Liar Game (Laieo Geim) (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Liar Game How could I have missed this? Why? Do you know the place? Walden Two.
There's no place like that in the US.
What? This isn't a real address.
It's the name of an imaginary town created by psychologist B.
It's known in rumors.
But around 20 years ago in the US it's the name of a hideous experiment.
Walden Two Project.
Meet your daughter.
You called me, right? Talk to me for a moment.
About what? You're going to film and broadcast something weird.
It's not like that.
No? Why do you want to follow me when I'm like this? If she just knows you're okay, Da Jung will be happy.
What are you so afraid of? Producer Lee has met Nam Da Jung's father.
I don't think it's for the show.
Really? Wait and see.
It's me.
Kang Do Young's immigration records, former residences in Korea, parents and relatives information, any past records.
Use any method necessary to find them.
[Liar Game.]
[Episode 9: Smuggling Game I.]
Immigration records, former residences in Korea, schools, parents I pulled all the strings I had at the embassy and whatnot.
But I didn't find anything.
How can this be? What exactly occurred during the Walden Two experiment? The details have never been released.
Using young children, they did experiments that were banned at schools.
Why'd you want to see me? You need to find out something.
I'm expensive.
Let me see your skill first.
15 seconds to tap into a phone call.
Want me to tap into any home nearby? What are you doing, honey? I sent my husband to work and I'm taking a shower now.
Wanna come over? It must be an affair.
What do you want to find out? Kang Do Young's true past.
Allow me.
A year ago, L Company had the highest stock prices everyday at the time.
Only if I hadn't gone into debt to invest in that company I tried to commit suicide by hanging.
Does Da Jung know? I tried hanging myself using a necktie on a hanger.
But suddenly Da Jung Dad! You're home.
Are you going out? Jeez.
You already forgot how to tie a necktie.
Don't worry, Dad.
You'll find a new job soon.
She didn't know anything.
She tied the necktie on me.
I had a change of heart then.
Give her a call at least.
I'll handle Kang Do Young's participation issue.
What? Really? Alright.
Where are you off to these days? Did the feedback arrive from investors? I just talked to them.
The response to the President Game was good.
Isn't it a relief? What's with them? If they want to buy the broadcasting station, they won't just care about ratings.
Even if the host becomes a participant overnight, are they saying they don't care if the station's image is ruined? What about Kang Do Young? We have to save him for now.
That guy his current funds are so-so, right? That's what I heard.
If the stocks go up due to this show, it was suspicious when he blew hot air into the executives saying he could sell it expensively.
You think Do Young was after the money and created the game on purpose? Let's see.
The final prize is $10 million.
The President Game was won by Kang Do Young.
It's too bad the ending was weaker than I anticipated.
Will you defeat Ha Woo Jin easily in this round as well? Well, more than Ha Woo Jin I'm afraid of Nam Da Jung.
I can calculate Woo Jin's strategies.
But not Da Jung.
That boundless goodwill could reveal unexpected power.
It worries me and makes me curious.
People don't always make reasonable decisions.
You have the power to set teams in this round.
It seems like you're discarding Jamie who nominated you as a candidate.
I don't know if it's because of my job.
But I really dislike unpredictability.
So, I gave her a chance to make a firm decision.
Which side she sees herself on.
Whose shade would be best.
In Jamie's place, is there a participant you want to bring in? Well Dal Goo Me? will be on Da Jung's side.
Of course, damn please.
Then why not bring in Nam Da Jung? If Da Jung supports me like she supports Ha Woo Jin, won't they trust and follow me more? Are you saying Professor Ha is using Da Jung? That seems to be what you're saying.
Honestly, when Ha Woo Jin said he'd give all the prize money to Da Jung if he won, it's a bit suspicious.
A genius swindler.
If not for money, why is he playing the game? Are you saying Professor Ha Huh? Here.
Meet him and ask.
If you win the $10 million prize, how will you spend it? I don't know.
I thought of something I want to do.
Ride a helicopter and fly over Seoul throwing $10 million down in cash.
