Light the Night (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Fuck, move a bit!
Fuck, I paid you! I
I will fuck you to death!
You didn't react the whole time!
I might as well jerk off at home!
Flower in a rainy night
Flower in a rainy night
Pelted to the ground by the rain and wind
No one sees
The daily sorrow
The fallen flower will not be revived
The rain is ruthless
The rain is ruthless
It doesn't think about my future
And it doesn't look after my soft heart
It takes away the brightness of my future
The rain is dropping
The rain is dropping
It leads me into a pool of suffering
It tears me apart
From the leaves and branches
No one will ever see me
The flower falls onto the ground
The flower falls onto the ground
Who will come and look after me?
The ruthless wind and rain ruin my future
What can I do
When the flower is dying on the ground?
Who is the patient's family member?
This is her medical report.
You can go in now.
Is she inside?
They left me on the side of the road.
Then they just drove away.
I didn't know what to do.
I met a driver
who took me to the hospital.
Then I called Rose.
Aside from Hsu Kuo-piao,
there was also a tattooed man,
the driver, and a friend.
Is this correct?
Was it just the four of them?
Damn it!
If only I had caught up with the car,
this wouldn't have happened.
Fuck! Li Chien-ta, why are you so useless?
Are you done yet?
Get out.
I will get that son of a bitch!
I will get justice for you!
Wait outside.
Get some rest.
Leave the rest to us.
What is this?
What is all this for?
Don't forget who you are.
You won't catch anyone by punching things.
I'm going to go home.
She will stay at my place for a few days.
That's good.
She can have a few days off from work.
Let her get some rest.
She is my friend.
I will take care of her.
If you're going to keep
If this is how you are going to treat me,
I really don't know what to do.
I'm also a Mamasan in the club.
I care about my girls too.
Or do you want to close down the club?
Do you?
There will be a lot
to deal with at the club.
This isn't the time for us to squabble.
Let's take care of things
at the club first.
Can you
Can you turn on the radio?
Which station?
I remember a place
That I will never forget
He and I affirmed our love there
Having a good time
- It is a pleasant place
- It is a pleasant place
- Green mountains and flowing streams
- Green mountains and flowing streams
- Kept the two of us company
- Kept the two of us company
- The taste of first love
- The taste of first love
Take a shower first.
I will make you some warm ginger soup.
Go away!
- What are you doing?
- You are so fierce.
You sure are fierce.
I tried my best to resist.
I just couldn't get away.
I couldn't.
Why is it so difficult?
Why is it so difficult?
Is this all I'm worthy of?
Am I that dirty?
I just feel
I just feel like I'm dying.
You won't die.
None of us will die.
We must all live.
Hi, Wen-cheng.
Wen-cheng, did you find it?
You only saw part
of the darn license plate.
Am I supposed to divine the rest?
Glasses, show him the photo.
Is this it?
Yes, this is it!
I told you the CCTV would help.
Seriously, appeal to the higher-ups.
Let's go and get them.
Come on.
Hey, what are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- Freeze!
- Who are you? What do you want?
- Sit down!
- Sit down!
- Let go!
Shut up!
- Don't move!
- Let me go!
- What is taking you so long?
- Let go!
Are you waiting for divine intervention?
What is all that noise?
Hey, who are you?
Freeze! Sit down!
All right, please cooperate.
I'm not gambling!
Fuck you!
- Fuck!
- Ah-ta!
Hsu Kuo-piao, right?
What the fuck?
Fuck you, man. You knocked out my teeth.
It was one count of forced intercourse.
Now, we can add on
congregating for gambling.
- Thank you.
- What forced intercourse?
Do you mean yesterday's hooker?
- I can just pay her double
- You motherfucker!
Police brutality!
- Police brutality!
- Shut up!
- Sit down!
- Run!
- Why are you yelling?
- Okay!
Bring them all in.
Fuck, you're that officer from before.
Hana will be on leave
for half a month starting today.
Let's all come together
and adjust our schedules to make it work.
What happened to Hana?
Taking leave so suddenly
makes our lives difficult.
I've already lined up my sales shifts.
I can only work on a few set days.
Isn't it unfair for her
to take half a month off?
At least tell us the reason.
Am I the Mamasan or are you?
Why should I give you a reason?
I must have my reasons for granting leave.
If you don't want to work, then don't.
That's right.
Something happened in Hana's family,
so she will be gone for a few days.
Let's all just help each other out.
Come outside for a bit.
