Leverage s05e15 Episode Script

The Long Goodbye Job

What was your mistake? How did it start? You sure it's a cure? A whistle-blower at Pallagen reported that 76% of children put on this new drug, Trimethia, went into full remission.
And they won't release the drug.
The only disease it cures is Stanhope's Sarcoma, and We both know how rare that is.
There's no market for the drug, so they won't put it into production.
Not enough children die of Stanhope's Sarcoma to make it profitable.
Enough children Enough of them die.
My patient Danny Sullivan he's running out of time.
He's gonna get the drug.
I don't want to give his parents false hope.
Thing about false hope is that, uh, the sting of it fades.
Unanswered prayers eventually, those those go away, too.
But the idea that his parents could have done something, anything, to save their kid's life but didn't? Don't let them carry that burden.
All right? Let's not do that.
I'll take care of this.
Since when does Nate hug the clients? Well, he hasn't seen her for seven years.
Not since Sam's funeral.
Giallo was his son's pediatrician.
Pallagen stores samples of all their orphan drugs right here in a lab on the 10th floor.
We've done this a hundred times.
Well, the lab door has a keypad.
We can pop that in five minutes flat.
- It's not the lab.
- Then what is it? It's the building.
None of the security measures are here, and the public plans are redacted.
Highpoint Tower isn't just home to Pallagen, okay? Check it.
This the 20th floor There's an Internet hub server for the federal law enforcement.
You know all those Internet files that are supposed to be in the cloud? There is no cloud.
They dance and shuffle on these servers all over the world.
I mean, five minutes here, three hours there.
At any given point, there are data backups for the FBI, DEA, and Interpol passing through the Highpoint Tower server.
Okay, so the building's security is classified.
We have eyes on it? Oh, yeah, I thought you'd want that.
Eliot? Parker? We're on our way in.
Your purse, ma'am.
Thank you.
Go ahead and go through.
Sir, excuse me.
Could you step back? Nate, can you hear me? Nate? What What's going on with the comms? I'm on it.
Comms are fuzzing in and out.
No one's on their phones.
No one's checking e-mails.
Cellphone blockers.
Full wireless lockdown.
The only time I've seen that is CIA.
We've seen this on one other system before.
Don't look up.
We have to go now.
We have a problem.
The security system's a Steranko.
Oh, sweet Lord.
No, no.
Come on.
We've beat a Steranko before.
No, we escaped a Steranko Barely.
They've been improving the system for the last two years based, by the way, on our break-in.
Look, the only communication in or out is through hard lines.
Good news is I can hack the exchange under the street.
Yeah, so you can control all the calls coming in and out of the building.
Yeah, but that's it.
Check and mate.
Okay, so, how much time do we have, you know, just to get in and and bluff for a few minutes, huh? Danny Sullivan has maybe two months to live.
I can do it in one.
All right.
So Steranko is bottom-heavy.
The toughest security is in the lower floors.
We're gonna come in from the top.
Show me, uh, surrounding office towers.
Oh, hello, gorgeous.
Okay, that's Dolan Theater.
It was built 100 years ago over the Shanghai Tunnels.
It's a landmark.
That's why they had to build the other office tower on top of it.
S Security there is a joke.
I have just the thing.
Highpoint Tower is 55 yards away.
Now we just need to get you from here to there on a zip line without breaking both your legs.
This one means a lot to you.
"V" equals "G" times "T" times "A.
" Velocity equals gravity.
multiplied by time in seconds, multiplied by the cosine angle of the zip line.
- Minus friction.
- Minus friction.
It's just that this is the kind of mastermind stuff you usually go off and do by yourself, you know? Well, you and your bottle.
But lately, you've been involving me in the planning.
And not just the heists the cons, too.
Parker, you know, you don't let feelings get in the way.
You you rotate problems security, people, timelines.
You spin them in the three-dimensional space, like puzzle pieces, until they click.
It's not the way I think, but I trust your judgment.
I really do.
Is that what you got? This supernatural soliciting cannot be ill, cannot be good.
Zachary, all right, the witches have just delivered their prophecies to MacBeth, and and and he's afraid.
Why why why is he afraid? He's afraid because he knows that he's contemplated taking the crown.
He's consumed by the fear of having his darkest secrets revealed.
All right, take five, everyone.
Okay, everyone, take five.
When we come back, we'll pick up with act 4.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Do you miss it? Mnh-mnh.
No? Not even a little? My acting talents are best served relieving people of their wallets.
I really like it on this side of the stage.
I-I love it.
For the first time in my life, I'm exactly where I belong.
What was your mistake? When you were pulled from the river, you were semiconscious.
You said that you made a mistake.
Ford How did your friends die? Where am I? You're in the criminal holding room of Trinity State Hospital.
