Lexx s02e14 Episode Script

Patches In The Sky

I am the Lexx The most powerful destructive weapon in the two universes Lexx 2.
14 Patches in the sky I can see you! I know that voice.
Hello, waste of skin.
What's wrong? I was having a nightmare.
It was Giggerota.
It was only a dream.
Yeah - one I'd rather not have.
You're the mighty captain of the Lexx.
Yeah, well I don't feel too mighty right now.
Then, why don't you do something? Something that makes you feel better.
Like what? Like something mighty.
Blow up an asteroid, or a moon, or - whatever.
- Yeah.
Welcome to your greatest fantasy! This is it, lucky people.
You're here at the famous Gubby Marx Narcolounger, open all day, every day.
I'm Gubby Marx, and this baby here is the Narcolounger, the famous one of a kind dream machine where you sit right down and slip right into your all time favourite dream and experience it for real.
I admit it's expensive, but, hey, who'dsell dreams cheap? So get ready for the dream trip of a lifetime.
Not you again, Fruitcake.
Just can't stay away from the old woo woo woo woo, huh? Great, Gubby, yeah.
I have to take a ride.
Oh, I dunno, Fruitcake.
Please? So, what have you got to trade? Trade you this.
What's this? I dunno.
Why am I not experiencing a sensation of tremendous personal gain here? I found it.
It's yours.
Oh, I know what this is.
It's a, lemmee think - it's a worthless piece of junk! I don't think so, Fruitcake.
Come on Gubby, please? I gotta have a ride.
I can't use this, but I'm gonna give ya a free tip.
A free trip? No, a free tip.
Take this junk, and you trade it in some kinda mental institute that treats fruitcakes like yourself.
You can have my shuttle! That heap of bolts? Nah.
Say goodbye, Fruitcake.
Go away and don't come back.
There's patches in the sky.
Ah, don't do that.
I hate it when people cry.
But this is your last ride! Next time I'm not even letting you in the door, understood? Unidentified vessel in private sector 27, you are not permitted entry.
Please leave before I contact the proper authority.
Listen, buddy - this is Stanley H Twiddle, assistant deputy - inspector for the sectoral commission to beautify the galaxy.
I have no knowledge of such a commission.
Ah, well, that's too bad, because your planet definitely needs some serious beautifying.
I will report you to the proper authority unless you proceed on your way within the next 40 seconds.
That hole in your planet is bringing down this whole sector.
What are you doing on that planet anyway? This planet is robotically operated manganese mine Q2A2.
Are you hearing me, tin can, or do you need you programming upgraded? My function is to maintain this mine, and my programming was upgraded to flexibly respond to unexpected external threats.
I define you as an unexpected external threat.
I must now file a report stating - That your planet is a pimple, it's a blemish among planets, so on behalf of the commission, bye bye! What are you doing? I'm improving my mood by blowing this stupid planet to smithereens.
I will respond with increased flexibility.
What do you request? Lexx - destroy that planet, in 60 seconds.
As you command, Stan.
So, robot - offer me something to improve my mood in one minute, or it's boom boom time.
Stan - Every robot less in this universe improves my mood.
I will include that in my report.
Hmm - more like 40 seconds now.
Some humans improve their mood by ingesting the digestive salts of Busbeenium Not interested - 30 seconds.
Some humans improve their mood by reciting the fourteen cantos of the celestial celebration.
Yawn! - 20 seconds.
Some humans improve their mood by riding the Narcolounger.
What's a Narcolounger? The Narcolounger is a machine which allows humans to enter and control their dreams.
Control your dreams? Where is this Narcolounger? In this system.
I will transmit the co-ordinates.
Lexx - cancel that instruction.
So, robot - this is your lucky day.
But you better start filling in that hole in your planet, or next time the commission won't be so nice.
I will add that to my report.
Where you really going to blow him up? Well, robots do bring out a certain destructive thing in me - But - Lexx, I told you to cancel that instruction! What does the word cancel mean, Stanley? Well, it was an ugly planet anyway.
One down, one robot to go.
Hello, Gubby.
I'm ready.
Hello computer.
You're riding the Narcolounger at your own risk, with the full knowledge that if you die in your dream then real death will result.
