Lexx s01e04 Episode Script

Giga Shadow (90 min)

I am the Lexx.
I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes.
I was grown on the Cluster, which is ruled by His Shadow.
The food was good there.
My captain is Stanley Tweedle.
I blow up planets for him.
Stanley used to be a security guard class 4 on the Cluster, until he became a fugitive.
This fugitive wanted, for immediate termination.
He is my captain now because he got my key from heretics who wanted to steal me.
Take us away from here, take us out past the frontier, take us someplace better! But he was the one who took me away.
Stan was helped by Zev of B3K.
She was made into a love slave as punishment for failing to perform her wifely duties.
but things went wrong.
Now she is part Cluster lizard, so sometimes she is not a nice lady.
See ya, lover boy!.
A robot head, 790, got part of the love slave transformation that was meant for her.
I will love you forever.
He is in my crew too.
Because she is a love slave, Zev likes men.
except for Stanley Tweedle.
The only other man on board is Kai, last of the Brunnen G but he is dead so he can't make Zev happy.
His Shadow and all of his people were killed.
They kept Kai's body and used him as an assassin, Who would you like me to kill? but he got his memory back from a Divine Predecessor and then he became part of my crew.
The Time Prophet said that Kai would destroy His Shadow's order They will be destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen G.
But that will be hard because his protoblood is running out and he must stay inside a very cold box.
Be certain of your need before you choose to reanimate me.
My crew are afraid of His Shadow, the ruler of the Light Universe.
My priority must now be to end this prophecy! His Shadow wants me back, and he wants his Divine Predecessors back too.
But he especially wants Kai destroyed because he is afraid of the prophecy.
Zev, Kai and Stan don't want that.
They took me beyond His Shadow's reach through a fractal core into the Dark Zone, the universe of evil and chaos.
Kai! And now we are looking for a new home.
In the Light Universe, I have been darkness.
Perhaps in the Dark Zone, I will be light.
I am the Time Prophet.
I have been gifted to see more or less into the cycles of time.
I know that in the future past, the Brunnen G civilisation led humanity to victory in the great Insect Wars.
I know that centuries later the descendants of the Brunnen G were exterminated by His Shadow's Divine Order, and I know that Kai, the last of his people to die, had his life taken by His Shadow himself.
Kai's memory was stolen, and his mindless corpse was reanimated from time to time by protoblood to become an assassin for His Shadow, and the line of Divine Shadows that followed.
But after 2000 years Kai regained his memory, and along with Stanley Tweedle and Zev Bellringer of B3K escaped into the Dark Zone.
His Shadow pursued them, and Kai killed the body that contained his former master.
His Shadow's evil essence returned to the Cluster, The Divine Order's seat of power, and there, contained inside a still living brain, the essence awaited the time of the Divine Rebirth, a rebirth I fear beyond the Insect Wars.
But before the Rebirth, there first came the Cleansing.
The Cleansing was the feeding of all human life, from thousands of planets, into the hungry depths of the Cluster.
It was an unparalleled orgy of death - the old, the young, the weak, the strong, the willing Take me! and the unwilling.
In the execution of this sentence you are hereby cleansed.
Rejoice! All were stripped of their flesh, to feed the Rebirth.
Upon the death of the last human on the Cluster, the Cleansing was complete.
The meat from countless millions of slaughtered souls was fed into the greedy belly of the Cluster.
The time of the GigaShadow was at hand.
Clerics loyal to His Shadow had long prayed for the Rebirth.
For them, there was no higher calling than to be one of the eight chosen to oversee the ritual, and now, after thousands of years, eight were finally called forth.
But fear of the Divine Order had chilled the blood of much of humankind, and seeds of doubt had taken root in the most unlikely soil.
The cleansing is complete.
Ours is not to question.
Ours is not to understand.
Ours is to feed order.
We worship His Divine Shadow.
The Rebirth of the GigaShadow has come.
Oh Divine, Merciful, Shadow, Oh Divine Merciful One.
Glory to you and the Rebirth.
Praise for what you will become.
The glory of the Divine Mystery takes precedence over a single life .
