Little Bird (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Bineshe Kwe


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Oh, I wish it would rain ♪
To wash away my pain ♪
I wish it would rain ♪
Hey, Little Bird, I remember you ♪
You, with your dreams up
higher than you could fly ♪
Hey, I remember you ♪
Hey, Little Bird ♪
Lost in the summer sun ♪
Those were the days when
your feathers were new ♪
And I remember you ♪
Little Bird ♪
Now it's all comin' back ♪
The whole world is your habitat ♪
But more than that, if we meet again ♪
Will you know me? ♪
So, Little Bird ♪
Flash your colours and I will say ♪
Glide into time with
the moon on your wing ♪
Little Bird ♪
Little Bird ♪
Little Bird ♪
Like a gull on the sea ♪
Your resting place could be Heaven ♪
Or countless oceans far from me ♪
[GOLDA] Oh, look at this.
This is so beautiful.
Your colouring.
You know, Esther,
she's very good at art.
You should see her stuff sometime.
[YVONNE] Morning, Bezhig.
Oh, good morning. Excuse me one moment.
[MAGGIE] I forgot how much I coloured.
- [MAGGIE] Don't look at that.
- [YVONNE] Okay.
They'll turn into persons.
[YVONNE] I won't look at it.
- [MAGGIE] I just feel like
- [YVONNE] Mm-hmm.
May his memory be a blessing.
[YVONNE] Here.
Made it nice and strong.
[BEZHIG] Thank you.
[MAGGIE] Hey, come
back and colour this in.
[YVONNE] Maybe do it yourself.
No, no, she's right. I said I would.
Esther was the same way.
Natural leader, that's
what they called it
on her report cards, but
what they really meant
was likes to tell everyone what to do.
- Which one? This one?
Okay, listen, you're a scary lady
so I'll do whatever you say.
[YVONNE] It's a sacred fire.
It burns for four days
when someone passes away.
You can go outside if you want to.
Come here. I'll take it.
Yeah, open that up.
So we take some.
Open your left hand. Yeah.
Come this direction.
It's the first medicine
given to us by the Creator.
Put it in our right hand.
And you offer it to the fire
and then, well, prayers go up.
Here, here take it.
Your mom's cool.
She she played with the kids.
And then she'll probably make breakfast.
I thought when she
was going to come here,
she was going to scoop you up,
bring you back to Montreal.
But no. [CHUCKLES]
- [GOLDA] I can join?
- Yeah, of course. Here.
No, Leo. Can I show her?
Mom, you take this.
It's the first medicine
given to us by Creator.
And put it in your left hand.
And hold.
Then you come around the fire
this way, in this direction.
And put the medicine in your right hand.
And you pray.
And your prayers get
taken up to the Creator
when you offer the medicine to the fire.
[LEO] Here, Golda, take my chair.
- I'll leave you two alone.
- [GOLDA] Thank you.
[LEO] Yes.
[GOLDA] Hmm.
The last time I was in
Regina was to adopt you.
I liked it here.
Because I was going to meet you.
Mom. I'm sorry.
[SNIFFLES] I'm sorry for what I said.
You're a good girl.
You're a good girl.
I still love you 'til my days ♪
[ANNOUNCER] Sad news from
Long Pine First Nation today.
The lead singer of Native Son
known as Henry Thompson,
born Niizh Little Bird,
will be laid to rest in his home
community of Long Pine tomorrow.
His debut album explores
themes of culture and identity.
Sending prayers to his loved ones.
Here's another track from Native Son.
This is "Lullaby."
The wind, the wind
cries at moonlight ♪
And darkness fills the skies ♪
I'm always here with you ♪
Close your eyes and hear the sound ♪
A river flowing strong ♪
I'm always here with you ♪
The waves will crash
and trees will shake ♪
Hold on to more than ♪
- [BRIGIT] Hello, everyone.
- [ASIN] Hey, everybody.
Mom, this is my Auntie Brigit.
- Hi.
- Hello.
So, you're Golda?
Right. Sorry. This is
my grandfather, Asin.
- Happy to meet you.
- [ASIN] Likewise.
So how was he? Is he
still a little shit?
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm going to go back out to
the fire to give Leo a break.
You going to be okay?
So, um, what do you guys want me to do?
- The cake is almost finished.
- [BRIGIT] Oh, yeah?
You just need to start the moose stew.
[BEZHIG] Well, I'm
done cutting vegetables,
if there's anything else
that needs to be done.
Esther, she can cut vegetables.
Don't let her cook.
[YVONNE] Hello?
Ah, yeah, it is. Yeah, she's here.
Hold on.
Um, Esther. It's for you.
- Hello?
- [DOUG] Esther.
Hi, I'm calling from the
hospital 'cause baby's here.
- Doug?
- Yeah.
- She came this morning.
- Wow! Congratulations.
Thanks. Yeah.
I can't wait for you to meet this baby.
Wait, does Dora know you're calling me?
