Liar Game (Laieo Geim) (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 Liar Game Stamp it! How much? How much is it for you to do this to him? Total $250K.
What a nice number.
No! No, no.
Will you pay off his debt or something? No! That money I'll give it to you.
Is this what you were after? Here is Nam Da Jung's forfeit penalty.
Ha Woo Jin, why are you paying Nam Da Jung's penalty for her? None of your business.
Is it because you remember your late mother? She liked to help others and she helped people who were struggling without any suspicion.
She even co-signed for them.
Your mother.
She was swindled and had lots of debt and passed away.
And there's angelic Nam Da Jung who's cornered by debt.
What a twist of fate.
What is it you want to say? The incident from a year ago Did you take revenge? The company you ruined It was actually just a shell of a company.
I heard the CEO died.
Aren't you curious as to who was behind that? What are you saying? Join the game.
If you win, you'll find out the truth behind your mother's death.
Stop rambling! You'll be able to find out quickly, Ha Woo Jin.
Whether I'm telling you a lie or not.
Liar Game Episode 3: Minority Game I Why did you do it? I wouldn't know if I hadn't seen it.
But I did, so what can I do? Do you think Teacher Hyun will repay that money? He betrayed you once already.
Can I call it a day? What you just did do you know what it means? If you forfeit, you'll have to repay the prize money to the station.
If you spend it in advance, it's no different than debt.
I know that much.
Woo Jin isn't here anymore.
The game will get harder.
But be strong.
Your father might get in touch after seeing the show.
It might be tough for him to return before his debt is settled.
But at the very least I'll help you get in touch.
I did well, right? Right? Tell me I did well.
Please? Liar Game: Angel Nam Da Jung, who rescued her? Find out tonight at 11pm.
That's right! What? Ow! This isn't the time to watch this.
Why not? What? We have to find out what happened to our Da Jung.
Oh, yeah.
It's today.
She was betrayed.
What a swindler! Teacher! Teacher! What is it? Why did you do that? You're not like that.
Shocking betrayal by the teacher she trusted! Hey! Creditor 1: Where's Nam Hyun Sik? Where's your father! I don't know either.
Creditor 2: Hurry up and stamp your thumb print.
Creditor 2: Hurry up and stamp! Creditor 2: Stamp! Creditor 2: Hurry up and stamp it! Who gave you permission? A mysterious rescuer appears! Who is it? An unknown man mysteriously appeared to rescue Nam Da Jung.
Shockingly, he was just released after serving a one year sentence.
A man with a record.
But the TV staff discovered something more shocking while identifying this man.
Before he was imprisoned, he was a professor of applied psychology at Seoul University.
The fact that he was the youngest professor there.
Assistant Kwon Hae Young: Yes.
It's true.
Student Park Eun Jung: He was a legend.
Intelligent, young and handsome.
The lecture hall exploded.
I have a way to win.
The $1 million inside that safe Ha Woo Jin, age 28.
Former professor.
It's ours.
Professor Ha? Ha Woo Jin watching Teacher Hyun day and night! - You bastard! - No.
No, you can't.
No, no.
That money I'll give it to you.
What will that agassi do? You idiot.
Why did you give him the money? I received money for being on the show.
I'm paying you the interest on time.
You little I'll die if you hit me with that.
You should have used that money to pay the forfeit penalty.
Then Professor Ha would have repaid your debt.
I can't even say it.
You already did.
Did I? Idiot.
If you used that money to forfeit, Professor Ha would've Ahjussi.
Dal Goo ahjussi.
Go home, okay? You're too kind-hearted.
You promised me.
Not to film anymore if I helped you win.
I didn't know you would betray me.
I didn't betray you.
Don't tell me you had no choice.
Can't you even control your emotions? I know you helped him to feel better momentarily.
But can't you comprehend what the aftermath will be? I can.
What? I did it because it was so obvious.
Teacher Hyun's family I've never met them.
But after what happened to my father I know very well he wouldn't be able to see his family.
That pain seemed like my own.
I didn't want anymore pain.
That's why I did it.
I thought you could read people's hearts when you see them.
Don't you know how much pain and torment that person would be in? Even someone like me knows.
You are much more stupid than I thought.
Current News Now Look at this.
