Life Sentence (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Love Factually

1 Previously on Life Sentence - He gave up on me.
- Dad didn't give up.
With my cancer he never did.
This is what Dad does.
He swings for the fences.
Sheila in Community Outreach just quit and left me with a half-planned bone marrow drive.
- What do you need? - Take the whole thing over.
You're my partner, and I should have consulted you about everything.
We will find an investor and Look no further.
Here I am.
You offered to help me find an investor, not be the investor.
I'm happy for Peter, so why am I freaking out about signing some papers? Because divorce feels final.
Why are you here? I want to help a man I care deeply about.
I guess Dr.
Grant's still in the picture.
What was that? Let me watch you do a couple Hey.
Are you okay? I got to get out of here.
Wes, talk to me.
I didn't mean it to happen that way.
Not ever.
[SIGHS] This is Wes Charles.
Please leave a message.
Hey, it's me again.
I fell asleep.
Oh, my, what? Oh, my, why didn't we consider getting divorced years ago? You wouldn't have ever tried that move on me if we were still married.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] That was Gina, wasn't it? You think I should tell her about us? "Us"? This isn't gonna happen again.
Are you sure? Are you? I don't know.
What exactly are we now? Two decent people who were married for 30 years and didn't have a chance to say a proper goodbye.
Think of this as a very unusual anniversary gift.
Our 31st is right around the corner.
What did I give you for our 30th? Golf clubs.
That explains so much.
[SIGHS] [BUTTONS CLICKING] [ ROCK MUSIC PLAYS ON JUKEBOX] [CELLPHONE RINGS] Hey, Stell, what's up? Is that party still happening? Nah, I threw the last drunk guy out an hour ago.
Guy tried to climb in our snow-cone machine and make an angel.
Is Wes still there? Nah, he left his jacket.
Behind the bar.
Okay, well, if you talk to him, will you just tell him to You know what? Never mind.
But I think I've had enough.
I should go home.
Talk to her about what happened tonight.
Thanks for listening.
I know our kiss may have happened for the wrong reasons, but just for the record, I'm not sorry it did.
- IDA: Hello? - [GASPS] Oh.
Oh, you're back from your trip.
What are you still doing up? Giving "The Little Mermaid" legs.
Frank and Fiona? Their play tomorrow.
Where are you coming from? I was at the opening at Aiden's bar.
Was there some sort of after party? Maybe.
Did you meet somebody at a bone-marrow drive? - That's kinky.
- No, I didn't meet anybody.
Goodnight, honey.
Mom, your lipstick is smudged up to your nostrils, and your hair looks very surprised.
- Who did you meet? - I met nobody.
I spent the evening with your father.
Doing what? Changing his fuse box? - Goodnight.
- Mom did you and Dad [GASPS] What's going on? My mother slept with my father.
I mean, you are so grounded.
[SCOFFS] Where have you been? I texted you.
I I left you, like, three messages.
I had my ringer off.
Why? I took a long walk.
I needed to clear my mind, sort things out.
What things? - I have to tell you something.
- We should talk about what happened.
- Sorry.
Go first.
- No, no.
Grant kissed me tonight.
I know.
I saw.
Well, it's not what you think - It freaked me out as much as you.
- [CELLPHONE RINGING] And I made it very clear that - Don't answer that.
- What's up, Aiden? AIDEN: Wes! Bro.
It's raining in our bar! I think our toilet couldn't handle 300 flushes.
I called a 24-hour plumber.
I'll be right there.
[CRASHES] And now it's hailing.
What? Wait.
Where are you going? - We'll talk about this in the morning.
- Wes Once disaster at a time, Stella.
Don't worry about a thing You'll learn to live again You're gonna learn to live again What'd he say? Half the building needs new piping.
The half we're in.
What's all that? Oh, inspection, insurance, and a repair estimate.
Where did you find this inspector? He advertised on a bench.
You hired someone from a sign on a bench? No sign.
He was just sitting there on the bench.
What? I tried to save us money.
We're gonna need some fast cash for repairs? Mm.
Is Pippa still in town? I need to call our insurance agent.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] STELLA: While I was waiting for Wes to come back from the bar, Mrs.
Gossett asked me to come to the hospital.
Then she led me into the elevator and pressed "Dungeon.
" Where exactly are you taking me? You'll see.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Do they let volunteers down here? Not if they're still breathing.
