Lisey's Story (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Bool Hunt

Why are they so important to you?
Stories are all I have.
And now I have you.
I love you.
I love you.
You're every story.
It is my distinct pleasure to
introduce to you Mr. Scott Landon…
author of Relics and the Pulitzer
Prize-winning The Coaster's Daughter.
Hey, we love you, Scott!
Well, she's got that right.
We do love this man's work.
There has never been a writer
who has so seamlessly joined
the realistic and the fantastic.
Scott Landon is a national treasure.
Now, he's traveled all the way from
Maine with his lovely wife, Lisette…
…to inaugurate construction
of our own Shipman Library.
It's the 21st century,
and the world has grown dark.
But if every book is a light,
then every library is a bonfire
around which 10,000 people
come every day to warm themselves.
I declare this construction project
open for business!
He's got a gun.
I love you.
If this is a telemarketer,
please take me off your list.
Lisey? Lisey?
Why are you calling my office phone?
I-I-I tried all the--
the other ones in my book.
But you have so many of them.
Yeah, well when Scott was alive,
we needed a lot of 'em. But…
Yeah, well this-- this was the last one.
I thought you and Darla
were coming for lunch.
We are. Darla's getting takeout.
I was supposed to be there already,
but I fell asleep.
Oh, that's you, Lisey.
That's my little sister, Lisey.
Was it-- Was it in Scott's study?
Yeah. Did Darla tell you?
No. I-- I just knew.
'Cause he--
'Cause he's not dead for you, is he?
Not even after two years.
Hey, you okay?
Charlie got married.
Did-- Did you know that?
Yeah, I know. I heard.
Yeah, to a little French postcard
up in St. John valley.
Just-- A dirty French postcard, no doubt.
Yeah, Darla told me. I'm-- I'm sorry, hon.
And he was seeing her all the time
that he was seeing me.
Hey, you okay?
All of the time that he was seeing me!
What-- What are you doing?
What is that? What are you doing?
What was that? Did something break?
No, oh, no. It's nothing.
It's just my heart.
Hey, Amanda? Hey, Amanda?
Amanda! What's going on?
What-- Honey, what's going on?
-Hey, Darla.
Just forget the takeout and get there.
'Cause I think she's doing it again.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Landon.
I just happened to be in the area.
All the way from Tennessee? I doubt it.
Well, I just thought
I'd give it one more try in person.
Try to convince you
of your late husband's papers.
-They belong in the Shipman Library.
-Professor Dashmiel…
-After all, he dedicated it--
-…I can't have this conversation now.
I have a family emergency. Can you
move your car so I can get out?
Please, Mrs. Landon.
Scott Landon's reputation
has done nothing but grow
in the two years since his untimely death.
Now those papers, unpublished works,
they need to be collected.
-Examined. This is hardly the job for--
-It's so funny. It's so funny that you--
that you came today
'cause I was just looking at your picture
in the Horlicks yearbook.
A picture of the-- of the hero who--
who saved the famous writer's life.
But I-- I think reality,
you ran like a rabbit.
-Mrs. Landon.
-You came back, though,
to get your picture taken
and to grab the credit.
I don't care about that.
I never cared about credit.
I don't care about that at all.
But you are not getting in there.
And you are never going to see his papers.
You were nothing but a restaurant hostess
when you caught his eye.
The fact that you slept in his bed
does not give you the right
to withhold his unwritten papers
from the rest of the world.
Oh, my God.
Fuck you.
Fuck you. I'm calling the cops.
-Mrs. Landon.
-If you don't wanna spend a night in jail,
you better be gone
by the time they get here.
Mrs. Landon.
Mrs. Landon.
Get out of my way.
Jim? Roger Dashmiel here.
Can you-- Hey, were you--
Were you in the pool this morning?
I don't know, but Scott-- Scott knew
about the other pool, didn't he?
He did. He knew.
You don't-- You-- You know.
You know, but you-- you lie to yourself.
You lie to yourself. And that's--
that's a talent that I've never had.
Jesus. Jesus, Manda. What happened?
You okay?
She's in her bedroom. I practically had
to carry her up. And you weren't here.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I-- I just had to deal with something.
It's okay.
What's that smell? Is something burning?
It's fucking mac and cheese.
Is she taking her pills?
There's four empty bottles in the trash.
