Leverage s03e09 Episode Script

The Three-Card Monte Job

[speaking Russian.]
I think he understands.
Get up.
- This is a bomb? - It's a phone.
Now, you have two choices.
Either you do what we're asking you to do or I have to pay visit to Natalia and little Sasha.
Eh? They go to school same way every morning.
Did you know this? - It's not safe.
- Anything.
I'll do anything.
OK, what I'm asking for you to do is - answer this phone.
- And what are you supposed to do when they call you? I do whatever they ask.
Then destroy the phone.
And tell no one or they kill my children.
You, uh, install and repair telephone lines for a living? For ten years.
I've three major contracts right now.
If I'm arrested, it all goes away.
And you have no idea why they specifically targeted you? No.
I'm not perfect, but I try to be a good man.
My parents came to Boston to get away from this kind of thing.
Russians hurting Russians.
- And if you contacted the police? - The Russians will know.
They say they're watching.
This bar, I've been here before.
It's probably safe.
And you you're no cop.
- No.
I'm no cop.
- Cloned.
If this phone rings, I want you to answer it.
- We'll contact you.
- Thank you, Mr.
We're not gonna let anything bad happen to your family.
Thank you.
OK, now, I put a tap on the phone, so if that thing rings, we'll know it.
- All right, good.
What else? - There's one incoming call.
These guys were thorough.
They wanted to make sure if they called, Andrei would answer.
- Yeah, they, uh, they called it once to test it.
- Exactly.
So if we just call them back - [phone rings.]
- You going to get that? This is Pieter.
Marco! Polo! - You sure this is the place? - I'm sorry.
Am I am I sure? Eliot what is that Russian carrying? It's called a Smartphone, OK? Smartphones read emails, they have GPS maps, they link to an atomic clock on this little thing called the Internet.
You ever heard of it? Come on, man, look, a Smartphone has an operating system.
If it has an operating system, you know I can hack it.
OK, think I may have just ID'd our bad guy.
His name is Pieter Volokh.
Him and his crew, they used to belong to the M-Forty-Five's, uh, ex-military hitters turned Mafia boys.
Now, they took a big hit in a bust last month.
They lost in merchandise to the police.
That's gotta hurt.
OK, so, so, now, look, we know what they're after.
They're looking for a big payout job so that they can get back on their feet.
Now, I've ID'd the perp, I know what they want and I know why.
What did you do with your afternoon? I tell you what I'm gonna do when I get back there.
[machine whirring.]
Think he's involved? That's Russian mafia.
They wear their tattoos like a résumé.
See that cathedral on his neck? Three spires, three tours in prison.
- The stars on his arm mean he's a captain.
- So he's the boss? I don't know.
I ran into some of these cats in Petrozavodsk.
They blackmail innocent people like Andrei into committin' crimes and droppin' off money.
Then those guys get picked up by the cops or they end up dead.
- It's brutal.
- Want me to Taser him? No Tasering, Parker.
Not yet, anyway.
- [Hardison.]
Are they still in sight? - I hate this kind of criminal.
- [Nate.]
What exactly were you doing when I chased you? - I stole art from rich people who could afford it.
These guys, they terrorize their victims, they harm families, and the worst part, they make innocent people commit crimes.
- And that's the worst part? - You blackmail an innocent man into breaking the law, the rest of his life he's gonna feel shame over how you made him helpless, or guilt over what you made him do.
We chose crime, Andrei didn't.
Hurry up! I hurried.
Then I hurried again.
I checked it three times.
It's clean.
Check it again.
Hey! What are you doing? [stammering.]
- Eliot! - [grunts.]
- You don't throw crowbars at people! - Sorry! [mimics Eliot.]
You don't throw crowbars at people! Coulda just Tasered him.
Promise me we're gonna take these guys down hard.
I promise.
Where are they going? - I want this to be exciting and dramatic.
- Well, it's already exciting.
Look where they stopped.
They reversed the phone tap, we're blown.
They're gonna kill Hardison.
They gonna kill who? No, they ain't.
I bet ya they ain't.
Nate, you better stall.
