Leverage s04e05 Episode Script

The Hot Potato Job

Hey! Who are you?! What are you doing? You have something that belongs to us, Emily Margold.
I'm gonna call the cops.
Leave me alone.
Hey! Get away from her! Dad! Are you all right? The rich and powerful take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide Leverage Fractured ribs Punctured lung.
They could have killed him.
Well, you called the police? We couldn't identify the men.
We didn't get a license plate.
Not much a small-town sheriff can do.
But someone's been calling you.
A big shot from Verd Agra Corporation called us last month.
I turned him down.
- They tried to buy the farm? - No.
Something a lot more valuable.
Every year, half a million kids go blind because they don't have enough Vitamin A.
So, I developed a potato that has extra nutrients inside.
I'm a crop sciences major.
It's my thesis project.
The super tuber.
So, well, you created something extraordinary.
Why not sell and take the payoff? There are families that are living on less than a dollar a day.
I can't take their money.
I'm giving away the potato for free, so that they can grow it themselves.
An open-source potato.
So, clearly, you're threatening Verd Agra's bottom line.
I got another call this morning.
Same big shot, same offer.
He pretended he had no idea what happened to my dad.
I told him he couldn't scare me into selling.
But, Mr.
Ford I am scared.
Don't be.
We're gonna take care of this.
We're gonna take care of you.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
What are you doing? Where are you going? Oh, I'm starving.
All that talk about tubers.
Let's, uh Let's get dinner.
Huh? Oh, no, no.
I'm not no.
I'm not saying, like, dinner like that, no.
Just like a bite to eat, kind of As colleagues.
As friends.
A civilized working meal.
Yeah, as friends.
You said that part.
Oh, damn.
Nate We were being spontaneous Living in the moment.
Yeah, it was, uh It wasA mistake, yeah.
It's called San Lorenzo.
Is that what they call it? Um Sophie, I, um Mm? I'm sorry.
But you know that I don't want a relationship.
I really I-I-I Of course you don't.
Well, the work's the most important thing.
I mean, the team's perfect the way it is.
Why change? - E-exactly what I was gonna say.
- Yeah.
Hey, we're adults.
We enjoy each other's company.
You know, we don't have to turn this into a big thing.
We're friends with Extras.
There's nothing wrong with that.
What'd I say? Hmm? Huh? Her potato is better than a flintstone vitamin.
And it can take anything that nature has to throw down Drought, disease, bugs.
Think that happens naturally? No.
Emily she's a hacker.
She's a certified, stone-cold plant hacker.
Computer hacking? Bio-hacking That's the future.
And Verd Agra is going after that poor girl in in plain sight.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
The super tuber's no joke.
Yields, water requirements, viral resistance.
That's a normal spud.
Super tuber.
So, it's sort of like the best-ever potato on the market.
potato crop's worth more than $3.
5 billion a year.
How do you know that? It's crops.
I'm from the heartland.
So, this super tuber's worth more than, say, diamonds.
Oh, come on, guys.
A potato? Is that is that a bug? No, Parker, there's There's no bugs.
No one's listening.
Yeah, I-I-I got it.
I get it.
They want the "potato.
" I've heard of Verd Agra.
They spend more money on security than most countries.
They hire guys like me.
Yeah, so they They got muscle.
Tell me about their suits.
Him, right there, that's Colin Saunders, record-long tenure as C.
This man is super power-hungry and super paranoid.
He's very good at staying at the top.
And acquisitions are his favorite part of the biz.
Jana West, his number two.
She's chief of operations.
Ambitious, cutthroat.
See, Saunders calls the shots.
He sends Jana to do the dirty work.
Oh, that's, uh no.
It it's okay.
His jacket Yeah, yeah, yeah.
On my chair.
Yeah? Okay.
I want you to stall them.
Do whatever it takes to, uh to buy us some time until we can get there.
Okay? All right, Verd Agra is back.
- And they're bringing more muscle? - Worse.
This is private property.