I think she flushed 'em.
-She talking? Or is it like before--
-Like last time? No. Not yet.
I mean, we're not at-- Not right now.
She had plenty to say
when I was cleaning her up.
Hey, big sissa Manda-Bunny?
Poor Amanda.
-Lisey? Lisey?
Blood doesn't come out once it's set.
Yeah, I know.
-Did she eat anything?
-Not a bite.
This is how she was last time, remember?
She came out of it then.
She'll come out of it now.
-Scott helped her the last time.
We should probably get her to the ER.
No, no, no. Just-- Let's wait.
I'll stay with her tonight
and we'll see how she is in the morning.
-You sure?
-Yeah. Yeah, it's my turn.
When does Matt get back from Canada?
Not for another two weeks.
I wish he'd stay away forever.
I don't know. I'm sorry.
It's okay, you're tired.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I don't wanna--
I don't wanna go home anyway
'cause that idiot, Dashmiel, was there.
-Well, call me if she gets worse.
-I will.
She's a troublesome old cow,
but I love her.
Yeah. You're stuck with love, aren't ya?
What did Scott do
the last time you were like this?
He must have done something.
Just tell me what to do…
and I'll do it.
I want… some cocoa.
Okay, Manda-Bunny.
I'll get you some cocoa.
Lisey wanted to come.
I said no. Not this time.
This is just between us.
I learned it a long time ago.
When I was a kid.
This is just between us.
You feel better, right?
It's from the pool.
There's nothing like it.
At least not in this world.
We have to talk… about Lisey.
Okay. Okay.
Hey, Jim.
Yoko Landon still won't give up the goods?
Well, she's being--
A bitch.
Impolitic, but not wrong.
I'm starting to think
she wants him forgotten.
That can't happen. You agree?
You know I do.
You remember that conversation we had
about applying a little pressure?
You said you were good
at persuading people.
Yeah, I am, Roger. Believe me.
And helping 'em understand.
It's just so important.
Unpublished Landon short stories,
maybe even a novel.
Think of it, Jim.
And she's sitting on it like a broody hen.
I can help you out.
You really think you can?
Oh, yeah.
I can't pay you much.
I'm hardly a rich man.
Don't you worry about that, prof.
Scott Landon is life.
His books changed me.
I'll get those papers for you.
No woman gonna say no to me.
-This is hot, so I'm gonna hold it--
-Scott gave me a drink, but not cocoa.
It was cool water. Beautiful water.
He said it was from the pool.
The one in Booya Moon.
What pool?
Only who's gonna…
give me a drink this time?
It was the sweetest water I ever had.
Little Lisey, I wish I had some more.
But he said that the pool…
is dangerous.
You'd look at it
and you don't wanna look away.
What pool?
You know what I'm talking about, Lisey.
You don't want to remember…
but you have to.
He left you a bool hunt.
He told me that. The day that
he gave me my drink, he told me.
He said it's like…
a treasure hunt.
Treasure hunt.
Did you find the first clue?
I'll tell you because he told me.
It's the silver shovel
that you saved him with.
And he said that you would
see it even before you saw it.
Did you?
He left another clue
and he said that you would figure it out.
He was special. He was special.
-I know sometimes he just went away, poof.
Nobody could disappear like Scott Landon.
Amanda, what is it?
You solve all the riddles,
find all the clues…
then you get a prize.
You must have loved it a lot.
I did.
But I love you even more.
You do?
I do.
I love you too.
-You know--
-Shut the fuck up.
You know. You know.
It makes a sound.
Needless to say,
that lecture has been canceled.
Recapping our top story,
best-selling writer, Scott Landon, was
shot this afternoon on the Horlicks campus
and was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital
where he is listed to be
in critical condition.
Your husband's condition is serious,
but he's stable.
We may even be able to save his lung.
It was only a .22, thank God.
-That was more than enough.
-I only meant--
No, I know. I know what you meant,
thank you. Thank you.
Is he really gonna be okay?
That's a promise I never make,
but his odds are good.
There will be a long period
of recovery, of course.
Maybe not as long as you think.
The Landons are fast healers.
Can I see him?
Of course. But don't expect to
have a conversation. He's on oxygen.
Where did you go?
You know.
No, I don't.
You know.
Just tell me that you're gonna get better.
