Leverage s03e03 Episode Script

The Inside Job

[rapid beeping.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- [panting.]
This way! Infrared, now! - [beeping.]
- [guard.]
Good, go.
Split down left.
You two, right.
We'll meet a man with proof that some of the founding fathers were a lot racier than we thought.
But first, Dr.
Thomas Swift defends his theory - [Nate.]
Ah, hey.
- first settlers in New England.
I'm Janet Lin reporting live, Channel Six New You know, technically, these are our offices.
Well, you know, I sleep upstairs.
What am I supposed to do, cook on a hot plate? Try this.
Oh, yeah.
- Mm.
- Prison kitchen, six months.
I should have had you cook me breakfast a long time ago.
Are we ever gonna talk about that kiss? - Kiss? - Mm.
Oh, I don't remember a kiss.
I remember a slap.
- Hm.
- You're still working off the slap.
[cell phone rings.]
This had better be good.
- Parker's in trouble.
- Who the hell is this? No time for that, Ford.
She went in without me.
She's alone.
And they have a Steranko security system.
You of all people know what that means.
A Steranko? Parker tried to crack a Steranko? You gotta help her, Ford.
I can't get to her, I'm on the building across the street.
OK, let's fan out.
Check the roof.
What? Parker took an outside job? - All right, listen, I'll - Huh? Without us? OK, I'll call Eliot, you call Hardison.
Tell him to meet us at Parker's place right now.
- Is she in trouble? - Way more than trouble.
No sign yet, but we're close.
It's only a matter of time.
The rich and powerful, take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide leverage.
[tires squealing.]
This cannot be Parker's place.
No, the address on, uh, Central Square, that's a dummy.
- She's got six of 'em.
- What? She still doesn't trust us.
Well, yeah, she took an outside job without telling us.
I don't think any of us know what goes on in that girl's head.
- Oh, great, a keypad.
- Oh, wait.
This is Parker's place.
Parker picked the code.
- Unbelievable.
- Maybe I do know her after all.
- You're not gonna tell me what it is, are you? - Sure.
It's my real name.
Oh, my God.
I didn't expect this.
This is surreal.
She lives here? Archie.
Who the hell is Archie? [Hardison.]
Parker! OK, this is a little freaky.
Really? This is exactly what I expected.
What happened to you guys? You should have beaten us here.
We went to the wrong address.
Oh, the Central Square address? Yeah, yeah, the Central Yeah, the C Central Squ I tracked your phone.
All right, listen, she left timetables, security codes, schematics.
Now, let's look at all this stuff, see where she went and what she's after.
Wow, this is so well organized.
She's got everything laid out just so Yeah, this is as clean as one of your plans.
Yeah, maybe you're rubbing off on her, Nate.
No, I doubt I'm rubbing off on her, she would have never tried to beat a - Steranko? - A Steranko.
- On her own? Has she lost her mind? - [Sophie.]
OK, please, please, somebody explain to me, what the hell is a Steranko? Steranko is the toughest security system in the world.
- In the universe.
In the multi Whatever.
- How do you not know this? I am a grifter.
If I'm doing my job right, then the mark just [clicks.]
turns off the alarm for me.
Look, Sophie, you take one of those computers, it can beat like a hundred people at chess, it's got a brain the size of a building.
You hook it up to a military-grade infrared, ultrasound, motion sensors Yeah and then give it the personality of a pissed-off Rottweiler, that's a Steranko.
It has a heuristic algorithm, OK? It adapts to your moves, it evolves a strategy based on your response.
- It learns.
- It hunts.
- Can you crack it? - Can I crack? Nate.
Steranko's like Mount Everest, you don't just jump on.
- You gotta train, muscle up, get ready.
- No, no, no, Hard.
For Parker, can you crack it? You know, I I could Even if I tried, just tried, I can't do it remote.
I'd have to get in that building.
OK, so we get you in, you open the doors for Parker, she goes out.
Through what? Where? Man, we don't even know where she's at.
The Wakefield Building.
So let's go steal a Parker.
