Leverage s05e09 Episode Script

The Rundown Job

Udall, this is not what we agreed to! This was a 3-month rental agreement.
It was up two weeks ago! I want you out, or I'm calling the police.
Yes, we suffered some delays, but we're back on track.
Unfortunately, your timetable has suddenly accelerated.
What?! Hey! Aah! I want you to know that your sacrifice Will save millions of lives.
What is that? What's going on?! What is this?! - Leverage - - S05E09 - What is this? That, congressman, is the report Of a successful counter-terrorism operation.
You're welcome.
An operation involving A cia agent, an fbi profiler, Two electrical engineers from nasa, A pilot from the navy Damn fine aviator, too.
You have the cia agent operating domestically, Which is against the law.
You got an fbi agent shooting up rome.
One café in rome, sir one.
Some of these people don't even have security clearance.
This team is in violation of every jurisdictional rule.
They were the team I needed To take out a leading terrorist bomb maker, sir.
Colonel vance, thank you for your Look, terrorists and other yahoos Know what our "rules" are.
They know we're big and slow, So they're running smaller, leaner, faster.
It's asymmetrical warfare.
It's a tactic we need to use.
Colonel vance, thank you for your testimony.
I just do the same thing, with my teams.
I throw together the right team for each different threat, While the cia is still filling out the paperwork.
The committee finds you and all your operations In violation of the interagency security act.
And therefore illegal under federal law.
You slap together another one of your little "asymmetry" teams From federal agents, colonel vance, You and everybody around you is out of a job and in jail.
These "slow, giant" agencies you mock Were designed by very smart people.
So was the titanic.
Security, did you clear the elevator? Security, come in.
Security? 'Sup, eliot? Who? Not talking to you.
Aah! Cameras good? Good for two minutes.
Two minutes for a kerensky 217 with motion sensors? Thanks.
Babe, I got the motion sensors.
Lasers, on the other hand Look, you got a minute-40.
Kiss for luck? Who needs luck? I never get tired of that.
Well, prime minister entabe is about to find out He's not as good at hiding his assets as he once thought.
No, you should be able to buy four n oh! Bup-bup.
Eight new schools.
Okay, take care, sister agnes.
Hey, nate, we're done in d.
We're flying back tomorrow.
See you.
They're so shiny.
Couldn't I have just kept one? Road to redemption, parker.
Just think how good it's gonna feel When you get that christmas card from those orphans.
Hell, we may even get eliot to smile.
Are you cool, man? How'd you get this number, riley? Hitter like you comes back to d.
, and Buzz-buzz.
What do you want? I got a job for you.
Right here in town, got to be this morning.
No, I don't do that anymore.
The rumors are true? Damn it.
That's like picasso throwing away his paint brush.
Later, then.
That's that thing thing you don't do anymore.
No, I don't.
So we keep walking.
The thing is, just 'cause I'm not doing it Doesn't mean it's not getting done.
So you're saying that somebody, somewhere Yeah, boss? Tell marco we've got cash coming in.
Lock up the back.
A lot of guys, this is the last thing they ever see.
I already told you I ain't in the game anymore.
But I can't let this go down, So I'm gonna need to see that file.
Why'd you quit, anyway? Started running with some different people Like a hacker And a thief.
Now, I'm gonna need that file.
You said this morning, So I know you got the intel on you.
Good night.
They got full surveillance on her, everyday timeline.
She gets off her train from work in 15 minutes.
You want to take somebody out in an open space like this, You don't do it up close.
Target can see you, they can evade.
Your exit path is blocked by screaming witnesses.
Drive-by's not gonna work, 'cause a handgun's unreliable Over the distance from the street.
And that means Sniper.
Open roof, clear line of sight to the subway exit.
Behind me.
Don't look! I'm gonna keep her alive.
You guys find a way to get her out of here.
With what? I You stole a michelangelo with tinfoil and chewing gum.
Figure it out! Oh Uh Two and two.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Hi, pete.
Hey, teresa.
Hi, sam.
Hey, hi.
Uh, pardon me.
Do you know where the, uh Do you know where the m-manderley hotel is? It's Five blocks that way.
This way, right here? Yeah.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate that.
Wow, you have a really strong grip.
