Line of Duty (2012) s02e06 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 6

The target of the 5th September ambush was a protected witness.
John Thomas Hunter.
He used the name Alex Campbell.
DS Akers was the person closest to him.
I need a safe and available destination ASAP.
You're facing a charge of conspiracy to murder.
That's a life sentence.
I'm not going to be in here for life - I'm innocent.
We had a deal - immunity from prosecution, you two-faced bastard.
Deputy Chief Constable Dryden, Tommy's "two-faced bastard".
We believe these photos were used by John Thomas Hunter to blackmail you.
What happened to Cole? Prasad murdered him.
The suspect has asked me to record his dying declaration.
'I carried out the ambush 'under orders from Deputy Chief Constable Dryden.
' You are going down for a long time, fella.
I request immunity from prosecution.
What about this other officer, the Caddy? Apparently Cole likes to wear golf jumpers, but he's never played the game.
Hence, the Caddy.
Nice one.
What is it? Tracking device.
We were investigating Denton.
The whole time it didn't matter what route she took that night, the ambushers were tracking Akers! DI Denton's medical records.
'Unconfirmed sources allege that the suspect 'is Deputy Chief Constable Mike Dryden.
' You were the last person to see Carly Kirk before she disappeared - the last person to see a girl who's later found buried under the industrial unit.
You instigated a conspiracy that led to the deaths of four police officers.
The only conspiracy is against me! Let us commend Elizabeth to the mercy of God.
We therefore commit her body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life.
You recorded a dying declaration in which you stated that the ambush was carried out on the orders of Deputy Chief Constable Michael Dryden.
That statement was made under fear for my life, when I would have said anything.
I retract.
Mother of God.
So, who did order the ambush? I'm not getting into that.
So what about these photos of Dryden and Carly Kirk? It's covered.
I confirm that Tommy Hunter engaged me for the purpose of acquiring incriminating photographs.
But this is where my head starts spinning.
Because you're Tommy's man, and yet here you are involved with trying to kill him.
Tommy was blackmailing the Deputy Chief Constable, right? And if he'd do that to keep his immunity, what else would he do? There was a school of thought that maybe we'd be better off with Tommy out of the picture.
Who's "we"? Various parties associated with Tommy's past, you know? Well, other departments can follow those particular lines of inquiry.
We are only interested in one thing and one thing only - and that is bent coppers.
Thanks, Steve.
No problem.
I really appreciated this.
I would've hated to have had a couple of uniforms standing next to me at the graveside.
It's fine.
Can I ask you one more favour? Sure.
Do you mind going just going by the nursing home? They want to send my mum's personal effects, and I'd rather go and get them myself.
I'll get the authority.
We're going to name you some police officers, and you are going to tell us what crime or crimes they committed.
Have you got it? We're going to start with Deputy Chief Constable Michael Dryden.
Dryden got himself blown by the girl.
Did he kill her? To confirm the agreement, any evidence that you give in this regard is immune from prosecution.
We had the photos but we needed the threat of the girl being able to testify to really turn the screw.
But she did a runner.
So you killed her? Are you listening to me? She did a runner.
And so what did you do? We got another body, dressed her up in a waitress' uniform, and took photos.
This body Another girl.
Who? Just some little slapper that fit the bill.
Put this case anywhere before I go? Yeah, if you wouldn't mind.
It's just, erm up the stairs, it's the room at the front of the house.
Look, DS Jayne Akers, the witness protection officer, how'd she get involved? There's a middleman.
Who? I never met him.
We just talked over payphones.
No name.
He fixed Akers.
So Akers knew who he was? Was this why Akers was killed? She knew names.
This middleman.
We have DC Jeremy Cole named as the Caddy.
Cole couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.
So he wasn't the Caddy? Well, if he was, it's news to me.
One final name we're interested in is DI Lindsay Denton.
What about her? At the ambush, why was DI Lindsay Denton spared? All I know, there was an order.
What was the order? "Don't hurt Denton.
" I'm sorry about your mum.
We're going to show you CCTV captured on the evening of the 16th of August.
It shows Dryden and Prasad at an event at City Hall.
I'm now going to fast-forward a bit.
Oh, my God.