Get off our land! Or you'll what? Call the police? This is grown from Verd Agra seeds.
We own all intellectual rights to this genetically engineered crop.
You violated our copyright.
We don't use your seeds.
Are you willing to bet your farm? I can take you for everything you're worth.
A pleasure, Miss Margold.
- When did they leave? - 10 minutes ago.
If you let that stuff get back to the facility, it's gonna be like breaking in to Fort Knox.
- We got to move.
- Sophie, Hardison, take the back roads and cut them off.
- How? - Just get creative.
We'll come up from behind and bottle them up.
Let's go.
Go inside and lock the door.
Well, he said, "get creative.
" Hide Lucille.
Unh-unh, unh-unh, unh-unh Oh.
Could use a little help, neighbor.
Had myself a snafu.
Or you could just stand there like bourgie city folk coldhearted, unhelpful.
Get this.
You don't look like a farmer.
Excuse you? Miss city and sadiddy? Ain't you heard of the urban farming revolution? See, look here.
Big business calls food a hormone sandwich with a side of pesticide fries.
I'm trying to bring it back.
Real chicken.
You probably eat just an old butter nugget.
Oh, Hardison.
Remember Laos.
You and agriculture do not mix.
I keep telling him he can't fake country.
I think they're buying it.
Parker, it's not working.
Sophie, what are you doing? I'm living in the moment.
What what What? Whew! Who are you? Where the hell what'sdid you come from? Miranda Kaley.
Security consultant.
I'm here to secure the product.
I've been covering you since the farm.
Kaley? I wasn't briefed about you.
It's above your pay grade, ma'am.
Board of directors sent me.
You weren't supposed to stop.
Our position is compromised.
My car's a burn.
- I'll have to ride with you.
- What about him? He's just a diversion, but there is an assault team on its way to you now.
We can stand here and discuss it and just wait for them, or we can discuss this at Verd Agra when the product is secure.
She popped you, huh? I been teaching her a couple things.
Naw, man, I had to help her out.
I had to really sell it.
You know all right, Sophie, calling audibles? Hope this works out for you.
They're headed back to Verd Agra headquarters.
Let's go.
I hope Sophie tells us what game she's running.
She got you, man.
You got a little blood right there.
Yeah, she's got a right hook like a freight train.
- She put her hips into it like that? - I'm pretty sure she did.
- That's my girl, man! - Stop.
Don't teach people how to do that.
Eliot, you said once they get to headquarters, the potato is lost? We got a man on the inside.
That changes everything.
That Sophie sure thinks fast.
She sent me Jana's cellphone number, so now we control her calls.
After you.
Isn't anyone mad at Sophie? Hardison, she punched you in the face.
Takes a real man to take one for the team.
Hey, whatever you need to keep telling yourself.
Sophie said she was a security consultant.
We need to build her a profile.
They're gonna be checking her credentials any second.
Wait there.
Make sure she is who she claims to be.
Well, I had the perfect cover story.
So, security consultant/ spy/corporate espionage.
Thing is It was made for Eliot.
It's all hers.
One Eliot/Sophie coming up.
Miranda Kaley.
Valerian security.
E-y? You're killing me here.
Ah! Looks great.
I'm not done yet.
It's a lot of little details.
Found her.
"Male"? Aw, crap.
She's clean.
She's calling the board.
Yeah? Of course, we can neither confirm nor deny our relationship with Ms.
That would be a matter for C.
You've been most helpful.
We can't oversell this.
I mean, a real board member would never discuss such a thing with an underling, so now we wait.
I really like Eliot/Sophie.
Could you do Nate/Me? No! Nate/you! Shh, shh.
Pl-please stop.
Please stop.
Wait, where are they taking her? Nowhere good.
I have a tough time believing Saunders didn't tell me about you.
Believe me, he doesn't know.
The board of directors hired me, told me to apprise C.
Saunders directly.
You're tough, don't convince easily.
I like that.
I'm not blind.
You're the leader in the trenches.
These men respect you.
