Leverage s04e14 Episode Script

The Boys' Night Out Job

Oh! Hey! Sorry.
Pretty sure that was your fault! But whatever.
Not even for a little while? Unh-unh.
I told you -- I have plans.
Hey, it is a valid strategy.
It's not a strategy, man! It's just annoying when you bet every hand.
I just got a phone message from detective Bonanno, saying that he wants to come over.
- He's -- no, no, no, no.
No, no, guys.
- Oh, come on.
Your father had a poker game for 30 years.
Police, criminals at the same table.
This is good for you.
Yeah, yes, I want to be like my father.
Good insight, Sophie.
Living in your own head.
The only conversation you have is with your own crew.
That ain't right.
Yeah, name one person you can have a conversation with who isn't on this team.
And don't say Maggie.
Look, I got my friends and my buddies from the service.
I mean, hell, even Hardison has his little Internet friends, even though they're all elves and gnomes.
They're orcs.
I said "orcs," man.
You just don't listen.
I have dinner plans.
Even Parker's meeting a friend tonight.
Remember Peggy from that jury job in Los Angeles? Technically, she's Alice's friend.
- You're Alice.
- You're Alice, actually.
But she moved here from Boston last year, so we've been doing brunch and other normal-people stuff.
And we're very proud of you.
Well, brunch isn't hard.
I mean, there are forks.
So, girls' night out, boys' night poker -- character building for everyone.
Have fun.
Do not let him go off and sulk.
The rich and powerful take what they want.
We steal it back for you.
Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys.
We provide Bam! You bet out on a pair of twos.
Never tell me the odds.
Han Solo.
Hey, you know what? I like your friend, Eliot.
Hey, respect the game.
Respect the game.
So, what line of work are you in, Shelly? If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
Yeah He actually would.
You know he's state police.
Well, we'd have to make it look like an accident, then.
Like that guy in Uzbekistan.
"What's in this salad?" Terrorism and peanut allergies do not mix.
- Eliot.
- What? The guy Parker just asked me to get the 411 on.
Parker your girl? You know, man, I been trying, but sometimes I think she gets, like, second thoughts.
You know, I just sometimes want to take and get a nice pedicure.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, I just don't want to have this conversation right now, thanks.
Where are you going? Gonna go get a bottle of scotch downstairs.
You know, he's worse than before he went to prison.
He was in prison? Yeah, he went to jail.
But he escaped.
Shouldn't that bug you? Being a cop and all? You get used to it.
Nate! Hurley.
Yeah! Oh, man, are you drinking again? Yeah, I'm still drinking, Hurley.
Ohh, that's a shame.
Ah, you can't be here.
How did you find me? Oh.
So, I was in Mexico, where you sent me, right? - Yeah, yeah.
- Tacos are amazing.
And so, it's brilliant.
And how did you find me? Hardison told me.
Oh, of course he did.
Look at that.
Sober two years.
That's my pin.
Wanted to show you that, my friend.
I'm not your friend.
Look, I was a wreck when we met, Nate.
But you guys, when you decided to help me -- you and your crew -- Yeah, we wanted to take you down for embezzling, Hurley.
Okay, bad start, but -- but you helped me.
And you were a friend when I needed one.
I wanted you to go to prison.
And now I'm totally clean and sober, I have a good job, a good life, and I owe that all to you.
Yeah, all right.
No more trouble? I met this nun, sister Lupe, when you sent me to Mexico, and now I work for her church.
They needed to raise money for their orphanage, so I helped them set up this online business, and we sell their handmade statues of the virgin Mary.
I had to do a delivery in Boston, so I decided to -- You -- you deliver these? Yeah, yeah.
I-I drive 'em across the border.
And I deliver them to these different warehouses across America.
I got a whole trunkful of them in my car.
Yeah, any deliveries at night? Oh, well, warehouses are open 24/7.
- It's a global economy, Nate.
- Hey, Hurley -- I just needed to let you know -- Hurley Hurley, run! I'm out.
Hardison, come with me.
You see what I'm sitting on? Yeah, you're chasing an inside straight, man.
I can't tell you how offensive that is! Pat, Shelly, we'll see you guys in a little bit, man.
