Line of Duty (2012) s06e07 Episode Script

Season 6, Episode 7

1 My mum was Tommy's sister.
My dad was bent, a police officer.
By the time of our inquiry in 2015, Thurwell had taken early retirement, believed to be living in Spain.
- Two dead, Sir.
- Marcus Thurwell, Senora Thurwell.
You want to talk about rats? Ask your boss.
Superintendent Hastings? He told me was there was a rat in our crew.
And that rat turned out to be an undercover copper John Corbett.
I think I've found the real reason the gaffer gave 50 grand to Steph Corbett.
Superintendent Hastings has been informed of his impending retirement.
We have identified a number of high-ranking figures in a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.
This Force has detected no evidence of institutionalised corruption.
We are so close to breaking open Operation Lighthouse and OCG involvement in Gail Vella's murder! The case Gail Vella was researching at the time of her death was the murder of Lawrence Christopher.
That was, what, 20 years ago? I've been looking into all the officers that were involved in the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry.
Detective Constable Ian Buckells.
Inspector Philip Osborne.
Sorry, wrong way.
Not only does this force face enemies without, there are enemies within.
I will personally see to it those enemies within are made to suffer the consequences.
And later that same day you visited Lee Banks, an OCG member on remand in Blackthorn Prison.
Yeah, to harvest information on the OCG.
When DS Arnott quite rightly did not deploy lethal force against John Corbett, did you take matters into your own hands and disclose to Lee Banks that John Corbett was an undercover police officer? No, I did not.
Disclosing this information with the expectation - that it would be passed on to the OCG? - No! The stuff he's hiding I never thought I'd look at the gaffer like this.
He knows his time's nearly up.
He's been slated for retirement.
I've been waiting for the right time to tell you, maybe we should let sleeping dogs lie.
Come off it, Steve.
How many times have we criticised coppers that've took retirement to dodge disciplinary action? You got anything more from Steph Corbett? No.
I think about asking her.
I mean, she's got a right to know what happened to her husband.
Maybe she already does.
- She might be blackmailing the gaffer.
- Steph? No.
You seem pretty sure.
What? - We've become - Oh, for Christ sake, Steve.
It's not like that, mate, it's different.
She's a person of interest.
We'll be right there.
GPR detected a strong subsurface diffractor, and I gave a go-ahead for a dig which revealed a strong box of the type detected at the abandoned print shop.
- Nice one, Chris.
- Thanks, Ma'am.
Let's get EOD to rule out booby traps, then proceed to forensic recovery.
Let's find out what's in there.
All right if I call you Steve? Fine.
It's taken a while to organise this consultation.
Are you able to tell me why that might be, Steve? Just work, sorry.
In the medical declaration form that you submitted at the time of your urine sampling, you listed a number of over-the-counter painkillers.
For what condition? Hurt my knee at five-a-side.
My shoulder was squash.
SMTU detected levels of metabolites in your urine consistent with the ingestion of very high doses of analgesics.
In April, 2017, you suffered a serious assault whilst on duty.
I'm fully recovered.
Recently you've been involved in an operation in which a number of suspects have been killed.
One having been shot dead by you, and one of your colleagues, PS Ruby Jones, lost her life.
That's not the first time you've witnessed a colleague's violent death.
DCI Tony Gates was killed in a road traffic collision.
DC Georgia Trotman, your partner, was thrown from a window Where are you going with this? Steve, I'm satisfied that none of the substances you've been taking are illegal.
This is purely about your welfare.
I'm here to help, not judge.
You might benefit from some time off work.
No way.
I'm in the middle of a massive case.
Do your duties routinely involve firearms or high-speed pursuit driving? Sometimes.
Normally in this situation, we suggest that the officer voluntarily surrenders their blue ticket.
Otherwise I'm obliged to report you to the Head of Firearms who will then remove your firearms licence.
Thank you.
So I'd like you to have some medical investigations and then review you with the results.
Can we agree on that? Fine.
I'm also obliged to inform your commanding officer.
I want you to hear it from me first, Sir.
I'm under medical review.
The drugs testing found high doses of painkillers.
