Line of Duty (2012) s04e04 Episode Script

Season 4, Episode 4

Sorry to trouble you at home, ma'am, but we've picked up a bystander 999 on an active abduction of a young female in the Moss Heath area.
We've being looking for him for months.
We're going to get this bastard, yeah! A 24-year-old man has been charged.
Huntley's definitely hiding something about how the case against Farmer was handled.
What, I don't know.
There's the man you should be looking for up there.
Not Michael Farmer.
- You all right? - I need to go back to work.
What have you got against Michael Farmer, except him being retarded enough for you to frame?! He was one of our own.
I'm going to get on with finding the bastard that did this.
I'm the senior ranking officer here, darling.
I'm only putting you back where you belong.
What are friends for? Hmm? Hana Reznikova was the last person known to have had contact with the victim.
Hana Reznikova, I am arresting you in connection with the murder of Timothy Ifield.
Fingertips were amputated postmortem.
So, we're surmising that Tim tried to grab a handful of his assailant.
To get some skin cells under his fingernails.
A swab of worktop blood spatter.
Item reference KRG-13.
I'm just after some background info on an item of evidence from Tim Ifield's flat.
- She went to the forensic office.
- What is she up to? You witnessed a cab outside the flats around 11pm on the night of the 17th? I think it was a cab.
Can you describe the driver? Image enhancement got a reg number on the vehicle seen near Tim's flat.
It belongs to a Nicholas Huntley.
Nick Huntley could be dangerous.
Call in.
- I didn't know what else to do.
- Just tell me what happened.
- DS Arnold came to see me - Arnott.
Arnott, came to see me, and, well he ended up falling down the stairs.
Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ! - He's still alive? - I don't know.
At least you had the presence of mind to go out and use - a pay phone to call me.
- Yes.
I thought maybe I should, because he mentioned telephone calls, DS Arnott, between us that he was investigating.
What calls? On the night you told me you were working and you left your phone at home.
He called me, Roz, and so I called Jimmy Lakewell straight away.
And he said not to make any further comment to him.
About what? Come on, Nick! He wanted to know your whereabouts on the night that you said that you were working.
- Why? - I don't know, I can't remember.
He was He was pressuring me and he was coming up and then I thought, - maybe, he'd gone to the old floor.
I don't know.
- Pressuring you how? Well, he was saying stuff.
He was pushing me.
- "He was saying stuff.
" - Don't start, Roz! You're the one who's started and I'm left with the mess to clear up! Is there a way to get into your building avoiding CCTV? Yes.
That's the one I've just used.
Get up to whatever floor you're meant to be on.
Phone security, tell them to go and look for DS Arnott.
You're worried he's got lost somewhere in the building.
What if somebody sees us? This is not an abstruse point of corporate law, Nick.
This is real crime and I do this for a living.
Go on.
Go! I'm his gaffer.
How is he? Too early to say for certain.
He's in a bad way.
So what happened? Security guard found him at the bottom of the stairs.
Didn't see anyone else around.
Injuries are consistent with a fall.
Mother of God.
That's him, sir, that's her husband.
This is no accident, until proven otherwise! OK.
I want this place locked down as a crime scene! Full forensic deployment! - Nicholas Huntley? - Yes.
You're a material witness to the events surrounding the serious injury of a serving police officer going about his lawful duty.
- I don't know anything.
- Save it, fella.
Look, you know, you can do this voluntarily or we can do it the hard way.
I want him detained for forensics.
And, James, you're in charge.
Right, you lot.
I'm with you.
We'll need your clothes, Mr Huntley.
Come with me.
En route with P1, GCS 9.
ETA five minutes.
Thank you.
Jimmy, thanks for the change of clothes, mate.
There's no way am I letting you go round looking like you're already convicted.
Detective Sergeant Arnott phoned me to arrange a follow-up interview.
He informed me that he was outside my firm's building, and that he was on his way to up to my office and then he hung up.
And when he didn't arrive, it was at that moment that I realised that he must have gone to our old floor.
As soon as I realised DS Arnott's mistake My officer made no mistake.
He was on to you.
You were the only person who knew where he was.
We weren't born yesterday, fella! We all appreciate that you're concerned for your officer's condition, but, come on, let's dial down the Ian Paisley! You fancy yourself as a bit of a comedian, do you? I have a man in the hospital.
That's no laughing matter.
