Little Fires Everywhere (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Picture Perfect

The lawyer costs $30,000.
if you need that kind of money,
you know the piece you
can sell to get it.
I think you were right. I-I think she's trying to hire alawyer.
I'm gonna have to go to court?
- I mean, I don't know.
- And fight for my own child?
You're representing
the McCulloughs?
Of course I am.
They're our best friends.
You do realize they're
stealing that baby, right?
I need an abortion.
- Pearl Warren?
- That's me.
Come here.
- Elena! Don't do this.
- I'll be back in two days.
Apparently Mia
Wright had a brother.
Her brother's name is Warren.
I knew it!
This is her.
!There are so many secrets, Mi.
!It's those secrets
that keep you alone.
You've never met
your grandchild?
The baby Mia was
carrying in that picture
it was not hers.
We could still bail, you know.
Go lounge around Borders,
read magazines till they throw us out.
We don't even
know these kids.
- We know JP.
- You do.
- He said bring your friends.
- He meant your boobs.
And you know this party
is just gonna be full
of a bunch of Lexies
in training bras, right?
Well, we're gonna bein high school with all of them.
Can we just try to
fit in a little?
Ten more secondsto put your dick away, Dinowitz.
It's a party.
Why are you dressed for, like, combat?
Your turn, Izzy.
It's the '90s, right?
Do it, do it, do it,
do it, do it, do it.
Izzy, wait. We
probably shouldn't.
Except we, like, always do.
Not with half the freshman classright outside the door.
No, just with our
parents downstairs.
Five more minutes.
Plenty of time.
Get off me.
Wait, I thought you
guys were friends.
Not after she just,
like, molested me.
It's perfect.
- How was the tree lighting?
- Oh, it was beautiful.
Lexie sounded wonderful.
And the Chanticleers harmonies
were really coming together.
Oh, Bill, these pictures.
Trip is blinking, and Moodylooks like he's making some sortof squirrel face.
Isabelle looks
miserable, of course.
The only thing
that's working is the tartan.
I think we're gonna
have to re-shoot these.
Have you thought aboutwhat you're gonna say tomorrow?
That's what I stayed
home to work on.
I mean about Mia.
-Bebe is the one suing forcustody. -And Mia is bankrollingit.
- Elena.
- I'm sorry.
But look what she did
to the poor Ryans.
And her parents
and her daughter, and-and us.
I mean, she has really taken
advantage of our generosity.
Pretending to be poor when she'sreally sitting on half a milliondollars.
Who's sitting on
a half a million dollars?
No one. I'm talking to your
father. Go upstairs.
Mia kidnapped Pearl.
I mean, I don't know why you'retrying to act like I've done
something wrong.
What's going to New York
and abandoning your family
to go play Nancy Drew?
Why am I being punished for,
for learning the truth?
Don't get pressured into sayingmore than you need to.
All we want is for the judge tosee that you're a responsible,
upstanding future citizen.
Let me ask a question so that
Bebe is-is fully prepared.
There won't be any press
at the courtroom, right?
- No cameras or
- Exactly.
Family court proceedings
are closed to the public.
The only people in the room willbe at the request of both
- You're the only person on Bebe's side.
- She's the only person I need.
Give this to Mia
next time you're over there.
I haven't been over there in weeks.
Give it to your best friend, Pearl.
Okay, forget it.
Why do you have her shirt?
Why were you sleeping
there, anyway?
What, are you jealous?
Don't worry about it. Your girlfriend didn't dump youfor me.
Come on, guys.
Hot buns.
Support Bebe Chow.
Would you want to go
to Arabica after school?
Um, I, I would, but I have
a MAC meeting later.
- You know, Minority Achievement
- No, I know, I know.
You guys have been meeting
a lot lately, huh?
- Yeah.
- Come on, guys.
Hot buns.
Support Bebe Chow.
Oh, you can keep the bun.
Good idea, though.
All was calm and allwas bright at the Shaker Squareannual tree lighting,
but this morning,
it's anything but.
Last night, this city celebratedthe birth of a child.
Today, it considers who raises achild. Jesus Christ, Walt.
You know, you can type this
shit, but I can't say it.
Shaker residents remain deeplydivided between Ms. Chow and theMcCulloughs
with both sides set to square
off in court today.
Who deserves custody?
Judge Rheinbeck will decide.
There are so many cameras.
Maybe there's
another way inside.
Yeah, let's check.