- Yeah.
Come on.
- [grunting.]
- [straining.]
- [grunting.]
Oh! Whoa.
Wait wait a minute, look, my only way out is the front door.
- Are they comin' through the front door? - I don't know.
What you mean you don't know? You better say somethin'.
I swear on my mama I will blow a hole through your bedroom and Spider-Man out the side of this building.
Tell me somethin'.
We'll tell you something in a second, Hardison.
We're coming through the backdoor.
- What? - You're not gonna like this.
Somebody's been eating our porridge.
- You don't have to be so rough with 'em, this guy - [Hardison.]
Hold on, Hardison, they're not here for you.
Yeah, yeah, I knew it.
Nobody can reverse my phone taps.
Come on, man.
I don't see why y'all were gettin' all excited.
All right, I'll do whatever you say.
I still have the phone.
- What else do you want from me? - The red phone again.
Nate, this guy's not our boss.
He's another blackmail victim.
Yes, I know, I'm about to meet their boss.
Go on.
Hello, Dad.
Give me a moment.
I want a word with my son.
Go on.
I got out a while ago.
Yeah, I know.
I knew you were out.
I didn't see ya at the prison gates waitin' to pick me up.
I was, uh, visiting Mom's grave.
So, uh, what's a what's a washed-up bookie like yourself doin' with a Russian blackmailing crew? I went to prison 'cause I took the fall for the Three Families.
I did my time for them like a stand-up guy.
- You heard what happened? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It was on the news.
Yeah, yeah, I heard what happened.
Artie Van, he turned state's evidence - and blah, blah, blah - He turned state's evidence, gave up his ledger.
Twenty years of payoffs, the McTeagues, the O'Hares, the Donnellys.
All the big families, they're going down by law.
Now, once upon a time, they would take care of someone who's gone inside for them.
I went to jail for nothin'.
I wanna get my piece.
With these guys? These guys that that threaten children.
- What? - You always thought you were smarter than me, brighter, better than me.
Everybody in the neighborhood always treated me with respect, - but my own son - What'd you do What'd you do to respect exactly? My son, my altar boy son, well, hey, listen to you.
Never broke the law, never broke a rule.
Look at you now.
You're a thief.
You've done time.
If you know where I've been, then you know that this is my town now, and I don't want you running game in it.
All your life you thought you were better than me.
Now, you're trying to be me.
You can't be me.
You don't have the stones for that.
You're not tough enough.
You're not ruthless enough.
You don't have what it takes.
You remember the first time I brought you into my office? Queen and her court.
Got that? Watchin'? Keep your eye on this.
This is the lady.
Now, pay attention.
Which one? You still don't get it, do ya? You gotta think this through, kid.
You're just never gonna get it.
You weren't good enough to know what I was doin' then and you ain't good enough to know what I'm doin' now.
By the way, I'm settin' up, uh, in my old workshop in the back.
I'll be out by this weekend, so don't worry about it.
OK, run it.
[Nate grunts.]
Go ahead.
Run it.
You you know what? Maybe we should just discuss first.
- They feel weird about goin' after your dad.
- [Nate.]
Well, I don't.
Go on.
Run it.
Jimmy Ford.
- Hardison, tell us about Jimmy Ford.
- All right.
Well [clears throat.]
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy Ford, Jimmy.
Your pop.
God, he he wore a lot of criminal hats, man.
But, uh, he was well known in the neighborhood.
- I think people liked him.
He helped people get money.
- All right, forget it.
No, no.
Come on, you can't sugarcoat it.
Come on, that's all right.
You gotta tell it like it is, all right? Jimmy Ford, he was a He started off as a bookie who worked for the McTeagues.
All right, he ran every bet this side of Atlantic City.
Once he had a fair amount of honest citizens in his debt, well, he made the transition into being a loan shark.
Now, he used those contacts to become a fixer.
So, what he'd do is he'd take a bad guy that needed a job and a boss who needed a henchman, match them together.
That that's Jimmy Ford, at his peak, king of the neighborhood.
I don't know how this ties in with the whole cell phone, blackmail thing.
Well, we've got multiple victims.
