Leverage s05e07 Episode Script

The Real Fake Car Job

The hell kind of muni track has a par-five dogleg left into the wind? Stupid rental clubs cost me two strokes a side.
Erickson?! Erickson! I've been trying to call you for months! Where's my money?! You took my money! Stand back, sir.
Erickson! Get him out of here.
You belong in jail, Erickson! - You're a thief! - Sir.
I think you're mistaken.
That man is a thief! That man is Jim Cole, not Erickson.
I suggest you walk away.
I just figured a guy like you would have, I don't know, an office or something.
Oh, yeah, I tried it once.
Had trouble keeping it in one piece.
Secretary? Business cards? Gabe Erickson got one of those? Yeah.
Well, you got me there.
Is this the guy? Gabe Erickson.
I mean, this guy wipes me out back east.
I spent 14 months looking for a job, and, finally, a buddy of mine sets me up over here at Eagle Cove, and boom there he is.
You sure it was him? Mr.
Ford, me and my brother started our landscaping business over 20 years ago with a borrowed truck.
But we worked it.
Every hour, every day.
My wife, she did the accounts.
And on the weekends, we'd always have this big barbecue, you know? And we'd let our kids wash the trucks.
'Course, they're just running around with the hose, screaming.
And we would just watch them, you know? And we knew that we had built something that was gonna last.
Gabe Erickson looked me in the eye, swore he'd take care of my family's money, and then he stole it.
So, yeah, I'm sure.
Now, Erickson he was arrested a year ago on $130 million stock scam, right? He hasn't even been tried yet.
So, what's he doing on that golf course three days ago, hiding behind bodyguards? I got the security-camera footage from Eagle Cove's parking lot.
Those guys are Federal Marshals.
Hardison, zoom in on that gun right there.
That's a glock 23, .
40 caliber standard-issue weapon of choice for Marshals Service.
Erickson's in the Witness Protection Program? How did he rate that? I don't have all the information just yet, but it looks like, in addition to the stock scam, he's been laundering money for the mafia, including Don Paolo Brancato, the head of the New York mafia.
Erickson doesn't strike me as a mob guy.
Because he's not.
No, he establishes mob ties as a get-out-of-jail-free card.
So, if the day ever comes that the S.
discovers his stock fraud He'll trade his mob records for immunity and a new identity.
Sweet! I mean, evil.
And clever, but bad.
I just found this out.
Of the $130 million, $50 million's missing.
They say Erickson stashed it right before his arrest.
And found this WITSEC memo dated two days ago.
Apparently, being recognized on a golf course is a low-level breach of security.
They're gonna move him.
Transfer papers are for Friday.
Yeah, so it's less than a week with that Marshal hanging all over him.
And the mob out there, looking for him.
I mean, if the guy's careless enough to be found by his own victims, then they're not gonna be far behind.
So, first, we split up.
Now, we don't know enough about this guy to run a job on him, so we got to find out what we can.
This Gabe Erickson he must be employed somewhere.
What? Is it time for my 2:00 P.
lecture? I know don't contact anyone from my past.
Don't tell anyone what I used to be.
Well, I didn't realize you were listening, Mr.
Here you go.
For the wifi.
Is the last "Warriors of Grun" book in? No.
And that stupid goblin kills mistress Ferryweather in the end.
Second, we need the hook.
What does this guy want? Look at the items confiscated after his arrest.
There's high-end art, properties all over the world, vintage cars all seized and sold at government auction for pennies on the dollar.
Somewhere in there is the thing he loves that's been taken away forever.
Hardison, Parker, you're on that.
So, this is where he lives.
I'm tapped into his DVR.
Right now I got detailed records of what he's watching, what he's buying on demand, - and all the little bits he's fast-forwarding through.
- Cool.
Looks like it's just a bunch of car-restoration shows, some soap operas embarrassing.
What you doing? Got his garbage.
Garbage is always best.
I just had Lucille detailed! Oh, are you kidding me? Get girl Is that seafood I smell? I don't yeah, a little whew.
