Little Fires Everywhere (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Seventy Cents

Okay, first day of school photo. I want to see joy on three.
How long have they
been going out?
Long enough for Lexie
to have their wedding planned.
- I'm going to Yale.
- Congratulations.
She hasn't even applied yet.
Oh, so you want to change
your math class.
They try to discourage minorities
from taking advanced courses.
I think I figured out what
I'm gonna do for my Yale essay.
If you don't stand up for
yourself, who will?
I'd like to help you in your
household if the offer still stands.
Hon, look, you're allowed to change
your mind if you don't want her there.
I did lie.
I put down a fake reference.
But I'm not a criminal.
Why don't we have
a glass of wine?
What's going on with her?
I had a daughter.
What was her name?
May Ling.
You're 70 cents short.
Please, she not eat for days.
I not eat for week.
Then try breastfeeding.
It's free.
- Please.
- Get the fuck out of my store!
We're closed.
Is, uh is Scott around?
I'm here to hit the slopes.
Try the kitchen.
- How can he not get caught?
- God only knows.
Maybe because his face.
He's dumb but cute.
More dumb than cute.
Beef and broccoli
and fried rice.
And you take the egg rolls because I
took them all for Pearl last night.
Pearl? Is that your
daughter's name?
- It's beautiful.
- Thank you.
So is May Ling.
Sometimes I
still hear her cry.
Of course you do.
Because you're her mother.
She gone.
I'm not her mother anymore.
Bebe, a mother is a mother,
and you will always be hers.
I leave her. I do that.
-It doesn't matter what I want.-No, it does.
It matters. May
Ling is out there.
And if you want her, you have tofind her. Whatever it takes.
Find her?
You think it's so easy?
You think I'm not
trying my best to find her?
I'm illegal.
If I go to police station,
they'll send me back.
Hey, hey. Uh, I didn't finish
A Separate Peace.
What happens?
Um, Finny's in the tree,
and Gene shakes the branch.
What do you think?
Decent penmanship.
Is it still penmanship when
it's done with a paintbrush?
- Uh
- Paintbrushmanship?
I meant about going.
I think I would rather finally
watch Before Sunriselike we planned.
It's been weeks.
So, uh, what happens next?
Um, Finny falls
and breaks his leg.
When that counselor discouraged
me from taking a harder math class,
I found myself
angry and confused.
Our conversation took
less than a minute,
the same amount of time it took
for that metaphorical glass ceiling
to form right above my head.
- Mm.
- His sexism was telling me
loud and clear.
That I would never go as far
as my male classmates.
Sexist discrimination
is more than a hardship.
It's the pervasive reality
of being a woman.
-Mm-hmm.-And it's a reality I'm striving
to change as we move
into the twenty-first century.
- Mm.
- As our first lady said,
we as women can do morethan sit home and bake cookies.
- Mm-hmm.
- Glass ceilings are glass
because they are
made to be shattered.
Well? What do you think?
Um, yeah, it was-it was good.
I, I didn't know
that happened to you, so
Are, are we, are
we still doing
Okay, well, why would I have
written it if it didn't happen?
Guess not.
I don't know, I guess I just figured
you would have said something.
What, to get second guessed
for my experience?
- Why are you getting so mad?
- Is this even about my essay?
Is this about sex?
What are you no.
But prom and Homecoming are
basically the same thing, so
Okay, they are completely different.
When did Brenda and Dylan have sex?
It was prom night, Brian.
Um, no, actually, it wasn't.
It was the spring dance.
The spring dance and prom
are the same thing.
They just couldn't say thatbecause they were juniors twice.
Which is exactly why weshouldn't use them as our sexualtouchstone.
That show is stupid, anyway.
It doesn't make any sense.
Where's your faceplate?
I was very clear
when I ordered these cookies,
27 days ago,
that I needed them Friday
and tomorrow is Friday.
Trip, get off the line.
- I'm on the phone.
- Sorry, Mom.
You could try
a different kind of cookie.
No, a different kind of cookie
is not gonna work.
You can't put a tiny message
in a different cookie.
- Bev.
- Can you hang on a sec?
- Okay, yes, fine, I'll hold.
- I'm home.
Hi, honey.
There's a problem
with the cookies.
What cookies?
