Liar Game (Laieo Geim) (2014) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

1 Liar Game The long-awaited last round of Liar Game is Last Man Standing.
These are the game rules.
Shoot someone.
Load a bullet.
Or avoid.
If the gun goes off with several bullets loaded, until it misfires, you must keep shooting.
Each player is given five hearts.
You lose a heart every time you get shot.
If you have zero hearts, you die.
You're eliminated.
Nam Da Jung's father What did you do? [Where you let go of your mom's hand.
If you ask the examiner for the answer, will he tell you? I have to know what it's about before I help.
It's a long story.
We have to rescue him first.
Where's Ha Woo Jin? Why isn't Woo Jin coming? Detective Cha.
Detective Cha! The three of us were there.
Did you find him? I think so, but not definite.
Let's begin the final stage of Liar Game! We'll save our bullets.
And shoot together.
Go ahead.
I'll avoid.
[Kang Do Young avoids.
Jo Dal Goo? Now I'll send him off.
Kang Do Young has eliminated Jo Dal Goo.
Jo Dal Goo's gun will be turned over to Kang Do Young.
We'll start round 2.
I come before Kang Do Young this time.
If I load first, I can kill him for sure.
[Round 2, Third turn.
Jamie, shoot Kang Do Young.
[Kang Do Young avoids.
Woo Jin determined I wouldn't try to win recklessly.
I can see it already in my mind.
Us three.
Facing each other again.
Listen up.
I don't care that I died.
You two destroy that crazy bastard.
It's bloody.
Let's move.
Nam Da Jung, Ha Woo Jin, Kang Do Young will begin the final round.
See you soon.
What is it? You should be quiet.
I'm trying to help you.
There's something important you should know.
What is it? Don't trust Ha Woo Jin.
When I saw Ha Woo Jin on TV, I got so angry.
That bastard told me and a bunch of others to invest in L Company.
He was so convincing.
There's more than one or two who committed suicide because of him.
Who was it? I'm sure Nam Da Jung's father was scammed by Ha Woo Jin.
The revenge he took for his mother? That was all for money.
How can I believe this one person? - It could be made up.
- This isn't all.
Along with your father, hundreds were scammed.
Like some kind of justified revenge.
Know who he was plotting with? Kang Do Young.
Who do you think was behind Kang Do Young joining the President Game while being an MC? I agree.
I have a condition.
Kang Do Young has to tell us all the information he has on the game.
They knew each other.
You were manipulated between them.
That can't be.
Do you think it was a coincidence that Jo Dal Goo and Jamie were eliminated? You did as Ha Woo Jin ordered.
Why couldn't the four of you get Kang Do Young? Isn't it strange? What do you want to say? The way I see it, Ha Woo Jin will betray you.
The station wants you to win.
So, don't trust Ha Woo Jin.
If you feel betrayed, shoot him first.
What's up? It's the final round.
Professor Ha is on.
Is that a movie prop? Looks just like a real gun.
Ha Woo Jin has a real gun.
[Liar Game.]
[Episode 12: Final Round II.]
Yes, Director.
I'm on location.
Nothing unusual's going on.
Until the final round is over, I'm the only one who will relay info to the team.
Got it? Listen up everyone.
Switch the handset channel to #3.
Put all your cell phones in here.
What? What if there's a broadcasting accident? Will you take responsibility? You know I'm doing this to prevent that.
If you try to get involved during the game in any way, know it'll be a truly big mistake.
You really! Don't let anyone in without my permission.
Got it? Yes.
Starting now, the final winner who will receive $10 million in the last match, Ha Woo Jin versus Nam Da Jung versus Kang Do Young's final game will begin! Ugh.
Where's pickled radish? In this third round, the game will decide the final winner who will receive $10 million.
Since this game has a large amount of money on the line, not only was the location moved to avoid outside involvement or disturbance, the rules have also slightly changed.
Avoiding is impossible.
Each of you has 15 hearts.
Within 30 seconds, all of you must simultaneously choose to shoot or load.
Before that, I'd like to hear a word from each of you.
First, Nam Da Jung.
I don't think what I know of you, Woo Jin is false.
No matter what I do, trust me.
The time has come for us to take off our masks.