I'm done.
I'm done.
I mean, really? I got to be the only one sitting here, sifting through garbage by myself? Y'all can't help? Y'all ain't got hands? - Wow.
- Nate: You know, the thing about this Erickson guy is that he goes straight home and straight to work.
No stops, no friends.
And the U.
government have him on a very short leash.
The guy's basically in jail already.
WITSEC is like the ninth circle of hell for guys like him.
Like us.
I mean, Nate, do you think that you can go back to being John Q and not go insane if you had to give it all up? Sure.
Maybe not.
I really I don't think beyond the job that's right in front of us.
I, you know, don't have the luxury to think beyond that, so - Really? - Hmm? What? Huh? That's the best you've got? Hey, guys, I got something.
Thank God.
Looks like he likes building model cars.
I got what is this? A '46 Triumph 1800, '38 Bantam Roadster.
So, he's a he's a car collector.
He owned at least a dozen rare vintage cars when he was arrested.
He's got nothing but rare-car shows on his DVR, so You know what we have to do? You know we have to we have to create a rare-car competition r right here in Portland.
So something, like you know, with a tent and trophies and and big lawn and people and you know, that sort of thing.
And and we're definitely gonna need A Packard 1934 original The "Motor City Mussolini.
" Hey, you know, I'm on that.
I got I'm on that.
Sophie, handle that.
Thank you.
- Appreciate it.
- Oh! I'm out.
I don't like that that whole smug look on his face.
Like he's got a, you know a $50 million backup plan.
Let's go steal it.
It just means that it's available.
Thank you.
So, the password I am now on break.
Ah, ah, ah, ah.
1953? Pretty rare out here in Lumber-ville.
That's right.
One of the earliest American-made sports cars.
Showed extremely well at le mans its first year off the line.
Dual jetfire.
Inline six.
Manual three-speed transmission with overdrive.
Well, well.
You an owner? Used to be.
Oh, sorry to hear it.
It's such a shame to lose something you love so much, you know.
It's only temporary.
You ought to come out tomorrow to the first annual Portland vintage.
It's gonna be quite something.
Biggest competition in the northwest.
It's the only reason I shipped her here.
- You shipped her yourself? - Yeah.
I mean, I keep most of my collection offshore.
Now I do most of my own shipping tax purposes.
If you're interested.
Hey, and I hope to see you tomorrow.
Gonna be something.
Hardison, how we doing with the competition? Competition's all set, Nate.
All set? Already? Hey, easier done than said, man.
One simple ad, and these rare-car guys will flock to any empty lot just for a peek at a vintage carburetor.
Owner's heading out of town.
He won some trip all expenses paid to Bora-Bora.
He's a lucky man.
Erickson's got $50 million.
Can't he just buy another one of these Packards? No, no, no.
Back in the day, there was a legend among car collectors.
A lost car the lost ark of luxury cars.
Yeah, the Packard Coupe It was the limousine of the rich and famous.
It was used by movie stars, dignitaries, royalty.
Yeah, now there's only 30 of them left in the world.
But the legend is of one very special Packard Coupe.
It fell off the grid just before the second World War.
Owned by Benito Mussolini, plucked from the heart of American industry at the height of fascism.
We found it in Sacramento? The one Mussolini owned? Well, uh, no.
We found one that was close enough to Portland that matched the basic right description.
Eliot, did you get it yet? There's 18 hours until competition.
We got 10 hours between here and Portland.
Yeah, and about half a dozen security systems to disarm.
And that's just on the car itself.
That packard is the golden fleece.
And car collectors, a bunch of wealthy eccentrics, can't stop looking for it.
Yeah, they're they're still looking for it.
They're convinced it's out there, wasting away somewhere for nearly 70 years.
So we convince Erickson that we found Mussolini's lost Packard Coupe.
He'll pay at least what he owes Kyle Davis to acquire it.
Yes, and in the process, he's gonna have to access his secret $50 million stash.