Till I make a mistake.
And then they tear you down.
It's not easy being a woman with vision.
What's that voice? Is she doing me? Look I know you acquired a potato from the Margold family.
It'll increase your yield by 42%.
It'll reduce your irrigation needs by a third.
- Who told you that? - The board.
They hired me because you have a security breach, and they don't know who to trust, ma'am.
You got a mole.
She's running a Romanian circus.
You turn the mark's suspicions against his own people so he's vulnerable to outside attack.
You fake an internal enemy.
Now It could be you.
It could him or him.
It could be anyone.
What is she wh What is she pausing Give me 12 hours, ma'am.
I'll find him.
What she's doing here is she's running a variant.
It's called the snipe hunt.
It's the circus, but it's leaner and faster.
Yeah, yeah.
Saunders wants to see you.
April 6, 1994, I, uh, became C.
Ever since I reached the top, people have been trying to take things from me.
I mean, we barely get our hands on our newest acquisition, and a mole wants to take it away.
Regrettable, sir.
Yes, it is.
It's very regrettable.
We did that girl a favor.
She doesn't have the resources to get her discovery out there.
We're We're on every continent.
We reach millions of people's lives.
In return, we deserve a healthy cut.
Sir, is the product secure? It's in our burn room.
I'm the only one with access.
It's usually a vault within a vault.
The walls are lined with thermite.
All he has to do is press a button, and flame on All his dirty secrets burn away.
Everything burns? I want one.
We need to get that potato out of that burn room.
I'll find you your mole, Mr.
First thing to do Lockdown.
No one gets in.
No one gets out.
We trap him And we and root him out.
Guys, we got a slight hitch with the snipe hunt.
You tell me this now? They always involve a lockdown.
Now, the con only works if the crew can infiltrate the mark before the lockdown begins.
Gives us about five minutes to get everybody in.
Um Okay, steady, steady.
Oh, thank you, man.
That's man, that's what I'm talking That's brother love right there.
Now move when he moves so he doesn't feel the lift.
AndNow! No! The opposite of that.
Ha ha.
Hey, we can't all be action heroes.
I'll show you an action hero.
Uh, nice and easy Thank you, man.
That's real nice.
Appreciate it.
Right on top.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And what? Say something now.
One good lift in three years.
Awesome! Hardison's in.
Next up? I told them my assistant's on his way.
They're expecting an accountant with excellent credentials.
Okay, good, that takes care of me.
Who's next? That won't work, Nate.
I need Eliot.
Look, I'm doing my best, but this is a hitter's role.
The sooner he gets in, the better.
Nate? Are you there? Yeah, I'm here.
UhThat makes perfect sense.
Sophie, I just thought you'd get me in.
You're a mastermind.
Figure it out.
Okay, Eliot, get to the door.
Sophie will do the rest.
And Eliot Look the part.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
There's a lot of ex-military muscle around.
ATF, Secret Service.
You can tell by their stance.
Nate, you in? We're out of time.
Oh, we're in.
Oh, yeah.
Here we go.
Come on.
Come on, kids.
Come on.
Hello! Hello! Hello! Welcome to Verd Agra.
Yes, my name is Mike Biltz.
This is Jen Hedborn.
We are your educational coordinators here at Verd Agra.
- Welcome, kids.
- Welcome! Hi! Hi! Hi! Yes.
Well, I.
And roster? Oh.
Thank you.
Um, here.
We will see you at 5:00 P.
But, wait, I thought I had to chaperone.
Oh, yeah.
We we do this tour every day of the year.
Oh, yeah, I mean, you're welcome to come, but I say a hardworking educator like yourself deserves a break.
Oh, thanks.
I'll see you at 5:00.
Go get a mani/pedi.
You know, we We just don't pay them enough.
We we don't.
Are we ready to go in? Yes.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come along.
Yeah? Oh, is this really necessary? We're the Quincy Green Farmers Club.
Standard procedure for all adults.
All right.
This way, kids.