Can you describe your state of
mind leading up to the firehouse?
May Ling cry non-stop all day.
And I just hold her,
I don't know what I can do, and
I just hold her and crying, too.
It was like that for weeks.
She won't nurse.
She have to eat or die.
Do you know this term
post-partum depression?
Do you remember the policeman
who found you unconscious
on the sidewalk that night?
What about the doctors
who testified to treating you
in the hospital for a week?
What is the first thing you doremember after the fire station?
May Ling. I woke up.
I ask-I ask, "Where is MayLing?" They told me May Ling wasgone.
I don't believe them.
I beg them, "Please find her.
Please help me to find her."
they said nothing they can do.
They told me I gave up my rightswhen I leave her there.
So I decided to-to
look for her myself.
I looked. I look and look.
Then I find her.
And now I'm here.
And how would you describe
yourself today, Ms. Chow?
Stronger, better.
I have good job, warm home.
I have a good, good friend.
And now, all I need is May Ling.
I have everything
except May Ling.
No further questions,
Your Honor.
Ms. Chow, you earn $2.35 an hourplus tips. Is that correct?
- Yes.
- And before the birth,
you were also working
as a waitress,
but at the Royal Garden in
Cleveland. Is that correct?
- Yes. -And how much
were you earning there?
The same.
The same as when
you abandoned your daughter
because you couldn't afford
to take care of her.
Objection, Your Honor.
Ms. Chow,
do you recognize this photo?
This is Mirabelle's
frostbitten hand.
Do you know how longshe was left out in the cold byyou?
I, I knocked at the door.
I just let them know she's outside.
And did you wait to make sure
that that knock was answered?
I, I was afraid.
I just so afraid they'll find meand send me back to China
and they'll never, never let mesee my daughter again.
So which is it, Ms. Chow?
Did you consciously abandon yourdaughter in order to seek help
or did you suffer from
a post-partum break
and have no idea of the
consequences of your actions?
Because it can't be both.
You know, for so long, Icouldn't figure out why you weredoing this.
Why you were helping that poor
woman ruin my best friend's life.
- But now I get it.
- What do you get, Elena?
By helping her,
it makes what you did okay.
What did I do?
What you did to the Ryans.
I know about them.
And I know why you live
the life that you do.
I met your parents, actually.
They're really lovely people.
I'm sorry to hear
about your brother.
That must have been hard foryour mother to lose both of youat the same time.
You know, I'm just
making a leap here,
but I'm assuming that Pearl
doesn't know any of this.
That this has just beenyour secret for all these years.
I find it sort of curious that
you're a character witness for Bebe.
- And that you're testifying
tomorrow. -I am.
I just think about Pearl.
After all she's been through.
Learning about her
past, her father.
What you did.
All in a court proceeding?
Are you threatening me?
It's actually
more of a question.
Is fighting for someone else's
child worth losing your own?
How about you come over
later on tonight,
and you know, we could,
I don't know,
study some anatomy?
I'm still you know.
Is it just me, or has it been
that time of month
for, like, a month now?
- Trip bailed on me. You going home?
- You are like a nerdy carjacker.
It's all good.
I'm out anyway.
I told Grimace I'd
take him to Tower.
Wait, don't you have that black
group thing today with Pearl?
Um, no, we ended that,
like, a month ago.
But that sad white boy thing is
still on for your room tonight.
I'll see you later.
-But why would she say that?-I don't know and I don't care.
I mean, it's just weird.
- You got in!
- I got in.
- You got in!
- Oh, my God.
Oh, you got in.
Can't believe
it's almost Christmas.
I bet your house looks all
pretty, lit and decorated.
Mm, my mom
goes absolutely crazy with it.
You know, she hires
a whole team of professionals.
Come by. You'll see.
I can't.
Between Moody and our moms,
it's just way too much.
Maybe they'll chill out
after the trial, you know?
Not that my mom's ever chill
about anything, but
- Neither is mine.
- That makes sense, though.
I mean, she's she's
invested a lot.
- So
- What?
Your mom, she, she paid
for Bebe's lawyer, right?
That's, that's what my mom said.
What else did she say?
she said that your mom's got,
like, half a million in the bank.
Right, because what, we just getour furniture off the street forfun.
- That's true.
- That's ridiculous.
No, you're right,
you're right, you're right.
Oh, wow, it is really cold in
here. I
It's warmer over here.
I got you this present.-LEXIE: Aw.
I saw it a month ago, and I
just, I had an instinct.