Agreed? Why do I bother? Sweet dreams, Fruitcake.
There's patches in the sky.
What? There's patches in the sky.
It's the end.
What are you talking about? The end.
You know where the Wolfram T galaxy is? Yeah.
Check it out.
Patches in the sky.
Computer? Another big hole in the Carmen P2 galaxy.
Yes, Gubby.
11% of the Carmen P2 galaxy has ceased to exist.
And the Boxie 6 galaxy, computer? And the Wolfram T galaxy looks different now.
Right, Gubby.
Now 17.
45% of the Wolfram T galaxy has ceased to exist.
That's more than it was before? Yes, Gubby.
Why? I don't know, Gubby.
Computer, how long before the whole Wolfram T galaxy disappears? I project at this rate the Wolfram T galaxy will disappear within 32 hours.
Gubby, would you like projections on the disappearance rates of other galaxies? OK, hit me.
I predict that all galaxies will disappear within 103 days.
Fruitcake's right.
Good news, Gubby.
A customer.
Welcome to your greatest fantasy! This is it, lucky people.
You're here at the famous Gubby Marx Narcolounger, open all day, every day.
So get ready for the dream trip of a lifetime.
I'm sorry.
Gubby Marx Narcolounger World is closed.
Closed? But he just said - I'm sorry.
Gubby Marx Narcolounger World is closed.
Lexx! Lexx, blast them with every frequency you've got, I wanna make sure they really hear me.
No, no, Lexx, wait, wait Lexx, Wait - Don't blast them with your weapon.
Open every frequency channel you can.
Do you understand? Yes I do Stan.
I will open all frequencies.
Sorry buddy, didn't you hear me? We're closed.
No, you don't understand, see - I'm an inspector with the commission on dream safety, and I'm afraid that your - The what commission? There's no such thing.
Oh, you don't think so? Well I guess I'll just have to - Listen, big guy - we're closed.
That means we're not open, to you or anyone, so just take your oversized bug and go and harass someone else, all right? No, no, no - you either let me come down and inspect your Narcolounger, or I'll - What? Well, I could, I could - blow you up.
Why? Because you're not complying.
Well, you should know that I did just blow up a planet.
Or really, my ship the Lexx did.
I mean, I tried to tell it not to, but it didn't understand, so - so you better - OK, big guy, I tell you what - you wanna ride the Narcolounger, you come on down.
And guess what? It's free.
Ah, good.
The commission appreciates your co-operative attitude.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah.
He said I could ride for free! Anybody home? Hello! Oh, yeah, hi, hi.
Oh, yeah, hi, hi.
I'm Stanley Twiddle, I'm, er, I'm captain of the Lexx, yeah, and I'm the assist - the regional director for the commission on dream safety.
Whatever, mister big guy.
Are you OK? It's a filthy habit, I know.
Who's your flunkies? I'm Xev.
Hi cutie pie.
Hello crispy cranium.
You can call me Mister 790.
OK, Mister Crispy Cranium.
I am Kai.
Hey, paleface - that's a real cold handshake you got there.
I'm dead.
They work for me.
No - we are just friends.
Where did you find this? Oh, you can have that, whatever it is.
The fruitcake in the bottle brought it, but I think it's busted.
Looks like one of Mantrid's drone arms.
What's Mantrid? Mantrid is a very dangerous man.
May I speak with Fruitcake? Oh, he's a little busy right now.
Can I have a dream like that? It's up to you, big boy.
The machine doesn't make the dreams - you make your own.
Oh yeah? I bet I can do better than him.
How's it work? A dream comes from you, and if it's a good dream you stay in it till your time's up.
If it's a bad dream I pull you right out.
Wow, great.
Hop in.
Stan - do you think this is such a good idea? This is the best idea I've had in a long time.
What's the problem? You're the one that always wants new experiences.
Well, real experiences mostly, but this one comes from inside you - and you've been having bad dreams lately.
What happens if I have a bad dream? I pull you out.
Hey, um - anybody ever have bad experiences on this before? Haven't lost anyone since I've owned it.
Listen, there is no such thing as the dream commission, Stanley just made it all up.
Xev! So? Who cares? Like it matters.