Yeah. Yeah.
I told her I'd try this number,
see if I could reach you.
We're at Saint Mary's
Hospital, room 324.
You going to come?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you for letting me drive you.
I broke up with David.
I know.
I know all of it.
That you ended your
engagement, that you smoke.
I think you're making a mistake.
But it is your mistake to make.
Thank you.
Get married. Don't get married.
But don't quit law school.
And it's not because
I want you to become
a fancy lawyer so I
could boast about it.
It's because I just want you
to have your independence.
There's a good law school in Regina.
It's not great. But it's good.
[BEZHIG] Hi. Mazel Tov.
- Congratulations.
- [DOUG] Thank you.
Come see baby.
Look, it's your Auntie Bezhig.
Oh, she's so tiny.
Her name is Bineshiikwe.
Bineshii means bird, kwe means woman.
It's beautiful.
What's that on your shirt?
It's a Jewish thing.
Thank you for calling me.
Yeah, of course.
Yeah, we wanted you to meet the baby.
So, how did it all go?
[LAUGHING] It was real crazy, actually.
My water broke in the cab,
and the cab driver was like,
"It's okay. It's just
a seat. This is life."
And my labour was fucking 27 hours long,
so I'm just sitting on ice packs.
- Wow. 27 hours.
- Dora Mueller?
Yes, that's me.
[MR. MILLER] I work for
Child Protective Services.
- Is this the father?
- [DORA] Yeah.
[MR. MILLER] I will
speak to the mother alone.
Take the father out.
[DOUG] It'll be fine.
[MR. MILLER] I'm not
here to remove right now.
I'm here to determine if the new child
- has appropriate care.
- I'd like to stay.
- And you are?
- Her sister.
Any interruption to this process
will mean a call to the police.
You're receiving social assistance?
[DORA] Yes.
- Are you currently soliciting?
- [DORA] No.
- To supplement your income?
- [DORA] I'm not.
[MR. MILLER] You have an address?
189 Oak Street, Regina.
[MR. MILLER] If I went
into your home right now,
would I find a crib?
[DORA] You would. Yes.
[MR. MILLER] Would I find
food in the fridge? Diapers?
We are here to determine
whether you're a fit mother.
[MR. MILLER] to support
this child, to pay for food.
[DORA] Yes.
I'd like to ask a question.
I'm a lawyer.
Is my sister legally
obligated to answer you?
Once a report has been received,
it's in the parent's best
interest to cooperate.
The baby was born this morning.
I don't understand why
there's a concern for care.
Based on what?
[MR. MILLER] Based on your
sister's criminal record,
her demeanor while in hospital.
Do you have a card?
Okay, Mr. Miller, I'm
going to be advising
my sister through this process.
[MR. MILLER] Give me a minute.
[BEHZIG] Just breathe. It's okay.
- Fuckers.
- It's going to be okay.
We won't be removing
the child this morning.
That said, there's now
an open investigation.
We'll be making a home
visit in the next few days.
- When?
- When we choose to.
[DORA] They're gonna take my
[SOBBING] They're gonna take my baby.
No, they're not. No, no, no, listen.
No, we got the crib, we
got diapers, we got formula.
We got everything. Okay?
It's not happening.
It's not happening,
baby. Listen. It's okay.
[DORA] My baby!
[DOUG] They're not taking your
baby away from you, they're not.
You should have told me.
I would have come in.
I would have helped.
It's fine.
After you left,
I looked and I found reports
from the provincial courts
about mothers losing children.
This thing that happened
to you and to your family
This is disgusting.
When I first met you,
you were all dressed up in a nice dress,
but you didn't smile.
And I thought, "She has lost everyone
I have lost everyone,
this is a good match."
It wasn't true.
You had a family.
So, now you need to make
decisions for yourself.
You need to choose what you want.
What do you mean?
I mean, this is your life.
You choose.
It's so beautiful, innit?
It was your father's.
It's for Niizh?
Leo thought it'd be
nice to have him wear it.
Give her some time.
Oh, my girl.
- Morning.
- Mm-mm.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
You're wearing the same
black ribbon from yesterday.
Yeah. It's a tradition.
[GOLDA] Okay. We made these today.
Wow. It's fast.
You must really like bannock, right?
Oh, my God. It's so good.
[MISHOOMI] Good morning,
everyone. We're here.
- That's the one I made.
- [GIRL] Morning.
Ah, Mom, I think you made this bannock.
Excuse me. Very insulting.
[BEHZIG] Hi. Good morning.
Hi, Mishoomi.
[MISHOOMI] Hi, Maggie. Good morning.
Where's, uh, where's Leo?
He went to go get Niihz.
Morning, Bezhig. Oh!
One of these for me.
Mishoomi, why don't you have a seat?
I wish I could, but I
have an errand to run,
and I'd really like some help.
Come on. Car's outside.
Go on, then. [LAUGHING]
Just don't let him boss you around.
[MISHOOMI] That errand
ain't gonna run itself.
