Lightfields (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Lucy! Oh I'm so sorry.
- Where you been? - Walking.
He give you that, I don't doubt.
- Could you walk any slower? - It's hot.
- It is.
- It's hot scrubbing this lot and mangling it.
All right, I'll hang it out.
Pip, you can help me.
I'm working with Dad.
Is this Lightfields Farm? We've come to stay with my Aunt Jane in the village.
She says you need help.
- Does she, now? - I told her.
Yes, we do.
Well, I don't know farming but I learn fast.
Do my bit for victory.
- I'm Eve.
- Thanks for coming.
We're glad to have you.
I'm Martha.
My husband Mr Felwood.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Our son Pip.
Hello, Pip.
Are you 10 or 11? Nine.
Nine? No.
That's Tom, who works for us.
And our daughter Lucy.
- Hello.
- Shall I help you hang that out? No, don't spoil your clothes.
Lucy'll find you some things to change into.
Lightfields Farm We're here.
So what do you think? - Yeah, nice.
- Oh, the forbidden word.
I'm not one of your pupils, Mum.
All right, um quiet? Yeah, perfect for writing.
No distractions.
The beach is only a mile away.
Are you all right? Have you been here before? I don't think so.
We stayed with my aunt in the village.
But I can't really remember any of it.
I was only eight.
Right, ready? - Don't look so worried! - I wasn't.
It's only six weeks.
It's not like we're here for ever.
Don't think anyone's lived here for ages.
The owner's only just started letting it.
He said there were squatters here once but they got scared off.
Scared off? How? Dunno.
Threatened with legal action, I guess.
Go on, sweetheart.
Choose a room.
It's creepy in here.
Oh, my God! It's all right, it's just a bird.
- We're scaring it.
- I'm not having this room, OK? Come on.
We'll try and set it free.
You're listening to Suffolk Sounds with me, Harry Devlin.
Help yourselves to juice and cereal.
All good.
- They sleep well? - They said they did.
Yeah, but did they? - You think they're lying? - People are polite.
I thought we could get some little cards, a suggestion box.
- Barry - "Eggs too hard".
"Beds too runny".
- We want your complaints.
- Are you cremating that bacon? Oh.
It's perfect.
Right Plates nice and warm.
- Agh! Ouch! - Nearly there.
- Granny? - Yes, Lukey? - Is Dad coming? - Yes, he's probably got held up.
- Stuck in some bad traffic, I think.
- He'll be here soon.
- OK.
- Held up lying in bed, more like.
He's doing well.
He's got further to drive out here.
It's not his fault Luke's mum's not around.
It's his fault he's a prat.
Are you all right, mate? Shit, he didn't hear me.
Go after him.
I'll finish the plates.
Those nylons? - Present.
- Who from? Soldier.
I met him at the Lyceum.
- In Ipswich? - Ipswich! In London.
Mum's afraid of the V rockets, so we've come here.
Me, her and my little sister.
How old are you? - Guess.
- 19? 18.
You? 17.
You've got nice hair.
That's what my sweetheart says.
- Your sweetheart? - Mm-hm.
Have you done it? No rush, kid.
Have you? What's a prat? A prat? Yeah, what you called my dad.
Well, er When I use it, it means a funny guy someone entertaining, yeah? Look, it doesn't matter what I or anyone else says about your dad.
He loves you.
And you love him.
End of story.
- OK? - OK.
Do you love your dad? Yeah.
Course I do.
How long's he staying with us? Oh, at least a month, under doctor's orders.
They've ordered him? Doesn't he want to come? Yeah, yeah, but, you know, he likes his own home.
But this was his home.
He hasn't been here since he was about your age.
And he was an only child, just like you.
So you can keep each other company.
Yeah? Here Well, if you need me.
You take it slow, Dad, like the doctor said.
That's what you're here for.
Hey, here's Luke.
Hello, Grandpip.
Good to be back, yeah, Dad? After, ooh 70 years? No.
Well, er I'll get your bags, then Luke can show you to your room.
It's only the dance in the village hall.
- It's not Leicester Square.
- I won't be allowed.
There'll be Americans there and airmen and Exactly.
Put pillows in your bed so it looks like you're in it and sneak out.
I can't.
My dad would kill me.
You're 17.
All right.
Please yourself.
But beware I will tell you everything and you will die of jealousy.
- Harry.
- Book I told you about.
Oh, my hands are all dirty.
Sorry, Eve, this is Harry Dunn.