And Hardison can trace where the money's hidden.
Oh, hey, hey, hey.
No way am I giving up this life to be an ordinary person.
Did you talk to Parker about that? What you mean why would I No, she's the least ordinary person I know you know.
- Do I have to talk to her about stuff like - Yeah.
'Cause I You know what? Just forget it.
Let's get to work.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Portland vintage car show.
Judging of all the concourse events will begin shortly.
I see, once again, I have to explain the rules of WITSEC to you.
I just want an hour half-hour.
Unless you want a mob bullet in the back of your skull, do not engage in any activities from your old life.
Never contact anyone from your old life.
This isn't what I signed up for.
I just want five minutes.
Could you forget about rules for five minutes? You've been forgetting about the rules for 10 months now, and I'm still mad at you for that little trip - to the golf course the other day.
- You're mad? I'm supposed to be in Arizona, not Portland.
They're headed your way, and the Marshal is all over him.
We need a 10-second window.
I'll see what I can do.
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry to bother you, but I was hoping you could help me.
Um, my grandfather just passed.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Well, he left me a farm nearby, and in the back barn, I found a classic car, I think.
A Packard 110-something-or-other.
But I know so little about cars, I was wondering if you Well, there's a guy called Phil.
He's set up over there.
He's got a beautiful Alfa Romeo.
I'm sure he can help you.
Good luck.
See the evolution of the Porsche 911 through the decades on the north lawn.
You know, I I always felt they made the judges in these things dress too serious.
Yeah, no, no.
They told me you'd be here at 11:15.
It's 11:30.
I just wanted you to see my sweetheart before yeah, it's just right over here.
It's this beauty right here, this I'm not a judge.
Are we gonna have a problem? Uh, excuse me, miss.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I couldn't help but overhear you earlier.
Oh, about my grandfather? I know.
It's such a shame, isn't it? No.
I I mean, yes, it yeah, of course it's a shame.
But I was actually talking about the car that he left you.
The Packard 1101 Coupe? You're familiar with it? Oh, yes.
Oh, terrific! Yes, um, well, my grandparents immigrated from Italy after World War II and brought it back with them.
But grandpa's kept it in the barn ever since, so Probably didn't want anyone to think he'd stolen it.
An immigrant, he was poor.
What I could go look at it right now if you'd like.
Um, no, I'm sorry.
It's it's still a little I understand.
I've had things I love taken away from me, too.
W wait.
I'm Bonnie.
Jim Cole.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Shall we? Yes.
The barn's just about two miles from here.
Okay, Hardison, Eliot, are we up and running at the barn? Not exactly.
The freeway was like a classic-car parking lot.
Thought somebody was gonna try to race us for pinks.
Okay, well, we got less than five minutes to turn a car that looks brand-new into the old relic that Erickson is coming to see, or we are blown.
Let's go! Thanks for the help.
Appreciate it.
It's a 1934 Packard 1101.
It is spectacular.
Some of these pieces look like they've been restored.
Oh? Old-world craftsmanship.
They used to build these to last.
Push the history, Parker.
You know, I think someone very wealthy gifted this car to my grandfather right before Italy bowed out of the war.
You know, maybe someone he worked for? But you don't know where he worked? No, he didn't really talk about it.
But my grandmother once let something slip about "The Palace.
" Ah.
That's interesting.
Parker, drop some more Italian names.
She's got it, Nate.
You know, the trick is knowing when to leave the party.
When does it end? Gabe Erickson could tell you.
Sometime before you lose everything you showed up with.
You know, I I showed up to the party empty-handed, but I met a nice girl.
You know, maybe if I play my cards right Nate, the reason you can't look to the future Sophie.
Is because you're still motivated by the past.
I just hope that one day with or without me 'cause that doesn't matter you can put it all behind you.
I read online that Clark Gable had two of these.
It's probably just a myth.
I had an old car buddy of mine named Charlie.
Knew every rumor in the book.
Hell, he probably made up half of them to pump up the sale price.
