Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector (2020) s01e07 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Lincoln Rhyme" Nobody starts killing three people in a day.
So we find his first kill or he made a mistake.
30 years ago, Barry Rothko goes jogging.
- Never comes home.
- I have a condition.
- Agoraphobia? - I wanna get out.
- I just can't.
- You're a gift, Danielle.
What have I done to deserve you? [PANEL BREAKS.]
I found these today.
Come with me.
It'll all be okay.
You're the Bone Collector? - I am.
- [GASPS.]
I tried to shield that from you.
- You're insane.
- [GASPS.]
The first Bone Collector killings we were together.
Do you remember? You were horrified, but you understood.
Some people are built differently than others.
You said that.
Not insane.
Built differently.
Do you believe that now? I don't know.
I am the man you know.
But There are parts that That I've hidden.
It's [SIGHS.]
Just something I do.
It soothes me.
But you're not soothed.
You're agitated.
I can see it.
But you're gonna kill me, aren't you? [DARK MUSIC.]
I found him.
It's him.
- It's the Bone Collector.
- What did you find? [BREATHES HEAVILY.]
It's an anonymous card written to Barry Rothko's mother a week after he disappeared.
It's written in Latin.
"Requiem requiem Ultima Ratio Regum.
" Claire, the note from the Bone Collector.
What does it mean? "Rest, rest.
The Last Argument of Kings.
" The handwriting is the same.
It's him.
- We found him.
- Yes.
He left them a clue and they didn't even realize.
"Ultima Ratio Regum.
" "The Last Argument of Kings" was engraved on all cannons produced in France under the reign of Louis XIV.
He's telling me where to find the body.
How does that help us find the body? This case is Westchester County.
If I recall, Dobbs Ferry was a strategic encampment for Washington's troops.
At the start of the Revolutionary War, France gave the Continental Army supplies, including cannons.
Check this out.
There's a monument to that battle in a field on the edge of town.
So if we're right, Barry Rothko was buried somewhere in that field.
And his body could be a clue to his killer.
Find that body, we find a link to the Bone Collector.
Let's go.
Good boy.
You really think we're gonna find something after all this time? Okay.
We're coming up on the monument.
Are you seeing this, Lincoln? I see it.
It's here.
This has to be it.
- Hey, I found something! [DOGS BARKING.]
The body's gone.
Yeah, this hole's been dug up recently.
A day ago.
Maybe two.
Can't get ahead of this guy.
How the hell does he know what we're doing? For those who crave living in a totally managed environment.
Even in the construction phase, every Vaughn property is exclusive, private, and secure.
Retrofitted with ultramodern luxury, and an address that's so desirable, my family will be the first residents.
Ah, speaking of which You'll know my wife Linda, of course.
And this is Simon.
They're here just about every day, checking on the progress - of the penthouse.
- Hey, Dad? If you'll excuse me.
I promised my son a little ice cream, but please, feel free to look around, and security will let you out downstairs.
All right.
What flavor do you want, pal? [INDISTINCT CHATTER.]
This was just delivered here for you.
Here? Strange, we're not forwarding the mail here yet.
- Greg, what is this? - I don't know.
Looks like a digital recorder.
- Hello, Greg.
I have a small favor to ask.
But first, let me get your attention.
- [BOOM.]
Search for the Bone Collector's on hold.
Listen to this.
Greg and Linda Vaughn.
You must admit the full extent of your corruption and greed.
At 6:00 p.
today, you're to appear on live TV from Brooklyn Borough Hall.
The very courthouse in which you lied and claimed no fault in the Richmond Hill apartment fire of 2015.
Admit that the blood of the people who died there is on your hands.
Obey my instructions, or another Vaughn property will burn.
And more people will die.
Four of the Vaughn's investors were killed in the blast today.
But it could've been a lot worse.
The next building will not be as empty.
Well, maybe we start with figuring out how the hell the guy planted the bomb in the first place.
The site's on complete lockdown.
I mean, key fobs track down everyone entering and exiting.
Cameras on the outside cover every possible entrance.