Nick and I are old colleagues, so I've got more than a professional interest in my client's fair treatment, so no-one would be happier than me if your whole department stopped looking like they want to blame Nick and started realising that your officer's fall resulted from an unfortunate accident.
My officer was highly trained.
He's a former counter-terrorism team leader.
He did not slip and fall down three flights of stairs by "accident".
He was pushed.
And you were the only person who knew he was there, Mr Huntley.
A complete coincidence.
The security guard, he's got no idea how DS Arnott's attacker could have accessed the building without him knowing.
Unless he was in there already.
You can't be suggesting that Nick was responsible for your officer's fall.
He was two flights up in an office full of colleagues.
The office manager told us Mr Huntley left the office for approximately 15 minutes around the time DS Arnott sustained his - injuries.
- I went to the toilet.
I thought you were waiting for DS Arnott? He didn't appear.
I got butterflies.
Do you have any evidence to the contrary? We're looking at the whole picture, the whole picture.
DC Desford.
Uh, yeah erm Traffic camera video capture March 17th.
You recognise this vehicle, Mr Huntley? Help him, DC Desford.
For the tape, the interviewee is being shown a vehicle registration number.
That's my car.
So we have this vehicle crossing this junction and then coming back a few hours later.
Now, the reason we're interested in this particular junction is because it serves an address just a few hundred yards away where, on the night in question, a member of the police forensic staff was murdered.
Timothy Ifield.
I I've got nothing to do with any murder.
We also have a witness saying a vehicle matching this description and a driver matching your description was seen outside the address where the murder took place.
Are you seriously suggesting that Nick is a suspect? No.
One step at a time.
I'd just like to know if Mr Huntley saw anything on the night in question that might help us with our inquiries? No, I didn't.
You see, normally in a situation like this someone's mobile phone would give us their location every second of the night.
However, you conveniently left yours at home.
The man forgot his phone.
It's simple as that, nothing sinister.
Well, perhaps Mr Huntley can tell us where he was, exactly, on that night? Nick isn't obliged to give you that information.
Very well.
Let's move on to your wife, Detective Chief Inspector Huntley.
Now, on the night in question, the 17th, when you were out for that drive, she's claimed she was at home, sick.
DC Desford.
Um A call to your wife's mobile was made at around 8pm.
So, why the call, when she said she was home? Our kids made that call.
They didn't realise that she was asleep in the spare room.
In the spare room? Yes.
So, she wouldn't give me her illness or disturb me, if she had a sleepless night.
DC Desford.
Yeah Um Image 47.
This is a frame of CCTV captured on the evening of January 25th in the Moss Heath area.
You wouldn't happen to be able to help us identify this particular individual? Mr Huntley? Take your time, Nick.
The 25th.
I was at a work function in Northampton that evening.
So, I can't help you.
And I bet there are loads of witnesses to corroborate that? - Yes.
- Great.
Thanks, I hope that's covered.
Anything else? Do you have any of your officer's DNA on my client? Any of his clothes fibres? I can ask the same regarding the murder of this Timothy Ifield.
Inquiries are ongoing.
They've got no witnesses.
No forensics.
My client's given full cooperation.
Either you arrest him under Code G or he's free to go.
This inquiry isn't finished, not by a long chalk.
Don't you kid yourselves, fellas.
DC Desford.
When my officer wakes up, he'll have a tale to tell.
Then we'll see what's what.
You want to sharpen up your act there, James.
Kate, what are you doing here? You could be seen.
I had to come, sir.
How is he? He's got fractures of his right leg, pelvis, vertebrae, fractured skull, some busted ribs.
I mean, they've operated, but the nurse says it's too early to say anything, so You can never find a bloody doctor when you want one.
You ought to look at this.
CCTV from Steve's fall.
I thought we'd drawn a blank? I got this from neighbouring premises overlooking an alleyway.
Good God.
Timing fits with Steve's fall, sir.
- This was just a few minutes after.
- Well, there you have it.
Balaclava Man, he can't be Michael Farmer, he can't be Tim Ifield.
It's looking like he could be Nick Huntley.
No traces of Steve's blood or DNA were found on Nick Huntley.
No clothes fibres, either.
Nor any fibres that might relate to the Balaclava Man outfit.
Yeah, but this is no coincidence.
Huntley's definitely involved.
He's the only person who knew where Steve was.
- What? Do you think he tipped somebody off? - No.