We got to go get some pizza.
- Pizza? - All right.
You married, Shelly? To the constitution of the United States of America.
Man, those guys are really mad at you.
At you, Hurley.
I think they're mad at you.
We got to get off the street.
So, what, random shots fired in the big city on a Friday night? That's not unusual.
Look, man, violent crimes in major American cities is at their all-time low in over 40 years.
Excuse the hell out of me, public-service announcement.
Nate's not at the bar, shots fired -- come on, man.
There's no writing.
Just a magnetic strip.
Somebody was firing while they were running.
Call Nate.
Doesn't have his cellphone on him.
Then earbud.
No, man, look -- wherever he is, whatever trouble he's gotten into -- we're flying blind.
They are not after me, Nate.
Look, I don't mean to be negative here, but I've made my amends, and you're still breaking the law and stuff.
Hurley, you are in over your head, again.
Until I figure out what's going on, we are not leaving this basement.
Uh, we are leaving this basement.
- Hurley.
- Yeah.
Listen to him.
- Call Sophie and Parker.
- Can't -- they're busy.
Well, Parker's busy.
- Man -- - Look, look, man, look.
I'm betting this is a hotel room key, okay? I've hacked my phone to read the strip, and Bam! Palaestra hotel.
Even got the room number.
Palaestra hotel's a couple of blocks over.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
You know anybody else who can do that? Do you? No, I don't think so.
Damn the tux.
Damn the tux.
Hi! - First time? - Oh, no, no.
I'm clean and sober, two years.
Good for you.
So you're his sponsor? - Ah, kind of.
- No, no, no, no.
Hey, let me talk to you a sec.
First night's always the hardest.
First, you're not my friend.
- Second, you're a drug mule.
- Uh, no.
I used to be a drug addict.
I think I'd know if I was a drug mule.
Hurley, listen, they keep the drugs in these.
No, no, no! Sister Lupe would not get me involved in that kind of thing.
"Sister Lupe"? When did you meet this "sister Lupe"? What's that? What's with the quotes? - She's not a nun! - Not a nun.
I met her doing charity work.
Look, here's a picture of us.
- Oh - What? Nuns swim.
- Hurley, you've been duped, okay? - No! - Yes.
- Listen.
Look, I know I used to be a screw-up, okay? But I'm not that guy anymore.
I don't hurt people anymore! Okay, now, it's not -- it's not your fault.
I'm a good guy! Really, I am.
I understand.
It's not your fault.
- I swear.
- You are.
Yes, you are.
You're a good guy.
And I'm sure you're doing great work, and that she's a nun -- an improbably hot nun, by the way, but she's a nun, okay? Okay, got it, yeah.
My bad.
Everything you said, you're right.
Yeah, I take it all back.
Okay? No, no, you're good.
- Okay? - Okay.
We're gonna stay hidden down in this basement until I figure out what's going on, okay? No, no, no.
No, no, no.
You're not gonna hug me anymore.
- Sorry.
- Okay? No hugs.
All right, let me see the phone.
Oh, it's actually not a phone.
It plays music.
- Do you want to see? - We're about to start.
Okay, listen.
I need a phone.
Sorry, the offices are closed.
No, no! I need a phone -- now.
Have a seat.
Did you get a look at that dark-haired fella with him? No, if we lost the courier, Callaghan's gonna have our heads.
Oh, I'm not just busting into a church to kill two men.
What if they're in the church basement? If they're in the church basement, they we can kill 'em.
So you're implying that the church is holy but the church basement isn't? They don't say mass in the basement.
The church basement is not holy ground.
So, what, it goes holy ground, mm, the basement, holy ground? The boy scouts meet in the basement, and they're not a religious group.
A boy scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent! "Reverent" is right there at the end, because it is, if not a faith-based organization, not entirely secular.
So you're not coming in with me.
We'll wait right here, and we'll -- I don't know -- shoot the courier when he comes out.
You can call Callaghan if you want, but I am not going into that church.
This about the guy that Parker took the picture with? Yes, it's about the guy that Parker took the picture with.
- You're kidding me.