That's Carly.
I now want to show you another image from the same night.
This is the security camera at the City Hall car park.
It shows Dryden leaving with Carly.
You were investigating the disappearance of Carly Kirk, this is crucial evidence.
You must be frustrated you didn't find it earlier.
Extremely frustrated.
Well, we're now in a position to inform you of a development with the body found under the garage floor.
Have they confirmed that it's her? The opposite - it isn't her.
Well that's wonderful.
She means a lot to you, doesn't she, ma'am? Well, why wouldn't the life of a child mean a lot to anyone? I didn't know this was happening.
Sit down.
The more, the merrier.
Thank you, DI Denton.
You OK? I said sit down, for the second time, DS Arnott.
We'll now show you the second vehicle captured leaving the City Hall car park.
What does this image show? You can't do this.
Are you prepared to answer that question, DI Denton? The image shows me.
Why were you there, Lindsay? Mike wasn't returning my calls.
I went there to confront him.
In a public space, he would have to avoid a scene.
So instead you followed him.
No, I didn't.
I was upset.
I went straight home.
What upset you? Seeing him.
Seeing him with Carly Kirk? I saw Mike at the function.
I didn't see Carly.
No? Well, they're right in front of you.
She's answered.
I absolutely didn't see that Carly was in the car with him.
Do you seriously expect us to believe that? The first thing I knew about Carly Kirk was when I was put on her case.
After the ambush.
Before that, I knew nothing.
If I had, I'd have investigated.
There'd be evidence on my hard drive.
We looked.
There wasn't any.
It's fine.
Thank you, DI Denton.
We'll place this interview in the case file and submit it to the CPS.
Glad to have been of help, sir.
I'll give you a lift home.
I've had an opportunity to discuss your case file with the Crown Prosecutor and I have been authorised by her to proceed as follows.
In respect of conspiracy to murder a protected witness - on the grounds of insufficient evidence, there will be no charge at this time.
In respect of sexual activity with a child - .
on the grounds of insufficient evidence, there will be no charge at this time.
In respect of perverting the course of justice, in relation to your wife's driving offence, you will be charged now.
The Custody Officer has been authorised to release you on conditional bail.
And in the meantime I will submit your case file to the Crown Prosecution Service.
Interview terminated.
I'll fight this.
The Crown Prosecutor and I are of a mind to believe that you were knowingly establishing an alibi for your activities with Carly Kirk.
Now, the Crown Prosecutor may not feel that there was enough evidence.
As for me, I would throw the book at you.
That wee girl, she was only 15.
Come on.
We're done here.
If you wouldn't mind.
Thank you, Kate.
I've made a catastrophic error of judgment.
And I need to make amends.
You and Les Hargreaves still haven't found out who orchestrated the ambush.
You've got to get to the bottom of this, Ted.
I don't want my last, most important case to end in failure.
There are things I can do to help.
If you say so.
This is now a voluntary intelligence interview.
Go and make sure they don't cock up bail.
You sure? Yes.
What's he up to? Oldest trick in the book.
You've got the gunmen but you need the people who ordered the ambush.
I can be of help.
And if your information was to lead to a breakthrough Then it wouldn't be too much to ask for the CPS to look at dropping the charge against me.
With a nudge from me? Lindsay Denton was following me the evening the photographs were taken, irrespective of what she says or what the mobile phone evidence says.
I am sick to my back teeth of this mud-slinging between you and your bit on the side.
I am talking about a conspiracy here in which four police officers were killed! Listen to me, Ted.
I gave Carly Kirk a lift to Edge Park Railway Station.
That's when I saw Lindsay Denton.
There'll be CCTV.
Now, her being there can only mean that she knows more about the girl, the entrapment, the ambush than she's letting on.
I'm not being vindictive, Ted.
I just want the guilty parties brought to justice.
Now, Edge Park's a small station.
This is the only camera that faces away from the platforms.
Now, there's no trains for half an hour so nothing's coming in or out but then what appears to be Dryden's vehicle, carrying him and Carly, enters.
15 minutes later, Dryden's vehicle exits at high speed.
Passenger seat's empty.
No Carly.
But if we keep going .
shortly after, an unidentified vehicle exits the car park.