Every employee's accounted for, and before the Vaughns and their investors arrived, the site was completely empty for weeks.
A locked room mystery.
Did you know the first modern detective story was about a murder in a locked room impossible to enter? - Predates Sherlock Holmes.
- Edgar Allen Poe.
That's right.
The killer was a trained orangutan who climbed through a fourth-story window.
So unless the Bronx Zoo is looking for a primate, we've got quite a puzzle to solve.
Well, we can start with what he wants.
His demands suggest a clear vendetta against the Vaughns.
We go after whoever the evidence tells us to go after.
Well, technically, the demands on the voice recording are evidence.
Bomber mentioned the Richmond Hill apartment fire.
Killed over 40 people lotta families filed lawsuits.
Yeah, but the Vaughns were cleared of any negligence.
Fire was sufficiently ruled accidental.
Well, our guy's not buying the official story.
Which means we need to find every family member and person with a motive.
But first - [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Crime scene.
Okay, got it.
Walk the grid one step at a time using all your senses.
Glad I wore my street clothes for this.
Necklace to the left.
It's hard to tell what's evidence and what's not.
Everything is burnt to a crisp.
This building's current renovation works to our advantage.
They've already removed the flooring and walls, which likely had decades of wear and tear and dust and the skin cells of thousands of people on them.
What's a little fire compared to all that? Three cheers for gentrification.
Head to the far corner behind you.
If the debris landed there, we need to find where it came from.
I'm no expert, but that looks like a point of origin to me.
Well, I am an expert, and yes, it does.
And that looks like pieces of bomb shrapnel.
Move closer, please.
This is odd.
Show me the other side again.
Our bomber left us something behind that might lead us to him.
Look, I was testing the soil from the empty grave.
The Bone Collector took the body, but he may have left us - his DNA.
- First, go to the lab, run the trace Amelia found in the high-rise.
Blood evidence, DNA, prints.
Find a link to the bomber.
Running all complaints against the Vaughns.
It's a long list.
Look, whether or not she finds the Bone Collector's DNA, it's him.
- Has to be.
- Agreed.
Killed Barry Rothko and left him there 30 years.
Until we sent for the case files from Westchester.
Yes, someone tipped him.
Someone on the inside.
- Who? - I don't know.
I have Internal Affairs on it.
Well, they should be able to identify a data breach.
Who would do that? Someone trading information for cash.
Someone with a vulnerability.
Or maybe the Bone Collector is another cop.
He's meticulous, knowledgeable about forensics Knowledgeable about you.
I know this may come as a surprise, but you have ruffled a few feathers over the years, Lincoln.
I've been over that list of names in my head a thousand times.
I can practically recite the NYPD active roster by heart.
But right now, there's nothing we can do about that.
A bomber's threatening our city.
And there's a very literal ticking clock.
Bone Collector takes a back seat.
Not necessarily.
Insight often arises when the mind is at rest.
You know how Einstein struck upon the theory of relativity? Staring out a window.
You want us to stare out a window? My point is, answers will come when they're ready.
In the meantime, let's find what the Vaughns have to tell us.
So nobody's made any explicit threats against you recently? No.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
But we get threats all the time.
Because of the Richmond Hill fire like the bomber mentioned on the tape? We weren't responsible for the Richmond Hill fire any more than we were responsible for the one this morning.
And our buildings that this madman is threatening to bomb three of them have free rec centers for children, charter schools, a free private library.
We're not corporate monsters, all right? We - We run a family business.
- Please.
- What can we do to help? - Well if it comes down to it, would you be willing to do what he's asking for? Go on television? And publicly take responsibility for something we tried ye for years to clear our name of? Come on, guys.
Thought there was a rule against negotiating with terrorists.
Well, it's kind of a unique situation, don't you think? I mean, we have half the city hostage and no hostage taker to negotiate with.
- Greg, maybe we need to - We have every faith that you'll find him.
Simon, right? I'm Officer Sachs.
Sorry, he's not himself today.
Please, do not apologize.
You've both been through a lot.
