Leverage s04e07 Episode Script

The Grave Danger Job

Wakey, wakey.
Where am I? Well, see for yourself.
N-o-o-o-o-o! Our father trusted you! Please, lower your voices.
You're not the only people here He gave you everything he had, and you stole it.
We're going to the police.
Let's just discuss this in my office.
I'm sure we can resolve everything.
Please, just -- just follow me.
Mother Is everything okay? Gideon, emery, dearest, There seems to be some confusion with this contract.
Would you please straighten things out? I want to see my father's paperwork.
Of course, Mr.
Ohh! What are you doing?! Walk away.
Stop it! Forget about the money.
If we see you two here again, You'll wish we let you off this easy.
My father died last month -- pancreatic cancer.
They found it at stage four, so I'm sorry.
At least we know he's at peace now.
Pop wanted to make sure That my brother and I were taken care of after he was gone, So he made his funeral arrangements in advance With Darlene Wickett.
He gave her $15,000.
The funeral business is very expensive.
But after my father died, Darlene told us that she had no record of the money, That she'd never even heard of my father.
So it's a breach of contract.
There is no contract, Mr.
What do you mean there's no contract? Pop was in the middle of chemo when he met Darlene.
She took advantage of his illness.
And we can't afford to hire a lawyer.
We had to run our credit cards up at another funeral home To bury pop.
Okay, listen, I am gonna do everything I can To get your father's money back.
Thank you, Mr.
Ford, but it's not about the money.
This was pop's final gift.
He wanted to protect us.
Darlene took that away.
Parker, what are you doing here? How does she know that, Nate -- That her father's at peace? Faith.
Faith, Parker.
The rich and powerful take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide What's up with Parker? It's Parker.
You're gonna love this.
Are embezzling money from the dying and the grieving.
It's the oldest grift in the book.
And the cruelest.
Even I never ran that one -- it's tacky.
Now, the Wicketts have operated all over the country.
Our records show funeral licenses From three different states, but for the last five years, They've been here in Massachusetts.
Why has no one reported them to the police? Well, they have, but, uh, she has bulletproof aliases For all the states she's worked in.
Now, the records that we found Show that the Wicketts have stolen $500,000.
Where's the money? Well, it's not in any bank.
Credit-card records show That she has recently bought a wall safe, Which is this right here.
Ooh, Murphy-Beyer, model PRK-11-21.
Okay, she's a horrible human being, But she's got solid taste in home security.
These dust mites are just gonna eat me alive.
That's the blueprints from town hall And the last time I go into a basement with this guy.
I already got the photos over here.
That's the Wickett funeral home.
It's a two-story house.
You got your embalming room in the basement.
You got your viewing chambers and your office On the first floor.
And bingo -- private living quarters on the second.
They live and work there.
So, funeral homes are busiest on the weekends.
It's the easiest time to kind of blend in with the mourners.
UmI'm sorry.
What, Nate? Okay, guys, we are gonna go steal a funeral.
There she is, the perfect hostess.
Right on schedule.
Hardison, heading your way.
Sophie, I hate it when you make me wear these dang cufflinks.
Hardison, everybody owns a good suit, But only the rich own a good pair of cufflinks.
Darlene is gonna know that.
You must be Mr.
I'm Darlene Wickett.
Thank you for waiting.
Thank you.
Thank you, ms.
My great auntie -- she, uh -- she passed last evening.
And there are some staff -- they spoke very highly of you.
Now, I must admit I'm I'm a bit lost.
Oh, Mr.
Let us help you say goodbye.
You focus on healing during this difficult time, And my sons and I can take care of everything else.
Parker, anything on the metal detector? Three floors, one wall safe -- Sounds like a challenge to me.
Ew! Just stepped in something squishy.
How come I had to go to the embalming room, anyway? It's 'cause Hardison's too scared to get in the body bag.
Hey, claustrophobia is a very serious condition.
I got a note from my doctor.
You want to see it? Eliot, where are you? I'm fashionably late to an ex-con's funeral.
I'm gonna check the room for a safe.
It's not ex-cons -- it's cops.
It's a lots of cops.
