Little Dog (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

Round Fifteen

1 Last time on Little Dog I got a problem! Jesus Christ! Well, actually, Mom told me what happened, but told me I couldn't say.
I'm the one they blame! Who do you think has motive, Tommy? She told me I couldn't say to anyone, ever.
Now, our brother quit the fight with L'il Turk when he found out they were using him to lose.
This is not about rekindling your career, it's about launching his.
But circumstances prevailed that made him change his mind.
Of course I'm gonna fight.
Fuck off.
"Yeah, fuck off.
" - - This is such a fucking bad idea.
Or genius.
We plant this itinerary on his desk and then they'll think he's gone back to England.
No one's gonna fall for that.
You underestimate Spam's computer hacking skills.
You told Spam? I didn't tell him details.
Where did you hide the body, in Tucker's deep-freeze? No, Tommy.
Give me a little bit of credit.
Hey, Dad? Besides, you said you wanted to call the cops I'm a cop.
Detective Dee.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? Trying to find Devereaux.
This young man told me that Mr.
Devereaux went missing almost a week ago, and nobody bothered to call it in.
- Who is Mr.
Devereaux to you? - He's my mother's husband.
- He's my dad.
- You guys are brothers? No, Tommy's my uncle.
He's my nephew.
Devereaux is married to your grandmother? - He's married to my wife.
- He's my father.
That's my son.
- That's my grandfather.
- That's my grandson.
OK, we need to get the family together and figure out what's going on here.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Yes, detective, I'll be right there.
Thank you.
Shit! - Lowly! - [GASPING] Mom, I'm in a relationship.
Ha! With this woman? Tell her she has to leave now.
I have important things to discuss.
Come on, Lowly, let's blow this shithole.
I can't.
Mom needs me.
[SIGHING] More balls on a cut dog.
That was Detective Dee on the phone.
She wants us to go talk to them.
- Do they know? - I don't know what they know, but we have to get our stories straight before we talk to them.
I know the spouse is the usual suspect, but not in this case.
Mom wouldn't hurt a fly.
Emotionally, she can, though.
She hurt me.
- When did she hurt you? - When she married Devereaux a few weeks ago.
That fishy prick.
Ooh sounds like motive.
I might have motive, but that does not mean I'm a murderer.
Can it.
Mom is grieving.
- Grieving? - I mean, she's grieving the fact that her husband ran out on her He would never leave me.
He said he was going for a walk after supper.
And you weren't arguing or anything? No, we were very much in love.
But you didn't think to let anyone know that an old man who you love very much went out and didn't return home from a walk? - Five days ago? - The man was terminally ill.
He was terminally ill? All the more reason to worry, don't you think? - [SOBBING] - You're the boxer, right? Where were you Thursday afternoon? I'm just here for moral support, OK? - I don't want to get involved.
- Well, I wouldn't involve you if I hadn't caught Big Tammy's local celebrity news last Thursday night, and see you screaming and yelling in front of a castle.
The only castle on the island, which belongs - to one Sullivan Devereaux.
- Thursday! - [SOBBING] - Fuck Thursday? Yeah, I went to visit Mom.
And did you notice any arguing or tension when you were there? [SOBBING] Mom went to go to the bathroom Devereaux started going on about how he had a hankering to visit his homeland before he died.
Then he went out for a walk and that's the last we saw of him.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Look what I just found over here! Look! Oh, my God! It's a flight to England.
You may be onto something here, Tommy.
You found this in a lobster trap? No, I didn't find it in a lobster trap.
It was over near the lobster traps.
I'll get back to you.
[SOBBING] - Fuck's the problem with you? - What? - You just - What? She totally bought it, boy! Hey, you can't ignore me forever.
You remember your first fight? You wanted something of mine for luck, and you couldn't wear my jewelry, so I wrote something on your back.
Do you remember what it said? I don't need your luck.
You know what So go suck up to Kevin Smallwood.
If I wanted to be with fucking Smallwood, I would have done that years ago, you know that.
Yeah, I know.
You did.
Now I'm partnered up with them Smallwoods and they're bringing in this TV executive from the mainland.
I haven't got a clue how to fuck them over, and the fight's in a couple of days.
Well, you should take out Little Dog's knees.
Sure he won't be able to fight then.
Yeah, the Smallwoods probably got insurance for that kind of thing.