Look, I know what happened today was a very big deal.
And people are asking you a lot of scary questions.
But it isn't your fault.
Trust me, I've been in your situation before.
I heard the recordings.
He said he's gonna do this again, and he's coming for us next time.
Well, what I think is that he's trying to scare you.
But what I know is that we're gonna catch him before he hurts you or anyone else.
I promise.
Simon, sweetie.
Can you really make that promise? It's important children have reassurance in times of trauma.
What about the rest of us? [DRAMATIC MUSIC.]
I guarantee you'll be caught.
Well, you'd say anything to get out of this.
Ever since we moved back to New York, you've been off your game.
You made the one mistake you could never afford to make.
You let me find those photos.
I didn't let you find anything.
Any psychologist would say that that was a sublimated desire to be caught.
So that I would stop you.
It was a fluke.
But it's done, and now I'm gonna fix it.
And if you could, you would've done it already, but you can't.
'Cause you know that if you kill me, it'll torture you.
You'll spiral.
Whatever you are, what we had was real.
You love me.
You let me live, and you disappear.
I don't want to disappear.
Your life is over even if I'm dead.
People know us.
You'll have to concoct some story.
Well, you decided to spend some time in Brussels where you did your graduate work.
We've been having issues You can't lie with this eating at your core.
Find a calm place, like Colorado.
You were happy in Colorado.
I was happy in Colorado.
We were happy.
Peter I I If you kill me, your life is over, but if you run, then the Bone Collector can live in infamous shadow.
You live your life and I live mine.
Trust me.
Peter, I can help you.
Even now, I can help you get away.
Give me something, give me something Lincoln, time for your PT.
You're not making it any easier to focus on catching a bomber.
I have to figure out - how he got past security.
- You were up all night working on it, Lincoln.
You don't think - there's a price to be paid? - I'm fine.
You're fine because I make sure you're fine.
Because I endure you going through the motions of protesting, when all along, you know what's best.
Now you're a profiler like Amelia? Profiling? Please.
I know you better than you know yourself.
You know it's true.
You're right.
So how are you? Yes.
I asked how you are doing.
How's your treatment coming? I listen to my tapes, do relaxation exercises, and then when I even think about stepping outside, the agoraphobia takes over.
Give it time.
I know.
I forget about it when I'm focused on you.
Which is why I let you distract me - from the urgent task at hand.
- You have a team, Lincoln.
Even when you're doing this, your team is working.
Eureka! Saved by the bell.
Did she really just say, "Eureka"? You were right about the blue material.
Definitely a part of a canvas bag, and the purple and yellow powder are tiny pieces of spray-painted cement.
- Like from graffiti? - Exactly.
Store bought spray paint sold everywhere.
Hard to track, but that's not the cool part.
The cool part is that the pores are full of bacteria.
Bacteria? You mean, like, he put the bag down in the men's room, or You were about to tell us what special kind of bacteria.
- I'm sorry, go ahead.
- Bacillus subtilis.
Bacillus subtilis.
Isn't that In your notebooks, yes.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Years ago, the military dispersed bacillus subtilis through various tunnels under New York to test how disease spreads underground.
And one of those tunnels just happens to be a mecca for graffiti artists.
You're thinking of Freedom Tunnel.
Yeah, the spray paint, the bacteria.
Those bombs were in the Freedom Tunnel before they were - stuck onto the building.
- Okay.
So what are we looking for when we get there? If I had to guess more bombs.
Years ago, I made my own detailed maps of these tunnels.
And why? 'Cause you never know what you're going to need until the moment you need it most.
All right, veer left.
Okay, keep walking Wait, stop.
That mural to your right.
That's not street art.
That's kind of a matter of opinion.
No, it's a sloppy attempt by an amateur to hide something.
It's a door.
Watch out fingerprints.
Use a cloth.
Ready? Is this on your map, Lincoln? Okay, wait.
Just Amelia can't risk corrupting the scene.
That explains the dust on the bag fragments.
Careful, Amelia.