- Who goes to a cocktail lounge in a tuxedo? - Who does he think he is? - I don't know, man.
- He's not even wearing a tie.
- Did you see him? Maybe, every once in a while, take the hoodie off - and put a suit on -- maybe light some candles.
- She was eating chocolate.
Getting it.
Back away from "Witch of the Warcraft" and take care of -- you know, I'm about sick of you and all my games.
It makes -- - Hang on.
- What? Why's it dark? I don't know.
Don't play with that.
Hey, hey, where y'all going? Why -- believe this -- where you Let me shoot him, Eliot! Move! Move! Let me shoot him, Eliot! Move out the way, Eliot! Let me shoot him, man! Let And how did you even know? Told you not to play with that thing.
The maid leaves the lights on when they clean the room.
- Ooh.
- What would you need four guys - Two guys - Hey, we beat up some dancers.
- Dancers? - Yeah.
"A night of tango celebrating the culture of Venezuelans.
" Those were Mexicans.
The first two guys were Mexicans.
They're Venezuelans.
Twinkle-toes back here knows a little more than how to do the tango, all right? - They aren't dancers.
- We messed up.
They whole ceer all screwed up.
Let's just check the room.
I mean, I lied, I stole, and I deluded myself into thinking that I was still a good guy.
But you know what? I wasn't.
Okay? I was fooling myself.
Now? Can I use your phone real quick? - Mnh-mnh.
- Two years clean and sober.
I got a cat named Pedro.
And you know what I'm doing now? Can I use your cellphone? - No.
- I am helping other people to become better people.
So that we can all be better people together as a people.
And you know what? Can I use your phone? It feels pretty good.
So, thank you.
Hey, I, uh I'd like to talk next.
Yeah! Come on, everybody! Oh, yeah! Nate, this is a big deal.
This is the guy that helped me get clean and sober! Which is totally weird, 'cause he's kind of messed up himself.
So, come on, everybody! I love you, man.
It's a big moment.
Thanks, Hurley.
This is gonna be great.
Well, I drink too much.
I mean, uh I mean, who can say how much drinking is too much? Wow.
The point is that I hurt a lot of people.
And you people -- very special, self-involved people -- you pointed out to me today that I need to make amends.
You know, and I wish that I could just reach out and make amends to, say, my ex-wife, who I hurt.
Now, if I had a cellphone right now, you know, I'd call her up, and I would start the healing process, just so all of you could take credit.
Yes! Yes.
Right here in the front.
Thank you.
I got his overnight bag.
Looks like there's enough clothes here for about three days.
He's a big guy.
All his clothes were made in Mexico.
I just found a valet ticket.
Whoever this is, his car is sitting in the parking lot.
Yeah? Hello, sweetheart.
Don't hang up! Don't hang up! Please don't hang up.
No, I'm calling.
I want to apologize and to ask for forgiveness.
- Okay.
- Hey, man, it's Nate.
He just called me "sweetheart.
" - Are you drunk? - No.
I am not drunk.
He's a little drunk.
No -- yeah, I'm with Hurley.
He's with Hurley? Who the hell's Hurley? The -- the dude from the rehab job? I guess.
Put it on speakerphone.
Can you talk? I can't say everything I want to say But I'm with Hurley I'm in a safe place, and I'm with a lot of really nice and very supportive new friends.
Yeah, I think we met a couple of your friends.
Mexican hitters -- or there was a Venezue-- Mexican hitter -- the first two were Mexican hitters.
Yeah, no, no.
You know what it reminds me of, darling? It reminds me of that Irish church that we got married in.
So, what, the guys who were shooting at you, they're Irish muscle? That's right.
So there's two sets of hitters -- Irish and Mexican -- and both after Hurley? I just basically want to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm sorry about the car.
- The car.
- The car.
What car? Oh! Uh, we just found a valet ticket.
Are you saying that there's something in Hurley's car? Yeah, and sorry about the bag of drugs.
Wanted to apologize for that.
All right.
We're on our way.
Let's go.
The ticket.
Thank you so much for listening.
And I love you.
Oh! Oh! Come on! Yeah! Yes! Huh? We got a pulse.
Nothing up front.