You suffered a head trauma, so your short-term memory's a bit fuzzy.
I'm Ellen Casey.
I'm here to evaluate you and and your state of mind, try to get some sort of context of what happened today.
We have reports of an attempted break-in at the Highpoint Tower.
There were shots fired, and then there was a car crash at the river.
I don't I-I don't I'm not Mr.
Ford, I'm here to help you, okay? I just I'm just trying to get to the truth, okay? Please.
Just focus.
Five minutes to places, please.
Five minutes to places, everyone.
This is a disaster.
It's a disaster.
My Lady MacBeth hasn't shown up.
I have to go on.
Oh, you'll be great.
You lie to me spectacularly all the time, and now you utterly fail.
No, listen, the matinee audience is cover for the getaway.
It's part of the con.
So you'll be great 'cause you're always great on the con.
Break a leg.
Break a leg.
Okay, Parker, the play starts in 3, 2, 1.
And showtime.
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Parker, there are two guards stationed full time on the 20th floor.
They're gonna be coming up to check the roof alarms in 4, 3, 2, 1.
Parker, you clear? Parker? Hey, man, I boosted the earbuds as high as I could without frying our skulls, but I already told you Once we're in that building, we're shut out.
How's Sophie doing? You spirits that tend on Pretty good.
Unsex me here.
And fill me And fill me from my head From my crown to my toe.
Oh, te oh, come on.
Alarm on 12.
Go to 12.
Okay, now it's on 5.
Highpoint Tower.
This is operator 722 for Steranko Systems.
We're showing alarms.
They're all false alarms.
We have confirmation there's no entry at any of these points.
Could you turn off the damn alarm? Could you give me your building security password, please? Bravo two two zebra nine eight.
Thank you.
Yeah, we actually have technicians finishing up a job in the area.
They'll be there shortly.
Thank you.
Highpoint Tower.
Hello, this is operator We're showing alarms.
Yeah, listen, we got a blown transformer down the street.
We're getting power surges, brownouts and everything.
The alarms are going crazy up and down the block.
Could you turn the thing off? Thank God.
I'm glad you guys showed up.
What?! Thank God.
I'm glad you guys showed up.
You got a screamer, huh? Your building security password, please.
Bravo two two zebra nine eight.
Thank you.
I got it.
You got a recurrent fault up on the 10th floor.
It keeps resetting the alarm.
If we don't fix that thing, the alarm's gonna sound all day.
Definitely go.
Two minutes tops.
We're gold.
I got an alarm call from this address.
We already told the alarm company it's a false alarm.
Technicians are upstairs fixing it now.
It doesn't matter.
I got to walk it city policy.
It's 20 floors, man.
Guys, you got police on-site.
This is Baker 12.
I need alarm confirmation.
Radio will still work.
There are no confirmed technicians on-site.
I repeat No confirmed technicians.
You two stay here.
You two come with me.
Come on, come on.
Go, go.
Forget it, forget it.
Follow them! I'll cut them off! What's up? Come on! It's locked down.
Seriously? Seriously? I got you.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- What? What? What? I got to readjust my grip.
I got you.
Don't let me go, babe.
I won't.
Aah! No! Hardison! What? Parker, what? Nate, I'm hit.
Hardison fell.
He broke his leg.
And he's all smashed up inside.
Okay, get to the alley.
I can here, put your I can I can get him out through the loading dock.
Just, please, get to the alley.
You're okay.
I got you.
I got you.
I got you.
Hey, hey! Damn it, Hardison.
Let's g Parker, come.
We're almost there.
That's it.
Freeze! Come on! Did Eliot make it? Here I am.
Age of the geek, brother.
The bridge.
If we can just get to the other side Stop the vehicle right there! Come out with your hands up! Freeze! Look out! Take them down! The police sent this over.
They pulled the van from the river.
The identity of your friends have been confirmed.
Hold him.
No visitors, no calls.
Interpol, Agent Frierson speaking.
Can I help you? Interpol Offices, Portland Bureau.
Portland Police Bureau confirms the "shots fired" report.
They said they sent two detectives to do a follow-up with the lobby guards.
They said they sent detectives? Did they? Lobby guards confirmed two detectives came by, took their statements.
Our cameras are on 15-second loops.
We got this.
Get the Portland police back on the phone.
I want those bodies.
You said the patrolman came into the lobby before they went upstairs with the guards.
And then he ran back through again, calling for backup.
Tell them I'll be at the theater.
Please, we don't want to disturb the play.
We had a bad enough matinee.
What happened? Our afternoon Lady MacBeth was not good.
She was just a stand-in.
Our lead is amazing.
Top-full of direst cruelty.
Make thick my blood.