There's Andrei the telephone repair guy.
- Then there's Eliot's friend, this Simakov - What does he do? Shipping.
Industrial clothing, uniforms, nothing remarkable.
Then, following Pieter's phone, we found a third red phone.
No, that's a dead end.
We don't know who this guy is or what he does, or why the Russians want him.
And he's not gonna talk to us - 'cause Pieter's boys already put the fear of God in him.
- What is Jimmy's game? Well, I would imagine he has a chess board set up in the back room, looks a lot like yours.
No, dad doesn't like chess.
No, his game is Three Card Monte.
Just keep the cards movin'.
Don't show you the queen until he wants you to see the queen.
All right, so we don't have enough information to run a con on this guy.
Not yet, anyway, so, um, why don't we just sit this one out? Oh, no, no.
No, no, we're gonna keep at this.
We're gonna gather information.
Let me be a bit clearer.
Why don't you sit this one out? Look, you want us to go after the bad guys, we're gonna go after the bad guys.
And we're gonna go after 'em hard.
You're right.
I said, "Let's go after the bad guys, but not Jimmy Ford.
" You honestly think that you can put your own father behind bars? You gotta stop looking at him as my father.
He's a mark like any other mark.
He's hurting people.
We can do this.
It's what we do.
It's our job to go after the bad guys.
It's not your job to take down your own father.
- No.
It's my pleasure.
- [alarm beeps.]
Hey, guys, Andrei, our first victim, he just got a call.
Let's go.
All right, Andrei's scared, but he's told us what they've asked him to do.
He's been tapped because of his access.
Now, he's supposed to get into the precinct on one of his routine maintenance calls and install a black box.
Now, with that, the Russians can spoof phone calls off the hardwired phone trunk.
- Can you turn it off remotely? - No, the system's too antiquated for a digital hack.
So Jimmy can control which alarms reach the precinct and which don't.
Like silent alarms? From banks? Or any building with a high security system.
Well, so if we can't hack it, how do we stop him, then? Huh-uh.
No, no, no, we mustn't stop him.
If Andrei doesn't do what they say then they're gonna go after his family.
All right, so [clears throat.]
we don't stop him.
We help him.
[police radio chatter.]
What? Hey, hey, hey, bartender, get me a drink.
Quiet down.
Detective Moffat, this is Detective Davies.
We're with District Eight.
- What do ya got? - Oh, ho, who the hell are you, cupcake? Huh? Huh? You wanna know who I am? I'm Viola, Viola Dagostino.
- Dagostino.
- Of the Dagostinos.
We got her husband, we got her brother and both uncles up at Eight.
They're on a drunk and disorderly, but who knows, we're not gonna keep her away for long so we gotta store her - somewhere away from the press.
- I got ya.
Lemme call it in.
All right.
- Nate, incoming.
- [cell phone rings.]
Eighth District here.
Ah, yes, yes.
She's a handful.
- One little drink.
- OK, you're good.
Just take her downstairs to the drunk tank.
It's empty.
Eliot, come on.
Make it snappy.
Being handcuffed in a police station's a recurring bloody nightmare of mine.
- [Eliot.]
How do we look? - This baby's a lot more sensitive than what Andrei has access to.
You see, we can block alarms, we can trigger alarms, but most importantly, we can track alarms.
It should be synchronized.
Nate? All right, we're good.
Let's get the hell out of here, then.
Sophie? Uh-uh.
My exit is with Parker.
See you on the outside, cupcakes.
Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-wh Whoa, where's he at? - Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lucille.
- He's gone.
- Lucille 2.
- He's off comms.
He's off the reservation.
I know what he's up to.
You interfered.
How unlike you.
Where I come from, this is not tolerated.
We're nowhere near where you come from, so just shut up.
Let me tell you what I did.
I know what you did.
You, uh, let our repairman loose.
Well, this repairman, you know, was a liability, all right.
He coulda panicked or he could've tipped off any of those cops at the precinct.
I mean, he's, um he's not like us.
Us? Us, yeah.