Yeah, well, I'm just glad you're getting some help with it, son.
If there's anything I can do just let me know.
Thank you very much, Sir.
Take your time, take your time.
You're doing well, Jo.
So Tommy hid from you he was your real father? Yes.
Who did you believe was your father? This person, did he control you the same way Tommy Hunter did? This person, did he control you the same way Tommy Hunter did? You have one new message.
Steve, it's Steph.
God, I hate these message thingies.
It's just I ain't heard from you in a while.
I hope you're all right.
Copper's wife, me, I can't help but worry.
That's it really, bye.
Thanks, guys.
- Sarge.
- Sarge.
So, the excavation detected a strong box.
The contents of the box are itemised as follows.
A KL-2.
A non-standard pistol believed to have been workshopped from a decommissioned firearm.
NABIS have matched the pistol to the tailored cartridge and bullet recovered from the scene of Gail Vella's murder.
Almost certainly this is the weapon that fired the fatal shot.
Fingerprints, DNA? No, it was clean.
Almost certainly the gunman was wearing gloves.
KL-4, KL-5, gloves and a black bomber jacket.
Both items bear blood spatter and gunshot residue.
- The blood is Gail Vella's.
- DNA inside the gloves? Yes, ma'am.
Sweat deposits inside the gloves match DNA belonging to Carl Banks.
- Got the bastard.
- Yes, Sir.
We can match Banks to the gloves and the gloves to Gail Vella's murder.
He's the shooter.
Any of it relate to Terry Boyle? No, Sir, nothing.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of distressing news.
This knife is stained with the blood of an AC-12 officer, PC Maneet Bindra.
Fingerprints on the handle match Ryan Pilkington.
This knife is stained with the blood of DS John Corbett.
Fingerprints on the handle match Ryan Pilkington.
This knife is stained with the blood of Jackie Laverty.
Fingerprints on the handle match a deceased police officer, DCI Tony Gates.
Gates told me the OCG slit Jackie's throat, and while he was incapacitated, they put his hand on the knife.
They blackmailed him with the threat of releasing Jackie's body and the murder weapon.
That's why all these items were retained.
They're leverage, going back years, right up to it being a threat to Ryan Pilkington.
Anything else? Any items relating to one or more of the following, Marcus Thurwell, Ian Buckells? No, nothing.
Philip Osborne? The Chief Constable? What? Great work, you two, great work.
Cast-iron proof that Carl Banks murdered Gail Vella.
I've got a call later with the Crown Prosecutor.
I'm sure we can persuade them to withdraw proceedings against Terry Boyle.
Well, that's the least we can do for the wee fella.
Any updates from Spain? They formally identified the bodies found at the villa.
They are Marcus Thurwell and his wife.
Both had been strangled, and from the extent of decomposition, they'd been dead a few weeks.
A search of the property detected equipment used for routeing digital communications with an IP address matching the ones detected on devices belonging to Jo Davidson and Lisa McQueen.
From the evidence gathered by Spanish authorities, Cybercrime are still trying to trace all end-user IP addresses, but initial work suggests they're located in the UK.
- So the communication originated here? - Exactly.
So, Spain is a decoy.
Thurwell's a stooge! Jesus.
Have you seen Superintendent Hastings? - Yes, he's just through there.
- Sir.
Huh? - Sorry to barge in.
- What have you got? I knew you'd want to see this straight away.
We've been monitoring messages being routed via Spain.
This is a screen shot of a text exchange we intercepted a few minutes ago.
We're working on identifying the IP addresses.
JD, Jo Davidson.
BP, Brentiss Prison.
I thought you put Davidson on elevated monitoring? Yeah, but we can't take the chance that that's gonna work out.
Look at the spelling of "definitely".
This is the Fourth Man.
Chloe, all these new files have come in, Operation Lighthouse, Lawrence Christopher, I want you to carry out a search on this spelling against anybody that we haven't previously investigated.
But good work.
Steve, Kate, with me.
Stand away from the door.
Production Order.
Post-charge interview.
Hillside Lane.
What's going on? Alpha Charlie one zero, en route to Brentiss, standing by for a sit rep.
Alpha Charlie five two, copy.
