Lexx s01e01 Episode Script

I Worship His Shadow (92 min)

I am Kai last of the Brunnen G Millennia ago, the Brunnen G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilisation.
The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the Divine Order and the League of 20,000 Planets Someday, that will happen - but not today.
As today is my day of death.
The day our story begins Yo A O Yo A O, Hom Var Ray Yo A Ra, Jerum Brunnen G Yo A O, Hom Var Ray Yo A Ra, Jerum Brunnen G Yo A O, Hom Var Ray Yo A Ra, Jerum Brunnen G Yo A Ra, Jerum Brunnen G Stingers! Stingers ready Our one chance and our one chance alone is to hit His Shadow's control pod Good luck.
Very, very good luck ForeShadow in range Fire now! Crash into the control pod! His Shadow His Divine Shadow, yes The Brunnen G will defeat you I do not think so.
The power of order has destroyed your planet.
The power of order will destroy you And you are the last of the Brunnen G left alive The Time Prophet has seen your order destroyed by the Brunnen G The Time Prophet's vision appears to be flawed We will incinerate the carcass No This last specimen of a now extinct culture of romantic dreamers merits punishment beyond death Transport it to the Bio-Scholars An insect.
Curious Only a thin dimensional barrier separates us from the festering evil, the malignant depravity and alien chaos of the Dark Zone The Dark Zone is not separate, like two different planets.
The Dark Zone coexists in the same space as our universe in the same place, at the same time The Dark Zone has no rules, no sense, no order We give thanks to His Divine Shadow for his ceaseless vigilance, protecting our universe of light and order from the horrors and disorder of the Dark Zone We worship His Shadow.
Long may he reign Good morning Security Guard Class 4 Number 47632943 Department 511 Level 4 This is your third wake up call If you are late you will receive 7 demerits.
You already have 991 demerits Prisoner Transport 58K603 you are past the Frontier Commence your revival sequence Due to a bulkhead malfunction prisoner transport 58K603, you are being diverted from gate 417 punishment level 2 to gate 511 Due to a bulkhead malfunction prisoner transport 58K6 Number 11 freeze-dried again I've seen a lot of women in my life and you know something? You've gotta be the ugliest one I ever laid eyes on.
Does this mean anything to you? No.
Nothing means anything to me, handsome It's your day of justice, Thodin I worship His Shadow Prisoner transport 58K603 requesting docking beam Authority code Code? Nobody asks for code anymore Wrong code I can't remember the code I suggest you try another gate then What rank are you? Security guard, class 4 Security guard, class 4, sir I'm a line major and I'm ordering you to turn on your docking beam Understand? I can't do that.
Why not? You've got the wrong code I am giving you a direct order I can't help you I worship His Shadow I worship His Shadow Docking beam is engaged now sir and security guard class 4 Stanley Tweedle is presently being entered for correction and punishment himself I request that he be demoted Class 4 is already the lowest Then I trust that his punishment will be severe That will happen, sir May His Shadow fall upon you You must enter yourself into correction centre number 40 before watch change today, Stan Stanley Tweedle And may His Merciful Shadow fall upon you May His Merciful Shadow fall upon - me, preferably We have little time! The sedative- No time He fought well A truly vicious human being He will prove to be a good host The second vac! We don't have time, one will have to do But he may not be fully cleansed! We will have to risk it Divine Shadow, you must perform the Kiss Divine Shadow, the Kiss We worship His Divine Predecessor Divine Shadow, may your reign be long and worthy Divine Predecessors I than you for your gift of selection I will serve order I will serve you and I will serve myself Divine Shadow today is a dark day for heretics and infidels throughout our universe The Lexx will soon be fully grown and we will be able to send it on its voyage bringing destruction upon all those who would oppose the League of 20,000 How will we know which planets shelter enemies of order, which planets are to be chosen for destruction? That will be your task Then my task is complete I choose to destroy them all That has not been our plan Divine Predecessors I am formed from you but my host brain was not fully cleansed and therefore I am also partly formed from humans I will choose my own path and I choose that I myself will command the Lexx on its voyage of destruction But the prophecy- I have no patience for your ancient superstitions! The Brunnen G have been extinct for over 2000 years The Divine Shadow must never leave the Cluster unless there is grave peril We need each other's strength I agree.
Divine Predecessors I will not risk being separated from your wisdom your guidance - as you will join me on my voyage The prophecy is upon us.