Huntley only made one phone call after Steve's initial voicemail, which was to his solicitor, seeking legal advice.
Right, so it's all down to Steve identifying Huntley as his - assailant.
- Sir.
What about the Tim Ifield murder? Any more connections with Nick Huntley there? Maneet's studied all the traffic cameras in the vicinity of Tim Ifield's flat.
There were no other sightings of Nick Huntley's vehicle - for the night of Tim's murder.
- Come on, son.
Steve Arnott's up in intensive care and you've gone into full steam reverse! If they had anything, they'd have held you.
Trust me.
- It's fine.
- Hey, hey! They showed me a CCTV picture of some scary bloke in a balaclava.
It's to do with this death, this murder.
Why were they asking you questions about Timothy Ifield's murder? What haven't you told me? Jesus Christ, Roz, you've got a nerve.
You're the one that's doing all the lying, not me.
I'm going to ask you again.
Why were they asking you questions about Timothy Ifield's murder? Because I was there .
that night.
They've got my car on a traffic camera a few hundred yards away from his flat.
You still don't get it, do you? The late nights.
The excuses.
The brush-off in bed.
I knew that you had to be with someone.
You followed me? I didn't intend to.
But you left your phone at home when you said that you were going to work.
So I picked it up and I tried to catch you.
I saw you take a different turn to some dodgy mini-cab firm.
Jesus Christ, Nick.
So, I followed that cab until you got out.
I realise now it was to avoid the traffic camera that captured my car.
And I saw you walk down a side street and I got to the end just in time to see you go into those flats.
And every minute I wanted to bang on that door and catch the pair of you at it.
But I didn't.
I gave up and I came here, I came home.
To our house.
To our kids.
To the life that we've built.
For God's sake, Nick.
I had this under control.
Instead my husband was prowling the area that night and now they're wondering if you set up one of their officers to be killed.
That's conspiracy to murder.
OK, so, what did you tell AC-12? Give me some credit, Roz, I didn't say that my wife was with another man, OK? I covered for you.
I said that you were at home.
Unwell, like you'd told them.
What happened in those flats that night? Was it him? - Him? - Was it him? Him? Him? The one that was that was killed? No.
No more lies, Roz.
I want the truth.
I was with someone that night.
- And? - And what? - And what happened? We had feelings for each other.
And we spent the night together.
A crime took place nearby.
We had nothing to do with it, we weren't even witnesses, but neither of us can admit to work that we were in the area that night.
So, he's a policeman? Married? Who? No-one you know.
And it's over.
Yeah, come in.
Come in.
Sorry to bother you, sir.
I've been looking at finding a way to place - a suspect inside of Tim's flat.
- Good.
There was an item of evidence, sir, KRG-13, the isolated blood spatter from Tim Ifield's flat.
Yes, there was some question about the label being overwritten, but Steve and Kate didn't think it was significant.
Meaning no disrespect, sir, but that was before we knew Nick Huntley was in the neighbourhood that night.
That raises a distinct possibility DCI Huntley could've been deliberately misleading the inquiry away from her husband.
Look, I was thinking of sequestering the original sample to be re-examined by an independent lab.
That's more like it, good.
Sir, hospital just called.
Steve's regained consciousness.
Thank you, Maneet.
Meet me at the lift, James.
Maneet, there's a couple of things the gaffer wants me - to look into.
- Yeah, no probs.
And could you please find a way of telling him my name's not James? Easier to turn an oil tanker.
Your son showed signs of coming round of his own accord.
We lightened the sedation, he was appropriate, so we removed the tube from Steven's throat.
It's a good sign.
Mr and Mrs Arnott? Superintendent Hastings.
Look, I'm very sorry, this must be a very difficult time for you.
But I've got to crack on and talk to your son, but we'll speak later, all right? How are you, son? How are you feeling? Awful.
That's the spirit.
- All right.
- All right.
They looking after you, anybody needing shaking up? I'm in good hands, sir.
Now, if you don't mind, we'll just get straight to it? I'll do my best.
Good man.
Do you remember much at all about what happened to you? Talking on the phone to Nick Huntley, going up in the lift .
someone jumped me, hit me over the head.
After that, it's all hazy.
Well, we have a CCTV image here that we'd like you to look at.
Now, do you think that could be your attacker? A lot of it's blank, sir.