The ones I've been talking
about for literally a month.
The ones for Mirabelle's birthday party.
Dinner, everybody.
- We got a fine at Windsor.
- What?
Mm-hmm. She let the grass
grow over six inches.
Uh, is it all right
if Pearl stays for dinner?
Yes, of course, as long
as it's okay with her mother.
- Is it fine with your mom?
- I'm sure it's fine, yeah.
Okay, great.
Can we talk about this later?
Uh, Moody, will you take the rolls and
put them on the table and also set?
- Are you still there?
- Yes, I'm still holding Bev.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, yeah.
- Hi.
- Mm-hmm.
She agreed to follow the
ordinances when she moved in.
Oh, great.
That's so great to hear that.
You're a lifesaver.
All right, thank you, honey. Bye.
Moody, don't forget
the cloth napkins.
- Hon.
- Yes, it's my fault.
She asked for gas for the mowerand I just completely forgot.
Okay, but you're normally the
one who's out there with a ruler.
I know, but she works three jobsand she made our dinner.
How about you mow the lawn?
Moody, don't forget
the forks are on the left.
I don't feel like
you're really hearing me here.
Look who's here, finally.
Oh, my goodness, Brian!
How are you?
It has been so long.
Why is it so hard
to get you to this house?
Thanks for having me, Mrs. Richardson.
Always. Okay, Moody, make sure everybody has a drink.
We have strawberry, kiwi,
and diet peach Snapple.
And Lexie, get your brother and sister.
I don't know what's taking them so long.
Yo, dinner.
- Uh, hey.
- Hi, I'm Pearl.
- Oh, you two don't know each
other? - No.
Oh, you're gonna love eachother. I'm sure you have so muchin common.
No way. You must like
rap and basketball too, huh?
It's called
the Million Woman March.
I just think that that
should be for all women.
Like the Million Man March.
Yeah, but that was actually
just black men.
Yo, can I get a roll?
- Dude, don't be a little bitch,
bro. -Hey, Trip.
- Give me the rolls.
- He just said bitch.
Moody, I don't
like that language.
I just think that there
should be a march for everyone.
Otherwise, it's
outdated and sexist.
Mm, sexist.
Your favorite word.
Like the March on Washington.
Right, Mom?
-You said that was for everyone.-It was amazing.
Young, old, white,
Religious leaders,
activists, union members.
Just a beautiful blend of people.
Including Dr. King, of course.
I remember being a child
and even at that moment,
I knew it was monumental.
It really was a dream. It was.
It's like theMinority Achievement Committee.
Right, like, I of course
support minorities achieving,
and yet, I can't go
to any of those meetings.
Well, the group
is kind of about, you know,
black students
supporting each other, so
- You think? -You know,
no one's talking to you, Izzy.
Yeah, no one wants
to hear you talk, Lexie.
- Okay, you two, please don't
start. - Brian, I noticed
a real need for
that at the school
when I was dealing with Pearl
and her counselor.
Wait, what, what happened
with the counselor?
- He was a jerk.
- Yeah.
Mr. Bowers wouldn't let Pearl
switch to Algebra 2.
But Elaine helped.
She fixed it,
so I'm really grateful for that.
What about Lilith Fair?
Is that sexist?
- What is Lilith Fair?
- It's your worst nightmare.
- Trip.
- No wonder they call you "Ellen."
Trip Richardson!
I said enough!
I'm sorry, why do they
call your sister "Ellen"?
Like DeGeneres, Mom.
Because she's funny?
Um, it was last winter.
Um, she was a young mother.
The baby was-is Chinese.
Just a couple months old.
She has a tiny red
dot on her scalp.
It wasn't this station,
but yeah, I heard about it.
So if I wanted to know
where the baby ended up
I'd try the police.
Right. If, um, is there anybody
else I, I could also talk to?
- Just to be vigilant.
- Only the police.
They're your best bet
if you want to find that baby.
- Okay, thanks.
- Good luck.
- You didn't have to drive me.
- Oh, no, it was easy.
I was running errands
on this side of town anyway.
But I don't know how I'm gonnaget it all done before Saturday.
Right. It's essential a one -year-old
have a night to not remember.
You could help me if you're available.
I, I could use the extra set of hands.
Although, maybe you're
going to Homecoming or
I'm not, Mom.