Stop up the access You mind if I look around? Of course.
Ford, the police are satisfied.
And when do they take me into custody? As soon as the doctors sign off.
I see.
You loved them very much, didn't you? Do you mind if I ask you one more question? Why are you lying to me? I am not.
See, the three weeks you took over the theater basement just doesn't make any sense.
There are a dozen ways to get on that roof, until you consider the Shanghai Tunnels.
Okay, that's Dolan Theater.
It was, uh, built 100 years ago over the Shanghai Tunnels.
It's a landmark.
That's why they had to build the other office tower on top of it.
To places, please.
See, three weeks just doesn't make any sense if you want to get on the roof, but you know what makes sense? Breaking down an old foundation to get into the old Shanghai Tunnels.
Do you want to know what I found at the end of the tunnels, huh? The roof's not the way in.
The elevator shaft's the way in, isn't it? This is how I think it went down.
If we don't fix that thing, the alarm's gonna sound all day.
Definitely go.
I got an alarm call from this address.
Go, go, go.
Follow them! I'll cut them off! They locked it? Why would I lie?! Why?! I screwed up! I got them killed! I lost everything, the only thing I ever had! Why, why, why would I lie?! Well, if I would venture to guess, I would guess that you probably have realized that you're not in the hospital.
How'd you figure it out? Well Hospitals take it from me.
I've been in quite a few.
They're loud places.
Since I've been here, I haven't heard any announcements, no alarms, no "ding.
" Those files that, um, you read from earlier are supposed to be from Portland Police, but they all had Interpol coding.
When you stand, you adjust your little jacket.
You give it a little tug to hide the gun that ordinarily would be in your holster.
You're not Portland or State Police.
FBI they like to flash their badges.
And, besides, I've been in the, uh, Portland offices of the FBI.
Like most Americans, you reach for your cellphone, on average, every 94 seconds.
But you you stop yourself.
Your head you give a little tell, a little shake.
You know, it's to remind yourself that your cellphone doesn't work here.
And that leaves only one law-enforcement agency in an understaffed, barely used office in a building where cellphones don't work.
So I am in the Provisional Interpol Offices in the Highpoint Tower, Agent Casey.
That was good.
But, uh, the roof alarm I mean, that was just to get the guards off the 20th floor Right? so that Parker could get in unobserved? That floor has a server room that holds the databases for FBI, DEA, and Interpol.
Come on, come on, come on.
But all those files are dead.
There are no active cases on the hard drives in that room.
No active cases.
No active cases.
You bastard.
You would get them killed for that.
You'd risk everything for that.
Agent Casey, your boss has a story to tell you.
Ford was after the most secret file at Interpol The black book.
What is the black book? Five years ago, when the financial system crashed, the FBI, SEC, IRS, Interpol they all did their jobs.
They investigated, and they found massive fraud Market manipulation, secret deals, pension funds loaded with worthless paper, people's life savings burnt.
And because they knew they'd broken the system, the rich and powerful well, they got all their money out.
Now, you think I'm a thief, Agent Casey? One-third of the entire world's wealth disappeared then.
Biggest heist in history.
And we know who did it.
We decided not to prosecute.
Order had to be restored.
That's why you joined Interpol? Screw justice? You're the order guy? - It's not a choice.
- It is.
Justice or order One day, you are going to have to make that choice.
The world's economy would never stabilize, with endless parades of bankers being led around in chains.
The system has to work.
The guys who used to run it have to keep running it.
Government agencies they closed all the cases.
They took all the files of all the cases they could have prosecuted, all the savings accounts of all the stolen money, and they filed it away.
That file is the black book.
The holy grail of the ones who got away with it.
This black book is here? No.
Mm You know all those Internet files that are supposed to be in the cloud? There is no cloud.
They dance and shuffle on these servers all over the world.
Five minutes here, three hours there.
At any given point, there are data backups for the FBI, DEA, and Interpol passing through the Highpoint Tower server.
Once a month for just a couple of hours, the black book file is shuffled here to a backwater server in an auxiliary Interpol office during routine maintenance.
That's why you moved to Portland.
Could have picked anywhere else in the world, and you chose here.
It grows on you.
You didn't find the black book, and your friends are dead.
So why is he still lying to us? Casey.
The coroner's van just arrived.
Tell them to pull it straight into the garage.
Pull it straight into the garage.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- One second.
- How many bodies? - How many bodies? Three.
Three? We're going to the 20th floor.
Bring him.
Bring every guard we got.
Bring everybody.
- We go now! - Everyone goes now.
Check the file manifest right now.
File black zero zero one.
It's not on the server.
Oh, just appeared.
The backup started.
Parker never got the file.
Parker's still in the server room.
Come on, come on, come on.
Roof is all clear.