- Eve Travers.
- Pleased to meet you.
Can I see? Tess Of The D'Urbervilles.
Great book.
She says you're going to study law.
Have to fight first.
When my call-up papers come.
- I'll see you on Sunday? - Yeah.
Well? What do you think? What? He seems like a very nice boy.
Come on, Mum.
It's not going to explode.
If you can teach a class of 30 kids, you can write a novel.
Oh! Feels good to be finally doing this.
And even if it's terrible, it can It's not going to be terrible.
At least I'll have got it out of my system.
Good luck.
Hi, Dad, how are you? Er I felt like talking to you, so I'm making a tape.
Mum's OK, I think.
- Who are you talking to? - Dad.
Oh, right.
Good idea.
I'll leave you to it.
Mum's OK, I think.
Mum's OK, I think.
Mum's Shit.
- Thank you.
- : My pleasure.
You're a good dancer.
You're a good liar.
Why would I lie about a thing like that? Oh, to make a fella feel better.
You know what I've never done? What have you never done? I've never kissed an American.
Really? Well, that is a downright dreadful state of affairs.
Isn't it? It's tragic.
What? - Mr Hitler.
- He isn't real.
- He is.
- Well, he isn't here.
- He will be.
He's coming.
- No-one's coming.
Back to bed.
I'll come and tuck you in.
Seems like yesterday.
Sat here, reading you a story.
What's the one where she pricks her finger on the spinning wheel? Sleeping Beauty.
Anything else you've never done? I've got to go.
Let's walk into the fields.
It's a beautiful night.
I'm expected back.
Just a little ways.
Strong for a skinny girl.
Another time.
Call for me.
13 Swan Street.
What if we don't have another time? What if I'm shot down tomorrow? Don't be.
All done.
All done.
Thirsty? Oh! Mmm, that's better than a bed.
When he calls, bring him here.
You're worse than me.
"Lead me not into temptation.
" "But deliver me from evil.
" Come on, girls, back to the house.
Was I ages? - No.
- No? - Did you recognise anything? - No, I was too young.
My sister would have remembered.
She was ten years older.
But we never talked about that summer.
- Too late now.
- Yeah.
Oh, look, there's a disco.
Do you want to go? Maybe.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Never better.
I'm going out.
For a walk.
She meeting someone? - I don't know.
- Yes, you do.
Better Harry Dunn than someone we don't know.
And I don't want her going roaming with that Eve, looking for trouble.
- Eve's all right.
- She's older than Lucy.
And Lucy's older than you think she is.
Don't forget, at 17, I first walked out with you.
Eve says she'll give me chewing gum.
You see? Who's she getting that from? You all right there, Pip? Do you want a lie-down? Yeah! Have you started clearing those outbuildings? Oh, Dad, it's crying out for development.
You convert that, you've got holiday lets, you've got a complex.
- Come on, I'll show you.
- Sounds good.
Sounds like pie in the sky.
You were once my pie in the sky.
And I converted you.
- Grandad? - Yeah? - You're a prat.
- Yeah! Hi.
Hurt your ears, huh? I hardly play this thing.
I got carried away for a second.
You know, feeling the breeze? Like I was back home in the fields.
You from the farm, huh? Yeah, me too.
You heard of it? W Wizard Of Oz? That's the one.
"There's no place like home.
" You said it.
What's your name? Lucy.
Hi, Lucy.
I'm Dwight.
You know my friend Eve.
I do.
- I have to go.
- No.
We don't have to tell her.
Tell her what? Clare? Hello? Mum? - What are you doing? - I thought I saw - It's just a power cut.
- Come on.
Let's get you back to bed.
All right? Are you? Yes, I'm fine.
Dad's a bit worried, isn't he? Are you splitting up? No, sweetheart, no.
- You were rowing a lot.
- Were we? I'm sorry, it's been stressful lately.
But sometimes in a marriage, you just need some time apart, that's all.
OK? Go to sleep.
I'll see you in the morning.
- Night.
- Night.
- Baz.
- Don't call me that, Paul.
- You like it really.
- Yeah.
Luke, your Dad's here.
- How's business? - Great.
No-one here last night, though? No? Lorna! Hey, Luke.
- Can we build another sandcastle today? - Course.
Another fuck-off one? Yeah.
Let's get you in the car, shall we? Bye, Grandad.
Enjoy yourself.
- Here you go.
- Don't need it.
It's just the other day he got a bit burnt.
Like I said I don't need it, yeah? Pip.