But if we rewind .
that same vehicle is seen entering the car park 15 minutes before Dryden's.
This is the vehicle used to obtain the photos of Dryden and Carly? Most likely.
Do we have any sighting of Denton at all? No.
She could've been there but just knew how to avoid the cameras.
Dryden didn't.
What makes Denton so smart? Because she is, Steve.
Well, I see nothing here to incriminate Denton.
Dot, have you got a minute? Sir.
Get ready, you two, we've got a meeting to go to.
Yes, sir.
Now listen, you and I both know that Prasad is a lying so-and-so but he's saying no to Cole being the Caddy.
Now, the Caddy, as you know, is the missing link between the criminal parties and the corrupt officers, I'm sure of it.
And he's your responsibility, Matthew.
Yeah, I'm I'm on it.
I will return to it.
Yes, sir.
You found a lump on Akers' car, and you hid it from us.
There were irregularities with the evidence.
What irregularities? Forensics on the tracking device were inconclusive due to fire damage.
Is that a good enough reason to not share the evidence? We'd appreciate those reports.
Jolly? I'll e-mail them today.
It's all right, have mine.
Thank you, Detective Chief Superintendent.
We are not the enemy.
Why don't you try telling that to Mike Dryden, eh? Best boss I've ever had.
Come on.
So, this is where the ambush happened.
Three of our own killed in cold blood.
Poor buggers.
See, I wondered if you might recognise this place.
Me? Why? It's because of what we talked about last time - the Caddy.
Jeremy Cole.
He knew this was the right place for the set-up.
Fast roads, in and out, far enough out for there to be no witnesses, not so far that you'd think you'd en route to Timbuktu.
Makes sense.
Now, here's the thing.
If you could go the extra mile for me, say you came here with Cole, we could all sign off from this happy.
How's that work? Cole brought you here, told you he had underworld connections, had had since he was a lad.
Thought you might be susceptible to earning a few quid.
Problem? It's beginning to sound like something I'd be smart to stay well out of.
Me too, mate.
But I can't.
But that's Anti-Corruption for you.
Hastings never lets anything drop, does he? Sorry.
You see, now you've got me worried.
No need.
No, but I am, though, I am.
Mate Am I, though? A mate? Sure.
Yeah? OK, then.
"OK, then," what? I can rely on you.
To? To provide a statement.
You provide a statement saying Cole boasted of underworld connections and attempted to recruit you into a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.
Shit! Better not overdo it.
You said you got rid of a cat because of Dryden.
Why would you bring that up again? Because AC-12 can access an officer's medical records.
It wasn't a cat.
Are you going to sit in judgment? No.
First AC-12 make a case against me because I spent all my money caring for my mother.
And now I'm what? I'm sorry.
Must've been very upsetting for you.
You think? Bringing something alive and lovely into this place What happened? Mike and his wife, they didn't have kids, it wasn't part of the plan.
Did you talk to him about it? I tried.
He denied it was his.
It must've been very difficult, coping on your own.
It's the worst thing I've ever done.
Will be as long as I live.
I'd better go.
You should get some rest.
I don't sleep.
Do you? Morning, sir.
So I've had a bit of a problem with my job motor.
See, my friend, his broke down, so I lent it him, tried to do him a favour.
Now, the last thing I want to do is put a bloke in it, but I can't get hold of him DC Morton? Yeah.
DC Morton's just returning your service vehicle now, sir.
Can you sign me back out? Find your way home all right? Eventually.
All got a bit unnecessary, don't you think? Well, I don't know what to think, to be honest, mate.
Disability benefits, all the cushy assignments, none of the brass dare touch me.
You know my secrets.
Now I know yours.
This was hidden under the back seat.
Unregistered pay-as-you-go.
Lots of interesting numbers.
I made a note - won't say where - just in case someone fancies digging out your call history.
Plus all the details about last night in case something happens to me.
That was in the past.
I'm clean now.
Me too.
But seems daft to blow the whistle on each other.
Thank you once again, DI Denton.
We've received the forensics report on the tracker device found under the front left wheel arch of Akers' vehicle.
There are some irregularities that need to be explained.