You know, you don't
have to go with a date.
You could go with a
group of girlfriends.
- What about April?
- Mom.
What, I
Is she the one
calling you names at school?
I remember when I was in 7th
grade and Linda got boobs.
And I was concave.
And all the boys were flirting
with her and snapping her bra,
and I didn't have boobs, so
you know what I did?
You walked the halls without
being harassed and groped?
I padded my bra, little by little, until my boobscame in.
So you overcame your shame
of being flat by living a lie?
Well, no, I shaped the story
that I wanted to tell, literally.
Come to think of it, it wasprobably my, my first experienceas a journalist.
This is the worst
story I've ever heard.
Everybody's telling a story, Isabelle.
Whether they admit it or not.
You shouldn't let those girls
write a story for you.
If they're saying something untrue,
then you should change the story.
Are they saying
something untrue?
- Of course it's untrue.
- Okay.
Well then, then you should
change the story.
How you
doing out there, Cardinals?
Brian, I 911'd you
and I 143'd last night.
Where were you?
Is this still about
the stupid essay?
Okay, why do you care so much
about some girl that you met once?
- I don't.
- You don't.
No, it's not about Pearl.
What you did, that,
that's fucked up, Lexie.
And if you can't
see that, then
Then what?
I don't know.
Whoo, looking good, ladies. Realgood.
Give it up for our cheer squad!
- We're like trained seals.
- Who?
Mankind. Some so-called
authority says clap, and we clap.
The moment
you've all been waiting for
- Our 1997
- I was thinking about going.
To Homecoming.
- With who?
- I don't know.
Friends? You guys, maybe?
Erin Flood
and William Richardson!
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, if you, if
you need people to go with,
we could, like, all go together.
And we don't really have to be into it.
It can be more of like a
like a social experiment.
We could be like anthropologists.
High school dances
don't need anthropologists.
They're their own genre.
You've seen Sixteen
Candlesand Carrie, right?
- Yeah.
- And trust me.
Before Sunrise, way better.
What if you guys do both?
The dance and then the movie?
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, we could.
And if you're still up to it,
we could all go together.
Fine, I'll go.
But if they play that fucking
Sugar Ray song, I'm out.
Braun and Jamie Sheridan!
Then I'm in.
And finally, she
has a perfect 4.0
and came in third in theOhio state monologue competition
for her moving rendition of
Butterflies Are Free,
and he is a three-sport athleteand our quarterback,
our king and queen,
Alexandra Richardson and Brian Harlins!
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, your lawn's done,
and I filled up the mower.
so the tank is ready to go
for next time.
Who shot that?
- I did.
- Really?
That's, uh
You're a lawyer.
Are there any immigration
lawyers at your firm?
No, not at my firm.
But I know some good guys downtown.
- Why?
- Do you know anyone who would
work pro bono?
No. The guys I know
are pretty pricey,
and they definitely
don't work for free, sorry.
What do you think today?
Springeror Ricki?
We could do something crazy
and watch Oprah.
I would love to, but I kind of got
to go find a dress for Homecoming.
You can borrow something.
Do you know how much frilly shitI have in my closet I've never
- Okay.
- Wait, so you need a dress?
We should go shopping.-PEARL: Oh, um, yeah, we should.
- Oh, wait, you meant like, right
now? -Yeah.
Oh, uh, Moody, is
that okay with you?
Yeah, sure.
- All right. -I'm parked in the Oval.
Let's go.
Oh, um, well, bye, guys.
See you.
So the balloons,
we'’re gonna pick them up tomorrow.
The catering is set.
Oh, you did a great jobon the centerpieces. Thank you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
I wish I could steal
you tomorrow night.
Well, takeout duty calls.
Uh, did you seethe fortune cookie party favors?
-Yeah.-You should take some for Pearl.
Oh, no, thank you.
We, we have plenty.
- It's a perk of the job.
- Oh, of course.
Now, your paper
roses look perfect
and mine look like
wadded up pieces of trash.
If this is what
happens when she turns one,
what are you gonna do at 16?
Well, this isn't a typical
one-year-old birthday party
with other one-year-olds.
I mean, it's sort of been a
process for Linda and Mark.
They tried for so long to get
pregnant. Decades, even.