I-I-I guess they must have switched the schedule.
You guess? I got caught up at the, uh, Drug sting down in dorchester, And I wasn't able to get home and change clothes.
Thanks, man.
Hardison, when I see you, I'm gonna hit you so hard, Your ancestors hurt.
We have something for everyone here, But I believe I have just the casket for you.
This is the admiral -- Solid-planked cherrywood With a hand-polish finish Imperial satin, tuxedo fold with matching pillow.
No, I'm -- Yeah.
Just feel how soft.
I touched it.
This is my favorite part.
A keepsake nook For letters and mementos To journey with your loved one to their final resting place.
It's very exquisite.
It's very -- very nice, very final.
This is the exact model I buried my own mother in.
Nice touch about her mother.
Yeah, isn't it? Especially since the old dear is alive and kicking in Dallas.
Aww, he seemed sweet -- deserved better.
Parker, Eliot, you find anything? Zip, zero, nil, nada -- nothing.
This room's clear.
I got nothing.
Grifters keep their cash close.
Parker, check out Darlene's bedroom upstairs.
There's only one staircase that leads to the top floor, And the no-neck brothers are blocking the way.
Parker, I don't know how you're gonna end up getting -- Gideon, emery, it's feeling a little warm in here.
Could you go down in the basement And fiddle with the air conditioner? Hey, excuse me? There's a bunch of kids outside, tagging cars.
You should go, but you should -- you should bring -- Bring your friend with you.
Parker, get out of there now.
Parker, are you clear? Parker A little busy here, Nate.
I didn't have time to grab my gear.
Bloody hell! Well, what -- what are you all looking at? D-don't look at her like that.
I think we're all thinking the same thing -- "Bloody hell, why did he have to die?!" Move, Parker.
But, you know, the -- the fact is he -- he did.
And -- and do you know what, I'm sure there are some Very valuable lessons that we can learn from his life.
Our cousin -- he taught me the value of It's okay.
Hard work.
To just take time to play.
Yeah, he -- he reminded me of that all the time.
You know, never -- never met such a dedicated baseball fan.
You know, in fact, he told me That he wasn't going to die Until the red sox won the world series.
Well, poor guy had to wait 86 years.
But they -- they won, and -- and he died.
Before we go, one last thing -- He taught me to be patient.
He -- he didn't meet his soul mate until late in life, But, wow, was she worth the wait Wow.
As beautiful as she is faithful.
In short, he led a good life and was a good man.
And I'm gonna spend the rest of my days Being be more like cousin Adam.
Adam -- more like cousin Adam.
I hope we all will.
Never plan a heist in a building with so many windows.
But where's the money? Parker, you find anything? Uh, looks like identity forms From Darlene's deceased customers -- Got social security numbers, dates of birth.
Darlene's stealing identities? Okay, Darlene is running two scams at once.
Okay, Darlene is running two scams at once.
Ooh, she's good -- horrible, ning clearly, but skilled.
Hardison, scrap the back story we prepared.
Tell her this instead.
Did the late Mrs.
Delacroix Have a life-insurance policy or pension plan? Are there any institutions of that nature That will need to be notified of her passing? Uh, no.
No, nothing -- nothing like that, not even a will.
Great auntie Mae -- She imigrated here from Haiti As a little girl.
She worked cleaning houses.
She -- she never even had enough to open a savings account.
Um, will you please excuse me for a moment? Certainly.
She's got a meeting.
With who? I don't know.
around the edges -- He's definitely not a mourner.
Just one? Slow month.
Feels like $6,000.
I'll have another one for you.
Haitian immigrant, proper citizenship, No insurance, no pension -- she's perfect.
We'll run a background check, Make sure the identity's totally clean.
Javier, trust me.
It's flawless.
It's a hand-off, Nate -- deceased-client paperwork In exchange for cash from some dude named Javier.
Okay, guys, change of plans.
Darlene is running a second scam on top of the first, So we are gonna run a third.
Let's go.
When someone dies, they leave behind financial ties -- Social security, life insurance -- All the things that a relative Would need an official death certificate to get access to.