Guys? Hey, what did you do? I don't know, we we didn't do it! It slammed on its own.
I'm locked in.
Hang on, hang on.
Oh, he must've rigged it.
It's a bomb.
It's armed.
Uh, any ideas here, guys? Gotta find a way to get this door open.
No, no, no! I might trigger the bomb.
Lincoln, come on, you gotta think of something else.
Get the bomb squad down here now.
Okay, okay.
Amelia, talk to me.
I got this.
I got this.
I'm not this mind.
I'm not this body.
Amelia, I can't hear you.
What are you saying? A mantra.
A coping mechanism for her PTSD.
Amelia, I'm with you.
Please tell me you can get me out of here.
Lincoln, wait.
You've defused a bomb before the day you got hurt at the power plant.
But I had the Bone Collector's riddles to guide me.
I don't actually know the first thing about how to defuse a bomb.
Okay, 1:18 left.
Mike, bomb squad's talking to me.
Come on, Lincoln.
But I do know how to make one.
On the table to your left, there's a jar of red powder.
- Got it.
- Okay, then take the aluminum foil that's covering the paint can, and lay it flat.
- Got it.
- Shiny side down.
- Okay.
- Grab the magnesium.
- The what? - [EXHALES.]
The coiled-up metal.
You see it, don't you? Great, I'm supposed to make a bomb out of this? Put the ribbon on the foil, lay it flat.
All right, good.
Uh Now spread the red powder as evenly as you can across the foil.
- Okay.
- Roll up the foil with the powder inside and the ribbon inside.
Running out of time.
28 seconds.
Leave some of the ribbon sticking out like a fuse.
You've just made a thermite charge.
Wrap it around the door handle, light the fuse, and step back.
Move away from the door! [INTENSE MUSICAL BUILD-UP.]
Let's go, let's go! - Gotta get out of here! - Let's go, now! - We gotta go! - Wait! The evidence! - Amelia! - Come on, come on, come on! Coming Amelia! [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
Amelia! Lincoln, I'm here.
I'm good.
You got me out of there.
And I got you evidence.
Good job.
- Amelia.
- Yeah? - Can I see you a minute? - Yeah.
- Everything okay? - No, no, it's not okay.
Running back in there like that that was crazy.
- Crazy? - I mean, seriously, - what were you thinking? - I was thinking what we're all thinking every day get Lincoln the evidence he needs.
And it was your job, your job alone, to be the hero? No, it's all of our jobs to do what we can to find this bomber and stop any more bombs from detonating before we lose anyone else.
I get it, but you weren't brought on to this team to be as reckless and impulsive as Lincoln.
You don't help anyone if you get hurt.
That's not fair.
Me losing a second partner that wouldn't be fair.
Okay? So congratulations on saving the evidence.
Maybe next time, take a minute and think before risking everything.
The wire from the bomb room is likely traceable.
Here's a serial number I don't know if we have time, though.
Well, give it to Felix, just in case.
Kinda busy with the sound file right now.
- Oh? What sound file? - The bomber's voice recording.
Digital recordings don't necessarily record over old information.
It's there, if you know how to get it.
How long will that take? Because we are 42 minutes away from the bomber's deadline.
So either the Vaughns grow a heart of gold, or we need to find something very, very quickly.
I'm gonna be straight with you if you can't buy us the time we need, people are gonna die.
Now, you're here already, please just do what the guy wants.
So that's why you brought us here, huh? - Mrs.
Vaughn, we - No, no, we we're united on this, Detective, okay? I'm not going out on camera and putting everything - I built at risk.
- Enough! Greg.
You know very well why you don't want to say those things.
- Careful, Linda.
- Because they're true! Because we made terrible mistakes and we covered them up, and we pretended they didn't happen.
But we made those choices.
We'll do it.
But not until Simon is far away.
For all we know, this person's entire plan is to bomb the press conference.
We can take him somewhere safe immediately.
We have a place for times like this.
U-Unlisted address, extra security, not in our name.
I'll have our people take him there.
Thank you.
Remember the first time I saw you? - In that bar? O'Bryant's? - Yeah.