We worship His Shadow.
We await His Shadow.
The GigaShadow is the end, and it is the beginning.
First will come the Cleansing, which will feed the Rebirth.
The GigaShadow is the new life beyond order, a time of pain and rejoicing We await the GigaShadow.
The GigaShadow is the end and it is the beginning The time is at hand.
For thousands of years, each Divine Shadow passed his evil essence onto a human host, that in turn became the next His Shadow.
The rebirth marked the final passing of the shadow essence.
His Shadow's brain was to ascend into an orifice that waited above its pillar.
Its essence would pass to the GigaShadow, and the Rebirth would begin.
I will not fail, dear Brother Yottskry.
Better not.
Brothers, it is our gift that we have been chosen to bear sacrificial - No! The GigaShadow must not be! The key! Blasphemer! Yes, yes Come on then, Yottskry I must stop this madness What are you waiting for? Move! Remove the key! Heretic! Stop him! The GigaShadow must not - ah! The rebirth must begin The GigaShadow must live Never! None of the eight, loyal or disloyal, survived.
The rebirth was stopped - for now On your stomach, please I called him the Taskmaster.
The Pipe fitter The Pump - an insatiable mute, who redefined perpetual motion, ha ha Tell me, who was your all time favourite, Feppo? Smoor, I'm getting all misty eyed.
Stanley, Stanley Tweedle.
His squeals! Will I ever again experience such beautiful music? OK, something sweet, but not too sweet, but not too rich, sweet though, fruity, on the fluffy side of creamy - but not soggy like last time, crispy on the outside would be nice As you wish, Stan Stan.
Stan! Way less sulphur taste than yesterday I do my best, Stan All night by the Zev, Zev All night by the Zev I did lie As she whispered sweet nothing to Stanley While plunging a fork in his eye! All day by the Stan, Stan All day by the Stan I rejoiced As I manned the controls of a great machine - That peeled off his skin in sheets, and vacuumed out his rancid guts before shredding his stinking carcass into a cesspool of maggots Stan! Out of the question.
We have to get Kai more protoblood or we'll lose him forever Look, of course I want to help, but protoblood can only be found back at the Cluster.
So? So?! Well, for one thing, we don't know the way back and we'd have to go through the fractal core again It is not a course I would recommend, bio-mass of beauty.
Answer The fractal core has exactly the same attributes in both universes.
We could pass back through it into the Light Zone by precisely reversing our entry trajectory route.
Going back to the Cluster is completely crazy.
If His Divine Shadow's forces didn't kill us, somebody would! It's not on, Zev.
Besides - and I'm sorry to keep saying this - Kai is meat in a freezer Rotting dead meat.
I am alive.
If you need a man that bad - here I am.
Stanley Tweedle, a man - ha! Kai Kai Yo A O.
Yo A O Hom Var Ray Why are you up from cryo-stasis? Because this machine is no longer functioning.
Yo A O Hom Var Ray I like to hear you sing.
It makes me feel something Do not feel too much, for I'll only be singing for a short time longer Your protoblood? - is almost expired How long? I don't know - days.
Perhaps hours.
You will know when I stop singing.
Yo A O Don't you want to live? I'm an animated corpse - a mockery of life.
I do not have wants I don't care what you are.
I don't want to lose you.
It's obvious - we have to go back to the Cluster, to get you more protoblood.
I have no wish to endanger you or Stan by undertaking such a voyage.
What danger? His Shadow is dead.
His Shadow is alive.
Alive? How? You sliced the top of his head off, we saw him die.
You saw his body die His brain was not inside.
It still lives Yo A Ra Jerum Brunnen G But, if he really is alive, shouldn't you do something about it? Doesn't the prophecy motivate you? Though I am an integral part of it, the prophecy will be, or not be, as it is in the cycle of time.
In any event, I do not experience motivation.
Then perhaps someone has to experience it for you.
There's no reason why I should trust you, there's no reason for you to trust me, and basically there's a huge gulf between us.
There's nothing to gain in that.
So how are we supposed to develop a dialogue? What type of dialogue are we supposed to develop, Stanley Tweedle? One based on sharing, you know, feelings, thoughts, concerns.