Thanks, Mom.
- Hey, bud.
- Sorry.
Where have you been?
We're celebrating.
-I'm sorry.-Can you get your daughter downhere
- because this is a big family moment.
- Just leave her alone for a while.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, that's, that's tartan.
Isn't it perfect?
And this way,
you can wear it in
the Christmas photo.
- I thought we already did those.-Yes, we did, but they were
So George is just going to pop by
after dinner and take it again.
I'm in the middle of a trial, hon.
-I'm not wearing that tartan tieagain. -Yes, you are.
It's the tartan that
makes the photo.
I'd like to make a toast.
To Alexandra.
We are all so proud of you.
All the SAT tutors, the AP classes,
the-the summer at Wellesley.
You really worked your
tail off for this.
And no one handed it to you, and you
didn't fill some quota to get it.
You earned it.
And I know you can't always
put this in an essay,
but I think hard work
and sacrifice is
is a hardship as well.
One that you can
feel very proud of.
- Cheers.
- Congratulations.
- I can't take the stand.
- What?
- I don't understand.
- I can't testify, Bebe.
I'm sorry, I, um
I know that I said I would.
- But it's complicated.
- Complicated?
- What do you say?
- Listen to me. Listen.
I lied when I was pregnant.
I wrote a letter to Pearl's father
and I told him that I lost the baby.
And then, I took her and I ran.
- Why?
- Because she's mine.
Not his, okay?
Like, like May Ling is yours.
- So that's why you're helping
me, right? -Yeah.
- So just help me now.
- I can't.
- Why not?
- Because Elena knows.
She found out.
And if this comes out,
I could lose Pearl.
You really think someone
can take Pearl now?
What-what did the lawyer say?
I haven't talked to anyone.
What did-what did Pearl say?
- Pearl doesn't know.
- So you just tell her.
- I don't want to lose her.
- You won't lose her.
But if you can't help me,
I'll lose my daughter.
Honey, you stand there.
All right, was it that hard?
You look amazing.
Except you don't have
the tartan Keds on.
- Yeah, no, I am not wearing
those again. -Don't be silly.
- They're adorable.
- I said no. They're not me.
They don't
have to be you.
We can return them tomorrow
after we take the picture.
Elena, hon, I don't really
have time for this today.
Bill, honestly, can we just not? Just this once?
Isabelle, go upstairs
and put on the Keds.
I told you I'm not wearing
the Keds, Elena.
I am your mother. You don't speak to me like that.
Really? 'Cause you call me
something I hate every single day.
Why can't you just call me
"Izzy" like everyone else?
- Because it's not your name.
- Lexie, Moody, Trip.
-Everyone else gets a nickname.-You're not everyone else.
You know, I can just frame hershoes Just a moment.
This is not about you.
This is about us.
And if you want to be part of this
family, and live in this house
then you will go upstairs
and put on the fucking Keds!
We're just gonna need a minute.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is now an okay time to talk?
- Sure.
- Okay.
I want to let you know that
I'll be testifying
for Bebe tomorrow.
And it's possible that somethings might come out in court.
You mean, that we're, like,
millionaires or something?
- What?
- Yeah.
Trip said that Elena thinks youhave some secret stash of money
that you're using
to pay for Bebe's legal fees.
I am paying for
Bebe's legal fees.
I recently sold an old photo
for a large sum of money.
- Half a million dollars?
- Not quite.
But the photo was a gift
from an old friend.
For me to sell if I ever
needed the money.
We've always needed the money.
Pearl, please let me talk because
there's a lot that I need to tell you.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We sleep on floors.
You made it seem like
we had to live this way.
Like there was no other choice.
Has this life not be fancy
enough for you, Pearl?
Do you think that I'd be some
spoiled brat if I had my own room?
- No.
- My own bed?
No. We have always had enough.
What have I had?
A hundred beds?
Just stop, just stop fucking
talking about the walls
- Watch it.
- And the bikes and the beds.
You haven't been honest with meabout anything!
And I had to hear from Trip
that you sold something
that was supposed to
be for us, for her.
No, it is for you.
There is a fund set aside for you.
- Get out.
- No, Pearl, Pearl, no.
- This is my room and I don't
want you -Stop it.
- Get out. Get out!
- Just sit down and listen
- Get out of my room now!
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Oh, that outburst.
She is just out of control.
But George thinks he hassomething salvageable, so that'sgood.
I'm sorry, honey.