What kind of faces will be revealed? I'm really looking forward to it.
As earlier, you have one bullet loaded into your guns.
Make your choices in the first turn.
[Round 3, First turn.
Woo Jin.
[Nam Da Jung - Load.]
I'm disappointed my friend.
In the first turn, shockingly, Ha Woo Jin pulled the trigger on Nam Da Jung.
Let's see if he'll make the same choice in the second turn.
Make your second turn selection.
[Round 3, Second turn.
No What are you doing, Woo Jin? [Shoot.]
What's going on? Hey.
No way No.
If he wanted to kill Da Jung, he would've loaded.
There's got to be a reason.
Currently, Nam Da Jung and Kang Do Young have loaded three bullets.
Ha Woo Jin, aside from the first bullet loaded initially, keeps shooting Nam Da Jung.
Could there be a reason? Or is he plotting with Kang Do Young to taunt Nam Da Jung into wasting her bullets? Da Jung's father is watching the live show.
If you don't eliminate Nam Da Jung first, her father will be in danger.
But if you shoot her, you can save her father, but you'll lose.
And won't find out anything in the end.
You What? Don't you know me yet? Do I look like I wouldn't use the Joker in my hand? Dal Goo Please hurry.
Jeez, this signal's driving me nuts.
[Round 3, Third turn.
Woo Jin.
It's not true, right? That you plotted with Kang Do Young It doesn't make sense.
You have a reason, right? Tell me, please! [Shoot.]
When will you kill her at this rate? How frustrating.
Should I tell you? Ha Woo Jin and my relationship? No.
I don't trust what comes out of your mouth.
It'll be fun to hear.
[Round 3, Fourth turn.
Don't do it this time.
I want to trust you, Woo Jin.
Please [Shoot.]
[One shot success.]
[Kang Do Young - Load.]
[Round 3, Fifth turn.
If it was me normally, I would have trusted you to the end.
But you told me.
Reward loyalty.
Punish betrayal.
I can shoot you, too.
So, stop it.
Shoot me.
After many bullets went back and forth, Ha Woo Jin has 10 lives left.
Nam Da Jung has 9.
Kang Do Young wasn't shot and maintains all 15 lives.
What result will their trust and betrayal story have? See you after the commercial break.
When you close up on Da Jung, make sure her face isn't shadowed.
PD, it's big trouble.
Ha Woo Jin brought a real gun with him.
What? Who said that? A detective.
He said the show must be stopped immediately.
We can't do that.
How long left in the commercial break? Around 45 seconds.
Add another 30 seconds.
The blanks sound weird.
I think there's a faulty one.
Switch to new guns for all three participants.
Tell Woo Jin to see me.
What is it? Do Young and Da Jung I don't know what circumstance or grudge you have.
Preventing the show from being ruined and people getting hurt is my responsibility.
Turn around.
What are you doing? I trust you're not that kind of person.
But I'm saying this just in case.
Even if you fight with Do Young, don't take after him.
Standby, 15 seconds to go.
Huh? That's not your spot.
It's no fun if you drag it on.
Make your choice.
[Liar Game.]
We switched out the guns and searched Ha Woo Jin.
But nothing was found.
We need to go in.
You can't.
The show has begun.
If you insist - get a warrant.
- You bastard.
We verified.
Throughout numerous games, the two have never wavered in their trust.
However, there's been an upset with Nam Da Jung and Ha Woo Jin shooting each other.
Like Kang Do Young said, in front of a large sum of money is Ha Woo Jin's mask finally coming off? We have a long way to go.
Perhaps starting now.
Kang Do Young said something interesting earlier.
About his relationship with Ha Woo Jin.
Is there really a connection? It'll take too long to explain.
Long ago, kids with nowhere to go were treated like her own by a kind woman.
There were two boys of a similar age with that woman.
Despite her best efforts, the orphanage she ran had to close its doors.
I want to ask for a donation.
Yes, I know it's tough lately.
Still you've helped us until now.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
Any luck? I think it'll be tough.
Keep trying.
I can't send those kids to beg in the streets.
It's better that we beg.
I'm going to meet a philanthropist introduced to me from the US.
Don't you trust me? Just do it together on the count of three.
What if we fall in? You won't.
Don't be fearful.