Irregularities? Well, the tracker would be expected to retain paint and metal residues transferred during its prolonged contact with the under-surface of Akers' vehicle.
And it doesn't.
Instead there's a mix of residues, a proportion of which are consistent with the underside of service vehicle - registration number NV54 OFT.
This being the service vehicle you were driving on the night of the ambush.
Uh Obviously this is a very peculiar finding.
I don't know very much about it, but I wonder if if possibly exposure to the very high temperatures of the fire have caused an error.
Open flames typically reach 900 degrees Celsius.
You just said you didn't know much about it.
No, I I didn't, I was just taken aback by the heat of the fire at the time and it's something I looked up afterwards.
Well, picking up on the forensics, though, let's speculate on whether the tracker might not have been on Akers' vehicle prior to it being found there that night.
You were a variable.
Maybe you'd get suspicious and ruin the plan.
So they put a tracker on your car.
That's not what happened.
Or you were a scapegoat.
Left alive to carry the blame.
And the tracker would only add to that.
As I just said, that's not what happened.
And yet, DI Denton, that's what the forensics are implying.
With respect, sir, this conversation can't take place.
You're asking DI Denton questions relating to the charge of conspiracy to murder, questions specifically off-limits under legal process.
Nobody's accusing Lindsay of anything here.
She's answering purely as a witness, DS Arnott.
That right? Yeah, of course.
Was it possible that a tracker could've been placed under your car without your knowledge? It's possible.
Because, if you were sure it couldn't be there, that would mean you'd checked - and why would you do that? Look, I I'm sorry, do you mind if I just take a loo break? Of course.
Thank you.
What the hell's this? Well, we have on record the time Denton radioed in status zero.
Various figures are bandied about but the best estimate is between four and five minutes elapsed before the blue lights arrived.
Now, if you were her, what would you do in that time? My bet is, she found the tracker and she moved it.
Because that's the one thing that would prove she was part of the ambush conspiracy before she got the emergency call that night.
Conspirator or scapegoat, either way, she was known to the ambushers.
I like your necklace.
Sorry? Your necklace.
It's really pretty.
I can't explain the irregularities on the forensics.
But you must accept it's possible that somebody may have placed the tracker on your vehicle without your knowledge? I don't, actually, DC Fleming.
Because that would mean that I was known to the conspirators prior to the ambush, and I wasn't.
Well, then why would there be an order to spare you? An order to spare me? Kate, you can't ask this.
I'm sorry, did somebody say there was an order to spare me? DI Denton, it would help us considerably if you would be prepared to address the issue.
I mean, if you'd rather not I'm sorry, sir.
I just I just always wondered if I was lucky.
But now I realise they they must've known I had nothing to do with it, and they planned to let me go.
So you were known to them.
They could have used you to track the convoy.
Which would mean there was a tracker and it had to have been moved.
Could've been a tracker, could've been moved.
There's no "could've" about it, DI Denton, that's what forensics says.
Yes, but, as a word to the wise, sir, it's legally unacceptable for you to ask me if I moved it.
Do you know who moved it? Very good.
No, I don't.
Was it moved before the blue lights arrived? Akers' car was on fire.
Nobody could get near that car until the fire was out.
It would be possible to transfer the tracker using some kind of implement that would extend a person's reach.
And was such an implement found at the scene? No.
Right, is there anything else? No.
Thank you, DI Denton, that will be all.
Well done, Kate.
You gave it your best shot.
Nicking criminals is hard enough.
Nicking coppers - God give me strength.
DS Arnott.
What? I'm on my way.
Cheers, mate.
Thanks for the call.
No problem.
Kate, let's go.
The bastard's changed the locks.
I bloody live here! Let's get you out of here, mate.
The last thing I need right now is you.
These two uniforms are doing you a favour.
So am I.
I live here, Steve! Kate, move.
All right? I've got her, mate.
What's going on? I just wanted to see my son.
You will.
Just not in the middle of the night.
Well, I haven't got anywhere else to go.
Where've you been staying? Kate.
I was undercover on Denton and I blew it.
And now we're blowing the whole case.
I need to close this, Steve, or I've got nothing.
Listen You were shagging the nurse and now you're shagging the prime suspect.