Wakefield Agriculture Worldwide Incorporated.
Now, Wakefield's a big player in the world cereal market.
And by cereal I mean wheat, corn, rice, all that stuff.
- So it's a grocery store.
- Yeah, if Godzilla's a gecko.
They do 200 million dollars a year in biotech research and Third World infrastructure.
All right, so it's a massive grocery store.
Yeah, but even they weren't immune to the financial crunch.
The last two years, they did a bunch of bad investments, research that turned up empty.
This guy right here, CEO, Charles Rushing, the board's after his head.
Now, he avoided two takeover attempts, but he's running scared.
I just swept the perimeter.
Lobby's the only point of entrance.
Everything else is locked down.
And I gotta tell you, man, I ain't big on taking this place in broad daylight, on the fly.
What you mean, you ain't big on taking No, no, no.
- You just want to throw Parker under the bus? - I didn't say that.
- Yeah, but you are saying - That's not what I said.
I'm saying, what happened to having a damn plan, Hardison? Guys, if you're gonna do it Listen.
If you're gonna do a job like this you need a base camp, right? - Something private with good visibility? - And a partner, - 'cause I ain't insane.
- Yeah, exactly, you'd want a partner, right? But, I mean, all of the shots from Parker's place, they were taken from a single location up high.
It's the south side.
Look at the way the sun's going off the windows there.
- According to this height - Wait.
On the building.
He said on, on the building across the street.
Not in.
All right, Eliot, you're gonna come with me.
Sophie, walk Hardison into Wakefield so you can get your hands on the Steranko.
- That's the plan? - That's all I got.
Nate I keep telling you, man, it's Fine, whatever, forget it, forget it.
It's fine.
We can do this.
Parker's gonna be OK.
Yeah, I know.
Quiet and sneaky.
Quiet and sneaky is fine if you're thinking like a thief.
Thieves find entrances, but grifters, mm-mm, we make them.
This thing was supposed to be foolproof.
This intruder made it all the way up to my laboratories before he tripped an alarm.
Rushing and Dr.
Hannity, please, the Steranko has got the intruder trapped here between the 25th and the 40th floor, in the biotech levels.
Now, if I can lock the entire building down No, no, this company is bleeding red ink.
And we're being audited every week.
I have bankers calling me from countries - I've never even heard of.
- Do you know what will happen to our stock prices - if there's even a rumor of a break-in? - [phone buzzing.]
I've got two more from the London office downstairs.
Get this done, Vorhees.
No alarms, no panic.
Not while these auditors are here.
I can have my men go floor to floor.
Match retinal scans with ID badges.
Once a floor is clear, we lock it down.
- There is no way out.
- How long will it take? [beeping.]
- Fifty minutes.
- Do it.
It's all under control, Dr.
Why is this happening, today of all days? The board promised to give me a fair warning.
This is not fair.
- Hello.
Charles Rushing.
- Emily Peal, J and L Resource Consultants.
Jonathon Steed, financial review analyst.
We're here to see who gets fired today.
This has got to be the right roof.
Well, you got a clear line of sight to the Wakefield Tower.
- Good place to supervise a heist.
- Nobody can get past us if - Nate Ford.
- Lisbon.
- I think Florence.
- You know this guy.
Ford and I once moved in similar spheres.
It was Majorca.
White doves.
Eliot, I'd like you to meet Archie Leech, - the world's greatest thief.
- Don't move.
Don't move.
Pretty, uh, spry for a dead guy.
You mean the car crash in Paris? Nobody fell for that.
- [grunting.]
- What color is that hat of yours these days? - White or black? - Come on, boy.
Pardon me, sir.
- [Archie.]
Well - Nice.
- Those guys weren't with you? - Don't be ridiculous.
They're here to make sure I got the job done.
I'm their hostage.
Barely got away from 'em long enough to call you.
- Parker's your partner.
- Parker is rescuing me.
- Why would she rescue you? - Because I'm her father.
Yes, this'll do nicely.
Now, I'm gonna need all your senior executives and heads of departments in five minutes.
Steed here is gonna need computer access.