And all of their friends had
kids in their 20's like me
and it was just heartbreak
after heartbreak for her.
She always showed up for me.
When Lexie was born, she was there.
When Trip was born,
she was there.
At every birthday party. She threw me four baby showers.
She even watched
them when I couldn't.
So all of this is really
just a celebration for her
and-and Mark as parents.
You know, because Mirabelle,
that all happened so quickly,
and you know, there was no timeto plan a shower.
Obviously, they weren't there
at the birth, so
What-what do you mean?
-Oh, haven't you met Mirabelle?-No.
Oh, I just assumed. Um, the McCulloughs adopted her.
Ah, I had no idea.
Oh, it's actually an incredible story.
I thought about pitching it to People.
So Linda and Mark
had all but given up hope.
And then, they got a call
that there was a two-month-old
baby girl found starving,
just left out,
in the dead of winter, alone,
outside a fire station in
it was Cleveland, I think.
- It was Cleveland.
- Um, um, what?
A fire station.
I know.
Who does that?
I mean, if you can't handle being a
mom, then don't get pregnant.
- Hey.
- You know?
- Hey, honey.
- Hey.
Um, so the, the fortune cookies. Are those because she is
It's clever, isn't it?
- Oh, I'm going to Homecoming.
- What? With who?
We had a conversationand she actually listened to me.
One for the books.
Um, Elena,
I just-I just noticed the-the time.
And I have to get
home to Pearl, so
-Well, thank you for everything.-Yeah.
Uh, are you okay?
Uh, yeah, yeah.
I'm, I'm fine.
So this is fun.
Us hanging out.
Yeah, totally.
We haven't really done anything outside
of Ricki Lakeand Real World, you know?
But I guess that's kind of the cool
thing about the Shaker Heights kids.
You know, we all hang
out with everyone.
It's not as clique-y as someof the other schools, you know?
Which is why the, um
the math class thing was so fucked up.
It was no big deal.
- Really.
- But hard, you know?
Like a hardship.
Um, you know, your story actually
inspired the essay I wrote for Yale.
- It did?
- Totally.
I mean, whether you're black
or a girl, or, like, both,
when something like that
happens to one of us,
it's like it happens to all of
us, you know?
Oh, my God.
Pearl, you're getting it.
I can't.
It's way too much.
Uh, you can, because
I'm paying for it.
- No, Lexie, I can't let you do
that. -Uh, yes.
You would look way better in
this than I ever would.
Doesn't surprise me.
You are so pretty.
- Thank you.
- So is your mom.
She's got, like,
this Denise from Cosbyvibe.
And your dad.
Is he, is he mixed?
Because you look so mixed to me.
Um maybe. I don't really know. I've never met him.
But you've seen, like,
a photo of him, right?
I, um I should probably
Well, you know, I once toldBrian that I was sure someone inhis family was white,
because of his mom's
hair, you know?
And then he got super offended.
But it turns out that his
grandma'’s actually half -Italian,
so he had to apologize
because I was totally right.
So, I'm telling you, you're -you'’re
mixed with something. Ask your mom.
Hey, baby.
Are you okay?
What happened?
What happened?
What's that?
Oh, I, um I'm going to Homecoming
with Moody and some friends.
- What's in the bag?
- A dress.
Can I see it?
I mean, it's nothing.
It was on sale.
And I didn't even buy it.
The store was, like,
practically giving them away.
This is your thing now?
Lying to me?
Who bought this for you?
As a thank you for something
that I helped her with.
- Mom, it's not even a big deal.
- No, you're gonna return it to her.
- We'll find you something at
Goodwill. -What, no.
If I buy something
from Goodwill,
I might as well just wear
a paper bag from Weinen's.
I'm not taking that back.
You're letting some
rich spoiled white girl
- turn you into her dress up
doll. -No, I'm not.
She doesn't own you.
You don't belong to Lexie Richardson.
Why are you working
in their house?
You know why.
For some extra spending money.
No, see, Mom, you could have worked anywhere.
You want me to be honest?
You be.
I want to know about where I came from.
Like about your parents.
-You know about my parents.-Besides the fact that you don'tspeak.
And what about my dad?
Can I at least know about him?
I told you, he is the person
who gave me you.
That's not an answer.
What does he look like?
Is he black?