Back's empty.
They got the drugs.
I am super-proud of you, man.
Listen, Hurley, that was not my wife on the phone.
I don't want to tell you your business, but you really need to make amends with your wife about having a girlfriend.
Listen -- I think it's safe right now.
We got to get out of here.
How do you know the boy scout law? We all had dreams once, Liam.
Looks like that meeting's breaking up.
Sister Lupe! Sister Lupe.
This is so not cool, sister Lupe.
Muy malo! Back away from him.
He's leading you outside to an ambush.
I saw two men with guns out there.
Mexicans? No.
Local, like you.
Wait, are you not -- Oh! You just coldcocked a nun! In church! Talk about making amends.
Hello? No, we lost the bag to the same guys who were searching Hurley's room.
- Is he okay? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's been running drugs across the Mexican border.
No, no, it's not his fault.
But so he was in Boston, making a delivery when the Irish mob -- probably the Callaghan family -- decided they were gonna take him out.
Well, there's your Irish hitters from earlier.
Yeah, exactly.
Callaghans run the drugs in Boston, and they didn't want the Mexicans infringing on their territory.
So they're gonna kill Hurley to try to send a message to the cartel unless, of course, I can make a bargain with them, which is why I need that bag of drugs.
Do you know where the Mexican cartel is based in Boston? Well, no.
They're not exactly major players here, so I don't know where their safe houses are.
They're probably holed up somewhere laying low.
But I'll tell you what -- I know who you can call.
You see that? Get the crook of your elbow over the trachea, then you get your other arm back there and get the leverage.
- That's how you choke a guy out.
- Nice.
Hey, Hardison.
Really? For any Mexican drug smugglers? Yeah, just theoretically, right.
I'll text you some addresses.
Take it they're not coming back with that pizza, are they? You get used to it.
Children's toy.
I was only trying to scare you off.
What, so you could get your drugs?! Hurley -- No! Don't talk to me.
You played me for a sap! Nate was right.
I'm a dupe.
And I'm hurting people again! No, you are helping people! Cancer drugs.
Do you know how expensive cancer drugs are for families without health insurance in this country? - She's lying, Hurley.
- No! I am part of a group that liberates drugs from factories in South America.
Then we smuggle them to churches and hospices in the US.
There are children who would die if we didn't do this.
No! No.
I am not falling for that again.
I lied to protect you.
Then why is the cartel involved? The cartel found out we had a regular route into the states.
They planted their drugs in Hurley's car.
I only found out about it after you left, I swear.
I flew up here to warn you.
So the local branch of the cartel is gonna take delivery of the drugs and kill Hurley to cover their tracks.
What do the Irish want? They want to steal the delivery and kill you to send a message.
That's a lot of killing me in there.
Listen -- you said there were two men waiting outside? Yes.
Where is he? They're in the church, Mr.
Why don't you have 'em yet? It's a church, Mr.
Oh I see your point.
You can't go shooting a man in church.
Well Go in there and drag him out of the church.
Shoot him in the face in the church parking lot! Go get me those drugs! All right, this bar is the last address, man.
Maybe I should handle this one by myself.
So, what, you don't need me, either, now? You don't need me? Listen to me, okay? So Parker's out with a handsome guy, okay? And he's also a thief and also does cool thief "stuff," and you're the computer geek, dude -- Is -- is that your pep talk? Are you kidding? What the hell's going on? Really? It's a little rough, but the fact -- It's a little rough? A little rough? Please, do go on.
What are you trying to say? I'm not exciting? What is it? That's not what I'm saying.
If I said that, then that means I would be thinking about you and Parker, which I never do.
Than say what you need to say.
What are you saying? Maybe you're slow-playing it just a little bit.
I'm slow-playing? Like, I need to be more assertive or something? - Assertive is good.
- More assertive? Yeah, focus.
Like the definitive Dexter's dictionary definition of -- All right, cool.
That's all I need.
- That's all I need.
- Come on.
You know what? I got this.
- Come on.
- I'm gonna go in there by my damn self.
I'm gonna get them drugs by my damn self.
Let's get this.
Let's get this.
- Don't do that.