I'm not sure if he's the one attacked me or .
or I'm getting mixed up with the images of Balaclava Man.
I thought there was a baseball bat, but he doesn't have one.
Maybe I'm remembering an old case.
Is there any chance that this could be Nick Huntley? I don't know.
Well, full marks for honesty, son.
- Ma'am.
- Something up? I just heard something from a mate in Forensics.
AC-12 are asking to examine evidence from Tim's flat.
What evidence? KRG-13, the blood spatter that Kate was interested in.
I'm sorry, I wasn't sure if I should say anything Night, Jodie.
I realise this wasn't purely a social invitation.
I'm aware of the pitfalls of making an official complaint.
But you ought to know what AC-12 are up to.
They're trying to discredit my inquiry.
I cannot imagine a more damaging climb-down for this force.
There is a solution.
There is? Closing the case against Michael Farmer, securing a conviction for his awful crimes and keeping Timothy Ifield's offences an internal matter.
He's dead, there won't be a trial, only a coroner's inquest.
Why give AC-12 reign to destroy public trust? All I need is your backing, sir.
AC-12 have a habit of using underhand tactics.
It's never a fair fight.
There are one or two things I could tell you that would even things up.
Thank you very much, sir.
We're off duty.
There's no need for "sir".
This is a nice place.
Are you a regular, sir? Are you a regular? It's a convenient pit stop.
I live out of town.
When it's a late finish, the rooms aren't too shabby.
I'm booked in for tonight.
Am I keeping you from something? No.
The kids help themselves to a ready meal on a school night, when I'm on duty.
And Nick's often late, too.
My husband, Nick.
Lucky Nick.
- Would you like another drink? - No, I shouldn't.
We're just two old friends having a drink.
Tonight's just too difficult.
It's boring domestic reasons.
But we We could pick this up another evening.
I'll look at my diary.
Let me give you a different phone number.
Just to be discreet.
This piece of evidence that AC-12 want to pull from forensics KRG-13.
which FI's initials are those? Kevin R Gill.
I know it's a bit parky out here.
No, thanks.
It's easier to talk outside the office.
Listen, AC-12 have been poking their noses in about one of your forensic samples.
The label was overwritten.
It looks like you wrote KRG-30 and then corrected it to KRG-13.
Look, Kevin, I'm the last person to point the finger.
But AC-12, they're a different story.
Look, I'm not saying I'm 100% sure, but I don't remember overwriting any label.
Well, percentages help.
What would you say? 75 - 50? - 80.
Then, how was it overwritten? - Look, I've got no angle here, Kev.
- Kevin.
I'm the SIO, Kevin, and I want to catch the bastard who killed Timothy Ifield.
If there's a question mark hanging over a crucial piece of forensic evidence, I need to know.
Yeah, right.
I've got to work with you lot.
No way am I going to turn round and say that somebody's been tampering with evidence.
Cos that'll make me a whistle-blower.
- And we all know what happens to them.
- Kevin This is my fag break.
You should have come to see me sooner.
Yeah, sorry I Work.
We're going to take a swab.
- Is that necessary? - It won't delay anything.
I'll give you a painkiller, start you on some antibiotics.
You should see a specialist.
You're running a fever.
I think I should sign you off on sick leave, until the specialist sees you.
There's no way I can take time off work, I'm sorry.
I just can't.
Where are the kids? The high street youth club, with a tenner between them.
On a school night? You don't want to talk to me, Roz? Of course I do.
I've had a crap day, I've got another bloody fever.
I just want to take a couple of paracetamol and zonk out.
What really happened that night, Roz? The night of the murder? Because the more I think about it, the more holes there are in your story.
Would you really risk so much to hide a fling? I know I hurt you, Nick.
And I am sorry.
You don't seem sorry, Roz.
What do I seem? Like you're still hiding something.
I've stopped believing a word you say.
Look at what I do, Nick, not what I say.
What I actually do.
Everything is for us, for this family.
No, it's all for yourself.
And you had better start treating me better.
I know you were in those flats where the murder happened.
What are you trying to say? I'm saying I've had it with being taken for a fool.
Were you not listening? Look at what I do.
You're linked to the near-death of an anti-corruption detective.
And you were hanging around outside a crime scene.
You are the fool.
I'm the one protecting you.
It's OK.
It's OK.
Come in.
Sir, the lab's analysed the original sample reference KRG-13.
They've found an anomaly.
