Lifeline (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

There's A Chip In Her Arm

Previously, on "LifeLine.
" - Our LifeLine device is in constant communication with our surveillance systems.
The result is unprecedented and personal protection.
- If the device receives a warning of an upcoming death in the future, we can take action today.
- Get me agent Conner Hooks.
- The jumpbox is a one-way ticket to 33 days into the future.
- Jump.
- I jumped last.
- See you next month.
- I want you to come back to the force.
You were a good cop.
- Lock position and jump.
I committed to something different.
I just saved your life, prick.
- Why does her life matter and his doesn't? - She is the client and he is not.
Norah, I got something for you.
- Hey there, little guy.
- I got a job.
- I'm proud of you.
- No time to waste.
I'm aware of the irony.
- Conner Hooks, Haley went red 33 days ago.
- You got everything you need for the jump? - Yeah.
- Where the hell is she? - I want you to beat the board.
- Daddy! - Wipe that girl's memory.
Triple ghost.
- We're not letting this man die.
- Haley! - Connor! - Hey, what the fuck's going on? - We're cleaning up your mess.
- The guy who killed Haley is getting farther and farther away every second.
Why are you killing this investigation? - You put my company's future in jeopardy.
Do you have any idea how much this is costing me to keep this quiet? - I don't give a shit how much this costs you.
We need to find that guy who killed my wife.
- No we don't.
We're not in the revenge business, Conner.
We save lives.
- Then why is Haley dead? She was wearing a LifeLine.
- Haley is dead because you let human emotion override protocol.
- Fuck protocol- - You had to beat the boards and now LifeLine has civilian blood on its hands.
- I'm gonna find this guy with or without you.
- It will have to be without.
- You firing me? - You giving me a choice? - Not if it means letting the fucker who killed my wife get away.
- Then yes, you're fired.
- Sweet Jesus! - Ah, help! - A man in your condition ain't gonna get better crawling out of bed like that, Vic.
- Come on.
- Ah! - Plus, me and you got business to hash out.
- I hear there ain't no pain on earth worse than a gun shot.
- Is that right? Look man, I got over two and a half million in cash in each of these, man.
You can probably guess where it came from.
You can't know the first thing I want to buy.
It's my freedom, man! From you and your weak-ass fucking crew.
And I'm willing to spend half my windfall on it, man.
I'ma leave this bag right here for you to keep.
I'll even go call a doctor.
All you gotta do, Vic, is say we got a deal.
That- that you won't ever come after me.
That you and me are square.
But you got to make me believe it.
- Fuck you.
- That's too bad, Vic.
A fifty fifty deal? That's as fair as anything is fair.
It will come fast if you let it, Vic.
I suggest you do.
- Grundy.
- I was first on the scene.
Got a lead working before your buddies got the Feds to shut it down.
Street name, Skinny.
Got no real i.
If he's smart, he's already packed his bags and split.
Maybe he's not so smart.
You know, shooting him a few hours ago would have been self-defense.
You shoot him now, it's murder.
- Thanks for that, Just.
- Keisha come on, get up, get dressed! - Baby, baby! Why- what's wrong? What's happening? - Baby I need you to pack a bag, okay? All right? But only what you need to take.
The rest is shit here can stay, okay? - Skinny, you're scaring me.
- Keisha! Come on! Get dressed! We ain't got time for this bullshit now.
- Everything is fine.
Everything is all right, okay? I just need you to get up on your feet and pack a bag now 'cause we're leaving.
We are leaving here and never coming back, okay? - Why? Where are we going, babe? - Anywhere you want.
We just got to go now.
- Son of a bitch.
Reggie Blake.
Yeah, Jay.
- I found the girl.
- Who are you? - I'm um, I'm a friend.
Is your mom here? - I don't have a mom.
- Do you have any other family? Any- anyone else here looking after you? - Where am I? Where's my dad? - I need you to think about last night, all right? Do you remember anything? There was an SUV, right? Do you remember that? There was a man in it.
This guy, do you remember this guy? Have you ever seen him before? Was your dad friends with this guy? Do they know each other? Have you ever seen him? What were you and your dad doing there? I don't know.
- How you holding up? - You know how to tie one of these things? Haley always did mine.
- No, guy at the store tied this for me.
- Buy that suit or rent it? - You think I'd show up to Haley's funeral in a rented suit? No, it was- it was a really good sale.
Look, I'm not good at this sort of thing but I just wanted to say uh, Haley, you know, she-- she was really- - I know, she was.
- A lot of rumors at the office about Nathan firing you.
- He didn't fire me, I quit.
- Either way, you're not on the active jump roster anymore.
- Jay, I'm gonna need your help.
- Look I told you I'm not good at that that's- - Not with the tie man, with the girl you helped me find.
He dad died in that garage too, so now she's-- she's an orphan.
- You're not thinking about adopting some girl.
- No, I'm not gonna adopt her.
I'm gonna give her a LifeLine.
- Not a chance in hell Nathan's gonna let that happen.
- Nathan's not gonna know.
We're gonna do it off the books, unregistered.
- And you're telling me because- - Because if an unregistered LifeLine goes red on the board they won't respond.