What is it?
Come outside.
Just say what you want to say.
Damn it.
The rapist has been caught.
You said it so loudly.
Now the whole world
knows what happened to Hana.
I thought Hana would
want to know about this.
- So I came
- It happened to her yesterday,
would I make her work today?
Sometimes, I wonder
how on earth you became a team leader.
Use your brain, won't you?
So what was
that police officer talking about?
Isn't it obvious?
Was Hana raped?
When I arrived,
I heard this from someone nearby.
Someone was abducted
and thrown into a car last night.
Could it have been her?
It must have been.
That Kuo-piao guy
must have been her frequent customer.
Hana is not as simple as she seems.
Is your relationship with her that bad?
If you have time to chat,
use it to better yourselves.
You have nothing
to talk about with the customers.
I didn't do anything.
Some people
may look like an angel
but have a demon on the inside.
- Welcome!
- Welcome!
What happened?
Why does everyone look so down?
I always feel comfortable.
Let's drink to you.
- Please.
- Excuse me.
- It's sweet.
- Is it?
- Is it good?
- It's delicious.
- Excuse me as I go to the restroom.
- Sure.
- Ms. Rose.
- Good job, everyone.
Mr. Kase's table
- Mr. Kase!
- Normally, they ask for Hana.
What should I tell them?
Just say that Hana took the day off.
Is that so hard?
No, I'll go.
Hold on.
- Ms. Sue is here.
- Ms. Sue.
- Hello.
- You're here today.
- Prepare some fruit.
- Okay.
It has been a while.
- Hello.
- Gosh! That's great!
You are beautiful.
Bye, Ms. Sue.
You left something behind.
He Yu-en told me everything.
What did he tell you?
I know why you did it.
You hurt your Mamasan for him.
Is he worth it?
Who says I'm doing it for him?
I just disapprove.
I was young once.
How could I not know
what a girl is thinking?
attacking the woman that a man cares about
betrays a lack of confidence.
Do you think
you can have him?
How can you say
something like that so easily?
Don't you have any shame?
It's my business.
It's none of your business.
You're lucky.
Ms. Rose didn't see it.
But don't think that
What about me?
Control your own jealousy.
Don't drag others down.
Do you already know?
Then how could you still
I have known Su Ching-yi
for most of my life.
Consider your targets
before trying to sow discord.
So does this mean
you are firing me now?
Do you think I won't do it?
The club is so short-staffed.
But you two are the Mamasans.
The decision is yours.
Then please
stay where you are.
Do you want a midnight snack?
I'm not hungry.
Want to go for a midnight snack?
- Mr. Pan.
- Hi.
Enjoy your food.
What is it now?
I'm in a bad mood today.
I'm annoyed and irritable.
I'm leaving unless it's important.
Don't be mad.
Are you still mad?
If you're going to apologize,
do it quickly.
Stop following me.
- Get in.
- Why should I?
Get in.
Will you apologize or not?
Okay, I apologize.
Get in.
Come on. Let me make it up to you, okay?
Spend money in my club
if you want to make it up to me.
I need to increase sales.
Police officers need to work too.
Why don't we go inside and drink then?
Come on. I'll take you somewhere else.
Do you know how to play?
Don't be hasty to hit it.
Hold on. Don't be hasty to hit it.
Come this way for a bit. Come.
Come over for a bit.
Don't move this side.
Just practice the motion. Don't hit it.
You won't be able to hit it this way.
Move a little closer.
Yes, a little closer.
Don't rush!
Mr. Ko.
I talked to the precinct chief.
You will assemble
this murder case's investigation team.
Until the forensic investigator
completes the report,
have your officers continue to trace
who the victim had come into contact with.
Have you contacted the victim's family?
I was making the call when you came in.
I found a friend but not the family yet.
Ms. Sue?
What brings you here?
Rose isn't home yet.
I came to see you.
Then let's go inside first.
I have been living
with you for half a month.
I suddenly miss my hometown.
I want to visit my hometown.
I haven't seen my parents in a while.
Don't worry. I will be fine.
You're back.
Why are you still here?
I will leave soon.
Is Ms. Li not here?
She went to her hometown.
I bought noodles and egg cakes.
Do you want some?
You eat first.
I'm Chiang Han.
I'm not around
because I'm on my way to see you.
Just leave me a message.
Mr. Nakamura.
- Let me tell you a secret.
- The heat will be a problem.
- I have fallen in love
- I think a house
- should either face north or south.