This gets better and better.
Come in.
- Sorry.
- That's OK.
I'm afraid it's bad news, Roz.
AC-12 have issued you with a second Reg 15.
On what grounds? If they're issuing a second one, it means they're citing a substantively different offence from last time.
I'll be honest, Roz.
They're coming after you.
It's not just taking you off the case this time.
It could be suspension, dismissal from the service, maybe even criminal charges.
Thanks, Maneet.
Thanks, Maneet.
Anti-corruption Unit 12 interview by Superintendent Hastings and DC Desford of Detective Chief Inspector Roseanne Huntley, in the presence of her Police Federation Representative DCI Mark Moffatt.
Please identify yourselves for the DIR.
- Hastings.
- Huntley.
- Moffatt.
- Desford.
DCI Huntley, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Questions will be put to you by Superintendent Hastings, as it is your right to be questioned by an officer at least one rank senior.
I will furnish factual information only, starting with Image 47, from a CCTV camera captured on the night of January 25th in the vicinity of the last confirmed sighting of Leonie Collersdale before she disappeared.
Now, this man is wearing a black jacket of the type worn by Hana Reznikova's abductor.
What steps have you taken to find him? We believe this is Michael Farmer.
Image 136, from a CCTV camera overlooking the car park of a DIY Superstore, captured on the night of March 17th.
And we believe this is Timothy Ifield.
- Well, clearly there are some similarities.
- Clearly.
However, Timothy Ifield was aware of Image 47.
He could have deliberately styled himself, in order to simulate the suspect seen on January 25th.
Well, let's see what you have to say about this DC Desford.
From a CCTV camera captured on the 6th of April, in an alley adjacent to your husband's office building.
Now, Timothy Ifield, bless him, is six foot under, so it can't be him styling himself to simulate Balaclava Man.
And Michael Farmer has been in custody for nearly a month.
Why haven't you shared this evidence? This is my investigation! Clearly, DCI Huntley, I would have reservations, regarding the connection to your husband.
DCI Huntley's spouse was released without charge by AC-12.
You're presuming guilt before innocence.
Document Seven, DC Desford.
Document Seven in your folders, a photocopy made by this unit on April 7th of a form MG-6 submitted electronically by you on April 5th to the Senior Prosecutor in the Complex Case Unit in respect of evidence against Hana Reznikova.
Do you recognise the form, DCI Huntley? Yes.
Timothy Ifield's killer left not a single strand of DNA or a single fingerprint at the crime scene.
Now, you are saying that Hana Reznikova had the knowledge and the skills to do that? She is a cleaner, sir.
Timothy Ifield's killer amputated the second, third and fourth digits of the victim's right hand postmortem.
And what? You think she's up to that too? Yes, I do, sir, to remove her DNA lodged under Timothy Ifield's fingernails.
Well, tell me this, were there any corresponding wounds found anywhere on Hana Reznikova body? The wounds could have been superficial enough to have healed by the time we charged her, or she might have mistakenly assumed her DNA had contaminated the body.
Kindly answer the question, DCI Huntley.
Were there any corresponding wounds found on Hana Reznikova's body, - yes or no? - No.
- No.
You have not got the evidence to pass the threshold test for charging and yet you seriously believe that that wee girl, Hana Reznikova, murdered Timothy Ifield? Yes, I do, sir.
What -- and not this man? Like I said, this needs to be investigated.
Yes, our point entirely.
- DC Desford.
- Document Nine.
Forensic evidence log from the examination of Timothy's Ifield's flat on the 23rd of March.
Do you recognise said log? Yes, sir.
Item Reference KRG-13 is recorded in said log.
We would draw your attention to the labelling of said item KRG-13.
I'm sorry.
On screen, image 12.
Image 12 is a photograph taken by this department of the label on the evidence bag.
And what can you tell us about this label, DCI Huntley? It's been overwritten.
Indeed, it has.
Indeed, it has.
We interviewed the forensic investigator corresponding to the designation K-R-G, Kevin R Gill.
Mr Gill was unable to account for the overwriting.
That doesn't mean there's anything suspicious here.
Yeah, but we also sequestered the original sample.
Image 22 on screen.
Image 22 is a crime scene photograph captured on the 23rd March of the blood spatter detected in Timothy Ifield's flat.
Turn to document 15 in your folders.
I quote from the report made by the independent forensic scientist.