A little communication can go a long way, you know We are happy to communicate with security guard 4th class.
Formerly class 2.
In fact, by reaching into the great storehouse of our all-encompassing knowledge, we have summoned an episode from your past.
Journey back with us eight and a half years, security guard.
Remember this? We're all human, and of course as a man I have certain desires, so what really is wrong with expressing them? What I mean, commander, is, we all know the reputation of the women on Celes, and here we are with the Celes pleasure transport practically next door for the first time this century, and with my job I'm not always a hundred percent busy, so I thought - why not? you know Vessel approaching at 3 quadrant, identify yourself.
It's me, assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle.
We're all human, and I - um, I was just using up my extra time usefully patrolling the perimeter, doing what little I can.
All vessels to battle stations! League intruder approaching in 3 quadrant No, it's me, Stanley Tweedle, assistant deputy backup courier.
I was just visiting the Celes pleasure transport - Divine Shadow upon me! Ostral B heretics, come in.
This is assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle I'm low on air and awaiting instructions.
Ostral B heretics please come in.
This is assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle .
awaiting instructions This is SubCom Feppo, Ostral B Sector 245 command Tell us where you are, Stanley Tweedle, and we'll come and say hello I'm transmitting my co-ordinates.
Can't you tell where I am by my signal, SubCom Feppo? Your direct signal is too weak.
We are reconstructing reflections How do I know you're the real thing? Who else would be way out here scanning low power signals? Mercenaries Suffocation is not exactly a nice way to die Tell me Stanley, how often do ships normally pass this way? And aren't we both transmitting on an encrypted stream I didn't know any mercenaries had access to? OK, I buy that Thank you, Stanley Tweedle.
And Stanley? Yes, SubCom Feppo? How do spell sucker? Stanley Tweedle, mild by fate A martyr for his generation Sweaty probes were forced into him Such pain, such humiliation But now he's the captain of the Lexx On an intergalactic tour Still he dreams at night Of the time of his life In the playpen of Feppo and Smoor Ha ha ha ha ha! If you desire, I will stay here, where it is cooler.
My body will remain animated for some extended time How much time? A few hours, at least.
Kai, I want you to live, to really live.
I suggest you consider modifying your want What exactly is protoblood? I don't know How can you not know? It's all that has been keeping you alive for the last 2000 years I only know that I was kept in a mortuary below the hall of the Predecessors with thousands like myself.
There I received protoblood from a tube in my storage drawer Since it was so important to you, weren't you at all curious about it? As a mindless servant of death for His Shadow, I was not prone to curiosity If it were possible to repair the cryogenic regulator, Kai would have already done so.
There is no point in your attempting it, as calling you incompetent would qualify as high praise.
You are beyond useless in almost every respect, which is of course why Zev has no interest in you, sexually or otherwise.
I'm stung The facts, security guard - Zev, woman of all women, has a highly accelerated love slave libido.
You are the only living man she has contact with, but has she ever thought of enlisting you to satisfy her exceptional physical needs? No.
Impossible Just biding my time, pal, biding my time.
And when she comes knocking, it's not gonna be on your door - you don't have the equipment.
I am equipped with love.
I am equipped with a love muscle.
I did it! - Argh! Let me out Whatever for! Let me out! Die! Die! Ahh! Get me out! Stanley.
I didn't know you cared I almost had it fixed.
I just don't have the right equipment Accurate observation Stanley, Stanley, oh, he's so manly Two feet long and Zev she - Huh? Stanley Tweedle, I want you to use your hand to get us back to the Cluster That's called committing suicide.
A Cluster lizard's favourite food is brains! I did my best to try and fix the cryopod! Don't eat me! We all have to die somewhere, you're going to die right here Stanley Tweedle.
We are going back! We can't! Do you want to hold it? Yeah, on the end of my fork! It is a baby - an innocent.
The egg must have been laid before we escaped from the Light Universe.
Yeah, well, that's very nice, but I think we should act sensible here and dispose of it.
Don't you like it, Zev? No! I'm surprised.