We just passed the morgue.
And that explains the smell.
Your event was inspired.
And that's why you're getting your own office to plan the next one.
And the one after that.
Really? There's no title or salary.
But there's a door.
And a desk.
Bring a candle.
You sure you don't want? Go ahead.
I think you need it more than I do.
It must have been some party.
Sorry I missed it.
Ah, you didn't miss much.
Looks like you're still recovering.
It must have been a good time.
What are we talking about? [CHUCKLES] You're even cute when you're hungover.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I'm not missing any more events.
I'm leaving the meeting early so I can get to the play.
No, Gina, don't.
I want to.
There will be other plays.
Holiday concerts I think I know what's going on here.
- You do? - Mm-hmm.
You're worried that it's too soon to drag me into the Abbott "chaos.
" But I know that family's important to you.
And I want to be important to you.
See you soon.
[CELLPHONE BEEPS] Well, the crab's mother just bailed.
You're on makeup duty.
- That is not gonna go well.
- Relax.
Just make an assembly line.
Slap eye shadow and lip gloss on 30 kids.
Maybe not the king.
We need to get going.
I have to take the whole morning off? Gina will understand.
She's probably coming, too.
I hope not.
Lizzie, your father is dating my boss.
And he cheated on her last night with your mother.
I mean, if this thing ends up messy, who do you think is gonna pay for it? - Why even go there? - This is all my fault.
I should not have asked your dad to help your mom go back to college.
What, so yesterday, you were willing to be on Team Mom, but today you're not? Well, yesterday, they were getting a divorce.
And tomorrow, they probably will.
I mean, haven't you ever heard of goodbye sex? Oof.
Everybody out of the kitchen.
I have limited prep time.
Wh I thought you were making cupcakes.
I am.
But carrot-ginger is a little bit labor-intensive.
Mom, they're 6.
Just stick with chocolate and vanilla.
Besides, the only person who likes carrot-ginger cupcakes is Dad.
You're right.
Knock knock.
What are you doing here? I dropped off Gina for a meeting upstairs.
When I looked for you, they said you had a new office.
This is very, very lovely.
I brought you a gift.
Do you have room for an extra-large latte? Sure.
I moved my purse into the hallway.
There's an interesting smell.
I'm getting a candle.
But, please.
Sit down.
If you can.
Yeah So what do they have you doing down here? - Community Outreach - [KNOCK ON DOOR] Sorry.
I didn't know you had a N-No, that's okay.
Grant, you remember my father, Peter.
I'd stand, but I can't.
- It's nice to see you again.
- Mm.
[WATER TRICKLES IN PIPES] It's nothing urgent.
I just, um You know what? I'll find you later.
I will be here in my little closet that could.
- PETER: Stell.
- Come on.
Can I ask what's going on between you and that doctor-who-nothing-should-be- going-on-with? It's kind of a mess.
Honey, you can talk to me.
I'm not here to judge.
He kissed me last night.
Dad, don't I I stopped it.
I did.
Honey, you better figure this out.
And forget about this doctor before he causes permanent damage.
- Dad.
- You're not a kid anymore, Stella.
You made a commitment to someone, and you need to honor it.
So much for "I'll always be there for you, and I'll never judge you.
" I've been in Wes' shoes, and it's awful Being humiliated, feeling betrayed, thinking you're in a relationship when you're not Okay, I-I'm sorry that I shared that story with you.
You got to tread a little more carefully when you're dealing with people you love.
[CELLPHONE DINGS] You sure you want to be lecturing me about fidelity - right now? - What? Mom got home awfully late last night.
The subject is not me.
You owe it to your husband to be honest.
I have been, and that's more than you can say about you and your serious girlfriend.
I'm disappointed in you, Stell.
You are hardly the role model for matrimony.
- I'm trying to help.
- Help yourself! I'm not the one who can't keep track of who I'm dating this week.
You're a total hypocrite.
I've got work to do.
Uh, they were just directing me to your new office.
Is it really next to the morgue? Maybe.
Why are you looking for me? I wanted you to hear from me that nothing happened last night.
Apparently, he hasn't told you yet, but I'm sure he will.
There's really not much to tell because, as I said, nothing happened between us beyond an unexpected kiss.
And it didn't go further because? Because he's married.
But if you're having any doubts about Wes, have the courage to end it.
Let him go.
- I don't have any doubts.