Imagine it.
Thousands upon thousands of golden bills fluttering in the wind falling from the sky.
What a grand spectacle.
Everyone will run into the streets for the money.
Their hands stretching toward the sky.
Those faces turned up to the sky I want to see them from above.
If you do that, traffic will be at a standstill and in seconds the city will be in pandemonium.
At the minimum, it's a violation of city traffic laws or whatever.
Is that so? I'll pay the fine then.
Sorry, I guess I joked too seriously.
Ugh, that crazy bastard.
How annoying.
Finally, I'd like to hear how you feel preparing for the upcoming round.
Jo Dal Goo? We're not in an advantageous position.
But Da Jung built relationships until now.
We have Professor Ha, too.
Ha Woo Jin.
If you win, you'll give all the prize money to Da Jung.
Will that be possible? Kang Do Young's charisma and Ha Woo Jin's intellect and Nam Da Jung's trust.
What will the results of the next round be? Please watch and find out.
I blabbered non-stop.
Editing is scary.
It's because Kang Do Young is a good talker.
You did good.
I did? At any rate, Kang Do Young looks like he's having fun.
Like a kid.
Did you find out about him? Back then, the empty space.
What did that mean? I'm looking into it.
But I think we have to resolve it ourselves.
With you? As expected.
What about Da Jung? She has nothing to do with it? Probably to pull me in Her Shouldn't we make her forfeit? Why are you walking on eggshells around me? Oh He said it was good.
Eat more.
I can buy more.
Da Jung.
You know If you forfeit now, what happens to your prize money? According to the station, I received $1.
5 million.
I have $500K left after sharing with Woo Jin, Teacher Hyun and Director Jang.
If I forfeit, I'm short $250K.
You don't even have enough to forfeit? Jeez.
Never mind.
You can always find the $250K somewhere.
You just give up.
You can slowly pay back your debt to Money Money Company.
How can I at this point? It's the team competition.
We need every last person.
And if I win, I agreed to share the prize money equally.
What will everyone think if I quit now? Ah.
That's true.
Are you worried I'll lose? I'll quit then.
Huh? But everyone quit together.
Both of you haven't won any prize money, so it doesn't matter if you quit.
Why didn't you say anything? You should've pushed forfeiting.
Kang Do Young is right.
Our team's focal strategy isn't me, it's Nam Da Jung.
The game sure is flowing strangely.
[JVN Broadcasting Station, Liar Game Round 5, Day of Smuggling Game.]
Ouch How dare you ignore me? What if someone sees? Come to your senses.
If you dig yourself in a hole again, you and I are both going down.
What do you want me to do? Kang Do Young knows you can be manipulated, so get on his good side.
Give Ha Woo Jin some info on Kang Do Young.
While they're in a bloody battle, you get them from behind.
That's your specialty.
Easier said than done.
If you win, we split the prize money.
What do you think? Director you're really in a rush.
Huh? But if you fail, you better be prepared.
Don't I know? Don't worry.
I'll win even if I have to betray you.
To those who've made it this far, I congratulate you.
The end is near.
If you win this game, you'll join the final round for the $10 million prize.
There's a reinstatement game this time around.
But only one person can rejoin.
Don't rely on it too much.
Before teams are divided into four members each, I'll explain the rules briefly.
Liar Game Round 5 is the Smuggling Game.
As a result of the President Game, the game has been divided into two countries.
The West Nation.
And the East Nation.
A rich nation and a poor nation.
This is a familiar story.
West Germany and East Germany.
Right? We don't have to go that far.
Your money, which is in the other nation, avoiding the solemn inspector and crossing the border must be smuggled in.
Kang Do Young? You said before to become a citizen of the winning nation.
Who will they be? Yes.
As you all guessed, Goo In Gi? Yes.
Your final member is? I'll do good.
Sung Joon? I was always curious about quiet Sung Joon who observed others.
You're good with numbers and have clarity.
I feel like he hasn't been in the spotlight.
I want to give you a chance to show of your skill.
And Jamie.