I mean, you know, using a civilian was a brute force move, but, uh, let me show you a more elegant way of doing Whoa, whoa, whoa that's all right, I'm just, uh, I'm getting a remote control device out of my pocket, fellas.
It's all right.
I just wanna show you a more elegant way of doing business.
With this remote, you have much finer control over your phone lines - than you could ever hope for.
- Well, this is an unexpected gift from you, my son.
- Thank you very much.
Now, you can go.
- No, no, no.
No, no, only I control the box.
You try to take this from me, I will destroy the black box.
I will.
All right? I'll do it remotely.
Didn't see this comin'.
Like I said, this is my town now.
You wanna pull a job this big in my town, I want in.
- He's setting us up for the cops.
- I just got out of prison.
You escaped.
And yet you do not run.
Why is this, huh? Because you are a, how do you say, narc.
If you'd done your homework, you'd know that I set up a warden, brought him down and got myself a free pass at the same time.
- [scoffs.]
Nobody could do this.
- I did from inside a prison.
Now, if I can do that, think what I could do for you.
Or to you.
Well, carrot in one hand, stick in the other, that's a hard way to come at them.
Well, I learned from the best.
He's in.
OK, what's the plan? [Jimmy.]
All right, pay attention.
- I don't like you.
- Gee, does that mean I can't come to your birthday party and ride the pony? First Boston Independent, State Street Branch of the Boston Bank, Commonwealth Loan and Securities.
Now First Independent's got a Glen-Reeder alarm system series F-900, two guards in the front, [laughs.]
one guard in the back, camera's record, not monitored, daily turnover, two million.
State Street, mostly commercial papers and loans, but they do have bearer bonds in a basement lockdown room, just takes a key and a retina scanner.
Commonwealth, [laughs.]
they Their alarm system's a holdover from the '70s, but [laughs.]
But it's What? What do you guys do on your weekends? There's something wrong with you.
So which one's he gonna hit? - None of them? - None of them.
But see, since we control the precinct alarm system, the cops are gonna think they're being robbed.
Now, think of this, Nathan.
Three banks being robbed at the same time.
They're gonna think it's Armageddon.
Every cop in town's gonna be heading towards those three banks.
- Yeah.
And away from? - [chuckles.]
- Away from what? - [Nate.]
I don't know.
He won't tell me.
Yet, he won't tell me yet.
Do you realize how many banks there are south of the precinct? Sixty-seven.
You keep your eye on the queen.
You learn this, you'll be in good stead.
Pay attention.
Are you watchin' at all? That's the best you can do? It's not the best you can do.
What, are you bein' a wise guy with me? OK, guys, it's, uh, Three-Card Monte, see? We gotta find the red queen.
I mean, right now, we got too many cards in play.
- Uh There's still the third phone.
- That's for you and Eliot.
You're gonna find the guy, get his story, all right? Sophie, downstairs, that equipment in the back is used for the job.
- Go get us a look.
- OK, I'll take Parker.
What are you gonna do? Uh, me, I'm gonna go, uh, get my father to, uh, trust me enough to tell me the whole plan.
I'm gonna go help him plan a bank robbery.
That's George Pimsleur, works at Hancock Alarm Security, and in that briefcase is a binder with all the schematics and codes of all the alarm systems they installed, including the alarm system on our real target.
- Which is what? - All my boys kick his teeth in, they take his wallet, his briefcase, his watch maybe and - Over in five minutes.
- Eh, well, we could.
Or we could, uh, take what we want and the mark never knows he's been hit.
- How many men? - Two.
You and me.
What are you What, what are we doin'? - OK, uh, you gotta you gotta limp.
- Which leg? Your left leg.
All right, and were gonna do the, uh, pill scam.
There you go.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
Sir, I'm sorry to bother ya.
Uh, do you have change for a 20? Uh, the machine's broke over here.
I gotta get my car out, gotta get my dad to dialysis.
Everything is just - Sure, sure.
Hang on.
- Thank you so much.
[all groaning.]
Oh, Dad, oh, dear.
All right.
Those are so expensive.
I appreciate ya [man.]
My mom's got heart trouble.
These damn pills cost a fortune, I know.
