers insist on seeing my goods in person.
- Still counting? - I'm still countin'.
All right, Hardison, you're in.
Transferring the files and wiping the originals.
And it looks like each case has an evidence box associated with it.
All right, make the call.
All right, we gotta get you topside.
- Mr.
- Hmm? Just a moment? Please? Yes.
- Uh - Talk.
Can we speak in private? Of course.
Gentlemen, it's OK.
Thank you.
Go look after the buyers.
So, you know, you had a good run with the Mayor, but, uh, yeah, he was too small for you.
You know, the work I do, with the ballparks and the malls, that's where the action is.
Money laundering? Uh, you know, that's that's a very small word.
I, uh Listen, do you have any idea how much dirty money you can hide in a $30 million government-financed boondoggle? I mean, I don't just clean your money, I put it to work, you know, in the land deals and the construction and the concessions and everything.
Wherever there's a buck to be made, I squeeze a quarter out of the take.
You know, most guys, you know, you give 'em dirty money and everything, they give you back, hey, some of it.
But you give me dirty money, I give it back to you clean.
- All of it? - Yeah, of course, all of it.
Plus a bonus ten percent on the top for letting me use it on my end.
Case number 1435.
- Can I help you? - Case 1435.
That's Box K-46.
Nobody's allowed to take anything from that case.
You need the approval of your field officer, Nevins.
Oh, I'm not taking anything out.
I'm entering evidence in.
- Here's my form.
- Oh, that's different.
Paperwork and everything, huh? You know you can tell Nevins when you see her she's owed me 20 bucks for so long it's Huh.
Why stay and talk to the evidence guy? What's he got to say? That's why I was so upset when you kicked me over to the Feds.
I mean, you shouldn't have been framing me.
You should be using me.
You understand, we have to be careful now.
You know, we have Interpol.
We've had the local state police, everything.
- Yeah.
How'd you deal with it? - Well, you know, Interpol, the FBI keeps them off our backs.
Or at least they did, until you got rid of their informant.
And the state police, well, I had handled myself.
Match identified.
Damn, you finally found something, half-pint? Security photo taken 6:30am today.
Parker? Parker? Answer me, Parker.
Please, answer me.
Damn! Call Kadjic! Parker, where are you? Sorry, had a buzz from the alarm system, I couldn't hear a thing.
What? Parker, what's wrong? Excuse me, sir.
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
Who's this? Who? Find the other one.
Find the other one! - Go.
- Find him right away.
Bridge? Take us out past the 12-mile mark.
We have to dump a few things.
I have him.
What do we do with this one? You just kill him.
Now, I guess I will show you how I deal with people who lie to me.
You're really strong.
I hang from buildings with my fingertips.
It's not what you think.
I was setting up a meeting! Actually, that was exactly what I was thinking.
- Bye now.
- Not for myself.
No, no, no, Tony, this won't do at all.
Will it? Ms.
Kroy, this is of no concern to you.
Thank you.
Well, it is my concern.
You don't really think I'm gonna do business with someone who starts blasting away in the middle of a meeting, do you? You don't even know who this bloke works for.
Listen, I don't have a problem with you taking care of this, just, you know, just wait 'til me and the other buyers are off the ship before you start getting messy.
I don't wanna be charged as an accessory.
Kadjic, there's something wrong with the engines.
Lock him up.
Take him away.
Lock him up now! Hurry, get out of here! - Hey.
- Come on, move.
Kroy, I apologize.
Glad we understand each other.
I'll get the hatch.
Come on.
Let's move it.
Come here! Twelve.
All she asked was that I report back to her every now and then.
Are we sure this is the fastest way? Yeah, look.
There's no traffic this way.
So, you were spying on us.
I was not spying.
I was an early warning system.
Sophie just She was worried Nate might go off the rails.
So, if it ever looked like he was spinning out of control, I was supposed to call and let Sophie lay in a backup plan just in case.
Why not us? Because you were too likely to forgive him.
I suppose getting busted by the FBI and trying to bring down arms dealers while kidnapping a mayor does qualify as out of control.
So, anyway, I used my contacts to get Sophie set up as a buyer for the guns.
You know You actually had me worried for a second that you were gonna drop me.
That is silly.
Just get us out of this harbor.
I can't.
Someone sabotaged all the electronics in the engine system.
What the hell is going on here? Hey.
It took you long enough.
What? Freeze.
What? Where's Nate? I don't know, man.
All this metal's messing with the signals.
- Huh? - Huh? Sophie? Took you long enough.
Come on.
Oh no.
Oh, oh geez.
No! No! Tony! Zero.
You came back.
Well You needed me.
Come on.
Can't leave a job half finished.
I don't want any excuses, OK? Please.
Oh, oh, thank God! What the hell are you doing here? I don't know.
What is going on here? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doin' to me? No.
Oh, my God.
Nate, come on.
Let's go.
You chose the wrong man, my friend! Ooh.
Parker touching.
Kinda, yeah.
Listen, I hate to cut goodbyes short, but they're playing my song.
Keep out of trouble.
Or, if you wanna get in trouble again So, we're Oh, we're even.
You gonna be all right on your own? What do you think? There's not that many ways out of here.
Eliot, when I arrange a rescue, I do it properly.
Nobody move! So Where is Tony Kadjic? He's locked in the bridge, and the guns are stored in boxes in the hold.
I'm glad to see you kept your end of the deal, Nate.
Yes, Sterling, we have a deal.
Nate, what are you doing? Stop messing around.
Thirty seconds, there'll be another dozen guns on the deck.
You have any idea what's going on right now, Sterling? There's a fire in the FBI evidence room.
And Hardison wiped the servers of all the evidence.
Where are you going with this? I've destroyed all the evidence the FBI has on Culpepper and Kadjic.
You have no photos, no tapes, you don't have anything.
You don't have a case on anybody unless you arrest me.
- And only me.
- Nate? I agree to turn state's evidence.
I testify to what Kadjic told me, how he put the hit on Bonanno.
Hell, I'll even give you Bonanno's evidence against the gunrunning.
Nate, I can take these guys.
It's just ten more yards to the chopper, man.
Listen, guys.
I got you into this mess.
This is the only way to get you out.
And I can feel you thinking, Sterling, and don't, don't bother.
And if you touch one of them, the deal is off.
Nevins loses two years of work and your first case with Interpol.
So, you're my case or I have no case.
We'll call it a draw, then.
No, we do not take this deal.
Take one more step, I'll shoot you myself.
All teams move in.
Target is in custody.
All teams move in.
Come here.
You guys are the most honorable people I have ever met in my life.
You've become my family.
My only family.
I won't forget that.
Now get 'em on the chopper.
Now! Let's go.
Let's go, man.
Nate? What? Come here.
You call me.
You tell me you need me so you can do this? Watch your back, Sterling.
Where is our aerial support? He's bleeding.
Get an ambulance here.
Who the hell is this guy? I don't know.
My name's Nate Ford and I am a thief.

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