Zero State five to Brentiss prison.
Stand by for active message.
One zero, receiving.
Five two, the Governor at Brentiss has approved a Production Order for Davidson.
She's State nine to Hillside Lane.
Three seven, first I've heard of it.
Who's the Requesting Officer? DS Lomax.
And the Supporting Officer? That's you, Ma'am, DI Fleming.
One zero, we are diverting to the Hill.
Four five, received.
Driver, put your foot flat to the floor.
One zero, five two, acquire information on Prison Transport and capture location as a matter of extreme urgency.
We need Air Ops and Armed Support! Over.
Five two, received.
What's this interview about? Who's the Requesting Officer? How should I know? Our job's just to get you there.
Are there any new developments in the inquiry? Stop with the earache.
NPAS, seven five, acquiring active obs on Prison Transport Vehicle, white VW Crafter.
VRN Bravo Papa six zero Papa Tango Quebec.
Suspect vehicle is travelling south, Alpha three four.
Speed three zero, one mile to Edge Park Circus underpass.
Tango Oscar four two, receiving NPAS seven five, Edge Park Circus, ETA less than one minute.
NPAS, seven five, suspect vehicle entering Underpass.
Tango Oscar four two.
All ARV's move in, intercept, intercept.
Keys! Give us the keys! Armed police! Drop it.
Taser, Taser! Drop it! Get out of the vehicle! Hands! Show me your hands! Down, down! Hands above your head! Hands above your head! Four five, scene secure.
Unarmed, clear to approach.
Paramedic required.
Four five, received.
Paramedic unit will move forwards, ETA 30 seconds, standing by for Arrest her.
Stick her in the back with her wee mate.
- Great work, you two, great work.
- Sir.
The prison officers and driver have been taken into custody.
We've recently gained access to illicit communications between OCG members.
Fortunately, we were able to intercept your Prison Transport and replace two of the prison officers before the OCG got their hands on you.
The Production Order was a forgery.
Now, we're looking into how that was done, enabling corrupt prison officers to stage a handover they could claim afterwards was an ambush.
They're all under arrest.
You're safe now, Jo.
Thank you.
I mean you're really safe to apply for Witness Protection.
All my notes, all my records will show that you acted under control and coercion of others.
You can live the life you should've lived, be free to be the person that you really are if you tell us who the top man is.
We know from the illicit communications you were taken out of Brentiss to be killed.
We strongly believe the order came from the same person who's been communicating with you throughout Operation Lighthouse.
This person you're protecting doesn't care for you.
You mean nothing to him.
This man you believed to be your father, is he the one? Tommy told me after my mum died I had no reason to doubt him.
He made me obey this police officer.
He made me fear him.
It was all a cruel lie to manipulate you, to control you.
You're not what you were born into.
You're not bent.
Be free of him, Jo.
Give him up.
Give us his name.
Prison officers are isolating the suspect.
AFOs will secure the suspect.
Advise when unarmed officers are clear to proceed.
When cleared to proceed, FIs will deploy to the suspect's cell.
- Sir? Nothing.
- Not so much as a Post-it.
- Shit.
- Has he said anything yet? - Not yet, Sir.
- Let's go.
Resuming interview, Superintendent Hastings has joined.
You remain under caution.
So where have you hidden it all? The computer, the burner phones.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I get mixed up.
You packed Thurwell off to Spain, didn't you, to be your go-between? Images 76 and 77.
Spain, what would I have to do with Spain? Thurwell could point the finger, so you had him killed, like Dot Cottan and ACC Hilton, right? All these names, they, uh, my heads spinning now.
And Gail Vella.
Did you order her murder too? I haven't the faintest idea who you're talking about! Joanne Davidson.
What's your relationship to her? - Joanne who? - Davidson! We know about her relationship to Tommy Hunter and to a police officer purported to be her father.
Are you that officer? Did you have a relationship with Joanne Davidson's mother, Samantha Davidson? For the DIR, I'm showing the interviewee Image 17, a copy of a photograph captured during a lawful search of Apartment G, 9 Croxford Street on the 24th of November, 2020.
Who can you see in Image 17? Sorry.