Like the icon you are, go to the West Nation and keep playing your role.
Damn it.
You're here.
I heard you're an amazing hacker.
Let's see what other skills you have.
Hold on.
We won't see each other now.
[Liar Game.]
[Round 5: Smuggling Game field.]
Using my standing place as the origin, this is the West Nation and that's the East Nation.
The rest of the area is the border.
Now all of you are each citizens of the West and East Nations.
But just now, shocking news was delivered.
A war might break out in 24 hours.
It's a delicate situation.
But the problem is that each nation has deposited $5 million in the other nation's bank.
If a war breaks out in this situation, that money will be held by each respective nation.
Each of you will have a bag that can hold $1 million.
Go to the other nation's bank.
Collect your money and return to your nation.
But you must avoid the eyes of the inspector.
Inspector? The exact details will be shown through a sample game.
Any volunteers? I'll try.
I'll be the inspector.
[West Nation base.]
When the inspector arrives first, the smuggler will come in from here.
Each side must enter the inspection room within ten minutes of the announcement.
With this card.
This is the bank card connected to your account in the other nation's bank.
Pull out money from the other nation's bank and bring it to the inspection room.
[Western Nation hallway.]
This is You can enter your own nation's bank.
Bank transactions are impossible with this card.
This is the card that opens your account in the other nation's bank.
Through this entry gate, shall we go to the other nation? [Entry gate.]
[East Nation balance $5 million.]
$5 million? This is just game money.
Before you smuggle it out, it isn't prize money.
If you can't smuggle your money before the end of the game, the funds are distributed equally among the other team.
Withdraw the amount to be smuggled.
And put it in your bag.
As you heard, the bag holds a maximum of $1 million.
I put it all in.
Let's go to the West Nation.
I told you this was the entry gate, right? Once you pass the entry gate, you can't go back to your nation without passing through the inspection room.
Let's go to the inspection room.
[Inspection room.]
The smuggler inserts their card into the machine.
Now the inspector must decide if he'll inspect the bag brought by the smuggler or whether to let it pass.
If you suspect smuggling, say "stop.
" If not, you can say "pass.
" But if you say "stop," you must say the amount smuggled as well.
Press the button and say it.
When you press the button, everyone else can hear through the mic.
After the inspection is over, the smuggler must open her bag.
In the case the amount predicted by the inspector is less than or equal to the amount smuggled, the smuggling is a failure.
The total amount smuggled is given to the inspector as prize money.
Then, you go broke if you fail five times at smuggling? Only if you try $100K five times.
But it's too soon to despair.
If the smuggling succeeds, not only does that money become the smuggler's prize money, you can also earn additional compensation.
Compensation? Let's say when "stop" is called out, the bag is empty.
Then the smuggler was unjustly suspected.
Thus half of the amount called out may be awarded for damages.
But let's say the inspector called "Stop! $50K!" and the amount in the bag is more than that amount.
["Stop! $50K!".]
In the case more money was suspected than actually smuggled, the smuggling is a success.
You also get half of the suspected amount on top of that.
[Half of $50K = $25K is awarded.
Each team receives three chances to smuggle and inspect for a total of 30 turns.
The final outcome will be determined by the funds smuggled and won in inspections, along with the funds leftover which were unable to be smuggled the team with more money wins.
After the game is over, the prize money will be deposited into this card.
Be careful.
You won't receive money if the card is lost.
Starting now, Liar Game Round 5 the Smuggling Game begins! What a nice place Let's cheer on since we're just starting out.
The four of us should trust Four of us? It's three of us.
Think as you like.
You were used and betrayed.
Do you still want to be on Kang Do Young's side? Who knows? Who knows? I'm going crazy, too.
I'm on the loser team because of that jerk Kang Do Young.
- Losers? Damn it.
- Am I wrong? A girl who's too nice and a brainless pickled radish.
Ha Woo Jin who's been flattened like a squid by Kang Do Young.
I ought to! Wanna get hit by a pickled radish? - Go ahead.
- Stop fighting! Take it easy.