I know you're prepping.
- Is it Linda that's testifying tomorrow?
- Mm-mm, Ed still has another witness.
Well, who is there
even left to call?
Well, she was
always on the list.
I'm just surprised
she's still testifying.
Why wouldn't she be?
Well, I ran into her,
and we had a little chat.
I told her what I knewand we came to an understanding.
- You threatened her.
- No.
No, I did not threaten her.
Now, I have not only
lost the element of surprise,
I could also be accused
of witness tampering.
- Jesus Christ.
- I was trying to help.
You are not helping.
- Where are you going?
- I'm going to the office.
I have to work.
What do you
even need these for?
Uh, art project.
Kinda in response
to the whole fucked up trial.
What did I really do?
To deserve all of this?
I mean, we were friends.
We were
We were more than friends.
I'm sorry.
I am.
I, like, freaked
out in that closet.
And I don't know
how to take it back.
Stop trying to be
someone you're not.
I want to stop
trying to be someone I'm not.
I just miss you.
I miss you, too.
Is this the one that
you drew armpit hair on?
- And other things.
- Oh, my God, Izzy.
Are you still working?
I finished a little while ago.
I'm just paying some bills.
Bill, I'm so sorry.
You were right, I-I should havenever had that conversation withMia.
You understand that this is
about more than Mia, right?
I know.
I know that I have not
acted like myself lately, and-and I want you to know that
I have always had
the right intentions.
I was just trying
to help people.
Help this woman and her daughter
because they seemed like they
needed it, and then, now,
Linda is blaming me and you
are very clearly angry at me.
- Do you understand why I'm angry?
- I didn't cause this, though.
I don't know why
people don't blame Mia.
She's the bad guy here. Not me.
And-and until people know the
truth about what she did,
they do blame me.
She has to be held accountable
for what she did.
And if she is,
then-then they won't win.
Because, Bebe can't win this
case, Bill. She can't.
That means Linda will lose thisbaby, and I,
I don't know what I will do if Icaused my best friend to lose
her baby.
Linda is not going
to lose her baby.
Why-why do you say that?
Because people like
Bebe Chow don't win.
Trust me, nobody wants the truthto come out more than I do.
Everybody's gonna be held
accountable for their actions.
Thank you, Bill.
I have a couple
more things to do.
Why don't you head to bed?
- I'll be there soon.
- Okay.
Uh, yes, could I get a listingfor Le Rossignol Bistro, please?
Yo, Dean Cain ain't even Asian.
Tyson Beckford is blasian. He should have his own baby tin.
I don't get it.
Where are the Spanish babies?
Don't you realize how racist
this shit is?
Yeah, that's the point.
I'm out.
Huh, she must have kept allthose lesbo babies for herself.
And who still has Cabbage Patchdolls in high school?
Okay, okay.
Show's over, people.
Show's over.
And you.
You're a single working
mother like Ms. Chow, correct?
You work the same job
with roughly the same income.
Well, she works more hours thanI do and she gets bigger tips.
But yes.
As a single mother,
do you struggle?
All mothers struggle.
Money hides it.
So you can buy a
nanny or a tutor.
But you can't put a price on
a mother's love for her child,
even though some might try.
Did the McCulloughs offer a
price to Bebe for May Ling?
$10,000 to make
this case go away.
So we know the exact amount that
they think Bebe's baby is worth.
What would you say to those whodescribe Bebe's actions as
No mother would want to be
judged by the choice she made
in her hardest, most
desperate moment.
I would say that Bebe
left May Ling to
save May Ling's life.
It was a selfless act.
And that makes
her a good mother.
No further questions,
Your Honor.
Ms. Warren, how long haveyou known Ms. Chow?
About three months.
As long as I've known you.
And in that timeframe, how manytimes have you seen Ms. Chow
with Mirabelle?
- Once.
- Once.
- Yes.
- So your entire opinion
of Ms. Chow's fitness as a mother
is based on a one-time observation
The state won't allow Bebe tosee her daughter for longer thanthat.
You testified that you werea single mother, just like BebeChow.
- Mm-hmm.
- And that you have
roughly the same hours,
roughly the same pay.
- Yes.
- So you make
$20,000 a year.
Somewhere in there.
And yet you're paying
Ms. Chow's legal fees.
- I lent her money.
- How much?
However much a lawyer costs.
But you just said that you and
Ms. Chow had similar salaries.
So how can it be that you canafford to pay the lawyer's feesbut she can't?
