Leverage s05e12 Episode Script

The White Rabbit Job

After that, we scale fabrication output by 20%.
This will mean more downsizing.
There are and so on.
Call their names, send them to H.
Any backchat, Mr.
Carroll can assist.
Maybe if I cut some work hours, we can save someone -- No one is saving anyone, Alex.
Just do it.
All right, all right, nearly finished, people.
Just a few more.
Number 462, and 20.
Edith, I am sorry.
If there was any-- All right, that's it, people.
Back on the clock.
Half the workforce has been cut in the last six months.
Entire sections have been closed.
What Charles is doing makes no sense.
Who's Charles? Charles Dodgson III.
He's the "Dodgson" in "Dodgson Energetics.
" I don't mean to be harsh, Mr.
Liddell, but companies do die.
isn't dying, Mr.
It's being killed.
And if the factory dies, Oxford dies.
The factory is the town's life's blood.
We could just get rid of him.
What? Good Lord! No, I don't want Charles hurt.
My God.
No, no, no, what what What he means is that we could We could take him out of play.
Like a forced retirement.
You you have to understand His father ran D.
like a sweatshop.
When Charles took over, he stopped all that.
He was like his grandfather again.
He was so full of energy and new ideas for the future.
You don't want him taken out of play.
You don't want him removed from the company or anything like that.
You got to just tell us what you want.
He was once someone we all loved and admired.
I want you to fix him.
I want you to make Charles the way he used to be.
Can you do that, Mr.
Ford? "Yes"? You said "yes" to the man? Nate, are you out of your damn mind? We are running the white rabbit.
The white what? No, Nate.
No, that's not what we do.
That's what I said.
All right, listen, we wreck the bad guys.
We don't turn one kind of guy into another kind of guy.
Wait What is the white rabbit? It's the ungriftable grift.
It's impossible.
Yeah, but we do impossible.
No, Parker, not like this.
For this, you have to get inside the mark Like inside their head, inside their dreams.
- Can't be done.
- That's not true.
There's a grifter sitting right here among us who has successfully pulled off the white rabbit Sophie.
- It's possible.
- There you go.
It's possible.
A bit of NLP, some mesmerism, some of Eliot's special sedatives.
Eliot's got sedatives? It's just a little psychotropic I picked up outside of Bogota.
Puts you under fast, keeps you dreaming for days.
Unless you take a stimulant before they dose you.
See? Possible, griftable, doable.
This guy hasn't broken any laws, all right.
He's not skimming.
He's not mobbed-up.
Why are you thinking of doing this? Look, we're not God, Nate.
Why do we get to choose what kind of person he gets to be? Guys, if you think about it, every job that we do, every single job, we're kind of playing God.
We're not doing it for payback.
We help people.
We save people.
And I think this guy can be saved.
I think the town can be saved.
So we're gonna do this.
Uh, what comes to me when I think of D.
? Uh, history, excellence.
Charlie really pumps life into this place.
I mean, he's the one that really keeps it going.
Yeah, he's like a mad genius.
He he makes coming to work really exciting.
But most of all, family.
I mean, all this happens because D.
's a family.
I mean, everybody who works here Hey, man.
Is invested in our future, so we're just moving forward together.
Well, that guy's changed.
Now, that's Charles Dodgson five years ago.
Four years ago, his pop hands him the keys to the family biz.
Now, D.
used to make high-end batteries for military drones, hybrids, laptops.
I'm sorry "used to"? Well, three years ago, they were hip-deep in developing the Alpha Broadcast Battery, and then all of a sudden, Dodgson started making cuts Departments, personnel, clientele.
Yes, question from the sexy stuff in the front row? How do we break into his head? Well, dude keeps a tight schedule I mean, work, home, work, repeat.
No friends, no family, groceries are delivered.
He doesn't even drive his own car.
Okay, there it is right there car service.
It'll be easy to swap Eliot out with his regular driver.
Swap Eliot out for what reason? I still don't see an in on this guy.
That's because you didn't hack three months' worth of satellite data to track Charlie boy.
He drops in here once a week behavioral therapy.
Now, at first, I thought it was O.
Turns out they're panic attacks.
And he's keeping these little visits secret just between him and his driver.