We're on the 20th floor, heading back to our post.
That's why you lied.
You had one person left.
You were giving her time to escape.
Open the door.
It's biometric.
I'm not cleared.
Confirming I.
Access granted, Agent Sterling.
Parker even know you got Hardison killed? All right, let's go.
Let's go, let's go.
All right, move.
You guys check in here.
We're clear.
Check the left side.
No, it's empty.
All clear, ma'am.
It's clear.
Close it up.
All right, everybody, move out.
All right.
Come on, let's move on.
Let's go.
- Was it worth it, Ford? Really? - Stand back! Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Whoa, whoa! What are you, crazy? The face is very lifelike.
But he's ballistics gel.
It's a fake body? I have two questions for you only two.
Did you talk to the Portland Police? Of course I did.
The guards did, too.
We talked to the coroner's office.
On the phone? In this building? Second question no.
Nate, why don't you tell her what my second question is? Uh, the second question is Where are the coroner-van drivers? We were told to bring them in.
Without checking the security I.
? You authorized their entry.
Thank you.
For my own personal edification, who played the, uh, patrolman? The black book That's what you dragged us here for? That's why we're in Portland? You lied to us.
You lied to me? I'm sorry.
Don't don't put this on him.
He kept my secret.
We keep each other's secrets sometimes.
Now, this is the big score.
That black book It's gonna be in that building once a month for three hours.
And we take as much time as we need to crack it.
Now, I've got most of the security beat, but there's one thing we do not have time to deal with once we're inside.
It's the biometric lock on the server room.
It's got a rolling 10-digit encryption.
I cannot get us past that lock.
And it's not like they're just gonna let us in.
Are you sure? You're gonna be fine.
You'll be great.
Now, go on, go on, go on.
I feel a bit bad about that.
The plan's the thing.
Come, you spirits who tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me and and fill me up.
Fill me up from my Oh, this is operator 722 of the Steranko System.
We're showing alarms have been set off.
I got an alarm call at this address.
Go, go, go, go.
All right, follow them! I'll cut them off! Bang! Baker 12.
Shots fired.
In pursuit.
Portland Police Bureau.
We will check with dispatch, sir.
But do not leave that building, sir.
We'll send a couple of detectives over later to take your statement.
I'm Detective Tennant.
I understand you two saw the incident today.
Um, they said that there would be two detectives.
Oh, well, my partner's out back checking out the crime scene, but if you'd rather talk to him No, no, no.
We uh, we'd love to help you.
Listen to me very carefully.
Interpol has jurisdiction on those bodies.
That is way above my pay grade.
I can't release bodies in an active investigation.
Get me your supervisor.
If you insist, ma'am.
Captain Liebowitz.
How can I help you? I talked we all talked to a dozen people today.
I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people Drunk.
I was at the theater.
Please, we don't want to disturb the play.
We had a bad enough matinee.
What happened? Our afternoon Lady MacBeth was not good, but she was just a stand-in.
Our lead is amazing.
Come, you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, fill me from the crown to the toe, top-full of direst cruelty.
Make thick my blood.
Stop up the access and passage to remorse.
Whoo! Access granted, Agent Sterling.
Hard drive's gone.
Yeah, Roger.
The bodies from the crash site are here.
File black zero zero one.
It's not on the server.
Oh, just appeared.
The backup just started.
Parker know you got Hardison killed? All right, let's move in.
It's clear.
All right, everybody, move out.
All right.
Come on, let's move on.
Trojan horse.
The coroner's van is a trojan horse.
I'm the trojan horse.
There's no way out.
The building's in lockdown.
Of course there's a way out.
You found it.
You just thought it was the way in.
Did you really think she was gonna find it? Well, you know, 50/50.
It's agent Casey.
Get the guards across the street to the theater now.
No, they're gonna be mixed in with the audience.
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! I don't suppose you're done.
Well, what do you think? What you were doing.
Back in the room.
When did you learng to act like that? Oh, Sophie.
She really helped me.
Uh, she's directing now.
She she found her calling.
Well, your ride to a life sentence in a secret prison has arrived.
Any last requests? Yes.
The other reason I needed it to be you was so that I could ask you this.
Don't tell them I got the black book.
Transfer papers.
Send me to jail forever.
You know, just don't tell them I got their names.
You know, send me away for the break-in.
Say that the file wasn't on the hard drive.
It's a list of all the sins and secret bank accounts - of the most powerful men in the world.
- Yes.
It'll be open season for every grifter and thief out there.
If I don't tell them, they'd be defenseless.
Yeah, that's right.
That's exactly right, yeah.
See, you don't tell them, they won't see it coming.
They broke the world, James.
Do you boys want to know what I think? I don't know.
He has that effect on people.