Unless you have significantly
more money than you implied.
-I have other sources of income.-Another source of income.
So your experience
is not really comparable
to that of Ms.
Chow's at all, is it?
Unless it's comparable
in some other way.
Why would you spend your money
and fight so hard for
someone that you hardly know?
Because I know what it feels like
for a child come from my body.
To be made of what I am made of.
To be so much a part of you
that you cannot fathom
- them not being a part of you.
- But you do not truly
know Ms. Chow, do you?
You cannot speak
to her fitness as a mother.
You haven't even known her forany significant amount of time.
So I ask you again.
Why are you fighting so hard for
someone that you hardly know?
Because while I am hereas a character witness for Bebe,
the one I am fighting
for is May Ling.
I'm sorry, Your Honor,
but this is not aboutpitting two mothers against eachother.
Because they can both
be great mothers,
but there is only one person
here who is May Ling's mother
and that is Bebe Chow.
I think I'll defer to the court's
ruling on that, not yours.
I have no further questions
for this witness, Your Honor.
Are you out of your mind?
What are you doing?
Sit down.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Are you, are you okay?
You've barely said
two words all day.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just tired.
-Couldn't sleep.-You know what I do when I can'tsleep?
Roll my eyes.
Releases melatonin, nature's NyQuil.
So how was that MAC
meeting yesterday?
Oh, um, yeah, yeah,
it was just boring fundraiser talk.
I forgot something in my locker,
so I'm gonna catch up
with you guys later, okay?
Yeah, she's definitely
covering something up.
Probably another guy.
She doesn't hang out with anyonebut my family.
What if it's your dad?
Have you seen Poison Ivy!?
That shit happens.
This is humiliating. What was
that stunt even supposed to mean?
It wasn't a stunt.
It was a statement.
No one is buying babies, Isabelle. It's called adoption.
And since when does adopting ababy of another race make you a
-They're giving an orphan childa chance. -She's not an orphan.
- She has a mother.
- They're giving her a better life.
What makes it better?
A bigger house, a fancier car,
tartan Keds?
Do you know what?
I can't handle this.
I cannot keep going around
and around with you.
Because I sometimes
it's really challenging.
- What?
- It's hard to be your mom.
Then don't be.
Isabelle, I
Look, all I'm saying is that
Princeton's number one, so.
Right, but the rankings are
completely arbitrary.
-I mean, last year, it was Yale.-Okay.
And then, the fine people at
"US News and World Report"
came to their senses andmade Princeton number one, baby.
No, you are such a dork.
We got a bacon double
cheeseburger, large fries,
and then, a plain cheeseburger, just meat, cheese and bun.
Yeah, no, I ordered without anymeat. Just cheese and bun.
-That's not what the ticketsays. -Well, that's what I said.
Just a minute.
See, that is exactly what happens
when they don't go to college.
Black people?
Oh, my God, seriously?
I would have said the same thingif she were white.
I mean, Jesus Christ, Brian.
I'm ordering a fucking grilled cheese.
What does race have
to do with anything?
I don't know.
How about you ask Pearl?
Oh, my God.
I wrote a 500-word essay about
Pearl not getting into a math class.
I didn't light a
fucking puppy on fire.
If you seriouslycan't get over this Pearl thing,
then just please do me a favor
and break up with me already.
One burger, no meat.
Just cheese and bun.
She acts like being poormakes you a better person or
- Yeah, I understand.
- No.
No, Trip, you don't understand.
When I was 11,
we were subletting a room in a house.
It belonged to this girl.
And every day, I used to play
with her horse figurines.
Sometimes, when my mom was
asleep, I'd sneak into her closet
and try on all her
dresses and shoes.
And I would pretend
that I was her.
I would pretend that,
that they were my dresses
and that it was my canopy bed,
and that they were my horses.
But then, we had to leave,
and there was no more pretending.
Our life wasn't mine.
And I cried all the
way to Lafayette.
And even the three horses
that I'd stolen didn't help
because I'd stolen from someonewho had so much.
I knew that she'd never even
notice that they were gone.
And I know it's, it's stupid.
I mean, I always
had what I needed.
But I never had what I wanted.
Why didn't she just tell me?
I mean, why keep it a secret?
I don't know, Pearl.
Why do, why do any
of us keep secrets?
We're scared or we feel bad.
Or both.
I don't know.
Oh, God.
I don't want to be like my mom.
We have to tell him.
It's me.