Before your husband gets hurt Doesn't it look like a setup? If that was made up, the producers are on drugs.
It looks just like a setup.
Here we go again.
The news will explode.
Let's go with a powerful headline.
An immoral affair between tawdry capitalism and broadcasting.
Don't just fish for headlines.
We should dig further since it's fishy.
Is Ha Woo Jin and the creditors' appearance just a coincidence? It's too perfect.
Then should we go with a conspiracy? "Liar Game's shadowy background.
" What do you think? That's right.
You shouldn't be working in a shady environment like this.
Didn't you graduate from the same school as Ha Woo Jin? Go get some comments instead of kicking back.
Non-profit company CEO suspected of embezzlement and commits suicide by jumping.
Some things never change.
You still shock people.
You turned the school upside down when you left.
Your reappearance is flashy, too.
I was going to get in touch anyway.
Your business card has changed.
Current News Now? More like Current News No.
It's all gossip.
I'm not a reporter at one of the major papers anymore.
I was worried you wouldn't meet me since I only write gossip.
I hit the jackpot.
What about what I asked for? I brought it.
But why should I give it to you? You said you searched for me.
I'm sure you're curious about a lot of things.
If you want gossip, isn't Liar Game the best for that? You won't go on that show anymore, right? Who knows? I don't know about that.
Your mother who ran a non-profit foundation was scammed and passed away.
The man who was a genius psychology professor used his exceptional intelligence to ruin the scammers' financial company.
The CEO of that company was murdered shortly afterward.
The man was arrested but was found innocent of murder.
Right after serving one year sentence for manipulating stock prices, he appeared on a strange TV program called Liar Game with a huge prize at stake.
For a year's worth of events it's quite a lot.
Right? Why are you bringing that back up now? Will you appear on Liar Game again? Is there a connection? The rooftop where my mother committed suicide.
It's here.
I'm going to start here.
How did I get here? Where do I go? Who am I dealing with? I want to find out.
Professor at Seoul University commits fraud Manipulation of stock prices A powerful force behind major manipulation of stock prices? Join the game.
If you win, you'll find out the truth behind your mother's death.
Is it so wrong for one person to believe another? JVN Liar Game controversial sensationalism A survival show program with a large prize money stake shows shocking footage of a participant being targeted by creditors.
You were eliminated before the first round.
How did it feel being on the show? I'm not saying this because I was eliminated.
But they can't just let that kind of program go on! A collapse of morals! You should know since you watched the show.
I couldn't go on.
I'm not regretful at all.
Was there any guarantee that $10 million would be mine? I'd be grateful for $250K.
At this rate, what if they take a portion of the prize money and quit in the middle? You don't need to worry.
People aren't that humble.
How can you be so sure? Even if the number of forfeiters increases, it'll be a big advertisement.
Think of the money they take as marketing funds.
If you're that worried, leak that the prize is $2 million for Round 2.
The Director wants to see you.
Criticisms for a guy with a record on the show? I'll stop it from my end.
But why did you broadcast the creditors' throwing a fit? Fine.
We're number one.
What will you sell now? Will you show murder for money, too? I'm sorry.
It happened spontaneously at the scene.
Nam Da Jung was forced to participate in Round 2 due to that.
I knew it would be controversial but I had no choice but to air it.
I'll take responsibility.
How? As part of disciplinary action, they want me to get rid of the show or change producers.
- What? - Neither can occur.
Stay out of this.
We're talking about in-house matters.
You're the one who shouldn't speak so easily, Director.
JVN Broadcasting station's stock prices have risen 60%.
If we axe the program now, can't you guess what will happen? In Round 1, we had fun making an angel out of Nam Da Jung.
But it's over without Ha Woo Jin.
She's sure to be cut from the next round.
What will you go with then? What if he comes back? What? Isn't Ha Woo Jin your main player? Director don't you have someone special in mind for the main player? If you want to make a deal, tell me the conditions explicitly.
How can we eliminate the disciplinary action? This has become a deal in the midst of our conversation.
But it's not like that.
Manipulate the promising guy who can think intelligently.
Make him the star.
To put it bluntly, let's just say Ha Woo Jin comes back after paying $250K.
But the criminal comes back and wins $10 million? What kind of picture would that make? So, should we have kind-hearted Nam Da Jung win? That's what I call reckless.