We don't know you.
I'm going back to the bus.
Uh, no, you're not.
Trevor, you listen to me.
You try to ditch me again, I'm gonna take away your field-trip privileges.
Understood? Kids.
All right? - Give them an inch, right? - Miles.
Just How do you know my name? Oh, because there's lots of checkmarks next to Trevor Dawson Hmm.
Little problem with authority? Yeah? I can relate.
Guys, huddle in.
Huddle in.
Huddle in.
It's okay.
Here we go.
No one gets in.
No one gets out.
Uh, come this way.
You're too young for a phone.
- It's for if I get abducted.
- Yeah, whatever.
Okay, so One of the things that makes, uh, Verd Agra so special is its security.
Right now, we're in the public area.
But all the exciting stuff happens on the top floor.
Now, you see how it looks like a bull's-eye? You have green, yellow, and red security zones.
Red for top secret.
So, teacher Mike, what if I want to go to the red zone? Well, no, teacher Jen.
No can do.
We we We only have visitor badges.
But, teacher Mike, what if I take someone else's Find Find someone else's badge? Well, that's the tricky part.
Teacher Jen, you see, the badges are also trackers.
Yes, it's like lojack for people.
So, what happens is, is that the scary security system will know wherever you go.
So, we have to fool the security system to get the banana.
- Potato.
- Whatever.
Sir, Miss Kaley and her accountant for you.
My associate Tom Boonen.
He's a forensic accountant.
Numbers don't lie Excuse me.
Numbers don't lie.
I won't let 'em.
We've trapped the mole, Mr.
Now we need access to anyone we red-flag as suspicious, like your head of I.
We've got the head of I.
We're on our way.
Best room in the house.
Okay, great, Sophie, but enough with the audibles.
I've done this much tons of times.
So, suddenly, you don't like it.
I wonder why.
Okay, listen.
We got to focus.
We got a job to do, okay? Oh, how convenient.
That should keep them busy.
- Okay, kids, good movie, right here.
- Verd agra growing around you.
- All right? - Growing with you.
- We here at Verd Agra are committed - This is boring.
Oh, it gets better.
Now, they're keeping the potato inside the burn room.
That's their highest security vault Must be inside the red zone.
But the system will tag anyone who runs straight for the bull's-eye.
Well, not if we look like more than one person.
Sophie getting me a badge? She's getting you three.
All right, Sophie, Eliot, call in Amy Danna, Sarah Perez, and Matt McFadden.
This way.
You're questioning a botanist, an accountant, and the in-house masseuse? Yes.
Yes, I am.
We should we should have given you more heads up.
The three of them are having quite the affair.
He fathered children with both these women.
The paternity expenses? Enormous! Motive to betray your company for the right price.
Damn it, Hardison! How do you come up with this stuff? I played a nurse on the 10th season of "The Vixen and the Knave.
" Thanks.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Okay, Parker.
You're on.
Go to the top.
Hey, Parker, y-you remembered the foil, right? Sophie getting me a badge? She's getting you three.
The system, it tracks an RFID tag in the badges.
The foil creates a crude Faraday cage.
It blocks the signal.
Top floor, green zone.
Now, make sure after you use the badge, you get rid of it.
I feel like a new person already.
Yeah, we see you, Parker.
Now make your way to the center of the tootsie pop.
There's a keypad.
Oh, it's a Glen-Reeder, which means a four-digit pin.
use the same pin over and over.
And I have Verd Agrasecurity footage, which means we can see him at the cafeteria ATM.
Okay, here we go.
It's 7-3-5-2.
I'm in yellow.
Whatcha doing? What you doing? You know, I could tranquilize him, just knock him cold out.
Yeah, why don't you do that? He's a kid.
He's a loose Cannon.
No, we'll just have him get in the chair or something.
Um Man, we're We're playing a game.
Come here.
You want with it? Come on.
Come on in.
Park it.
And you know what? Boom.
Now you're one of us.
All right.
Come on.
Trevor? Shh.
