Lisey's Story (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Now You Must Be Still

This is five, over.
This is base, over.
What's up, Danny?
Everything is quiet at the Landon house.
I'm gonna go home and get some shut-eye.
Beckman, 10-10 at 1:25 a.m. Got it.
I'm gonna swing by
her sister's house on my way. She's--
She's away.
If he gets too close,
I want you to stick him.
Right into his neck. Okay?
I love you, Daddy.
I love you too, kiddo.
this is hot, so I'm gonna
hold this for you, okay?
Scott gave me a drink, but not cocoa.
It was cool water.
It was beautiful water.
It's the Hollyhocks! Go faster!
It's the Hollyhocks, it's the Hollyhocks,
it's the Hollyhocks, it's the Hollyhocks.
Pictures. Lighthouse.
I'll help you, Lisey.
Only bring me home.
Bring me home, Lisey. Bring me home!
Yes. Yes. I'll bring you.
Help me.
You okay?
He was here, right?
Okay, well, if he comes back,
we are well stocked.
So this is what I found.
This, which I think is a pepper spray.
This is a kind of Mace, I think.
Our sister was really fond of Mace.
This is also-- it's like a Mace gun.
Kill him with some Mace.
This seems interesting to me.
It's called a screecher,
and I think it makes a big sound
and maybe we can scare him off
or make him go deaf or something like
And this is the taser
that I was telling you about, so
"Thanks, Darla." Oh, you're welcome. Okay.
How you doing?
I'm sure I could've found other things,
but her house is even creepier
without her in it, so
Wow. You've really packed a lot up.
You're making progress. That's good.
You could be an anchor too.
I can't risk having both of my sisters
stranded over there.
Right. Right.
I haven't had my coffee yet.
Come on. Where'd you go?
Oh, shit.
Lisey. Lisey, Lisey!
The flowers.
Can I touch them? Is it safe?
I took one back once,
but it died right away.
Lisey, what just happened?
Where did you go?
I knew that you wouldn't believe me
without a demonstration.
Scott was right. Water is best.
-I was in Booya Moon.
-No, no, no.
Amanda's there too. Part of her, anyway.
Yeah, okay, okay. You-- You--
You're starting to s-scare me now.
Look, I brought this back for you.
-It's a trick, right?
-I really hate this, Lisey.
-I know. I know you do. I'm so sorry.
I want to go home.
-No. No.
-I want to go home for a little while.
-I want to get back into bed.
-No, I need you, and I need Amanda.
I need my sisters.
He's gonna kill us.
This is real.
-Professor Dashmiel, it's Lisa Landon.
I don't want to talk to you.
I've explained already.
I just wa-- I just
I just wanted to tell you that I'm--
I'm considering lodging a suit against you
for half a million dollars for harassment.
Miss Landon, I--
My lawyers want it
to be three millions dollars,
but I was like, "There's no way
that he can ever make that.
But half a million, I mean if he,
like, you know, sells some stock
and empties out his IRA and gets rid of
his house, well, he can do that, right?"
-Miss Landon, I apologize. I'm so sorry.
-Oh, God.
You know what Scott would say?
He would say, "If sorry were rain,
the Sahara would be underwater."
But there are some things that you could
do that would make me change my mind.
Of course. Anything.
Okay. So if Dooley contacts you--
Miss Landon, I told you--
Listen to me! Listen to me, listen to me.
Listen to me.
If Dooley gets in touch with you,
tell him that I have changed my mind,
I've regained my senses,
and he should meet me tonight
in my husband's study at 10:00 p.m.
You sound like a person
that's about to get herself into
a great deal of trouble, Mrs. Landon.
Well, you-- you'd know about that,
wouldn't you?
Okay, so here's the second thing.
It's a flat lie,
but I figured since
you've been telling everybody
you saved my husband's life
all these years,
that you'd be okay with that.
I want you to call the Cleaves Mills
Police Department, talk to Chief Richards,
and tell him that
your pet maniac called you
and said he was scared off by the police.
Do you understand
what I'm asking you to do?
-Yes, I-- But--
-You do, you understand.
Do you understand me?
Well, your threat's empty.
I engaged a lawyer and he said--
Oh, you have a lawyer?
Yeah, well, I have a bunch.
I also have $60 million,
so if we decide to ass fuck you,
you're gonna be bleeding for a long time.
Mr. Dooley, it's Lisa Landon.
I'm gonna visit my sister in Auburn,
-but then meet me here at 10:00 p.m.--
-Okay, stop. No, no, no.
Rewind. That was terrible.
Mr. Dooley, it's Lisa Landon. Please don't
hurt me. You win, you can have it all.
Meet me at 10:00 p.m,
and I promise I won't--
-I hate that. I can't do that.
-It's not good.
Mr. Dooley, it's Lisey Landon.
You win. I'll give you whatever you want.
Meet me here at 10:00 p.m. I won't call
the police, but please just don't hurt me.
Don't hurt me anymore.
That was good.
No, none of-- none of this is good.