They can see us.
Ugh, that Jamie She can't change her stripes.
It's fun watching them fight like this.
Hey, let's be friendly, okay? Let's do well, okay? All we have to do is trust you, right Do Young? I'll promise you.
If you trust and follow me, we'll definitely win the Smuggling Game.
See? It's good you came.
Relax your face.
Look at that.
I thought of a way to win.
Way to win? Really? What's wrong? She's already out.
Jamie's out.
How annoying.
What a bad joke.
If she'd betray us, she would've pretended not to.
I still can't trust her.
Hey, what's your way to win? Don't smuggle.
Huh? Don't smuggle when it's the Smuggling Game? If you don't, we won't lose money.
We'll receive compensation if the other team says "stop.
" That's true.
Not bad! You're not bad, Nam Da Jung.
Right? The first smuggling will begin in 10 minutes.
The East Nation inspector is Goo In Gi.
I'll go first.
Go ahead.
[West Nation smuggling turn.]
So heavy.
I thought I'd die it's so heavy.
I'm so tired.
Da Jung.
I shouldn't be saying this.
But I'm telling you because it's you.
What? Don't put on an act.
It's serious.
- I'm not acting.
- Pass.
But I didn't lose any money.
Of all people, you had to get the actor, huh? Try to act a little more naturally.
Bad acting aside, I was wondering what you were whispering about.
That was it? What do you mean? It's a way to win.
Way to win, my ass.
With that, it'll be a total loss! What? Our $2 million in their bank will remain untouched.
If we can't bring that back, they'll get it all.
And they'll smuggle.
Even if they succeed in smuggling $100K, it'll be 19 to 21.
The East Nation will win.
Then do you have a special strategy? We have to win.
Ugh! Pass.
You said you'd win.
What did you do? What Compete with your figure? What about you? Did you get scared by that little kid? What! Let's call it research for now.
Both of you stop.
How did they detect we weren't smuggling? Those idiots couldn't detect.
Kang Do Young probably ordered them.
Now the turn changes.
The West Nation inspector take your position.
Professor Ha.
Then Kang Do Young will try to smuggle.
Is it okay? Stop bringing up the past.
She's right.
It'd be better if someone else went.
I'll go then.
Don't worry.
Call $100K.
Wouldn't Kang Do Young score a victory from the get-go? I ought to [East Nation smuggling turn.]
Is there money in there? I can't say.
Anyways, we're enemies now.
You jerk.
I have to understand.
I told you to call $100K.
We lost $100K because of you! Why don't you trust me, huh? How can I trust you? You might have told me to call $100K because you want Kang Do Young to win.
I can't get used to the atmosphere here.
I'm going to be the inspector instead.
Says who? Hey.
Hey! That arrogant Stop, ahjusshi.
Were you shocked I came in? No.
I'm happy to see you.
How much is in your bag? As much as I think of you.
That bag won't be enough then.
Are you getting along with your team? My ability to adapt is incredible.
Would it be better to turn over the contents of this bag to you or would it better to smuggle? For you to be suspected? What? You're already labeled a betrayer.
Stop your nonsense.
Put your card in so we can get this over with.
I'm going to take my time and use up all ten minutes talking with you.
So you'll be under more suspicion.
Don't try so hard to change.
No one will believe you anyway.
Act as you've been acting.
If I do This one's taking awhile.
It's almost ten minutes already.
What are they up to this time? Pass.
Yes! Yeah! We did it! You yelled at me.
But you hand over $100K like that? Can you still say you're not on Kang Do Young's side? Be quiet.
What did you talk about? What did you guys talk about? Stop it.
What do you mean, stop it? Is $200K the name of a stray dog? You lost half of that yourself! Why can't you answer my question, damn it? - Will you believe me if I tell you? - Really, you! Ahjusshi.
I'll believe you.
What did he say? Why should I tell you? Should I lie flat and bow in gratitude because you said you'd believe me? I believe you.
So that Dal Goo ahjusshi will believe you Forget it.
I'm going to watch her with fire in my eyes.