That guy was such a jerk.
By all accounts, you should've decked him.
That's why I sat down.
- You thought I needed saving? - No.
I admired your restraint.
- What all men wanna hear.
- No, I I said what I first thought, before I sat down.
I wanted to punch that guy myself.
Then when he left, and we were talking, and I sensed that there was something more.
You, uh, had this [SIGHS.]
Just this basic goodness.
So I've disillusioned you? No, I I think you are the man that I know.
You know what I was thinking about before you sat down? [LAUGHS SOFTLY.]
I was thinking about which bone I could remove to hurt the most.
The jerk.
The guy at the bar.
But I forgot about him as soon as you sat down.
You do soothe me.
You always have.
Whatever happens, I hope you don't lose the good parts.
I'd be scared to think what would happen if the Bone Collector's all you become.
You shouldn't have found the photographs.
I got something.
The bomber bought the wires at Joe Brothers' Hardware in Brooklyn.
Here's the catalogue.
- Good job.
- I got something better.
There's another recording underneath the bomber's original message.
It's only eight seconds long, but let's see.
Testing, testing, one, two, three.
- Hey, you on break? I'll meet you on site in ten minutes.
A construction site.
I'll see if I can isolate the noise in the background.
- What what do you think? - I know that sound.
- You said Brooklyn, right? - Yeah.
In 1967, a single shipment of Quaker parrots from Argentina escaped from JFK Airport.
Now there's an entire colony of them, primarily in the area surrounding Brooklyn College.
Felix, I need an employee list of any active construction sites.
- Yeah, Brooklyn College, yup.
- And cross reference the names with the victims of the Richmond Hill fire.
We're looking for demolition experts or Safety inspector.
Arnold Massey.
He filed an affidavit against the Vaughns five years ago.
Accused them of covering up safety violations.
Well, that sounds like our guy so far.
Ready for this? Massey's wife and son were killed in an apartment fire.
- Richmond Hill? - Uh, no, no.
But he said it's the reason why he became a safety inspector and why he "urges the Vaughns to avoid a preventable tragedy of Richmond Hill.
" - He tried to warn them.
- He also tried to file a class action suit after the fact, but Vaughns paid off the families, sued Massey into submission.
Call Sellitto.
Tell him we found the bomber.
NYPD! We're coming in! Arnold Massey! Get down on the ground! Let me see your hands! Where are the other bombs, Massey? Doesn't matter it's too late to stop what's coming to them.
Good evening.
My name is Linda Vaughn, and I'd like to make a confession.
Get him up.
Get him up.
You got what you wanted.
Now you hold up your end of the bargain and tell us where those other bombs are.
- Take him out.
- Let's go.
I hope you've got something, 'cause Massey's not talking.
The bomb squad's swept every Vaughn property twice and found nothing.
Courthouse secure as well.
- Could he be bluffing? - Hmm.
Maybe there aren't any more bombs.
He just killed four innocent people just to prove to the Vaughns he could get to them anywhere.
- I don't think he's bluffing.
- But I just don't see how Massey got past security at the construction site.
Here's the footage.
He's not on it.
No, he isn't.
Then why wouldn't he say he's innocent? The locked room mystery.
I can't believe I didn't realize it before, - it's so insultingly simple.
- Lincoln? Massey didn't need to sneak his bomb into the building.
Someone else did it for him.
But how did they get past security? We're looking for someone who seems to have a reason to be there.
Felix? Search Massey's file on the class action lawsuit - he tried to organize.
- But we've already been through all the victims of the Richmond Hill fire.
Maybe Massey reached out to families from other accidents on other Vaughn properties.
You're looking for surviving a family member with just as much motive against the Vaughns as Massey has.
Someone who found a way inside.
What about someone who lost a child? - Alma Gutierrez.
- Oh, my God the nanny.
Mother of 12-year-old Matthew.
Her son died in a fire in an apartment owned by the Vaughns in Queens.
She's with Simon night and day.
She could've walked past any security at any property, and they'd wave her right through.