- Yeah.
There's one over there.
- Oh.
I sure appreciate that.
You all right there, Dad? Yeah? - Yeah, yeah.
We're just fine.
- You OK? OK, we're almost - OK.
Thank you.
- Your mother would be very proud of ya.
No problem, sir.
You both take care, now.
Nicely done.
That's not bad.
Not bad.
Oh, well, thank you.
It worked out, didn't it? My little boy.
- [computer beeping.]
- Well, Hardison got background on Pieter.
OK, ex-Soviet Army, three counts armed robbery Uh-uh.
No, no, no.
I want the good stuff.
Give it to me.
All right, he's from Lipetsk, that is close to Penza, and his mother's name is Rada.
OK, so what are we thinking, the Berlin Shuffle? - Uh-uh.
Little Orphan Annie.
- Excuse me.
- You need this? - Thanks, Parker.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You cannot come in here.
Oh, I'm sorry, sorry.
I didn't Oh! [gasps, speaks Russian.]
- [speaks Russian.]
- Huh? - You're Russian.
- Oh, no, no, no.
No, that was, uh, something my father used to say.
Is it bad? - No, it's not so bad.
- Oh.
- Your parents are Russian? - Yeah, from, um Oh, uh, Penzo? Penza! I'm from Lipetsk.
What is your name? - Rada.
- No, this is my mother's name.
Shut up! I wish I did speak some Russian.
You know, my mom and dad died when I was just a little kid and she didn't want me speakin' it.
So [Pieter.]
And for you to say, eh, "My name's Rada.
" - [speaks Russian.]
- No, no, no, you gotta go slower.
- [laughs.]
- Mañana? No.
That's Spanish.
Yeah, next red phone is right ahead.
We just gotta figure out who has it.
- [officer.]
Hey, Moffat! - Hey.
- [laughing.]
- How ya doin'? What are you guys doin' back in our district? Oh, we, uh I think you guys are holdin' a gun - that was tagged in a case we caught, so - Hey, let me get you one here.
- This is the best coffee this side of town.
- All right.
You know, you wanna get in there 'fore the shift changes.
Yeah, 'cause that evidence, that ships out to Holyoke first thing tomorrow morning.
And that is a drive you do not wanna make.
- [beeping.]
- I don't wanna make that drive.
Thank you so much.
All right? Good to see you.
Thank you so much for this.
- You sure that's the same red phone? - Yeah.
Look, is it me or does this make less sense every time we find somethin' out? Pretty much.
[Jimmy laughs.]
It sure is.
- You were supposed to call us.
To hit the alarm man.
- Huh? Ah, yeah, well, Nathan here, he took care of it with a little soft touch.
- Hey.
- Ah, here's these.
- It's good work.
- There ya go, sonny boy.
- Thanks.
- Yeah? Yeah, yeah.
- You can go.
- No, actually, I'm not goin' anywhere.
He says I'm in, I'm in.
I am so sick of this idea about you Yeah.
Stop waving that gun in my face.
- You're so tough, prove it.
- [grunts.]
All right, go on in there.
Come on, I got your back.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah, get him.
There ya go.
Now, listen, come on, we don't have to do this.
It's all right.
[men scuffling.]
"Stop wavin' that gun in my face and prove it.
" [laughs.]
Yeah, well, I had to have it out with the guy.
I mean, I'd rather he punch me in the face than shoot me in the back.
No, no, you really went at it back there.
What is it you used to always say to me? "You're too much of a thinker, Nathan.
You need to be more of a scrapper to survive.
" - Yeah, well, I'm never wrong.
- That, too, you used to always say.
Well, I gotta tell ya, I doubted your intentions as you came to join this lot.
Joined this lot? No.
Uh, joining you.
These guys, they're a dime a dozen, Pop.
I mean Yeah, but that dime a dozen are gettin' tougher every year, ain't it? What do you hope to get out of this, uh, this plan you're cookin' up? Without giving ya any particulars, I plan to make a small fortune out of this, Nathan.
Wait, wait, wait.
So one last job? - Just enough money in it, yeah.