Nathan You and I are not the same.
We don't believe in the same things.
What is it? Nothing.
That couldn't have been easy.
Actually, justice is always easy.
There it is, man The holy grail.
A thousand bad guys.
A lot of revenge in there just waiting on a righteous man to take a swing.
That man's not gonna be me.
We're out.
We? Well, that depends on On what you say next, of course.
What? Huh? For five years, I've been I've been - Drunk.
- Lying.
You've been an ornery bastard.
Yeah, yeah, all that, all that.
But you you have always, always had my back.
Now be on my side.
Did you steal it? No.
Oh, 'cause that That would have been more romantic, right, Parker? I'll, uh I'll steal the first-anniversary ring.
Now can I get up? No.
You've got to say it.
What? - Say the thing.
- What thing? Oh, the thing.
Oh, uh, yeah.
Will you Marry me, Laura? - Yes.
- Yeah? Yes.
- Ow! - There you go.
You like it? Yeah? So The hard drive.
Everything you need is right there.
You know what? I'm gonna dump this on the darknet.
Every crew from around the world's gonna want in with us.
I mean, just think about it Leverage International.
That sounds pretty good.
You know, this was your crusade.
Now it's our war.
Promise me You'll keep them safe.
Till my dying day.
You know, Eliot, I'd say call if you need anything, but you never never need anything.
Yeah, I did.
And thanks to you I don't have to search anymore.
You're the smartest man I know.
Don't get cocky.
It's a little late for that.
So you're really going.
How's that make you feel? I think I'm okay with it.
I'm okay with it.
That's why we can go.
You do know that Laura is not my real name, don't you? I do.
It's a shame.
I was getting to like Portland.
How can they do this? They just pay a fine? They just buy my son's life? People like that Corporations like that They have all the money, they have all the power, and they use it to make people like you go away.
Right now, you're suffering under an enormous weight.
We provide Leverage.
Did you fix the sink? I told you I'd get to it.
Your hair looks nice.
You cut it.
Hmm? Yeah.
I know.
Know what? I had lunch with her.
You know, we had a couple drinks Really bonded.
What are you gonna do? What we always said we'd do if this ever happened.
No! No, no, no! Please! Please! Please, don't! Don't! Okay.
Very nice.
Jennifer, play with him first.
Enjoy it.
Ryan, you don't believe she'd pull that trigger, okay? Let's try it again.
No prop gun this time.
Ryan, come on, get up.
Okay, you're great at dying, but you got to do it again.
Ryan? Ryan, come on.
What's going on? What? "Cauda equina" means "horse tail.
" Cauda equina syndrome Gets its name because all this junk hangs out of your spine like a horse tail.
Okay, could you stop playing with this? Okay what the hell are you wearing? Alfresco lunch-tray pants.
They came today.
"Alfresco" means "dining in the open air.
" Look.
Something's going on.
Ups boxes.
There's your tell, maura.
What happened? Okay, let's just get back to Casey.
Shrapnel from an I.
Transected his spinal cord and is still embedded in there.
Only a cowboy surgeon would attempt to remove it.
It's hope, isn't it? How did you know? Yes.
She e-mailed me.
She wants your kidney For cailin.
I haven't responded.
You don't owe her anything, okay? It is not your fault that she's your biological mother just as much as it's not her fault that you're her biological daughter.
And that didn't sound right.
You should say, "I like both my kidneys.
" And, "have a nice life.
" Hey.
What are you doing out in the rain? Oh, I couldn't get him to sleep, so I took him for a walk.
You do that in the kitchen? No, of course not.
She was just about to put the head in the garbage disposal.
Wait a minute.
You're messing with me, aren't you? No.
Your auntie Jane is a kidder.
What are you doing in the rain with my grandson?! Babysitting.
I think when you're the father, they call it "parenting.
" He's fine.
He likes the fresh air.
Oh, come here, sweetheart.
Your daddy loved to play out in the rain when he was a little boy.
How's Lydia? She's good.
I think she's gonna get a promotion at the penny saver.
Aw, no! I wanted to go to bed early.
Was it a murder? Rizzoli.
That's so cool.
Man, she's so lucky.
Looks like an accident with a prop gun.
Who pulled the trigger? His costar.
Is that Roger deluth? That's my councilman.
Yeah, his wife was directing a community-theater play here.
He got her the space because he's apparently pals with the developer of the storrow center.
The potholes on my street are out of control.
Maybe I'll just mention it to him.
Or maybe we'll just go look at the body first.
I couldn't talk to the woman who pulled the trigger Jennifer Johnson, 29.
Emts are taking her to Boston general.
She's being treated for shock.
Yeah, I'd be shock, too, if I fired a pretend gun and killed my costar.
Who was in charge of the prop gun? Victim.