What if I told you that I wanted to buy this car? Oh, well, I I was just hoping you could tell me if it was valuable.
Oh, any car from this era is gonna have value, but the engine's on its last legs, and the inlaid wood in the coach, the paint I'll tell you what why don't I go home? I'll do a little research, I'll come back, and I'll make you a fair offer.
Huh? You can trust me.
I promise.
Okay, guys, we've bought ourselves a few more hours.
Hardison, breadcrumbs the Myerson family and the car itself.
Sophie, Eliot, we need to distract the Marshal just a little bit longer.
You know what to do.
Where are you? I swear, if you even think of running off on me, I will use every means in my - Hello.
- How you doing? We just moved in two doors down.
I'm Frannie McElroy.
- This is my husband - Barry McElroy.
We're the McElroys.
Is your husband around? We heard that you two are just so sweet.
Let me ask you a question.
What kind of security system are you guys using? 'Cause you never can be too careful these days.
Okay, you know what? This really isn't a good time, so if you two could come back another t Oh! Before I forget.
We baked you a fruitcake.
Just a little something to thank you for letting us join your neighborhood! They always throw out the cake, but they keep the tray.
Where have you been? What, do I have to tell you everything I do now? We have to be joined at the hip.
You can't just go anywhere you please.
Not anymore.
- Well, I'm here now.
- That is not the point.
I guess that's what it's like, huh? Retirement? Mm-hmm.
You're trying to run my life.
I got to work.
I come home.
I go to work.
I come home.
I mean, you're smothering me! Just all up in each other's business 24/7.
Nothing to do.
I could never retire.
Could you would you ever Mnh-mnh.
No, hell, no.
Are you sure you Mm.
Then we're on the same page.
Eliot told you.
You were flailing just a little bit.
- A skosh? - Yeah, a skosh.
There's a problem.
This couple they rang the bell.
They said that they moved in a few doors down.
I didn't actually see anyone moving in! The house is empty, and they were acting really strange.
Acting strange? In Portland? They could be hired guns.
You're overreacting.
You get recognized on the golf course, and two days later, Mr.
And Mrs.
Smith show up? How do I get you to understand that there are people trying to kill you?! The kind of people that I'm gonna go to my crappy bookstore job now.
Is that okay with you? Fine.
Your phone.
I got the bookstore covered.
I cloned his laptop, and I'm wired into his phone.
We're in, baby.
This guy knows what he's doing.
He spent the last hour playing six degrees of immigration.
Now he's looking for records of upkeep and parts ordered for our packard.
Yeah, well, he wants to make sure the car's been parked in the barn since the war.
I'm on it.
There we go.
Specialty website.
Okay, look.
I'm logged into a chat room for classic cars.
How many people are there? Okay, guys, we got a problem.
Right now he's calling the granddaughter of Mussolini's custom-coach builder in Italy.
Hardison, uh, divert the call.
Huh? Ready? He's dialing a number.
It's got a Manhattan code.
I think it's somebody he knows.
- Yeah.
- Charlie? It's Erickson.
Gabe Erickson.
Blast from the past.
How you been? I'm about to be a lot better.
I need everything you got on the Motor City Mussolini.
You know same as me.
Last seen being driven by one soon-to-be-dead Italian dictator.
Most recent photo 1935.
I think he may have gifted it to his butler or whatever.
And the guy took off to the states when it went South.
Hey, if you found a Packard that spent some time off the grid, you just hit pay dirt.
What show you snooping around at? The, uh Portland vintage.
Never heard of it.
Neither have I.
Oh, what the hell? Hello? Bonnie.
Hi! Jim Cole.
Tell you what I'd like to pay cash for that car.
Okay, Hardison, tell me as soon as he accesses those accounts so Parker can do what she needs to do.
I'm thinking $550,000, $600,000.
No way.
$300,000, maybe $400,000.
Hey, guys.
It looks like Erickson's bringing a bag of money to the barn.