But Darlene's cherry-picking deceased clients Who don't have any of these things -- I mean, people that -- That wouldn't miss a death certificate if it wasn't issued.
Now, instead of Darlene submitting The official documents to the city, What's she's doing is she is stealing their identities And selling them for a profit.
Well, Javier -- he's the broker.
He sells the I.
s on the black market.
Yeah, this guy looks a little rough To be in the identity-scam business.
There's more to it than this.
So, what's the plan, Nate? We are gonna con her for all she's got.
Everything all right, Parker? I can't stop thinking about the Newtons.
Nate said that they had faith that their father was at peace, But it's not enough.
How do you do it? Do what? You know, when you know that people -- People that you like -- that, someday, they'll die? You know, Parker, we never really talk about it, But if you lost someone when you were just a child, Then you might put up walls To make sure that you never got hurt again.
Trust me -- this life is not worth living Without the people that make us want to tear down those walls.
The thrill of vulnerability, The danger of opening your heart It makes us feel alive.
I feel alive when I'm jumping off a building.
Well, maybe that's why they call it falling in love.
I'm in position.
Sophie, you're up.
Good morning.
Wickett funeral home.
Oh, Mrs.
Wickett, This is Marjorie Evans.
I live a few doors down from you.
Um, yes, Marjorie.
How can I help you? Mrs.
Wickett, I'm sorry to bother you so early.
There's a man outside your house, And I think he's taking pictures.
Ma, come on.
It's early.
What's wrong? Is that Mr.
Delacroix? Go get the car.
This had better be important enough To interrupt my breakfast.
Cooperson, I-I know you think That the Wickett funeral home is a good buyout, But I-I really don't think you should make an offer on it.
Thank you.
I don't understand what happened.
I mean, it was a slam dunk.
Look, yesterday, I went over there, Pretended to be a customer, like you told me to, right? And I found out the Wickett family Is running a side business of identity theft.
Yesterday, I overheard Darlene talking To the guy she sells identities to.
Now, today, I went over there to get a picture of him, But he didn't show.
Maybe we should turn them in? I don't know.
Um, let me figure it out.
Why don't you go back to the office? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Okay, great.
You're, uh -- you're Darlene Wickett, aren't you? You spy on me in my own home? I'm gonna have you locked up.
Oh, come on.
When they hear the words "Identity theft"? I don't think so.
I'm small potatoes next to you, lady.
You don't know anything.
I know enough.
Nark on me, I will nark on you, and we'll both go to jail.
Let's take this outside.
Well, isn't this a pretty picture? Why are we even fighting? We're in the same line of business.
Y-you're wrong.
I am? Back in the day, I used to hang around funeral homes, Called myself a psychic.
Easy pickings -- I'd steer those widows All the way down the street into my parlor Didn't take me long to realize That there was an even better scam right there in front of me.
We bribe ministers to send their flock to our open doors, And then we nickel-and-dime them On everything from bad coffee to parking spaces.
What are you getting at? You keep quiet about what you know, And I'll make you a very rich man.
year in this country, And your company buries half of them.
I'd like you to sell me a few.
Okay, but you don't understand.
Now, I-I personally have not Brought in any acquisition in weeks, so my bosses -- They already have me on probation.
Probation? Then you've got nothing to lose, now, do you, honey? How much money did you say? How many clean names can you get me? Well, I mean, it's not gonna be easy.
You know, they're -- they're -- They're gonna notice any large discrepancies in the database.
Start small -- 1,000.
But 100 -- I could do 100.
You know, but, uh, I -- uh, I would want cash.
I'll give you $500,000 for those names.
Yeah, uh, okay.
Um, I'll have those identity documents for you This afternoon.
I'm about to make you a very happy man, Javier.
How the hell did you get so many? Do you want them or not? Yeah, all of them.
I'll be by tonight.
Make sure you bring a little extra cash.
$6,000 a name isn't gonna cut it anymore.
Is that so? I'm raising my price to $10,000.
Start packing.
We're gonna make more money in one day Than this family has ever seen.
Well, there you go.
Fireproof chimney -- blocked the metal detectors.
$500,000, as promised.
The identities now, please? Oh, yes, the identities.
Thank you.
