Life Unexpected (2010) s01e11 Episode Script

Storm Weathered

You have the temporary joint custody of Lux.
Sleeping with Baze again, it was the biggest mistake of my life.
When did you sleep with Baze again? It's over.
You wanna go to winter formal tonight? Are you, like, asking me? You can't just walk back in here and act like nothing happened.
I love you.
Are you mad? That you slept with your ex-boyfriend and then came here with me? No, I feel like the luckiest guy in rld.
Lux, I can explain.
You are sneaking around behind Cate's back with her sister.
You come here, find me to tell me that that Cate's changed, that I should give her another chance.
But if you really believe that that's true, then why can't you? Let me come home.
Good morning, Portland.
How are we? If you're just tuning in to Morning Madness, Cate and I are in the middle of a rousing game of sex/marry/kill My heroes.
Best of Cate and Ryan? I got the best right here.
What you doing? Just making some room for some of my stuff.
Do you mind if my socks mix with your boxers? You moving in? Just into the top drawer.
It's cool, the drawer.
You know what would be even cooler? You might want to shut off those automatic sprinklers, folks.
The greater Portland area is on storm watch.
We're expecting heavy rains and flooding throughout the pacific northwest today.
People always talk about makeup sex, but they never mention makeup breakfast.
Well, it's not all edible.
This may be a record.
Ryan Will you marry me? Hi.
Silent treatment.
Very effective.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? About the winter formal.
Which part are you sorry about? That you came with me or that you left with your boyfriend? Hey! Your folks still going out of town this weekend? Yeah, they leave at 4:00.
Right on.
So, the liquor cabinet will be raided at 4:05? Am I that predictable? In a word? Yeah.
Look, I'm having some people over tonight if you want to stop by.
You can even bring your boyfriend.
It'd be great to see him again.
"The perfect wedding?" Mm-hmm, according to this web site, anyone can have the perfect wedding by following this easy checklist.
Of 250 items.
Why can't we just order barbecue and wing it? You just said "barbecue" and "wing it.
" Okay, "set wedding date.
" Check.
June 26th.
How do you feel about dance lessons? I thought you weren't into this wedding stuff.
No, that was the old Cate.
The new Cate thinks, "what's not to like?" Registries, caterers, cocktail hour.
Yeah, it's just the sentimental commitment crap that gives me the jeebies.
You should put that in your vows.
"Choose maid of honor.
" You think Lux would say yes? - Maid of honor? - Mm-hmm.
Are you sure? Sure, I'm sure.
Maid of honor is such a big deal.
I know.
This dress? This is from the wedding expo.
It's bad mojo, right? Ooh.
Hello? I can't believe you! First, you don't tell me that you're engaged.
Then you don't tell me that you're unengaged.
Now I hear you're reengaged.
It's like we're not even sisters.
It's Abby.
Will you zip me up? I don't appreciate hearing it in a voicemail from mom.
Well, maybe you should sleep at home more.
She says you've been shacking up with some mystery guy for, like, the last week.
I'm gonna go get a snack.
Let me know if he lasts long enough to be your plus one.
I probably won't even have time for a plus one.
I mean, you know how it is.
The maid of honor never sits.
Um, since money's tight, I was thinking bridal shower at mom's? Don't worry about it.
I've got it under control.
Is that a kabbalah bracelet around your wrist? Abby said this is the new "live strong.
" Are you a moron? Dude, can you keep it down? Like Abby did last night? The two of you it sounded like cats being drowned in more cats.
There's so much wine at mom's already.
We'll save big-time, and everyone can get mer-loaded! Abby, Abby, okay, um, about the whole maid of honor thing.
Don't worry.
This is gonna be awesome.
Total sister bonding.
Now what what were you thinking dress-wise? A-line? Sleeveless? Strapless? 'Cause if you don't want a double boob sitch on your hands, you might want to go to the gym, asap.
Um, I gotta go.
Babe, I'm going to yoga.