Wait you know what? Give me a week, a warehouse, some digital projectors, Eliot's cocktail Yeah, we can put this guy in wonderland.
All right, Sophie.
Now, you're gonna take point on this, and you'll decide whether or not it's a go.
All the way through it.
I'm sorry Dr.
Polito's office? Emma Rauschenbaugh.
I'm looking after Dr.
Polito's patients while he's away.
He had a medical emergency.
You're his 7:00 Charles Dodgson? Yeah, the thing is, I really only came down here to terminate Dr.
But I've studied your file, and I Tell me, did you never discuss your dreams with Dr.
Polito? It was enough of a a chore to come down to this place.
My family we don't do this.
Yes, I have given it quite a lot of thought, and please, what would you say if I just suggested that I could solve your panic issues in 10 days? So, your dreams In guided dream therapy, you and I enter your dreams even when you're not here at the office.
My father had this.
He controlled it.
He controlled himself.
If he was able to do it, I'm sure I can take care of this myself.
Well, he probably had help.
Dream architectures can be quite complex.
Yeah, you didn't know him.
Thank you for your time, doctor.
Nate, I lost Dodgson.
He quit therapy.
No, you didn't.
No, he's not.
No, Dodgson is about to have a panic attack.
Parker, you're up.
Yeah, I'm good to go.
Sorry what was that? I said, it's good to know that there's, uh that these little towns like this Oxford place exist.
Man, I used to drive 18 up 35 from Dallas to Oklahoma city.
And right past Oklahoma city, you jump on the old 66, hey! And there's little, small towns littered all the way Look out! Look out! Oh, my God! What are you doing? That was way too close.
Had to make it look real.
Was it good? You all right? You okay? I'm okay.
Everything's good.
It's all right, sir.
Girl's gonna be fine.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me! Don't just drive.
What are you doing here, Alex? Well, uh, I did an extrapolation of the effects the cuts you've made will have on the company.
If you keep this up, D.
will go under in a year.
Six months, and it's not going under.
I'm selling it out.
A year of cuts kills us, but six months makes us lean and attractive to buyers.
Selling out? What is that what this is? Every chip, every cable, every hard drive.
But to do that, I need to trim D.
down, cut the dead weight, which now includes you.
You're fired.
What?! No, no.
Dodgson - You're done.
- Charles! Alex, you're done.
I will make do with Mr.
At least he doesn't think.
What's happened to you? Get out.
Rauschenbaugh, this is Charles Dodgson.
I've reconsidered.
The attacks seem to come at random.
If I could just figure out what's causing them All right.
Blue patch makes him loopy.
Red patch knocks him out.
Headed your way, Hardison.
, 10 minutes.
Come on with it, Eliot.
Dreamnasium is a go.
Welcome to the dreamnasium.
Please bring the heavily sedated guest to the first virtual set.
I got digital projectors to change the landscapes, plus stuff he can touch, like chairs, tables, anything like that.
Now, section 1 mirrors the shrink's office.
Section 2, anything we want.
And the hallway, which is in the middle, that's like neutral ground It's like base camp.
We're ready in here.
All right, Hamlet is a go in five, four, three, two Propose the oath, my lord.
Propose the oath, my lord! "Never to speak of this that you have seen.
" That's your line, man! It's all right.
Everything's fine.
You're dreaming.
This is where we'll confront the cause of your panic attacks.
We're in.
Let's go steal a dream.
I'm dreaming? Yes.
I'm dreaming right now? Yes.
Why does it feel so Solid? This is a lucid dream, Mr.
You have the dream experience, but you're aware so it can do you some good.
Aah! There's nothing out there.
Because your subconscious doesn't want you to be out there.
If it did, there'd be something to see.
Come with me.
Okay, factory floor is up.
Oh, and remember, this is all virtual.
You can't touch anything but the doors.
None of this is real.
It's just a digital illusion.
And I Haven't worked out all the bugs yet.
This is my factory.
What are we doing here? This is your emotional landscape.
What's important to your waking mind is reality here.
Oh, look.
Uh w-w-wait.
That area's closed.
We don't use that anymore.
Who closed it, Mr.
Dodgson? Well, I did.