- Yo, my man.
- Let me spoke at you real quick? - Yeah, what's up? - I need a minute, if I could.
- Don't do it.
What are you doing, man? No, it's cool.
Shake it off.
Shake it off.
That's what I'm talking -- this guy's not even -- hey! Buenas noches cabrones.
Feliz navidad and kiss my happy black ass.
- Who in the hell are you? - Who am I? Who am I? I'm your worst damn nightmare.
I know who you are.
I know who all of you are.
I know what you do.
I know about the shipment.
I'm a dirty cop! By the way, I don't think that bouncer outside is affiliated with these guys.
Just so you know.
Not in the basement.
He has to be in -- Pardon me father? Yes.
Let me take -- let me take this one.
I got this.
When I say get back, I mean get your ass back! Now, which one of you is in charge? Is it you? In charge of what? Don't do that.
Don't play me.
Now, let me see some ID.
Get it out.
Come on.
Where you at? Where you at? Pockets, pockets.
Where you at -- right here? Aaron Cortez.
Aaron? Really? Yeah, what? You think all Mexicans are named Juan and Roberto? Come on, homey.
That's racist.
I'm a dirty cop! Of course I'm a damn racist! I swear to God.
Now I understand you got a shipment coming in, Aaron? What business is that of yours? You're new in town, so I'm gonna let your ignorance slide.
Po-po gets a taste, or you no-no get to play.
So either you got to deal, or somebody's got to squeal.
It's a little early for midnight mass, eh, boys? We're actually looking for someone, father.
Well, we're all looking for someone, aren't we? Um Could you just help me with these flowers over here, yes? Just put them on the pedestal.
Here, help him out.
You were an altar boy, weren't you? I can always tell.
See, I know why you're here.
You want to expand, and personally I think you should.
The leprechauns, they could use a little competition.
They're getting a little soft.
And we're all for that.
Ain't that right, Luigi? So, you -- Excuse me.
Got to take this.
I got some business.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
What's happening, baby? Ah, St.
Yes, it's a fine parish.
If you don't mind, father, uh, we need to have a look around.
Take a look around.
Well, there's no one in here.
Well, there was one fellow who came in here -- a large fellow -- but he went into the confessionals.
Father, you need to get him out of there.
- For his own good.
- Yes.
Say, you must come out of there.
There's no playing about now.
Come out.
It's probably in the frame.
So, um, P-Parker, are you still with that guy? - Thanks.
- Park-- Parker? Would you believe this? Had to frame a guy.
Got to handle my own business.
Had to frame a guy on the -- I had to frame a guy on the phone, just right now -- but it's cool.
What do you want, exactly? The drugs you got today.
We get the first take.
Sign of good faith.
Then you can move everything else in, with our protection.
You happy now? See, this is business done how business should be done.
Look, I want the courier.
Soon as we get him, he's yours.
You saw that, right? You did a great job.
See some rope-climbing punk be that damn assertive.
Man, that look right to you? No, it does not.
No, I can't offer you sanctuary.
No, you must come out and face your sins against these men.
- Did you hear him say anything? - I think so.
Paul wrote to the Ephesians -- - Father.
- Yes.
Why is there a nun's habit here without the nun inside? Rapture! - The courier! - He's got the drugs! Let him go.
- No, sister Lupe, no! - Run! - Get in! - No, we got to help her.
You're not gonna help her by bleeding to death in the street! Get in! Sister Lupe? I'm going to hell.
Why are we ditching the car? 'Cause we didn't just ditch the Irish mob so the police could pull us over in a stolen car.
Hardison -- yeah, listen, I got Hurley, but I lost the nun.
Tell me you got the drugs.
What? Okay.
Okay, listen, go to the pharmacy, and get what you need.
And tell Eliot to buy whatever he needs to sew up a gunshot wound.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, what's up, man? Shut up.
Get on the table.
All right.
You're closed.
Another $100 when we leave.
You got it.
What's the problem? These are legit.
Picked up this drug-testing kit from the pharmacy.
- Pull your jeans up.
- It's a little tender.
- Pull them up! - Ow! They sell them so mommies and daddies can test what little Johnny's got hidden in his sock drawer.