What happened?
I think I hate my mom.
I think I hate your mom, too.
You were supposed
to hold her accountable.
I don't know what changed.
- What?
- Ah.
You sure you want to send those?
You've got guts, girl.
- Selling babies.
- I'm glad you liked it.
'Cause nobody else did.
Well, the blackface
was problematic.
You are a white girl
dressing white
dolls in blackface.
- It-it wasn't about that.
- Okay, what was it about?
I don't know, I
guess it was about
how we think of
other people as less.
How we, we don't value them.
people like my mom
and the McCulloughs,
and everybody from Shaker,
they think they can just
buy whatever they want.
But you're a part of
Shaker too, right?
This place made you.
You're not an exception
because you want to be.
I guess nobody liked it.
No, no, no.
You don't get to challenge people and
not let people challenge you back.
It's like
between my mom
All I see is sky and water
to the horizon.
And it's like
how much longer am I
gonna have to swim?
That photo in the paper?
You were right.
It was me.
The day Pauline took that photowas the last day
I saw my little brother alive.
I had no idea.
It's okay.
But it was also
the day that I realized that theperson I'd fallen in love with
loved me back.
Who was he?
We all have parts that scare us.
Parts that we're
afraid to look at.
Parts that we run from
because we are just
too scared to look at them.
But we can't not look.
And we can't not say it.
And if we can't say
it with words, then
We're artists, right?
We find another way.
And there is always another way.
You won't swim forever.
I promise.
That was Izzy.
I got to go out for a sec.
I just
I-I don't know what else to say.
Besides that you want
to break up with me.
It's not that I
want to break up.
You said that you love me.
I mean, I lost my
fucking virginity to you.
I know that.
But you have no idea how hard
it's been for me recently.
How come every time,
no matter what shit goes down,
it always seems to be about you?
You know you're not the only onethat's had it hard.
I'm not saying that, Brian.
-You know I'm, I'm black, right?-Jesus Christ.
Of course I know that. What kind of a question is that?
So when we're hanging
out, doing whatever,
do you see me as a black guy?
What are you doing?
We're not even talking about
- What do you see me as?
- I don't fucking know!
I don't know.
As a person, I guess.
I wasn't raised to see people
as fucking colors.
But you, you see me
as a football player.
And-and a 17-year-old guy,
and someone
who got into Princeton, right?
Can you just stop?
So why can't you
see me as black?
Why are you doing this?
You're trying to make me feel
like I'm this bad person
and I'm not a bad person.
Do you think that I'm a racist
or something?
Would I be dating you with I was?
I mean, my grandma integrated Shaker.
- My mom fucking marched
- Marched with Dr. King?
Yeah, I know, Lexie.
Your mom brings it up every
time I walk into this house.
That's exactly why
I fucking hate coming here.
Whenever I tell people
I got into Princeton
the first thingthat goes through their head is,"Oh.
It's because he's black."
But when you get into Yale?
They don't think it's becauseyou stole a black girl's story.
Yeah, you're right.
Brian, I'm so sorry.
And I know.
I know that I don't know
what it's been like for you.
But you don't know what it's
been like for me, either.
What my mom expects from me.
The fucking pressure I feel
every day to be fucking perfect.
I wasn't trying to do somethingthat was so wrong.
I was just doing what I thoughtthat I had to do.
Lexie, you stole her
discrimination as your own.
- You didn't have to fucking do
that. -Fine.
Then if I'm such a shitty person,
then why did you have sex with me?
Why did you say
that you love me?
Why did you date me for the lastyear and a fucking half, Brian?
Because I did love you.
You know that I got
What? Say it.
think that you should go.
Please just go.
- Hi, honey.
- Hey, Mom.
Um, I think Pearl
was just gonna, uh
Moody's upstairs, um
if you just want to hang out.
- Okay.
- Hi, Pearl.
- Hi. -You haven't been
around much lately.
I know.
The house, it-it
looks incredible.
Oh, thank you, honey.
You're so sweet.
- How have you been?
- Well, um
with the trial and everything,
I wasn't sure how you might feel
Honey, no.
You are always welcome here,
and, and
You're as much of a victim in this
as Mirabelle or Linda or Mark.
And I, I do not want you
thinking this is your fault.
"A victim?"
What do you mean, "a victim?"
Why don't we go somewhere to
talk, just you and I?
So what did you
want to talk about?
it was nothing, man.
What's wrong?
I got dumped.
Me too.
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