Impossible! The prophecy is false The Brunnen G are extinct Brethren I was the one who killed them all but I did not destroy them all One specimen was preserved Impossible! Predecessors - look into me I was the one who took his life I have his memory Prophet I have come to you because the forces of His Shadow grow stronger and we Brunnen G no longer have the weapons to combat it I have the strength to answer one question Say to me your question Will the forces of His Shadow destroy us? Time as you know had a beginning and time has an end and then time begins again as we shall each live our lives again exactly as before I have been gifted to see into the old cycles of time - not very clearly, mind you, but I have learned that in the future past the Brunnen G the great victor in the war against the insect civilisation, shall be destroyed at the hand of His Shadow but after His Shadow leaves the Cluster, they will be destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen G This has happened before.
It will happen again We are boarding the Lexx.
We will all be destroyed! You! You, I know you! Stanley Tweedle - it's him! Stanley Tweedle Murderer! Stanley Tweedle - oh! Traitor! My client - Argon Protopi, pie maker, class 2, orbital 5 - is accused of the charge of failing to pay money owed to the temple and throws himself upon the mercy of this court secure in the knowledge that His Shadow's wisdom will prevail upon these proceedings Memory search commencing Alms, alms, alms I don't care anymore.
I've had enough I'm not paying the temple any more money, period Memory search complete You - Argon Protopi, pie maker, class 2, orbital 5 - have been found guilty of failing to pay money owed to the temple You are therefore sentenced to have your individual life terminated However, His merciful Shadow will allow many of your vital organs to live on as components used in the making of robotic drones Your useful flesh will be contributed to the protein bank bank where it will be recycled for purposes that serve His Shadow poses that serve His Shadow You can take whatever you want I'll pay, I promise! In the execution of this sentence you are hereby cleansed of your crime against the people of the 20,000 Planets May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you We worship His Shadow I was supposed to escort a prisoner here - Stanley Tweedle 467329-43 Department 511 Level 4 Yeah? He is refusing to turn himself in Yeah? I thought that if you told me what his punishment would be for not showing up, that might help persuade him Oh - give me that number again.
If he's not here when we close at watch change - termination order will be issued automatically That's about, er, twenty minutes Termination?! That's what it says - termination But he's a designated data co-operator, he can't be terminated because he might be needed someday for important information DDC, eh? Oh, sorry - that expired five months ago Let's see - he's a level 4, class 47 transgression normally - cauterisation But he's got 991 demerits and there's a special rotation so looks like 1 to 3 organs He'll have to donate 1 to 3 organs, depending on demand Demand? Demand for soft organs is red hot right now so he's pretty sure to be a triple donor But he didn't do anything, it's just a mix-up! Life's a mix-up, huh? What organs? Usual combo - eyeball, kidney, testicle If they want bone, they'll take an arm or a leg, but we haven't done a limb cut in days I'd suggest he turn himself in After all - triple organ's better than a termination Hh - may His Merciful Shadow fall upon you My client - Zev Bellringer of B3K - is innocent of the charge of failing to perform her wifely duties and throws herself upon the mercy of this court secure in the knowledge that His Shadow's wisdom will prevail upon these proceedings Memory search commencing You are my every dream come true There must be a mistake There's no way I can marry that cow! Husband I shall serve - I shall love - I will- You make me wanna throw up Get her outta here! Memory search complete You - Zev Bellringer of B3K have been found guilty of failing to perform your wifely duties, and humiliating your husband in the temple You are therefore sentenced to be transformed into a love slave and to be given to Seminary 166145 to be used for their pleasure, may His Shadow fall upon you Oh please put me out of my misery.
I volunteer for the protein bank I don't want to live this terrible life anymore! You - Thodin of the Ostral B pair are accused of Due to the special nature of this crime, the arch-heretic Thodin of the Ostral B pair will be tried in Cobalt Stadium Following that, this sentence will be immediately executed for the entertainment of His Shadow's loyal followers In the execution of this sentence you are hereby cleansed of your crime against the people of the 20,000 Planets.
May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you Whatever The arch-heretic, pirate and rebel of the Ostral B pair - Thodin Bugbomb activated Bugbomb searching, Thodin.
Heading left Bugbomb searching, Thodin Better than termination Bugbomb searching Bugbomb malfunction Thodin of the Ostral B pair is accused of heresy in the first degree of 26 counts of piracy of influencing the minds of the feeble of questioning His Shadow's truth and wisdom of destroying 231 military vessels loyal to His Shadow This correction centre is now closed It's me! I'm here Fugitive alert.