We're just falling for Kang Do Young's tricks.
She's right.
We've never even attempted to smuggle.
They've won $100K in two rounds straight.
Are we just pawns then? They're looking down on us so much.
We can't just let it go.
Then what? We have to stop the flow.
[Ha Woo Jin, West Nation inspector.]
Finally, Professor Ha appeared.
They're so scared.
They must be panicking.
I'll get caught if I go.
What if Kang Do Young goes and steps on him? Huh? Huh? Where'd he go? I think he went to the restroom.
Now that I get a good look this game, it's not much.
Professor Ha isn't all that.
Should I go? Isn't MC Kang going to pick who goes? Since when have we reported every little thing? Jeez, we should still wait though.
Do we have to go that far? I'm going to defeat Professor Ha.
I'll beat him.
Watch carefully.
I'll suck the daylights out of him.
Long time no see.
Why have you come instead of Kang Do Young? Isn't it about time the scene stealer came out? If you're scared, you can die.
You dropped money.
No, I didn't.
Oh, that's right.
This I dropped it earlier.
I forgot.
You're bad at ad-libbing.
If the bag was empty, you wouldn't check to see if you dropped it.
The West Nation inspector has called "Stop $100K.
" Inside the bag is $100K.
Finally, the West Nation has caught a smuggling.
Wow, how did you think of that? Professor Ha! Hey! We're not dead yet, huh? It wasn't bad.
But isn't $100K too much? What if the bag had been empty? It doesn't matter.
More than taking $100K, my plan was to call "Stop $100K.
" What? Do you know why that team can boldly smuggle $100K? They think we're cowards.
We have the guts to call $100K in the midst of danger.
We had to show them.
You crazy gambler.
You should've gone all-in after gauging your opponent.
Ugh, I don't know.
What happened? Well Why didn't you wait a minute? Without my permission, smuggling $100K with Ha Woo Jin as your opponent.
Why did you make that mistake? - I - I tried to stop him.
Ha Woo Jin is Ha Woo Jin.
You can't underestimate him.
Got it? I'm going to take special measures.
All of your cards Give them to me.
Huh? Huh? Thanks to that mistake, the West Nation has recovered their trust in Ha Woo Jin.
Obviously, Ha Woo Jin will continue as inspector.
Do you think you can defeat him? I'll do the smuggling and the inspections with your cards.
Taking turns.
Is that possible? I confirmed it with the staff.
You broke the rules agreeing to follow me.
You have to accept this much of a penalty.
W we have to accept the penalty.
We're actually grateful.
Give it.
You, too.
We're in the same boat.
Sung Joon.
Hand it over.
If not, I can't let you smuggle.
We're of one nation.
It's no different than war.
I won't accept any individual action from now on.
But if you follow me, you'll receive sufficient prize money.
East Nation inspector, come out.
Oh, yeah.
While I'm gone, you'll be bored.
I'll give you side entertainment.
If one amongst you, secretly communicates with the other side or shows signs of betrayal, report it to me.
That person's card will be given to the reporter as a prize.
Then the betrayer won't get any prize money? But the reporter gets double.
- That's - Hey.
Just don't betray.
Do it if you want.
I'll just take your card.
I'll handle the Smuggling Game from now on.
You play the Betrayer Game.
[Liar Game.]
It's our turn to smuggle.
Shouldn't we show our power? But we're down.
Won't we be in trouble if we lose more? That's why we need a plan.
That side is being taken care of by Kang Do Young.
We're just losing without any plan.
What if the plan leaks? I thought you're watching me? If I get caught betraying, you can have my card.
We can't keep suspecting each other.
Let's discuss it in advance before smuggling and inspections.
What if you make the decision, Woo Jin? Go ahead.
Make a plan.
It's a good idea.
The East Nation inspector is Kang Do Young.
The West Nation smuggler should come out.
Kang Do Young, huh? I'll be the smuggler this time.
How much? $50K? What a cheap guy.
Go with $100K.
$100K? It's good.