They'll just let her die.
- And not to mention we'd be in deep shit.
- No, not if you bypass the board.
You route her signal directly to your computer and if she goes red, only you and I will know.
- Conner, I could lose my job.
- Yeah, that'd be lots to lose.
- I didn't mean that-ugh.
I'm saying that's a lot of trouble for one kid.
Isn't there something else you could do for her? - You know LifeLine is the least I could do after everything that happened.
Jay, you are the best tech at LifeLine, by far.
The company would be totally fucked without you.
There's no way they're gonna fire you.
- I am the best tech at LifeLine.
Okay, uh, let's say I could reroute the signal to my computer, which I probably can.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Who jumps in to save her if she goes red? - I do.
- You don't work for LifeLine, remember? Nathan fired you.
- Just let me worry about getting back inside okay.
And he didn't fire me, I quit.
Fuck this tie, let's just go.
God I don't want to be late.
- Norah? We're so excited to have you.
I'm sure it's bigger than you're used to.
But you're safe now, honey.
Everything's going to be wonderful.
- Inside.
- You'll be in here.
We're a traditional family, Norah.
The man is the head of the house.
Follow his rules and there won't be any trouble.
- Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ our Lord.
And thank you Lord for delivering Norah to our doorstep so that we may comfort the pitiable child in her time of mourning.
- Amen.
- What happened to your parents? - My mom left when I was little.
My dad died.
- How did he die? - I don't know.
- He was a drug dealer.
Probably high when he took you to a drug deal.
- That's not true.
My dad didn't do drugs anymore.
He had a job and everything.
- At a parking garage.
He worked the overnight shift so he could deal drugs easier.
- My dad didn't sell drugs.
He didn't take drugs.
- Innocent people don't end up crushed under a drug dealer's car.
- He's right, Norah.
- You were there the night your father died.
You know his sins.
- I don't remember.
- It is hard to face the truth but we'll have no lying in this house.
Now, were you there that night? - I don't remember.
- Irene.
Go to your room.
We can try again tomorrow.
- Nathan has been notified you're in the building.
- Great, then he's probably on his way down.
- Well I'll just give you guys some privacy then.
- That's company property.
- Do you know how many of those are mine? - 27.
- 27 people alive today because I saved them.
- No, 27 alive because you followed protocol, guidelines, and you didn't make it personal.
- 27 alive because I did make it personal.
I want to come back.
- So you can use LifeLine as a tool to avenge Haley? - So that I can honor her.
Nathan, Haley would have wanted me saving lives.
- You know a man driven by revenge is a liability? - I buried Haley.
I made my peace.
I've moved on.
- There's a jump window opening in half an hour.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- They let you back in.
- They practically begged me to come back.
How's my window looking? - Clear signal but the window is closing fast.
- Jay, you got 33 days to find her.
- Understood.
I'm on it.
- Fix position.
- She had jeans on in that- - Hey, hey! - Oh! - Take everything out.
Throw it on the ground.
Your wallet, car keys, now! - Please don't hurt us.
- Shut the fuck up! - Oh! - Move and I'll break your arm.
Miranda, your password is "sparrow.
" Do you understand? - Oh my God.
You're from that company.
- I'm not resisting.
- I'm not a cop.
Call LifeLine tomorrow.
They'll follow up.
- What are you doing sneaking around? - I have to pee.
- No one leaves their room at night.
It's a rule.
- I don't know if you've noticed, but you're not in your room.
- Let me go! I'm sorry! - In here.
You will stay in there until you learn what proper behavior is.
- No! Let me out.
- I hope you've been using this time to consider your actions and ask forgiveness for your disrespect.
Dugan and I are going to church.
He thinks it's best if you stay and speak to God alone.
- Norah Hazelton? My name's Conner.
I'm with Social Services.
Are your foster parents home? - They're at church.
- Well I have something for you.
It's from your father.
May I come in? Thanks.
Okay, so.
Anything bad happens, this device calls me and I come and help.
- My dad got this for me? - Yeah, he loved you a lot, he just wanted to keep you safe.
Okay you ready? - Yeah.
- Here we go.
That's it.
You okay? - Yeah just hurts a little bit.
- All right, well now I just give you one last little shot then we're all done.
- I don't want to stay here.
I want to go home.
- Norah, I'm sorry.
It's the best I can do.
- Will I see you again? - I don't know.
But everything's going to be okay.
I promise.
Trust me? All right.
- Through Christ we pray.
- Amen.
- You're late.
- Bus broke down.
It was only five minutes.
I ran as fast as I could.
- You do not leave this table without permission! Get your ass out here right now! I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in my house! - You won't have to anymore! - Norah! Open up this door right now.
Open this door.
- I'll be back to get you little guy.
- Norahhhh! Now! - Next on "LifeLine.
" - I just need a place to warm up.
It's cold.
Please? - Forgery.
It's kind of a tricky business.
- I'm jumping blind.
- I'm ready.
- Good morning, officer.
- The music is whatever you want it to be.
- I'll send you a postcard when I find it.
- Norah! - It's almost like you just came out of nowhere.
- I changed it.
You're safe.
- Why did you leave me?