You are part Cluster lizard yourself.
I was hoping you would help me think of a name.
If it comes near me, I'll name it.
What? Squish! Which is exactly what I'll do to it.
It thinks you're its mother What is it, Squish? Hungry? You can't eat my brain just yet.
I still need it for a little while longer Get it? Absolutely not! This is humiliating You don't say Do you know what we are? Yeah - Cluster lizards' favourite food Kai - are you sure this is going to work? No - but if it does, we will be better able to access the memory of the Divine Predecessor who killed me Let us begin.
Let us see what memories my limited protoblood can display Once more, from the top - and with feeling Stanley Tweedle is a god A warrior and a gent We are not fit to suck his feet Or dine on his excrement At night we croon by the light of the moon Of his courage and his creed Hey ho, there he goes.
Oh woe for his foes Long live the Tweedle seed.
Stanley, Stanley, top of the hero class Stanley, Stanley, we live to - Problem? Indeed.
We refuse to continue.
What do you think, Squish? Is it chompy chompy bite bite time? All right, you win - We live to kiss his ass.
Gentlemen - I think we are now finally developing a dialogue.
Lay your hands on me What was that? Many memories, inside me.
His Shadow steals the memories of all those he kills.
I absorbed those memories when I regained my own.
It may take time to find something useful.
You are Barton Tesh - heretic and criminal disloyal to His Shadow.
I have been instructed to kill you very slowly That was not useful Kai, please - think protoblood We have to find out where it comes from The memories - it is difficult The Time Prophet Time Prophet - you foretold that our order would be destroyed at the hand of the Brunnen G, but we destroyed them.
Will we reach our destiny? As one gifted to see into the old cycles of time, I should be able to see beyond your order, but I cannot.
I know only that when your time is past, there will emerge the GigaShadow it is unclear I see only a fleeting image of the Insect Wars, but they were thousands of years past.
It is all so hazy.
But even without seeing clearly I sense, I feel, I fear, the death of all humankind.
Are you His Shadow? Yes.
I am the Divine Shadow who killed Kai 2000 years ago.
What is protoblood? How is it made? I do not know But you provided the protoblood for Kai.
You made him what he is.
Then you must know where it comes from.
It comes from the GigaShadow What is the GigaShadow? The GigaShadow is the end, and it is the beginning.
First will come the Cleansing, which will feed the Rebirth.
The GigaShadow is the new life beyond order.
A time of pain and rejoicing.
Our destiny.
But what is it? The GigaShadow is the end, and it is the beginning Tell me what I want to know The GigaShadow is the end - Kai.
-and it is the beginning.
First will come the Cleansing, then will begin a new - We've lost about half.
Therefore my time is reduced by half.
I'm sorry Kai, I'm sorry.
We've lost half your blood, and we've learned nothing.
I have lost half of my blood, I have lost half of my time, but we have learned much.
First, that the prophecy may not be certain, and second, that the GigaShadow is something we should fear.
This is Stanley Tweedle, the captain of the Lexx, the most powerful destructive force in the two universes.
If anybody can hear me, and would like to make contact - - please transmit now, we are monitoring all frequencies How does it taste? Meaty - but not as meaty as you will, Stanley.
I can't help ya We can't just let him die.
Kai died 2000 years ago! We have to go back through the fractal core we have to go back to the Cluster, we have to get Kai some new protoblood.
Going back to the Cluster does not mean that Kai wil live, it means that we all will die Improbable as it may be, the security guard has a point.
I don't want to live.
I never wanted to live I'm making eye water again - it happens when I feel this way They're called tears, didn't you even know that? I grew up in a box, Stan.
My matrons, my teachers, everyone I ever knew were holograms.
You're the first real people I ever met! There's a lot I don't know Well, there's something else What? Tears are what happens when you're in love.
We have to go back through the fractal core, we have to go back to the Cluster That's called committing suicide! We have to get Kai new protoblood, we have to go back to the Cluster, we can't just let him die! We all will die! Admit it Tweedle.
You're a coward A coward.
An arch traitor and a coward.
Lexx - I've made a decision.
We are going back through the fractal core.