By the size of the bag, I'd say it's a couple hundred thousand, tops.
But I've been monitoring every move he's made for the last 24 hours, both physically and virtually.
He didn't access any accounts to get that money.
Can somebody please tell me how a witness in federal protection gets his hands on a couple hundred thousand dollars we don't know about? Can somebody please tell me how a witness in federal protection gets his hands on a couple hundred thousand dollars we don't know about? Here you go.
For the wifi.
He was selling people free Internet for five bucks a pop at the bookstore.
The parking-lot scam.
That's old-school.
Yeah, I bet he's been running dozens of the same scam for the last 10 months.
Hardison, here's what I need you to do immediately go over to that barn.
I want you to play a rival bidder, okay? We need that guy to access those secret accounts.
Eliot, Sophie, you stay with the Marshal.
Do whatever you have to do to keep her dialed in.
What do you mean that there is a rival bidder? I'm sorry.
I just know if $150,000 is worth the years possibly decades that my grandfather spent Is it Gustavsen? It's Gustavsen, isn't it? Such a bastard.
I want it.
For what? To unlock its artistic potential.
This wheel well that one, too would serve as the perfect base for my my next expression.
Let me get this straight.
You're gonna take this car this car and you're gonna dismantle it for parts? - Ah, you - Shh, shh.
Not parts.
I don't I don't I don't see parts.
I see links to a very specific time and place.
I select only those that best capture the gripping detail of their origins the grille of a 1921 Bentley.
The side-door panels of a Mercer Cobra.
You took apart a 1921 Bentley and a Mercer Cobra? Yes, they were acquired at a government auction last year.
Welded into I'll give you $300,000 for this car.
I will give you 7 7 $750,000 for this car.
For shame.
Pass code 2294.
Client number 66155.
$600,000 American, wired to primary location.
First password Boesky.
Hardison, you getting all this? - Second is Milken.
- I'm working on it.
Third Steinbrenner.
Where's the guy on the other end of the line? Well, that's the problem.
There is no guy.
Erickson's leaving a recording on an Internet voice-mail.
It's kind of like a dead drop.
His account manager accesses the recording, so there's never any direct link between Erickson and his secret accounts.
I'm tracking the I.
address, but we can actually get a bank location, these passwords are useless.
- Hello? - Hi.
Remember me from two days ago outside the coffee shop? "Used to be an owner.
" I'm about to be again.
How can I help you? She there? Yeah, she's in the back of the parking lot, watching us like a hawk.
Are we being suspicious enough? Never mind.
So, what do you think you're gonna do after all this is done? Always wanted to open up my own restaurant.
Now I'm probably gonna get stuck making sure Hardison's doesn't go out of business.
Throw a couple of drunks out every once in a while.
Maybe the place will get robbed once a year.
- Don't use that.
- Hmm? For future references, you can chew right through it.
Any other tips from back in the day, when you used to people? After sunset, this field is gonna be completely dark.
No clear sight lines from the road.
First thing to find a body out here would be a coyote Okay.
Now I'm scared.
- I'm here.
- Eliot.
You're what's scaring me.
So, just for argument's sake, which one of us do you think would cope better? You know, with being an ordinary person? You know, without going mad? Me.
Really? 'Cause, um well, you know, I was thinking me.
It's me.
They're not mob hit men.
They're hit men for Yeah.
Portland police? Okay, Parker, Hardison, get here as soon as you can.
All right, got it, Nate.
We're on our way.
Uh, Cole, yes.
Um, so, I'm at the warehouse with the car.
The Myerson girl is on her way to sign the papers and everything, only I don't see you.
Yeah, the place is like an aircraft carrier.
Uh, I guess I'm at the, uh, the South end, so, uh, give me a call when you get this.
I'm tired.
You're tired? Must be all this fresh air you're breathing.
Where's the Marshal? You see her? They're coming for us.
Nate, Marshal Rose called the cops.
They're on our way to us now.