- Really? Where were you on your wedding day? Hiding.
I showed up to mine, and I'm still here.
Marriage is work, Pippa.
You wouldn't know that.
Maybe some day you will, but I promise you, it is not gonna be with Wes.
I may not know all the complexities of marriage, but I will tell you this yours is in trouble.
And the next time Wes comes to my hotel, there'll be a key waiting for him.
I heard about your new job.
Good for you.
You know, by the time I come back from this trial, you'll probably be running this place.
Or running from it.
Give me something I can - Something I can lean on - What just happened? Nothing.
I'm just really overwhelmed.
About work or Wes? Wes mostly, work a little bit.
Looking down, looking down again They put you in charge of Mental Health? Really? They should've talked to me first.
Looking down Call Wes.
This, I can help you with.
Looking down, looking down again I need something closer Someone closer to confide in What am I supposed to wear to this thing? It's a school play.
Didn't you go to school at some point? - Don't answer that.
- Be nice.
My business is sinking.
What did the plumber recommend? - A snorkel.
- [DOG WHIMPERS] What's he doing here? And what's he chewing on? Is that the remote? Winston! Drop it.
I stared from the top Stared from the top Looking down, looking down again The Nortons left town for a few days.
- I said I'd entertain him.
- [CELLPHONE DINGS] I'll see you in the undertow Where the time goes on and on so slow [SNIFFS] Hmm.
Oh, Mom called.
We got to get flowers for the twins.
I wish I cold bring 'em top-shelf, water-damaged tequila.
Save those for family and friends.
I'd save 'em for myself if I could break my leg out of jail.
Some dude last night told me if you stick a piece of bologna between your leg and the lock, you can sneak a cocktail.
The sensor thinks it's your skin.
Apparently, cold cuts keep your secrets.
We have enough secrets for one family.
Why? What do you know? Why? What do you know? - Nothing.
- Okay.
Dad, I screwed up.
I'm trapped.
I called the wrong lifeline.
You're listening as a friend, right? What am I listening to? I called Pippa.
I asked her for a loan to re-pipe the bar.
I had to.
The stupid inspection was my fault, but I wasn't supposed to get her involved, but we're desperate.
What are you telling me? Wes left the bar with Pippa last night.
See you in the undertow STELLA: You need to call me or I will come down there, and we can talk in the bar under umbrellas because I am not letting this whole day go by without discussing what happened between you and Pippa last night.
Ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh Oh.
- I'll see you in the undertow - [SIGHS] My timing sucks today, huh? Yeah, it's not a good time.
I just, um I-I came by to congratulate you on your new job.
It's not really a job job.
It's just an extension of what I was already doing Promoting Mental Health Awareness.
Well, if you need a "before" and "after" guy, I'm your man.
Look, about last night You already apologized.
I didn't come down here to apologize.
Then why are you here? Listen, Stella, one way or another, we're gonna have to deal with this.
No, we don't have to.
Okay, we are not discussing this.
I can't.
It has already flipped my life upside down.
- What's going on? - I can't discuss it.
[DOOR CLOSES] I can't do it! Don't make me! Sweetie, you're gonna be great.
I can't remember what I'm supposed to say.
Well, you were perfect in the car.
That doesn't count.
It was just you.
Fee, come here.
Put this on.
When you are out there on stage, it'll all come back to you.
You'll know it when it counts.
MCCORKLE: Why am I seeing her feet? Her fishtail is too short.
- Her fishtail is fine, Miss McCorkle.
- [CELLPHONE RINGS] There are no phones in the ocean.
Parents, please, turn off your phones now.
Phone off.
Um, hey, uh, Gina texted.
She's coming.
So your dad is probably gonna have to sit in a different school district.
You're blowing this way out of proportion.
Look, if Gina runs into them, I'm gonna be in a new sales region - The Yukon.
- Why are you shaking? You're like a neurotic bowl of Jell-O.
No wonder Fiona's a nervous wreck.
What'd you call me? Nothing, baby.
You're the best.
- Yeah, I did.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] I did look at the disclaimer, Scott, and it's rubbish.
Well, it's all typed on the back page.
I had to use a microscope.
[SIGHS] Look, I've got someone here.
Let me Let me call you back.
Sorry to hear about the bar.
You okay? I'm fine didn't get much sleep.
I thought I'd swing by and offer you a ride to the school.
Uh, okay.
Just just just give me a second.