You know what you're doing, right?
Whenever Scott started a speaking tour
to promote one of his books,
he always began his talks
with the same idea.
Talked about the struggle.
Said that every novel is a struggle
between the writer and the story,
and the writer always tried to hold on,
but at a certain point, he had to let go
and let the story tell itself.
And that's what I'm trying to do now.
This story has a happy ending, right?
I don't know.
Hi. We're here to see our sister.
Of course. Oh, you might want to know.
Amanda, Miss Debusher, was talking
a little, but now she's stopped.
And Dr. Gold says we may have to
catheterize her because she's not moving.
Okay. Okay, thanks.
Well, of course she's not moving. She's
in that other place. Boolie Moon, right?
Yes. Lots of others like her, thousands.
But she's also here.
Yes, because she's a double.
-Don't forget she's also an anchor.
Sorry, I don't get any of this.
You don't have to understand.
-No, I don't have to, but I'd like to.
-God, just stop it, okay?
Hey, Amanda, it's Darla.
Won't you look at me?
Pirate ships are fine for little girls.
That was a long time ago.
We need you back.
Is this how your story ends?
With her living here for the next 20 years
and peeing in a bag?
Scott knew you for what you are,
didn't he?
He knew you were a cutter.
Just like him.
He knew that you were one of the gone.
He went after you
the last time you went away.
He did something,
but he knew that it might happen again,
so he reserved a place for you here.
I think he foresaw everything.
Including Jim Dooley.
Will you let me know if you hear me?
What did he do, Amanda?
How did he bring you back?
In the bad.
That's when you cut.
To let it out.
I know all about it.
Learned it a long time ago.
When I was a kid.
This is just between us.
Kissed me.
It was cool water. Beautiful water.
He said it was from the pool.
The one in Booya Moon.
How? I can see you.
I can see-- I can see you.
Couldn't get up. It was so awful.
It was awful.
But he said that you would--
you would come for me,
because you came for him,
and you came for me.
-You did.
-Scott? Scott?
Scott told you that?
When-- When did he tell you that?
It was some-- It was--
It was after my last break
and not long before he died.
But he said that--
that I should come back,
and that I should come home,
because you needed me.
-I do.
-You do need me.
I do need you.
I need you. I need you.
I need you both,
because someone is trying to hurt me.
-Someone-- Someone is trying to kill me.
-Okay, what are we gonna tell the doctor?
What would Scott have told him?
What you doing?
Is that The Night People?
Yeah. I just got it back from Carson,
my esteemed editor.
Look at this.
"Creaks a bit, old boy"?
Can't believe he said that.
Are you gonna fix it or fight him?
Fix it, probably. He's right.
The reunion scene's a little unbelievable.
On the other hand, look at this.
That is so cute.
I don't know what it has to do
with your editor, though.
Well, what would he say if Ralph the corgi
turned up in one of my books?
Well, he'd probably say
that it creaked a bit.
We novelists, you know,
we have to worry about motivation,
beware of coincidence,
you know, and describe the situations,
which is total bullshit.
Life doesn't work like that. Never did.
Reality is a fucking dog
that somehow travels 1,500 miles
and turns up at home after three years.
Ralph is reality.
That would make a good bumper sticker.
Dance with me, babyluv.
No, I have to go downtown
and run some errands.
-I'll be back this aft--
-Fuck downtown. Fuck errands.
Life is short. Dance with me, babyluv.
Okay, careful.
We're going down now. Down.
It's okay, it's okay.
There you go.
Miss Debusher.
We'd like to see Dr. Alberness, please.
I'm leaving.
We were visiting with her. We were just--
We were just talking to her, as you
suggested, and-- and she came around.
Is that really what happened?
Yes, and I need to go home now.
I don't think that would be
the wisest course of--
Hey, is that you?
You're in good shape.
Thank you.
what's the last thing you remember,
I I cut myself.
I was in my house.
I cut myself, Lisey came,
then Darla, may-- maybe both of them,
and then I woke up here.
That-- That's what it was like waking up.
And I'm-- I think
because they called me back.
I have heard of such things.
I mean, there-- there are cases
in Jung's Psychological Types.
But I've never seen one.
Well, frankly, I'm-- I'm amazed.
Whoa! Bruce Springsteen?
That's-- That's The Boss. I mean
You-- You actually met him?
Yes, yes. Backstage passes. Amanda--
So, was he, like, nice,
or was he all show-bizzy?
Oh, very nice.
Amanda, I-- I think
you should stay a few days,
just to make sure everything's okay.
I appreciate the-- the care that
you have given me, Dr. Alberness,
but I-- I need to go now.
We will be with her day and night,
Dr. Alberness.
And, of course,
I'll arrange for her ongoing care.
Well, I hardly think I'm gonna be
needing any ongoing care, though--
No, I think you're gonna need
some ongoing care,
so I'm gonna talk to Hugh
and the doctors about this.
-No. Lisey
-That's what you're gonna need.
Okay. This is highly irregular. Now,
I think I should at least do a few tests.