Fugitive alert.
This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination Bugbomb reactivating, Thodin Bugbomb searching, Thodin Target conduit located, Thodin Target cable located, Thodin.
Target signal located Bugbomb detonation sequence initiated, Thodin Mal - malfunction Target signal relocated, Thodin Malfunction Ah - Bugbomb lost head His Shadow bids welcome to the finest examples of youthful devotion in all the 20,000 planets Bugbomb searching, Thodin "This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination" Incorrect signal You young fifty have been selected from the best the brightest and the most loyal of all His Shadow's subjects from 2.
000 of planets Among plain stones, you are bright shining jewels.
And after you receive your awards of merit today you will return to your home planets where you will dedicate the rest of your lives to helping His Shadow's light reach those unfortunate dark corners where it still does not yet fall of training enemies of His Shadow in military tactics, of slandering clerics on 11 planets, of- You are all slaves! Free yourselves from the tyranny of this false religion You are all slaves! Target signal relocated, Thodin.
Mal-malfunction Detonation imminent - and finally, of 6 counts of blasphemous self-aggrandisement Cannot locate correct signal Due to the severe and heinous nature of your crime, you, Thodin of the Ostral B pair- - are recognised for selfless love and devotion to His Shadow - of 26 counts of piracy - of piracy - of piracy You, Thodin of the Ostral B pair - - you are hereby given an award of merit A shining example for every planet.
You are hereby - - sentenced to be devoured by cluster lizards Sentence to be executed immediately Cluster Lizards! - among plain stones, you are bright shining jewels.
You have been found guilty Guilty.
Guilty My client- - Zev Bellringer of B3K My client- Watch for disguises Some fugitives may try to fool you My client- - you have been found guilty Hail Thodin of the Ostral B pair, winner of His Shadow's award of merit My client - Giggerota the Wicked of Boron 7- is found guilty is innocent of the charge of - cannibalism of men, women, children and clerics of 62 temples More like 162! -and failing to perform her wifely duties, and throws herself upon the mercy of this court, secure in the knowledge that His Shadow's wisdom will prevail upon these proceedings Thodin - planets - of the Ostral B pair Guilty! Hail Thodin of the Ostral B pair winner of His Shadow's award of merit Hey, what about Giggerota? Free me muscle brain, I'm next What about her? We can't get side-tracked Hey, boneheads! Giggerota's about to die You - take care of the others Don't think so Let's do it Arms 2,3 - down! Arms 2,3 - down! -self aggrandisement May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you I will love you forever B3K, don't leave me No-one will ever worship you like I do See ya, lover boy This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination Nice picture Zev of B3K, you are the woman of my dreams! Zev of B3K, surrender at once Invalid code.
Access denied I'm beautiful Zev of B3K, there is no escape I'm with you, Zev! Divine Shadow we have a level 3 security break.
Hundreds have been killed General, you have disturbed my meditation.
When it is completed I will deal with you and also with this minor matter Invalid code.
Access denied Zev of B3K, there is no escape.
Surrender at once I got her, I have her! I got Zev of B3A! Fugitive alert.
This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination Can you open it? I can open many wonderful things for you darling of all darling things I worship His Shadow, I worship His Shadow! Surrender at once How did you do that? I don't know Maybe I've got some cluster lizard in me I could get past that Don't you even think about it, fugitive She's my woman Hail Thodin, winner of His Shadow's award of merit Good boys Hail Thodin, winner of - correction - award of merit rescinded.
Thodin arch heretic and rebel wanted for immediate termination Please return our weapons May His Shadow fall upon you They appear to be headed towards the special projects area, Divine Shadow There are many access points where they could potentially enter the Lexx They cannot control the Lexx We are closing all the throughputs General, do you believe that time flows in a straight line? I have observed that time is continuous Major, do you believe that time travels in a circle, that it is possible to see into the future by looking into the past? I am not aware of any such divine teaching So you do not believe that it is possible? No, Divine Shadow I am a more complex being than my Divine Predecessors.
Unlike them I do not believe that time travels in a circle and therefore I do not believe in prophecies Divine Shadow? Yes? How shall we deal with the heretics? You will ensure that they make their way to the special projects area The time has come to prove that all prophecies are false, that no-one can know the future Major? Yes, Divine Shadow Kill him Kill him? Yes.
Kill him I worship His Shadow Thank you Now kill yourself Kill myself? Yes.