Guys, is our cover blown? What did she tell the police? Do either one of you know where the Marshal is right now? Tried to distract me while your two friends spoke to Cole about murdering me for money.
Look, I what are you talking about? Yeah, what are you talking about? I'm talking about the two hit men you hired to have me killed.
Three if you count this guy.
I didn't hire anybody to kill you.
Uh, guys, I need a little help, here.
Yeah, we're a little busy right now, too, Nate! Uh, Nate, look we're coming, man.
We're coming.
How the hell did you find me, anyway? I activate the GPS tracker on your phone.
I followed you to the building.
What? You're pissed at me? I could gun you down right now for plotting to kill a federal Marshal, and nobody would even ask me any questions! Nobody's plotting to kill you, you idiot! Okay, guys, due respect, both of you.
Due respect.
Listen, I don't think anyone's hiring hit men to kill either one of you.
Now, all Mr.
Cole did, here, was buy a vintage car for $750,000 and ask me to help with the shipping of it overseas.
That's all.
That's the only reason I'm here.
So if you'd kindly just let me go.
You didn't.
Tell me you didn't! I did not sell out the Marshals service so that you could throw away all of our planning on a car! God, that hurt.
You are not in control, Ellie! I'm the one in control here.
I've been in control since the second you agreed to get me out of the country after I testify.
I agreed for $5 million, Erickson! Well, I guess we know why they can't stand each other.
And that payday is two years from now! You can't go 10 months without doing something stupid! Actually, I thought he got terrific valuation on the car.
Shut up! Thank you.
The government is gonna find the money.
This time or next time.
They're just waiting for you to screw up and lead them back to your little hiding place.
What are you gonna do then? Y you're not gonna shoot me.
You're not gonna shoot me 'cause you know how it'll make you look.
Like you screwed up the biggest assignment of your life.
And you won't get the $5 million.
Just observing.
That's why I'm gonna shoot you.
Whoa, hey, hey.
I Wait.
Why you gonna kill him? So we can fake your death, idiot.
And get you out of the country today.
I want to get paid! A mob dentist I used to protect he'll fake all the records.
We'll burn his body.
I like this plan.
Sounds really interesting.
Uh, guys, Eliot, Sophie, you got to come here.
Bring the cops as soon as you possibly can.
So, what are you mumbling about? - Hardison? - Be there in a sec.
And bring some orange soda.
- What? - I can't dip into my stash, Nate.
Just just just bring the man a soda! Okay.
Look I know how hard it is for a person to change their nature.
I have some experience in this.
You are in what is called a transitional period.
You picked up on that, did ya? Let me give you some advice that, um, someone gave me.
It's very hard to move forward and be happy until you stop looking to the past.
Give me the gun.
I'll shoot him myself.
Did you hear that? - No, just give me the gun.
I want to shoot him.
- No, shut up! I've never shot anybody.
The cops are gonna be here any minute, and this is all your fault because you couldn't keep your hands off your wallet.
M Marshal, you know, I know you're upset and everything, but, really, you can't blame him for something that happened yesterday.
Past is the past.
I mean, you can't blame him for anything that happened What you need to be thinking about, I think, is what's gonna happen next.
Can somebody record this? I want a record of this.
The cops might be outside this building right now, and they're gonna come in and everything, but you both still have a moment, a chance to get outside and and and plan your getaway.
You're not gonna believe who just showed up.
What could you give me that'll make me reconsider asking my two associates here to tie you up in a bag with the nearest mountain lion? I Can I - Yeah? - Charlie? It's Erickson.
Gabe Erickson.
Blast from the past.
How you been? Want you guys to watch the doors.
You guys come with me.
I don't care about the cops.
I want Erickson.
Nate, it's Don Paolo Brancato, man.
He's headed your way.
All right, I see the warehouse up ahead, Nate, but we still got cops on us.
It's gonna take a couple more minutes.
Just shut up and let me think for a minute! What good is that gonna do us? If the cops, in fact, are gonna come in here, you might want to make it less obvious that you're holding a hostage! That's actually not a bad idea.