Is he white? Is he dead?
Is he an alien?
- Where is this coming from?
- I don't even know what
-my own father looks like, Mom.-Why does it matter? He's
I'm black. You're black.
You're mine.
You came from me.
Why won't you tell me?
- Why can't I know?
- Because it doesn't matter.
- No, but it does matter.
- It does not matter.
- It matters to me.
- Pearl, it doesn't matter!
What if he could help us?
- Do what?
- I don't know.
Buy a house.
Not have to shop at Goodwill.
Have a better life.
- You wanted a bike.
- Mom.
- I made you a bike.
- Mom, I don't
You wanted more than one wall.
I gave you four walls.
- Mom, I didn't mean it like
that. -You know what, Pearl?
Just wear the damn dress.
No, he'’s not gonna wear fucking Tevas
to Homecoming. He'’s got a hook toe.
Will you call Jim?
He's being a total douchebag to Serena.
Jim is a douchebag.
He makes fucking dad jokes.
Okay. Look I'm handling it.
I'm just going to
Dude, how many times are you
gonna rent that movie?
-I didn't know Carl liked roses.-They're not for Carl, dick.
Calm down.
It'll all be okay.
It's Mirabelle Rose.
Do they even look like roses?
- Nope. -They're not even pink.
- They're beige.
Who doesn't know to make thestems green? They look like bodyparts.
I'm having book club flashbacks.
Oh, my goodness, Pearl.
You look so pretty.
- Moody's inside, so go on in.
- Thanks, Elena.
- Mrs. Richardson. -Oh, Mrs.
Richardson is my mother-in-law.
Oh. Well,
I just want her to be respectful.
- Of course.
- Yeah.
Bill, will you let Mia
help you, please?
What? No, no, I'm good.
I got it, I got it.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Uh, hey, is anybody
taking pictures?
- Of the kids?
- No, of the party.
- Because I can.
- Oh, um
no, I mean, I bought these
disposable cameras.
- I thought you were working tonight.
- I don't have to anymore.
Well, Linda would be thrilled.
I-I could pay you, of course.
- No, please.
- Are you sure?
Yes, I'm, I am sure.
Mom, I need your help.
Oh, my God, honey.
You look so beautiful.
Bill, doesn't she look beautiful?
- You look great, hon.
- Izzy, you're bleeding.
I was shaving, and it caught
- Do you mind?
- No, go ahead. Go in.
Okay, come on, honey.
So the shins and the knees
are always so hard.
You can't push too hard.
I used to push too hard.
All right.
There we go.
All right, let me
fix your cut there.
- There we go.
- Thanks, Mom.
You're welcome.
Except one thing.
Come here, honey.
Let's see.
Ah. This is, yes. Okay.
Okay. Mm.
Okay, let's see.
Now it's perfect.
- Oh, Mia, I'm so glad you found
it. -Hi.
- Yeah.
- You remember Linda from book club.
- Of course.
- Yes.
Who could forget book club?
Thank you so much for doing
this. That is so sweet.
- It is above and beyond.
- It's not a problem.
- Wait, I'm sorry, did is Liz coming?
- Oh, no, she said she had a work thing.
Although it sounds like an excuse.
She's allergic to children.
She tries to persuade anyone who
will listen not to have them.
Maybe it's better off.
She doesn't know how empty her life is.
Ele-Elena told me your story.
It's a miracle, right? I mean, you hope, you pray.
Then you give up hoping and
praying. And then
you know, there's losses.
And then, you, uh
I don't know.
They say that, you know,
your children find you
and I think it's true.
- And where is she now?
- Upstairs napping, thankfully.
We were able to put her down
late so she makes it to cake.
Oh, that's so smart.-And I completely forgot to tellyou.
- Debbie Jarvis is coming.
- But she didn't RSVP.
She did.
She said she wasn't coming.
Oh, my God.
Who does that?
- Debbie Jarvis, apparently.
- What a piece of work.
You really outdid yourself.
God, I mean, Tevas?
You're really fucking doing this?
He's really fucking doing this.
Oh, my God. What about the pictures?
Wait, wait, wait, babe.
We got to make an entrance.
All right, whatever.
Okay, are you really still mad
about the stupid essay?
It's not stupid.
Okay, you know I
talked to Pearl, right?