The woman is Samantha Davidson, also known as Samantha Hunter.
Tommy Hunter's sister.
- And the girl in the photo? - I've not the foggiest! It's Joanne Davidson.
Right, OK, let me ask you this.
Did you and Tommy Hunter convince her that you were her father? You, you, you, you're going back years.
I don't remember any of this! - I'm not as sharp as I used to be.
- Christ sake.
Superintendent Hastings has left the room.
Yes, we're going back years.
He's bloody right we've been going back years! This thing has been driving me mad for years.
Cybercrime aren't finished tracing IP addresses, Sir.
There's still a possibility they'll detect evidence pointing at Fairbank.
Look, he's been in that prison since 2015! Our search should've showed up something! Mother of God! - Jesus.
- It's Chloe.
So answer it, answer it! DI Arnott.
She's found something in the Lawrence Christopher records.
Well, let's go.
Cybercrime have been examining all the devices seized from Davidson, Buckells, Lisa McQueen and the OCG men who attempted to abduct Davidson.
As suggested by Superintendent Hastings, they carried out a search for idiosyncrasies in grammar, punctuation and spelling.
You'll recall this is the last communication we intercepted.
And this is the last exchange between Jo Davidson and the user she believed was Patrick Fairbank.
Cybercrime told me they picked up on the misspelling of "definitely" going back to exchanges with Lisa McQueen in 2019.
We've been able to extend the search into files that we didn't have back then.
This is a handwritten report from the Lawrence Christopher inquiry in 2003.
And this is from Operation Lighthouse in 2019.
Christ, shit.
This is the officer's signature on both reports, 2003 and 2019.
Come off it.
No way.
This can't be right.
Are you sure, Chloe? Cybercrime are attempting to trace IP addresses that correspond to this suspect.
Then we'll know for sure.
Right, well, they better crack on.
Outstanding work, Chloe, outstanding work.
All this time we've been chasing shadows.
If this is right, he's been under our noses from the very beginning.
I mean, for God's sake, what does this make us look like? Yes, but you heard Chloe.
We didn't have this before.
It's one thing getting your man, it's another thing getting the evidence to nail him, I mean, that's the battle and battle we shall.
Let's see what Carmichael's got to say for herself now.
Sir, wait.
You two look like you've lost a shilling and found a penny.
Sir, we need to be cautious about disclosing this finding.
AC-12's being disbanded, DCS Carmichael put in charge of downgrading anti-corruption.
Yes, but after what we've achieved here, I don't know, I've got a sneaking suspicion AC-12's going to be around for a while yet.
And, believe me, Kate, if you want it, there is a job here for you.
Thank you, Sir, but the point Steve's making is this finding is going to throw our inquiry into the spotlight.
Anything that might discredit AC-12 will be held against us.
What are you talking about? Sir, in the course of our inquiry into Operation Lighthouse certain findings came to light which relate to you.
DI Arnott's been in contact with Steph Corbett, John Corbett's widow.
Yes, well, look, I know about that.
She told me.
To be honest, I didn't know what to make of it, so I just let it lie.
She also told me about your, er painkiller misuse, Steve.
And I saw to it that you got help rather than disciplinary action.
It's called loyalty.
Sir during a non-lawful search an item was found which relates to the missing sum of £50,000.
You're not under caution so anything you say to us at this time can't be used in evidence.
That's loyalty right there.
Take a seat.
The money I swear to God, I was tricked.
I was handed an envelope, I was told it was one thing, I threw it to one side, thought nothing more about it.
It turned out to be a big bundle of cash.
I tried to return it, I was blocked at every turn.
Before I could hand it in as evidence it was found.
That was only half of it.
You must've hidden the other 50,000.
Yes, well, of course I realised it could be a bribe that might turn nasty, so I split it in half, put one half safe, in case the OCG came looking, you know.
It was my insurance against them.
But, unfortunately for me, before I could use it as leverage against them, or hand it in as evidence, the other half was found.
Instead you gave it to Steph Corbett.
Officially that money didn't exist.
I mean, yes, yes, I could've handed it in but instead I gave it to a young woman with two wee girls who'd have been left destitute because her husband was killed in the line of duty.