As you command, Stan.
And, from now on, I want to be known as Stanley the Brave, who risked his skin for his friends! As you command, Stanley the Brave, who risked his skin for his friends.
Relax Tweedle, you're all right We made it, darling Good work.
Kai? Kai? Talk to me Protoblood failure.
Say, while you're down there, why don't you stay down there? Say, while you're up here, why don't you contact some old friends? Mind Squish until I return, and if I do not - Kill him, before he gets big enough to eat you Are you sure you don't want to come with us, Stan? Unlike dead man, I am experiencing no such motivation I bet the Cluster would love to see the famous arch traitor come home Maybe there's a candle burning for you outside the protein bank Blow it out.
Remember - we talk to you, you don't talk to us - unless we ask you to, which we won't We don't want anyone to find the Lexx because of your signals Signals can be tracked, Stan I know.
Good luck Thanks.
Stay put Lexx, when you eat, can you separate out the yummy stuff from the nasty indigestible bits? Yes, Stanley the Perfect, the mighty and terrible champion of the oppressed And - unjustly maligned majestical being And unjustly maligned majestical being Cool Come on, baby, come on.
They can't detect us this close to the surface.
This is customs post KL722468.
We - we seem to - This customs post has been cleansed No problem, we'll check in at a different one This customs post has been cleansed Right.
We'll make sure to - This customs post - this customs post Rejoice! - has been cleansed cleansed cleansed Guilty - in the execution of this sentence you are hereby cleansed of your crime against the League of 20,000 Planets.
May His Merciful Shadow fall upon you No military patrols Not a lot of anything Eyes right Kai - come back Protoblood failure.
I do not have much time left.
We must hurry.
Zev to Stan - we just landed.
So far so weird.
I'll keep you posted.
Lexx, I have a question.
If I want to transmit something, does it have to go out over all frequencies, or can I select a specific band? I am able to transmit on any frequency band you choose, Stanley the legendary all powerful space stud man I select the upper five nano quanto range frequencies This is Stanley Tweedle.
That's right, the Stanley Tweedle Maybe you heard I was a traitor Maybe you're aware I was once an assistant deputy backup courier for the Ostral B heretics.
and that on one mission in particular I got a little side-tracked when His Shadow attacked - It's our favourite frequency amino acid codes that certain Sub Nebula mercenaries found in my tooth were used to destroy a hundred Reform planets - although it was actually only 94.
None of that matters now, you know why? Because I now command the Lexx, the most powerful destructive force in the two universes.
I can take you out just like that.
Don't believe me? Come on.
I'll be right here waiting.
Ha ha The Cleansing.
Not long dead.
Welcome friends.
Welcome to the end of everything.
Though I can command the heavens and urge comets to change their course, all this is nothing next to your grace, your wisdom, and the glory that lives in your eyes Divine Shadow? Yes.
You don't look very good.
And I could not be happier, for I am free.
I don't understand.
As a result of the fall the evil section of my brain was destroyed.
Only my poet half remains.
I am at peace.
Kill it.
Fair lady, would you care to hear a sonnet? Pass What happened here? An assassination attempt Some rebel clerics found a way to make my pillar descend.
Good for them, I say - not at the time, of course, but - Squish! Bad lizard You should have let it kill me.
Let it end my suffering for the pain I inflicted on all humanity I will fulfil your desire, by fulfilling the prophecy Do it Kai - end the Divine Order Last of the Brunnen G, I ask not to be spared, only to be forgiven.
Grant me that He destroyed your planet.
He destroyed you.
He deserves nothing I beg you Get rid of him I cannot stop you.
I am helpless What is the GigaShadow? The GigaShadow is the end, and it is the beginning.
First will come the Cleansing, which will feed the Rebirth The GigaShadow is the new life beyond order Whatever the GigaShadow is to be, it likely cannot be without you The prophecy demands to be fulfilled He knew nothing of the GigaShadow either We will go to the mortuary now, for protoblood Kai - it's over.
The prophecy is fulfilled.
The last of the Brunnen G has destroyed the Divine Order.