She said it was no big deal.
That's a literal quote.
Why are you still making
a federal case about this?
Because you don't get it.
Well, I get that it's
our last Homecoming.
And we're king and queen.
And you look totally hot.
Like Tyson Beckford hot.
Pardon me,
do you have any Grey Poupon?
- It's like a movie.
- Yeah.
Hopefully we don't get drenchedin pig's blood.
- Want to dance?
- If there was actual music.
Not this shit.
- Oh, hey, Pearl.
- Hi, Lexie.
- You look pretty.
- Thank you.
See? We're cool.
Yo, I thought you said
high school dances
were all hype,
sweat, and handjobs.
- No.
- Oh, but then again,
you'd-you'd only know about
the hype and the sweat, huh?
Okay, dumbass, isn't there a
Jen somewhere you need to manhandle?
Nothing, you just,
you just look different.
Oh, my God, Cusano and Totts just got
busted, like, doing it in the cage.
Her boob was, like, totally out.
Oh, my God, oh, my God, I love
this song. Come dance.
Cheers, good
to see you, too.
I, would you
do Paula Jones?
-I mean, shit, you've seen her.-Uh, I'm good. Slippery slope.
- Oh, hi, how are you?
- Oh, hi.
I love your dress.
Babe, babe, I'm gonna turn the game
on in the other room, all right?
- It's the playoffs.
- Okay.
And it's gonna go off
as soon as she wakes up.
- Hi.
- Yes, ma'am, hi.
That is the womanthat's in your house every day,
and Elena's okay with it?
It was Elena's idea.
You got to be kidding me.
I want your life.
- Elena.
- Hey, it's so good to see you.
I guess your RSVP
got lost in the mail.
We missed you at book club
a couple of weeks ago.
Well, I decided to sit it out
given everything.
The subject matter seemed
a little close to home.
I'm sorry, I don't follow.
Well, it's not really
the place to get into it.
I think it's good the girls
are taking some space.
Are you aware your daughter's
been bullying my Isabelle?
- Okay, Elena.
- Spreading rumors about her
and calling her names.
Did you know that?
Whatever April's
done or hasn't done,
it pales in comparison to your
daughter's disgusting actions.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?
Do you not know
what your daughter did?
- Not so bad, right?
- Yeah.
You make it better.
You make everything better.
Oh, my God.
- Would you let go of me?
- What are you doing?
- Dancing.
- With Carl's hand on your ass?
Like you're not trying
to touch Pearl's?
You know you don't need
to prove anything, right?
- You don't get it, okay?
- I get it.
You are someone that isn't
afraid of anyone or anything.
Not Mom, not fucking April.
Look, I know you!
And you don't give a shit
about what anybody thinks.
And I love that about you.
- See you around.
- Hey, uh
- Bye.
- Rap. Our favorite.
Look, I know Shaker'snot the easiest place to fit in,
so if you ever need
anything, hit me up.
Okay, thanks.
And um, with Lexie.
You know you don't have to be cool
with things if you're not, right?
Why wouldn't I be cool?
I mean, she took your counselor story and
wrote it as if it happened to her, so.
Wait, you mean the
one I inspired?
Is that what she told you?
All right, movers and shakers,
it's tiggity time
for the court to come to the
flizzor for their dance.
Where our king and queen at?
Come on.
You-you get that's,
like, bad, right?
Bri. Brian, we're supposed to beout there like, right now.
I don't, I don't
know what happened.
Wait, Lexie.
- Bill.
- Yep.
- I need to talk to you.
- Oh, it's a tie game, babe.
Debbie Jarvis just told me
something very upsetting.
She said that Isabelle
sexually accosted April
this, this summer at a party.
- Okay.
- No, it's not okay.
She's making up rumors about ourdaughter and saying them out
Debbie Jarvis sells
tacky jewelry out of her car
and calls herself
an entrepreneur.
- So can we talk about this
later? -No.
You need to say something.
You're the expert at defending Isabelle.
You need to defend her.
You think it's true.
I think whatever's happening between
April and Izzy, it's complicated.
Well, of course it's
complicated. They're
they're teenage girls.
Did she say something to you?
I'm her mother.
If she has told you something,
- I need to know what it is.
- I know.
- And this is not the place
- Hey, Bill.