[SIGHS] So, you filing a claim, or will you be looking for more cash? I'd recommend steering clear of your ex.
There are too many people in your relationship, Wes.
Look, I'm not sure what you If you and Stella are both gonna misbehave and act out and test each other, I'm warning you, this first year of marriage won't make it to a second.
I didn't throw the first punch.
Well, don't punch back.
You know what Stella's been through.
She lost eight years and is still trying to catch up.
When you married my daughter, we had an agreement you'd take care of her.
- And I have.
- Really? By messing around with your former girlfriend? Running off with her because of something Stella said or did? Suddenly having second thoughts? You know what? You're right.
There are too many people in this relationship.
Give my best to the twins.
I think I should probably stay here and deal with the bar.
Are you sure you're okay? I'm fine.
[CELLPHONE DINGS] WOMAN: You have one new voice message.
STELLA: Wes, you need to call me, or I will come down there and we can talk in the bar under umbrellas because I am not letting this whole day go by without discussing what happened between you and Pippa last night.
Where have WES: Stop.
Listen to me.
Your father isn't well.
We're on our way to the E.
right now.
- Stella? - Can't talk.
My dad's on the way to the E.
- That's a friend of mine.
- I have to go.
What happened? He collapsed outside our apartment.
I was at the window listening to your message - Is it a heart attack? - Are you the Abbott family? - [ALL] Yes.
- He's been stabilized.
The vascular surgeon's running some tests.
Is it a heart attack? The doctor will be in shortly to speak with you.
IDA: Is it a heart attack? They don't know yet.
Well, uh, w-were you with him? Yeah.
Well, no.
We We spoke before it happened.
- Spoke about what? - IDA: Oh, geez.
I can't reach your sister and Diego.
[SIGHS] Countdown to curtain, people! Two minutes.
You have seven seats reserved.
My family's coming.
They have one minute, or I release those seats.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Will he be okay? Mom, just let him finish.
When the ascending aorta tears, we usually repair this with a graft that replaces the damaged parts.
What about the aortic arch? In the future, it is likely that there could be complications with the aortic arch, necessitating a second surgery.
But repairing that right now is riskier And I understand that, but the patient is relatively young.
If you're trying to win the battle, why not try to win the war? If the family elects for the riskier procedure, that is up to them.
Look, Stella, your father has a much better shot in the long run if this is his first surgery.
Reoperative procedures are always more difficult.
Either way, time is of the essence.
I'll give you a moment to make a decision.
- May I speak to you, please? - Yes, sir.
Why is he leaving this up to us? Uh, while you guys are deciding, I could go and get some hot chocolate or something? Does anybody want anything? Aiden, what do you think we should do? W-Why are you asking me? [CLEARS THROAT] Have you made a decision? STELLA: My dad must have made this kind of call countless times when I was sick, and without him, my family had no captain.
We'd like you to win the war.
- If you'd like another moment - No.
No, my dad's all about big swings.
So just do the riskier surgery, please.
I heard your dad was here.
He's in surgery.
Where's the rest of your family? Wes took my mom and my dad's girlfriend to the cafeteria, and Aidan went home to feed the neighbors' dog or something.
Feed the dog? Seriously? He's freaked out.
He can't handle this.
I thought you told me he was always there for you.
He was.
But he had time to wrap his head around a scary situation.
It's weird.
What? The Waiting Room.
It's, like, the only part of the hospital I've never been in.
Me, too.
Hey, Sadie.
I didn't know you were here.
I would've got SADIE: God, no.
You think I want more of this food? Text me.
Let me know he's okay.
Okay, I will.
[SIGHS] You should eat something.
ELIZABETH: Stell! [SNIFFLES] Where do they keep the damn can opener? We kept ours here.
And why didn't you tell me they left instructions? Okay, first of all, the can opener's here.
Next time, speak up.
Second of all, according to this, you need a pill, and that requires cheese.
[MAN SLURPS] [DOG BARKS] No, I won't give up [DOG BARKS] But I might give in Give it up to love What were you and my dad talking about before this happened? He knew that I was with Pippa last night.
And I'll never win Look, I planned to talk to you about it.
I just I didn't expect the roof of the bar to cave in.
She told me that she was the one that stopped it from being more than a kiss.
It was mutual, Stella.
So, you followed her back to her hotel room to What? To punish me? N I could ask you the same question.