We have to put someone capable in the final round.
So, what you're saying is let your special participant win the game.
Is that it? Director.
Our program is a reality show.
Wanna know what true reality is? If this goes down, it won't end with you getting fired alone.
I'll be done, too.
This company, too.
There are many things at stake! Fire me now then! Now, now.
Both of you, calm down.
Let's do this.
Keeping the program fair, that participant will be elevated.
For the entertainment value of the show.
That's what I'm saying.
You get it.
So? Who is it? That person? I thought it would be that person.
He got so involved during editing.
Should we just follow the script now? The reason the game is entertaining is because it doesn't go according to plan.
But why did you protect me? If you accepted the producer change, you could have avoided this.
Let's just call it colleague loyalty.
You can't expect me to believe that.
This show will become more shocking as it goes on.
No matter what happens from now on thanks to the deal we made, the Director will let us handle it.
It was an even exchange.
But Kang Do Young why did you start this show? It wasn't me.
It was us, wasn't it? Thanks for saying that.
But actually, it was all your idea.
Well? We're building a Colosseum for this era.
After the Colosseum was filled with Roman citizens, the empire was on the road to ruin.
Is that right? Then until the moment of ruin, film it yourself.
Try the coffee Angel Nam Da Jung makes herself! What kind of employee is Da Jung? Ah Da Jung is particularly sincere and kind.
She's a model employee.
How do I put it? She's the mascot of our coffee shop.
Here's your coffee.
As expected of our branch manager He's showing off his agility.
Nam Da Jung, fighting! Amazing.
Thank you.
Unni, I'm a fan.
Can I have your autograph? Okay.
I like you because you're so nice.
I hope Professor Ha keeps helping you, so you win.
Thank you.
A star is born.
But will that handsome professor come on the show? No? Woo Jin Liar Game H Hello.
You are the winner of the first round of Liar Game.
In the second round, the winners of the first round will meet tomorrow at 2pm at studio 1.
Please don't be late.
If you don't appear at the designated location and time, you will automatically forfeit.
If you forfeit, the penalty fee JVN Broadcasting Station Standby! Applause! Welcome to Round 2 of Liar Game! After the fierce competition of last week's Round 1, twenty participants were eliminated.
Twenty participants have survived.
Only a few participants have forfeited.
A few have joined as participants after being assistants.
They have paid the participation fee and joined the game.
There should be several new faces.
Due to time limits, we can't show them all.
But you can look forward to their action.
We'll introduce the participants of Liar Game Round 2! Liar Game Round 2 Participants.
Now There are a total of 22 participants in Round 2.
The prize for winning is a total of $2 million! But hold on.
Haven't you noticed anything strange? Excuse me.
You said there are a total of 22 participants.
But there are only 21 people gathered here.
I'll introduce the final participant now.
The participant who showed the most action in the first round.
He shows the most promise! Woo Jin, cue.
All the participants have gathered now.
We'll change the location where Round 2 will be held.
The game will officially begin! What happened? Are you joining the game again? Don't make assumptions.
We're enemies now.
Liar Game Participants, board the bus.
Sit in your assigned seats.
It will take about an hour.
Da Jung, right? I enjoyed watching you on the show.
I don't think I met you.
I may look naive but I'm actually really thorough.
During $500K game, I strategized according to each phase.
I studied simulations based on scenario.
Plan A.
Plan B.
Plan C.
My opponent was selected.
As soon as I decided on Plan B, I got hit.
As soon as I began.
The opponent was eliminated for physical assault.
I got completely edited out.
But actually, getting hit was part of my plan.
See? Plan F.
Getting hit after messing around.
I'm not an easy opponent.
Nice to meet you.
Meeting like this is fate.
Let's introduce ourselves.
Sit down.
Ow, my legs.
Even though we're opponents, why is the atmosphere so savage? Didn't you hear the rumor? About Betrayer X? Betrayer X? I heard it from someone.
He came in to help a participant.
But he fooled everyone, including the participant, and joined the game himself.
Then that person is on this bus right now? Prepare to show your ID card to verify your identity.
After verification, you will receive a phone to use in Round 2.
You will receive game updates and be able to communicate with fellow participants.