You still coming? Yes.
Yoga? Take a deep inhale, and on an exhale Release any tension you may be holding onto in your neck, shoulders Your jaw.
Oh, no-no-no-no.
That's two salads and one eggplant parm.
Yes, yes, yes, that's perfect.
Thank you so much.
Let each inhale connect you deeper to your intention.
My intention, for instance, was meeting someone wonderful And now I have.
Oh! Oh, God! Sorry! Ow What the hell are you doing here?! I'm, um, I'm just relaxing.
Let's move into a gentle twist.
And switch.
Don't you have that same shirt? What's that now? Are you wearing a Kabbalah bracelet? No, it's more of a "live strong" thing.
You're the mystery guy.
And center.
You are the plus one! This is all making sense: The sex, the therapy you are the guy that my sister is sleeping with?! Let's move into downward-facing dog.
I cannot even believe you two.
Every single time we take one step forward, you do something and then we take, like, a million back.
Okay, guys, please? So, um, so how long have you two been sneaking around? When did this even start? I don't know.
It's hard to say, really.
After winter formal.
Or then.
After the winter formal? Mm-hmm.
When I came to your loft and I brought you a zima and I made a sweet gesture to repair our friendship? Well, technically, it was before that.
And twice after and pretty much every day since then.
Okay, so how would you like me to explain this to Lux? She knows? Oh, my God.
I mean, no wonder she wouldn't listen to you when she moved out.
Is this some kind of sick joke? How could she take you seriously as a father? You were having some gross, pseudo-incestuous fling with her aunt! Uh, this isn't a joke or a fling, Cate.
Oh! Plank! You know what? You always tell me that I need to grow up, right? Well, this is me growing up.
So you cannot yell at me just 'cause you don't like who I choose to do it with.
Abby and I, we are together.
Deal with it.
Suck and blow.
I feel like I'm in seventh grade.
We used to do this minus the driver's license.
All right.
All right, come on.
Come on.
Keep it going now.
Oh! Sorry.
I mistimed things.
Or maybe you just suck and blow at " suck and blow.
" My turn.
All right.
What the hell was that? It was an accident.
You know that I'm with Bug.
I think I've made myself pretty clear.
I'm sorry.
I just Like you.
Jones No, Lux, I get it, okay? And I'll back off.
You're just Not an easy person to walk away from.
Okay? Come on.
You can sit between Chris and Ben.
Deal? deal.
Yeah, I don't know.
I really haven't thought about seating arrangements yet, mom.
I don't care if Abby's concerned about where she's sitting! She can sit at home for all I care! Why won't I invite creepy uncle Walter? Well, let's see.
For one, we call him "creepy uncle Walter.
" I mean, do you really want him handsing all the guests again? Come on! No, you are right.
Yes, you're right.
I mean, what will people think when I walk down the aisle alone? I don't know.
Oh, maybe that I come from a broken family whose father ran off with his secretary.
All right, mom, stop, stop yelling, please? Okay, I just don't want another family feud.
You remember last Thanksgiving, the turducken? You know, mom, I think, I think that we're having a bad connection.
It might be because of the storm.
All right, bye.
Mom? Mom? Mom? Why does this family have to be such a pain in the ass? Yeah.
I mean, between my drunk mother, your creepy uncle, and my crazy sister.
You know what? Hmm? Let's elope.
What? Yeah.
Our wedding is supposed to be about us not our freak show family members you, me, and Lux.
Let's just do it before anyone or anything can ruin it.
When? How about tonight? The honeymoon suite? Yes, that would be perfect.
Um, we can be there sometime after midnight.
Thank you.
I booked a room for us.
And a separate one for Lux.
Lux'll appreciate that.
Oh, the B&B it's in seaside just off the 101.
And there's a guy that can marry us in the morning.
On the beach, if it's not pouring.
In Denny's, if it is.
I marry you and get moons over my hammy? That's awesome.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Who do you think is gonna be more upset? Abby or your mom? I don't want to think about either of them, especially Abby.