Are we done? No, Sir.
As part of AC-12's inquiry into Operation Lighthouse, DI Arnott interviewed Lee Banks who disclosed the source of information regarding John Corbett being an undercover police officer.
I swear to God, I did not disclose John Corbett as a UCO.
I told Lee Banks that there was an informant in the OCG, no more than that.
I thought that Corbett, when he heard about it, he would go to ground, he'd hand himself in at the nearest police station.
It was by way of bringing him in, I swear to God.
You must've understood there was a risk of Corbett coming to harm.
Well, that is the worst part of it, yes, yes.
John Corbett had been involved in the deaths of four police officers, our Maneet being one of them.
He had beaten and tortured my own wife, so I thought he had it coming to him in spades.
But what I didn't know was that he was the son of a woman I cared deeply about many years ago.
If there is one thing I could take back it would be that.
What a terrible thing I did.
What a terrible thing I did.
Giving that money to that young woman was you know, by way of atonement what little there was of it.
Does Steph know the real reason? No.
And if she did, what would she make of it? Who's going to judge what I did? Her? The law? My colleagues? God? Sit down, fella.
AC-12 interview by Superintendent Hastings, DI Fleming, DI Arnott.
Ian Buckells, you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be used in evidence.
Image 124 on screen.
Image 124 shows item reference GGM-13 recovered from your cell at Blackthorn Prison.
Interception of communications routed via Spain detected an internet protocol address matching GGM-13.
Analysis of GGM-13's hard drive detected the communication shown in image 126.
Analysis of GGM-13's hard drive also detected the communication shown in image 129.
Note the misspelling of "definitely".
Document 105 in your folders.
Document 105 is a summary of analysis carried out by a forensic linguist.
All digital communications on the hard drive of GGM-13 were examined using methodologies based on examples of your spelling and syntax.
Now, the report concludes there is a 95% probability the messages detected on GGM-13 were written by you.
Document 112 in your folders.
Document 112 is a summary of forensic examination of GGM-13 to detect fingerprints and DNA deposits.
Fingerprints and DNA detected on GGM-13 are a match to your fingerprints and DNA with a probability greater than 99.
Ian Buckells, did you order the abduction of Detective Superintendent Joanne Davidson and the attempted murder of Detective Inspector Kate Fleming? No comment.
Did you order the murder of Gail Vella and/or James Lakewell? No comment.
Further examination of communications routed via Spain harvested a number of internet protocol addresses previously unknown to this inquiry.
One such address relates to a property in Edge Park, 17 Maychurch Road on screen image 135.
Recognise this property? No comment.
Document 194 in your folders.
Document 194 is a photocopy of the deeds to 17 Maychurch Road assigning ownership to a company, Holte End Holdings, registered in the Cayman Islands.
Document 197 in your folders.
Holte End Holdings owns a time-share property in Gran Canaria as well as 17 Maychurch Road with an estimated total value of £3 million.
What's your relationship to Holte End Holdings? No comment.
I've worked with you three times now.
Undercover in 2012 with Tony Gates's team.
Undercover in 2017 with Roz Huntley's team, and this year at Hillside Lane.
Always the same crap suits, dud cars.
I mean, you never put your hand in your pocket when it's your round.
You certainly did a grand job at hiding all this, I'll give you that.
But you are leading a double life.
No comment.
Image 138 on screen.
Image 138 shows Item Reference HS-6.
HS-6 is a laptop computer detected under the floorboards of 17 Maychurch Road.
Analysis of HS-6's hard drive detected the communication shown in Image 141.
Document 118 in your folders.
Document 118 is a summary of forensic examination of HS-6 to detect fingerprints and DNA deposits.
Fingerprints and DNA detected on HS-6 are a match to your fingerprints and DNA with a probability greater than 99.
Ian Buckells, did you order organised criminal activities such as the raid on Eastfield Depot on February the 15th 2019? No comment.
These messages originated from a device operated by you.
There's no point denying it.
We've shown you the evidence.
We know from an undercover officer embedded in that OCG, DS John Corbett, from a former member of that same OCG, Lisa McQueen, that they sought approval for the Eastfield robbery.