You won't let me fall alone on the count of three, right? I won't.
Let's do it.
Hold on.
One Two Hey, it's Mom! Mom! I'm going out for business.
Keep playing.
Can't you play with us? Please, Mom? Hey.
- She's my mom.
- She's mine.
She's mine.
She's our mom.
Right, Mom? Of course.
All of you are my sons and daughters.
Go play.
There aren't enough books, huh? I'll buy you more.
We weren't related by blood.
Our personalities were opposites.
But the kids recognized one another.
That they were one of a kind.
We played differently than the other children.
What are you doing? Wanna play a game? You know it, right? What for? Jeez, I thought you were different.
We need to trust each other.
One Two Three.
Let's part now.
One Two Three! Don't talk nonsense.
Mom treated those two without any discrimination.
She loved them.
Stop it! I don't think Woo Jin likes it.
Shall I stop? We'll hear the rest slowly.
Let's move onto turn 6.
[Round 3, Sixth turn.
I think Da Jung wants to hear more.
[Round 3, Seventh turn.
Right? We were special.
[Round 3, Eighth turn.
Mom recognized that immediately.
So? [Round 3, Ninth turn.
I wish I could see her.
Why'd you kill her then? [Round 3, Tenth turn.
Ha Woo Jin.
What did you say? Why'd you kill her! Me? Hold on, Ha Woo Jin.
We haven't declared the eleventh turn yet.
Kang Do Young.
Do you have any response to what Ha Woo Jin said? I don't know why you think that way.
But Mother wouldn't be hated or begrudged by anyone.
Since all she did was look after others instead of herself, everyone worried and felt sorry for her.
The way people see Da Jung.
Ah Mother habitually said this "It's not a mistake for people to trust one another.
" Hurry up and start.
It seems painful for Ha Woo Jin to remember Start.
his mother.
We'll begin eleventh turn.
Did you hear? [Round 3, Eleventh turn.
You have to choose.
Woo Jin will shoot Da Jung.
He said he would.
If Da Jung shoots Woo Jin, I'll follow by also shooting Woo Jin.
If not, I'll shoot Da Jung Due to Nam Da Jung changing her target at the last second, the current score is Kang Do Young 10, Ha Woo Jin 5 and Nam Da Jung 4.
Nam Da Jung, why shoot Kang Do Young instead of Ha Woo Jin who aimed for you? Woo Jin doing that to me has to be for a reason.
A reason I don't know.
I guess so.
When people suddenly change, there's always a reason.
That's none of my business.
Where did I stop? Mother Why did you drag Da Jung into this? Jeez.
Woo Jin, you know now.
The three of us were there.
Were you around six? You were so young, you must not remember.
Or your dad lied to you.
What are you talking about? What did your father say? Summer camp? Bible school? Hey! Hey! Ahjusshi? Ahjusshi! Anyway, you were really cute back then.
You didn't play with other kids.
Just us two.
You followed us around.
Three! I wanna play, too.
We can't play with three people.
And you're too little.
I want to.
Let me play.
Nam Da Jung.
Do you remember? How far did I get earlier? Ah It's not a mistake for people to trust one other.
But I think that was a mistake.
She trusted people she shouldn't have trusted.
- Twelve, thirteen.
- I did it! The person who solves first gets to have it.
The kids look quite smart.
Those two boys are.
We tied.
Wow, you're head to head.
Huh? Here.
I'll give you another.
This is harder than that one.
Who wants it? If they each take one No.
That's no fun.
Like before, the person who's better gets it.
What do you think? Da Jung Her adoption isn't set yet? Yes.
The person who was supposed to take her wants an older child.
Not a younger child but older? Yes.
She's pretty like Da Jung.
But a little older.
Moreover, those two boys earlier the smart ones I want to adopt them both.
Both? Yes, there is a professor and his wife in the US.
They're childless.
They'd prefer intelligent children.
That's a bit Those people are well-off.
The donation will be much larger than last time.
That's not why I'm saying this though.
They've always donated generously to children's causes.
They always had great interest.
I'm sorry.
But it's not possible.
Why not? It's a good opportunity for smart children to be educated in the best environment.
One of the two is my biological son.
You hear that, kid? I bought you.