Yeah, I know.
It's 'cause I got to do this.
What the aah! Aah! Who are you? Right now, we're the good guys.
Go! Get on that! Get on that! Go! Go! Okay! Are you okay? Yeah.
Thank you.
I don't know how to thank you.
It's no problem.
Babe, we got to go.
Okay, take care.
Hang on.
Um, no.
Cops, bad.
Thieves, go.
Teresa, tell them what you do for a living.
I'm an administrator.
For what? The 911 emergency system for the city of washington, d.
I run it.
This wasn't just a hit.
This is terrorism.
So, who you calling? I got a buddy in the business.
Eliot spencer.
Ain't that a kick in the head? + Too many cops.
So, who is this vance guy, anyway? Too many cops.
We were in the service together.
We got our hands dirty.
After a while, they put him in a suit.
He asked me to continue working for my country.
I did for a bit.
What kind of work? I just told you.
We got our hands dirty.
We go way back.
We hand this off, we're on the first flight out of d.
Somebody paid good money to whack D.
's emergency-service administrator.
I dropped the gunman.
Uniforms got him And the file.
So Eliot spencer, you're under arrest.
told ya.
Too many cops.
You got some charges? Charges? Conspiracy to commit murder multiple counts Assault, battery, racketeering, kidnapping.
Up front.
Yes, sir.
Transport's on the way.
This is a violation of my constitutional rights.
You're alec hardison.
You cracked the pentagon servers when you were 12.
Has a file on you a mile long.
Do they? What do they say about me? I hope they gave me a cool nickname.
Parker here No file on you, which is Is she asleep? She bores easy.
What do you got on us? "Multiple" counts.
Your 911 administrator wasn't the only hit today.
The head of the largest hospital in washington, d.
, Was killed in a suspicious car wreck.
The local fema director Was knifed to death in a mugging.
All today? That's Coincidence.
No, it's what you do When you want to cripple the infrastructure of a city The day of a terrorist attack.
Somebody's gonna hit d.
With something big Today.
Clock is ticking.
It's gonna take me two days just to schedule a meeting Between fbi, homeland security, And everybody else who owns a piece of this.
Put together one of your little dance teams.
As of now, my teams are illegal.
However, if certain Known felons somehow resolve the situation, I'm pretty sure I could get All the charges dropped against them.
I stopped working for you a long time ago, vance.
You took an oath.
Y-you're talking about Stopping a terrorist attack in an afternoon.
We'd need all your intel.
That truck back at the crime scene It's an n.
Mobile response intelligence unit.
With the schneier cryptography system And the j-dam satellite uplink? That I know nothing about, 'cause that would be treason and wrong.
Are you for real? So, you grab the truck Hell Your girlfriend's already out of her cuffs.
Make it look good.
Really? That's all you Ohhhh, you're slowin' down in your Three tries? Damn.
He didn't always wear a suit.
Parker, get the door.
Oh, no.
Go back to the scene of the crime crawling with feds.
Good plan.
Loving the plan.
Just do one of your voices.
Buy me a minute to boost it.
Jiminy clicks! Oh, cheese biscuits! Are you ser you've got to move this truck right now! It can't be parked here.
Move it right now.
Excuse me, you have to move away from the vehicle! This is his truck.
He built this $20 million thing.
I'm his handler.
Handler? Uh, chief, this vehicle cannot be parked Within 10 meters of a power transformer.
The magnetic resonance Travels down through the satellite-imaging uplink English, doc! Speak to him in english! The data in this vehicle is being corrupted as we speak! I must check the shielding, look at the data feedback.
Here, I'm not pulling your pinkies here, guy.
Right here.
Every second we waste here Destroys another gigabyte of classified data! Boom, another gigabyte gone.
No, I can't let you in the truck.
A gigabyte gone your job, gone.
Security clearances.
You're not gonna let who what are we, terrorists? Okay, that was my plan was to come here, Show you a real badge that I somehow got, And then bring somebody crazy to break into a secure vehicle? We're gonna move this down the block.
He's gonna spend about an hour doing spot-checks on databases.
I showed you my badge.
Man, here, take my badge.
Call it in.
I got to deal with this guy! Go, parker.