However Internet usage and outside communication is blocked.
Personal cell phones will be held by the crew.
This is the stage for Round 2 of Liar Game.
As you can see, we're in an undisclosed Congressional Hall.
The voting will take place in this Hall.
All surrounding facilities may be freely utilized.
However, during the game not one step may be taken outside.
I'll introduce the Round 2 game.
Minority Game.
As everyone knows, a majority vote means more people agree.
It's the most basic way to decide something in a democracy.
What is a minority game? In contrast, the side with less votes wins the game.
One participant will be randomly chosen.
Nam Da Jung The participant will be asked a yes or no question.
Question: Is it wrong for a person to trust another person? In the game, each player will receive two cards with their name printed.
At the time of voting, one card with either "yes" or "no" must be inserted into the voting box.
Once the votes are tallied, the side with less votes the voters on the minority side win, while the majority Elimination are eliminated.
In the case of a tie, a re-vote will be held.
The person who survives until the end is the winner.
Winner If two people are left at the end, they divide the prize money.
Simple, right? Now you all know, but anything goes aside from using violence.
Indeed, who will survive until the end to win $2 million? Excuse me.
If one person is left at the end, does everyone else get eliminated? The losers will be able to compete to rejoin the game.
Even if you're eliminated in the middle of the game, don't let your guard down.
Cooperate until the end.
Now, let's do a practice game.
I'll ask a practice question.
Are you a woman? Yes or no? Vote for one side.
This is practice.
So, you won't be given additional time.
We'll vote immediately.
This will be easier than I thought.
From now on, voting will begin.
Voting is complete.
The result of the voting for the question "Are you a woman?" is 17 votes for yes.
5 for no.
Winner Since it's a minority vote, only the participants who answered "no" have earned the right to move on.
How come men are the minority? There are way less women.
That's why I voted "no.
" Since there are less women, I thought everyone would vote "yes.
" Have you caught on? What this game is asking is voting for the minority.
It doesn't matter if it's true or not.
There's only one important factor.
How can you vote with the minority instead of the majority? This is Liar Game Round 2 Minority Vote Game! Once the questioner has asked a question and the game begins I'll give you time to think.
I'll give you a hint.
How you use that time will decide the outcome of this game.
Now I'll pick the first questioner.
Bulldog Bulldog.
Ah, Mr.
That's not your real name, is it? In my world, Bulldog is my real name.
Once I bite, it's over.
I see.
Ask the first question.
Question I have killed a person.
We have an interesting start.
In two hours, the voting will begin.
The voting time will be alerted via cell phone.
I hope everyone gathers again without fail.
We'll officially begin Liar Game Round 2! Never trust anyone.
Ha Woo Jin was enticed with money, right? A swindler doesn't change.
Professor Ha.
I heard a lot about you from my brothers in prison.
I'm really glad to meet you.
I've never heard of you.
How embarrassing.
What will you do, Jung Ah? Should we talk to people? It won't be any use.
You can't trust anyone.
If it was a majority vote, I would try to gather people and sway them.
But that's impossible here.
But according to the host, there seems to be a strategy.
It's easy to say you'll be in the minority.
Isn't it just probability in the end? Why give us two hours? During that time, don't they want us to guess how other people will vote? For now, let's look around.
Are you the actor, Goo In Gi? I used to like you a lot.
You were a fan? Nice to meet you.
So Can I ask you something since you're a fan? What? Have you ever killed anyone? You know? Hey, you What? Your job fortune How? You were fired.
You're right.
That's incredible.
Well Then will the voting results be yes or no? Yes.
Vote yes.
Oh, my.
I should vote yes? Be quiet.
You say that now, but you'll vote no, right? What? Hey.
What bad luck! Wh What are you doing? Have you killed anyone? Have you ever really killed a person? I hate people who lie the most.
Think carefully.
If I get eliminated and I see you on the outside what might happen? Got it? Goodness, thanks for that story.
Please take good care of me.
Good work.
Everyone probably hasn't killed anyone.
If we want to be in the minority, should we vote yes? Everyone might think that.
And vote yes.
But don't you think Ha Woo Jin would have a strategy? You're close to him.
I want to do it alone now.
Then I'm going to go gather information.
Liar Game - one hour until voting begins.