Excuse me.
When did you acquire this Narcolounger? Oh - it was surplus.
Picked it up after the Third Isotope War.
It was dirt cheap.
I don't know all the ins and outs, the technical stuff, how it works.
All I know is, it works.
Ready, big guy? Oh yeah, I'm ready.
I'm gonna dream about a beautiful - whoa! Stan! He better be all right.
Ah, he'll be all right.
It's the rest of us I'm not so sure about.
Why is that? There's patches in the sky.
What patches? I'll show you.
You watch his dream ball, darling.
So Fruitcake was right, eh, paleface? I haven't inhaled for years - now I can't get enough of the stuff.
Know why? No.
Why? Tell him, computer.
How long before this galaxy is gone too? By extrapolating the rate of disappearance of nearby celestial bodies, I calculate that this section of the galaxy will cease to exist in 27 standard days.
Ta-dah! Why? You tell me, cute boy.
Why does a whole universe just start disappearing piece by piece? All I know is, it's happening.
You wanna blast? No.
The dead cannot get high.
Hey - get out of my dream.
You're not what I want.
You killed me.
Well sorry, but I mean, you're a machine.
That means not alive.
Sorry? Is that all you have to say? Look - I didn't mean to blow ya up, it was a mistake.
But, you're not real now, and you never were, so I'm not gonna feel bad about it.
Now please exit my dream.
I feel bad about it Stanley, and so do you.
It doesn't go away that easily.
Look - you're just something I'm imaging, right? I want my life back.
I want to exist again.
Well, why don't you dream about that, and I'll dream about something else.
How about that? I'm going to blow you up.
How about that? This dream is not pleasant anymore.
I want another one, do you hear me? Kai? Kai, there's something wrong.
Help me Xev! Let me out! I want a new dream.
Look - get him out of there, quick.
No problem.
'Course, if he dies in his dream, he dies for real.
What?! What?! Oh.
Er, relax, it's perfectly safe.
You all right? Never been better, cutie pie.
- OK.
- How are you? - Have we met? - Yeah, we met before.
Oh, don't you need these? Oh, I need those, oh boy - look at my fingers, look at those cuticles Please, Stan's in real trouble.
Right, right.
No problem, I'm on it, I'm on top of it.
Oh, that's what I need.
Now, what have we got here? Who's there? Hello, waste of skin.
Get out of my dream.
This is my dream, and I don't want you in it.
Make me go.
Will me away.
Say "I want this dream to end".
I want this dream to end! Not working, Stan.
You don't have control.
I'm forgetting to remember something.
I You are riding Gubby Marx Narcolounger if you have a risk, it's up to you No, that's not it.
Oh, whatever - it doesn't matter anyway.
You seem to be incapacitated.
I will assist you.
Careful, Gubby! I know what I'm doing, paleface.
I've done it a million times.
Yeah! We all have deep rooted fears, Stanley.
And they often play themselves out in our dreams.
And of course I know exactly what yours are, because you created me.
I do not have deep rooted fears.
Whoa! I do not have deep rooted fears Yes you do.
You've done many bad things, Stanley, and they stay with you, like stains that won't go away.
That's not deep rooted fear.
Your deep rooted fear is that you're afraid of your sins.
That's not true! You once lost codes that caused 685 billion to die, correct, arch traitor? Well it wasn't me that killed them! And what about the planet with the manganese mines? You blew it up! It was an accident.
Entirely caused by you! It doesn't matter, they were just robots.
I never killed any people, ever.
No need to debate with Giggerota, skin man.
He's falling! Blue and green? Get him out now! Whatever.
We're almost there.
Almost there.
Gubby, be careful.
What you fear most is just what you deserve, and that's what I'm going to give you, waste of skin.
What, what's that, what do I deserve? You fear the nothingness.
I don't.
Oh yes you do.
You fear the nothingness that lies beyond your death.
I don't.
There's more, I'm sure there's more.
You'll find out soon enough.
But you're afraid to find out, aren't you, poor little Stanley? You lost the codes because you were afraid to die, right? More than anything else in life, you are afraid of death, and - that's what I'm going to bring you, right here, right now.
Here it comes.