Get us out of here before they realize we escaped.
It's got every database N.
, cia, fbi.
It's got hard backdoors into most commercial systems, Live feeds into every security camera on the grid.
Man, if this wasn't such a gross violation Of our civil liberties, I would be in love right now.
Where do we start? We start with getting you two on a plane out of here.
You didn't sign up for this.
Trust me.
And you? You're going to handle this by yourself? Come on, she's a lady, man.
She needs the right touch.
What you gonna do with your big punching hands Punch the screens? No.
We agreed we all change.
Better or worse, we change together.
What do they got on the gunman? they're running his prints.
It's gonna take hours to narrow down.
Look up the navy seal database, enlisted from '90 to '95.
It's his watch.
Steel-brushed chronometers were standard seal issue, Until they switched To the carbon black divers' watch in '95.
It's a very distinctive watch.
Pull it up.
That's him.
Charlie scalzi, dishonorable discharge.
His passport's all over the place.
I got his credit cards, his bank statements Government has everything.
Man, this is disturbing.
I mean, it's hot, but it's disturbing.
Hardison? All right.
Parking, you always start with the parking Especially now, since the meters take credit cards.
He parked on the same block eight times in a row A couple months ago.
What's special about that block? I don't know.
It's got a couple old buildings, some antique shops.
Let me run a scan.
Owners of a fashionable antique store Were surprised to find That robbers had hidden in an old subbasement, Waiting for the weekend.
They even brought a cooler of beer with them, Which they left behind as they made off With thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry.
Okay, that's not it.
That's exactly it.
A bunch of burnouts camping? Do you know why you bring A cooler full of ice to a robbery? No? I do.
Everything we need to know is in that basement.
I'll drive.
Hold on.
No, hold on.
Oh, you oh, hell, man.
washington union, may I help you? can you see that your editor receives this package? I think he'll be happy he did.
+ This is a waste of time, parker.
There's nothing down here.
Fresh paint.
You bring ice to a heist to keep a saw blade cool Industrial saw.
The beer and the jewels were a distraction.
Oh, this couldn't get any creepier.
I stand corrected.
Says "coldwater health sciences foundation.
" The foundation was a precursor to the cdc.
Was, uh, privately funded government disease research Shut down in 1934.
This lab was forgotten.
How do you lose track of a whole laboratory? There's over 200 tons of uranium Missing from the United States nuclear storage.
The air force lost a hydrogen bomb off the coast of georgia.
Countries are big things, parker.
A lot of secrets slip through the cracks.
You should see this.
The case is vacuum-sealed.
Do not tell me what's inside.
Says "influenza, 1918.
" Get out.
Now! Get out! Now! Go! Go! Get out! The spanish flu killed 50 million people During world war I, and now somebody's got it.
Look, we can do this.
Just treat it like any another job.
This isn't just any other job.
All right, all right.
Stay focused.
I focused! That bug in there killed 50 million people! And that was when the population was lower.
Now? Now? Hey, we're thieves, man.
And we're good at what we do, But this is way, way out of our leagu.
And you expect us to go catch some psycho with a city killer? A country killer? You scared? You're damn right.
I'm not.
I got the best thief And the smartest guy I know chasing this guy.
Hey, listen to me.
You're smartest guy I've ever known, hardison.
I need that brain to get me to him.
'Cause you know if I lay my hands on him, it's done.
Get me to him.
He has to weaponize it.
That's a good start.
We find the lab.
He doesn't need a lab.
He needs pigs.
Okay, spanish flu is hlnl, Just like the avian flu virus outbreaks a few years ago, Which started on large industrial farms in china, Where people worked in close proximity to chickens and pigs.
The disease, it traveled through the animals first, And then finally jumped to humans.
The terrorist would have to have total access to a pig farm.
That's time, manpower Uh, call up the n.
calling up n.
Thank you, creepy spy truck.
Okay, here.
This this farm is an hour outside of the city.
According to records, The owner shut this down three weeks ago.
Had to use my badge to jack that truck, huh? Listen, I'm sending you an address, okay? It seems like your bad guy found some old disease research.
He's making it hot.
Our bad guy has a name.
"Ahmed" just dropped off a manifesto Here at the washington union.