Somewhere private where he can take an endoscopic look at all your records.
Is that really necessary? I mean, there's a certain order This company is on the brink.
It is hemorrhaging money.
Now, someone will be blamed.
Now, I can either be your white knight or the angel of death, your choice.
Yes, of course.
Anything to help, Miss Peal.
Anything at all.
Get Mr.
Steed any office he wants.
Of course, I'm not her real father.
New York City, 12 years ago.
The little scamp lifted my wallet.
When I first met her she was wild, dangerous.
To herself and to others.
But she had the gift.
I made her.
Honed her.
My perfect thief.
She was your legacy.
Just so.
I taught her everything I know and unleashed her on the world.
You know, she was broken.
You understand that? Parker was broken.
And you had no You should have taken her in What, taken her home like a real daughter? This is my wife, Marilyn.
My grandsons.
I love them dearly.
They think I'm an accountant.
What was I supposed to do? You know Parker.
You know she wouldn't fit in.
God, she doesn't fit in anywhere.
Yeah, but she was good enough to send into a death trap, huh? I didn't send her anywhere.
I was retired.
They found me, whoever they are.
Told me to break into Wakefield and steal some canister from the labs there.
Or they would kill my family.
My grandchildren.
You couldn't beat a Steranko even in your prime.
Which I'm long past, thanks for the reminder.
But my employer gave me these blueprints and most of the codes, so I thought I could break the bloody thing.
I called Parker for help just to plan.
Next thing I know, she jumps the gun and goes in herself.
No idea what she was thinking.
All right, listen, I need you to get in position.
When Hardison finds a door I'm counting on you to get her through it.
OK, Hardison, are we on yet? On and crackin'.
I'm in the main company system.
- Put this in your ear.
- Ah.
Now, you get that back to me.
I'm downloading all files now.
OK, and what about the Steranko? All the alarm systems are run through shielded cable, which means I can't hack it through Wi-Fi.
But if you find the actual cable OK, got it.
All right, I'm in.
Uh, don't know how far, though.
Get what you can, and fast.
What are we doing here? [Nate.]
You want to create some chaos.
Get them to focus on you, on each other, but just get 'em off Hardison's back.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- I know what I'm doing here.
Someone has to cut 19 million dollars of putrid dead weight from this flabby company.
And that putrid dead weight is you all.
Now, see here, Miss Peal, there's no call for rudeness.
Wakefield Agriculture is teetering.
I know it, your board knows it, your shareholders know it.
The only people that don't seem to know it are here in this room, which is why you are all fired.
- [all chattering.]
- It's happening.
They're laying everybody off right now.
You're just a consultant.
You don't have the authority to fire us.
I think you'll find that I do, Dr.
Silver lining: anyone that can convince me right here, right now that their job is necessary will be rehired.
[all chattering.]
Um, just one at a time.
I What? [all chattering.]
OK, guys, uh, I got bad news and not so bad news.
The not so bad news is that Steranko's only running at a level one.
- How many levels are there? - OK, uh, level one, passive lockdown.
Two, fire.
Three, terrorist takeover.
And four, Hazmat containment breach.
Now, if it stays at a level one, she just needs to stay away from doors, cameras, uh, security keycards, even actual security guards, and she'll be cool.
For a while.
So she's safe as long as she stays in, but if she tries to get out Boom, game over.
That's the bad news.
It's a lobster trap.
It's easy to get in, but there's no way out.
- And this helps me how? - And what about the perimeter? Perimeter's locked down tight.
It's a solid grid, right? You got sensors, you got cameras on everything.
I'm gonna make a bet these suits don't like giving up their privacy.
You're gonna find a blank on one of these offices.
That's actually not bad.
All right, guys, so it's a party.
But before we rescue Parker, we gotta find out where she is.
Nate, you do realize the entire building is looking for Parker.
I mean the actual, physical building is looking for her.
Look, any cameras that I piggyback, any sensors that I access, anything I do to find Parker could lead the bad guys right to her.
- [Nate.]