Now, look -- if it turns red, little Johnny's got to go to rehab.
If it turns green, little Johnny checks out.
If they're not for getting high, what are they for? These are the cancer drugs.
So she's telling the truth.
Who? Sister Lupe.
Yeah, that's not a nun.
Ohh! They said they were sending heroin and cocaine.
This is not heroin and cocaine.
When Vasquez called, he said the drugs were in the car.
"In the car"? "En el coche"? Are you asking me or telling me? Where's Hurley's car? The one he drove across the border -- where is it? It's back at the hotel.
Guys, come on.
I know where the real drugs are.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Hey guys? A little help? No, I'm good.
Don't worry about me.
I've just been shot.
No biggie.
Come on, man.
It was right here! I'll ask the valet.
They're gonna kill sister Lupe.
No, no, they need her to bargain with.
Unfortunately, we have nothing to bargain with.
- You can have your bag.
- Now, come on.
It wasn't his fault.
Yo! They said it was towed to the city impound after the cartel boys crashed it.
All right, you and Eliot, go get us that car.
Hurley, you and I are gonna make a phone call.
Who are we calling? We're gonna give the drugs to the Irish.
We don't have the drugs.
Well, right now they're the only ones who don't know that.
First off, there's no way she's a nun.
Hello? Yeah, I'm calling about the problem you're having with people trying to sell their producuct in your territory.
Who is this? I'm the guy who's gonna make the deal.
You want the package? How much it worth to you? Well, my boys said it's $10 million street value, but I'll trade you the whole lot for one blessed sister of the sacrament.
- Done.
- And we want the courier.
Got to teach our cousins in the South they just can't set up shop No, not the courier.
Trade me.
The nun for the drugs and the courier.
The Palaestra hotel parking garage, one hour.
Hurley, I'm gonna try to get you out of this in one piece.
It's okay, Nate.
She got you into it.
Yeah, but I got myself into trouble the first time we met, and you risked your life to save me.
So I want to prove to you that I've earned that second chance you gave me.
Who are you calling now? I'm calling the bar that Hardison said the cartel is waiting at.
I'm gonna tell them if they want their drugs, they can come here and get it in one hour.
The drugs we don't have? Mm-hmm.
Now you're getting it.
Hoo! Are you talking -- I got this.
Then go.
Go! - How you doing? - Hey.
- Yeah.
- Um, we are looking for a gold sedan.
You're gonna have to be more specific than that.
Yeah, it was towed from the Palaestra hotel earlier after an incident -- should be a police report.
There's a police report.
So, you're gonna have to come back in the morning and get it straightened out.
We can't just pick it up tonight, pay for it? Ordinarily, yes, but in this case, I need a detective to sign off on it, which means you're gonna have to come back in the morning.
All right.
Thank you so much.
Let's go.
Come on.
You're welcome.
I said thank you.
Did you? Listen -- you go distract her.
I'm gonna jump this fence.
I'm gonna get this -- No, no, no.
I'm gonna jump the fence.
I'll jump the fence.
Yeah, I can hack a car faster than you.
I can hack the lock on the gate.
Come on, man.
You already proved yourself with the Mexican cartel.
Quit this crap.
You got a tell.
I already told you.
Are you scared? You scared? Let's get it.
- Let's go.
- All right.
Bam! Do something.
Tell me what I can't do.
I can climb a fence.
Yeah, you need a new watch.
It's still not morning.
I know.
I just -- I wanted to get rid of my friend.
I wanted -- I wanted to ask you a question.
Yeah? What time do you get off? Oh.
Um I have a thing -- not a thing -- it's just a wo-- woman in uniform Do you want to touch my gun? No.
Do you have Is it a tough job? No.
Um, not really.
I mean, the dogs out back do all the hard work.
Big ones.
Buddy and Tiki.
- Tiki.
- Yeah.
Look at that.
Pardon me.
I'm gonna gonna Okay.
Yeah? Eliot, any trouble getting Hurley's car? No? No, Hardison's on it.
Can you get me another one? An identical gold sedan.
You bet.
- Hi.
- Hi.
That's too much.
A little.