Javier, what are you doing? Are those the identities you mentioned -- $10,000 a pop? Yes, Javier.
We agreed to meet later.
Oh, that won't be necessary.
See, I've decided not to pay for them.
Just hand 'em over.
Javier, we had a deal.
Deal's off, chica.
Well You must be Darlene's source.
Now, see, I knew she couldn't have gotten Those identities herself.
Here -- here's the thing -- whatever's going on here Is between you and Darlene, okay? It has nothing to do with us.
They're gone, boss.
They took the envelope.
That's okay.
Let them go.
I think that our new friends here can get us some more.
Yes, of course we can get you more.
I mean, yeah, sure.
We don't have anything on us right now, but maybe, You know, why don't you let us go and we will -- See, though, how do I know you'll come back? Oh.
Why don't I take some collateral -- Make sure you stick to your promise? What collateral? Nate! Nate! Nate! Nate! What? Look at me.
Are you all right? Get up.
Get up slow.
I heard it go bad over the comms.
But by the time I got here, everybody cleared out.
Where's Hardison? Hardison? Hardison! Hey.
Los soldados -- mexican drug cartel.
They move cocaine across the border into the U.
That's what Javier is using Darlene's, uh, Stolen identities for.
Got it.
Wakey, wakey.
Where am I? Well, see for yourself.
Listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.
You use this phone to call your friend.
Tell him to bring the identity documents To the baseball diamond on the corner of Sycamore and 3rd.
You tell him to place the envelope under home base.
Once I have the documents, Then we can talk -- That is If you're still alive.
And I said take me with you.
Yeah, I know.
Stop it.
I said I'd be there for backup.
Will you stop with the "I told you so"? We got to find Hardison.
Same as before? Uh-huh.
Same as before.
All right.
Hello? Hello? P-Parker? Parker.
Hardison, where are you? Um, I think -- I think I'm in one of Darlene's coffins.
I-I don't -- I don't have my earbud.
I think Javier took it.
Um, he -- he left me a phone, but it's -- it's old-school.
There's no GPS, so you can't track me.
Okay, Hardison, listen.
Uh, now, Javier must have wanted you to contact us to arrange a trade.
Did you get his number? Yeah, yeah.
Texting it right now.
Look, if you still have reception, Then you can't be buried that deep, if you're buried at all.
I-I don't know where I am.
in that box, Nate.
Okay, Hardison, listen to me.
The important thing is to stay calm.
We are going to find you.
Why not just give Javier the fake identities? They're of no value.
It wouldn't work.
Uh, Hardison, just hold on one second.
P-Parker? Nate? Somebody? Some-- No, Javier will let Hardison suffocate just to, you know, Tie up that loose end.
No, no.
We have to -- we have to find Hardison first, And then we'll deal with Javier.
The cartel left Now, they have a coffin in the backseat.
They're definitely not gonna go above the speed limit.
Take it off the mute.
Hardison, uh, you're definitely, uh, uh, buried, Uh, in the radius of the funeral home.
We're gonna check it out right now.
There's over four dozen areas of open field there -- Golf courses, playgrounds -- you name it.
But it's broad daylight.
Javier's not gonna bury a casket in a soccer field.
Hardison's in a cemetery.
You got open graves, back hoes.
I'm where? Oh, sweet mother mercy.
Which one? All right, Hardison, listen, we need your help in tracking.
Can you smell anything? Do -- do you have pressure in your ears? Wait, wait.
It's water.
It's wa-- it's -- it's -- it's water.
It's water.
Do you hear that? Can -- can you -- can you -- can you hear that's water? It's -- it's like it's all around me.
It's like it just turned on, like a switch or something.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Okay, it just -- it turned off.
You heard that, right? Sprinklers -- he ain't that deep.
You know what else I bet he can hear? Where is he? Where -- where's who? The guy with the gun? There's no guy with a gun.
It's a guy with a heart attack.
You called about a heart attack.
Dispatch said a gun.
I didn't call anybody! Okay, Parker, have Hardison tell us As soon as he can hear sirens.
Hardison? ParParker? Hard Parker? Parker? Hardison, can you hear me? Hardison? Sophie, he's losing it.