All right, so what's your play? - What's my play? Nate, I'm hacking a security system that the Pentagon calls overkill with a laptop I found in the back of my car.
Look, man, honest answer, we can't find Parker.
We just have to wait for her to send up a signal and hopefully we get to her first.
Laser trip wires in a ventilation shaft? [panting.]
I'm in trouble.
[elevator dings.]
State your name and the floor you work on.
Enzen, four.
Look up here, please.
[electronic beeps.]
Thank you.
OK, you're clear.
She's clear, she can go.
- [phone rings.]
- Speak.
Hardison, listen, I screwed up.
I'm downtown in a building and I - We are already here, mama.
- You are? All of you? Wait, Parker, are you calling me from a company landline? Yeah, but it's OK 'cause I have an ID.
No, no, not OK.
Parker, they are matching IDs to retinal scans.
If a security guard scans your ID, you're busted.
And now that you're calling me, Steranko knows exactly where you are.
What? Why? Make it stop.
No, no.
OK, you got a 30 second window, right now you're at 20.
You need to hang up, get to cubicle 27, wait there.
You find something? Guys, what would it What would you say if I told you that all of Mr.
Leech's schematics are watermarked with the Wakefield logo? Sounds like original documents.
Probably from the company's hard copy files.
Yes, the kind of files that are restricted to high level company personnel.
- Head of security or above.
- OK, Sophie, I need you to do me a favor.
It's not as if there's anything going on where I am.
All right, I want you to take a look around the room.
I mean, really take a good look.
Uh, anything standing out to you? [all arguing, chattering.]
Hannity's awfully calm.
Hannity, Hannity, Hannity.
Ann Hannity.
She's a senior vice president in charge of the Research and Development Department.
She runs the Biotech Division.
Yeah, and she has access to the Steranko and the vault that Parker's hitting on the Biotech level.
Let me ask you something, you ever have contact with the client? I mean, face to face.
The client insisted on complete discretion.
- [both.]
She's in on it.
- Why didn't I see it before? - OK, all right, Archie - Ford, an inside job like this only works if If they've tied up loose ends, yes.
If they find Parker, they're not gonna arrest her.
They'll kill her.
Archie, wait, wait, slow down, slow down.
Look, we gotta warn her they're gonna kill her.
I got my people on it, all right? Hardison, talk to me.
Where's Parker? Yeah, yeah, um, already took care of it.
Thank you.
Earbuds goin' hot in five, four, three, two, one.
OK, I got it, I'm on.
Come get me.
- [Nate.]
- Is Archie there? - Yeah, Parker.
- Archie, are you OK? - Yeah, right as rain, kiddo.
- Kiddo? I'm sorry, I couldn't get the canister, the transcription code's Parker, what the hell were you thinking going in there? They would have caught you, Archie.
They would have hurt you or your family.
Y Your real family.
I couldn't let that happen.
Well, it's all right.
Uh, just stay focused.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir? Kiddo, I want you to stand up and have a look around.
Tell me what you see.
A bunch of people stealing stuff.
Staplers, paper.
They're pretty bad at it.
Oh, thank God.
I was dying.
Who is he? Who are you? Uh, it's it's me.
Marketing, cubicle 135.
Cubicle 27.
- [laughs.]
- Listen, I know we said we'd just keep sexting each other and keep it all online, but with these layoffs coming, I just had to see you.
You're hot.
- Oh - [woman.]
Let's go.
OMG, is it time for Shelly's severance party? - [all chattering.]
- Come get me, come get me, come get me.
We're on it, hang tight.
Your young man.
- Hardison.
- Hardison, have you got a way out for our girl yet? - You don't mind if I - No, no, go ahead.
I have a hole in the grid on the 38th floor.
CEO's office.
No cameras, no sensors of any kind.
Eliot, that was a nice call, man.
All right, so Rushing wants his privacy.
Eliot, you're on.
Wait a second, you want me to climb a 40-story building in broad daylight? [Nate.]
Yes, and I want you to do it now.
We're up against the clock.
Oh, Dr.
Hannity, you've been a bad girl.