You the man.
Looking good.
It's Paul.
Your grandson-in-law.
Yep, still sharp as a tack.
Have a good day, sweetheart.
Ooh, sitting in the front? - I'm a big boy now.
- Of course you are.
That makes two of us.
Shut the door please, love.
Paul the pillock.
I'm going to walk to the village.
You want to come? No.
All right.
See you later.
Morning, Lucy.
- Hello.
- Tom.
I was at the house all afternoon yesterday and he didn't call.
He may be on a mission.
Or been shot down.
- Eve - Not now.
You Eve's sister? What's your name? - Vivien.
- Hello, Vivien.
I'm Lucy.
We'll speak later.
I'll meet you this afternoon.
Oh Oh, no, I can't.
- I'm I'm not feeling very well.
- Oh.
- Sorry.
- Miss, sorry to trouble you.
- My mum's not here.
It's all right, I work for the owner.
He sent me to take those boards off the windows.
Erm Your mother told the owner she'd been round here before.
- As a child in the war.
- Yeah.
- And her name's Vivien Mullen? - Yeah.
It-It's a Vivien Travers I remember.
Travers, that was her maiden name.
Oh, so it is her.
- I'm Tom.
Wonder if she remembers me? - I'll ask her.
I'll get those boards off.
Swear you won't tell a soul about this den, Viv.
I won't tell a soul.
Now you'll die if you do.
If we catch any German spies, we can bring them here and question 'em.
I've got something.
You can keep it.
Follow the yellow brick road.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Shall we walk in the woods? It's cooler.
Tom? No, don't remember him.
What was he like? Yeah, he was nice.
He said knock on his door if we need anything.
- Last cottage on the way to the sea.
- Ooh.
I wonder why he remembers you.
Probably because I was such a perfect little girl, impressing everyone I met with my charm and impeccable manners.
Yeah, that's probably it, Mum.
- It's just this way.
- OK.
Hello? One two three four five six seven Hello? Eight nine ten 11 12 Stupid.
You think he might? - Who? - "Who"? Harry.
When he joins up and goes overseas.
And forgets you.
You cheeky monkey.
No-one is gonna forget me! Tom? Miss Lucy.
You've joined up? You said they wouldn't have you.
Cos farm-work's a reserved occupation.
- Oh.
- This is part-time.
- Home Guard.
- Ah, well, you look very smart.
Smart enough to take you out? - Um - No, it's all right.
- No, Tom - No harm done.
I just thought maybe you weren't walking out with Harry anymore, since I seen you with that airman.
Sorry, I didn't mean Sorry.
You've only met him once.
He's not yours.
You should've told me.
I didn't know when I met him that we were going to - You haven't - No.
Not yet.
No, you mustn't.
Lucy, not with him.
You're - You're too young.
- Well, you've done it.
- Haven't you? - That's none of your business.
- Well, maybe you haven't been in love.
- Oh, yeah, cos you're in love? And maybe no-one's been in love with you.
Have him.
Let him ruin you.
- Hello.
- Hello again.
Well, hard to see the little girl now.
- Sorry? - I knew you, years ago.
It's Tom.
Oh, Tom, yes.
- You don't remember me? - No, sorry.
That's all right.
You were small and it was a long time ago.
It's not just you.
That whole summer's Well, maybe just as well.
What do you mean? Well, life's about the future.
Not the past.
You have a good holiday.
Where's Eve? She said she wasn't feeling well.
Too much sun.
Well, maybe she'll be better and back tomorrow.
Where you off to? Nowhere.
He taking a message for you? Who to? Don't you look at me like that.
Well, how do you want me to look at you? I wonder what the tooth fairy will bring.
Are you sure you didn't fake that? It seems like you've had about 20 coming out.
Night night, darling.
Night night.
I'm off.
Wow, you look great.
- You sure you don't want a lift? - Mm-hm.
All right, then.
See you later.
Good luck.
Going to the village to see Eve.
I hope she's feeling better.
You look lovely.
One two three four five Clare? Do you want to dance? I'm Nick.
What's your name? Clare.
Nine ten Sorry I've got a girlfriend.
Why did you ask me to dance, then? She told me to.
It's cos you looked so lonely.
12 13 Hello? Help me! Help! Mr Felwood, help! Mr Felwood! Mr Felwood, come quick, fire! Mr Felwood, please, quick! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! Lucy! - No, no, please.
- Too late.
No! - No! - It's too late.
No! She's gone.
She's gone.