I just want to think about us.
And Lux! We need to go get her from Baze's.
- She can sleep in the car.
- Okay.
Uh you go.
Before the rain gets any worse.
I will finish packing and load up.
I love when you talk dirty.
The bathroom's that way.
Okay, thanks.
Oh, my God! Um I'm sorry.
I, um What are you doing? Calling Cate to come pick me up.
Why, because I was kissing another girl? You said that you liked me.
That you couldn't walk away from me, remember? Yeah.
But it's not like I'm gonna stand around forever either.
So you're gonna try and make me jealous instead? I'm not trying to make you anything.
Look, you've made it clear.
We're not dating.
And it's not like we're going to winter formal later and I just slept with someone else.
Oh, so that's what this was.
But you can't have it both ways.
I'm not trying to.
Then why are you so upset? Just leave me alone, okay! Woman that's your ten at 10:00: Ten minutes of nonstop news and weather.
- And there is still much more to come - This isn't good.
Uh, no kidding.
We got no business in the bar because of the storm.
And now my roof is leaking.
No, no, I meant Abby.
Moving in here.
Do you know that she deleted my Lakers-trailblazers series off ESPN classics to make room for some Jersey shore marathon.
- Wait, what?! - Yeah.
Oh, come on, you guys.
She's not moving in.
She's staying over.
I've had girlfriends stay over before.
Remember Tracy? - Hmm? - Yeah.
See, Tracy was cool.
Tracy brought bagels.
Took her toothbrush with her when she left in the morning.
Tracy didn't diagnose me with add, and set up a meditation corner in the game room.
I'm gonna go grab the ladder.
Abby is not that bad.
Uh a root canal's not that bad.
A Matthew McConaughey movie is not that bad.
World hunger is not that bad.
You're dating Cate's sister.
That's bad.
I just changed my relationship status, but you have to accept it on yours.
God, it's so crazy out there.
Streets are totally flooded.
I had to park like four blocks away.
Where's Lux? Hi to you, too.
She's at a party at Jones's.
Well, do you know where he lives? I gotta go pick her up.
Ryan and I we're just we're heading out of town.
Now? In this weather? For what? For none of your business.
I just want to get Lux and get out of here.
Uh that's not gonna happen.
Due to a massive eight-car pile-up.
We have reports that city officials have ordered - everyone off the road.
The roads are now closed.
- No.
No! No! No! Okay, I need the streets right now.
Ryan and I we're heading out of town.
- So, no - What? Cate, what what are you and Ryan gonna do that's so damn important? We're eloping.
What? Cate, you can't.
Look outside.
We're stuck.
Man, it's total darkness out there.
The whole city is black.
This cannot be happening.
I can't be stuck here.
Well, I hope Lux is okay.
Oh, my God.
No service.
Oh, my God, this is great.
This is this Fortunately, I have provisions.
Fauxnut anyone? What? It's a fake donut.
I cannot believe this.
I should be writing my vows, not stuck here with you idiots and your fauxnuts.
Just so you know, this is all your fault.
What what, mine? Mine? Like I did some sort of rain dance to prevent you from getting married? You were gonna elope without me.
I would never exclude you from my wedding.
I'm sure Baze wouldn't either.
I think I hear another leak.
We should look for it.
Sorry you had to come pick me up.
No, no, it's, uh glad you called.
We're lucky Jones lives close to the station.
We never would have made it back to Cate's.
No, we can just We can chill here until the roads open up.
You, uh, you want to Sit? So, we have a very special guest with us here tonight.
Portland's own Lux Cassidy.
Now, Lux, you're looking a little down this evening.
What's up? Come on.
All right.
No power.
Torrential downpour.
Just just work with me here, all right.
So was it a rough day at school? Uh, boyfriend troubles? Well, Ryan I spazzed on a guy that's not my boyfriend for kissing someone who's not me.
And I don't really know why.
Irrational, inexplicable jealousy.