How does it feel? It feels - it feels - I have no feeling for it Is this the mortuary? My home, for 2000 years These drawers contained myself and thousands of other assassins like me, all kept in a state of living death by protoblood Looks like all my undead comrades have taken a walk Where to? They have been cleansed, I assume The tubes are dry So, what do we do? Follow the tubes to the source of protoblood, wherever that is.
Stan - Zev.
Stan, it looks like we might take a little longer than we hoped.
Sit tight Stan, this is Zev.
Stan, this is Zev Stan - there's a big celebration on the Cluster.
We've encountered some people, rebels, who tell us His Shadow is dead.
Looks like the good guys won, Stan Oh, and don't be surprised if you encounter some returning refugees - help them out if you can Also, best to maintain radio silence, just in case.
Zev out Anything you say I gave Kai my memories, but you, cleric, are weak.
You will transport my essence to its destiny No! You are mine No, no, I'm not yours I will not be possessed by you.
I'm Yottskry, I'm Yottskry I have my own mind But I control you.
I've fought you before, and I'll fight you again You will lose Ahh! Are you all right? Yes.
What is this? Is it protoblood? No.
Then what is it? Trouble - because unlike me, everything you see here is alive Get out.
Leave me alone Get out of my mind! You must bend to my will.
Do as I command I'm not His Shadow! You are me.
I am you.
Never! Protoblood is distributed from here - empty We have to keep looking.
We must be close Perhaps - but I have little time, Zev All right.
Time to die, Divine Shadow You are already dead, ha ha ha! It is only I who am alive ha ha ha! We saw him before.
He was dead.
He is the one you turned over He's getting stronger.
I can't hold him back Kai, you must kill me.
I am possessed by His Shadow He's trying to move, somewhere Where? Please, somehow you must kill His Shadow You must kill me Where is he trying to go? To the GigaShadow.
You must stop him.
What is the GigaShadow? Tell me How did he come back to life? Some form of protoblood, I suspect The yellow stuff - on the floor by the dead clerics And protoblood comes from the GigaShadow So let's go back up and get some Yes - we must find the Giga- No! Kai! Out of blood.
Zev - go back to Stan.
Use the Lexx to destroy the Cluster Farewell Zev, my - Kai, come back Kai, come back Kai, Kai, Kai! Situation deteriorating quickly Others all dead.
I estimate I only have forty minutes of oxygen supply left How long do you think it will take you to reach me? Over Vessel, this is Captain Stanley Tweedle, commander of the Lexx I, um, I accidentally received your transmission, are you in trouble? Oh no - my signal's been intercepted Hold on, hold on, wait, look, come in, I can help.
Come in! Lexx, did you get a location fix on that transmission? I did, Stanley the stunner, makes love like no other I defy thee, I defy thee, I defy thee! What fresh hell is this? My Rebirth has begun I don't need your help You're running out of oxygen, correct? I've been there, it's something I would not wish on my worst enemy How do I know you're not working for the Divine Order? Sometimes you just have to go on trust I don't think so I don't know what to believe anymore.
Oh, oh, oh - What's up? Oh, oh - oxygen! Hold on! Hang on - I brought you a suit, and oxygen I don't know what to believe anymore Stanley Tweedle.
- the lesson continues Find your mother Zev.
Zev! Bliss to the power of bliss times bliss! I live again.
What's wrong? He's gone.
Kai is dead Listen - something's happening to the Cluster Maybe it's a lost cause, but there's something I have to do Zev, please, we must flee this planetoid! The cleansing is not complete Zev! Hurry! Stan - Zev.
Listen very carefully.
Bring the Lexx to the Cluster right now We have to try to rescue Kai, then use the Lexx to destroy the Cluster.
We have to blow it up Well, geez lady, that sounds like a really fun idea, but I'm afraid there's a little snag.
You see, it's like this.
Mr Tweedle is, er, somewhat indisposed.
In fact, by the time we are done with his puffy pink body, it will be a lot more puffy and a lot less pink Squeal for the people.
Squeal, squeal, squeal! There is justice in this universe Good lizard OK, Squish - let's find the GigaShadow Have you solved the puzzle, human? No matter.