Yeah, and they got it.
From you, fella.
No comment.
We know from testimony given to us by Joanne Davidson that after Tommy Hunter's death, disparate OCGs retained clandestine relationships with corrupt police officers.
We also know from intercepted text communications that these relationships were orchestrated by one officer in particular, once wrongly codenamed "H", now referred to as the Fourth Man.
Ian Buckells, are you the Fourth Man? No comment.
The secret life.
The big house, the fast cars, the bits on the side, Deborah Devereux.
Is that what turned your head? No comment.
You know, over the years we have investigated all manner of motives, but the most mundane, basest motive of them all, plain simple greed.
You were a DC on a bent team, Thurwell's, and as you made your way up through the ranks there wasn't anything that you wouldn't turn your hand to as long as the price was right.
That's the top and bottom of it, isn't it, fella? No comment.
You rose through the ranks, all right, leaving a trail of blunders behind you.
How some people can fail upwards, beggars belief.
And all the time we were here thinking we were chasing some criminal mastermind.
But no, just like your old boss Thurwell who botched the Lawrence Christopher murder inquiry, your corruption was mistaken for incompetence! No comment.
Your cover was so convincing that even your DCI, Jo Davidson, didn't realise that the blundering fool she was framing was actually the person who was pulling her strings all along.
Yeah, right.
I'm a blundering fool.
I'm only the one who's made total mugs out of you lot.
Ian Buckells, do you have anything to say? Yeah, you see, the thing is, DCS Carmichael is meant to be taking over, ain't she? But she ain't in here.
So that makes me wonder whether she doesn't want to be associated with detecting institutionalised corruption.
Because officially, institutionalised corruption don't exist, does it? Officially, "H" or "the Fourth Man" or whatever you want to call him, he don't exist neither.
So that makes me realise that everyone would be much happier if this all just went away.
So I'll take immunity and witness protection, thank you very much.
Jesus Christ.
So, give us something.
Who's the top man? You? Tommy Hunter was the top man.
After he went, they all split into different OCGs.
I just pass on the orders.
It used to be Fairbank and Thurwell, then it was Hilton and Cottan, and now they've gone, it's just You.
The last man standing.
So, you did order the Eastfield robbery.
Well, a haul that size was bigger than one gang.
The goods needed storing, fencing, you name it.
Other OCGs wanted in on it.
And you just put the pieces together? Yeah, if you like.
And you also put the pieces together for Lakewell's murder.
Gail Vella's.
How many times do I have to explain to you? That's the OCGs, that's their doing.
I just pass things on.
Have you no remorse for all the suffering you've caused? Have you no conscience? I didn't plan it or nothing, did I? They just kept asking me to sort bigger and bigger stuff.
Jesus Christ, you're sitting the other side of this table asking us for witness protection.
It's me you're going to need protection from! Would you like a glass a water? Image 145.
Now, the murders of Thurwell, Hilton, Cottan and Lakewell.
I get why the OCGs would be the ones to order those.
Like Tommy Hunter, their loyalty was in question and they knew too much.
Gail Vella was different.
We know the last thing she uncovered before Lee Banks passed the word on her to his brother Carl.
It was the corruption inside the Lawrence Christopher inquiry.
Tommy Hunter was dead, his son Darren's a nobody.
The OCG had no good reason to order such a high-profile assassination.
But two police officers involved in that original corruption are now high-ranking.
You and Chief Constable Osborne.
And both of you had a hell of a lot to lose.
Ian Buckells, did you and/or Chief Constable Osborne collude in a conspiracy to murder Gail Vella? Take your time, Ian.
It's a simple enough question.
But naturally, you're aware failing to cooperate with this inquiry would make you ineligible for witness protection.
And you're also aware that confessing to conspiracy to murder would make you ineligible for immunity from prosecution.
No-one makes mugs of AC-12.
Interview terminated.
- Nice one, mate.
- Nice one, mate.
Well, this is weird, ain't it? Wrapping everything up.
- Do you think Buckells will talk? - I hope so.
The gaffer wants him protected round the clock, in case the OCG come after him.