Hugh, do you know what
Scott would've said about this?
"Don't analyze. Utilize."
Accept the gift.
Accept the gift.
Al Gore. I love him.
I voted for him.
He's done such great things.
You know he actually won an Oscar?
Did you treat him? I know you can't say,
but I'd love to know.
Scott loved him too.
It's a good shot of you.
Very handsome.
Here we go.
Is he a prick or is it just me?
He's a prick.
Al Gore.
My panties are all getting damp.
Yep, forgot how restful and peaceful
it was when you were catatonic.
Okay. She's out. That's the important
thing. We got her out.
No, no, it was a voluntary committal.
They couldn't keep me.
Dear God, here comes the gratitude.
I am grateful.
You'll never know.
Thank you, both. Thank you.
All right.
-No, no, no, no. This way.
-No, no, no, sweetie.
Car's this way.
And I knew that I was going,
and I just--
I couldn't stop it, and then
I thought that
I would be there forever and
Oh, God.
You rescued me, Lisey.
Because she needs you. We both do.
We love you, you troublesome old thing.
Pull in, Lisey. Here, please.
-Pull in, pull in. Lisey, pull in here.
-What? No. No. It's gonna rain a bitch.
No, I want to watch the storm.
-Pull over, please, Lisey. Please.
-Okay. Okay, okay.
And I want you to tell me everything.
Before the rain comes.
So, do you understand everything
that I've told you?
He's your basic loony.
He's jealous of you, also hot for you.
What's not to understand?
And you understand why
she can't go to the police, right?
Yeah, I-- Yeah. I get it, I get it.
I have a gun.
No, you don't have a gun
because Darla threw it in the river,
-so you don't have a gun anymore.
-You are nuts, both of you.
You want to call it Banella, you want to
call it Boolie Moon. It doesn't exist.
-Darla, you saw me go there.
-I saw you regurgitate water in her mouth.
Oh, is that it? That's it?
That's what you saw?
-Stop, okay?
No! He hurt me! He fucked with me!
And the next time he fucks with me
is the last time he fucks with anybody.
That's right. You were the steel in his
spine. Always, from the very beginning.
Oh, Scott had plenty of spine.
Yes, in his whole childhood, he used it
to get out of his childhood alive.
What did he tell you, Amanda?
What did he tell you?
-He could've killed me.
-Here comes the rain.
-He could've killed me.
It wasn't just the--
the light was on or there were dishes
in your sink or the bed was unmade,
there were crumbs every--
There was food on your counter
'cause he was eating your food, Manda,
like fuckin' Goldilocks.
My house? He was in my house? He--
-We have to kill him.
-And there was a smell.
I don't know if it was his sweat or feet.
There was a smell and--
Dooley was there.
He was there when I went to get the gun.
Probably was there. He probably was there,
because he's a fucking idiot.
I bet he was watching me the whole time.
Either he was under the bed
or in the closet.
We have to kill him.
Amanda, Jesus!
Damn it!
You think you could really kill him?
And get rid of the body in that place?
-Can I help?
-Yes! Yes.
Will you help us kill him?
Yeah. I got no problem with killing him.
Let's fucking kill him.
-Let's fucking kill him!
-Fucking kill him!
-Let's fucking kill him!
-Fucking kill him!
Let's fucking kill him!
-Let's fucking kill him!
Fuck yeah! Let's fucking kill him!
Mr. Dooley, it's Lisey Landon. You win.
You can have whatever you want.
Meet me here at 10:00 p.m.
I won't call the police.
Just don't hurt me anymore, please.
Looks like you got caught out.
Yeah, I did, and I enjoyed it too.
How are you?
Chief Richards says that
this nonsense is about to be over.
He spoke to the professor
and he said that fella that
was stalking you has left the area.
That's wonderful news.
But do you believe it?
You're the one who always says
these guys are show and go, right?
Yeah, but he could be playing us.
Look, the station is
spread a little thin tonight.
I-I don't mind sticking around.
You should get some rest.
All right. Well, you have my number
on speed dial, and the station too, yeah?
Yeah. Well, I'll call you first
if anything happens, okay?
-All right, that's a deal.
Now dry off. And you have a safe night.
Told him I'd call him if I needed him.
I hate to put you guys in danger.
I think we'd be in less danger if Darla
hadn't thrown my gun in the river.
Let's just forget the gun, okay?
We're clear on the plan, right?
Yeah, he's not gonna be expecting
three against one.
-Okay, yeah.
The only thing, Lisey, is the,
the path you want us to walk on
has got poison ivy on both sides.
Oh, my God, then don't touch it.
And just-- And bring her back to-- to
your house. Don't-- Don't go to Amanda's.
Right. I'm not an idiot.
And the diner downtown first.
I want a cheeseburger and fries
the way I like them, burnt black.
Yeah. I know how you like it.
I know how you like it.
What are you talking about?
-Officer in uniform.
-Oh, my God.
-You flirted with the cop.
-I did not! I--
Don't make fun of me.
He'll come.
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