He was the star, lighting designer, and prop master.
Well, it's community theater They're all volunteers.
That's odd.
Look at these entrance wounds.
"Wounds" plural? That's bizarre.
It kind of looks like a cheese grater.
Maybe he forgot to clean the prop gun Or left cotton wadding in it? It hardly seems enough to kill him, though.
I need to dissect this heart to know what caused this injury.
Did you check the other blanks? I was about to.
That's his prop cart over there.
His real job was maintaining this building and the rest of storrow center.
I'm having his truck towed to the evidence garage.
Anybody else have access to the tool box? I'll check.
It looks like a tragic accident, but I'd rather be sure.
I wish it was still raining.
The sound is so peaceful.
What are you doing? Nothing.
Then why do I hear the sound of computer keys clicking? You're accessing dmv records? Ohh, he has a special license.
Didn't you just hear me? You shouldn't be doing this.
This is an abuse of power.
Well, that's why I'm using your computer.
I'm not abusing my power You are.
Well, since I'm the one who's exposed, you're gonna go knock on his door and talk him out of the ridiculous surgery that he's about to have.
I have left messages, I've e-mailed, and he doesn't respond.
So, you know Maybe it's not meant to be.
Well, that's odd.
What? What are those, b.
S? Larger denser Possibly ball bearings.
Either way, Mr.
fix-it wouldn't load steel balls into his prop gun, unless he was committing suicide.
I'm not seeing any signs of tampering on any of these other blanks.
Mm, me, either.
So, he either killed himself or someone filled a cartridge with ball bearings and then loaded it into Ryan's prop gun.
The director of the play said he kept the gun in his tool box.
Where'd he keep his tool box? Apparently, all over the place.
Storrow center has three separate buildings.
Anybody could have had access to it.
Irregularities of no specific form.
What? Seven are perfect spheres.
Three have anomalies.
Okay, why is that significant? Well, the clearance between part and gauge is critical to function.
"Significant" means "worth mentioning.
" Well, if a ball bearing is out-of-round, it can cause binding or excessive wear.
It's frost.
He has something.
Oh, hallelujah.
Bye, maura.
Well, if they're not uniform, they won't reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.
Jennifer and Ryan weren't just costars in a play.
Oh, they were costars in real life.
Maybe that's why she was hospitalized for shock.
Yeah, or she needed to disappear in a hurry before we could start asking her questions.
Check out this text Ryan sent to her yesterday morning.
"I'm on a mission to get over you.
" What happened? From what I read, it looks like she broke up with him, and he didn't take it very well.
"No point in being alive without u.
" You think he committed suicide by girlfriend? Maybe.
Or she killed him.
What's the motive he's a crybaby? Or a real ass if he let her think she killed him.
Yeah, we need to talk to her.
I didn't want to do the scene with the gun.
I told him that.
Were you angry with Ryan? Yes! What were you thinking when you pulled the trigger? Well, I was in character, so I was thinking about how much Ryan pisses me off.
Did Ryan show you how to load a prop gun? But I couldn't do it with my fingers.
I fell and broke two knuckles.
Jennifer, we think it's possible that Ryan was committing suicide And he used you to do it.
No way.
Why why would he kill himself? No, it was an accident.
We were getting married.
He, uh he gave me this last night.
But I-I couldn't get it on my finger.
Why did you break up with him, then? 'Cause he was always complaining about his job.
The maintenance job at the storrow center? Yeah.
He said that there was too much to do and that he was barely breaking even with all the supplies and stuff.
I just got tired of listening to him complain.
I mean, I told him to quit.
He said he had to figure something out first.
Figure what out? He never said.
It's the biggest sales event of the year.
I'm jan.
How can I help you? Hi, jan.
I heard toyotathon was a pretty big deal.
Is 34 years of saving people money on dependable vehicles a big deal? Whoa.
34 years? We also have the biggest selection of the year.
Oh, cool.
Can I help you with anything? Oh, I'm just asking a few of my friends what color car I should get.
Red How many friends? Wow.
Can't stop friending.
Oh, I'll be your friend.
Toyotathon is on! The one event you don't want to miss.
They're looking left, then right, then left again.
They're not texting or tweeting, no sir.
They're breaking for squirrels, and then some.
And their deductibles are disappearing.
Because nationwide insurance members who add vanishing deductible get $100 off for every year of safe driving.
We put members first, because we don't have shareholders.
Join the nation that hangs up and drives.
Nationwide is on your side vaga had no tolerance for such dastardly deeds.
Finally When you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better.
You get a bowl of queso it's nice that Lydia is breso much healthier.
Plus, it's obvious why he likes it so much.
What does that mean? If I'm gonna feed it to him, I got to try it, right? Excuse me one minute.