Trevor! Okay, Parker, talk to me.
We've got a guard, the kind that doesn't move around, and a dual manual lock.
As in actual, physical key? As in two keys.
Oh, that's way too old-school.
Can't expect me to hack that.
Well, yeah, but on the other hand, you know, sometimes old-school really is the best security.
I mean, you know, you're no, it's not.
What? Nothing.
- Yeah? - I'm listening.
He's old.
Does does the guard have an actual key? Yeah.
He uses the key when someone shows up with the right clearance.
Now, if we get you another key, you're in.
Another another key? Who else is gonna have one? Eliot, call in the head of security.
No, no.
Eliot, wait.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on, Eliot.
Who's calling the play?! I am.
Scott McCue, head custodian, only guy with universal access.
Nicely done, Parker.
You you got to be kidding me, man.
He's gonna notice.
He's gonna notice.
Not till after.
Okay, um, now, Parker, now, here's how you're gonna grift him.
Ohh! Ugh! All right.
- Is this thing hooked up? - Just press the button.
Scott McCue.
Scott McCue, please report to security, Scott McCue.
Have a seat, sit.
Okay, Sophie, distract him.
Make sure he doesn't know his keys are gone.
McCue, how long have you worked here? Hardison, help her out.
I don't know, man.
He he looks pretty clean.
Ridiculously clean.
Would you say you're underpaid? Um Mr.
McCue Why do you have a bank account in the Cayman Islands? Whoa, whoa, whoa, Sophie.
Easy on the flights of fancy.
Uh, actually I knew you were onto me! When I saw her dead eyes! The dead eyes! You're the mole? - You betrayed this company.
- It's true! Wait, so we found a real mole? She's good at what she does.
Feels good to say it! I'm impressed.
I'll let Mr.
Saunders know we can lift the lockdown.
Take him downstairs.
Lock him up.
Nate Yeah, I know, I know.
No lockdown means security protocols resume.
They'll catch us in minutes.
Oh, boy.
He infiltrated this company for more than 10 years.
You really think he acted alone? - He's not the only mole? - That's right.
Who do you think he's protecting? Let me ask you something about Mr.
Does he listen to you? Really listen? He values my contributions.
Does he ignore your ideas even when you're obviously right? Does he seem uncomfortable when you're in control, when you're the one calling the shots for once? Yeah, it's Maybe he doesn't have this company's best interests at heart, hmm? Maybe he's got another agenda.
This is crazy.
You think Saunders is the mole? No one would ever suspect.
If we're right about this, you'd be the savior of Verd Agra.
My advice Keep the lockdown going.
Use this time to gather evidence against him.
We need eyes on Saunders.
Get those security consultants in my office.
Okay, hardison.
Uh, yeah, this is the security coordinator.
Why are you not picking up? Uh, I haven't gotten any calls yet.
Nah, don't Don't give me that.
You're headed back to the lobby job.
- Do you want that? - No, sir.
See, what we're doing is maxing out his focus.
His brain is so overloaded with "angry boss," he won't remember our faces.
Hardison, don't teach him that.
Hey, listen.
Don't screw this up.
There's a VIP on her way up right now.
Uh, she's here right now, sir.
Well, what are you doing? Let her in! Do your job, man! You need somebody to listen, I'm here.
Always here.
I'm reaching out.
Keep going, keep going.
Listen, Parker.
The vault has two chambers.
Now, the first room is the seed vault.
There's should be a keypad in the back of the vault, will take you to the burn room.
That's where Emily's potato is.
I got the blueprints right in front of me right now.
I'm gonna talk you through it first.
I'm already in.
What? What? No, no, no, Parker! The seed vault is kept beyond freezing.
It's negative-20 degrees celsius in there.
You you You got about a minute before your core temperature drops, before exposed skin gets permanent frostbite.
Parker! Do you hear me? What are you doing? Parker! I'm at the k-k-keypad.
Wh Parker, what are Listen to me! You could lose your hands.