"Swab sample shows staining with human blood.
"Analysis of the blood sample detected DNA matching the "control sample for Timothy Ifield.
"The probability that this sample contains Timothy Ifield's "blood is greater than 99.
" So far, so expected, wouldn't you say, DCI Huntley? Yes, sir.
Yes, but our independent analysis does not end there.
We've been informed of an anomaly.
I quote, "Present within the blood sample are a number of clothing fibres.
"All fibres are of the same type, "suggesting they originate from the same source.
"Comparison with the reference database reveals "a match with the white high-density polythene of over-suits worn "by forensic investigators.
"The probability of this match is greater than 99.
" What do you make of that, DCI Huntley? It's possible the FI taking the sample inadvertently made contact with the swab or blood with his own white over-suit.
I mean really, do you seriously believe that an experienced FI is going to be that clumsy? I mean who are you kidding? Besides those suits are specifically designed not to shed fibres.
But, of course, you would know this, wouldn't you, DCI Huntley? Being an experienced and, I'm told, highly skilled senior detective.
Superintendent Hastings, your tone is oppressive.
She's an SIO.
20 years on the force, fella.
If she can't take it, God help us all.
DCI Huntley? For the DIR, the interviewee is not answering.
That swab had to be taken from the blood-stained over-suit that Timothy Ifield was wearing at the time of his death.
And as said over-suit was not found at the scene of the crime, it leads me to believe that the person who took the swab was very closely connected to the killer himself.
Or herself.
That sample, KRG-13, was tampered with.
DCI Huntley? Possibly.
" Look.
We all know under modern policing methods it's extremely difficult, it's nigh on impossible to plant evidence once a crime scene has been opened.
However, it is conceivably possible to replace evidence once it's in storage if one has access to said storage facility.
Unfortunately, there's no CCTV covering the evidence room where the samples were stored, as it's a staff area.
Security cameras only cover areas where officers come into contact with members of the public, for the protection of all parties.
Police officers have a right to go about their personal business - in private.
- I beg to differ.
We're public servants.
Everything we do, everything, should stand up to public scrutiny.
So, let's see what we have.
We have the possibility of planting evidence in the case against Michael Farmer and we have interference in forensic evidence in the murder of Timothy Ifield.
It's a complex case, sir.
In fact, two cases.
It sure is.
Did you investigate who had access to Michael Farmer's home prior to his arrest? Of course we have, sir.
Document 33, a copy of my Decision Log recorded on the night of March 9th, regarding operations at Michael Farmer's home.
25 FARS OIC clears property for entry.
"DCI Huntley clears FARS Investigator "and FC to enter property.
" The FC in this case being Timothy Ifield.
And Timothy Ifield's DNA was detected on Leonie Collersdale's body.
Hence we are pursuing complicity between Timothy Ifield and Michael Farmer.
Do you have any evidence connecting Michael Farmer to Timothy Ifield? - Not yet, sir.
- No.
No, so this complicity between them is just wild speculation on your part, DCI Huntley.
Now, from what we know of Timothy Ifield he was probably trying to do the exact opposite.
He was probably trying to prove Michael Farmer's innocence.
You see, Timothy Ifield stumbled upon a conspiracy to protect a person or persons unknown, possibly the person in the CCTV footage on the 25th of January, for which he was murdered for his silence.
Now have you or your inquiry, made any effort whatsoever to explore this possibility? We No, we haven't, sir.
No, DCI Huntley.
YOU haven't.
You alone.
DCI Huntley's been suffering from illness recently.
Perhaps we could take a break for a few minutes.
I really wish that it all ended there, but sadly, Timothy Ifield was murdered, and in respect of a prime suspect, we're looking very close to home.
Very close to home, indeed.
DC Desford.
Image 36.
Image 36 is a frame taken from traffic camera video recorded at 11pm on the night of March 17th.
Image 36 captures a vehicle registered to your husband, Nicholas Huntley, in the vicinity of Timothy Ifield's flat.
The night of March the 17th has been identified as the most likely time for that murder to take place.
DCI Huntley, in my view there is a clear conflict of interest regarding your position and the possible involvement of your husband in these offences.
Also now, it is extremely difficult to exclude you as a suspect in tampering with evidence that might implicate your husband in said murder.
Therefore I will be recommending to the Executive Officer, in the strongest possible terms, that you be suspended from duty, effective immediately.