Hope, how are you? I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time.
No, no.
I was just taking a quick break to visit with my son and grandson.
It's nice to see you.
I'm glad you two are seeing each other again.
So, maura told you? Told me what? Oh, uh Well, I have been E-mailing her, but she hasn't responded.
Have a seat.
Well, she didn't tell me much, but I know you didn't leave on good terms.
I was, uh, so shocked.
And I I didn't react well, I've never in my life been as surprised As I was when a grown woman told me that she Is the baby that I thought died at birth.
How's, uh How's cailin doing? She's doing very well.
I know this isn't my business, although, uh, maura Maura is my business.
Did you come here to ask her to Yes.
I came to see if she is still willing to donate one of her kidneys to cailin.
Hey, Tommy, honey? Come here.
Bring me t.
Oh, yeah.
He really is a beautiful baby.
You know, I would do anything for any one of my children and for this baby.
So, no one No one can blame you for wanting to save cailin.
Can you scan for depression? Are you depressed? Only when you ask me that No, I meant him.
I don't understand why he would kill himself that way, you know? I mean, something's hinky here.
I think you should talk to him.
He's dead, maura.
I meant Casey.
I'm scared.
Of what? More rejection.
He's only rejecting you out of fear.
And if you don't try to talk him out of a surgery that could kill him, you'll regret it.
Well, now I'm really scared.
What is this? Why does he have concrete in his tool box? I am so glad that you said "concrete" and not "cement.
" Too many people think it's the same thing, when cement is actually a component of concrete.
No, but why is he saving it? And why is he saving a broken fluorescent light bulb, a copper pipe, and a bent anchor bolt? Well, maybe he needs to purchase more.
Yeah, but it looked like he was hiding it.
"'Creep'? Epoxy.
Recycled?" That's a strange list.
So, he xeroxed some plans.
He was in charge of maintenance for all three buildings.
It makes sense that he had building plans.
What do you think that means? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! It's your mother.
Oh, my God.
And my mother My biological mother, hope.
She's in the café.
What is she doing here? She came to get your kidney? Stop.
Can you please go talk to her? What?! I why do I have She's your relative.
Oh, no.
She rejected me.
She said that I wasn't her daughter.
But then she remembered she needed your kidney for her real daughter, cailin! I don't want to talk to her.
But I I can't keep ignoring her.
It's rude.
So call her and tell her to make an appointment.
Good idea.
But w No? All right.
Didn't you get my message? I'm very busy today.
Yes, I did.
But I would really like to talk to you.
What do you want to talk about? When we met I said that I felt a strange kinship with you.
You also, uh, said that conceiving me was the biggest mistake of your life.
I'm sorry that I said that.
Maura, I had no idea.
Paddy told me that our baby died.
And I visited the grave.
You're really trying to tell me that you've never seen any of this? Paddy Doyle's capture was international news.
I closed the door on that part of my life.
Well at least your 18-year-old had the guts to confront me.
You just denied your life.
The Harvard girl who got seduced by the the evil thug.
And then you ran.
I'm very sorry.
I had this This stupid little-girl fantasy That when we met, you'd be Everything that you are.
But you'd want me.
You'd be very happy to know that I was alive.
I reacted badly.
"Badly"? You accused me of lying.
You told me that I wasn't your daughter.
I actually think that you asked me what I wanted from you.
Yes, I did.
And now you're back.
Do you see paddy Doyle when you look at me? Do you see evil? No.
And I saw so much good in your father.
Paddy Doyle's not my father.
I loved him.
And he was the Still is The most complicated Intelligent, damaged human being that I've ever met.
Why are you here? Cailin.
Well I know what I should do Give you my kidney to save your daughter.
But I'm your daughter, too.
I know that I have no right to ask you.
You don't.
I think you should go.
You won't run into deals this big just anywhere.
Slide on in for sears year end event Save up to 25% off appliances Plus an extra 15% off with your sears card.
This is going out with a bang.
This is sears.
I'm looking for lieutenant colonel Casey Jones.
He's not? Do you have any idea when he'll be back? Okay.
Thanks very much.
Guess what we found.
What? No! I was gonna say that.
Found this in the victim's glove box.
That's weird.
I found this in the victim's tool box.
We matched that chunk of concrete with this nasty dent in the hood of Ryan's pickup truck.
Ryan filed an insurance claim three days ago.
"A loose chunk of concrete "dropped from the ceiling of the garage at work and caused this damage.
" Frost, can you pull up articles on the construction of the storrow center? Sure.
Okay, so we've got concrete that's fallen on Ryan's truck, concrete debris that he hid in his tool box Xeroxed plans for the storrow center What's that say to you? Well, his girlfriend said he was complaining about all the maintenance work he had to do.