I gotta come up with something that makes it look like they're after screwing up.
Did I ever tell you about the time I put the Girl Guides in their place? The Girl Guides? No, I don't recall.
See, the Girl Guides had the church reception hall on Tuesdays, and our women's group - had it on Saturdays.
- Oh, yeah.
Then out of the blue, Brown Owl decides to have a party on a Saturday night, and that was the very night we were having our Soup Supper.
- Oh, that old bag.
- See, I didn't let on that I was vexed, but I wasn't gonna let her take over my night.
So what I did is change the date on the posters.
I figured if nobody showed up, she would look pretty stupid.
I was chummy with a local radio DJ at the time, and was able to convince him to announce the wrong date.
- Saturday night.
- As for Brown Owl, the TV executive Go on, have a cookie.
- Well, why not? - Help yourself.
- I cooked up a distraction.
- My aunt Reena's favorite recipe.
- Mmm! - Mr.
Leon - I may take another one.
- They pack a punch.
He'll be distracted for days.
Just a little reminder for all you boxing fans: tickets are sold out for this weekend's epic battle between L'il Turk and Little Dog, this Saturday night, folks.
It's going to be a hell of a show.
- - [LOUD GRUNTING] Please, Jesus! You alright there, Mr.
Leon? You've been in there a while now.
Get the fuck out of here! I don't know what you're saying, I [TOILET FLUSHING] Whoa! How are you now? A bit better, I hope? Well, I don't mind saying that was bad.
We're on air in 30 minutes! - Where is everyone? - Newfoundlanders are very polite.
Maybe they're waiting at the front door.
Maybe the front doors are locked.
[MALE VOICE]: Fuck me.
What's going on? Look, says right there the fight is tomorrow.
And that's why you never mess with a Tucker.
I don't care what the posters say! The fight is today, it's airing today.
All well and good, Kevin.
But no one is showing up - until tomorrow.
- There's an old saying, "The show must go on".
And this show must go on! I don't know if you noticed, but there is no audience.
Grab some people on the street and cluster them in front of the camera.
Paying audiences aren't tuning in to see the audience, they're tuning in to see the fight! [WHIMPERING] How embarrassing is that? Please don't tell Tommy about this.
- Why in the hell not? - Because he'll walk! He's been dying for an excuse to quit.
But if he fights, he can win.
And that's a win on Continental Cable View, which is a lot of exposure for him.
He has a good point.
Excuse me.
Excuse me! Hi! Hello! You wanna come watch an epic boxing match? It's free!! - What? - You look fantastic! Doesn't he look fabulous? Where were you? We got a little delayed, little brother, that's all.
We're here now.
Let's get you warmed up, OK? One.
You're looking good, Tommy.
Why wouldn't he? He's been working really hard.
I was thinking, there's a lot of extra room at the castle.
We could get a gym installed.
No more training at Tucker's greasy gym.
Can you imagine training in a castle? In Mom's castle? One-two-three.
And who knows, right? Anything's possible.
You might even grow a chest.
Right? Can you picture that, Tommy with a chest? - [GRUNTING] - See, Lowly, - he's still got it.
- Still got it.
[KNOCKING] Hey, time for the fight.
Oh, OK! Your brother's got a match to win! Come on, show some enthusiasm! Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! Come on! Come on, Lowly.
Tommy! Yay! Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes, the hungry, the spry, the kid with vengeance in his eye the young Phillip Nutarak, also known as L'il Turk! [CHEERS] OK? What the fuck? What's going on? Hey, man, a fight's a fight, right? This is live on cable.
You knew! - You knew! - We just found out five minutes ago.
It's no big deal.
What's wrong with you people? We thought you wouldn't fight.
Yeah, you're bloody well right, because I'm not.
I'm not going out there live on cable TV and Come on, tomorrow it's gonna be all over the news, alright, that you ran away again, OK? And then you're done.
Just get out and get the win at least.
Alright? Come on.
Our old man is gonna be in your corner None of you have ever been in my corner, ever.
I'm gonna take this win and I'm done.
Done with you all.
Turn the crowd noise up.
We grabbed a few people off the street just to beef it up.
Actually, it's not that bad.
I have to poop again.
And his opponent, the busted old cinder block from the rock! Please give a hometown welcome for Tommy "Little Dog" Ross! Hey, Tommy! Hey, Tommy! - Hi.