Okay, I can see the last four numbers keyed in.
Numbers Four digits.
That that that means No, a-all she needs is the right order.
I'm trying them all.
No, Parker, you have 10 seconds! - Get out! - Parker, Parker, listen to me.
Listen to me.
The code you have isn't four digits.
It's longer.
- Some of those numbers must repeat.
- Wait, no.
No, wait.
What is it, five digits, six digits? What is it? There's too many possibilities.
Saunders said only he had access, so it's not random.
It's, um It's month, day, year.
Six digits.
Um, um It's a date! April 6, 1994, I became C.
Okay Parker, listen.
April 6, 1994, is the C.
'S start date.
Why aren't lasers warmer? Who are you working for, the board? They've wanted me out for years.
I can assure you, Mr.
Saunders I can smell disloyalty.
The board hired you to dig dirt up on me? I have enemies.
I know I do.
I bet they have confederates planting evidence.
Search for others.
Parker, we're blown.
Almost there.
Sir, there's an intruder in the vault.
The system says the intruder is you.
We trap him And we root him out.
This way.
I'm being set up.
I'll see that evidence burn before it brings me down.
Take them.
Oh, please.
Really? Your guys are so hopeless, my accountant could take them.
Don't let him hit the burn-room switch.
Parker's still in there.
Parker, get out now.
I want you to search everyone.
When they're out, search their offices.
Who's this? Oh, we are the Quincy Green Farmers Club, and I'm gonna tell you something, sir.
We are writing a stern letter.
Hey, teacher Mike.
Why, hello, uh, teacher Jen.
Almost there.
So, the diamond is in the potato? Park there is no diamond.
Verd Agra.
Super tuber.
Haven't you been listening? Not really.
Parker, get out now.
I don't care who they are.
Search everyone.
Saunders! - I have the board of directors on the line.
- What? I'll make it easy for you.
You're fired.
Excuse me? That janitor literally cleaned up.
Okay, get ready to transfer all the dirty money into Saunders' account.
And Now, Hardison.
Done and done.
Did you really think that you could sabotage us and get away with it? We saw the money enter your account.
You were paid to ignite a roomful of acquisitions.
- Paid? No! What are you doing? - Come with us, sir.
No! This is ridiculous! This is absurd! I made this company what it is! I built this company! Miss West.
Come with us.
What? Why? Oh, and, uh, uh, make sure the transfer came from Jana.
Excuse me! Wha Didn't you hear what I just said?! Hey, kids! Hi.
Did you guys have fun today? Yeah, it was fun.
Yeah, we had a lot of fun.
All right, everybody.
Let's get on the bus.
See ya.
Trade you.
Make sure the slice has as many eyes as possible.
The what? Sprouts.
Can't do that with a diamond.
I have the board of directors on the line.
- What? - I'll make it easy for you.
You're fired.
And the rest of the super tuber? Mm-hmm.
Bye! Bye! Bye! Bye! And then the computer guy made the guard's head explode, and then she was on fire, and then the big guy beat up a thousand guys.
Trevor, what did we say about overusing your words? - Here you are.
- Thanks, bro.
They fired that C.
They're prosecuting him for grand larceny and stealing company property.
I didn't know anything about that.
Thank you.
What's, uh Oh.
It sprouts faster this way.
Nice work in the vault.
I was living in the moment.
Um, punching Hardison, that was, uh, inspired.
Work of a mastermind.
- What? - What? Now, come on.
Don't I can't - What do this? - No, I just it's You can't do this? Really? Well, it's A former jesuit seminary student doesn't know if he can handle a casual relationship.
- No, it's - What a shocker.
No, it's just I mean, this Um, just what What do we, uhDo? I say Dinner.
Just a.
just a bite to eat.
- As colleagues.
- As friends.
Nate, I don't know where you are or what you're doing, but we need to talk now.
While C.
Colin Saunders is out facing criminal charges, Chief of Operations Jana West has been cleared of all wrongdoing and appointed interim C.
of that division.

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