What we going to do about the gaffer? - I believe him.
- Yeah, me too.
But if Carmichael takes over, that's him out anyway.
Probably me too.
And me, if I decide to come back.
- Will you? - Someone's got to keep you lot in line.
You don't realise what you've got until it's gone.
So, do you want to talk about stuff? You don't have to, just when you're ready.
I've been seeing the MO.
About the painkillers? Yeah.
I had no idea, mate.
I should've told you.
But if people knew, I might have been taken off active duty.
Still might.
I'm sorry.
You just going to stick to the one drink? Why do you ask? It's still early enough to drive up to Liverpool.
I'm not sure it's a good idea to keep seeing Steph.
But you want to? Yeah.
But what chance has it got? You want to be careful, mate.
You're going to end up on your own.
I'm not on my own.
I've got you, mate.
We recognise police officers experience stress and pain in their work.
They can take many forms.
Particularly when an officer's witnessed lethal violence or taken part in it.
Now, that's when the support of friends, family, colleagues can make all the difference.
Me and my partner are separated.
I've got a son, Josh.
He keeps me going.
And colleagues? Yeah, I'm lucky.
I'm working with one of the best.
To be honest, I don't know what I'd do without him.
Darren Hunter's involvement in Lawrence Christopher's murder was deliberately suppressed at the time, due to Hunter being Tommy's son.
I've asked MI to open a cold case inquiry, try and get a conviction this time.
Well, good luck with that.
Ma'am, I'd like us to consider opening a parallel inquiry.
Thurwell gave the orders, no doubt at the behest of Tommy Hunter, but it can't only have been Thurwell who realised the investigation was being sabotaged.
Some of Thurwell's subordinates - are still serving police officers.
- Historic corruption cases aren't a priority.
Come in.
Thank you.
- Steve, Kate.
- Sir.
- Ted.
- Ma'am.
I thought I should inform you that I have lodged an appeal against my enforced retirement.
The Chief Constable's about to make a statement.
Do you mind? No, go ahead.
tribute to the tireless dedication of my officers, who have gained justice for Gail Vella.
I give you my personal assurance that any failings in the original inquiry will be thoroughly investigated.
Lessons will be learnt.
Throughout my career, whenever I've encountered wrongdoing, I've acted.
But let me be clear.
These are the misdeeds of a few rotten apples, and to invoke institutionalised police corruption is an outrageous lie and an insult to my officers.
The public don't want police officers to be held to account for every little thing they're meant to have done.
They want us to get on with the job.
And that's what we will do.
Thank you.
AC-12, my team, my officers, have just closed the biggest anti-corruption operation that this force has ever seen.
Just caught the last ring-leader in a clandestine network of corrupt police officers.
And the Chief Constable hasn't a blind word to say about it! Look, proceedings against Ian Buckells are now with the Crown Prosecutor.
It would be premature to draw conclusions about how much was institutionalised and how much was Ian Buckells working alone.
If I may, Ma'am.
Ian Buckells was an incompetent officer who was repeatedly promoted through the ranks.
The more influence that he gained over police operations, the more valuable he became to the OCGs, till eventually, this incompetent officer became the linchpin in sinister enterprises.
However, none of this, none of this could have happened without the wilful blindness of those in power.
And those in power should be held to account.
It devastates me that we've stopped standing up for accountability and we've stopped caring about truth and integrity.
Because it is these institutional failures that enable the likes of Ian Buckells to be corrupt.
- Thanks, Chloe.
- Ma'am.
I'll let you out, Sir.
I'd like to make a statement about my involvement in the leak of information that led to the unlawful killing of a serving police officer, Detective Sergeant John Corbett.
In an interview conducted by me on a convicted OCG member, Lee Banks, in Blackthorn Prison on the 12th of March 2019 I disclosed that there was an informant in the OCG.
I believe that this information was passed on, and whether or not it was deduced that Corbett was a UCO, he was murdered because of the consequence of my actions.
What do you expect me to do with that information? Well that's entirely up to you, Ma'am.
But whatever you do you do it because you care about truth and accountability.
You do it because you carry the fire.

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