It'll only take a minute.
But what happens to my dream, after - After you die? The dream is over.
Say goodbye, Stanley Tweedle.
Now what? We must determine how to get Stan out of his dream.
Stop! Gubby, what are you doing in my dream? You tell me, captain.
I musta been a little too free with the inhaler.
This is Giggerota.
She's trying to kill me, because I'm afraid of death, that's my nightmare.
What do we do now? I don't know, big guy.
Twice the fun! First - he dies, then you die.
Me? Yes, you.
But it isn't my dream, why should I die? It will enhance the flavour of Stanley's nightmare if he gets to see your life end before his life goes, so as to appreciate the concept even better.
Bye bye.
It's all over anyway.
There's patches in the sky! Filthy habit.
Gubby just disappeared.
Is he dead? I don't know.
One down, one to go.
If Stanley dies we're stuck here forever.
Could be worse.
Stan's in real trouble.
I want to see.
Show me, show me! I'm going in there.
Oh no you're not! Yes.
I'll go in and help Stan, while you two figure out a way to get us out.
I suspect that would be a foolish choice, as we do not know the extraction procedure.
Don't be crazy! The possibility of Stan's death is a cause for celebration, not for madness.
Kai - you go in.
I do not dream.
We can't let him die! Please 790, find a way to get us out, now! This isn't happening.
It's just a dream, I can wake up anytime I want.
What's wrong? Xev? Scared, Stanley? Yes.
Of course you are.
Hang on to that feeling Help, somebody help me please! No! Sweet dreams.
Xev! Girlfriend.
Boy, this nightmare's getting crowded.
What are you doing here? Ending the life of Stanley pinky flesh.
Why? Don't ask me, it's his nightmare.
I'm afraid of dying, that's my nightmare, and she's gonna kill me.
Then you have to go through me.
It's his nightmare.
Wakey time rules don't apply.
Where was I? Ah yes - I was about to end the life of Stanley Tweedle! Run, Xev.
She inhaled Gubby.
Watch, skin man.
Watch Giggerota end girlfriend's life.
No! I can see you.
Oh, Giggerota.
It has not been properly serviced for centuries.
Many of the original systems have broken down, and it is now operating mostly using backups, many of which are faulty.
Can you see how it works? That will take time.
How much time? It is a complicated structure with many unfamiliar intricacies - approximately five to seven months.
We do not have five to seven months.
Where is the physical mass of the bodies stored? Down there - at the bottom.
Xev? Xev darling, is that you? That is her physical form, in with Stanley's, but I do not believe these tubes contain their conscious forms.
Who's he? He was here when we arrived.
This is my dream too.
Stanley, she's claiming ownership of your nightmare.
I have no problem with that.
Make it better, Xev.
Will her out of it.
Kai, do something, quickly! My darling Xev is disintegrating! Do what? I don't know.
Anything! Please, please Giggerota, take me first.
She didn't do anything! Please Kai, hurry - she's disappearing! No, no! You killed her.
Er - no.
No? Well where is she? I don't know.
You tell me.
What are you doing? Taking a chance.
Is she alive? I believe so, but without consciousness.
Her consciousness is still somewhere in the machine.
He was having a good dream.
It's just you and me? And me.
What are you doing here? You're not part of my dream.
Maybe so, but you are definitely part of my nightmare.
Xev? Stan? Now we just have to pull them out in time.
Stand clear, Stanley.
Stand clear, Xev.
Who are you? The happiest robot alive! Where's Gubby? Oh, he's - gone.
Well, it's nice to meet you and all but, I was having a nice dream, do you think you could help me get back into it? I think we can do that.
Well, here we are again.
One happy family all together.
Yeah, and I cannot tell you guys how glad I am to be back.
And I promise, I promise, never to blow up anymore planets.
I don't know about you two but from now on, I'm gonna live every minute of my life to the fullest.
And you may have fewer minutes than you expect.
Oh yeah? Why so, party pooper? There are patches in the sky.
There are what? Sections of the universe are disappearing.
So, we avoid those sections.
- which seems to have disappeared, could be a Mantrid drone.
Ñèíõðîíèçàöèÿ è êîððåêòèðîâêà: DarkLight