Nate, Hannity blew through 60 million last year and didn't make Wakefield a dime.
Some kind of a super wheat that nobody wants.
She should be on the frontline begging to keep her job.
I swear, I'd fire her.
Hannity is our inside man.
OK, Sophie, you can let everybody go except Hannity and I want her angry.
I mean, steamed.
Let's take a look at your resume, shall we, Dr.
Hannity? Oh, dear.
It's a bit thin, isn't it? PhD in agronomy from Stanford.
MBA from Harvard.
Mm-hm, yes.
Oh, dear.
Graduated middle of your class at both.
Published just here and there.
I'm vice president of a Fortune 500 company.
- I'm head of research.
- I know.
It's surprising, isn't it? And with such weak credentials.
I make one call and you are finished, Miss Peal.
Let's both make calls.
You whine to your CEO about my bad manners, and I'll remind the board that your division has spent 60 million dollars developing What was it? - Wheat.
- [scoffs.]
Wheat? OK, you're an accountant and you're out of your depth.
A bit full of ourselves, aren't we? You want to know what I've spent the last two years working on? Five companies, five, control all the world's agriculture.
Trillions of dollars.
They do it through wheat.
The world's entire food supply is founded on wheat.
- I didn't know that.
- Of course you didn't.
Now, do you know what this is? Of course you don't.
This is a blight called Ug99.
It's a variant of the black stem fungus native to Russia.
Modern wheat has no immunity to it.
So this is what happens if Ug99 ever came to America.
The blight kills every wheat field anywhere it spreads.
Half the world's food supply rotting in the fields.
- That's a famine.
- [chuckles.]
It's an opportunity.
If Ug99 ever hit, those five companies that control the food supply will spend billions to beat it.
- Whoever comes up with the solution - Will save lives.
Will increase market share.
I'm getting Wakefield ahead of the curve.
My team has bred a strain of wheat that is totally immune to the Ug99 blight and all its variants.
This company hired you to make money, not super wheat for some famine that may never happen.
What if we knew in advance exactly what strain of Ug99 would attack the food supply, where it would hit, and Wakefield Agriculture had the only wheat in the world to survive it? So you make your calls, Miss Peal, and I'll make mine.
Six months from now, we'll see who's still looking for work.
Nate, I lost her, she's gone.
Nate, are you there? [Nate.]
OK, just, just wait, wait.
Are you telling me this woman paid us to steal her own wheat? Worse.
To steal the blight.
OK, now she develops this, uh, super wheat to go against the Ug99, the blight.
How does she do that? By testing it over and over again against the blight.
To test a vaccine, you need the infection.
But she says her wheat's immune.
How does she know that? Because she's got a big canister of it in her lab that she uses over and over again to test her little project.
But why steal something you already own? Why? Because she wants it to get out.
That's very crazy and absolutely right.
Nate, I'm sending you all the data that Hannity has on that project.
OK, look, I just punched into the laboratory storage database.
Not only does Dr.
Frankenstein have some of that Ug99 nightmare fungus stored in a biohazard vault here at the Wakefield, but, like you said, she's keeping it in a canister that matches schematics that Archie was given.
Looks like somebody was trying to jumpstart an outbreak.
Oh, this this virus, this what-do-you-call-it, gets out and kills the normal wheat.
That's right.
And famine everywhere.
I mean, it's a multi-billion dollar market ready for, uh, Wakefield to dominate.
It's so arcane, brutal.
She'd have to be a monster.
Yes, yes, she would.
- We gotta take her out.
- We have to get Parker out of there.
- No, no, no.
Parker gets out now.
- You gotta let me think - this through.
You gotta let me think.
- You got three people trapped in there, an outside man who can't get in, so what now? You're gonna actually call the police? Eh, eh, Leech, just shut up, shut up.
While you're dreaming up your comic book fantasies, Parker's in there waiting for a bullet in the head.
- Yeah, and you put her in there.
- And I'm gonna get her out.
Parker, it's Archie.
You've got to leg it.
Run for the front doors now.