I don't understand.
Couldn't she have just killed the Vaughns at any time? That's not what she wants.
She wants their son to die the same way.
We gotta get to Simon.
Come on, mi niño.
Let's go.
All clear we'll be out here if you need us.
I'm sure we'll be just fine.
- Turn around, turn around.
- Hands up.
I've got eyes on the nanny.
Hannah? Why don't you let Simon go? You.
You're the one who makes stupid promises.
I used to make promises like that to my son.
He died, anyway.
Just like we're about to! Okay, we're leaving.
We're leaving.
Okay, Hannah? Nobody has to die.
Not you, not Simon.
We can work this out.
- No, I'm staying.
- What? No, you're not.
Look, she's a mother who lost a son she's grieving.
She doesn't want to do this.
She just needs someone to talk her out of it.
Here we are again, you putting yourself in harm's way.
I'm trying to keep Simon alive.
- We talked about this, Amelia.
- [SIGHS.]
- I made him a promise.
- You made him a promise? Seriously? Lincoln, say something to talk her out of this.
Are you sure, Amelia? She doesn't like you very much.
I'm sure.
Trust me, Sellitto.
I'm coming in.
I'm dropping my weapon.
I'm not leaving without Simon.
- No, they took my son away - I know.
And now, they're gonna get what's coming to them.
Doesn't sound like you talking.
That sounds like Arnold Massey talking.
Hmm? Am I right? Did he convince you to do this? He told me the truth.
The Vaughns knew.
They could've prevented my boy's death, and the law will never punish them! This is the only way to make them pay! [SOBS.]
The only way to make them listen! Don't come any closer, okay? Okay.
Hannah, you're right.
The Vaughns are to blame for this, and they should pay.
They deserve to feel all of the pain that you felt to lose everything.
But I want you to look at that boy in your arms, right now.
- You take a good look at him.
- He'll grow up to be just like them, thinking the world owes him everything.
My Matthew didn't deserve to die.
Hannah, I'm sorry for whatever I did.
- I'm sorry, really sorry.
- Simon, it's okay.
It's not your fault.
Hannah, your Matthew he sounds like a sweet boy.
What if he was here, right now, watching you? You think he would want this? - Please, Hannah.
My baby Matthew, Matthew, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Down, get down! Down on the ground! Right now! Down! [PEOPLE YELLING SIMULTANEOUSLY.]
You're okay.
You're okay.
A little victory tradition I do with Sellitto.
A drink after we close a case.
Figured it's time to bring you into the fold.
Is this an honor or am I about to get another lecture? No lecture.
You get the job done.
I can't argue with success.
So does that mean you're not still Take the win, Amelia.
Now, Lincoln and I, we like the single malt, but we didn't want to assume your poison.
Well, after today, how about one of each? Ah, now you're talking Sellitto's language.
There you go.
Will you do the honors? [SOFT MUSIC.]
- To success.
- Success.
- Salud.
- Salud.
So tomorrow.
- Back to the Bone Collector? - Why wait till tomorrow? You know what Einstein was doing when he came up - with the theory of relativity? - Looking out the window.
You know, you told me that story a thousand times.
Loves to compare himself to Einstein.
I have better hair.
While we caught a bomber today, a thought rose to the surface for me.
We didn't find the Bone Collector's first kill, but we may have something equally useful.
Which is what? I think we found his hometown.
- And given his age - Age of the victim.
He was quick to unearth that crime, which suggests you're right.
He made mistakes.
And that means there's more mistakes, likely mistakes he hasn't even considered, waiting for us if we dig deep enough.
I'm betting he knows it.
He knows we're getting close.
- We got him on the run.
- Scour the area, talk to the people, look into the past.
The answer is there.
It's only a matter of time.
Shh, shh, shh.
It's not what you think.
- You're right.
I have been [GRUNTS.]
What's the word agitated.
You've been the one who's held me together.
Still I can't help feeling this might be the most foolish thing I've ever done.
Freeing you.
Requiem, requiem [EXHALES.]
Rest now.

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