The first section that Dodgson closed was research and development.
It's been chained up, untouched, for years.
Very important to him.
All D.
's future projects are in there.
Now we get him to reopen it in the dream, go inside, and see all the inventions he left to rot.
And then, what? He flips back to being a good guy? Well, we get him thinking about the future, which will bring hope.
I mean, just open the door, right? Easy peasy.
This just doesn't feel right.
I can we come back to this? If we're here, it's because you want us to be here.
What's locked behind that door is what's causing your panic attacks.
No, no.
This is I What if something happens? It's a dream.
You're totally safe.
Just Just open it and see.
I Where are you going? I need a my office.
I need to take a break.
He can't go back to his office.
We don't have that.
Why not? You didn't ask for it.
No request, no digital model.
N-no problem.
No problem.
Um, can you get them back in the castle? Yeah, but he'll see the change.
It's okay.
Just d-do that.
Okay, Sophie, we're done for the night.
Dodgson, I urge you as your therapist to consider the ramifications of what you're doing.
What the hell is happening? - You're in crisis.
- This is insane.
The chaos is being reflected in your dream state.
If you'll just stop - No, no.
Just stop talking.
- Listen to me.
I'm getting out of here.
Look, I'm not saying we pull the plug, but we have to rethink this.
The whole con hinges on him opening that door.
He does not want to do that.
He wanted to go to his office.
He was desperate to get there.
Why? Sentiment.
It was his father's office.
Then we should let him go there.
He wants to take the long way around Fine, as long as he opens that door.
I got the floor plans.
All I need to do is get pictures of how it's set up inside.
Yeah, finesse won't work with this guy.
No, no, we got to push him.
Shorten the leash.
Are you with us, Mr.
Dodgson? Excellent.
Welcome to stage 2.
Stage 2? First, we got you acclimated to the dream state.
Now you have to take control.
That is the last thing that I've got.
The panic attacks are even worse than before.
Panic attacks are about loss of control.
Here is where you take it back.
But you have to want it.
I do.
I want it.
Let's get started.
We've already begun.
What I'm dreaming now? How can I tell? Like this.
Why, Charles? Why? Why, Charles? Why? Why, Charles? Why? Charles, why? Why, Charles? Why? Or that.
Charles, why? Why? Aah! Why, Charles? Charles! Oh, God.
Who are those people? What do they want? You, Mr.
Why, Charles? Why? No, no.
No! Aah.
You can't escape them, Mr.
They're you.
All of this is you.
How will you ever get better if you don't listen to your doctor? It's all in my h-head, right? This dream I'm in my office, my dad's office.
I'm safe.
That's up to your subconscious.
Can they get in? Mr.
If you think you don't need me No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
You have to help me.
You're the doctor.
Okay, just Just tell me what they want.
That's not how this works.
I'm just the guide.
The hard work is up to you.
Well, why the R&D lab? What does it mean? My feeling is once you open it, you'll know.
Let's go and see, shall we? No, don't.
Don't let them in! Don't.
Come on.
She's good, isn't she? Nobody better.
But I'm not sure that Mr.
I know.
I know.
No, I can't.
I can't.
This has to stay locked.
This block is acting like an anchor.
If you just open the door No.
I am not doing this, okay? And you cannot make me! I believe you.
I need a word.
All right, Eliot brought Dodgson back home.
He was almost there right on the edge.
We got to find something that That pushes him the right way.
Yeah, well, I'm not so sure pushing works so well.
I don't know there's just something about the way he's so resistant that's bothering me, and I can't say why.
Yeah, he's just really stubborn.
To pull off the white rabbit, Dodgson has to buy into the idea that the dreams are real.
On some level, he knows it's all false.
All right, if he needs it to feel real Let's make it real.
Dodgson, please.
You're not making any sense.
Let me say this again in plain English.
I want you to move up the sale.
Yes, sir, of course, but next week? I want this place done Gone.
I want to forget all about it.
Well, it's gonna take longer than a week.
I mean, the termination paperwork alone is gonna take Uh, this is my company.
Um, my father left it to me, not you, and I can close the doors whenever I want.
Yes, sir, but if you want to make any money on the auction You think this is about money? My father would have sold this company in a heartbeat if he thought he could make a profit.