Now, you are not under arrest.
However, our inquiries are ongoing and you may subsequently be arrested in connection with these offences.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you? - I do.
- And have you anything further to add? I do.
Well, look your Federation Rep said you might want a break now.
You said it yourself, Superintendent.
I'm an SIO, 20 years in, the tape's running, let's proceed.
How many detectives of the rank of inspector or above have you investigated in the last five years? I really don't see how that's relevant.
- Do you have an answer? - Not to hand.
You've investigated three, myself included.
Two of the three were female, that's 67%, when the proportion of females in those ranks is 10%.
Who's giving you this information? Am I wrong? Well, that's a very small sample to be quoting percentages out of.
We've charged a Deputy Chief Constable and a retired Chief Superintendent, both male.
We're only interested in one thing here and one thing only, and that's bent coppers, irrespective of race, creed, colour, or gender.
- You're blind to gender? - Absolutely.
On the 23rd of March, in a conversation at the scene of Timothy Ifield's murder, did you address me as "darling"? Once again, I really don't see how this is relevant.
Yes or no, Superintendent, did you address me using a non-gender-neutral term? Yes.
How many female officers within AC-12 have been promoted to the rank of inspector or above in the last five years? Look, the internal workings of this unit have absolutely no relevance to the matter in front of us now and frankly it's none of your business.
Your use of sexist language makes me raise the matter, and, in respect of the promotion of female officers, your unit lags behind the national average.
Yes, well, it's very specialist work we do here and I have to think very carefully about who I promote to senior positions.
But where are you getting this information from? Well, that's confidential.
Yes, well, in that case I think we should just terminate this interview.
DC Desford.
Are you a member of a Masonic organisation? I wouldn't do that if I were you, DC Desford.
That makes you an active participant in denying me my rights under police regulations to defend myself.
Are you or are you not a Mason? I'm not at liberty to discuss the matter.
And whoever is feeding you this prejudicial information Masons are the mafia of the mediocre.
A network of officers linked to corruption and an organisation that traditionally excludes women.
For the DIR, Superintendent Hastings has risen from his seat.
You have a record of excluding women from positions of authority and what better way than to conduct witch hunts against senior female officers? You're just trying to wriggle off the hook.
This won't wash.
DCI Huntley has raised valid concerns, regarding the treatment of female Police Federation members by your department.
She's laid a foundation to explain why, in our view, the investigation against her is malicious.
Please sit down, Superintendent, or it would seem you're denying my colleague her lawful rights as a serving police officer.
Thank you.
For the DIR, Superintendent Hastings has retaken his seat.
The matter before us, Superintendent, is whether DCI Huntley's carried out her duties and responsibilities under police regulations.
The matter is whether she has been complicit in a criminal offence.
These are photocopies of a statement given to my team by Forensic Investigator Kevin R Gill after the statement he made to AC-12.
You'll see that Mr Gill accepts responsibility for overwriting the label item reference KRG-13, the isolated blood spatter found at the scene of Timothy Ifield's murder.
- Now, wait a minute - Hold on, hold on.
Now FIs depend on good relations with police officers.
Come on, he'd change his story if he thought it would help.
That's a very interesting remark, DC Desford.
You're claiming the FI says whatever the investigating police - officer wants to hear? - No, no, no, no That's not So, that would mean the FI told AC-12 what you wanted to hear? And in order to make the case against me, you wanted to hear that he didn't overwrite the label.
That's not what I meant, OK? That's not what I meant.
I note your agitated tone, DC Desford.
Why are you agitated? Because you're putting words in my mouth.
Say that again, DC Desford.
For the DIR, Superintendent Hastings has given a non-verbal gesture ordering DC Desford not to answer.
Stable door, horse bolted.
You, DC Desford, volunteered that you believe Kevin Gill made the statement AC-12 wanted to hear, but you've accused me of fabricating that same observation, when we all recognise the DIR will support my version of the conversation.
The problem with AC-12 is you can never admit when you're in the wrong.
And I wonder what lengths AC-12 would go to to prove they're right, even when they're wrong? This is a video capture of a lawful recording of a police interview at Polk Avenue Police Station, showing Hana Reznikova being interviewed by 'DS Flynn and DC Taylor.
'The interview formed the starting point to our inquiry 'into Hana Reznikova.
'At all stages of the investigation, DS Flynn was an active participant.