What happened to you? Security system.
Does Eliot have the other -- Yeah, he's right behind me.
There we are.
This is tricky, Nate.
It always is.
Why don't you get the front plate.
We'll wait here.
Make sure they don't try to scamper.
Eliot and Hardison set up? - Everything's good.
- Showtime.
Who are you to be in the middle of this? You want to deal or you want to talk? The nun for the drugs and the courier.
No, no, first the drugs.
You know, show of good faith.
Meet halfway.
I-I can't do this.
Hurley, Hurley, you agreed.
- No, they're gonna kill me! - You agreed, Hurley! No! I can't! I'm sorry! Stick to the plan, Hurley! Get the drugs! Yeah, the courier's pulled a runner! He's heading your way! There he is! The one with the Mexican plates! Fine.
We'll do this old-school.
Get out of there, you.
What kind of double-cross is this? Who in the hell are you? Is one of them the courier? No.
I don't know.
Massachusetts state police! Put your hands up! Do I look like I'm kidding? How we doing, boys? Make yourselves comfy.
What exactly's going on here? What's going on? I just caught the Callaghan family in the middle of a massive drug buy from elements of a Mexican cartel.
We're not -- we're not buying anything from them! What in God's name is going on here?! Massachusetts state police! Put your hands up! What kind of double-cross is this? Who in the hell are you? Any trouble getting Hurley's car? No? No, Hardison's on it.
Okay, can you get me another one? An identical gold sedan.
We're looking for a gold sedan.
You just described five cars I have back there.
You bet.
Cute little trick you did with the Madonnas.
You called us.
You want to deal? Found something of yours.
Oh, God, don't hurt me.
- Get out of the car.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The courier.
Look -- you can take the car.
Sign of good faith.
We'll take commission.
We get a taste of every shipment, and you guys get protection.
From the cops and the Irish.
And what about him? Oh, we'll deal with him for you.
Hell no, man.
I'm a dirty cop.
Look -- they got cameras on each of the entrances.
Now, give us two minutes to get out clean, all right? - Eliot and Hardison all set? - Everything's good.
I-I can't do this.
Hurley, Hurley, you agreed.
- No, they're gonna kill me! - You agreed, Hurley.
No! I can't! I'm sorry! Stick to the plan, Hurley! Get the drugs! Yeah, the courier's pulled a runner! He's heading your way! Go! He's coming around towards you! No, no! Straight! No, no, no, left, left, left! There he is! The one with the Mexican plates! Fine.
We'll do this old-school.
- Take it easy! - Keep your hands to yourself! I don't think he's a priest, either.
- I'm a respectable businessman! - No, you aren't! The barbershop -- with me, right? Told him to get a jheri curl 'cause he didn't know what one was -- told him it'd make his hair real straight and pretty.
Boy looked like he was beat with a bottle of baby oil for about a month.
Hurley, how you doing? I can't believe you had to bail me out of trouble again.
No, no, listen, Hurley -- you put your life on the line tonight because it was the right thing to do.
You realize that, right? And by the way, for the record, you're not the same guy you used to be.
Okay? Well, I know I'm not your friend, Nate, but for what it's worth, you're mine.
She's not a nun, is she? Yeah.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
No, that's okay.
It was my fault.
Oh, hi.
Um, are you going out alone? It's kind of late.
Yeah, I'll -- I'll be fine.
Let me walk you.
Uh, okay.
What a gentleman.
Ooh! Your arm.
Do you like tacos at all? Yes.
Do you like cats? - Oh, do I like cats? - You do? Oh.
Hey, hey.
Can I just ask you one thing here because How in the hell would you give Hurley information about how to find me -- ever? You know, Nate, it seems like lately you've been so focused on the part of the job where we wreck people, I thought it might be nice to show you we actually do some good in the world.
I know you're mad, but -- Hardison Thanks.
All right.
You, uh We're gonna Okay.
You want to see how my night was? Don't talk to them.
Then they'll make us stay.
- You see this? - Yeah.
Hey, oh! There they are.
Sophie, this is Lupe.
Let me pour you a drink! All right.
All right.
We were drinking tequila.
I got whiskey.

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