He needs you.
Parker, listen to me.
You've spent a disproportionate amount of your life In air ducts.
You, more than anyone, know how to control your breathing.
He doesn't need me -- he needs you.
Parker? Parker? Hardison? Hardison.
Okay, Hardison, I need you to calm down.
Listen to me.
Okay, take a deep breath in.
Okay, good.
Now let it out.
Okay, c-come on.
Come on.
You got to do this with me, okay? Okay, here we go.
Let's do this together, okay? Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Okay, good.
There you go.
Parker, don't Don't get off the phone.
Please, I I don't want to be alone again.
I'm not getting off this phone until we get you out of there, okay? Okay, this is it Old glenport cemetery.
Make a right.
Okay, Hardison, can you hear anything? No, no, nothing.
Okay, stay calm.
You're doing great.
You're doing great.
One down, three to go.
Wait wait-wait wait-wait! I hear something.
I hear something.
Okay, good.
Is it- I-Is it an ambulance or a police car? Ambulance! Ambulance! He's here! He's here.
Stoneshire cemetery! Okay, we're on our way.
We're on our way.
Hang in there.
We're close.
We're right here.
Let's see what Javier is up to.
Did you make the drop-off yet? Where are the identity documents? Hello? Why did you just do that? I wanted to see if I could hear the ambulance siren.
I could.
Sophie, Javier is watching over Hardison.
Now, go to the back of the cemetery.
We'll distract him.
This will be interesting.
Where the hell did you get that car? It's a rental.
How did you find us? I believe the rest of you guys are at the drop, waiting to kill me? I want my documents.
I want my colleague.
Oh, hmm.
What the hell's an Eliot? Look for a grave with fresh dirt on it! We don't have time to dig them all.
All right.
Look for clues Footprints, anything.
P- Parker.
No more Mr.
Nice Guy.
Want some? Hardison.
Hardison! Parker.
Parker, stop.
You're standing right above me, Parker.
Just Do you have that - That m-metal detector I gave you? Yeah, why? Just - Just dig.
Sophie! He's over here! Hardison.
Dig! Nate, behind you! Guys? Guys? What do we do? Working on it.
You guys go that way I go this way! No, no, get down! No, Parker! Hardison.
Hardison, if you can hear me, take a deep breath, as deep as you can, and hold it.
I know you can do this.
Hardison You have to make it through this Because Because you're my friend, and I need you.
Do you hear me, alec? I need you! Hardison! Move to your left.
Hey, welcome to the land of the living.
Never do that again, man.
Don't do that again.
I won't.
All right.
Your father's money and a little extra to take care of those credit-card fees.
Now, we're working on finding Darlene's other victims so we can return their money, as well.
But this is incredible.
I don't know how we could ever thank you.
What you did was amazing.
I mean, if you hadn't come to us for help, uh, the Wicketts would have continued hurting other people.
Your father would be very proud of you.
You just keep living that life That's thanks enough.
What about Darlene? All right.
Well, these funeral-director licenses all seem in order, Mrs.
I'll go ahead and get these processed.
Cheer up.
We've been through worse.
Ma'am? Would you come with us, please.
Excuse me? What is this about? What do you want me to do with these? The Wicketts need new identities each time they go on the run.
Those are them.
Get a copy.
So, you're Emily Jackson? Of course I am.
Well, sweetheart, according to the computer, you died five years ago in Massachusetts.
Oh, uh, we've taken care of Darlene.
So Javier got away with those identities? Yep.
Just as planned.
Same as before.
All right.
Now, with those forged identities, he's probably back in mexico, getting ready to move drugs up north.
Now, do you think he had any idea that your earbud was GPS-trackable? Probablemente, no.
Put me in a coffin.
Here it comes to you.
Got something for you.
Get it, get it, get it, get it.
Is that really necessary? The man put me in a coffin, Nate.
A damn coffin.
That's true.
Ain't corn.
Welcome to Texas.
Right here, above your head.
I- I never would have made it through that without you.
You know that, right, Parker? Oh, that's not true.
Anyone can learn to hold their breath.
Thanks for not hanging up the phone.

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