Did I do that? No.
I gave people time to make plans, to find jobs.
I went slow for them because, you know, hey, we're a family here.
Well, family time is over.
Make it happen, John, or you're gonna get a pink slip instead of a golden parachute Are we clear? Yeah clear, sir.
Hey, man.
Just giving the, uh, boss's lady friend a quick tour.
Hey! Hey, turn the music back on! I want to dance! I'm really I'm feeling it.
Uh Dr.
Rauschenbaugh? Sally Sparrow from Hatter Mercantile.
This is my partner, Mr.
You know, this is truly impressive.
What you've done here, truly, it's a tribute to your grandfather's work.
What was his motto? Uh "Keep Keep moving forward.
" That's the one.
Oh, well, you've done a stellar job getting this place in shape.
Yeah, hasn't he? Mm-hmm.
Uh yeah.
I mean, we've been t-trying to cut the fat.
There's just one thing.
In order for us to make a real decision, we're gonna have to see that Alpha Battery.
Um The Alpha Battery? We actually never finished that.
Um Hey! Wait, stop! Please! Hey.
Hey, stop.
Who are you? I work here.
I'm a worker working.
This is all wrong.
You can't be here.
I'm taking the battery for a walk, sir.
She needs to get out.
No, no, no, no.
Come on.
We have to go.
Come on.
Let go! You have to I have to get you out of here! Come on! Guys, a little help? Aah! Damn it! Patience, you never listen.
I've got to get you out of here! Aah! Who the hell is Patience?! He called me "Patience.
" Look for anything with that name.
So, who the hell is Patience? Girlfriend, relative, what? It's not my department.
Stop taking stuff.
Hey, what about this? Should I take this? Put it back.
Damn it.
We're not here to steal.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Hey, what are you doing? Come on.
Come on.
Meet Patience Mortell Dodgson's second cousin.
She doesn't look anything like me.
She's a little younger than Dodgson.
They spent their summers growing up as kids, spent their college years backpacking in Europe.
She's an olympic-class party girl.
And we're just finding out about this now? Well, she fell off the radar after Dodgson took over the family biz.
So you missed it.
I didn't miss nothing.
I wasn't looking for it.
Anyway, after I did a search on her, all I could find was her obit.
Patience is dead? Exactamundo.
See, she spent a week partying in Aspen, drove herself back home Black ice, plus spin-out, Car, plus guardrail, plus gravity, plus 100-foot drops, plus I'm sorry.
You got something to say? I'm just saying it's a pretty big piece of information for you to completely miss! I didn't miss it! I wasn't looking! And she fell off the rad You know what, man? I've had my hands busy building a digital dream world, busy modding your jungle drugs so it doesn't fry Dodgson's brain.
I've been bus You know, d-d-don't you have some chauffeuring to do? - Nate? - Hmm? A word.
Don't tell me.
I know.
You said it was a bad idea, that we shouldn't do it.
You warned me.
I-I know.
Nate, I never completed the white rabbit.
What?! Of course you did.
No, you're the only one who ever It was just a rumor? So all this time, you've let people think Look, I did try it once, but then halfway through, it went bad.
Friends started arguing.
Seasoned grifters starting making rookie mistakes.
So it got bumpy.
I mean, not everything's a cakewalk.
Do you understand what this con is? - We're in a man's mind.
- Yes, I know.
Grifter, therapist Kind of the same coin, right? I mean, you're both inside people's heads.
No, I nudge people into doing something that they already want to do.
I tempt them here and there.
I help them access their greed.
But no no, this is different.
I-I don't see how.
Because you're all plans and clockworks.
This con is unpredictable.
It can break a mark.
It can break a grifter.
It can break a team.
You're forgetting one thing This is us, all right? It's our crew running it, okay? Nothing's gonna happen to this guy.
We're not gonna break him, all right? We're we're helping him.
Look, I am telling you.
As of right now, I cannot predict how this is gonna fall out.
You need to be confident about this.
You're better.
You're smarter.
I mean, you can't feel guilty Why do I bother? Hardison, what's the date of Patience's crash? March 20, 2009.
Okay, can you put up the D.
security footage from march 19th? There's Dodgson working in the R&D lab.