Now kill yourself But I - I - Shoot yourself I worship His Divine Shadow Shoot! Disengage, repeat, disengage Awake, last of the Brunnen G.
You will show my misguided predecessors that I make my own destiny Who would you like me to kill? Code access denied, buttercup Access denied All access denied, except to the gates of my heart I don't like it We can't go up there, that's the special projects area Do we have a choice? Only authorised persons are admitted to the Special Projects highest level security area If the system is not able to recognise your facial images from its library of authorised persons your flesh will be disposed of as useful organic material and added to the protein bank Doesn't this thing have a down button? It's not fair, I was just doing my job Life is not fair - something I know well Special projects elevators offer their special passengers complimentary snacks Upon arrival you will be welcomed by elite officers of His Shadow's personal guard The system does not recognise your facial images.
You are unauthorised passengers You will be disposed of as useful organic material to be added to the protein bank May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you Don't shoot! I'm Ostral B! Stanley Tweedle? Thodin? You're alive! It's a miracle, a wonderful, wonderful miracle! I should kill you on the spot, worm Hi I'm Zev Thodin What is it? Why don't you tell her what it is, arch traitor? It's the Lexx - the most powerful destructive force ever built I don't think it's necessarily a good idea to go up there Do you remember Erico? The only reason that millions - millions! sacrificed their lives for that overheated rock was because two Ericons were bio-code specialists for the Cluster.
We fought that war, traitor so that I could be here, today They died so that I could have the key to the Lexx He must be inorganic He's decarbonised My life means nothing in the great equation Beauty such as yours must live on Don't leave me Everybody always leaves me I will never leave you The Divine personal guard can be there in less than one minute No.
I do not believe in prophecies Is it possible? You look Brunnen G.
Could you be the fulfilment of the prophecy? Brunnen-G? I guess not Wait for me! You're on your own, traitor I'd better go with him.
Excuse me Hey! I think it wants in Let me in! Let her in! Giggerota drives Oh bosom of electrical delight! Look, over there - that looks important Anybody know how to drive this thing? Later Today, I, Thodin - Stanley - come here.
Why? Come here Up.
Up? Up Your hand What planet would you like me to destroy, Divine Shadow? What planet would you like me to destroy? This one This one This planetoid is a member of the League of 20,000.
I am not permitted to destroy it Then take us out of here.
Take us out of here As you command Destination? The frontier Yes Take us away from here, take us out past the frontier take us some place better As you command, Divine Shadow Shadow I gather you Divine Predecessors, I have failed you but I will not fail you again Predecessors, forgive me for my pride Predecessors, this sacrifice I make for order This sacrifice I make for you Shadow, take my body Who could ever imagine all this could be built from a tiny capsule of amino acids in my tooth? What? You are really the famous arch traitor Stanley Tweedle? I am not a traitor The Stanley Tweedle? Formerly designated data co-operator and presently fugitive, Stanley Tweedle was the one who provided the forces of His Shadow with the amino acid codes used to destroy a hundred reform planets It was the Sub-Ns hey did things to me, to every part of my body No man could've stood up to it.
And it was more like 94 planets, not a hundred So why did they let you live, tweed man? In case they ever needed any more questions answered This is frontier station 65-798-4-8 Unidentified vessel please provide your exit code Earn your keep, security guard No-one asks for the exit code anymore To pass at the frontier an exit code is required one hundred percent of the time If you pass the frontier without the proper exit code I will arm the outer ring mines and your vessel will be destroyed.
Exit code, please Lexx - would you please destroy frontier post As you command, Divine Shadow Stanley, I've got new appetites I want to eat the liver Ladies - I've got the hand, the key to the Lexx It only does what I tell it, remember? - what's that? His Shadow's personal flagship, the MegaShadow and the Cluster's 24th attack wing Er - Lexx could you please destroy them if you don't mind? I cannot fulfil your command.