Do you know what you just did? If you're eliminated, you'll have to repay half of the prize money.
If you spend that in advance, it's no different than debt.
Don't tell me you had no choice.
Can't you comprehend what the aftermath will be? I'm going crazy.
What are you doing? What? I thought we were enemies.
I'm going to treat you as my enemy.
So, don't approach me.
You have to use your enemy if necessary.
You think this is a simple game of probability? There's a way to win this game.
No way.
It's not a majority vote.
It's a minority vote.
There is.
Form a team of eight people.
Eight people? Why eight? It has to be eight people.
I'll explain why later.
I need six more people to make a team.
Then I'm not your enemy anymore? I told you.
If necessary, even enemies So, am I your enemy or not? No, for now.
Since people keep their distance from me, you make contact with potential team members.
Me? Will they believe me? Of course.
Since you're the dumbest.
What? The likelihood of betrayal being low is a great advantage in finding team members.
Whoever wins, the prize money must be equally divided.
So pick people who will never betray.
Oh, yeah.
Did you hear about Betrayer X? The evil person who joined after betraying a participant.
It might just be a rumor.
I heard about that, too.
For now go meet people.
I'll watch from afar and decide whether they're suitable.
Never mind.
Da Jung.
I think you're trying to form a party.
I have some important information.
What Do you know who I am? Betrayer X.
His weakness is authority.
Wants to look good to those in power.
Obsessive and anxious.
He's worried he'll be eliminated.
But he's not hiding anything.
Logical and calm.
He knows being in a team is advantageous.
She acts like she blindly believes in fortunetelling but she's actually anxious.
He's flashy and vain.
A typical gambler.
He's easy to read.
Jung Ah.
What are you doing? I've been watching you.
Why are you poking around and talking to everyone but me? I'm a little curious.
It's nothing.
What do you mean it's nothing? I ought to Hey! Come here, Da Jung.
You better not hit me! What if I do? The VJs aren't here.
No cameras either.
No one will know if I rip up your blabbering mouth.
Go ahead.
Rip it.
Rip it! How astounding.
I'll rip it.
So, open up! Let go.
I ought to Are you okay? Liar Game Security Room Wow, what a place As expected of Ha Woo Jin.
Let's do well.
I'm the chief assistant of three-time Congressman Kang Shin Gyu of the Mirae Party.
I'm Kim Bong Geun.
Kim Bong Geun - male, age 30.
Congressional assistant.
Strengths: people skills.
Our introductions are late.
I'm Lawyer Go Chan Hyung.
Lawyer Go - male, age 50.
Strengths: Logical and analytical I'm Pippi Spiritual Guide from Chungdamdong.
You've heard of me, right? Pippi Spiritual Guide - female, age 45.
Strengths: confusing and tricking people.
I'm Goo In Gi.
You all know me.
Goo In Gi - male, age 40.
Actor and former gambler.
Strengths: Talker and siding with the winning team.
Oh, yeah.
In that drama From a long time ago Director Jung - male, age 47.
Strengths: Cautious and patient.
I'm Oh Jung Ah.
I'm preparing to take the government employee exam.
Oh Jung Ah - female, age 27.
Strengths: Good personality, slightly crazy.
The reason I asked everyone to gather is to survive this game.
We're eight people who must cooperate.
Not everyone looks trustworthy here.
Why did you gather us? The chances of betrayal seemed low.
More than that, we need to avoid Betrayer X.
Show me that picture from earlier.
I took a picture when our phones were exchanged.
Information is political power.
Let's see Can you see this? This man is the notorious Betrayer X.
He's a young guy.
But where did you get that? I captured them when the participants passed by in the last show.
Through gossip sources, I found it from the netizens' investigations.
Take a good look.
This is the guy.
I I've seen him somewhere.
Hey! There! It's him.
He's X.
I already had an idea.
Whatever Betrayer X does, I know a way to win the Minority Vote Game.
A way to win? Look.
Divide the eight of us Half votes yes and the other half votes no.
What will happen then? No matter which side wins, four of us will remain.
Then of those if half are divided again, two remain.
One of those two will definitely survive.
There's a strategy.
Will eight of us be enough? There's 22 total.
Ah Unless there's a tie, it will end in three rounds.