Now, who could you have possibly gotten that from? Wild guess here.
Just a wild guess.
But, uh, we're talking about Jones? I freaked out because I saw him kissing some other girl.
And I don't know why.
I mean, I'm with Bug.
I want to be with Bug.
So, how how long have you two been together? You and Bug? It's been a while, right? A couple years, on and off.
A couple years.
I mean, that's a long time for a teenager.
Hell, that's a long time for an adult.
Tasha introduced us, actually.
Bug ripped off a 7-Eleven for me.
It was love at first slurpee.
Mmm, wow, that's, uh.
that's really beautiful.
Bug's always been there for me.
So he's probably been the first person that you could you could really count on, right? That no, that was Tasha.
Tasha and I met when we were seven.
At Sunnyvale.
I'd already been there for six months when she showed up.
All she kept asking was when her mom was coming back.
I told her she probably wasn't.
She asked me where mine was.
I told her I didn't know.
I'm Lux.
I'm Natasha.
You want to do my maze with me? This isn't right.
The meditation corner, the joint status updates That unchecked jibber-jabber about weddings? Can you seriously not see that you're in over your head? Of the millions of women out there, you decide to sleep with Cate's sister? - Why? - I I don't know.
Okay, to prove something.
Okay? That you're a thoughtless jerk? Not to Cate.
To Lux.
Just admit it.
You're jealous.
I am not jealous.
For the first time in your life, I have something you want.
You know, you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.
Okay, let me get this straight.
You're actually making the argument that you slept with Cate's sister for your daughter? No, not the sleeping together part, you idiot.
Everything else.
Okay, one of the reasons that Lux left was because she walked in on me and Abby like it was some kind of one-night stand.
So, I want to show her that I can be a part of something real.
Like Cate and Ryan.
Okay, what you're trying to prove, it's admirable Almost.
But Cate's sister isn't the one to do it with.
She eats fauxnuts, man.
And that's what your relationship with Abby is: A fauxnut.
It looks like the real deal, but in the end, no matter how hard you try convincing yourself otherwise, it's just not what you really wanted.
All right, genius, then tell me, what do I really want? Cate, be honest.
You can't deal with the truth: that Baze chose me over you.
My issue isn't with Baze.
It's with you.
You insinuate yourself into my life in the most insane ways, and you just you mess everything up.
You know, you call the radio show.
You led that family intervention, and now Now you are sleeping with the father of my kid.
You have taken family dysfunction to a whole new level.
What's dysfunctional is asking someone to be your maid of honor, and then sneaking off without them.
I didn't ask you! That's another thing that you wormed your way into.
You know, I wanted Lux to be my maid of honor, not you.
So you guys grew up together you and Tasha? Yeah, but not at Sunnyvale the whole time.
After six months, I got a new placement.
I bounced around a lot after that.
Tasha and I always kept in touch.
We even ended up in the same home for about a year until Tasha set some lady's wig on fire and got booted back to Sunnyvale.
I ended up back there, too.
But for us, it didn't really matter where we were.
It was always just a holding cell to wait.
For what? For someone to want us.
The answer's no.
I mean it.
No one's even asked you a question yet.
And I'm fern, by the way, your new social worker.
I know who you are.
Those people they're tracking me like they're on safari.
"Look at the foster kid in her natural habitat.
" What, they want to adopt me? They want to foster you, yes, in hopes that it goes well, and then they'll adopt you.
What if she comes back for me? My mom.
What if she comes back? Look, it's been 15 years.
So what now? What do I do? End it.
Oh, whoa.
What if it's? You know, what if it's not that easy? What if she doesn't want to just break up? Well, we can't take no for an answer.
We? Just tell her the truth, man.
And if that doesn't work, tell her a lie.
Just tell her something that she can't argue with and cut her loose.
For her sake, for yours, Cate's.
Let's get her done.
So The truth is uh, this Um this isn't working.
I mean, you're great, Abby, but it's just that it's causing problems for me and Cate.