No, you can't.
I never initiated anything, Wes.
Whatever you saw, you saw it wrong, and you didn't stick around long enough to see me cut it off There are enough doctors in this building to offer you friendly advice.
It does not have to be him.
He is not trying to be your chum, Stella.
Neither is Pippa.
Do you seriously think that she wants to bankroll your bar because she's a guardian angel? No, she made a special trip down here to drop a bomb and blow us up! You need to be cold blooded Need to be cold blooded These deep waters What? I'm dealing with some pretty big stuff.
What are you dealing with? "Separation anxiety"? Yeah, I'll tell you about separation anxiety.
Try losing your dad when he's finally your friend.
You can tell me with your touch Where we're at now, I'm out of place Stuck in the middle Blinded by my own disgrace At the risk of losing you Stop! Heel! L-Leave me alone! Sit! Stop! Never stop pushing through These deep waters Need to be cold blooded Need to be cold blooded In these deep waters - Hey - [CRYING] At the risk of losing you I keep doing what I do Never stop pushing through These deep waters You need to be cold blooded You need to be cold blooded It's strange what you see in rooms like this.
I never thought you could feel more powerless than being the one in the hospital gown.
But you can.
It might be even worse, because on this side of the wall, no one tries to take away your pain.
She's in the restroom.
I'm assuming that's for Stella.
No, this is mine, actually.
I'll, um I'll check back when she's available.
Maybe you didn't hear her last night, but she's not available.
She's also not happy.
Tell me, if I broke your face right now, could you stitch it yourself? What's going on? Are you kidding me? Really? The last words that I said to my dad were ugly and cruel, and I may not get the chance to say another word to him.
We're not doing this right now.
Your father's recovering.
The procedure went well.
I'll tell the rest of the family.
Thank you.
- He looks peaceful.
- He looks dead.
- Can we wake him up? - No, sweetie.
Grandpa needs to rest.
How long does he have to be here? They usually tell you to wait until the anesthesia wears off.
It's real hard to find the elevator buttons.
And the gown's a little breezy.
God, I hope he forgives me.
ELIZABETH: Forgives you for what? Training for that 5K, pulling him out of bed at dawn and making him run like a jackal.
- This didn't happen because of you.
- It did.
I should've been taking better care of him.
Don't blame yourself for this.
It's me, all me.
He must've been so torn up inside after what happened last night.
What happened last night? Mom and Dad had a Had a what? W-W-Whoa.
Whoa! You're telling me that the one slow dance led to Two.
It was two.
And, yes, Gina, I slept with my husband last night.
Okay, can we change the subject? This went from "PG" to a hard "R" real fast.
It happened after we decided not to sign the divorce papers.
But it is no reflection on how he feels about you.
Really? He felt horrible about it afterwards.
We both did.
- Lizzie, can you stop her, please? - I mean, it's Okay, I really don't think we should be doing this here Why am I the only person that didn't know about this reunion? - I didn't know.
- Honestly? Because you're the only person here who's not family, and you're being a little insensitive to my mother.
- Oh, I'm "insensitive"? - Lizzie, Lizzie I think - I think you need a filter, all right? - I just found out the man I'm dating - is still bonking his wife.
- Bonking? You know, you don't have to speak for me, Lizzie.
- Is Dad sleeping with both of them? - Apparently.
And lecturing the rest of us on fidelity.
- Stop.
- Diego: Gina, it was one time, really.
Maybe they just wanted to end on a high note.
Please, stop! He can hear you.
He can.
I did for a lot of it, and I know that this is not how you want Dad to wake up, so please just stop.
Drifting away, we're apart Can't feel the rain that floods our hearts "I knew then that I had made a terrible choice.
No one could hear me because - I had traded my voice for legs.
" - AIDEN: What is she doing? What she didn't get to do at school.
FIONA: "This was the price I had to pay.
" The witch took my tongue, so I had to speak with my eyes.
" "Weeks, months, seasons pass along.
They seem little more than a summer day and a winter evening.
Now, the Common where I walk with Dora is all in bloom, a field of bright gold.
" It's like I'm fighting with a ghost We're two battleships that always miss But we can't admit This is the fear of letting go "And now the unseen heather lies in mounds and bunches underneath a covering of snow.
Fire in the water In a breath, the river that flows through our Sunday walks is sparkling in the summer sun.