No, no, Parker, You're not going anywhere.
Your friends botched it, Parker.
Just listen to me and I'll get you home.
Parker, do not go anywhere near the entrance.
There's a hundred people there, it's a bottleneck.
And this one's from Amy to Jeff.
"Don't sell yourself short, - [sobbing.]
- And that's very true.
- [man.]
Thanks so much.
- [woman.]
Good luck, Shelly.
- [man.]
You're gonna be fine.
- And finally, last but not least, from me to a certain special someone.
I know this seems like the end, but I want you to think about all the good times and always remember that I have been and forever shall be your rocket man.
Somebody tell me what to do.
Yeah, and fast.
I got codes to all the doors, but Steranko is rewriting.
The bastard is quick.
And smart.
OK, and your next open door is two cubicles up and down to the right.
You heard the man.
Now go.
Come on, come on.
Do not lock me out.
Cubicle 27.
We're on our way.
Good, now stairs down the hall, left.
- Can't grab me an elevator? - No.
Elevators are a kill zone.
Buildings this tall, nobody uses the stairs, so they're wired for fire safety, not security.
They're the better choice.
Uh, you are on the executive floor.
OK, so that means less electronic countermeasures.
I can spoof those, but that also means more human guards, which are attached to retinal scanners and guns.
Home stretch, mama.
I get it, we're here to get Parker out, but this Hannity woman's a piece of work.
There must be something we can do to bring her down.
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [guard.]
Floor opening.
No sign [Hardison.]
All right, Parker, you're at the office.
Break left.
One thing at a time.
Eliot, she's coming out hot, are you in position? Yeah, I'm in position.
She's the one that Never mind, scratch that, there she is.
Move away.
- Parker, move! - No.
No, I can't.
- Parker, move! - No.
No, I can't.
- Parker, what are you doing? - This is no time for crazy, all right? - We gotta get the hell out of here! - I have to go back.
The Steranko has a record of the break-in.
Hannity can walk the blight out on her own and blame it on me.
She's gonna get away with it.
We need proof.
- What proof? - I have to go back and steal the blight.
- Parker, this is not what I taught you.
- Archie - We do not get involved, we get out.
- Archie - This is not what we do.
- No, this isn't what you do! OK, Hannity is bad.
She's gonna hurt people.
A lot of people.
You've taught me a lot of things, Archie, but this is what we do.
She's right, Nate.
Well, somebody better decide something, 'cause Steranko is whooping my ass.
You're not actually considering this.
Parker, last time you went to the vault No, I couldn't, but I was alone then.
I'm not alone now, OK? Hardison, just clear a path to the vault.
I know what I did wrong before, I can do it.
It's your show, go for it.
Of all the sanctimonious She was home free.
She was out.
- And now you've got her playing hero? - She was right.
- It's what we do.
- What you do? You've killed her.
That's what you've bloody done.
You killed her.
Security office, this is Charlie, I'm on the executive level.
- We got the intruder.
- Intruder? Me? No.
I'm just bringing the figures for the thing up on the Not working for ya, huh? Hardison, options.
Opening the doors now.
[beeping, unlocking.]
Damn it, Hardison, what the hell, man? You're supposed to keep these guys off of us.
- Hey, man, do you want my job? - Want mine? - [grunting.]
- [bone cracking, man screams.]
Look, you guys need to get to the Biotech level because Steranko is locking me out.
Don't go up the stairs, it's the wrong way! [Parker.]
I know what I'm doing.
All right, Phil, thanks.
I owe you one.
Just like you thought, they're fake.
J and L's never even heard of 'em.
I knew it.
This is Leech pulling a double-cross.
I can't reach the other guys I had sitting on him.
All right.
That's fine.
We get Steed and Peal first, keep 'em on ice until after we catch the thief.
Then get rid of them all at once.
I'm on it.
Oh, look, I am not trying to rush y'all, but y'all need to put some pep in your step.
[men grunting.]
- Where's the next open door? - Biotech floor, ten floors down from your last location.
Eliot, how much do you weigh? Are you kidding me? Is she kidding me? I'm really not.