'In fact, she was instrumental in the charging of Hana Reznikova.
' The validity of which you challenged earlier in this interview.
This is a print of a digital photograph captured by DC Jodie Taylor on the 4th of April.
'Who is the officer in the photograph?' For the DIR, Superintendent Hastings and DC Desford look extremely uneasy.
According to DC Taylor, this detective, 'DS Kate Flynn, made an inquiry at Polk Avenue Forensic Office,' regarding item reference KRG-13.
This is a print of a digital photograph captured by DC Taylor on the 7th of April, showing DS Flynn 'having an off the record conversation with 'Forensic Investigator Kevin Gill.
'Is DS Flynn an undercover AC-12 officer? 'In respect of undercover operations, 'I can neither confirm nor deny, as well you know.
'What we do know,' Superintendent is if an undercover AC-12 officer is coaching witnesses against DCI Huntley, it would substantially undermine your case.
My officers do not coach witnesses! So, she is your officer? We have Kevin Gill telling AC-12 one thing and my team another and here we have an undercover AC-12 officer talking to Gill.
Let's go back to Gill's statement to me.
He took a swab sample from the blood spatter in Timothy Ifield's flat.
He sealed the sample in an evidence bag.
He labelled the bag overwriting a slip of the pen, KRG-13.
And despite all your theories, you have zero evidence KRG-13 was tampered with thereafter.
If it was tampered with, who could have done it? Here we have DS Flynn raising a query about KRG-13 at the forensic office days before anyone else.
And then, as if by magic, AC-12 request the sample, to carry out your own analysis.
As soon as AC-12 seized that sample, the chain of evidence was broken.
It raises the question who had access to it after you seized it.
- AC-12 do not tamper with evidence! - No? A jury acquitted a female DI called Lindsay Denton of conspiracy to murder at retrial, because they were sure that one of your officers had engaged in an inappropriately intimate relationship, in order to plant evidence in her home.
My officers do not plant evidence! You see the pattern here? Sexism, undercover operations, and questionable evidence.
All right.
This circus is over.
Superintendent Hastings, did you authorise DS Flynn to engineer charges against Hana Reznikova? I did not.
'Did you authorise DS Flynn to tamper with evidence in regard' to the investigation into the murder of Timothy Ifield from the 23rd of March to today's date? I did not.
Did you induce Forensic Investigator Kevin Gill to alter his testimony, in regard to the handling of evidence item reference KRG-13? I did not.
Superintendent Hastings, at this time, I'm unable to exclude you, DC Desford, DS Arnott and DS Flynn from a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in the actions you've brought against me, which I believe are unfounded, vexatious and intended to obstruct my lawful inquiries into the murders of Baswinder Kaur, Leonie Collersdale and Timothy Ifield.
This is a signed authority from Assistant Chief Constable Hilton, recusing AC-12 from your inquiry into me, my team and the above offences.
DCI Huntley and DCI Moffatt are leaving the room.
Switch that bloody thing off, James.
Sorry, sir, I have to say.
It's Jamie, not James.
Frankly, son, right now, I couldn't give a shit.
I never planted evidence.
I never coached any witness and you know it.
Hilton might have fallen for your crap, but no-one else will.
How old are you, Kate? I'll tell you about my road to 31.
I'd been a DI two years already.
Then, I made life choices in the best interests of others.
Not in my best interests, at all, as it turned out.
And from what I know, you won't make that mistake.
You'd give up anything to get to the top.
But despite all your ambition, you find yourself on the wrong side of the line.
What do you know? That you've got a son you barely see.
Hardly holier than thou.
You should have seen his face.
He had no idea where I was getting the ammunition.
Happy to help.
AC-12 aren't fit for purpose.
You could go so far as to say corrupt.
It's high time someone shut them down.
I let their case play out.
I thought it was worth hearing everything they had, just in case there were any surprises.
And were there? None I couldn't handle.
My name didn't come up, at all? No, they've stopped accusing me of succumbing to executive pressure.
This is the most agreeable solution.
Tim Ifield's peccadilloes out of the public eye.
Michael Farmer's crimes punished.
You've done a great job, Roz.
Thank you, sir, for backing me.
What are friends for? Let's go up.
Bring that with you.
I'm sorry.
I love my husband and I love my children.
I won't betray their trust.
It's a moral question.
I'm sorry.
Well done.
Good news.
No-one thinks you're a murderer any more.