I'm okay.
-All Landons are--
-Fast healers, I know. I know.
What happened to the guy who shot me?
I don't-- I don't know.
I don't know, I don't care.
I've been so afraid that
something like this would happen.
Yeah, but most of them--
Most of them love you,
but it only takes one who doesn't.
Scott. He's got a gun.
You stole my mind.
Be quiet.
Hey, babyluv.
I miss you so much.
You're on a bool hunt.
To convince myself
That this feeling just ain't right
Oh, yeah
It's too late to turn back now
I believe, I believe
I believe I'm falling in love
It's too late to turn back now
I believe, I believe
I believe I'm falling in love
Oh, yeah
I wouldn't mind it
If I knew she really loved me too
But I'd hate to think
That I'm in love alone
And there's nothing that I can do, no
It's too late to turn back now
To turn back now
I believe, I believe
I believe I'm falling in love
In love
It's too late to turn back now
I believe, I believe
I believe I'm falling in love
It's too late to turn back now
I believe, I believe
I believe I'm falling in love
Yeah, put your hands together
for these hardworking musicians.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Dave Debusher.
Dandy Dave!
That's right. Dandy Dave Debusher.
And this morning I had the pleasure
of giving away my daughter
to a man who don't deserve her.
But who may grow to--
who may grow to deserve her.
Lisey says he's gonna be a great writer.
Something about magical surrealism.
I got my doubts.
But Lisey says
he's got a contract on this book.
And he's bound for the stars,
and that's good enough for me and Ma.
He went on like that all night.
Oh, he loved you, hon.
He was drunk.
Yeah. And he loved you.
Why a bool hunt?
Why now?
What did your brother call it?
Is it a blood-bool?
It's coming.
But right now
you need to take care of Amanda.
Follow the clues and get your prize.
If you'll just indulge me,
I'd like to get this wonderful
young couple for one more dance.
Come on.
Daddy, we already-- we already did it.
Come on,
let's give them a hand, everybody.
Good lovin'
Good lovin'
I was feelin' so bad
I had to ask my family doctor
Just what I had
-So I said Doctor
Mr. M.D.
-Won't you tell me, tell me
Look at us, we're--
-Tell me what's ailing me?
Scott? Scott?
Come back!
Good lovin'
All I need is lovin'
Good lovin'
Hey. Big sissa, Manda-Bunny, hey.
Let's go back to bed.
We're closing, sir. Soon.
Do you know this was Scott Landon's
favorite book when he was a kid?
Finally got around to reading it.
No, I didn't know that.
Well, you must--
you must have known him, right?
Didn't he pay for this library?
I knew him to speak to him,
but I-- I knew his wife better.
Lisa. Lisey.
Yeah, she used to come in often.
Sometimes she read to the children.
Actually, I believe
it was she who funded the--
No, the money came from him.
Didn't it? Everything came from him.
Well, I suppose so.
In a manner of speaking--
Ain't no manner about it.
Everything came from him.
Four years old.
Said it taught him
the power of the imagination.
Oh. That's very interesting.
The power of the imagination,
think on that.
A seed was planted and it grew from here.
You know how I found that out?
I got it from my professor friend
who knows everything about Scott Landon.
His name is Dashmiel. It's a funny name.
It could be in one of Scott's books.
But I call him Scott
'cause I feel like I-- I know him.
By their work shall you know them.
Sir, I really have to close now. So--
Dashmiel, like you're hungry, really
hungry, so you have to dash for a meal.
Get it? Dashmiel, "dash for a meal."
You know, you should put this book
in its own special case.
With a little plaque underneath that says,
"Scott Landon started here."
So it could inspire generations to come.
What do you think?
Yeah, I think that's a good idea.
Sir, I really have to close up.
You could…
put it right here so all the children
could see it every day
and get inspired by it.
Yes. I think that's a good idea.
I think we'll do it.
we see eye to eye on that.
Campers forever.
Campers forever.
Beam me up, Scotty.
Beam me up, Scotty.
Dashmiel, dash for a meal. Think on
that 'cause there's something there.
I will.
And put that book in its own special case.
That's a fine idea.
This place ain't here
because of that bitch he married.
It's here 'cause of him.
I said Doctor
Mr. M.D.
Won't you tell me
What's wrong with me
I said Doctor
Mr. M.D.