That letter is serious crazy.
Well, we got a lead on whmay be a weapons lab.
Call me when it stops being "maybe".
Parker? Look for any remnants of a lab.
Guys, over here.
Over here! I'm gonna secure the area, make sure we're alone.
Hardison? Did the flu Coulda just killed him to keep him quiet.
No proof they weaponized the bug.
That's the proof.
The bug is hot.
Not like every other job.
+ Why'd they kill the guy? That ain't a "maybe.
" Patient zero.
Once they got it to work on pigs, They'd need a human host for the final stage.
Found these papers inside.
They're a lease agreement.
Well, it'll be a shell company.
Five, actually.
But they spat out another lease.
It's a trailer on some undeveloped land.
We'll meet you there.
There's a time for sneaking around, my brother, And a time for droppin' an attack chopper Full of pissed-off 19-year-olds in full body armor on somebody, And we have reached that appointed hour.
Anti-terrorism strike force.
Yeah, I have a class four biohazard Burn it.
Fire is the only way to kill this thing.
I'm gonna need a burn unit, And dial me up tactical, will you? Connecting.
Leave the truck somewhere we can find it.
Your passports will be cleared by the time you reach dulles.
Call you when it's done.
We won.
We should be happy.
So why aren't we? The biggest hospital.
Hospital? Look at the victims.
You got you got You got the emergency services, fine, But just one hospital administrator.
You said it's what you would do To drive a city crazy the day of an attack.
That's the right way to do it.
You hit all the hospitals.
Why just that one guy? There's a link between the three.
There's a link.
Okay, work histories there's no crossover.
Going into their financials.
Hello, credit-card statements in berlin two years ago Same hotel.
Going into their passports.
Look, they all took the same flight out of berlin.
They took the same flight back after a 4-day stay.
"Symposium on bio-terror," Berlin university school of public health.
Led by Another d.
Native, dr.
Everett udall.
He laid out a bunch of different scenarios, All terror attacks on d.
He's probably dead, too.
Even if he is, I bet his research could help us Or at least give us a target.
Look at that.
That's a home address.
You see that? Go! You really shouldn't be here, congressman.
Oh, really? As head of the oversight committee, I can supervise any operation I like, Make sure the paperwork's done.
For example, do you have your warrant? It's on its way.
We'll wait.
Get me a warrant.
Udall? Dr.
Udall! It's an emergency! Really not looking forward to finding another body.
Focus on the research.
If he's got a computer, that's all I need.
Thank you.
Your jacket.
Eliot? Eliot? Did you hear a click? Wood floors don't "click.
" You mean I'm standing on Yeah, he put a pressure plate Underneath the flooring.
Pull him back.
I can't just pull him back.
Explosion velocity of a claymore is 4,000 feet per second, And we ain't that fast.
Oh, you're just full of fun facts, ain't you? Whole area in front of the floor could be rigged.
I got a plan.
Kiss for luck? I don't believe in luck.
I can see the connection.
I just have to pull the wires.
Got it.
So, we're thinking Udall is ahmed.
Good, we're all on the same page.
I got a letter of suspension here From the cdc biowarfare research department.
"Erratic behavior.
" That's Great.
I got an e-mail from them.
"Your repeated warnings of a biological attack on the u.
"have crossed the line into hysteria.
Colleagues are claiming harassment.
" Okay, I got all his research here.
Device design.
There's a briefcase with a 2-part detonator.
The virus is mixed in with a gas, And the bomb detonates, and it spreads the infection.
It's like a germ dirty bomb.
It's Wait.
All his research is here.
Experiments at the pig farm, his research is here.
Oh, hell, no.
So what's the trailer for? Move, move, move.
Come on.
Come on.
Give me vance! Who is this? Who is this?! Give me vance! This is a secure line.
Listen to me.
This is an emergency.
I need to speak with He's leading them right into an ambush.
And we sent him there.
+ We got to warn him.
Is he near his car? What? His car! Is he near his car?! Give me the phone.
Give me the phone.
He's got a bluetooth speakerphone link.
The phone's connected to the car.
If the car's off There's always a little power.
That's why electric locks work.
There's the electrical system.
Testing protocols.
Three long.
Three short.