-Yo.-Top of the 9th, two outs, basesloaded.
- Hey, is that my beer?
- Yes, sir.
Hey, Elena.
Great party, thank you.
I'm gonna
let's talk about
this later, okay?
Hi there.
Hey, shh.
Shh, shh, shh,
shh, shh, shh, shh.
I just need a second.
I just need a second.
I just need a second, okay?
I know it's you.
It's okay, shh, it's okay.
I'm just gonna move you over,
okay? Just for a second.
Just for a second.
Baby May Ling.
Hi, sweet girl.
Hi, May Ling.
I know where your mommy is.
I know where your mommy is.
I do.
- Yeah.
- There you are.
- Hey. -I've been looking
for you everywhere.
-I'm-I'm so sorry. I-I-Have you been up here the wholetime?
Yeah, well, I wanted to get somepictures of her when she was
But then she woke up and she
started to cry and
but now, she's great.
- Mm.
- Yeah.
We should probably
get her downstairs.
Oh, um, yeah, yeah.
You don't want to miss your
party, May Bell.
What'd you say?
Um, she-you don't
she doesn't want to miss her party.
Mirabelle can't miss her party.
I'll see you in a few minutes.
Linda's gonna be so excited
to have these pictures.
Of course.
What mother wouldn't?
- You should have worn
Tevas. - What's up, dude?
Hey, what's up, man?
How are you?
Hey, party at Dano's.
Party at Dano's.
Yeah, of course, of course.
Yo, guys.
Hey, there's a bonfire at Dano'sif you guys want to come.
He's got like, a Saturn full ofpony kegs and shit to burn so
- We're good.
- Sure.
Yo, Trip, do you know
how to get there?
Oh, yeah, man.
I thought we were gonna watch
Before Sunrise.
Yeah, yeah, no, we are.
If you want to go, go.
Uh, it's fine.
Oh, no, I mean
it was nice of Trip to ask,
and I thought that maybe
Lexie would be there, so
You want to go because
Trip and Lexie are going?
Then you should.
You know what?
Um, let's just watch the movie, okay?
- Why would you ruin Homecoming?
- That's what you're worried about?
- Fucking Homecoming?
- God, Bri.
What fucking hardship
was I supposed to write about?
That I have toshare a bathroom with my sister?
That my mom won't let me
get my belly button pierced?
This is Yale. People write aboutliving under Saddam Hussein
or winning a gold
medal in Atlanta,
and the best thing that I could
come up with was Pearl's math class,
and it's honestly
not even that fucking great!
a year from now, I'll be at Yaleand you'll be at Princeton.
And yeah, we'll be together andstuff, but it won'’t be the same.
And I just I wanted tonight to be special.
What are you doing?
Stop, you don't have
to do this, okay?
- What about Brenda and Dylan?
- Fuck 'em, you're right.
Andrea's like, 30.
That show doesn't make any sense.
- She's not here.
- Did you check the bathroom?
I checked everywhere. I can't find her.
But I've got Mark's camcorder
and still a couple of theselittle disposables you brought.
It just doesn't make any sense.
Where did she go?
- I'm so sure.
- You're sure?
Yes, because she
has the red dot.
I'm going to call a lawyer
first thing tomorrow
No, no, you drive me
to the house right now.
- No.
- Please? I can drive myself.
- Give me the key.
- No, no, no, no, hold on.
-We have to find the best way There is no best way!
It's the only way.
I haven't seen my baby in a year.
I need to see her.
What if they had Pearl?
- Thanks again.
- Look.
I know I barely
know you, but, uh
you seem upset.
And if there's anything I can doto help or just get your mind
off shit
Okay, we're recording.
Cake time, everyone!
Everyone come to the dining room.
We're gonna sing "Happy Birthday."
That's my baby!
What are you doing?
That's my baby!
You took my baby!
Get her out of here!
That's my baby!
Are you okay?
Oh, my God.
May Ling, Mommy's here!
That's my baby!
You should go.
I'm 70 cents short.
Don't worry about it, hon.
What if she comes back?
What if it's true?
This is your baby, Linda.
No one's gonna take her from you.
-No one.-Well, how did she even find us?
- I don't know.
- She just showed up here.
I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
Where's Pearl?
Best day ever!
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