I couldn't call her mom because it was awkward.
I blamed myself.
I'd called her that a thousand times in my mind.
Don't lie.
Lie? I wish it was.
You could tell that philanthropist wasn't a good man.
You knew it, too.
He was an adoption broker who sold kids for money.
Mom sold me.
To that man.
Da Jung, too.
- Stop it! - She sold us! To be accurate, Da Jung's father sold us.
No! Woo Jin.
What does he mean? Don't believe it.
It's nonsense.
Was I at the orphanage with you? Since Da Jung is kind, she would understand and forgive her father.
To save her sick mother, he tried to find money somehow, but failed.
Instead of raising her penniless, she could grow up in a good home, and her mother could be saved.
If he could save her, he wanted to come back for her.
Your father.
But the girl who was adopted in your place Should I tell you what happened to her? Or should I tell you what kind of hell I went through? Damn it! No! Walden Two.
You shouldn't have said those words so easily.
The kids who died there all of them might have gone in your place.
That philanthropist how do you know he's an adoption broker? He might have been fooled.
You knew he was a fraud right away.
Isn't that why you tried to kill him? What? CEO Kim from L Company.
It's enough that you killed him.
I sought him out as soon as I came to Korea.
As expected, he was willing to do anything when it came to money.
I told him I'd make him a paper company president.
He was happy to do it.
I told him to approach Mother.
Since they knew each other, it'd be easy to talk.
Mother fell for it.
You crazy bastard.
The atmosphere is too tense.
Let's review.
The current score is Kang Do Young 10, Ha Woo Jin 5, Nam Da Jung 4.
If shot with a fully loaded gun in the next turn, Ha Woo Jin and Nam Da Jung are 100% sure to be eliminated.
If they shoot Kang Do Young simultaneously, he's likely to be eliminated.
The talk surfacing in this tense situation Keep in mind that it might be orchestrated in order to rile them up and provide mental provocation.
We'll start turn 12 since too much time has passed.
Make your choice.
[Round 3, Twelfth turn.
What? Okay.
That was Jo Dal Goo.
He rescued Nam Da Jung's father.
What does that mean? I don't have time to explain.
Hurry and figure out how to let them know.
The assistant producer's ignoring my call.
It's far and we can't go in since it's live.
There's a real gun inside! What nonsense is this! You bastard! Enough with the excuses.
Tell them to verify again.
Before someone dies.
When the guns were switched, did anything get filmed? Check the "Makings of" monitor.
[Round 3, Fourteenth turn.
We'll finally finish.
The game we didn't get to play.
Stop the bullshit.
You guys you know about wiretapping? I'm going to do that right now.
Don't remember? [Round 3, Sixteenth turn.
The game three of us played.
Like now.
I don't know such a thing.
What did we do? All three have loaded five bullets.
Time to decide.
Time to decide.
It might be the last.
Shall we stand closer? [Liar Game.]
Stop! It's wiretapping! I'm Goo In Gi! I'm not just anyone.
Let go of me! Let go! It's wiretapping! Jeez, let go of me! Ha Woo Jin! Jo Dal Goo Jo Dal Goo rescued him! Rescued him! Nam Da Jung.
Come forward.
What Kang Do Young said erase it all because it's lies.
I shot you until now because he took your father hostage.
Thank you for trusting me.
Let's end it.
It's good to end like this.
[Round 3, Seventeenth turn.
You'll live without knowing the truth forever.
Shut up.
You call the director Mom from now on.
Why? Just do it.
Call her mom.
Ask her to play with you like other kids do.
I have a mom already.
What? My mom's sick.
That's why Dad went to make money to cure her.
Your dad's not coming.
He will.
He won't.
This place is filled with kids like that.
Why are you making her cry? Let's play again.
This? What are you doing? In exchange, let's do something more fun.
You come, too.
Three can play.
What is this? It's similar to our game.
When I count to three, just pull one hand.
The person you don't want to see anymore.
And then? If two out of three pull simultaneously, one person will fall.
If we're lucky, no one will fall in.
We can't see each other, so don't worry about being caught.
Mom will scold us.
You won't get in trouble.
We might.
She's your mom.
Did you know? His mom sold us for money.
What? If we get adopted, she'll get a lot of money.