- OK, and then? Get on a boat.
Go back to where your grandfather came from.
You know, uh, you've still got some pretty cousins back there, ya know.
So all right, so this big last score and then the great Jimmy Ford, what? Goes to Ireland to retire? That? That's quite a picture.
You ever wish Ma was joinin' ya? She didn't really understand me, Nathan.
But she loved me.
That's more important.
- You were up late.
- Yeah, I was out tryin' to get information from my dad.
Oh, good.
So you know what bank he's gonna hit then? - Today is the day.
- I know.
Nate, this would be really hard on anyone.
- You don't have to do this.
- Yes, I do.
I'm the only one who can.
All right, dear old Dad, you're now gonna tell me everything.
Because I No.
Come on.
All right, go on in there.
Come on, I got your back.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Yeah, get him.
There ya go.
- Nate, what's the deal? - He cleared out.
They're on the job, and we have no idea what the job is.
We got the warehouse guy and the coffee guy already in play.
No, no, we have no idea what he's doin'.
[speaking Russian.]
Look what I found in the alley.
Oh, great.
A map that we've seen before.
Hey, this is not her fault.
You're the one who let your dad walk out of here.
- [Nate.]
What? - Oh, good, we got our room back.
Nate, the plans you got were from the Hancock Alarm Company.
We just need Hardison to figure out how many banks in this radius have got Hancock Alarms.
- Twenty-three.
- Assuming it is a bank.
'Cause I don't know what you would be doin' with one of these in a bank.
It's the same one that Parker saw in Pieter's bag, a bar-code scanner.
It scans a bar code label and compares it to a remote database.
But what are they doin' with it? All right, we still got the coffee guy in play, what's he up to? That's a lot of cops, man, uh, maybe he's drugging them.
Slows down response time.
That's a good idea.
He could have drugged 'em.
You think he drugged the whole precinct? - Come on with this sarcasm.
- Come on, man.
Which one? You're not payin' attention.
- [arguing.]
- You pay attention.
Are you watchin' at all? We got the lady here.
Which one? We gotta start all over again? Now, pay attention.
Think about it.
You're never gonna get this, are you? You're just never gonna get it.
These are not queens! You understand me? Now, don't get me pissed off.
Does that look like there's a queen in there? You're never gonna get this, are ya? You can't figure that out for yourself? - I want an answer.
- Guys, I know where he's going.
What's the trick to Three-Card Monte? The queen's never even on the table.
It's not a bank.
Hardison, where do the police keep evidence? I mean, the really valuable stuff? Yeah, 'cause that evidence, that ships out to Holyoke first thing tomorrow morning.
In the district, then they transfer it out.
The Russians.
Remember that big bust last month? They lost 20 million dollars in merchandise to the police.
That's gotta hurt.
They're gonna get drugs, guns and 20 million dollars.
It's on the move today.
That's correct.
You ready to get outta here, boys? Thanks.
Come on, guys, let's go.
All right.
Oh, we got a silent alarm call, First Boston Independent.
Whoa, we got another alarm call.
This one is at Boston Bank at State.
- [alarms beeping.]
- We got a third one.
It's Commonwealth.
Uh, dispatch, this is District Nine Duty.
We have got multiple Code Ones, the following sites Don't just stand there.
Roll out, get some backup to the cruisers.
- Who do I bring? - Get everybody out there! - Come on.
Let's go.
- I need every available unit rolling immediately.
First Boston, Boston Bank State Street, Commonwealth Loan and Securities, a multiple Code One.
- You OK? - I can't seem to keep my eyes open.
No, I can't get any confirmation.
I told you Boston Bank, First Boston Independent and Commonwealth.
- Evidence transfer.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you're good.
I just need bodies out there.
Get the Second, the Fourth, the Tenth Districts over there.
[siren wails.]
[speaking Russian.]
[speaking Russian.]
- All right, you know the plan.
- Run and hack at the same time, sure.
Now, wait, wait, wait a second.
Let's go over this.
All right, stop.
Why don't you just tell the cops everything? The Russians could start shooting.
Still, there's enough cops to handle it.