You always have problems with Cate.
- If it wasn't this, it'd probably just be something else.
Yeah, but there are other things.
You and me and and and that drawer.
Hey, we're moving way too fast.
Therapy 101.
I see this all the time.
You're afraid to have what you want because you're afraid you're going to lose it.
Okay, I really, really Can't do this, Abby.
Okay, give me one good reason why not.
Um I have feelings for Cate.
What? Yeah.
Since when? Um since a while.
You know, and it's just it's it's it's kind of it's been building up for the last couple of months.
And since Lux showed up.
And I know I know it's hard to believe, but I do.
I have feelings for Cate.
I had no idea.
Neither did I.
What do you mean that you have feelings? What feelings? Like, feelings feelings.
You know, like like the kind people feel.
- Oh, my God.
- Cate, would you just relax? How am I supposed to relax? I mean, how is this supposed to work with all of us, with Lux, if you have feelings for me? I mean, why would you ever tell me this? I didn't! I told I told Abby.
Now it's going to be so weird when I'm around you.
It's gonna be weird for Lux, and weird for you, and weird for Ryan.
Oh, my god Ryan.
What am I supposed to tell him? You are like this gigantic issue for him.
You know what? He's finally back.
We're happy.
We are supposed to be on the coast getting married.
God, Cate, shut up! You bitch about us being together, now we're not, and you find a way to bitch about that.
This isn't burger king! You don't get everything your way.
I'm gonna just, um, duck out.
You know, the reason that you're mad that Baze and I are together isn't because you're worried about Lux, or you're afraid that we're gonna ruin your stupid wedding.
It's because you're afraid you're gonna ruin your wedding because you have feelings for Baze, and you don't want Ryan to know it.
Okay, Abby, enough with the therapy talk.
You got your license, like, online.
One class! You're rushing to marry Ryan, but the second Baze says he likes you, you freak out.
If you didn't have feelings for Baze, it wouldn't matter to you.
He just told you that he has feelings for you.
The least you can do is appreciate it for one second.
I would.
So you and I Uh, we should talk about this.
You know, about your feelings.
I I didn't mean to seem ungrateful.
Believe me, - I am flattered.
- Oh, I I don't have any feelings for you, okay? I I lied.
What? Yeah, I just told Abby that because I thought that that was the only way that she was gonna accept that it was over.
I didn't want you to think that what Abby and I had was just a fling.
I just wanted to prove that I could be in a real relationship to Lux and to myself, to you, because, believe it or not, Cate, I care what you think about me.
So you lie to me? And you lie to my sister? You want to know what I think of you? Not much.
So, this family the ones that wanted you? I packed up to go, which didn't take long since I'd barely unpacked.
I know, I know.
I'm hurrying.
I've been looking for that that gray hat - with the pocket.
- Lux.
I swear, Denise stole it again.
They changed their mind.
The family.
What what do you mean, they changed their mind? They wanted to go with a younger kid.
A boy.
Why? They wanted a child who wanted them, and they could tell that you didn't.
I'm sorry, honey.
That's cool.
I didn't want 'em anyway.
That was the turning point.
That's when I knew nothing was going to stop me from getting emancipated.
That I wasn't going to wait around for my mom anymore, or be turned down by people that I didn't even want in the first place.
Then, less than a year later, I was standing in front of a judge, being given back to Cate and Baze.
It's ironic, huh? I waited 16 years not to want them, and and that's when I got them.
God, Lux, what you've been through, and you seem so okay sometimes.
It's easy to forget.
No wonder you reacted to Jones like that.
What, crazy? No.
Rejection it's, uh it's a hard thing to shake off.
You know, it sucks to not feel wanted, even if it's somebody you don't really want.
You know, think about Jones.
Being rejected by somebody who he really does want.
If you talk to him, explain things He'll understand.
I'm glad Cate's marrying you.
Me, too.
Are you awake? No.
I lied.
I don't I don't have feelings for Cate.