What does that mean? You have to go live with a new mom and dad.
That's because her dad asked for that.
Did you hear? Your dad wanted you to be sold.
Dad said he'll come get me.
Do you think so? I don't think so.
Do we have to do this? One Two Do Young! Do Young! I have to go.
This isn't over.
Let's play later.
Want me to read to you? That oppa said I should do this to make it last.
Dad? Dad! For now, we won't be busy.
Did you do the right thing? Of course.
Why? It's nothing.
I don't want to come here anymore.
Huh? That's not your spot.
Ca Ca Keep the camera on Nam Da Jung.
Keep going.
The current score is Nam Da Jung 4.
Ha Woo Jin and Kang Do Young have 0.
The winner of the final round in Liar Game is Nam Da Jung! Congratulations! It's TV.
It's a lie.
[Emergency Center.]
Are you awake? What happened? Reporter Goo left this.
[Liar Game, Kang Do Young's true identity.
She got a scoop because of you.
What about Kang Do Young? He's being investigated for various crimes.
Detective Cha came several times because of that.
You can't overdo it.
It's okay.
[Dongbu Police Station.]
He won't say a word.
He only wants to talk to you.
What do you want to say? Before Nam Da Jung shot her last bullet at me, what expression did I have? You pulling us in wasn't only for revenge, huh? I wanted to end it no matter what.
If it was you two, I thought another conclusion could be reached.
Is it over now? It's not the end.
It's the beginning.
This was just a test.
Just because you guys won, doesn't mean they'll stop.
They? The ones who made me this way.
They'll start another game soon.
People will always fall in the trap.
In the end, due to debt they'll take orders.
What's your goal? To collapse a building, there's no point in demolishing the whole thing.
Just a few pillars.
That's all it takes.
A dangerous situation outside is clearly seen.
But dangers on the inside can't be seen.
Like dominoes, they'll start to fall.
But why are you telling me this? You said Even if you've trained for awhile, you can't hide it completely.
Even if you empty yourself, it's left over.
Wounds and regret.
Your own fears.
If you're human, that is.
In the end, I'm a failure.
If no one stops me, the confusion will get out of control.
See you again.
What is this? Do you know the temperature of well water? Well Isn't it different every season? 18 degrees.
It's around 18 degrees all year.
But people feel the well water is cold in summer and warm in winter.
Isn't our world like that as well? Depending on how you see it, it can be world worth living in or not.
[Sung Shim.]
What will you do now? Who knows? Someone said maybe not immediately but in five or ten years I may become a philanthropist or charity worker.
Is there something you want to accomplish, Woo Jin? If there's something I need to do, I'll do it.
Straight out.
Arms straight.
When the show ended, there was quite a turmoil.
Up! The total prize of $10 million wasn't awarded in the end.
Each of us got around $500K each.
I love you.
$500K It's not much when compared to $10 million.
But the money we received in our despair shook us to the core.
We've all returned to our places.
And we are starting over.
I live with Dad again.
Dad finally found a new job.
But he still can't tie his necktie himself.
I returned to school after a long time.
But I'm having trouble getting used to it.
Can we take a picture with you? Yes.
We're your fans.
The psychologist Adler once said [The courage to accept hatred.
Repairing our lives isn't due to trauma or wounds inflicted in childhood.
It's a goal we decide to accomplish.
Depending on that goal, we decide our own actions.
If I decide to trust someone, it's because I just have to trust that person.
Even if I'm betrayed, maintaining that trust isn't credit.
It's faith.
Even walking down the street, lies are prevalent in the talk around us.
Lovers' whispers.
Family phone calls.
Conversations with coworkersπ.
[I love you, I'll be home soon.
I'll make a deposit tomorrow.
That's why if someone told me not to trust anyone, should I believe that? Or in order to trust that one person, should I be suspicious of everything? [Kang Do Young, charged with stock manipulation, has disappeared in a car accident during transfer.
[Liar Game.]
You who received this call are invited to the real Liar Game.
The show is over but the game begins now.
Never trust anyone.
The third round of Liar Game the Mask Game begins.
You don't go into debt because you lose on TV.
What do we do now? Even though I hear the rules, I just can't.
What do they want? I have a way to win.