" Can't hear each other When the ocean cries We barely remember love Oh, we barely remember us How do I win this war alone? It's like I'm fighting with a ghost We're two battleships that always miss And we can't admit This is the fear of letting go [SIGHS] You never knew when it would be the last time, did you? E-Even if you were angry or frustrated at me or the doctors, the nurses, the universe you never said anything to me that you couldn't take back.
Because you didn't know if goodbye was really goodbye.
We barely remember love And I never thanked you for that.
- Oh, we barely remember us - [CRIES SOFTLY] Ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh This is the fear of letting go - This is the fear of letting go - [CHUCKLES] [EXHALES SHARPLY] [INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Hey, don't sweat it.
I told Frankie that it'll be our gift to the hospital.
Some poor kid will find Aquaman, - and it's gonna be his lucky day.
- Yeah, well, our son is not gonna leave here without him, so Oh, God.
Where else do you think he could be? Baby, it's been a long day.
- Come on, we should get going.
- No.
I need to apologize to Gina.
No, you don't.
Okay, she gets it.
Your your family is cracked.
[SIGHS] In a good way.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] I'm the one who owes an apology.
To you.
Right, it was It was stupid of me putting my office politics in front of your folks - Oh, it wasn't stupid - Lizzie.
I should have been rooting for them from the beginning.
It was very selfish of me.
Well It was selfish of me to think that they should patch it up at any price.
Gina's feelings matter, too.
And I think she really loves my dad.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, it's really messed up.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
- Hey, baby? - Mm-hmm? We're being watched.
Damn it, Aiden.
[CHUCKLES] So, this is where you live now.
How did you find it? Did the nurses tell you to follow the stench? [SIGHS] I don't know if I could've forgiven myself if your father hadn't pulled through today.
Wes, you're the one who rushed him here.
You saved him.
[SIGHS] My mom thinks that she broke my dad's heart twice this year.
But they've been together 30 years.
We don't have that.
My dad's right.
If we keep doing this to each other - I still want to make this work.
- So do I.
But - But what? - But we keep running into walls.
And I don't know which way to turn.
You're no longer the sick little girl in your family, Stella.
You stepped up today.
You made a very difficult decision, which involved risk and pain.
You're capable of handling both.
I should probably get some work done before the day's over.
I'll grab a ride with Lizzie and Diego.
Wes? I'll I'll see you at home? I'll see you at home.
- Pippa? - Hey.
Did you forget you asked me to meet you? Yeah, I did.
I was The day's been I get it.
It sounds as if you might have to shutter the place for a bit to make repairs.
I have a check for you.
I shouldn't have called you.
I-I'm sorry.
This is business, Aiden.
Look, you and Wes need a safety net.
- You can use the funds to - We can't.
We still can't take your money.
Have you found another source of capital? Nope.
But I I don't care if I got to rob a bank or sell an organ.
We'll find it.
This bar means a lot to me.
Well, finding another investor might be challenging.
Bars are risky ventures.
So are marriages, and if I have to choose between this place and my little sister's happiness, I am gonna choose her every time.
For the pictures, you're smilin' Ghost on the edge of the earth Fell right over, you saw in Flash when you're born Glowin' all over, instant shadow - Hey.
- Oh.
- Only a fool - I didn't realize - Could paint your heart - I'll just leave this.
No, wait.
He'll want to see you when he wakes up.
Nothing stands in their way Don't worry about the distance Time put in my head Real people are different Untake my hand Don't worry about me Stella! Hey.
I thought your shift ended hours ago.
Uh, it did, yeah.
I-I got called into a meeting.
How's your dad? Still out of it, but that could be his choice anything to avoid taking family sides.
[CHUCKLES] We kind of had a cage match over his bed.
That's one way to promote Mental Health Week.
Thank you again.
I guess I'll see you tomorrow.
Um, no, actually you won't.
Nothing you're worth Your dad's surgeon reported me to management, and the hospital put me on a temporary suspension.
Wait, what? Why? Because you gave a second opinion? No, he saw it as more of a challenge.
Talking about a patient in front of the family violates hospital protocol, so Okay, well, is there someone that I can call? Stella, Stella, please.
Because y-you should not be punished for this.
You got to leave it alone.
I mean me taking a break from from here, it's not a bad thing.
And, besides, I'm pretty good at speaking up for myself most of the time.
Get along Get along, sing alone I Get along Get along, sing alone I Get along