Now, if we just untie him No, no! I can say that I just arrested him.
If we untie him, we're not gonna be in trouble.
Don't touch him! Stop! Hello, Erickson.
You called our mutual friend, Charlie.
Oh, you are an idiot.
Shut up.
Granted, that only got us to Portland.
But then, when we traced your phone, seems you left your GPS tracking on.
All right, that one's on me.
Just put the gun down.
I'm serious, Brancato.
Just put the guns down.
Put the guns down, or I'll sh oh! Whoa! I can't see him! Check over there! Parker, a little help? What are you doing? What are you doing? That is the good stuff, imported from Mexico! Nate, the cops are at the north side.
The South entrance will be clear in 10 seconds.
Make it five.
Come on! You think it'll work? It has to.
What will work? Lots of cars in the '30s were diesels.
They would run on vegetable oil.
We're gonna fuel up the packard and try to The car?! The car that's all the way over there?! You mean we got to run over there and get in the car, drive through a gunfight, and pray that it's bulletproof like the Batmobile?! Okay, I'm in.
Let's go.
Go, go.
Aah! Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Just stop shooting! Stop shooting! I wasn't I wasn't gonna testify against you.
I was just trying to avoid prosecution.
Aah! Aah! Wait, wait, wait! I have $50 million in the Cayman Islands.
I'll give you half.
Okay! You can have all of it.
Aah! Okay, Hardison, what are there, a couple of dozen banks down there in the Caymans? Nate, get the car started.
Worry about the stash later.
Stop! Please stop! - Nate.
- Nate, stop! That's my car! No! Nate! This is the Portland police.
We have the building surrounded.
Freeze! Come out with your hands up.
You actually put all this together? We handed out the trophies yesterday, but these people, they they just won't leave.
You asked to speak with me, Mr.
Ford, so let's speak.
We recovered the $50 million from Erickson's bank in the Caymans.
I would like to distribute that money to the people he stole it from.
I have no claim on that money.
And I don't believe I wish to pick a fight with a man such as yourself If I can avoid it.
What about the Marshal? I'll take care of her.
Welcome to Canada.
Please have your passport or nexus card out and available for inspection.
Just a little weekend getaway.
You must provide receipts for any purchases made out of country.
Thank you.
Hold it there, Marshal.
There is one other thing I'd like to ask of you, and that is that you or any of your associates leave Erickson alone in prison.
Out of the question.
I need Erickson dead.
Well, no.
No, you just need him quiet, really.
He was picked up by the police.
His Marshal's gone rogue.
He's losing his immunity as we speak.
He's gonna stand trial for his financial infractions and go to jail for a very long time.
Let him live and enjoy it.
You know, my organization, in its original and purest form, was law enforcement.
Neighborhoods where the police didn't have the ability to enforce the law.
There was a purpose.
They were trying to build something.
We lost sight of that.
Well, we can all be better, huh? Gonna be hard work getting that landscaping business up again? The thing I've learned about hard work, Mr.
Ford Makes coming home at night to the people that love you feel even better.
That's true.
Hey, take care.
Oh, hey.
The car? Back where we found it.
Oh, good.
The owner's gonna be back soon.
Now, let me just roll this back for a second, Nate.
You knew that that Mussolini car would drive Erickson crazy.
So crazy that he would call his old car contact, access secret bank accounts, turn on his Marshal babysitter, and almost get taken out by the mob guys that he planned to testify against? Mm-hmm.
That's like five different things nobody could have ever known would happen.
I only knew three of the five.
I knew it.
See, which three? Oh, come on, Nate, don't Don't do me like that, Nate.
Don't do me like that, Nate.
I couldn't help overhearing what you said in the warehouse about putting the past behind you.
I had a gun to my head.
This is our bar.
I'm sure I can rustle up a gun somewhere.
- You were wrong about one thing.
- Really? Because I couldn't possibly be right, could I? Wanting to move on with or without you it matters.
We matter.

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