But isn't it too bold? We have to make up for our losses.
Let's do it.
So, we can see their reaction as well.
[West Nation smuggling turn.]
Jo Dal Goo? Why? What? Just.
Since you weren't talking.
I guess you find me funny.
But I know a lot about you.
You were a successful analyst on Wall Street.
You got your MBA.
But you went awry lately.
Because someone like Ha Woo Jin manipulated the market.
Who can't make an excuse like that? You're right.
Actually, I'm not interested in analysis and forecasting.
It's all feeling.
When you consider money, it's fascinating.
It's like a living thing.
As though it's acting of its own volition.
You have telepathy with money? It seems like people move money, huh? No.
Money moves people.
I saw all kinds of people as an analyst.
Millionaires all the way to ants holding on to their tiny money pouches.
They all think they're the owners.
But they move how money tells them to.
I can tell based on the expression now.
How much money will move that person? Huh? What? Pass.
Please pass.
Please pass.
It was my mistake to have hope.
I'm going crazy.
Who the heck is Kang Do Young? Why? He said the strangest thing.
He can tell how much money based on the expression on your face.
Do you believe that? It didn't seem like a lie! Go against him if you're so confident.
I'll think about it.
Shall I try? Whether it's true or not.
Want to? Then this time put $55K in the bag.
Huh? What's the extra $5K for? It's been "Stop $100K" or "pass" until now.
Or they'll call $50K.
Who would say $55K? That's true.
If they say "pass" or "$50K," we succeed in the smuggling.
Even if he calls $100K, being able to guess the amount is a lie.
Hey, not bad.
The East Nation inspector is Kang Do Young again.
West Nation smuggler, come forward.
I'll try.
I heard you can tell the amount by reading faces.
How much do you see in me? Stop.
Did you see that? Did you see what just happened? Who the heck is he? Is he psychic or something? Last time during the coin toss with you It's different.
He's skilled at hiding a lie.
But he didn't have the ability to read.
An exact amount, at that.
What do we do? I'll go.
How much will you smuggle? How much should I? I have an idea.
He'll predict you'll boldly smuggle a lot.
What about nothing? That's alright, huh? On top of that, he's always called "stop" so far.
We can earn compensation if we're lucky.
This is our first meeting here.
Are you having fun? Pass.
How can he do that? He's an upgraded version of Ha Woo Jin.
Isn't that X-ray vision? No way.
At any rate, it's our turn to inspect.
Who will it be? Let's put Ha Woo Jin in and fuel the fire.
Scan it all.
What if Kang Do Young comes out? It's over if we lose here.
It's our turn to smuggle.
Are we really gonna leave it to Kang Do Young? He's going to handle it.
Taking turns.
How can we trust that? Hey.
Are you causing dissension in a national crisis? Don't trust me if you don't want to.
We can use the cards of those who trust.
The West Nation inspector is Ha Woo Jin.
East Nation smuggler, come forward.
Or do you want to face Ha Woo Jin yourself? Stop.
Successful smuggling results in compensation of $25K.
Stop $100K.
Compensation $50K.
$100K again.
The third successful smuggling.
As expected! We picked a really good president.
But If this keeps going, he might win it all by himself.
Oh, my God.
Ha Woo Jin can't even inspect now.
It's our turn to smuggle now.
What do we do? We have to succeed no matter what.
$82,000 Pass.
[West Nation 3 consecutive failures.]
What's that? Are you secretly helping? Not at all.
Rewind the footage shot earlier.
I'm going crazy, damn it! Before we cope with his see through ability, let's not smuggle.
Then let's plan a new strategy.
Who will be the inspector this time? Me? It doesn't matter if you're not here to plan the strategy.
Go ahead, Mr.
Wait and see.
I'll catch him.
Damn it.
Kang Do Young's been doing all the smuggling and inspecting.
He probably has all the cards.
So, they have no choice but to obey.
He's dominating them.
Good work.
MC Kang you're amazing.
Good work.
Don't say it like that.
The West Nation inspector is Jo Dal Goo.