- with a woman who is five years my senior.
You came here to have fun. Come.
I will drink with you.
If you're happy, I'm happy.
What about this one?
I really like this one.
This house has a good layout.
It gets a lot of light.
It's also located in Meguro.
Meguro is quite tranquil.
But the space
seems a bit too big.
Isn't it usually the bigger the better?
The bigger it is,
the more likely it is to feel lonely.
After you return home,
get a wife.
She can keep you company.
Wouldn't that be great?
Have you ever thought about
what your ideal future looks like?
It would be just like now,
chatting with you
and having a heart-to-heart talk.
Don't you want to change anything?
For example,
trying out life in a different country.
Maybe you will discover
something new in life.
Wake up!
Look at the time!
Stop sleeping!
You didn't even bring in your laundry.
- Why am I so unlucky?
- What?
- What are you doing?
- Look at others your age.
They are married and have children!
Some could even be grandmothers!
You're the only one still lazing at home!
Why am I so unlucky?
Are you up?
I was about to collect your corpse.
Don't die at home!
What is there to eat?
We've eaten everything.
Who knew when you would wake up?
You don't earn much,
but you eat all the time.
Trash has been piling up
in your room for days.
I brought it out for you.
Throw it away yourself.
Throw it out!
I am Ah-chi.
Let me win the lottery.
The jackpot.
One number is enough.
Give me one winning number.
Just one, please.
Is it 17?
Thank you. Goodbye.
Please come again.
This color looks good on you.
I agree. It's not bad, right?
Please take over. I'm going to eat.
- Sure, no problem.
- No.
But why don't we try the yellow?
- Sure.
- I don't have yellow either.
You're free these days.
You come to see me all the time.
I'm just visiting you.
What? Don't you like it?
I don't hate it.
That's good.
When are we going to go house hunting?
What house hunting?
We're not getting married.
There's no need to get married,
but it's fine.
We can still have our own home.
How are the goods?
They are good.
They are in my locker.
That's good.
Do you remember Mr. Li?
Which Mr. Li?
Mr. Li from the publishing company.
You met him once.
He is tan and tall.
He always goes out with a gold necklace.
What about him?
He will come to see you tonight.
He wants 50 g.
This is so sudden.
When would I have time to divide it up?
Sell the goods quickly.
I get worried about you
with it in your possession.
It has been a while. Thank you.
- Okay.
- Ms. Sue.
Let's make a toast.
Excuse me.
I want chocolate.
Have some chocolate.
I love chocolate.
- Do you know?
- I don't know.
Ms. Sue doesn't know.
Baseball lovers eat betel nuts.
Thank you.
Damn it! Flour?
How did you get it?
What is this?
Please explain yourself.
Has anyone used the scale lately?
Yuri just borrowed it.
What's wrong?
Did she not clean it thoroughly?
It's nothing. Go back to work.
As long as I'm here,
this is not allowed inside the club.
Do not do it again.
I will call the police.
I didn't.
I know. Henry, I know.
Yes, she took everything.
Don't be angry, please.
I know this is
you haven't come by much lately.
I have been busy.
Adults always use that as an excuse.
Did you have a fight with my mom?
How close are your mom and me?
Do you not know?
Of course I know.
You two grew up together
and are closer than sisters.
I have heard that story so many times.
Don't worry.
Nothing happened between me and your mom.
Even if something did happen,
all would be fine at the thought of you.
What else do you want?
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
I'm here to get my jacket.
Okay, it's in my room.
Are you leaving already?
For now?
Or forever?
What do you think?
It was faster than I expected.
Is it over?
Did I give you the wrong idea?
Aren't the two of us
just helping each other
to soothe the loneliness?
I know
what kind of person you are.
Did you think I had no clue?
That's good.
I don't have any hard feelings.
It's just that
we were dating for quite a while.
May I ask you for a reason?
I thought you were different
and could quietly stay by my side.
But I later realized that I was mistaken.
You are just like any other woman.
Hungry for affection.
You hid it well though.
No one noticed.
It's not you.
The problem is with me.
I am never going to settle down.
Speaking hypothetically,
if I were to settle down with someone,
I would choose Lo Yu-nung.
Lo Yu-nung?
Lo Yu-nung?
Lo Yu-nung?
Lo Yu-nung?
Lo Yu-nung.
Lo Yu-nung.
You choose Lo Yu-nung!
Subtitle translation by: Renee Luk
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