Now, fast-forward one day.
See? Door's closed and padlocked.
That's it.
Well done.
Wait what's it? What's well done? The call.
See, Dodgson, he's got this troubled cousin, disappears into the jet-set party world, calls him out of the blue, but he's busy working on some sensitive project.
The Alpha Broadcast Battery.
Yeah, so he sees who's calling, doesn't take the call because he's busy.
The next day, he finds out Patience is dead.
He blames himself.
Yes, hence the padlocked doors, the closing of the lab, the firing of workers, and trying to sell everything off that's left.
It's not fear of the future that's causing the panic attacks it's guilt.
Since we got here, every time this guy's gotten into a panic attack, Parker was in play.
You all right? I'm okay.
Patience, you never listen.
I've got to get you out of here! Parker reminds him of Patience.
So, I mean No, I mean, the only way we're gonna flip this guy, right, is if we get him to stop being guilty about her.
- Come with me, young lady.
- No.
- It's makeover time.
- No, no, no, no, no.
It's makeover time.
Wait are we not doing the white rabbit? As of right now, these are the companies who will be participating in the auction.
Now, there'll be some advance people dropping in to rate us and more security filings, and today, you'll need to Mr.
Dodgson? Yes, um It's fine.
Sir, I know I'm getting near the line here, but you haven't been your best lately.
I'm just I'm just having some sleep issues.
Yeah, well, as we've moved up the sale date, you've let yourself in on a marathon of conference calls.
You can handle those.
You're the face of the company, sir, like your Like your grandfather.
Uh fine.
I'll talk to them.
I can push back some of the calls to later in the week, but the carmakers from Finland are waiting for a web conference.
If I might suggest This stuff would keep an elephant awake.
It's time-released.
Every five hours, you get a boost.
I don't know.
There's something going on with him.
Find out what he's been up to for the last few days.
Anything unusual, you come see me first, all right? Okay.
Will do.
Patience? Patience? Patience? Patience.
Oh, my God.
It's it's really you.
I missed you so much.
Parker, this is your show.
Remember, just Keep it simple.
You look sad.
Why are you sad? I'm in trouble.
This place, the whole town it's just it's just too much now.
Well, I'm here now.
You look different.
Why do you look different? You're dead.
Patience oh! What's going on! Guys, I think something's wrong.
Wrong, something is.
Damn it.
Parker, he took an energy shot.
It's working against the sedative.
So, Nate, we I mean, we pull the plug, right? Guys, I hate to pile on, but we got company at the gate.
How can I help you tonight? What are you doing here? The boss has a lady friend wants to entertain.
Dodgson never entertains.
And if he did, he wouldn't do it here.
Well, I don't ask questions.
I'm just the driver, man.
No, I think you're a mole.
I think one of the sharks circling this company sent you here to dig up scandal on Mr.
Dodgson, lowball the sale price, yeah? What are you ask my boy here, man.
I He saw us all come in.
We were all together just a min Need some options here, guys.
Stall them.
There's a situation inside.
What is this? So pfft.
That's a hell of a theory, man.
Look, I don't know exactly what's going on here, but I do know that someone canceled Mr.
Dodgson's car for the last month.
Whoever you are, you're no driver.
I don't suppose we can forget about this and just call it a night, huh? Look.
Let me explain something.
Oh, look out.
Ooh! That one connected, didn't it? Come here.
Stay down.
What are you Who are you who are you people? What the hell's what the hell's going on? Huh.
Dodgson Look, t-this isn't what Mr.
Dodgson! Wait! I got him.
He's in the west wing, headed north.
Hey, rich dude! Nate Anybody want to tell me what's going on in there? Stop.
A little bump We're handling it.
- I just need you to keep stalling.
- Fine.
Give me the gun! Charlie! Charlie, stop! Charlie! - Charlie.
- No.
Don't come over here, okay? Just stay right there.
Charlie, w-what are you doing up here? The ball didn't The ball didn't didn't float.
Yeah, well they usually don't.
What are we talking about here? I jus I-I don't know what's real anymore.
You don't you don't look like you.
Nothing feels solid.
Just tell me am I dreaming now, or was I just dreaming then? Which answer gets you down here with me? You know, they say they say you can't die in your dreams.