East Nation smuggler, come forward.
What the Ha Woo Jin is nothing.
Look, Do Young.
How about taking a break? Yeah, Jo Dal Goo is easy.
I'll give you the card.
Return it after you get back.
Since he's an easy target, handle the smuggling yourself.
Thank you.
For what? Nothing.
We're both in the finance industry.
But we're so different.
What? Isn't a loan shark also in finance? I guess so.
You've never handled big money.
I've smelled a lot of money, too.
Then sniff this.
Hurry up.
Why not? No big deal.
Smells good.
Huh? Stop.
Did you see that? No joke, huh? Da Jung! Professor Ha! What's going on? I'm back.
That asshole Bulldog was acting up.
I got a feeling suddenly.
When I thought about it, I'm experienced with money like Kang Do Young.
So what? Can you read the amount like Kang Do Young? Not to that extent.
I'm not positive.
So, let me try once more.
Okay! You're dead, Kang Do Young.
Hey! Wait until I get you! What date is it? What? Nothing.
Be quiet, okay? Damn it! You asshole.
If you borrowed money, you should return it.
Don't have it? Yes, you do, punk.
Stop $100K.
Nam Da Jung! I brought it back! Yay! Just trust me from now on.
Tell them to take it.
I'll bring it back, okay? Good, good, good.
Stop $80K.
How many times is that? Stop $50K.
Ugh! Pass.
Jo Dal Goo is unexpected.
Only empty bags are going back and forth due to this situation.
They don't dare smuggle.
We're not able to smuggle.
But it's a relief you keep blocking them, ahjusshi.
But We can't keep going like this.
If the standstill continues, we'll end up losing.
This is because you lost all that money in the beginning.
Damn it.
We have to break his see through vision.
How? You do the final smuggling.
I don't know if it'll work.
But I'll teach you how to drop a fake clue.
Drop a fake clue? With your expression, eyes and gestures, it'll be hard to control in a short time without practice.
But it's not impossible with a few tips.
If you do as I wrote, you can find out the pattern of how he's reading the amounts even if you get caught.
Open it in the bank.
How much should I take? We can't keep going with an empty bag.
Try $50K.
We don't know if Professor Ha's strategy will work.
Let's be safe.
Since I trust you, I'll take $50K.
Da Jung, you're brave.
Even though I can guess the amount, you brought money.
Think as you like.
Let me see.
How much you brought.
You'll get caught like that.
Didn't Ha Woo Jin teach you how to fool me? N No.
How much do you trust Ha Woo Jin? Haven't you ever suspected him? Why would I? By coincidence, I learned something interesting.
I was wondering when I should tell you.
If the game ends like this, I might never see you again.
I should tell you now.
Your father becoming a wanderer in debt is Ha Woo Jin's fault.
He didn't tell you, did he? What did you say? What does he mean? Do you know anything? N No.
What are they talking about that it's taking so long? Do Young You're a really bad person.
What? Trying to make me suspicious with that kind of nonsense.
Do you want to win that badly? Da Jung you're funny.
How can this be? It's $100K.
Nam Da succeeds in smuggling $100K from the iron fortress Kang Do Young.
East Nation people, can you hear me? Kang Do Young being able to see the amount was just a trick.
Nam Da Jung.
If you give up your cards and let Kang Do Young do as he wants, you think he'll take care of you? That person wouldn't do that.
You all know that! You can't use the mic, Da Jung.
We're being tricked! Fight! We'll help you! What's she saying? Nam Da Jung, wasn't she supposed to take $50K? She did.
Why did you do it? Why did you do it? Jo Dal Goo.
[Liar Game.]
We're finally a team now.
Let's go fight now.
I have a way to win.
If we stay still, will Kang Do Young take advantage of us? That won't happen yet.
What if all three suspect and no one is there to report? That team's winning strategy is broken.
What do we do? Kang Do Young's back.
I'll go.
You're late.
What did you say to Nam Da Jung earlier? That's no fun.
What about this? The neighborhood you grew up in Ha Woo Jin!