- Hey.
- What are you doing with her? - She's a friend from when I worked at the jail.
Funny how Tommy Little Dog Ross has his dad here to support him, but he took mine away.
Don't worry, Papa, I won't let you down! Ignore him, Tommy, he's trying to guilt ya.
- Don't let him in.
- Fighter, you ready? - That bastard killed your dad! - Suck it up, Tommy! - Touch gloves.
- Get inside, Tommy! Get inside! - [DING] - And here we go! One, two, three - Tommy, get up! - Four, - five - Come on, Tommy! Come on, Tommy! - Seven - Get up! - Get up, Tommy, you got this! - Eight, nine, ten You're out.
It's a total knock-out in the first twenty seconds of the fight that's gotta be a record, but whatever it is, that is the end for Tommy Little Dog Ross, and I don't think he's gonna come back from this, folks.
I'm not paying for that.
What? But it aired, and you signed a contract.
That didn't go twenty seconds! Shit.
It looks like your career in promoting is over before it even began.
Ha, ha, ha! I wouldn't wanna be in Tommy Ross' dirty old liver tonight.
I won! Yeah, I'm cursed.
Telling me I'm cursed Well, if I am, I'm cursed with having the most horrible, - self-serving family on the planet.
- How would you know? - You've barely even left town.
- I would say that Hitler's family was probably a little more self-serving.
Hitler's family would've had his back! They wouldn't have let him walk out into some embarrassing shit like that! Sure, well, I would say that Hitler's family were horrible people for defending that man.
We're better than Hitler's family, Tommy.
My God.
What are you arguing about Hitler's family for? We're not! We're not arguing about Hit We're talking about We Ugh! You know what? [SIGHING] I'm alright.
I'm alright.
I'm fine.
This is over.
I don't have to do this.
I might be an old man someday.
You know? I might have another forty, fifty years left.
I could have a whole other life without any of you clawing at me or or or feeding off my failures like leeches.
- Tommy, calm down.
- "Tommy, calm down".
Nobody would even know any of your names - if not for me, would they? - This is your father's fault.
Him and Tucker drummed it all up.
We were only trying to screw over them greasy old Smallwoods.
We didn't think it would end up falling on you, Tommy.
I've been fighting in this town for over twenty years.
You didn't think me walking out into a big, empty stadium with no fans, no audience you didn't think that would upset me? [CHUCKLING] Fucking Go to hell, the whole lot of ya.
You should've let me write something on your back.
Come on, Tommy, it's not the end of the world I never said it was.
It's not.
Maybe it's something else, you know? You say I can't provide.
I don't even want to, Pamela.
And I'm glad I don't have to.
"Winner, win or lose.
" That's what I wrote then, and it's still true now.
You know what? I like Cassius.
I do.
And I'd love to hang out with him again sometime.
But me and you No.
Too soon, Tommy? Or do you want to get out in front of it? [RECORDER CLICKING] I am not in front of it.
Tommy? Fuck Lowly? What? What are you doing here? Just thinking.
I think.
Lowly? What? - Oh, goddamn it! - Hey, guys.
Mom took me down here to throw rocks.
Christ, can't a woman come to her quiet place without you youngsters - hanging onto her legs? - Hey! - Party on the waterfront without me? - [LOWLY LAUGHING] [ALL LAUGHING] Aunt Phyllis, I'm really sorry.
This is all on me.
I-I-I messed things up for us.
- How much money did we lose? - It's not the money.
The Tuckers have been trying to swindle what's ours for generations.
- Who did this to the salt pile? - It wasn't me.
Wait, what is that? I know this guy.
What is going on? Sylviaaaaaaaaaaa!! Sylviaaaaaaaaaaa!!! [DEVEREAUX SCREAMING] What the hell was that? Some poor old drunk over on George Street, God love him.
Look at Tommy go.
Bag of dirty clothes on his back.
Tommy! Come back! Come sit with us! I got a bottle of champagne, look! [SYLVIA]: Let him go.
I went lookin' for my voice In a strange and haunted place Far beyond the common courtroom Where so many plead their case Where football players Never venture And the few know all too well Where the flower of truth is growin' Surrounded by the fires of hell Or so I believed it did And so it did for me Next time I'll have to look into these things More carefully