It's just you just wake up.
I just want to wake up, Patience.
It's not actually always the case.
I am tired.
I am so So tired.
I just I just want to wake up.
No, wait! Stop! Why?! Because because you're not dreaming, okay? If you step off that ledge, you're gonna die.
What? What's the problem? I thought you were hacked into the security system.
No, it's a machine lock.
What the hell are you doing? I'm hacking.
Well, stop it! Just step back.
She's on the roof with the guy we just spent the last four days driving crazy.
Well, I'm not happy about it, either, but we just we have to trust that Parker's gonna see it through to the end.
This is this is a dream.
It's my dream.
It's a lucid dream.
I can't get hurt.
- It's a dream.
It's my dream.
It's a lucid dream.
- Charlie, listen to me! You're not dreaming, okay? I can't get hurt.
Just step on down off that ledge.
Please don't don't come any closer.
I don't I'm not gonna do anything.
Okay? I promise.
- I promise.
- Okay.
I'm gonna sit down here next to you, okay? Hey.
Look at me.
I'm not gonna do anything, okay? It's all right.
It's all right.
Just stay back.
No! Aah! Let me go.
Just let me go.
Keep squirming, it won't be up to me! It's a dream.
It's a dream.
It's got to be a dream.
I swear to God, Charlie, it is not.
I promise you, okay? Patience, let me go.
I'm not doing that.
I'll fall, and I'll wake up, and maybe And maybe you'll still maybe you'll still be alive, too.
I'm not Patience! Patience is dead, okay?! She's dead, and it sucks, and that's the way it is! But you're alive! You're here! You don't und you don't understand.
She was the only one who I'm alone.
I don't understand? I had somebody.
I lost someone once, okay? And I thought I was alone, too.
But you know what? I wasn't.
People thought I was crazy, but I never was.
I-I never was, and neither are you.
And you're not alone.
Your own people sent us because they care about you.
I ne I never wanted any of this.
I just I didn't want the business or the legacy.
I just wanted I just I just wanted to make things.
What happened to Patience wasn't your fault.
But what happens next is.
It's your life, Charlie.
It's your choice.
Make something.
But nobody's seen Charles for a week.
Bright side No one's been fired in a week, and the business hasn't gone up for auction.
Now, Parker was the last one with him.
Um Parker? She's not here.
Yeah, we can see that.
Where is she? Said she wanted to go see the Finns.
I'll pull it up.
He's doing it.
This is it.
He's selling to the Finnish car company.
My grandfather founded this company in 1937.
Welcome to Dodgson Energetics.
Follow me, please.
He passed it on to my father.
When he died, it came to me.
My grandfather's motto Watch your step.
Was "Keep Moving Forward.
" My father thought that meant "keep moving forward to the bank.
" My dad was kind of a jerk.
To him, this this place was just a cash box.
But to me, it was a playground.
It was church.
When I took over Well, I wanted to do a lot.
And I kind of lost sight of that.
And I hurt people you.
I hurt you.
And I'm sorry for that.
Believe me, if I could go back in time and change it, I would, but I guess we all have regrets.
But recently, I had a I guess you'd call it an intervention.
Somebody reminded me Hey! The Finns! Well, thank you for coming.
You, uh, your timing is impeccable.
Have I got something to show you.
You're gonna love this.
Everybody, come in.
Come on.
Gather around.
So, someone reminded me That we can't change the past But we can make the future.
So, I would like to announce our partnership with Aurinko Motors.
Because their new hybrid city car is gonna need something to make it go.
So We need a lot more hands around here.
Why the long face? Oh, just sorting stuff.
Yeah, so, the con failed technically.
The con didn't fail.
The con worked.
If by "worked," you mean "completely fell apart.
" Huh? Sorry which one of us is the grifter? I'm telling you We pulled off the white rabbit successfully.
Pulled off the white rabbit How so? Well, the white rabbit is about taking the truth, what's underneath, and and bringing it out.
And not breaking the mark in the process.
Every grift is an exchange.
The trick is to give enough to hold them up, but not so much that you get pulled over with him.
Parker, huh? Parker.
We good? You tell us.
We're good.

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