You cannot stop me now Yes you can.
He's vulnerable Where are you? I'm inside the GigaShadow.
You're inside the GigaShadow Find me.
Please, find the brain You're too late Kai - much too late We shall see What's your favourite food? Find me.
Please, find the brain I am the GigaShadow, and you, Kai, are nothing but a microbe inside me, infecting my system I will extinguish you - and, cleric - you cannot help him No sign of the dead one, sweet one That, dearest, would be the GigaShadow Right I suggest we vacate this area immediately Die, Brunnen G! You cannot help him Yes! I can and I will! Die! Die! I will free him Thank you Hurry, Kai.
I'm losing, losing strength And I am gaining Go - find the brain Unfortunately there is no habitable planet, asteroid, moon or space station within the range of this vessel.
There is absolutely nowhere for us to go.
Zev, darling? Yes? Our oxygen will be gone and you'll be dead in 11 hours and 7 minutes, but my power pack will keep me going for 309 years, so I will use that time to recite an epic poem about you.
Shall I begin? Zev, my love, you have expired But robot head is hot and wired Your fragrant corpse, cold and Zev? Zev? Stan.
You were right.
We shouldn't have come I don't know what to say, except, except - Just get out of the way, will ya, I need a clear shot! Fire! Yes! Lexx, what are you doing? Hit it with everything you got! I did, Stanley the fearless warrior god swooping down from on high to protect the weak and innocent Well, OK - hit it again Zev, love - I believe the GigaShadow is a large angry insect, and I fear it is just waking up.
Yes, Kai, yes - you're almost there Squish - which way? You're here, Kai.
Fulfil the prophecy No, cleric.
Kai is close, but he will never arrive I can't fight any longer Begone! Find the brain Darling, it is not important to me, but - What? To your right Kai Lexx - turn around, we're gonna pick up the dead guy How did you manage to - No time - Lexx, take us to the fractal core Lexx - fractal core, now - go! Stupid humans.
Your entire species is mine.
Its velocity has surpassed the Lexx Is there no way to fight it? No.
It has become too powerful during its millennia of dormancy So even if we lead it through the fractal core - The GigaShadow cannot follow.
Its positive mass is too large for it to pass through.
It would combine with the fractal core's anti-mass and the two would cancel each other out It can't follow us? No.
OK, Lexx - faster, as fast as you can go As you request, Stanley the fearless warrior god swooping down from on high to protect the weak and innocent.
mastermind of the downfall of the shining star of the cosmos Stan, Stan, only Stan! Yes! Ouch! I imagine the GigaShadow's priority will be to end the prophecy.
To end me But the GigaShadow cannot come through the fractal core Run Wait for me! GigaShadow, this is our time of rejoicing.
No, it is your time of pain.
You are no longer needed, human vessels of my essence.
Come on What's it, what's it! It's over.
We have no hope We have hope - one small hope The victory of your ancestors was not complete You are a survivor of the Insect civilisation.
Yes, last of the Brunnen G.
I passed on my essence to humans, rightly believing that I would be more successful using humans to defeat themselves.
Yours has been an enslaved species, working tirelessly to achieve my Rebirth The Divine Insect Order beings.
The insects will rule again.
I bid you extinction.
the time has come.
Ha ha ha! That's my baby Oh look, Nubbleguck - tasty treats Yum yum - give me some Why are you smiling? I'm smiling because I transmitted on your frequency on purpose.
I'm smiling because it's dinner time And then, following Captain Stanley's carefully constructed plan exactly, the Lexx cruised on over to Feppo and Smoor's and ate it right up, and then it separated out the essential Tweedle from the indigestible Sub Nebula mercenaries, ha ha! I knew what they'd do and I did them one better How did you know that they would come after you? Captain Stan just intentionally broadcast over frequency bands they monitor So, guys - where do we go from here? I once suggested that you find yourselves a home And now? And now that the fractal core is destroyed, stranding us in the Dark Zone, and since I have a new supply of protoblood, let us find ourselves a home Sounds good to me.
Stan? OK, Lexx - find us a home As you request - Stan, Stan, only Stan.