I'm not.
I saw you together.
Your undercover failed because we underestimated Lindsay.
Mine's succeeding because she underestimates me just as much as you do.
What? I think you're right about her.
OK? I think she done it.
You OK? No.
Come here.
All right.
It's all right.
You'll be all right.
Cheers, Steve.
Well, we're definitely missing something.
The scene of the ambush has been gone through every which way.
There aren't any forensics that incriminate Lindsay.
Look, let's scrap the ambush for a bit, we need to go back further.
We know she was there at City Hall on the night of the 16th.
Let's assume Lindsay did follow Dryden and Carly to the train station, right.
There was limited CCTV coverage and she's clever enough to avoid the camera, but she does witness the sting on Dryden involving Carly.
I mean, she's always denied a connection to Tommy.
But this would be it, 20 days before the ambush.
Carly's the connection.
If Lindsay was there, she would have known about Carly much earlier than she claims.
That would leave a trail.
Get dressed.
You break a girl's heart.
May we have a word, please, sir? DS Arnott, sir.
DC Fleming.
You were here undercover.
Yes, sir.
Still spying on us? Sir, we've got a few questions in regard to our investigation into DI Denton.
I'd like my Superintendents' Association rep here before I address your questions.
It's your prerogative, sir, if you want to go down that route.
Or you can continue as a witness and AC-12 will note your cooperation within your performance review.
We hear you're applying for the Executive Officers' course.
Sir, with regard to DI Denton, we know she was interested in the disappearance of Carly Kirk.
It's one of the missing persons cases placed on 28-day review and placed within Denton's brief.
Did she ever show any interest in the case before then, sir? No.
No, she didn't.
As far as I know, it was only when I put her on the 28s, after the ambush.
Who dealt with the case originally? Response officer was Sergeant O'Neill.
We were at 4th Street today.
Really? We're looking at the Duty Sergeant.
O'Neill? Yeah.
I checked his record.
Seen you had a run-in with him last year, got him disciplined for misuse of his work computer.
There was never any love lost between us two.
We know he took the call from Akers the night of the ambush.
Could he have been in on it, let you take the blame? I don't see how.
Do you want another drink? Yeah.
What duties did you carry out in connection with the disappearance of Carly Kirk? Uh I was the initial response officer.
As soon as we found out about her disappearance, I organised the interview with her foster parents, her mates.
I organised the door-to-door, but it were a dead end.
She went on a 28-day review after that and I had nowt to do with the case.
We've uncovered information that Carly Kirk was involved in a blackmail conspiracy with a man using the name of Alex Campbell.
As part of our investigation, we seized your work computer.
On the hard drive we found evidence of a police database search carried out on the 25th August of this year in respect of the name Alex Campbell.
Sergeant, why were you gathering information on Alex Campbell? I wasn't, sir.
You deny it? Yes, sir.
Sergeant O'Neill has a history of misconduct.
A yellow notice for using his work computer to access online gambling sites.
Yellow notice already.
Two strikes and you're out.
No job, no pension.
On the night of the ambush, Sergeant O'Neill was the Duty Sergeant at 4th Street Station.
You lost two good mates that night.
Come on, why were you gathering information on Alex Campbell? I've no need to tell you, Sergeant, conspiracy to murder carries a life sentence.
This will not be a red notice.
I will go for the full criminal prosecution.
You need to start talking.
Hi, ma'am, how are you? Yeah, fine.
Would you be prepared to accompany me to a crime scene? It may help us find Carly Kirk.
Where? Edge Park Railway Station.
When I worked with you, I saw first-hand how much it meant to you finding Carly.
Just doing my job.
You don't have to put up a front, ma'am.
With missing persons, sometimes you feel a connection.
We're not machines.
Well, now we now know that Carly might be alive, her visit here with Dryden may be crucial to finding her.
I'd like to find her, just to know that she's OK.
I think you were here that evening.
I think you can help us find her.
Who else was here? I wouldn't know.
Alex Campbell, aka Tommy Hunter - the protected witness.
I'm sorry, Kate, but I can't help you.
Carly's in terrible danger.
God only knows what might be happening to her.
What happened here, Lindsay? I don't know because I wasn't here.