I, um I was trying to tell you I can't I can't do this.
I mean, not after I've worked so hard to make things right with Cate.
But it wasn't computing.
I can't date you, Abby.
I spent the last few months trying to make up for something I did 16 years ago.
And I've spent the last 16 years not living up to who I wanted to be because of it.
But being with you It reminded me how nice it is to be seen by someone the way you want to be seen.
You mean sees you the way you wish Cate would see you, right? I may be a therapist who needs to supplement her income with yoga.
But I've taken enough classes to know that what you said about Cate? It came from somewhere.
The fact that that was your go-to lie There's probably more truth to it than you think.
Power's back.
What are you doing here? The roads just opened.
Ryan's outside, checking your car.
Where were you? Were you at Jones's? Originally.
Ryan and I actually spent the night trapped at the station.
Which I'm guessing was better than being trapped here.
With Baze and Abby.
I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
No, at least now I understand why you were so mad at Baze.
It's okay for you to be mad, too.
At Baze, I mean.
No, I'm not I'm not mad at Baze.
I'm just More mad at myself.
You know, it's true.
I was jealous of them.
I'm a little scared about what that means.
Or what Ryan's going to think that means.
Probably that you're human.
If you need me, I'll be at mom's.
Hey, Abby, um, you and I, we should talk.
I'm going to go say hey to Baze.
Abby, I mean, what happened between us? You and I, we used to be so close when we were kids.
Lux happened.
Since the minute you found out you were pregnant with Lux, it was It was like you cut me off.
It was like you-you wouldn't let anyone be there for you.
I would have loved if someone had been there for me.
You know, Baze, mom Dad, you.
No one was.
I was 14, Cate.
You can't lump me in with them.
I was a kid, too.
I want to be in your life again.
Maybe that's why I was dating Baze.
I mean, part of me wanted him, yeah.
But maybe a bigger part of me just wanted you.
Come here.
I'll be right back.
I should have told you yesterday.
You know, about Baze and Abby.
Instead of just wanting to elope to avoid the whole thing.
I was just I was just so afraid of my crazy family messing this up.
Or worse, me messing this up.
Look, I know I can't run away and pretend that they don't exist.
And I don't want to marry you under false pretenses.
I promised I'd always tell you the truth.
So, Baze and Abby? It upset me.
A lot.
And I was afraid that if I told you that it would upset you.
I get it, Cate.
And believe me, if I hadn't made peace with your history with Baze, I never would have come back.
Or said yes.
Look, I he hurt you.
I mean, he rejected you at a time in your life when you were most vulnerable.
And then he goes and he starts dating your sister.
So it's like he's doing it all over again.
You don't need his approval.
You don't need anybody's approval.
But for what it's worth, you got mine.
Look, I don't care what bridges are still closed.
We can book it to the coast and get married.
I want that.
I do.
I do, but right now, let's just go somewhere closer, okay? Well? How'd it go with Jones? You explained things? You were right.
He understood.
All right, well, if we're not going to the coast, where are we going? You got everything? - You got your toothbrush, huh? - Yes.
- Got your French press.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, the DVD of the secret? That's mine.
Hey, hey! Hey! Hey! We brought provisions.
Real provisions.
- Mimosas and bloody Marys.
- What happened? I thought you guys were getting married on the coast? Uh, no, another change of plans.
We decided to do it here.
Please tell me you don't mean in our man cave.
No, not here in your man cave.
Here in the city with everyone we love.
No matter how incestuous and insane you all are.
We want to do it with our families.
Uh, so when when is the big day? You guys still getting married in June? Two weeks.
- Really? - Yeah, we decided that we've waited long enough to be a family, so And you've waited long enough to have one.
Oh, it's It's probably going to take me two maids of honor to pull this off.
So, I don't know - if you guys would be interested.
- Yes! Yes! Yes! - Yes? - Okay.
Okay, a toast.
To Cate and Ryan.
To Cate and Ryan.