Bye, Mom.
[BRIGIT] Where's your good coffee?
Mmm. Let me get it for you.
[GOLDA] Beautiful out here.
We like it.
The sky is so big.
I feel like it's going to eat me.
I can see why she likes it so much here.
You should take those
off. It'd be easier.
Suit yourself.
What we have here, Golda
is Buffalo Sage.
It's the most potent
and sweetest smelling of the species.
It's good medicine.
Smell it.
This is for you. You bag, I'll pick.
Your daughter seems to be
handling this all pretty well.
I don't know what it's
like to find family.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You lost your grandson.
I live for Esther.
I can't imagine losing her.
I know loss. I'm sorry.
You know, they gave me a number
when I was a kid in Indian school.
I want to tell you something.
I think you did a really
beautiful job with Esther.
You really did.
So we're just going to fill
up this bowl for the offerings.
I remember all the childhood heroes ♪
Oh, I think I might've
put too much in here.
That's okay. You can take some out.
He's going to be here?
Yeah. Yeah, right here.
I got him.
He's home.
After you drive, you give ♪
Would you like some cake?
No. You have a big family.
Yes. Wait until you meet
the rest of them, Esther.
They're going to love you.
And after you've gotten over ♪
Bezhig, someone wants to see you.
Go, go, go.
Take away the pain ♪
I see it in your red eyes ♪
That you get hurt a lot ♪
[BEZHIG] Dora.
Esther. Hello.
Hi. Thanks for coming.
Can I hold her?
Do you want to go meet your brother?
Yeah. Thanks for coming.
- Let's go for a walk.
- Okay.
She looks just like you
when you were a baby.
She's like the best baby I ever met.
- Bezhig.
- [BEZHIG] Hi, Mishoomi.
[MISHOOMI] Hey, my
girl. How're you doing?
What'd they call Niizh? Henry?
Yeah, that's funny. They call him that.
That was my uncle's name.
He was real haywire, too.
He was a scrappy little kid,
always fighting all the time.
He didn't change one bit either.
- Look, I got proof.
Oh, I pray for you at night ♪
As I sing and hold you tight ♪
Pray that you will grow into ♪
A man to hold on to ♪
And no matter that's unknown ♪
[ASIN] Our work here is to
prepare Niizh for his journey.
It is why we've gathered
like this for four days.
We feast.
We offer tobacco and
pray to Gitche Manitou,
our ancestors and relatives
who have passed on
for they will be the ones
who will help guide Niizh
through the doorway in the West
so he can find his way.
But it's also for us here
to be together during
this time of grieving.
Yes, it can be very lonely for us here.
Yet it's very important
to allow yourself
to move through those feelings of grief
and to lean on each other for support.
Hold on to your courage ♪
Hold on to your pride ♪
Hold on to the fire ♪
Burning deep inside ♪
Hold on to your kindness ♪
Fill your heart with light ♪
Hold on to the river ♪
Let it flow with might ♪
Oh, I pray that you will always ♪
[ASIN] We gathered here today
to welcome one of our sons home.
We are saddened when our relatives
come back to us in this way.
When their lives are
no longer on this earth.
But our community
is blessed.
For two of our daughters
have found their way back.
Dora and Bezhig are home,
and we embrace them.
Bezhig, Niizh, Dora.
They were raised away from here
and they've all come home.
Niizh, as a little boy, he loved music,
and he grew to be a fine musician.
And he leaves us that legacy.
So we can all enjoy
forever through his songs.
What a gift that is.
My mind turns to all the children
whose gifts we never
got a chance to discover.
Not just for this loss
that we are marking,
but for all our loss.
And for all the children
who have been taken away
from us in so many ways.
When someone returns home to us,
we are filled with hope.
We are hopeful
for our return to
culture, to our language.
Every return is meaningful.
Our son.
Our brother.
Our cousin, our grandson.
Our twin.
Niizh Little Bird is home now
as he makes his journey
to the spirit world.
We can be grateful that
he starts his journey here,
where he was born.
We didn't get a chance to
know Niizh as a young man,
but his spirit can rest now.
Not lost, but found.
[GOLDA] Esther.
Let me take a picture
of you and your family.
That would be nice.
Come, we take a picture.
Leo, we're gonna take a picture.
Come let's take a picture of the family.
- Auntie!
[ASIN] Photo op!
[GOLDA] So we take a good picture.
- Come on, gang.
- Get in.
Come! Bring it in.
There we go.
Okay. Smoosh. [LAUGH]
One, two, three.
[BOY] Hold up, hold up.
- [ASIN] Get in here.
- [ASIN] Come on, Golda.
- Come on, Golda.
Get in there!
[BOY] All right, everybody.
One, two, three.
- All right, nice.
- Thank you.
When I'm home ♪
All alone ♪
Late at night ♪
And you're gone ♪
Thank you, Mom.
Asin, is that Patti?
Holy shit, it is.
[LEO] What?
What the
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