Which makes no sense.
The storrow center's basically brand-new.
Tenants only started moving in eight months ago.
[ Keyboard clacking, computer And in other news, after three years of legal wrangling, developer Sam Nelson won approval to build the billion-dollar storrow center.
I'm finally seeing my dream realized Three towers with combined office, retail, and living space next to the Charles river.
The storrow center is my gift to Boston.
His "gift.
" Did he mention the billion dollars he's also pocketing? Says here he already has four more contracts for city buildings, plus a mall and an office park.
You think maybe Ryan was the mosquito buzzing around him, complaining about chunks of concrete and busted lights? Maybe.
Although Look at this post-it I found.
My father used to complain all the time about creep.
The ones your were dating? That's funny.
Ryan saved anchor bolts with dried epoxy.
He wrote "epoxy" on this post-it.
Okay, creep can happen over time.
The concrete cracks, the anchor bolts pull out, and the pipes burst.
My father hated being blamed when the pipes burst from creep.
Maybe Ryan was finding problems with the storrow center buildings.
Sam Nelson would want to cover that up.
What, enough to kill one of his employees? Maybe.
Billions of dollars at stake for one maintenance guy? What? Where you going? The storrow center.
It's not far.
We don't have enough to say hi to this guy.
And you know Sam Nelson has a stadium full of lawyers.
Yeah, we show our cards now, we'll never get him.
Can you guys relax? I'm just gonna snoop around in the public areas.
With your cellphone? With the camera in my cellphone.
Jane, can you give Tommy and the baby a ride home? Why can't you? I'm filling out paperwork.
I don't have anything to do.
I can drop them after I take the photos.
Really? You're sure? Yeah.
No problem.
All right.
Good, 'cause maura needs a shoulder to cry on.
Why? What happened? Girl stuff.
Maura, what are you doing? Looking for the oblivion of sleep.
What about him? He doesn't mind.
Come on.
You're gonna get lip gloss on your nice pillow.
I don't care.
I thought you told her to make an appointment.
She just showed up.
Well, at least you got to keep your kidney.
No, no, no.
It wasn't even about that.
I wasn't holding my kidney hostage.
Okay, this conversation just took a weird turn.
I can't believe I just did that.
Wha did what? I stopped being nice.
I said what I thought.
I was really mad and hurt, and I just said it.
Maura, that's good.
That's okay, all right? I'm proud of you.
I feel nauseous.
What did I say? Why did I say it? Why I don't even know what I said.
Okay, okay.
Let's talk about something else.
Ooh! Ball bearings.
You like to talk about ball bearings.
Well, I'm almost certain that they came from a computer hard drive, and the lab is trying to track down the manufacturer.
Speaking of balls, I strapped mine on and called Casey's office.
You did? Mm-hmm.
He took a leave of absence yesterday.
Well, go talk to him now Like right now.
It's my lunch hour, and I only have 43 minutes left.
Well, that's enough time to say what needs to be said.
I don't know what needs to be said.
Say "enough with the magical thinking that could kill you or leave you a quadriplegic.
" Ohh, I don't know why I'm doing this! 'Cause you love him.
There's nowhere to park.
You're a cop.
You can park anywhere.
Yeah, why not? I'll only be a minute.
All right, t.
Jane, what are What are you doing here? Can I talk to you? It's not a good time.
Well, there's not gonna be a better one.
It's not too pretty, is it? I didn't mean to come here unannounced.
I'm not here to embarrass you, okay? I have tea, uh, water.
Can't drink alcohol.
Because of the surgery.
So you're going through with it? Yeah.
I am.
Uhh Maura seems to think that your spinal injury is in a place that's hard to repair.
Yeah, it is.
And and that whatever surgical procedure you're having is risky.
It is very.
Well, how risky? Like, "you're gonna die" risky? More likely, I'll end up a full paraplegic.
Oh, my God.
I told you it wasn't romantic.
Well, then, why do it? Okay, why make things worse? This catheter.
I was about to put it in when y Look, I'm I'm sorry.
I'm not saying it doesn't suck, okay? It does.
All right? But it's reality.
And I can deal with reality just as long as you talk to me.
Okay? Reality? I can't feel, Jane.
I can't Not just here.
I cannot feel anymore.
I can't make love to you.
I can deal with crutches and the leg braces, and I can even deal with the catheters.
I can't live without being able to feel you.
Give you children.
Are you hungry? You want some of this? Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing? Who said you could take pictures here? Easy, Mr.
Boston police.
Do you have a warrant? Otherwise, I want you off my property now.
This part of storrow center is open to the public, sir.
All right.
I'm gonna call my attorney.
All right, when I get back, I want you gone! Oh, my God.
What the hell? T.
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