Why don't you just tell me the truth? I want to go home now.
I like your necklace.
Sorry? Your necklace.
It's really pretty.
My mum gave it to me.
Lucky you.
I don't think it's anything special.
It's just a cheap one.
I meant that you have a mum that gives you nice things.
Get out.
What did you do? off! Tom, let's just get her in the car.
Come on.
You wee tramp! Come here.
Come here to me.
You idiot.
You tramp! Come here, you.
To me! Bring her to me! Been messing with my computer? You been up to your old habits? I should report you.
And have somebody trawling through your hard drive? With your track record? Alex Campbell? I need to get to the chemist.
DI Denton.
This vehicle's registered to Alex Campbell.
My apologies.
How can I help you, Inspector? The vehicle's linked to a reported assault on a girl.
Is there a problem here? No.
No problem.
Think I must have the wrong person.
You have a good day, Inspector.
Sorry to disturb you at home, ma'am.
Can I come in, please? What do you know about Mr Campbell, ma'am? I'd rather not say.
You left pretty sharpish.
Maybe you weren't acting in a official capacity.
I shouldn't have got involved.
You are involved, ma'am.
Meaning? Meaning that I was hoping we could develop a common purpose.
I don't think so.
The girl.
You know she's only 15? Girls, drugs, guns.
He's been into the lot.
And he still is, and we can't touch him for it.
This girl.
They've drugged her.
They've pimped her.
They've beat her.
There isn't anything they haven't done to her, and won't keep doing.
So let's start talking about saving this girl's life.
I'll arrest him.
I'll bring him into 4th Street Station.
It's not going to happen.
He's got immunity.
He's untouchable.
He can't get away with this.
No, he can't.
What are you suggesting? I don't know if I can trust you.
If it comes to saving the life of a 15-year-old girl, then yes, you can.
It's got to be done right.
He's smart.
He won't be taken in easily.
You'll get involved when you're on call as Duty Inspector.
There are other parties interested in him.
The less you know, the better, for your own good.
You'll get the information you need about the girl.
After that do you care what happens to him? Do you? Really? And obviously we can help you in other ways.
Don't tell me you don't need it.
We're already involved in this together, Lindsay.
There'll be a nice, calm, orderly handover of the witness.
No heroics.
Definitely no guns.
Everybody walks away.
Everybody wins.
But before I leave here tonight I need the reassurance that you have got as much to lose as I do.
Take the money.
Enjoy it.
She's in.
She want to know names? No.
Good for her.
'All that money getting me in here.
' You've got your own life to think of.
Mum, don't.
My life's finished.
Don't say that.
I have to say it.
You've got to live yours, before it passes you by.
Fuck this.
What's she playing at? What's happening? I don't know.
No! Shit.
Anything to say, ma'am? Hello, Inspector.
There were interesting findings on Sergeant O'Neill's computer.
You used it to get information on Tommy Hunter, a full two weeks before the ambush.
O'Neill's lying.
He was the one that was in on the conspiracy, not me.
You told me he wasn't.
In fact, you made a point of directing me away from him as a line of inquiry - to stop us checking his computer.
Come upstairs, ma'am.
You also made a special point of personally collecting your mum's belongings.
You even mentioned them straight after you found out she was dead.
Strange it'd be the first thing you'd think of.
Open the overnight bag.
Unzip the compartment.
Lindsay Denton, we're hereby returning you to custody.
Who are you two to judge me? You don't know me.
Well done, you two.
Thanks, sir.
Well done.
Thanks, sir.
Top job, the pair of you.
Cheers, Dot.
Dot, your report on the Caddy - that's coming along OK, yeah? Yes, it is, sir.
That Cole was a nasty piece of work.
Wish I could finish the job.
Still, I expect that'll go to my replacement now, eh? I've been meaning to say, your secondment from AC-9, you fitted in really well.
How would you like to make that permanent? What can I say, sir? I'm your man.
Good lad.
Want another? Yeah, go on.
It's fine.
We can do this another time.
You going to go home? I'll sort something out.
You all right? Yeah.
Shall we get going? Look This is great.
Can we do it tomorrow night? Sure.
Excuse me.
Can we have the same again, please?