Okay. All right.
We're gonna go again. Ready?
Count of three.
One. Two. Three.
And-- Come on, babe.
Mrs. Landon.
Hi. Yes, this is Lisa. Lisey.
Mrs. Landon, let me begin by saying
how sorry I am for your loss.
Your husband signed
several of his books for me,
and they are among
my most treasured possessions.
Thank you, Dr. Alberness.
That's very, very kind of you.
Now my guess is you are calling
about your sister, Amanda Debusher.
How'd you know that?
Scott would--
He invited me to lunch three years ago.
He said his sister-in-law
had suffered a bout of self-harm.
Yeah, cutting.
Yes. Followed by semi-catatonia.
He said he believed those behaviors
might recur. Is that the case?
It is. But Dr. Alberness--
Call me Hugh.
He left your number
in Amanda's address book for me to find.
Probably just a precaution.
We toured the facility here
after our lunch.
And I promised that if your sister
suffered the break with reality
-Scott feared might come--
-That you'd find a place for her.
He must have loved her very much.
He loved both of my sisters.
Let me expedite this situation
for you, Mrs. Landon.
I-- I'd love to do something for
my favorite writer. And-- And his widow.
Thank-- Thank you, thank you.
I really appreciate that.
So if you'll just connect me with
your accounts department,
then I can arrange for payment.
Your husband arranged for payment himself.
He said all I had to do was make a call
and the fees would be paid.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Thank you.
-He was a generous man.
-Thank you. I appreciate that.
Of-- Of course, of course.
I should've told you this
before we got married.
I don't wanna talk about
anything serious. It's so nice in here.
Do you remember that night I cut myself
and you asked if I was crazy?
I have visions.
I write them down
and people pay to read them.
But you're a writer. It's your job.
You asked me about my family,
my daddy and my brother.
And you said those were hard memories.
They are.
Take good care of her.
We will, ma'am.
How did he know?
How did Scott know?
I don't know.
Mrs. Landon.
Yeah. Yeah, who's this?
Well, you can call me Jim.
Jim who?
How about Jim Dandy?
Yeah, okay, I'm hanging up now, okay?
Oh, come on, missus, I only want a minute.
There's a man who came to see you
about your husband's papers.
Oh, oh, okay. Yeah. Great. Great.
You-- you-- you must
be a friend of Dashmiel's, huh?
So is this a-- this a sales pitch?
I guess you could call it
something like that, you see.
-Yeah, no, I don't. I don't. I don't.
-Don't what?
Because I thought that
I made myself perfectly clear.
I mean, I thought I did. I guess I didn't.
Maybe you and him didn't
get off to such a good start, but--
Well, you could definitely say
that we didn't get off to a good start.
Professor Dashmiel knows more about
Scott Landon than anyone else on Earth.
God. He knows more?
So being married to him doesn't count?
You don't think that counts?
You don't know somebody when you're
married to them? That doesn't count?
Maybe you do know that he said that
I was nothing but a restaurant hostess?
What I mean to say is--
Oh, God. Come on.
Did I ask you to call?
Did I? Did I invite you to call me?
No! No, I didn't.
I didn't ask for this, please.
Well, you're talking to me now
and not the prof,
and I'm telling you you're
gonna give the prof what he wants.
No ifs or maybe laters,
you're gonna start by giving it to me,
and then I'm gonna give it to him.
You had no right to Scott Landon.
Not when he was alive
and not now that he's gone on.
You never understood his greatness.
That's what the prof says.
So you're gonna call him and
you're gonna tell him everything's okay.
Yoko's giving up the goods.
Yoko? Did you just--
Did you just fucking call me Yoko?
Now if that doesn't happen soon,
I'm going to come to where you're at
and I'm going to hurt you in places
you didn't allow the boys to
touch at junior high dances.
Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
Mrs. Landon?
-Yes, missus?
-Can you hear me?
Well, you're a little low-pitched,
but yes, I can hear you.
Go fuck yourself!
-He's got a gun.
-A shooter! Gun!
-You stole my stories.
You stole my mind.
It's very close, honey.
There's many faces.
I don't understand.
I don't-- I don't understand.
You know.
You know.
Long boy.
Shut the fuck up.
It makes a sound.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
That didn't happen.
You know.
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