We stick to the plan, the Russians'll go down.
- And your father? - Oh, I've got him.
I want to look him in the eye when I put him down.
- Yeah, you're expecting us.
- Need your transfer order.
- That's it.
- Let me see that.
All right, start your timer.
Five minute grace, then the system resets.
All the evidence is bar-coded.
You'll find your stuff in here someplace.
All your guns, all your drugs.
- [beeping.]
- OK, it's good.
[speaks Russian.]
Go, go.
Ah, look at that, that's him.
He's the one.
Officer, my name is Jimmy Popodokolos and I represent Ms.
Dagostino here.
- Yeah.
- We're a little busy here.
Every cop in the world is hittin' the streets right now.
- Well, I am gonna sue you, and I'm gonna sue the city.
- Whoa, OK, OK, yeah, yeah.
Here's the thing.
What we need to do is I wanna see the department's - legal counsel right now.
- Fine, just wait over there.
- I'll have somebody escort you down to Legal in a minute.
- You're doing the right thing.
- OK, ho, ho.
- to First Boston Independent, Boston [beeps.]
Artie Van's ledger.
It's gonna end right here, Dad.
Are you ready? How'd you know? Oh, you'd never take the money and run.
Five million dollars is a lot of money, Nathan.
For you, it's never about the money.
I knew that growin' up, watching you.
It was about respect for you.
- Artie Van's ledger.
- Yeah, they made copies.
Ah, you know that won't hold up.
The original disappears, the case against the big families goes away.
And who do they owe? Jimmy Ford, biggest fixer in town.
Let's join up.
Together, we can run this town.
- It's too late.
- What do you mean? My people are gonna take down the Russians, and any minute now, the cops are gonna come through that door.
I'm not goin' back to prison.
All right.
- [cocks gun.]
- Right here.
You can't do this.
I could, but you're your mother's son.
Get out.
[blows kiss.]
[speaking Russian.]
[groaning in pain.]
Move, move, move.
Napkins? This cannot be right.
Time? OK, we still time.
I keep scanning.
More boxes, more boxes.
[speaking Russian.]
[men shouting in Russian.]
You let him go.
I had to.
I know.
[Nate sighs.]
[scanner beeping.]
- [doors slamming.]
- No, no, no! - We still have time.
- [beeping.]
No! Stupid thing! Age of the geek, baby.
Stay strong.
- [alarm blaring.]
- [shouts.]
- Don't move.
- Hands in the air! Well, look at this.
You guys did everything but cuff yourselves.
Help 'em out, boys.
Aidan McTeague.
Yeah, this is Jimmy Ford.
Damn straight.
So I've got some good news for ya.
Yeah, I got the ledger right here.
What's that? Wha? What would you wanna do that for? Hello? Uh, Jimmy Ford for Bridgette O'Hare.
It's a gift.
Hello? Ronin Donnelly, I worked for your father for 30 years.
I wouldn't Well, no, now look.
Donnelly, it's not true.
[Jimmy grunts.]
[cell phone rings.]
Jeez! Nathan, what the hell have you done? Yeah, I called each of the families.
I told them that you were the one who stole the evidence against them.
They were grateful.
Until I laid out the deal.
He wants $500,000 to destroy it.
Otherwise, it goes right back to the evidence room.
Not a penny less, Mr.
You blackmailed them? No, you blackmailed them.
- They almost killed me.
- Of course they did.
Ah, yeah, you gotta price on your head that's bigger than most of my team's scores.
I mean, who wouldn't want that kind of scratch? You want me killed, then? See that boat behind you? You're runnin' me outta town? My own son? Cheap passage booked under "Jimmy Logue.
" You'll be in Galway in two weeks.
Your mother's maiden name.
How sweet of you.
Well, you better hurry up.
A man with no suitcase is likely to look suspicious.
- So try to act natural.
- You betrayed your own father.
You're more ruthless than me.
Crueler than me.
Maybe you are better than me, huh? I'm proud of you, son.
Hey, enjoy your retirement.
That was kind, what you did.
So, uh, is Nate gonna be nice now? Don't count on it.

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