They are forces under the immediate direction of His Divine Shadow And you are not permitted to destroy them I'm security guard 4th class Stanley Tweedle and I've been captured by these escaped prisoners, and I'm surrendering the Lexx, and I truly worship His Divine Shadow You waste of skin! You are Giggerota, also known as the Wicked? You got a problem with that? You are minor heretics, disloyal to His Shadow Very very minor Are there other minor heretics with you? Lots They're coming up here now and they're heavily armed No - you are alone We worship His Divine Shadow and beg his forgiveness Don't, Stan - die with some dignity I, the arch heretic and reformer Stanley Tweedle, although only an assistant deputy backup courier I did everything I could, I really tried, but I was captured by Sub Nebula mercenaries and I tried my best, but they found the code And then what could I do after they made me security guard 4th class on the Cluster but I tried, I really tried, I did You have the Lexx back, let us go I do as His Shadow instructs I will kill both of you And if I do not return, destroy the Lexx But the Divine Predecessors - - will understand that my priority must now be to end this prophecy The last of the Brunnen G must be destroyed Who are you? I have been sent by His Divine Shadow I have been instructed, number one, to protect you number two, to kill those who are trying to steal the Lexx Yes kill those who have done this terrible deed Kill them quickly No, kill them slowly Make them feel pain as no living thing has suffered before I know that sound But you cannot remember it as you do not remember who you are I am Kai last of the Brunnen G The prophecy is upon us! The Brunnen G are no more You are animated flesh that kills as His Shadow instructs You were once His Shadow You - killed me You may have recovered your memory but you are nothing You have no willpower of your own Wrong I have the willpower You have given it to me But they're not firing, they're not shooting at us For how long? Stan, do you have any idea where we should tell the Lexx to go? Yes Where? My tooth! Your tooth? Yes! The Sub Ns never knew about my second tooth.
It contains co-ordinates of locations supposedly inaccessible to His Divine Shadow Which tooth? This one, I think It won't come out Of course not! Thank you! Harder.
Harder! Is it? Yes Read it It contains detailed flight path co-ordinates You're a regular bundle of surprises, Stanley Tweedle.
Up Lexx - follow the co-ordinates exactly As you command, Divine Shadow Hold course X axis 5-6.
3441 Y axis 18.
32815 I've killed mothers with their babies I've killed great philosophers, proud young warriors and revolutionaries I've killed the evil, the good, the intelligent, the weak - and the beautiful I have done this in the service of His Divine Shadow and his predecessors, and I have never once shown any mercy Divine Shadow I feel a loss of power from my predecessors What have you observed? The Divine Predecessors have suffered casualties but they are now safe And why are those who are disloyal to my rule still alive? The prophecy, perhaps You do not know that word! You have no memory from your life.
The protoblood only allows you to do as I instruct I have the memory of one of your predecessors as well as the memories of all those he killed Kill them! I will not do that Then kill yourself! I'm already dead Then you cannot fulfil the prophecy I think - I think you should have listened to your Predecessors, Divine Shadow - or perhaps not so Divine Shadow as your Divine Predecessors will now die! No you will die! Admiral, if we maintain this course it means death Having never before followed anyone into a fractal core I do not know that with certainty It is composed of antiparticles crushed together by infinite gravity - even light cannot escape its pull I do know with certainty the fate awaiting those who fail to obey His Shadow's orders We will stay with the Lexx I worship His Shadow What is that? That, perfection in the female form is our destination - a fractal core Oh universe of danger What are you doing? I don't exactly know Coming? Die, last of the Brunnen G! Kill him, kill him! Die, Kai! Foolish woman! Don't hurt me, Divine Shadow! You will all die! No need, he's gone Thank you You're welcome Hey Lexx, you did good The MegaShadow made it through the fractal core too Admiral, if we target the accelerator its energy will be released and the Lexx will be destroyed Target it The Lexx has directed its ocular parabolae at us The Lexx is not permitted to fire on His Shadow's vessels Woohoo! Yes! But Lexx, that was one of His Shadow's ships Who is His Shadow? I perceived that much of Lexx's memory was erased when we passed through the fractal core That's what I call a positive development I say we don't waste any more time We turn the Lexx around and blow the Cluster into little tiny shadow bits right now.
OK propeller head let's find a course back to the Cluster I have no knowledge of this area, love dumpling What kind of robot are you? I am a robot who wants to live in your underpants and I have knowledge of all sectors of our universe but I have no knowledge of this sector of the universe, angel breath Welcome to the Dark Zone The Dark Zone? We're in the Dark Zone? So what are we supposed to do now? Perhaps you should find yourself a home But the Dark Zone is full of depravity and evilness and darkness and - My ancestors came from the Dark Zone.
I was taught that although there are not many good planets there are some Perhaps you should find one You mean, we should find one We're together in this I'm dead I have no future The protoblood will not sustain me for much longer Be certain of your need before you choose to reanimate me In the Light Universe I have been darkness.
Perhaps in the Dark Zone I will be light OK, Lexx Let's find ourselves a new home As you command, captain Predecessors, I will avenge you