Your car is signaling s.
? The hacker.
Spencer's using the hacker.
Move! Get out! Go! Go! Go! Go! Did it work? I I don't know.
I'm trying to get the phone speaker.
Move, move, move! Get to cover! Pull everyone back to the perimeter! Ohh! My boy! That is what I'm talking about.
I need a head count asap! Want to make sure everyone's okay! We got to find this guy.
It's up to us.
Udall is smart.
He's gonna want to release the virus in a public place.
A grocery store? The fridge is full of eggs.
Full of 'em.
Weird, but no.
I can track his phone.
He's gonna want to go Somewhere with a lot of people, somewhere crowded.
He's trying to block his phone's gps, But there's enough wi-fi around to nail him.
Wait, there! There! There! He just went underground! Subway.
Go! Go! Go! He's not here.
Check the other side.
Which one is he? I can't tell.
What do you mean, you can't tell? I got a 100 feet of concrete and live wires.
Give me a second.
Doors opening.
Stand clear.
Train departing.
Please stand clear.
Okay, the signal's moving.
He's on the train.
So am I! All right.
When you pick him out of the crowd, call us! No, I'm on the train! I'm Never mind.
Eliot? Eliot! Hey, valet.
Yes, sir.
Wait a minute! What are you doing?! Somebody call the cops! Get back here! Udall is still in the subway car.
Next stop is the main station.
Four lines intersect.
He's gonna release the virus in the main terminal.
If he pops the virus there, The infected people spread to the national monuments, The airport.
We got to get 11 blocks in less than á oh, no.
Parker, stop that train! I'll be at the booth In ugh! Well Soon.
I need options! Okay, parker, there's a bend in the tunnel just ahead of you.
If you can stop the train near it, There's a maintenance corridor we can access.
Hey! Get out of the way! Whoo-hoo! Left up here.
Maintenance access.
Left! Freeze! Police! Stop right there! We have a 1033 in progress.
We need backup right away.
The fugitives go.
Parker, he'll have a bag or a briefcase! + I need some help.
I can't tell which one he is.
He's gonna be nervous.
He's gonna be sweaty and twitchy.
No, no, no, no, no, he won't.
The eggs that's how you make vaccine.
You culture them in eggs.
He's vaccinated himself.
He's immune.
Parker, he's immune! Good enough.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ow! Step on a nail? Tetanus shot, dr.
Udall? yes, well You're too late.
People will, uh, have to die.
It's the only way to make the government wake up! Everybody off! He's got a bomb! Get off now! I warned them for 40 years And yemen, 9/11, but they're still too slow! An apocalypse is gonna happen, Just waiting for some terrorist with the right equipment To find what I found! Some people will die, But it's the only way To make the government wake up! See, you can't stop this! Uh What? Can you stop this? Damn, man.
Are you okay? Disarm the bomb.
Um, I would if I can get to it, But the edges of the glass are wired.
Uh, we break that glass, it goes off.
I kept one diamond.
Babe, all is forgiven.
Tell me you shut it off.
The bomb part is down, But there's an aerosol failsafe.
It's gonna spray gas full of virus.
Th-th-there's no boom, But there's enough in there To contaminate the air for the next nearest stops.
I mean, I-it gets the city, at least.
The whole city, everybody in d.
For luck.
aah! Parker, no! Don't do it! Parker! Parker! Fire's the only thing that'll kill this thing, right? Yeah.
Yeah, that'll do that'll do it.
Don't do that to me.
I can't lose you.
Do you understand? I can't lose you.
Don't scare me like that.
I can't.
Come on, part-time.
For your country.
By the time the bureaucrats wake up, I'll be too late.
Yeah, I just met a guy that made that same argument.
Couldn't wait for his country to catch up with him.
all right.
The thing is, he did what he thought he had to do.
I'll tell you something, vance.
I know firsthand.
You become obsessed with beating your enemy, It's real easy to become him.
Come on.
Move it along.
Promise you'll at least consider working with us again.
I work with them now.
Honor among thieves? Something like that.
World can always use some more good guys.
Yeah, well, too bad we're the bad guys.
You're shot.
You should go to the hospital.
I don't do hospitals.
I told you.
He takes getting shot very lightly.

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