- I ain't riding that thing.
- Fine.
See you on the Biotech level.
And bring one of those scanners! [Hardison.]
OK, I got you an elevator and an open door on the vault level floor, but now I am officially locked out.
- All right, get Sophie and get goin'.
- What about Parker? - Not your problem, get goin'.
- This is never gonna work.
- [dialing.]
- Not now, Leech, I'm on the phone.
Damn it! [guard.]
Copy that.
Uh, we're on the way.
Hey, it's you.
Hey, we should probably exchange all our numbers, right? - [grunting.]
- He's OK, he's OK.
- Who's that guy? - Boyfriend.
Oh, this day sucks.
- What's sexting? - I'm not having this conversation with you, Parker.
It's a retina scanner.
Only way to beat the Steranko is with the Steranko.
Not an ASCII code, it's a shell code.
That's great, you're awesome.
Let's go.
[alarm blares.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
- [sirens wailing.]
Come on.
This way.
That building's completely locked down.
They're gonna catch her.
And it's all at your door.
She was perfect.
You ruined her.
If you'd left her alone - I didn't put her in there, Leech.
- She stayed up there to service you and your pathetic Robin Hood fantasy.
I made her unique.
What is she now? I have no idea what Parker is now.
I doubt she knows.
You're a thief, you're not a hitter.
- You know nothing about me.
- What I do know is that we'd both die to protect her.
If you're gonna shoot me, do it.
- I got work to do.
- You're going in after her? Always was, Leech.
Always was.
Hazmat suits, they're using them for cover.
We're at alert four.
Aren't the elevators locked down? Elevator three is still active.
Steranko doesn't have control of that one.
This is Leech.
These people are with Leech.
I can't stop the elevators, but I can activate the call buttons, we can catch them in the lobby.
Bring your gun.
All right, folks, no need to panic, everything's under control.
Just let the hazmat people do their jobs.
We need to talk.
- It's safe up here? - The entire floor has been evacuated.
We're alone.
- We had a deal.
- We did.
Until you breached our original contract.
After all, you did want to kill me.
And my partner.
- Business is business.
- Yes.
And so the price has gone up.
If you want your property, you'll now pay double.
I've heard your proposal, now here's mine.
I take the blight now, Mr.
Vorhees kills all of you, and feeds your bodies to the very expensive incinerators we have in the sublevel.
- And the police outside? - They're perfect.
With all those eyes on the break-in, the Hazmat spill, it'll be easy to blame the theft on, well, you people.
Six months from now when the famines make news, Wakefield will be the only company with a fix.
So, how do you want it? Straight on, back of the head? - Mr.
Vorhees is flexible.
- Oh, neither I think.
- Is that enough for you, young lady? - [woman.]
That's plenty.
Janet Lin, Channel Six News.
I'll just need to follow up on your little conspiracy to commit murder.
Any comment, Doctor? We're live.
Hardison, can you get the Steranko to trigger a fake hazmat alarm? I was just busting my ass so this thing won't go Defcon Four.
OK, I got you an elevator and an open door on the vault level floor, but now I am officially locked out.
All right, get Sophie and get goin'.
I don't know what you told my producer on the phone, but I am not sneaking my crew inside a hazmat evacuation just because you say a Wakefield VP is dirty.
Do I look stupid? You look like someone who would rather have a Pulitzer, right, than a local Emmy.
All right, you did it.
I have no idea how something so slipshod could have worked, but it did.
You have no idea how warm that makes me feel.
No love lost here, huh? Fair enough.
- End it like gentlemen, hm? - Works for me.
You, uh You have a top-flight crew.
They're good.
A little undisciplined, but Well, you can work with that.
Parker, I know you did this because my family was in danger.
For what it's worth, there are times now when I wish I had Well, I It's OK.
I wouldn't have fit in with the real family.
You didn't need it, anyhow.
You went out and made your own.
- Parker.
- [sighs.]
My wallet, Parker.
- You OK? - Yeah.
What'd he talk to you about? Oh, you know, thief stuff.

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