Lifeline (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Playing God

Previously on LifeLine -The jump box can absolutely muster the energy needed for reversed time travel.
I can engineer it.
-And no more talk about jumping back in time.
Changing the past is a lot more complicated than changing the future.
-I can't control it.
Conner, you gotta get out of there.
Conner! -You and Conner are close, right? -As close as anyone can be to, Conner.
-Has he seen anyone since his wife died? -For him, it's only been 6 months since he was married.
-I didn't realize you're still so in love with her.
-I have decided to hire a president.
-What would a candidate need to do to prove absolute loyalty? -Tell me everything you know about Conner Hooks.
-The agent you been tasked to detain arrives in 1 hour.
-He said I can try it again, but he doesn't want me doing it alone.
-Are you sure you wanna do this? -Yes.
-Then I'm going too.
-The board was bugged.
They got names, dates everything.
-Jack Trevors.
-LifeLine is a company, whose clients pay them a great deal of money, to protect them from death.
-Those are the people you wanted me to stop.
The people who were saving lives? Oh my God.
-They are playing God, for a profit.
You just allowed history to unfold naturally.
Your father was collateral damage.
-Dad! -LifeLine killed him.
-I really just need the truth.
It's been years and no one has given me that.
-Conner Hooks will help.
-Anything bad happens, this device calls me and I come help you.
- I wanna remember.
You don't.
-Use your life line.
-I'm not gonna let some young man with a grudge destroy everything that I have built.
-If Conner doesn't listen to you, you figure out a way to stop them yourself.
-You think Jack was telling the truth? That this guy won't let you die? -I don't know.
There's no reason for Jack to lie.
-Okay, but if he was you would die.
You have a lot to live for.
-You know what, if he were really trying to save me, he wouldn't have left me in that foster home for 6 years locked in a closet pissing myself.
Exactly, so maybe this Conner guy shows up if something happens to you.
Maybe he doesn't but you can't take that chance.
-Yeah, but Jack was pretty certain he'd show.
-Yeah, and Jack didn't give a shit about you either.
Like, what if this guy is not even here anymore.
You know, what if he's dead.
You said Jack was a teleporter right? So maybe he's dead as well.
I don't think Jack- I don't think he's dead, Tom.
-Okay, well that's the problem isn't it? You don't know.
You don't know.
And what does it matter anyway, because if he shows up, he's gonna save you not your dad.
You can't go back in time.
You can't save your dad.
-You're up early.
-Yeah, I gotta stop by Jay's on my way in.
-We're not riding together? -No, sorry.
I was just coming in to tell you.
-What's so important at Jay's at 6 in the morning? -No idea.
He texted me last night, he asked me if I come over before work, he wants to show me something.
-Well give me 15 minutes, I'll throw on some clothes and we can get breakfast after you see what Jay's- -No, no, no, no, don't rush.
Take your time in the shower and will see each other at work.
And then will get dinner and drinks after.
See you in a bit.
-I been able to lock on to images going as far back as the moment a person's life line was implanted.
But the energy required to jump back more than a few minutes concerns me.
-Did you make me drive all the way down here just to tell me you can't figure this out? -Well, can't put you back in the box over the phone.
-We're gonna try it? -I quadruple checked it.
We should be able to send you backwards about a minute and if I'm right you're looking at a very unique problem.
When you jump backwards, your timeline overlaps on to itself.
See the problem with traveling back further than few minutes though, yeah? -Yeah, I get it.
Any more power in the box will blow up.
-No, Conner.
I'm saying, have you really thought about what it really means to go back and save Haley, the repercussions.
Yeah, maybe we get the box to work but it's gonna be very messy.
-It's okay, I get it.
Can't jump any further back than a minute but can you project further back? -Yeah.
-Show me July 29th, 7 years ago.
-Conner just don't get too many big ideas too quickly, okay? -Okay.
-Happy anniversary.
-Do you have any idea how happy I am to be your husband? -Like half as a happy I am to be your wife.
I love you.
-I love you too.
And -I thought we weren't going to do gifts.
Oh my God, it's beautiful.
Let's see.
Hm? -Hm.
-It's perfect, thank you.
-You're welcome.
-And -What? -Got something for you too.
- I thought we weren't gonna do gifts.
-Always forward together.
-Always forward, together.
That's enough.
Make it work.
Hey! Hey.
-So, what was so important that Conner passed up on morning sex to come see you? -Nothing, uh, he wanted to see this new transmitter protocol I set up.
-Oh, he said you texted him.
Wanted him to come over first thing.
-Mm-hmm, I did that.
I uh, I needed help implementing it.
-I thought you were the computer genius.
What could Conner possibly have adviced you on? -Ah, well, you would be surprised.
He knows so much more about the technical side of this place than he let's out.
He's super sharp.
Will you excuse me? I gotta- I have- I'm meeting with- I gotta go talk to Nathan- To Nathan's office.
-Scotch, neat.
-Thanks, long day.
-Where do you think they go? -Who? -The people you save.
Where do you think they go before you save them? -I do not know.
-Heaven? -I don't think our clients have a whole lot of faith in the after life.
That's probably why they hire us, right? -What about you? Do you believe Haley is in heaven? -I don't wanna talk about Haley.
-We don't have a choice.
-Yeah, we do.