So, with eight we can divide three times.
But only one person can win.
The rest are eliminated.
If we divide the prize money, each receives $250K.
We'll divide it equally.
The condition for eliminated participants to be reinstated will go to those who won some money.
Rather than rely on the unlikely chance of winning out of 22 people, isn't it better to get a part of the prize money and enter the reinstatement? The last remaining winner can avoid the reinstatement, so it's advantageous.
We'll leave that to luck.
That's a reasonable suggestion.
No That's the only way.
A good leader helps the whole group survive.
I'm in.
Cool, cool.
The spirits agree.
Me, too.
Me, too.
But hold on how can I trust you people? What if you betray me later? How thoughtless.
We're all being filmed right now.
This is a game of lies.
What use is that? Then let's write a contract.
We verified our identities before coming here, so we have our IDs.
That's a good idea.
I'll prepare the contract.
It's already time.
Lawyer Go.
Someone's following you.
Security Room Hello.
Don't turn your head and listen.
Bulldog is following you.
Don't come in.
Don't let him see the contract.
They're annoying me just because I didn't bring my ID card.
Where do I need to go? Oh, this wasn't the staff room? Ah Actor ahjussi.
What were you doing here? That question from earlier I must be dumb 'cause I can't think of the answer.
I was thinking about it.
Weren't you talking secretly about something? No such a thing.
Move, you asshole! Who are you? You can't come in here.
I said move.
Oh, my.
You want to do it anytime you get a chance.
Are you guys crazy? You really want to do it with cameras all around you? With your clothes off, you're way better than I thought.
You bastard.
Come out.
He left.
Are you okay? Are you okay? Contract Here.
All done.
Nam Da Jung, Ha Woo Jin and the rest of the eight.
In the case, one becomes the winner agree to divide the prize money equally.
Let's decide how to vote now.
Me, Congressional Assistant, Jung Ah and Pippi Spiritual Guide will vote yes.
This side, Nam Da Jung, Lawyer Go, Director Jung, Goo In Gi vote no.
- Okay? - Ahem.
The spirits say no.
The spirits say no.
Hold on.
Can I just vote yes? Jeez, it's the same either way.
Why don't you two switch then? Okay? You must vote as designated.
Finally, stamp your fingerprint in your phone and give them to me.
Now, take one.
But why? From now on, we can use this game phone to receive texts and calls.
But we can't call or send texts.
This is to cut connection with other people and maintain secrecy.
Please understand.
We can't get caught with our plan.
Don't go around together.
Avoid making eye contact or conversation.
Our next meeting will be fifteen minutes before the next vote in this room.
Liar Game - ten minutes before voting begins.
Ten minutes before? Ugh, I don't have an answer.
I should've flirted with a woman and had an affair myself.
Now we'll begin the first vote in the Minority Vote Game.
The first question is, "Have you ever killed a person?" Yes or no.
Please vote.
Have you ever killed a person? Voting begins.
I'm more nervous than during an election.
We'll reveal the voting results immediately.
Winner Yes! The results of the first vote are 10 to 12.
There are ten people who say they have killed a person.
The ten people who voted yes survive and move onto the next vote.
The participants who have survived come to the front and receive your voting cards.
That person has survived.
I guess it was him.
Betrayer X.
More than that, something's wrong.
What? Didn't you sense something strange? This situation isn't normal.
What? What do you mean? Half of us survived like you said.
Everyone seems relieved.
That's the problem.
It's understandable with our team members.
But the other eliminated people no one moved a muscle.
Everyone accepted elimination without protest.
A few of them glanced at each other momentarily.
Glances? Like you exchanged with Teacher Hyun in the first round.
That same glance.
There are other teams besides ours.
If Betrayer X is behind this, our way to win is already ruined.
What? The next questioner will be selected.
Choi Sung Joon Choi Sung Joon, come to the front.
I'm the notorious Betrayer X.
Liar Game What are you talking about? What do you mean our way to win is ruined? Follow quietly.
That guy will be the winner.
Betrayer X? I need to verify.
Your guess know that it's not everything.
Voting will begin.
Come to the front and cast your vote.
Betrayer X is among us.
And is still alive.
The next questioner is Ha Woo Jin! I already made my decision, so I'll vote right now.
My answer is no.