And we're not going too.
-I know you're cheating on me with your dead wife.
-What are you talking about? - I went to Jay's, I saw you and Haley.
-You went to Jay's? -I took the keys off his desk.
So much for trust.
-If you were honest with me I would have known about your little project.
And that you're thinking about her while you're sleeping with me.
-I never promised to forget Haley.
-That's not a scrapbook at Jay's.
You're not flipping through pages of an old photo album reminiscing about the good times when you stand in that box and project images of you and her.
-This has nothing to do with you.
-This has everything to do with me! You're still hoping to go back to her! Let's quit.
Put LifeLine behind us, live normal lives.
I can't, not yet.
-That's too bad for both of us.
-How come you never taken me here before? -I don't know, it's just always been my spot I guess.
You see that window on the left? Right there on that corner of that building.
-It's my old bedroom.
I came home from the hospital to that bedroom.
It wasn't very big, but it was mine, you know? I felt safe there.
I haven't felt safe in a while.
-You're safe with me.
-When I was 5, my mom sat me in front of the TV, with a bowl of popcorn and she told me I could watch anything I wanted too, right, while she ran to get cigarettes and milk.
I remember that being like a really nice treat for me, you know.
Whoa, pop corn and TV.
I fell asleep watching a cop show and when I woke up she still wasn't back.
Took me a couple of days to realize that-- I mean she wasn't coming back.
My dad always tried his best but, he never really got over her leaving.
He always like drank and did some drugs but Right before he died, it was the first sign of hope.
You know, he got clean.
He got a job.
Bought me a gold fish.
It felt like we were just starting to be normal.
He wasn't supposed to die that night.
He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and LifeLine killed an innocent bystander, Tom.
I can't just let that be.
I can't.
-I don't want anything happening to you.
-I know.
I need your help with something.
-You better be damn sure to bring these back.
- I will.
-You sure about this? -Yeah.
-Norah! -Why put me through that? Why wait until the last second? -Just put the gun down.
-Don't touch me.
Don't test me, Conner Hooks.
-How do you know my name? -I know a lot about you.
I know that you work for LifeLine.
And I know that you were there when my dad died.
And I know that you gave me this.
-Do you know why I was there that night? -Yeah, to protect some mobster.
Some LifeLine client who probably deserved to die.
I was there to save my wife.
She was a LifeLine agent too.
She jumped to save another client.
Something went wrong.
No one was supposed to get hurt, but this Russian's bodyguard just started shooting and he shot my wife before I could get to her.
Chased after him and he hit your father with his car.
-God, why don't I remember any of this? -Because LifeLine erased your memory.
They've destroyed all the evidence.
They paid the police off to cover up the whole thing.
-Take it out.
- No.
-My dad would still be alive if it weren't for you.
Take it out.
-You need that.
-The guy who stuck a GPS in my arm and dumped me in to foster care, doesn't get to decide what I need.
-I was trying to protect you.
-Yeah, but you never even checked up on me! -Yes, I did! This is not the first time we've talked! This is not the first time we've been on this roof! -Let's go.
-Norah, if you shoot me, someone shows up to save me.
-Not if I shoot you in the leg.
Let's go.
Come on.
You're playing God.
Deciding who lives and who dies.
I used to think that Jack was just messing with me, but really he's showing me how fucked up this all is.
You're screwing with fate, you're changing destiny.
-Norah, I've saved a lot of lives.
-Not the two you and I cared about most.
-I'm a different man since Haley died.
-Are you? Cuff yourself, right hand to the pipe.
-Seriously? -They're for my protection.
-You don't need protection from me.
-Cuff yourself.
-What are you gonna do? -You know what, in the real world Conner Hooks, you don't get to know what happens in advance.
Right hand to the pipe! Who's Nathan? -How do you know Nathan? -He killed Jack.
-What? -I saw it happen.
So is Nathan gonna be the one who comes to save you? -Am I gonna need to be saved? -There's that entitlement again.
You're always trying to jump ahead, but you know what LifeLine doesn't give a shit about anybody no matter who gets caught in the cross fire.
-Every agent is just trying to save a life.
-For their client! But for some innocent bystander it's the luck of the draw.
Some asshole comes in with gun blazing.
-We're not killers.
-Really? Let's find out if that's true.
-What are you doing? -If I have this figured out right.
-Norah, please do not do that.
Don't do that.
Please, look at me.
-This will take away any chance you might have to try to jump and save me.
So that my vitals don't show I'm dead.
Now I'm gonna countdown from 10.
- No, no.
- When your LifeLine agent lands, you have plenty of time to tell them to not shoot.
Unless you're wrong, in that case-- I mean it hasn't been that great of a life anyway.
- Just stop, think for a second.
- Prove me wrong.
Ten! - No-- - Nine.
- No, Norah, it's not true, you do not need to test this.
- Seven.
- Do not do this.
- Five.
- Norah.
- Three.
- Please! - Two.
One! - Wait! - Next on LifeLine.
- Have his LifeLine removed.
- The moment I think I figure you out, some new, deep, dark secret reveals itself.
- You got one ticket, this is how you're gonna use it? - You didn't think that you were the only person I was testing did you? - I hate to tell you, but we have hit rock bottom.
- It's my life.
- What kind of sick game are you playing? - What's going on here, Conner?